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tv   Action News 11pm  ABC  October 31, 2016 11:00pm-11:35pm PDT

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but first we begin with breaking news- several people have been shot including a child. 13 action news anchor carla wade has the details in the breaking news center. carla? this happened just after nine-oh-clock tonight in the 63-hundred block of horizon ridge...that's betweeen e carey and mount hood street metro found three people shot...including one juvenile. at least one the victims...a man...was rushed to u-m-c. no word yet on a suspect or what led up to the shooting. also breaking right now: two halloween night tragedies involving pedestrians. police say... two people were killed.... while crossing the street.... in two seperate accidents. 13 action news reporter..... bryan callahan is live.... at one of the scenes.... where roads just re- opened.
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about ----. it was closed for over three hours after police say a woman was hit and killed while jaywalking. detectives don't know which way the woman was crossing, but as you can see there's only sidewalk on one side of the street because the other side is the runway at mccarran. this was the second time metro's fatal team was called out today. around 3:30 this afternoon a pedestrian was killed near lamb and vegas valley. the driver remained on the scene at that accident as well. this latest accident marked year.. and 92nd traffic fatality in metro's jurisdiction this year. reporting live, bryan callahan, 13 action news. breaking right now...a tragic night for families celebrating halloween in a small mississippi town this is a picture from our a-b-c affiliate in jackson showing the scene on highway 80 in the town of chunky which is 80 miles east of jackson. highway patrol officers say two
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killed on a halloween hayride when a truck plowed into the trailer that was carrying a large group of children and their parents. at least seven others were also hurt and airlifted to hospitals. new details tonight.... surrounding the death.... of a -7- year-old boy. police say... the little boy was found.... beaten and strangled.... on sunday. and tonight... neighbors say... they believe... they heard sounds..... coming from one unit... that may be related.... to the child's death. the apartments around this one say they knew about the abuse - they say they heard the beatings they heard the police say... this man... kenneth robinson..... is accused of killing him. the little boy lived.... at "the siegel suites"..... with his mother.... siblings... and robinsons family. a valley teenager has been arrested after police say he made 'terroristic threats' involving a mass shooting at desert oasis high school. police say they were tipped-off by a parent in arizona who overheard a skype conversation school.. and believe the teenager was acting
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a henderson neighborhood.... where folks pay extra.... to live in.... an armed guard gated community... to keep their families safe.... is the target of break- ins! action news reporter... mahsa saeidi joins us live from anthem.... with more.... on what's going on... mahsa... adlib (package) (sot)(no face on cam-- extend that pitch black vo) we heard this loud noise, like a car ran through our house (track) pitch black -- he's fast asleep. (sot)(vo = see our victim for turn on the light, and i started screaming as loud as i could, i go who's there (butted) (sot)(cover with vo) what's going on? (track) a father's worst nightmare. his four children - just steps away. (sot) because i don't know if they're in the house if they he saw this brick laying on the ground. (sot) we have a mark here on saved by the second pane of glass. tonight neighbors telling 13 action news this attempted home break-in ... is one of a string of incidents
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(sot) it's double gated and you feel protected (track)(vo = editor inserts file video of reid) this upscale community ... also home to senator harry reid no one is immune ... we all need to be aware. (sot) totally vulnerable, i had nothing i could really do, except for try to scare them away. only on 13 action news.. the extended fami girl who died from an overdose on prescription painkillers say they're furious at the two women.. now facing charges. the girl's mother and aunt appeared in court today to face murder charges. detectives say they gave the girl a lethal dose of narcotics
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about the emotional toll it's taking on the family. 19:59:00-19:59:09 "first i felt sadness because she was gone but then when i found out how she was gone it turned to anger and that's what i feel today is anger." both women are being held without bail. gunfire.... at a local walmart! north las vegas police are looking for a suspect..... who opened fire at the walmart.... near craig and m-l-k. police say.... when they got to the scene.... everyone involved.... was gone. two groups of people were fighting..... in the parking lot.... right before... the shooting. one car was hit... by bullets... but... no one was hurt. metro needs your help tonight tracking down a serial thief who's breaking into video poker machines around the valley. this is some new video of the suspect. police say he's using a crowbar to pry off the front panel to reach the cash box. there have been 8 similar robberies since may. the suspect has been seen driving away in a dark colored 4-door sedan that's missing the front right hubcap.
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and democratic presidential candidate hillary clinton is set to return to las vegas to urge nevadans to vote early. clinton will be here wednesday.. just two days before early voting ends. her campaign says the event will be open to the public. as soon as we get information on when.. and where it's happening.. we'll pass it along. with -8- days to election day.... all eyes.... are on the f-b-i. tonight.... dozens of cyber experts are pouring over thousands of e-mails.... belonging to huma abedin..... hillary clinton's top aide. they discovered.... more of clinton's e-mails..... while they were investigating abedin's estranged husband... anthony weiner.... who is under investigation.... for sexting a minor. right now... clinton is campaigning in the battleground states.... trying to get out..... ahead of the f-b-i inquiry..... while donald trump is capitalizing on it! 07-09 (donald trump, (r) presidential nominee): "i think we hit the mother- load as they devastating. thanku, huma." 00-08 ( but i will tell you this, if they want to look into more
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but... the candidates are racing.... against the clock. more than.... -23- million americans.... have already voted. and... the latest tracking poll... from abc shows..... clinton one point ahead... a week ago... she had.... a -12- point lead. clinton also got another wikileaks bombshell today. cnn is cutting ties with donna brazille.. the acting chairwoman of the democratic national committee.. after hacked emails revealed she sent questions to clinton's campaign ahead of a cnn debate it happened at the time she was a cnn contributor. cnn issued a statement saying it was quote: completely uncomfortable with what we have learned about her interactions with the clinton campaign. water officials are reminding everyone to reset your sprinkler timers. winter watering restrictions begin tomorrow and remain in effect through february 28th. during that time.. you'll only be allowed to water
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if you're not sure about your group.. you can find that information on your water bill. outraged parents..... turn to -13- action news.... over a major possible overhaul.... at their kids school! why they say... students could soon be forced.... to go to class.... -6- days... a week. plus.. from contact 13.. a simple new way to help thousands children with peanut allergies. we'll explain how the major breakthrough could offer relief for those children..
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see.... a -12- year-old boy.... in the driver's seat. authorities say... the boy was driving drunk... when they tried to pull him over. the boy crashed head-on.... into another car... kept going... then... crashed into a power pole and rolled.... the vehicle. the -12- year-old is in the hospital.... recovering. the ex-wife of the georgia man accused of deliberately leaving his toddler to die in a hot car testified in his trial today. prosecutors say justin ross harris was unhappy in hi was sexting several different women.. and wanted his child out of the way. his ex-wife.. leanna taylor.. became emotional on the stand. (leanna taylor/ex-wife of justin ross harris) "cooper was the sweetest little boy. he had so much life in him. he would talk to and smile at anybody. it didn't matter if it was a stranger or not." harris is on trial facing charges of malice murder and felony murder in the june 2014
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new tonight parents at "agassi prep" are up in arms..... over a recent letter..... they received from teachers..... about a possible merger.... with a new york based school..... that would reportedly mean.... longer school days and weeks! 13 action news reporter gina lazara spoke with a parent tonight about what she says is happening at the school. gina. janet hill says she is one of many parents that were called to an emergency meeting last thursday at ag-a-ssi prep academy..... where they learne so called "take-over" that would give the school....essentially.... new ownership....and a new name....called democracy prep. "the beliefs at agassi is different from democracy prep cause democracy prep is more like discipline....the kids don't talk during lunch...they walk in a straight line quiet like...i love learning. school is the foundation of life. but your child also has to have social skills" janet says the director of the ag-a-ssi prep and one of the
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meeting... explaining to parents about the possible merger with east coast based school democracy prep. she says they showed a slide show about why this would be good for the students. meanwhile --- janet says ---- teachers were passing out fliers to the parents that say school days would be 10 hours long and the school week would be six days instead of five. i feel we should fight! you fight for what you believe in. it's not easy cause you know...what about the next i called board member francisco aguilar three times on two different phone numbers. i left two voicemails....texted him...and emailed him....but he never got back to me before this report. the parent you just heard from says there's a big board meeting and a vote about this.... wednesday night at 5:30..... and there's a petition going around to stop the merger. gina lazara 13 action news. gina also learned that.....
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democracy prep school are supposed to arrive in town.... on wednesday... and... stay for a 45-day observatory trial period where they monitor the students. we will continue to monitor all developments on this possible merger... and... let you know if this six-day school week and 10-hour long school days... become a reality. horse save tonight.. a former las vegas boxer is facing her biggest challenge yet after a horrific crash. one week ago today.. suzi taylor was hauling 9 horses and burros from a kill e slammed into her in kingman, arizona. suzi barely made it out alive.. but two animals didn't survive. the others are being treated by different veternarians. 54-101 just watching the horses suffer... hardest part of the whole week." 105-113 i have ten thousand... get these guys home. a go-fund me account has been set up to help her pay for the mounting vet bills. if you'd like to help..
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just click on this story at from contact -13-... a new type of therapy is giving hope to children..... who are allergic.... to peanuts. in a new study... children wore a skin patch..... that delivered small doses of peanut protein.... for a year. nearly half of those treated with "the via-skin peanut patch"..... were able to consume.... at least..... -10- times more peanut protein.... than before. the study was published..... in "the journal of allergy and clinical immunology". anymore..... to get help.... from the butterball hotline. they're letting you text in your turkey day questions..... for the first time.... ever this year. you can start texting.... beginning.... november -17- th. and butterball says.... the most-asked question has stayed the same.. how long does it take.... to thaw the turkey. people looking for a good scare are flocking to haunted houses.. but what if you could live in a haunted house? the house that inspired the "amityville horror" movies has
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for 850- thousand dollars. it was the scene of a gruesome mass murder in 1974. there's also a home in atchinson, kansas that's been featured on the show "ghost hunters." it's on the market for just under 500- thousand dollars.. and is said to be haunted by "sallie the heartland ghost." but.... if you're looking for a spooky haunt nearby... there are plenty of places around town..... that are allegedly haunted. at "the liberace museum"... a shadowy figure has been near liberace's dressing room... and.... the now-closed restaurant..... next door. and... there are reported.... ghost sightings.... at several casinos.... on the las vegas strip... you can find a list of the -13- places..... you might see ghosts in las vegas.... on our website... k-t-n-v dot com. thouseands of little ghosts.. goblins and superheroes made out like bandits earlier tonight at one of the biggest trick or treat parties in town. they were roaming around 'the district' in green valley collecting candy from vendors.. and our 'good morning las
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news and ghostwalk. there's nothing like..... trick-or- treating.... in the snow! this is in truckee, california... just -30- miles.... southwest of reno. it didn't come blasting down... but... residents woke up to chilly temperatures and slush..... all over the road... a sure sign.... that winter is coming. it'll be a great night for some trick or treating, with temps in the low 70s to mid 60s tomorrow, a system will push just north of the area, which will give us a reinforcement of cool air and kick up breezy winds in the afternoon evening. expect highs in the low 70s tomorrow, then mid 70s on wednesday. wednesday will still be breezy as the system exits to the east. another system will com together to our southeast and travel west on thursday and
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this just in...police in washington state are looking
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we begin tonight with more on a valley woman.. attacked right outside her apartment. now.. she says she doesn't feel safe and wants out of her lease. she went to management.... and they said.... no way. so... she reached out to contact 13... and... we delivered results. < jennifer: i was coming home late at night and somebody came from behind me with a hammer, knocked me out. knocked my glasses in pieces. jennifer robinson says it's an image that keeps her up at night. it all happe the meadow vista apartments, near vegas valley drive and south lamb. tricia: they beat you with a hammer? jennifer: i have scars and scrapes. jennifer says a man and woman ran off with her purse, which had her car keys, cell phone and wallet inside. tricia: did they clean you out? jennifer: they cleaned me out. they went to walmart and swiped, bought stuff. they did a lot of things with it that night. she filed this police report after the robbery. and jennifer stayed with a
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but the next morning, more bad news. jennifer: my vehicle was gone. then a few days later someone left this note on jennifer's apartment door. that's when she approached management about moving. but with just 3 months left on her lease, she was told no. jennifer: i could end up dead. yeah. they don't care. it's all about them making their money. that's how i feel. so jennifer reached out to contact 13. but we learned unfortunately, the law isn't on her side. no way out of the lease being the victim of a crime, and that's because the landlord isn't necessarily responsible for the actions of a third- party. attorney lauren pena with the civil law self help center says your rental lease, is a contract. even if you're the victim of a violent crime, there's no nevada law that says a landlord has to release you from your agreement. but there is one exception. lauren pena: someone who's been the victim of domestic violence can terminate a lease. so meadow vista apartments
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out of her lease. but after giving them a call, we learned they changed their mind. management says they're letting jennifer off the hook, but they had no other comment. jennifer says she's surprised. jennifer: i thought they were going to say no. but apparently they went to their corporate, and corporate said whatever she wants. now it's just a matter of finding a new place. jennifer: i got my boxes. i'm ready to just put things in boxes and go.> so... here's the contact -13- bottom line: before you move..... into any rental property... crime maps are available on- line.... for neighborhoods.... across the valley. and... if you're the victim of a crime.... try asking to be moved.... to a different apartment or property.... if available. if you're having issues.... with a landlord... let us know... about it. e-mail us.... at -13- investigates.... at k-t-n-v dot com. a consumer alert tonight on debt collectors charging illegal fees. the consumer financial protection bureau says it discovered some debt collectors making misleading calls and charging illegal processing fees. these violations are a good
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under the "fair debt collection practices act".. and have a legal right to challenge.. and ask for proof of any debt. a recall... from oreo... to tell you about tonight. the company is recalling original... and mint oreo fudge cremes. these products are made.... with milk. but... that's an allergen... not listed on the label... with ingredients. there has been.... one report... of an allergic reaction. there's nothing scary... about halloween sales. americans are spending about... - 8- point -4 dollars... on the holiday. that's an all-time high in spending... in the -11- years..... the national retail federation... has done a survey. a little over -3- billion dollars of that... is spent on costumes. halloween candy represents... -2- and-a-half billion dollars. up next.. home sweet home has become a living nightmare in one neighborhood. homes there... are slowly.... falling apart!!! 45.55 rita hickey: i'm afraid one day i'm going to drive up and find part of my driveway, my wall, everything on oquendo road. why neighbors say....
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for clark county... has left them high and dry.... and.... why they might end up.... in court! that story... when this contact 13
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project... that stretches... across a major portion of the valley. and... after finishing one section... homeowners say.... something stinks. < rita hickey: they shook me out of bed at 7:30 in the morning. rita hickey says the shaking was bad. rita hickey: i thought we were road, near south lamb boulevard. and the drilling she's talking about, was happening here, right in front of her house. she took these pictures, that show "las vegas paving" working on what's called the "paradise-whitney interceptor." it's the county's largest sewer line expansion project in history, and covers 13 miles, with 3 different contractors working on it.
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and pumping water out of this hole, over several months. rita hickey: if you pump that much water out of the ground, the dirt has got to settle. she says this crack appeared in her wall, after construction in her neighborhood ended back in january. so did this crack in her driveway. rita hickey: i'm afraid one day i'm going to drive up and find part of my driveway, my wall, everything and she's not alone. fay bradford: we developed a bunch of new cracks. rita's neighbor, fay bradford, showed us cracks in her walls. the most noticeable in her study. fay bradford: the vent has been forced out of the hole. i'm assuming because of the vibrations. she and rita admit they're homes already had some cracks before this construction project. but both of these homeowners say the cracks are worse now. so they filed claims with las vegas paving's insurance.
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it. and i don't understand how all 4 people in this cul- dde-sac could all of a sudden be developing worse or new cracks all at the same time. we reached out to las vegas paving. they tell contact 13, quote: "it is the policy of our company to not comment on any matter with either pending or the potential for litigation." so we went to clark county commissioner mary beth scow. mary beth sco project. but it's being carried out by the contractor. and our total expectation is that these will be taken care of. scow represents district g, where fay and rita live. and now that las vegas paving has denied their claims, scow says a lawsuit is an option. mary beth scow: we don't want anybody to sustain any damage. and i'm very concerned when i hear that this is happening. really the recourse is legal, since it's a legal contract. fay and rita aren't sure what their next move will be. but rita says she's scared
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is not over with. the ground is settling.> besides the cracks on her property... rita's water bill jumped.... to nearly.... -9- hundred dollars... in march. she blames... the construction project... for a major leak.... she had to pay for. we have more on this valley sewer expansion... at k-t-n-v dot com. plus... a statement we got.... from "the clark county water reclamation district".... that oversees.... this project. that's all the time we have for tonight's contact 13 thanks for watching. remember... contact 13's "call for action" is ready to help you..... with your consumer problem. just call one of our volunteers.... any weekday.... between -11- a-m and -1- p-m. our hotline number is... 702- 368-2255.
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i'm catherine cortez masto and i approve this message. i don't know what i said, ahh, i don't remember. narrator: and joe heck says i have "high hopes we'll see donald trump become president." trump: you know, you could see there was blood coming out of her eyes, blood coming out of her wherever. narrator: heck says he "completely supports" trump. i love war in a certain way. narrator: and heck? reporter: do you trust him having his finger on the nuclear button? heck: i do. reporter: why do you say that? heck: why wouldn't i?
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>> dicky: from hollywood, it's "jimmy kimmel live!" tonight -- kathy griffin. jacob tremblay. our 11th annual half and half halloween pageant. and music from alice cooper. and now, welcome to his nightmare -- here's jimmy kimmel! [ cheers and applause ] ? >> jimmy: i'm jimmy, i'm the host of the show.


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