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tv   CBS This Morning  CBS  January 4, 2016 7:00am-9:00am PST

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e sid cstepesongrso t take onactigu on con l.ntro b >>eut w b teginhis mnior ng thwi l akoo at datoy's eo eyr.pene ur yold wor in90 coses.nd>> if tedhe feralov genernmt des cideseto u rcfoile, w ylou re spond? t >> tha hwilltoave be de intermt ed aatth . time y >>reou apa pre tredo? >> soablylute. a >>nd staoff inre ogonh wit darme acsttivis. t >>he s fbiitays w'soro king t pri in breag' plcefuol restoution e thiosituatn. >> this rnmo ding,d onalp trumun hileasisng h firstel tioevisn ad ofhe t mpcaaign. tt he aacksla hilryli cnton re dictly. s >>auhe csed death. e sh cdause tndremeous deathh witin etcompent cideonsis. p >>ntreside i obamas set to un annocexe evecuti osrdern o gun rocont l. hi>> tess prt idens wantctto a as he if 's a ,king as if hse' a atdictor. >>lo fteodwaovrs mdoing twnhe ss miisi sipprafteil klingor me th woan ten dozpe .ople ou>> y't donw kno if'r youe ingotog av heny ainth tgcoo me ba >>di saura abia y didelou tfl ofdi icplomatat relitions wh iran anafter ac attkth on esy embas in n tehraheover t eonxecuti of a shiite erclic.
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ex the nsecutiof oha wthe ty call ve fish briti s.spie >> thero terror gupro pmised yb pafoack r the uk.>> theke marts aren ope andt i is adylrea not lngooki very go od. >>llseinoff na chi, jan,pa eu .rope >>oawh! he>> tav behrio ofl bilnd sta ditrenn ng ocisoal media. h,>> o atth? o>>orne mire macle att.temp thcan oey d this again?no .>> theyal finlyck knohe t ch dampeff o in this >>,0 $9500. a >>nd allt tha ermatts, new 's year luresos.tion the exactal legro getunds bween in lyg to yfoursel and l toying th to opeer ople. w >>e're a h fewoursnt io the yenew ar now, ifou y broke your so reonlutitas, sictistyoally, u e art abouto. s >> thiis wateron mel boyng doi his thing. r twittehimade t ksid abs aolute rs supetar.
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th ugrothh ele whoe. on ugives ae bitheof tre r.mainde t >>his isre gat ,tv isn't ?it t>>shi rnmos ing'op"eye iener"spr teesend by tatoyo.le t's goce plas.>> wmeelco to bs"c this g.mornin" ahappenhyny w youea nrm froallof aedrma mshlioo yil sitiarotyle gup is inte easrn egoron. mthisngorniy' theakre tthing e le oad t rveesol thend sta aofft n anaatiol wifildle re.fuge>> thero gk up toooveree thr to fiveui b sldingsyaturda in a ot pr aest ofal feder e'judgs ngruli toen sd twoan rs cherto erprisons. john ksblactone ist athe fewildlie refugin egoron. good rnmoing, .john g >>rnood moing. e sunrisis a stillf halr hour o sohe away re inas etern egoron. e thanameric flagha tter covs e tht sign atheil wedlife refug t ishena sig tl fromhe
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theyen int tdoy sta a lsgons a it s.take ey th u say tntilheirem dandsre a t. me t atcche od upieoucompnd, esprot atersetre stingp u camp andtl setining t forheon lg . haulis than m l iseading the tioccupaon. hes say'rtheyghe fi bting ackag tains terhe govs nment' ioexpanshen of t over ar100-ye-oedld f weralifildle ge refue at thse expenf olocal nc ra.hers t >>his reefug heers i ulrightfedly own by the oppele. d anwe idnteno t use it.>> k bac in 1420, busndy'he fatr wasmb eilro iedn a dteispuit wh rafedefil ofs cialoverzi grang ri oghtsner fedanal ld in va neda. atthsc eedalato intan armed nf upis gro s uetp camp sdaatury aafterar mch at aea ntorby wn in srtuppotw of o herancrs. ht dwigmo hamnd and his son n stephewerevi concted of tt sefiing res oned ferald lan in20
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ey s iaytt wasn'on arsut b nt co brolledourns tct prote th eir pr.operty in beoctor, a judgeed addou fr mo eare yrs toir the ntse.ence -y 73olear-dam hs mond tsayshis ul co ad beth death dea sncentee hifor m. >> s thies makt i o fverorme .it ms see ait ltlerr oveoreach f ng havid burne127 reacs. r >>teeporn r: itea stament the dshammonne attorrty repos th eey'r notoc asswiiated th sbundy'up gro.yi saeing n btherr undy o anyonewi isthin h o groupnir orgaonzatiea spks for thend hammo family.bu tte prosters sayhe ty plan to stay put untilll aoc lal ra nchers rem clai tlandhey gealle s wasntole by the.s u. go rnventmeea ygors a . w >> be'llree hes a long as it ke taous, y owknd , anbeing as legent assi thim is t.portan ep>> r oorter:utside thee com po aund,rmeds guard arend staing nd arouon mgitorinhe t oppr.erty
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t on wheir tayoou serthn li caiafornur to tnms theelves in tout aeshoritieg and bin gservinhe tsoir prienn sentce s.there' oh >> jn,ks than.e thpaoccu ltion ieader wsith us t fromheil wedlif regefu.od goni morng. g >>rnood moing.>> tellwh us 'rat youein tryg to do. el >> wel, wav h aeit s uationre hehe wreur oer fedal megovern cnt hasowome dn upon pethe ople.ey then've beoi dtng i for some n timeow. th and beere's ene somentremdousus abes. 'v theysee udhe t courts to ec prosd ute antoas blyical teak ndthe la and soreurcesy awa fromth e lepeop. w >> yhy areou armed? w >>ee ar suseriout abo being . here e we'rio serusut aboen defding our .rights we and 'reio serusut aboti getng somehi tngstr sneaighted t.ou d >>uo yont aaticipate ths thi lecould ad to vi?olence o >>nly i tfheer gov wnmentants akto te ithe tre. aw>> i s anvi interewit wh one y ofourem mbers who wasea h dingth daere toy andd sai he's
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dooul fee the same?>> um, i f -eel-ab lysolute. butro pbably notth in e wayt tha eomost ppleil wl take it. a i am fyamil man.ha i ixve sld chiren. i a have ssbusine. i'mct ay uallown a truck shop 2 with5lo empyees.i ohave nes dire to go out and toos lye m feli. nt i wao t fliveree.i owant t be ableo ter prosp andkn ceresouro s to datth.>> this?d haenyou benn plaising th a imlong te? t issphis a ur omof the ment ntmove s hammo ve?e thd hammonlyfami su'ays yore eanot sp fkingheor tm. di how isd th come ouabt? ry>> evef one ohe ter ranch hsad l toeave theirndlaea, lveir the ta herigend air thewo hard rkn i r ordeeto mak this furege. 's thatth what is is about. e thoppelef othis cyountre a in begse abud and nowse prodcute be e caus'rtheye wnotngilli to
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itand 'st jusofone se tho th haings tthi tsno can t nt co.inue the asbuse and the d wamagesill be --s it' too clritica to allow it to incontue. w >>sho i thene emy ?here we>> ll, i don'tll reay wanto t sa yre the is any y.enem fethe lderaer govnmentll reay isac nting i w theayt thay thee werse tp uo t t.acth ese stat haveai fledo t pr ecottht e cs ountieandhe t co huntiesilave faed toct prote pe the uw yoe hav s aonituati where pe the hopleaveo tta snd on ei thr own toct prote andd defen r theiown ghrits. so rlleaouy syr emstf orou fe lderays s htemas .failedwe t need shestate to standp u an d say, hey,'r youe notng goi d too this here.we d neehe tou c tntiesayo s u' yo gre not doingso thi here. tso tha p ceople gan aoboutnd a pe lyacefule liv and benroefit fm ndthe lahe and t ceresours and pepros r andregainir thelt weah ac heross tou cntry. ld>> wou you d tefinehis as an ar
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st ay fiinde?nitely >>bs ayolutel th is cedoncernri amecan ci ttizensehat ar wngilli to stand for their tsrigh. >> ondun bdy,nk tha you so much. p >>deresil ntiaaicamp agnsre us wing neti tachics tnis morng geas we t closere to th first s votecabeing e iowaau cs cuseare nowt jus ur fo weeks away from today.w neirhampshe'sry primalo fol wsei ght days r.late na do tldmpruam's cnpaig this moinrng released his first a tvdt se to air in both st.ates ll>> he'ck quily cut theea hd off isis ande takir the oilnd a he'll stopll iegalig immonrati by binuildwag a n ll oour ut so bhernrordet thaic mexo wlilpa y for. il>> hlaryli cnton b haseen one of p'trumns mai s.targetr heanhusbd, fmeor prsirentde bi lill c wntonilltu sormp f the de atmocrroic fntne rundar toy in w neshhampire. r majot garretatis a nliona mm cocounity whllege eere th pformerntreside h willold his firstnt eve. gmajor,ood g.mornin g >>rnood
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adlong hov a leff a wairith new mp hae.shird an0sthey 5ed to edusedo te hav ad goo re shlationhip witd donaltrump t buthee battl for the es pr lidencyhaeft tt la reshtionip in tatters.ll bili c rnton teturnseo th e statewhere hhafirst tdo co overme his past. ep>> rr:ortelo tabidea hesdlin ve ha a abffair whitni genfer erflowlms a bostduriel bilcl n'into cspaamnig heren i 9219.bu llt bi andla hilry clinton edclosks ran,pa camdigne gg do aedlynd fheinisd a ecrespe tablndseco. >>ew nam hrepshion tightas h madeil bl toclinn theom cek bac d. ki r >>teeporarr: hdly a kid ym an--ore h >>e is so eedxcit aboutin comg tbacko the gterani atste. r >>teeporerr: try sakhoemaser w in clston' h newhiamps dretoirecr in 9219.>> mp hashire. it's muautl. r >>r:eportes thingse ud to be almutuwe betonen dumald tr p and theto clinolns, gf metournants, tr thump's ird wngeddi andin kd
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>> tr,he fou whoth is estbe? >> llwe,us bh ,41 bush 43, toclin n orobama?>> ou i wldll reaayy snt clion ob pr.ablyi dwoule havayto s inclton. ep >> rorter: notymanore. he>> san wtso t aeccus m oef gsthin t andushe h ibandnes o of th gre tease aburs of the rlwod. give me a break. ve gi me a eabrk. r >>teeporr:mp trud usenf iitidel ay asrg chaeag ainst s exism. w >> dhat hendid aon gegh throu isri terspble, elleciafy ihe s wantso tayplhe tan wom . card>> or repter:la hilryli cnton oi avdedpo resg ndinonto dald um trpep's alrsontt a oacksner h or her anhusbd. doshe haes cgellenmp tru on li podicy, lyrectpp ogosin the ca oll t ban mlius fmsmro the u.s. >>ha sl mefuand nsoffe iive,t is erdanganous dou cprntertioducve.>> or repter:l biltoclin nn isot pe ex tctedspo reondir dyectl to um trp ereith,ti vetemng dtsocra he avre h te asayhe s ing,goes d moveon.>> hi i tnkmp tru isoi gng to do what trumpin is goog t do.
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reey're allynt not id erestein it. ep >> r sorter:erhoemak told us thatl bilnclinto m couldakehe t er difforence fil h ilaryn a race es he describ as very tightnd a ry ve closeit wh bernie ersands. asor f p'trumirs f tstv ad, the gncampai sayst iil wlut deb owtomorr andro ptomises nd spe $1.1on milliwa in io n andy earl h as mucheren iew nsh hampire.>> ig all rht, jomar,ha tnk you ou crbs picolitalec dirtor hn joic donkers is with us. y happnew . year ap >> h ypy newear.>> latss ottok talou abt. tdonaldayrump ss heos almt el fetys guil h heaso t run ads. es>> y. >> f he is teelingt he hea in wa io . hi>> i te'nk hees fling ae littl bit. ou he w nld say iothinggs wron in wa io.if oo you lhek at tge avera of po the e lls, hiseh bind in .iowai tlshink af o iooyou lt k athe s adhi wabch is opout pele re stovaming ber theanorder d heisis, ry's ttoing t focus he o racetn wha he'sin offerchg whiis ngstreth. you owkn, he keepsal tboking aut re st.ngth t sodhe aat crees ase sen of fe ar. she sayse thes thingarein comg t into geou y.
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itfind o fesocus the racen o h whatnte wa ts ito be about st in tead ofashe ide ase wet g e closto ngvoti. >>as hra this ceec bome aac re r fo wwhoill ben i the end thepe horson w opposesd donal trump th for etinominaon?>> ha it s. t' so isru tmp andhe t ti an.-trump theue qisstion s who i ruanti-tmp? is ited tru cz oreb somodym fro th is blestat ishmenlane. t isehe lan anl actua laner o a ny ti lbiittle e ke lanand hewhet pr thesarty ill reayhe t cr -tuzrumpar pt of the rtpay. ithattis sllef l bt toeor wked out. on>> dtrald anump edd tz cru tseemavo he a bit o af anbromce n's a okunsp enthing.u yotadon't utlk abo me, i don'tta alk you.bout er yest yday onowour shha tt se oemed tng chae a tad. y >> the thaveamhe se --y' therego fingor thee samvo .ters iso cfruzac attks umtrp,e h po lltentiaeny off tdshoses voter o whhelt uyimatel wants toet g when hine thonks dtrald ump fa lls. onif dtrald ump aacttks ,cruz
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asts tndheru cz rsvote. at thhe's tso reahen t hy tavehis ombranlcce w ihltke tald to lddonamp truut abo miimiogratn, he te wand to bele car that wh tatevered uzcr's poonsiti, is s it inoton strthger anhi s. i >>n npsew ham hiretoday, we'll e se bclill ninto do twoar sepate aicampgn esvent for w hisife ll hiary inclton. k he'snownth as e comeac bk kid ninew hae.mpshirwh that is wne doe sidhito t smp ca?aign >>fit,rsil binl clton is ae hugup aside mongmodes.crat ey the lovm. hi c hepean soak tt thald oe tim re sbodys peakas aam cnepaigr e thheway does. butl biltoclinsn i ait ltle scundineiplid.we ha saw tt in past aicampgns. ithat asaylws a thlw is aepays s aaratend ar aprot fem th whheher ng eages.d ansethere bems toe no ev ceident tha ghe's toingo ge engay in an fi.ghting >>wo he pun't banch h ck wittrum p sn tr -- sn a >>ist thmo ment, .no it lookse lik aer genecal ltion t bu dtheownid s ye iouset g ainto f knifenight i ayn alle d withtronald aumpound y don't nt wa too dthat. t >>sthe queion is how far will do tnaldo?rump g>>
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caing meis sext or thiss iow h i' far llgo.i thdon't eink han wtso tnd spe ofa lot t time aalkingutbo this. oh >> jn ckdi terson,hank you. ino kl w we'lu see yon.agai gt rvels . > >>saudibi araa andn irae hav no dmaiploticel r tationso day. gr any dstemonrsratost proteed e thutexecionf o ae shiitli musm ic cler. c theyzeriticid thecu exetion and theau sdis sunni namorchy. now hrba ain,dasundn, a the it unraed abra emiretes ag takin tstepso cuthe t oirwnie ts to . iran y hollmswilliani is mongtori thetu sifration om eyturk. m good,orning holly.>> good weere rete prostser he outsidee tharsaudi coabian ensulat in nb istan ul andarou theus m lim rl wod styeerday. e thu.s. isng calli for saudi aarabiand irano t a hvoid e is ka ca esnglating stess w chich ould abdeste ilizthedl mide east.
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ur moinned te easrnau sdi abaria. rafteng beicu exetedn o sa .turday in un a slini musm mo,narchye h ma dequnded eital fyor saudi ar nabia s ahiites wndas shot and ar strened i .2012hi eas dthas h enedflam a 14 ea00-ydr-ol ciconflett bween nn su aind sehiit theni iraan picatal, hrtean, an irate mob,an rd sacke the i saudan arabi ound 40 ppleoe were later ar streed. butan iraniia officls also de tocided or hon the etexecud er clyic bam ninghe tt streete afr an'sup sreme leakoder s eshg ymain, en khomi, says tyheil wl face ib retrution. in hrbaain,it shie pstrotes re thwol motovkt coc aailsnd
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innd icaian sh shca,merey the us edub rberle bultsnd ahi ts cr d ow aburnedic p oturehef t isaud aanrabi king. th aue sdi royal fyamilas h op tenedathe gfes o hell for its ,ruled sai this man. ineb l,anon thete prostser we efpeacul.bu het tit shieit mil antgroup, zb heh,ollaib descred hisng killi as an saasatssinion. saudibi araa andra in are al yreadht figacing e ohther in ade adly w proxyarn i syria. xethe e acutionnd the angry onreacti willy onll fue stmirust andre hatd. nora? >> holly wiiall, msanthyok u ec soh so .much th eea thrd oft ofod floising t noover ien th mit.dwesfl rnood wareings a ince plaor f mo nre tha half d ataozen stes on alg the miissssippi.
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iragen andlexara tycoun, il islinoth, wi h theigh water atthre. vi daood, grnd moing. t>>heam f pilyrtropesy i ousurr bndedyr weaonthe ot bh si des. ey the hav 25,000 sagandbnds a ei ghtps pumt thaav he beenoi gngsi nce eerarli in the .week sthisdhoul be .land theum pps anddb sanags,s it' dryon tprhis tyoper.bu t latook p thertropety nex do or, eod floining ou sn ther li il inoiss liunketh anying op peerle he haver eve seenn i ja y.nuarne arly,01400es acr of hdar hit analex cdery ountare deunerrwat. vea leeae brch art quaeril me swidewaent rett frterm frothe ismissi sippr riveinrush tg nhe re therat he wlaill fstor .days >>e' wevve n serwaeen tty the are ghhi. sit ini signtficare pessurn o the velees.we as're pkingeeopl s to otayut ti unl wele fe it's fesa. or>> repteor: s far, tenea dths
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irconfd mein noilliis. in oumiss pri,deresibant oasma hsi agneder fedalas dister atdeclarion.nd huhereds te re havorbeen fced in to sh.elters>> nl the ohoy met tha i've ever ne ow rdhtig outs i gone. r >>teeporr:n issmi,ouri wanda ss ro h ander hndusba are among 32 pl peoe rengfusi to eirom h ne isroow surun bdedy te war. hi>> tss iur o .home i thissth every'ving we egot. you danon't wbot somedy toom ce in l and toothet res ohef t f stuf ythatou wdorke yourif le fo r. >>erovtnighhe ter watos re ar ound trohe py perttabou 2/2 1 esinch andhe hypotiarm iso als a erconchen pee temreratu was 3gr0 deees is thrn moing. with tinhe wd chill, itls fee likes it' .18 >>w.woan thksvi, da tyff oesicn ioo schls in po , rtlandonoreg arese clo tdhis rn mobeing e causof sannow d fr ngeeziin ra. he otrtr pas ofhe tes w atre br inacrg fo are dnching f arom
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fit hit,an sis francco and los s sots par of theta s cteldou ese up to af hal aoo ftf oai rn byidfray. m >>anore thee thron mthsft aer thein "60 mutes" ssharehe t fi lrstatook thep shi wreck
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s. > >>idpresa ent is > >>idpresobent isama k bac in shwagtinhon wit plans this week to sentiffun g ntcorol. > >> eaahd, t rheliepub wcansho hsayis newul resil wl beon g e t ifrehey' eedlect idpresent. t>>he i newss bac ikn aom ment gh riret he"c on hibs t s rn mo"ing. cr ooy-prf,st ofay-pro look? ro neut mgena reakeup r move.does rait e% ses 99ouof yr tumost smabborn keup thwi t oneetowelte. nenyed ae morf proo tthanhat? ne geutrona. htweigch wathaers ans chged. r ouneall-yow behend tle sca pr m ogra tputsoche fus y on aou nndusot j t nuthe ombere n the.scal lo eise w ghtil whtie eaeang herlthi,
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an d mmove oreby lu inc fdingssitne ay in wths orat wr k foyou. ho see odw go'l youell fe th wi n theeiew wwaght rstche ndbeyo s therocale pgram! jo fin forwree no loand pose 10 unusds on . er eveeyone n bds a ff. yevensmour ile. lgcoe attiope c whitastoothpte eygoes brfond sustace o ains t whitenerov 3de shas. acin ft, it s whiten morean th theadlepring exess inwhitenp.g stri it'yos miur sffle b
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yifavou hdee mo trateveo se remarheu atoiditrthr lismeike ... an u'd yoalre t tking o aeurhlomatogist t abouola bi,ogicis thhu is .mira isthhu is miralphetoing ie relyve m pa ndin ate proy ct mtsjoinfr urom f dthere.amag isthhu is hmirangelpi mech rea m forore. ordoctves han beecrpresgibin hu fmiraoror mane thye 10 ars. hu wmira forksanor muly adts. it ge tarndts aps helto ck blope a sccifi ur soince of maflam ttionhat co buntrutotes mp ra sytoms. rahumiow can lr er youyabilitto ht figti infecons, cl ing udinrctubeisulosse. s,riouet som fimesatal fe innsctio c andrsance,in includmpg lymaho, ha apve hd,penes avehaod blo, li anver rvd ne ousemsystbl proems, se s riourgalleeaic rnsctio, an w d neoror wngsenihe faart e.ilur rebefoat tre,mentge stt teored f tb. ytelldoour ictorf veyou'n beereto aas erwhrte cefuain ngalfeinnsctio c aren,ommo d anouif yha've ,d tbhe tipatis b, ar one pr ie totinfec oons,ver ha liflu-ymke ss ptom sor.ores t don't starmihu irayof uhan ve actinfeion. ttalkuro yoto docd r antvisihu .cmiraom
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in ur o h, ouseinimagnations ru wild.bu mt atbly ta ke, itheep foe eaod rl. ke lint courory cewck's ne. recip wmadereith imal s pleedingrients noand ic artifavial fl ors orvapresertives. re ntal coushry fre f taste rom irealenngredits. lc we come toourock cntry. nejan' didlit eske rtitrics.on innot life. noand ent whca it ome twa ngtchier hor calie s. y wh osettlee?n tastne jaug tho ht. that'jas why ovne lghes lit t & finogreek ynfatt.ogur
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12 and o gramseif protn. foall alr 80 cories. etno shetling re. ewhateslse dolo jane ?ve ythat couldou a winbi fitt fflexm rot lighfi& leren moec on spia llyedmarkks pac .li & ght fit. feeel fre e tonjoy. he are'stl litale headthy .vice ctakeofare t whamayokes u, u.yo t righ tdownuro yon. ski noaveeai doily mizsturin g wlotionviith 5 nutal nttries he for iealthokr loining sk j inonust dae y. noavee . na llturaauy beltifusu relts we d 've haeaa grart sturt to owi
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7:26 am
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7:27 am
a for weather up . date go niod morffng, je! ly mosty cloudldand co today s withedcatterrs showee by th rn afted oon ans highhein tid mto 3 upperh 0s witwilight nds. amo tederar wintewistorm e ll mov heinto tn regioy tuesdag morninwi w th snolepossibe on theyvallfl anoor td morefohan a ot of n snow ierthe sil ra wilmake dtravelltifficuan. a chce forsh coowers s ntinuehothrougut eethis w ak withttn unseled we paather httern.grave a eat nd moay! we b'll bewiack noth atherda
7:28 am
>> > then mairo pblem withew n 's yearut resolions is that we set e ourtaxpecs tiono way to str inloance, ts ofeo pyple sath aney wot tis exercee mor but at th is !harder exscise i likeea rdingor f yo ur muscles, eyoxcept t u can' a watch movief oom slseone ee ex ngercisi andet ghe tt gis of . itso ad inste ofea bting your he p alth uebecaus h youaven't go nee to th m,gyy simpl lower
7:29 am
asexercis toth anyingha tt gs brinr youthear rateup. thatway,ad inste of ggjoing, ly simp try waking up late for wo rrk og takin are pgnancy thy, wa h youenav f'tleai tdo ykeepour y newear's relusotion. u' yotve jus seducceed in a er diffent y.wa t >>akingre a pcygnan test is an re inteonsting e. ha>> wteveret gs your hateart reup . t >> wha wis newith this pi e?ctur rewe a t allable t forsthe fir a timend edreunitt and i feels so . good>> t forwewo eks. oo >> gsed to yoe u. w>> howras you hoy?lida>> t iwalls ready goout bt' is galways toodoe comback .home l >>ikooks leou y got a n.ta >> youno ticed? >> i did. w >> belcomeacko t t"cbshis rn mo"ing. i did! ng comiin up s thihalf hour, es prt idenaobampa presre new ru tleso rategulune g he ay sy s theorare wtht i to ev prevent neen of act o vi .olence eaahd, pntromine rubepnslica pushback.on yse sa the psiredent's acts i e
7:30 am
pl usha we ve newes clu of theig freerhtha ttis dedappear ng duriur hnericaqu joain. mi "60 gnutes"save uur oir f stlo t ok whaedhappen to the ss mieling rofa butet somhing is inmissd g an sthat itorys sik nkeil fel .3%eu anropeex indrees ao als downth oris m. ning>> it> brs ain'el"tphegra" ag hon kong perublishas his dedappear d anay it m bene con tctedo re edportns pla toli pub ashoo bkab thout ove life lef o a'chin s es prt.iden
7:31 am
eransws oft tha andse abuna chi ofbd angucti the mngissio wo errks.e thfoother iur vanssued in r.octobe >> he> "tor new ys"k time a says ly deadqu earthocake rked henortinast dia. th e 6.7 mtuagnideke qua hit nioverght nrea theor bwider th ee kn frdeo heom tot remere a sahowsil bucodings dllapseo intnd mous of ru.bble tn wis esse tsayheki shaasng ltedab out a mutin e. > >>besan dirnarno" sun"ay ss ndinlaio regnalac fyilit is open th for fie t rsmeti since mb deceer'sro terrat tack. or600 wkersil wlg return to the x complee whereo14 perple we ed kill. se counilling wrol be pvirded fo e thos whod nee ere confenence cterhe wrehe t ma ressac tplook aceai remns closeddeinlyfinite. > >>the y new"dork nailyews" sa ys theew ner powball isne of oit b'sstigge andim estatedo t e surg0 to $40n!milliow! woth foat is r wey'dnesda sg.drawin
7:32 am
iz pre isbo aut 1 in 229 ane ch oceseif bitng h by tnlighining r youif l aetimere fa ttr beer,t jus 1 in 12,000. 'sbut itor wth ae coupl ofdo s llaruyto b a ettick. >> es> pr oidentsbama i moving d forwarorthis mnning oal sever gu new n control prs.oposale thidpresisent ul schedoed t w meetttith ageorney neral tt loreha lynco t rwevie stepse h can takeho witut k the ta de oils,tspponen are pe sharning tirhe ckatta. y>> m neaew yrer's tisoluson i to e movarforwnd o our un shfini ednebusiss. ep >> rr:ortede presimant oba as teised hes lat rt ooundf ut execacive s tionheover t enweekd. w>>kne ow we can't stopry eve t ac of viceolen.
7:33 am
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7:34 am
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7:35 am
night. ep >> r gorter:rnood moing. nd frie ss sayarah slmuinger te acond respsiblyur d tinghe new 's yearar eve pty and n hadot ribeen dnkingau becseas she w esthe dteignad erdriv.bu hot suro inthe tew n arye,er h w life sas cut, hortckstru by a ll buthet in .e headsa trah,he ursniveofity th nor s texaorjuni w,as shot aunrod a 2:00 .m. onayfrid. ca the her s wasvi dring hit ot anveher behicle refo cinrashg aintoty utili pole. inaccordg to wis,tnesse she and r he pthreeerassenges cam under a firefter aer vbal acaltertion th wie peopl in ak daror col ed otoyotarex l tus suvedhat fl th e.e scen i >>rt's oust under tandinghat th mee docuntse of th suv were al ril afamcan-aneric males,iv feto six lemas. an>> i wt justiceor f her.wa i nteo s sne bens respo ible shfor ngooti her. >> te reporicr: poliee belve the
7:36 am
's yearpa eve rty. y>> the saw twoth of e sctuspes he at t partyieearlr. it y's mst under tanding dheyid kn not ow e ach other.>> te reporr: murslinge was a me mberth of isor sority and it wroning her edlink p-inage e shdhope toor maj esmovi. re hunddstt adeend aan chtdlelig onvigil ur sat odayne day after e shtawas fken ofe lif orsuppt.he thr moaier sdar sah was an norgaon d r.oa he>> s was aslwayea rgchin out an d to give. lsheives . on>> l sheived withoy j and la wiughed ceth gra andid dn't bocare atut wha o ptherpleoe t.though s she wahappy. d anllwe ad shoul be ait ltle re moe lik that. or>> repolter: picen i, dentonte avxas, he not made anyes arrtsno asr releed the namef othe tssuspecsk but a aingenyon who s waat theew ns year'areve pty d an tooktu picresr oeo vids to nt coemact th. ha >> wt agi tra c story. >> so sad. s >>o ceunnessary.
7:37 am
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7:38 am
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7:39 am
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7:40 am
asrelenoe techlogy, prhelps thevent gee ur to a smokeayll d. nt i was thitime e to bt my las.time wthat's chy iehoos
7:41 am
in "60 m butes"roughtou y the fi t rslookt lasht nigt athe ec wr okagee f thel .faroth sbe ntea relsed aid vneo o aysund asar pt of its iginvestation. nnunmaiced devtue capres the ag imthes on n e oceafloor. e thocarghi sp you mayal recl n va bissuednack ict oober in headmg froks jacllonvie, aflorid tjuo san an,o puert .ricoit
7:42 am
hurr data ro aredco rerd oerngracye ndli uerp th inere theon mitornd a that co kuld beney ici piengog trethe fithe monal smente of th .shipis th w videoakas tenhr tee miles de unrr wate reaevlinghe t te twisd andru c ashednd te scatmared re tins ofhe el ro fa. idthe brhege tp' shisom cmand ercentes invtotigaoprs hoed t nd fi the rdrecoer.bu eat ldnv iteestiga tom roth ro tthyoldtt scoel pley on su 'snday m "60esinut"y the weresh d ocke iwhensnt wahe't tre. w >>t e gooup t tthael levnd a to j seeustpe on --nn opeess is tr exemelyin movg and dcuiffilt - to i-st wa veryig bur sepris usfor se to e . that r >>teepor mr:govin inha wt way? >>us jto tseehe tio velenc and
7:43 am
cu oc cr toauseha ttd kinf o -- to se caut thad kin of an enevt.>> te repory r: thefolater und br the idge a halfil me aywaro fm e thwr geecka, butit wh no data rdrecoer tola expin elyxactt wha ha.ened t onorhe mningf oct oober 1st, el'sfaroap ctainen sat st di cressfrall eaom n trheye e of ri hur ep shiad ht los plsropu aionnd swais lngti at a eg15-dreele angas itac fedav wores fteecasd at 30 t fee.highto fheind tng missi ipsh, the sentsb uond sndar a ace pief o pm equillent ca ced theuturl b fi tndingrehe wckn' hast sw anheered tst biggeue q -stion-wh diy tdhe ship'sin captas end up on aol csilion crsoue with a temonsr orstm? >>e ware lngookith at e er ovt sigh tathe ctdire tion,he vi adcevi proded by thepe ongratimp coanyo tsee winhat atformion
7:44 am
ep>> rr:ortera f snk'sicon rhard s wathe 'sship cheap gien. neer i >>ra gua nteeyou, they were ju in tred,hey wknere d ocke out,an d it was erov. and they werell a atd thho is ntw i wao t evbelie it.>> te repor r: theship'sni itial an pls to way to sta on theou rttski ts ofrmhe sto from ja ilcksonvlepu to icerto ro but aq joteuin ind nsifieifand sh ted pa its th. s cbacret hed outo theit marime mp cothany peat oterad the ship we but no have rdt hea ckba. t >>yohank u. asuch tr agedy. ea >> hrtak breingie pce on "60 teminus"t las nightit w h ti relavesde wonringhy w wast tha ashipedllowo tntgo iato th ichurr ane. > >>r "sta"wars is ace for to be ckre wonedatith theec objonti of .ficeho hew "tce for aws"akens i inpushllg hodywoo ie n aw re diioct n. >> ff> bullalo bin,s fahe tnt stu ul he potled, n b once,ceut twi!>> ll ay right enth.
7:45 am
>>im te to go . home w >>touldn' youe bud prof iha ttwa s yourn?so>> w no, iould nope.>> > fi unanno tcer:pohis n rtiocbof " s is thni morspng" reonso d by tatoyo.
7:46 am
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7:47 am
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7:49 am
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7:50 am
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7:51 am
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7:52 am
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7:53 am
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7:54 am
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7:55 am
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7:56 am
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7:57 am
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7:58 am
as how wou yray holid? t >> i gwasood. al yswaoo gd toom ce back home. n'i dotar ce where yeou'v enbe. lm>> aostoo lkek liou ygo've t ata n. >>ou yot niced. >>he tree w skowing inhi ty s earl in themo g,rninyl ofcking nf theew year. >> lw aays aoo g wdayst to art wthe ner. yea i >> ctlyertain is. reyou't. nexi' mha crliee rosit wh k gayleingd an norahnno'doell. anrm aited milupia gros sayt' is gwillinoc to cupy aed feral wi feldliug refne ire ogon for as ng lo i ast takes tot meets i de s.mandth oue grisp ht figing back ai agnst aew nn prisoen se tencr fotwooc lal reranchnds a aols nt wao s trnretud lan fromhe t fu rege tooc lal rsowne. >> the anovti-genernmtct aivists upset p cam onda satury in su
7:59 am
fi toal feder i landsn 2001 d anwerevi conncted i 2012 and se herved tir er octob a judge added four moreea th eha dsmmontt' ayorne says the pr teotesonrs dpe't s fakheor t mm ha.onds ieearler w askedon amm bud by w hohela pnts toes r tolvehe si n tuatiotwithoual tkingo the tgo ntvernme . e >> wnt spe msonth ands month an hsd montn iet pnsitio and re sedresds anin tryog t get go rnve tmenteco chk and bcealan it self. ey th redefust i and istn mo esplact jus i gnoredus. k wenow thereer weid intimnatio rt effos fromed f geralenovernmt to the cofounty le ected enrepress,tative butas bically thepl peoeri ted eyed trior fy edey tri for allctuay over a ar ye t tory toet g somece justi in the atsituion,nd a t whereas ffnone oered. f inact,y theer we reignod. he>> t fbis say it isin takg a
8:00 am
ol ressve thi anstdoff. >> h whiteouseul hopefs are ai camphagning srder a the first gvotingets .closerwe ur're fo weekswa aroy fm the auiowa c ocusesn fruebyar fie rstma priryl wilbeig eht dayser lat in new at's wrehe frorme pderesint bi lill c sntonstartpa camigning to fdaylaor hilry toclinn. tdonaldearump rcted oner twitt ngsayi, e,quots doeny abody errememb when binill cl itonn 20 ke08 wordon lg andar h fdor ll hiary?sh et. los llnow bis itat iag ju watch. >> is at thin time 2008k barac a obam jhadust won theow ia uc ca auses wndaspa camngigni in ha new e.mpshires these race can b pr unbledictae. onda this teht eig years ago to clinn led i obamanhe t polls na altionly byor mhae tn0 2 ,points and theur fute re anpublicom nineen joh mccain wasd behin rudyiu ganlii and lybaread ahe of mikebe huckae wh no wo theow iaau cs.cuse > >>lddonamp truea relsed his t firs atvdo tair inow i aand w nemphae.shirhe ts repea al cal for a te
8:01 am
te enhering t. u.s ando als at s tackarhilly htst niger reforing t a mi rlitantmeecruiteont vid twum ee tw hted,ryilla ahend t in mastreamia medt forgo to me n ntiothatry hilla is in the al sabhaba terror video. c lintonno is t fdeature in th e -m50inuteid veoea relnsed o ayfrid byn a aal qaed affiail.te d itoesnc iluderu tmpis and h ospropaned b on mm usliy.entrum troop shk itn off o aysund 's ac "fee th na."tion>> s doeitce conourn y that u' yoeire bngse und iss ealentilya ec rmeruitnt o?vide he>> tey us other lepeop, too. at wh i amng goio t do? vei hasa to wyhat h iaveo t y. sayo owu knt whavei hasa to y? e'therprs a m.oble avwe he to fouind it whats the pr anoblem avd we hole to s veat thob prlem. >> conlint iccnayuratella cimed at th isis used video ofmp tru ins it oppr.agandaum trp saidpi des ttehe al ab shidaab veo,nt clionas wti sllon
8:02 am
>> the texasee tnager who de pleaden affluza is still in y.custodsi argns hae ttht ean couch is t no goingny aewher anye tim so on. ashe wtu capred lweast eker aft inmissg a ptirobaonee mtingwo t s yearrafteru a dnkvi dring hcrasn ich whi he kdilleou fr lepeop. s hiil famrey hid ah hig plerofi camexittn ay orne tbyhe neamf o fe dornanni beneze to t help co avuch oidor depontati. s hiermothac fes aea hring to imorrown focalirnia. cb ls newsegal expertik rki kl jiemansoins u athe tle tab hewith t telast.i haveny so maio questutns abo e thermothen's parting sk ills,th e newor attatney thus was j t d. hireth uyis ga is bi ig dealn co mexi. s >> he'oca rkr. stahe 's theman. 's heer the pson thatou ye hirifyo u'reusfamo i,f yeou'r mo infa ius,u f yo ahaveas ce thats iif dltficu tot. bea how h wase rehid? wythe laers forth e canouch in catexas nnotic practe law in me soxico, theyto went k loo for
8:03 am
ouople wlday sha tt meyon ul cod buy. w >> hhat'sis testragy? s>> he'g, sayin look, the u.s. go rnvendment ahe t mexican rn goveidment d annd e runun arodth eeioxpeditn s.proces thera extec disionro pcessak tes aer vyon lg time. soth what idey d ishe tex mican rn govement cteooperad andim splyde thcided ldey wou deport him. howou cyld the podert him? n'he didett g amp stan o his pa wssporte hen hwas cinoming to thent whate hs iay sing -- what nnieez t is sgayin is this, , stopewe havo t goy slowlnow. h weoave t dos thict corre ly by whe wohave t do i lset the pr soces be due s.proces t >>heso rean he wtoanted go , slowtoo, isec b causeasouch w teconvic ads auv jeenil and insometh cgeshangn whee hur tns ch19 whi is in april. t>>ishis ea rllyen ingious
8:04 am
ou if y get past couch's 19th aybirthd 1, the20s day blyasical at thas he hef lot t don i the ju venile orlt adu jail,wi he ll ve ha t runhe k.cloc f so ithengo he esk bacft aer 19 his th bthir idaynpr aheil, t ly on t thingayhat map hpeno t hi mnd u terexas law is heay m have ten aryes' ponrobati inhangerg ovea his s thitr syateg is ryealll wel gh thou tout. ou>> feor pedple dith in is ci acdent.i hikeep t ankingbout that. t' le as talkisbout hor mom f a .seconde' sh is backn the .states at wh's her ?status it'sor repilted wh we shenas o th e ru sn,hen eveic pkedp u t heb tawhile h wer sonast a atr sip wclub hhilese wa oen th >> i'mur se wean ct almosll a e agrethater hti parenngki slls ar e not the .bestat wheever h didas w okay. w sheent on thewi rode .th him wy a laer was hiredle whi they we
8:05 am
e eednabl him allhe t way th troughhis, and now she pr lyobab thinks it'sus jt fine ifhe s haso t do thee timr rathe thaner h>> e' well bk bac onhi ts one, ch earlich e.arli >>nk tha you, r ikkiiekl man. th nee "warsts" warov mies i as bl iting bntooxff oeic or histy.ea
8:06 am
ta a bigt seaor f>> >yo if urei wghton w't dgbue, itobesyer expt dr. louis onarey ca own shho us ow t reeducy bod tfato avoidam dgagin our
8:07 am
s rn mo"ing. i t don' twantveo lih wit unthe aicertsntie of c hep. weaam rdy. ca bee usy todas there'onharvi. voa reonlutitrary eneatmt fo mor the most comn type onof chratic hep.itis c rv haisoni ve prourn to ce o up tof99% ie pat..nts. .. 'v.whod e harino por tmtreaent. it he's t a onend conlythure's. .o ..ilne pncl, odae a y fo eer 12 wks. ai certenn patits... .c ..cuan be red uswith jt 8 we heks of.arvoni arwith h voni, s there'erno intferon erand the e arno co remplex .gimens y tellctour do ioryof veu ha heotver li kr ory idneleprobms, v, hiot or her di mecocal ionditns. an oud abl t al the di mes cinetayou ke in includrbg heupal senplemts. ta akingarmiodwione arth hvoni camay a use ouseriows sling ouof yarr hetet ra. mm coidon sfee efofcts vo harni ma cly intiude esredns, acheadndhe akn weaess. i eaam ro dy t put p hehic bee.nd m
8:08 am
e arreyou ady? k asepyour h c lispeciahast if rvoni htis rig y forou. j [ieul ]thrie w cnkle greamyaraverd. t if in'doesrkt wot. fas .. ouyon're th to xte neng thi . ntreuenoga raripid wepnkle r air thhas ese fastt iretornol f mulao ty visiblceredue finlines anknd wris le jinust ekone we. eunatrogen . unannontceme: sthis ptormseromi bs toe thebi t ggesheof tad dece.wi otth t aalulccumnatioof to up f threeeet. s road bwillute shdo ndwn iitefinely. scand s hoolclare .osed mpcabe sll's goupseao grt th wiol a cd d ancea ni. red de maea for rl l, reafeli. en wh'v you e hogot a use llfu otsf gues he on t wayan ldd a coh witnu sis supresre, yo edu net fasefreli. al tzka-sel perselus ve re cosinus onngesti and co quugh lisid gel rrushfelie
8:09 am
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8:10 am
> >>the w "starraars" f inchiseshe adedor f a new din.mensiofo tr the shirdghtraitee wndke
8:11 am
t athe box office. thebu blockroster bught in an ti esd mate$88.3 million over the ye new vear's e ekweend. at th i makes st theecond highest st domeicuc ssscel of almeti.e thseequels i $20li milhoon srt of ar "avat."we in're tside aheatrepi helng to makewo hollyod orhisty. ad vl,d goomog.rnin>> or rep gter:moood g.rninth ees latt stinenallmt ofst "ar " warslais pying at moren tha 04,00at theerscr a tosshe un cotry. lichars e, ayouai sd,t i raked in no ather $88 llmiion. it c's tlearhe force ison strg with this e.on >> iee nthd is. i>>hi t inkan cdl hane it lfmyse. ha >> tt'y s whi'miv ging it to u. yo ep>> rr:ortece sin thees latt te chapher in t w "starars" an frhichise tet theaeers thr ek wes ago,s it'ra attctedug enoh
8:12 am
nititandc" ar roa past "jasursic "world. wnor starswa f theorce awake ns ke ismb cli tingdsowarhe t top ospothef t northri amecan box ceoffi,pa surgssin "aravat" as th e bstiggess groing dtiomesc lm fi olf al time. >> w"shen watar " rsespass r""avatall it wie be th first ntime i 18 yhaears tt james ca meronil fm is not at t theop of he tli st. r>>teeporr:th it's sewetar por at thd helpe make 1520 ho oollywigd's b ygestear yet, shpug in pittas 1$1li bilon in ta tolom dc estissaleor f the fi tirst me. t more20han %f oha ttam ce fmro th ope tov 5 miess ahe t film in rydustes battl cpeomrstito ke li nixetflnd a onan demd ca ble. t >> ihere csceonharn t sto much heof tey monn was i s foewf o th e bigov mies. th i asink g lonasho tsema sller vi morees ati sllin makg money, i'
8:13 am
hetop-avyat nure of t iheyndustr aloverusl becae ink thi those g biil fms ovorerperfmed. r >>r:eportelo ang w tithhe te last mohevie, t top ten olf al itimedencluwo ter oth films t fromhera fsenchi, 9919 "a nt faonom t name"ce andhe t inorigstal "arar ws," a ph enenomveon erin c oticsf "the rc foe aws"aken can't nyde. >> s thiemovi isti destoned ke ma boxic offt,e hi notec bause heof t qtyualit , buusbeca oef e th mena. >>or repheter: whither ts latestin lmstalllent wi tthake loe gbalre cord rnsemaibe to seen. n >>ot awdr it'sin makg souc mh y,moneha tt who r>>orepr:teha wt isar cle -- >> t mayorhe fce be with youwa alys. r >>teeporr: -- isha tthe t fo rce ires he to stay. or"the fce awake nske" will get heanotigr b boost when itns ope
8:14 am
tina ishe w'sorld second eslargtm fil etmark,h. nora m>> howimany tes have s youeen , it vlad? >> ien've set ice twin oni openg d,weeken two s.time ha>> tatt's whns happe with a lo t ofle peop. >>e' hs a grp.ownu>> i we'ren g adooov mie season li feelghike ritno w.lo otsfoo gdie movs. > >>ceprinam willi ssaye' hs inembracgrh fathedood an yt everhahing ttom cesh wit it. l we'lshow you whyeo grgde an chttarlos e'addad mits tog cryin re mo heat's a"cad on hibs t s in morng." j [ieul ]thrie w cnkle greamyaraverd. t if in'doesrkt wot. fas .. ouyon're th to xte neng thi . ntreuenoga raidp wnkriaile repr thhas ese fastt iretornol f
8:15 am
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8:16 am
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8:17 am
thew of lsroyaar appyentl areo n lronge e th emepitof o sffti uerpp lip isbrith rvresee. ll wihaiam urs t inednto ach touyfe ely dad. n>> i ueversed tot sor of get ilto r uedpr o wrioredbo aut gs thinow but n s theesmallt tlittles hing wyouell up a le litt bitor mend a y ou get fe afycted b s theort of ts hingth apat h apendroun the world or at wh aever m lotore as a fheatr bjustseecau youea r hlizeow ec pr liousisife i andutt ps it in sp perveecti. p>>opsy polchisogtsnd a raloy wa rstche t andrehey'en oft the sa hime tng thinkhe tkny owhe wreth feose celingsome from. iawillnom khaws wt i lt'sike to se lo a ntpare. l royaerwrit- -
8:18 am
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8:19 am
henao, my mes i ylgae,'m i a bi rog ole yal erlapp. rkto ma's po tint,heynl oy tell u yohewhat t yy wanto ou t.knowth i 'sink itat gret thatshe wan o us t tknowhat about m.himo a dernou tchyly fee dad. >> t i jus like the kids. hwhat's ismena? .george>> ot charlte and ge. orge v >>cuery thk you,k mar ph. illips nb a surpersta k thanfoyou hir watcnnng chael2. nd i'm aari gueva. ok a braten wiper pede caus some ha tvoc atephe rc ubli tm apar nentsu-ear stn-r yeerday af n.ternoo asit war appa ently enfroze pip oinsidethne of s e unitthere at thau csedad the mage. e thwawater eds turn. off..t bufonot bereus it caoged a sgyss me c to be uleanede.p ther e whilooit lreks ptty nsexte..ive.of fire fis cialwho sp red ondes tell uy luckiljust
8:20 am
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8:21 am
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8:22 am
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8:23 am
e thn soof p aisolimh anmigrt grwho ew up ainok bron lynetentme. he en wtot pc ubliolschos, en thol cgele, wh e ere thrkwo hofifis lgae ben -- gh fi itingtinjusce d anuaineq,lity sp kieangth truwe to por. ov he m tedveo onrmt, wo n ecelti aonrand pasise ofone ri ame bca'smaest .yors onin cs,gresst he upood wofor inrkfag limies an fod r ciprine,pl po op tsingrahe iq r,wa ppsungortier vetans. w no'sheak toning st wall reet a and t corrupcapolitieml syst bfundedery ovil a mlion nt cotiribuons, ngtacklili ctemaha ceng to re ce ateaclenn-gyerob js, fi tighorng fin livwag ges,eq paual y, anitd tuio n-freepu cblicgeolles. pe oprele aic sd k anretiofd st eshablintmeit pols,ic an eyd thre want al ce!hang [ rschee a anduspplae ] rn beiede san -rssb- hud,an erfath, dfgranr,athe
8:24 am
gtoe iv aus feutur to el b iieven. sand iers:er'm bsanie s,nderan apd i e prov mthisgeessa. > >>mgmnd gra ssponsor this -c halfourt shot. 00$95,0! ho >> wa. ot >> nba d. >> ouhalf-casrt, wn't it? >> -chalfourt shot.a mdreae comru ftrue for losan sgeleer laks fan.
8:25 am
tshe wany to buts ticke for kobe 'sbryant finalgame.i hwonder mowhuc the tickets ar e for ae kobry bant final . game w >> belcomek acto "thcbs is mo g.rnin" ch e arli iroseuls fl of goodid eas. > >> hthishoalf arur, ue yo re toady os le we?ightdr ou. lis nnarroe is in our n greeroom. y whshyou touldnkhi autbooo fd c thatnomes iox a bnd ahe t va lue ofki coongll a ofr you al meals de nte. >>werell-dsseden mre a he r-ad-oveorheel fck sos. th nee wes dignst tha aredi leang a muilltiblionla dolr pmehenononis eaahd. > >>e "thonbostbe gloay" s ist'sjo sturnalists and rsaffe did me sothing edunprecented. d theyedeliversu n's paperft aer w a neis diotributnpa comnyad h leprobelms diniverpeg paors t er evy'ybodhos ey dedecido t ivemproer svice te afstr cu'somerpl coms.aint th eme oyplseeol vteunedero t otakeveran myf othe 015 rsouteth
8:26 am
e despitthe rteffo, u tpo 400 ey th n areot suren whe twihey llve hano ehugve driors t diveler th e r.pape wrintesn i't .comingma nrtinayow ses h is doneit wh e thlidead anesnd fansil w jlust thaveo itwa. "u tsaayod" ssay fk acebooo cemark zeruckerbgan wts ti aralficint ilielncgee in a st po.hi ts firsen challgebu is ild a si mplei.a.o t helpun r his ho me. ouit wldel hpit monor his ug dahter. omhe cs pareroit fm "i."ronmanth i ought welr aeadyad hha tt ciartifielal inte ligencrin you me ho w thathaould cnge the alightsngnd cha le aot of gs thin. i
8:27 am
fi artintcial igeelli wnce itould tsknow ing thins o itswn ond a ve ha a mind ofts iwn o tour tn of ef th tsligh. >>t iis ngcomi. t'>> is a hlreadyere. "t yhe newmeork tiors" rep ts heon t tfthef oacu slpture of ab m rahalisncoln' hand. lithe poece havo n leads.ey thib descre it as an eight to te unn-pod ndha.>> t whare a young goido to h wit at th? "" e thfrsan scanciroo chclni e" saysairbnb rtaenl in olaak nd asgot trovhed terhe enweekd. e thntreserad h a ptyar a hndad er bean cans cdarigteetsnd a ot daher .mageth mee horsowneug thohthe twey re in rent ag toner old man.rn tu is outt was aee tnagerho w re thnw a8t 1hir bythda party. itbr tain''sphelegra, aew n re
8:28 am
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8:29 am
book wkeill maoo you lket bter loand eise wndght ae mak you lo gook as s od aalex trebek. i' m .inyo yu sa losing weight and wi r.llpowe u yo tgivehe example of a im swinmer gog deunrwater and in holdurg yo eabrth.>> gh weit isol contrled like r othealphysicrs facto inhe t dy bo.if ry you t tool hdou yrer bath te for n numites, ate som point youp jum tout oferhe wat to br aneathe thd someeling t ls youu' yorore dg.wnin y when nou tryot to eat,re the ar ice physals forceothat d the me sain thg. t theyuell yo to eat.d anenwe havll't rean y takethat in outo accnt when we dopevel et di asndth oerat trements for ht weigpr . oblems y >>ou sayhe tre arede hidn en fattingac fhators tt mwe ay t no abeware of. at wh areeyth? he >> t are arett leas ten of th di in adotion tg eatin too a muchnd notxe einrcisgen ough, lthingsheike t mesedicin we . take>> yeah. >> 20% ofei wghtbl proayems m bela re mted toesedicine you'r ng taki. p sleeerdisords andrt shoer sleep.
8:30 am
wthaned use to. arthere ble prohaems tt we are no ngt goi tong chaeik le the ertempe aturhein t omro. mpthe tee eraturntis co.rolledyo t u don'ohave tur bnie calors to reegulat your body te urmperat e anylonger. l >>o et's gheto t -- b thisook al is cled ha"cnge yourgy biolo di et ave pron program for nglifelot weighlo ss." u gives ther fou things weht oug owto kn. t >>the mosta impor tnthings i th atgh weita is si phycal inthg. t so thathe nmenviroent, eating en fattooing fngd chahees t rv ne yes inour aibrn. d itamagesou y brrain in a way at th m iakestfi difcult for you to os le .weight so t thae wk looat it as co lymplete powillwer, but tu acoually yde're g alinwith a si n tuatioecthat bomes cr inlyeasing plhysica as times p goop theor met weighou yai gn htherardeis it toe lost weigh us becae yavou hree morv kraeavcrings yandonou d f'teel fool. ha >> wdt dod about that?
8:31 am
onmber fae, as r asat eing is er concd,nefi we tnd tha eating in aer ctain way is the he a thereerre othrs facto be whsides gat isnoing o in yourbr tain thatell us the best g thin to eat. y >> tou're aalkinghebout t r ordehaof wt you eat? at >> ero p fteinirstth in e in morn g, yousay? >> egatin pinrote firsttr conolsyo ppur ae etitbland gaood su r stthe be. ng eati lofots et veg oables,live doil anab veget wle oile know ar e y.healthi tcan yell touo do ,that that ul wod beae grt t bu people p develogscravin for shetarcs an tsd swee s at pome iointn me ti.wh foat we dund anha wt theoo bk sc diisusses n wheouyou shld ha vear cbs soha tthe ty have the as letat mebolic paimct. at>> e cingarbs stla?>> in eat cgarbse at thnd e of althe mehe and t endf othe day. i thatots is net som phing eople . know>> en havou't yee bn to the st re, aurantctdoheor, wre we put brthe beadtaske out f airstnd
8:32 am
l unti the food s.come oit's st! ho i >>'rf youe tg ryinto control yourhtweig,av hing thead bre t firsaiwill rse your blood r. suga roit dpser lat on. t >> tell nhemot to put any d brearon you e!tabl >> i !know>> i thought this -- iy reall y like i 'sink it soia brillntly done ands it'ed basn o science and it ea's a r ldiet. ta you utlk aboes the bt way to lo ghse wei its have a low icglycem or glow carbyp te of di itet wnth pley of n.proteith en youo gou thrghci spellficaywh ooat fdsre a low emglycic. n cayou rofattle f a bunch so wekn bow afunch os thing weho suld e be eating dveryayo t achieve ? that t >> the key thingseo th eating ar lte heahy otpr,einshi ccken sh fiot and ls of tavege.bles of all theet veg yablesouca n, y healthikoils le olive l.oi ngstartiit wh that is the .baserb
8:33 am
avould h sedhoule lik launegus d an beans. >> ist that whary evebodyel t lsus ? en evt tha diet of carbs tela, fi sh, kechicn. >>blvegetaes. >> c beularef andat ell smaer po, rtionsisn't tenhe essce of etall dilling ath of ese bt et diouing abstt juth at? he >> tem problka is, o y? dpeople'tonno kww ho to nyou ca s tellyomebod to do .it qu the onesti h isowo d you do it? atand th w ishat b thegoook es to inch, liare,ow hou y can mp accothlish is.if ha toet dsn't work, we goo intat wh you dxto ne.we usecamedi,tion wese u su rgery.i a runpr comeheneisive wght l controcling. en whod somebouy shonld cr side to t goe o thordoct c todeonsir th reese moce advanead tr. tments>> yo what u eat isor m e thanex .erciseu yohedraw txt eninctiowe beten
8:34 am
>> ahis is bigro pblem we see in january.op pe tle tryeo losei wyght b g gointo the gym. irit's vlytualsi imposble t o er exoucise y or wayut ofou yr weightm.proble om >> ssaebody ido t mes thi , weekse becau'm i vchery mue lik b toe in pcterfe shape. onsome te saido ,me thet mos rt impothant yoing u can dino 16 20tr is nu ition. t>> i shink you orn be mtie acve. lyactual i, thatots a l erasie an the peoplthink. do you ven't ha to do asuc mh ex aerciseys mane peopl think yo tu haveoo do t be ind goo sh ape. 15ut mines a day of brisk inwalkdog can ble prosem ihy healt . eating l >> iatove thav you he aen mu nplan i here too thatil wl al rengly chae people'sas ide ab atout wh s they bhoulde eating. lo dr. uisare,ronnha tnk you. ta >> spnd u every 20 s.minute an chrge yougy biologo diet es onsa omle torrow!>> >ie jam wax is in and tre y ig neodhborho t today toalk ck sos. f >> iashiondis finng new fo oting.
8:35 am
in givckg soes lik this a
8:36 am
rn moing."ma, tiontvisiwh >> ho> the alidaysrer. ove m so uany ofres is a taking an
8:37 am
tsesen. gi one tft tha used t to benhrow isaside nowet gting a lot more te atn.ntio wajamie x is iensid a norew yk or stehe wre socks are sintandg ll ta. mi jae,oo gd inmorng. >> te repord r: goornmoing, e.charlii' mt atheta snce fp lagshist ore. cayou arn see e ound mheare tre e arnow shops dededicatos almt ti eno rely tsocks. s,that i in part,ec bause socks eare thst faste growingme segnt 'sof menon fashi theseysda. a ibmult dillionrollaus biness at th isra encougings guy to wadekn ee,deep lfcap-dee or e- ankldeep into ylste. >> er vy loco. rful>> or repter:he tre is a lurevo otionf . food >>w.wo es the e areagrt! ep>> rr:orte aol resnutio dpee t inolhe sfe o men's faioshn.a tirevolunon i socks. >>ow oh, w! ba nanaks soc! or>> repocter: s aks are n easy x ficeto spi uurp yo rdwa.robe
8:38 am
ep>> rr:orted brarego ski of"e"sh fapoion ilicerps surised.ha s itis surpred even you socks b havesuecome ch t a big?hing>> it has, lyactual, in terms of is thnd treec spalificly. kit's oindfik le the gayatew ug dren to m's n.fashio ini thkin anythgha tt givess guy the e courag wtoanto t bee mor ri dang inir theon fashich oices, i thatals a rel ly coog.thin or>> rep oter:anne mri dheving tck sool revution is theay alws da pperwy d ane.wade ou >> y a think sbout aocksnd youth abink blout sackocksit wh a ldgo, toe you owkn? r >>teeporhar: t it'shas wt er evy ybodused to have. >> right. ad >> wee, fad. away r >>r:eporte the im11-te l- alasstar hwn his o line of n fashiothsocks hat heelped . design s >> thiecis espyiall m foren at thn we cae hav a coolen mom t rnundetheaur o ntpa ks, younow, o onur .feet f weeel ae littl extra a oboutur tf ouhait tayt den gantlem usbecal e al hmenhaave ord f so nglo isie a t. >> yeah.>> te reporber: mayat a wch.bu
8:39 am
n you casexpres lfyourse?>> yeah. ani meou, yw, knot' is a pe cheaour, yw, knore exp assions . wellyo au'reble tope snd 14, $15n o s sock athanch wat is lotes ls pe exe.nsiv >> or rep wter:s ade'ssocks i sfrometancch whi johnso wiln lp heoued fftnd aeryi surveng the an blndd laescapel bow's men kn ees. >> c theyategor itself is just le asep. >> te reporerr: lithially wte sp ace? l >>aliterhily wsote x. ep>> rr:ortete whind a bl ack.>> te whi and k.blac ep>> rr:orteta snclle fihaed t tit whepa scebo with orld cols and er pattns. they mmiade chsmatrs pai a rk mag etin.tool wtheyfoent unr f andrk quiynd a ey tht justrinod aucede lin for os thoke lotoing p ste into a xygala, farawfar ay. y theplare g ayinetbask ball >> or rep ater:ndn the there is ba basketll. b tbaske all ep>> rr:orte t onouhe chert wre
8:40 am
wanceanants fo s tseeon beyd or eaundernth the kesnears. i >> lt islyiterale a gam r.change ep >> r aorter:his of tons seas, st sance i theic offocial sks su pplier to the a,nb andho t ugh theai detf ls othe muealtiy rag t reemen paren'tc,ubli they h willeiave thr logo onf all oth se shin in skba.etballho chw mu hashe tba nse reprented ou to y in terms of c aompany in ofterms es sal?>> s it'or ahugeon cuttriboor t us an gd aood chunk ofur o overall re e venu sandhiometng w youant s to taythtogeer. r >>orepteher: tk socetmark is amu illtib dlionollar sibu.ness mo re than 5. b5illion dwworlide. so eprntrerseneu apire dipng r theiesto?>> nk i thi not l apeot of ople wa onke up a cinerta mniorngnd a i'say mef rinreshg my sock awdr. ep >> r borter:ut they want to do ph andky ricnl oy selloc sks ins.bundlee thdesiangns rroge fm the
8:41 am
urto cus tmersabo dble inhe tm l. al or>> f ust iev n reryeall made awh loole ft o senseo tgo anduy bso ancks usd juyt b oneec bause goyou ou thrt gh atleasiv fe or si irx pans i a week. w soune bdledhe tm ande wl sel em th to stcus.omer >> or rep nter:alatur tly, herear e hotsldou. t noyoeverasne h gotten the wrea anyour foccy sks mome.wh gsich be aue qnstio- -yo do u in thisk thre t indn men'sks soc is to here stay? >> oh, i hope it is. i hope so! u yo wknowhat?i kndon't ow.i , meanhione tng ab yout,ou , known fashio, isowyou kn, inth cgseomnd a go and some th singse urprisd you anstays ar oround fg a lon.time r >>teeportar: stence ullss htheysoave ldil mslion of ll do oarsf their w "starars" thsocks e fir few weeksy theha eeve bn on sa,lelu incding 00 10,0 o pairssef theth dar va soder oncks e bestng thibo authe tse darth r vadecksos? rthey beallyreatheik le isth. e? gayl g >>itot .
8:42 am
ea i rllye lik iofashnista.i o als wearot n sksoc at all. b>>llear caednd aan wts his so s ckckba. en whco we acme bhak, c'srlie an
8:43 am
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8:45 am
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8:47 am
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8:48 am
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