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tv   America This Morning  ABC  November 3, 2016 4:15am-4:30am PDT

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celebrating the world series. i can't believe the cubs did it! >> what a lucky little boy. >> i know. >> to witness that. >> somebody not celebrating as much. there's a twitter -- several days ago -- earlier for ever before game seven. >> oh, no, he didn't. >> he decided to tattoo 2016 champs next to his cavaliers tattoo, and he said he had faith in kluber. >> he'll have to get the 2016 -- >> after the fact, he says, no regrets, they're coming back. that didn't quite happen. out still. >> celebrating. coming up, switching baseball to football, creating the perfect tailgate party. right after this. >> tasty tips coming up for you. you're watching "world news now." >> announcer: "world news now"
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? we're in the heat of football season, of course, and that means only one thing, yes, the parties. tailgating parties. joining us this morning for easy tasty ideas for the ultimate
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chief entertaining officer, tim, and, tim, this is, by far, my favorite segment we do. >> i love it. i'll tell you what, it's party season. a lot of football left. i have great ideas whether you are at home or tailgating. first, we got to start off with a fun cocktail. >> okay. >> this is the pig skin punch. >> i like the name. >> it starts out -- there's 18 ounces of apple cider. to that, add nine ounces of jack daniels. this is a nine ounce cup. >> only nine. one part jack daniels two parts of apple cider. the kicker is, you want cinnamon or apple pie spice to go in. just a couple shakes. good couple shakes of that. that kicks it up. i'm going to pour over ice. what's great about the cocktail, when it's colder out, use warm cider, and that works great. >> that's a great idea. >> alcohol free version is just the cider and apple pie spice without the jack. i have to taste the soup. >> cheers to that. >> happy tailgating.
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>> the one with jack is delicious, but it is nice to have an alcohol-free version. >> it is nice. it would be better with that. >> i'll attest to that. >> here's another idea. no double dipping in this party. i have actually individual containers with dips, so here's vegetables and dill dip. pretzels with mustard, cucumbers with hummus. no double dipping. >> that's great. you don't need utensils. >> and then moving on to shrimp cocktail on a stick. basically i got a shrimp, tomato, dip into -- >> noticing a theme. there's no forks. >> no forks. no utensils or plates needed. you're done. throw everything away and it's simple and easy. grab and go. >> great.
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they are pork pops, actually, it's pork tenderloin. i love these. we use them displayed on a pineapple where guests grab them. the secret to this is the marinade. try that marinade. >> awesome. >> it's a basting sauce and real simple to make. few ingredients as you taste that. >> oh, that's great. >> is that good? >> a little soy, ginger, and custard, and that recipe is on mustard, brown sugar. the recipe is on "world news now" facebook page. great marinade, i just love that. >> takes a lot of time. >> no. it's easy. dijon, brown sugar, soy, light oil. i make a double batch to save for basting too grilling your pork tender loin or baking it off, but it makes it delicious, juicy, and gives it a good kick. >> okay.
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we'll wednesday with that. >> oh. >> these are the brownie bites, take out, dunk in the caramel, chocolate or strawberry. the dunking action. you can do double. do the triple crown. all three. it works. >> wow. that is a sweet ending to the tailgate party. simple, very easy, and i love it. i mean, obviously, it's tailgating. you're not supposed to worry about the calories, but you tried to make this a healthier version. >> definitely. a healthier version of this. simple, easy, and we love it, and once you set this out, you can enjoy the tailgate party as much as the guests. that's what i love about it. >> that's true. >> self-service. >> off on your own. even with, like, the drink there, it's healthy and there's apple. >> cider's in there. the jack daniels, and like i said, when it's cold, use warm apple cider in a mug, and, of course, the jack daniels. >> all right. thank you, my friend. happy tailgating. >> see you kendis, cheers my friend. >> tim laird, thanks for joining us. for these and more tailgate party ideas, enter the website at you're watching "world news now." i'm digging in right now.
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willie nelso willie nelsoth willie nelson thought of me. >> have you ever tried this stuff? >> yeah. i tried it once in college. you all know the jingle. >> yeah. ? you'll forget your troubles every time you eat ? ? willie nelson's >> i got the munchies now! >> yes, he does. pot jokes aside, they joked about the contents of the basket of deplorables. everyone was going home with it last night. >> political joking aside, though, last night's cma awards featured old school legends alongside fresh new names, and a pop music superstar who stole the show. elizabeth hurr has the story
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>> reporter: a massive star-studded open to the 50th annual country music award. ? don't rock the jukebox ? >> reporter: including an emotional surprise to kick off country music's biggest night. >> randy travis. ? >> reporter: randy travis making his first award show appearance since suffering a massive stroke in 2013, and then underwood and paisley opened their monologue hitting on what else, the elections. ? the election is taking forever and ever ? >> reporter: and a big award. >> entertainer of the year? garth brooks! >> we are so damn lucky to be part of this thing called country music!
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>> reporter: from all time greats taking the stage -- ? i'll always love you ? >> reporter: to legends of dolly parton honored with a life time achievement award. >> i just want to thank all my fans, everybody, for allowing me to see my little girl dreams come true. ? when trouble comes to town ? >> reporter: and then the surprise performance of the night, beyonce, with the dixie chicks. ? my daddy said shoot ? >> reporter: there youav so many great moments, and if you missed any of it, it's okay, because all the performances are posted right on kendis and linzie? >> good to know. >> good thing it's posted because a lot of people were watching a certain game seven of the world series. >> yes, they were. more news after this. people we watching a certain game seven of the world series. >> yes, they were.
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as well as a big win for one las vegas local. and the families converge on nevada today...donald trump junior and bill clinton will both be here. we'll tell you about the last minute scramble for votes. and outrage over a high school driving lesson. kids go home crying thinking their friends are dead--but the school was just trying to make a point. it took 108 years, but the curse is finally broken.... the chicago cubs have finally been crowned world series champions... it was a dramatic game... filled with comebacks, and even a rain delay. :07 pause for 16 seconds of nats of celebrating :23 bonanza high school alum kris bryant got the final out for the cubs in the 10th inning...


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