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tv   Channel 2 News 630PM  CBS  January 2, 2016 6:30pm-7:00pm PST

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of nveryeaew yr.he sayles peopit are emiher cong o in tthspend y e mone wtheyere ed gifthe for tay holids, or th shey're foppingt or thaitemey tht didn'e.receiv re "we'r busiee than waswere lt we aek and o lotopf pele are costill n ming iuyto bse tho onelectrd ics anncapplia es." if and e you'rlostill fooking r sc di iountedt tems aarthe stt ofyo ewur nr, yeaes busine ses ar ur encothaging steir cutoomers ec chitk out tems inrehe sto or s toh earc. onlinengcoveri thebi y g storn live iwsthe neroom, c ryanayanadnn cha nel twoews. if sho nting'sr ot youth hoing...bow ab aomut smie faly me tid ? anzestarga frs canind a attreat li the fn eshman plumaetarith over dae holiy.e tharplanet tium on-rhe u-nca mp aus hasan constbit exhit n you ca tstroll ahroughnd it of sfers ihowsdon the atme theer too. ofone s thelahows powying n is l alorabout beion's d lt. anthat h just tappens eo belyxact what ro cames n joned ananhis grr dfatheenjoy to ergeth. :" garyth we boan have er intst
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le tee scopsoand ou we th'dght we t comeplo the iuanetary m toda d ansohve ."me funca "smeron:esometime in thsummerwe a go toffnd stugh at nit and k chece out thanstars d the co atnstellnsiond aff stu." heanotowr shyi plas ng it abouic rle woands, e d th irolece heplays eare on d rth anth horougheut tve unirse.u yoeccan chr k theiitwebsr e fo ti showf mes. o wcourse ae haveli itnk to r on ouitwebse at k- dot-v-n t com. yand ife ou likyostars u'll helove tit exhibe at thalnation biautomole mriuseum w.ght no... it c'sd allee e whilsethe muknum is foown r it xt's e censiveoln lectioofrs cath....xhis es ibit iother de mo ts ofporansn.rtatiom ...frosh esuttlth to nde laer rov. yoand ghu mient ev s seeome fa armili t faceshere. aemichy:l frad c" it'salled e spaclemobiits and a offer lot h of oandshin exorbits f itkids. ul's popngar briing in fpeople oromallheaver try count
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chle pittsply was lyeasantsu wrprise chen he wame inith twhis o tsons. odayad chwe:" we nare gonat go sking it but c's toor old foo that swe m caerin he." exthe t hibi yletsimou se ulata ve roinr landa g and space e shuttlinlando.g to otit's gnl the o sy lifeize pl reofica ar the mr s roveother th an thesm iaithsonn. d anilit wn l be oy displathere th ugroy.h ma we he av ianernvonsin ie plac in mean hg wecoave iroler a in va lleyca los tion athanmot the s.untain attempererures w te coldn oday i . reno mdidn't aake itrebove fezing.ou thr low niis morasng wy onl ne nive abo. 'r wesoe alg seeinlomore cud
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ut so whwest.e have ra sevelel littte sysffms oor shhee, tlly wiov move er thewo . rkweek r radanoright rew is pqutty iet,bu ret we ag seeinrean incase in ou cld co aiver, md nly mighand hi level ds clourn. bue codenis gre. rrtomoowmo ternign urmperatiles w al bett li wle bit barmer,otut n . much an cd thisatold weasher, h theno rede fire ntpartmebl scraming to t.nigh fffire o sicialsheay ty've en gottth more dan a cozenalls da tor y fongbursti f pipesrozen
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toe way b avoidinecomg a ivictimurs to than up tt mother astatnd bit ayo keep ur e houslia wttlearmer. rn tug inrito ceame bt... reigrd ton iht fortinformaon ab out bia stabfing we rerst edport st yey.erda inthe ntcidek tooe placndarou 3o' k cloceryestafday ooternn inth 0-e 30k blocieof vrew stet. of rsfice t sayfohey a und man wi erth numabous stnd wous th ere... a and whwoman ro alsod equireme l dicaioattenth n. botweretr oransp tted topihe hosthtal wi li non-eafe thr itenings.njuriecr seneet witofss is aferingon use- tholland doarar rewr d fo . arrestyo cou can sentact itcret wness 3 at9--2-2 4d,hundrext or teur yoo tip t4-8-4-7 1-1 re the olno pdeice ntpartme is l stilngtryilo to scate auspect inin an icidentngnvolvir peppesp
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inthe ntcidepe hapatned un arod -m1:30 aid on frthay at e pe mipperorll resirt on vginia . streetpo eslice r tpondedspo a diute n betweeoptwo pethle on noe casioo flh r whicwhended neen o ec subjyet spraotd the wiher th spepperpray. ve serrral sug oundin wguestsere af bfectedpey the prpper say andce reedived mreical tntatmem fro a remsmeparanodics. us serio riinjueres wrte repoed. su the waspect scs ded ribeas ahi mspanic hale ins is 20'and s waeelast snnn runoing rth on in virgeeia str tt fromhe mipeppere ll. thercanist used ngduri i thet ncidenwas co red verebynear d antofound co be a almmercily od pr bucedeaper reenllt pppeer raspy.p- r-skd is ar ing fos victimof i thist ncidenilto f oe annline po eplice rort.r foctinstrundions ak, a lin t headv-o k-t-con dot d m an onclick nl the oveine n rsioof sthistory. an sod the keuth la p tahoeolice rt depa rmenttseporp a droin re arrists dus ng thi syear'snow feglobe cstivald omparet to las year.
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rt depa mment8 ade s arrest ug thro thouteshe ftival,co tmparedrro 17 a lestsast ye eyar. this also 69sued 1 ti moe of thstarred s an oncitativos in alved alcoholnd rddiso cerly ionducticn publ. on in c..e zone. if 'r you te ina he areamof pyridan eed gr..nbrae.fowatch r af trntfic corols. th erey wt e pulain pftce an er a ci act dfene.therha it edppen at th rse inte oectionmif pyrad and. ragreenbe e drivthearly is in morny g. citalofficia s say rucar stolck a pe. ci the mty hase ade thstop tslighth at rse inte aections in"flashlig red ghts". mthat teansnthe icterseision w noura fo s-wayuntop til re s pair mthat teansnthe icterseision w noura fo s-wayuntop til re arpairs lee comp wted,hichwo ben't il untne wedsday mo orning.lsfficiadv are ag isin rimototosts an take na alterte rounute l tienth. st l il ctoe om connnha telwo
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es are l as thanth mon away tfromirhe fctst aprual y imaran ucd caotus vn es i20the -16 tieleceaon ye'r. wavll hloe a ok ow at he somidcandreates a gi chanpang camign ra stestegiaf....thter eae br
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cinigampa6.n 20-1. re we aic offy iallelin an ectionar ye. e and tharnew yebr is ngingiso pame camanign chr ges fothe nd ca. idates a someinre tryg new st esrategiot.... sherseem to uloverhaeiing thair campgns to al. gether mmaryeyolon pl exains. he at tbo rose adwl paraye frid ky -- ss writert weren'd focuseonfo . otball st inseead tst sighre on anpublic idpresenaltiro frunternn -- do tnald. rumpmethe e ssag-- me "a iricaeas grrut. ts mp idi tisgusrung," tmpkn -- foown r bi his nsting i- ults -'thasnbe hyen sth on aie tr ol orn tw r itteinwrit "g...lepeop, ask"w o hy dtwyou aneet -td reweet m tos illionabt oubu@jebhesh wn he iows so lth in lle po" s? usbeca he ofigis bit $ h o adsn me !" os ths e adtairrirute tmppr enesid ctialdaandi"ite: t th bomeers n whea i see guy enspngdiu , yoowkn m $60onillion a adsstgain a me, o lot, f it t?righ" tr voump twingaro stent spding t abouil$2 m alionto week vensureryicto. pr tiesidenanal ctedida'm: "i
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o nt t atakehany c."nces forhi rts paje -- shb buce canled apricey -d buysd - movetostaff y earl svoting--tates and si inrusted tl mp wilfall. pr tiesidendial can"wdate: e'revi lin ng i rthis tealityv kind itof polnvical entironmere whe lshe filpa the ssace by yingou eotraghius t ings.nk thi the t --he eonmotith of ree he and winow ubll s."side caben orsonauverhhiled afs stf l --g osine threaitop hids. s steamthays mpe ca iaigns ga g iningyener. heon tth oe er sidheof t ti poliaical --sle ry hillacl n intollwi bring noher -st-sot ecreonweap -- idpresbient lill c -nton t- onhe mp caraaign t. ilt bue shy mat no ch mangeinuch n theeaew yr. ayfridhe -- mpr ca aaignncnnoued itse rai12d $1li milolon dlars r foprthe ieimarsis-- nce of alficiumly j ipingthnto cee ra pr in a. ilboepth rcaublid n ande atmocranic ctedidalls wi hit aithe trayl mondma -- g rkinthe phnew e ashein tew nea y'mr. i mmaryeyolonor rep. ting de atmocrreic pntsideial nd cae idattosenarnr beanie sders lk tao ed tlla fuac-capcrity owd th ftis aonernoth at ive untyersiof sa masetchusodts tay.
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"b" "i t say. o mrp trumhiand s su orpp ttersthhat lle biirionaes tofcohis y untr nwillot wnto os thionnati." e thp trumorsuppsater "sid, hame ouon ye" bernie befor ingettcog esedrtut of oe thro om. olteoranogist chgela sillingwi e ll hav aa lookt your stforeca i latershn the ow... bu rst fit... whweile l dea twithheco .tld..hewe mids st il stil
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tee lahest aftethe op pen le imithe t dwesincontue c tondonteh witivmasse oo fl. dingomin seae are s thri isver ed recaning e d th ea clisnup er und bway.n ut i r otheesplac w the caternuonties r to dise. bavidudegna t hashe te larost fpem caar gir, deau ss miouri th sse mippissivei ri hr isngitti rdrecoh higlsleveth in ate ste m ofurissobui.. e t tht gian d floo twallprhat tsotec theci f ty o gcapedeirars au i hog.ldinou e tsid wthatitall m's auch er diffenort stn y. ilylow ing
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pe stopavd. d"hid: apas ce gi eararderu evn seestalmo 50 et fewa of ster"n:teve t "nohis t isoshe m'vt weere evn" seewe k tooa wridepuith wblicorksdi orrectve steokn co f andoundve eshiclrl neabmy sud.erge te warer stooet t ak onle who new inmeang s in thiorneighbhood e wheranhomes sid bu hnessesave cc sutoummed at the wpeer. cara giwardeau vas deedstate by thso le calead groot fl 1d arterwstd mopl peo te inhesefl prood arone toeas ok a ve gontrnmeou buyd t an. left os tho e whedstayin behe d arnow se loeing fatod wevers heen higr an th " 93. ithise s onheof t rs wot." t onthhe oider s te ofivhe rer.. noilliovis gr ernoe brucerraunsa unys hs dredomof hn es ihis st e ate aratunderw'ser. heur pgingeo vple inryoluntaac evonuati t areast o no atakenych s anceavand lee. lo"a fn od iwithe interchs mudi enfferant thod a floe in th ersummse becauot hypiaherm is a wriskpeith woplengaitiar tound hheir touse ro beedescu
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direcen ng ilost. anuis jod mar wa road oys areaipen agn.t bughthe hi i waterw s nongmovi ut sondh. apl peo te in ahosereas e aringettadg rey. d daviaubegnbsd, cs, newe cap ra giu,rdeaur misso i. oothe flatd thre l couldast ug thro wh nexteek. ssthe mii issippecis expted tocr mest in, emphissetennese onja 9-nuary th. e we haveran invn sion iplace me g aninavwe here cooln air i lvalleyioocathans then at tmo inuntapes. tems raturewere tcold ioday. n reno 't didnit make f aboveg.reezin w our loorthis m wningnlas oy ne nive aboe . we'reealso sing mo udre clo m coverupoving from so teh t.uthwesve we hase liveral ysttle s otemsffsh heore, t my willovove heer t rk woraweek. ghdar riist now pr
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no re't. didne makboit ave zifreer ng. ouislow thng morni s wa nonlyovine abe. e we'r salsog eein cmoreloud mocover p ving u tfromeh essouthwhat. we erve seval le littms systeho off seyre, th m willerove ovor the wkweek.ra ridar noght rew is pietty qut,bu ret we ag seeinrean incase in cocloud aiver, md nly mighand hi ve leoul clbuds. e rn codis ee gromn. tw orro rn moteign atmper wuresbeill a tuch. fustrecaws sho most ay sty indrunon swiday th a st owray snsh osower pe,siblnl mai iy laten e th cday. ghancesheet higr by . mondayst beha cwince onll be ay tuesd. ve
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hein ton seclfd ha. "h o uge, twiget a n innf co aerencestnd to ay de unedfeatho at onme is the ing we ll reay edtalkut aboin comtog ins thi me gawe. t juslyrealte wand to t doanhat thd i t oughidwe d a j goodthob of igat tonht." er "vppy ha cy,g omintwoff a o ga lmeinosstg wreakede need a un boacce bn k wiusfor i andt wa s ala red goo" win."i elt feeas grret, gayat w to t starf ofyethe tar ando goin feto con irence.t a was big n wiusfor ." n so fext up por theeyack thll wid hea obackron the ad andwn doe to th tvalley to playhefr taesno sldte bul togs...ip off edon w inesdayt s se7pfor m. nethe wvada womenupere in milaracie faheng tyo wmingco lswfirdo... 1 wn 1hein t 4thqu ..arter.y kelse dkaelinropsit lo down rw togreed yaad nsha relesu g whothets e inlay k pac y down b h9. shearad a ceer gh hi4 2tspoinla... onter is it na riandg everi te onvehe dri and ysshe la p it ine lus th. foul..bu
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e thonredzd e an gtheyitive to e thbafullinck w dston aimelnd ighe fhihts y s watoin theen e.dzonow.. lthers oue shlderat e the-0nd 7dc wil..ats. but gthiswoame beuld tlonge o th zo raksrbacup... . 8..ar14 yds anout tcd wae h thbyrun x aleco s.lline .. hn'doesipt sk legda ay...etnd gtos in theen e.dzonaz.. rs orbackwin . it -2453. y toda sis aalpecin day ithe wo srld ofcecienti ficon. brk... en thel anglla wia have final lo ouok at atr weher.u'
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cogeveraan you c o countn. nit'seaot ranlly fi "of" cial hoy.lidabu it ite s thic"offial"bi ayrthdpr of icolifen scicefi n ctioerwritac isamo asiv.he te wrost cony antlen-- pningas y manenas tks booea a yr, co acg rdinioto bhygrap- -dotcom. 's het mosusfamo h foris nd"foun atioesserid " anfor incoine g th "termtirobocs." ie scfince n ctios geekmostli kkelyitnow a wasv simowho
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