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tv   CBS This Morning  CBS  January 5, 2016 7:00am-9:00am PST

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e arnethe w comboea mls a go od deal? > >>bute w begin with stoday' ye "er. opene"ur yo i worldn 90 ndsecos. e >> whave a psiredent who finds e thngco, ressthe ticonsontuti, thand ame ericanpl peo be toe in enconv tiento hisun gtr con ol en agda. t >>hesi predent seto ttake ex ivecuttie acnon o guncol.ntro>> h muc i oftav hingo thdo wit ba ndckgrous. check on >> dumald trlop is bffwing o cr m iticis nof hisew tv ad. >>om shee of teo vidch whi lookske li it'sm froex micos im fro ccmoroo.>> s it'isa d oplayfha wtur o trcoun gy is toingooo lkek li.we li're ke ahi torrd w ld trcouny. >> and staoffet b aweenrmed ot pr cestorsesontinu in egoron. >> t ihe fbisit mongorin the tu siation. so s urcealreve to hbeave en tnewsushe sedpectnt ideity of ne the w -csoalled jihadi hnjo. anng e mlishaman jesrt siddaha dh .ar >> rm stoovs c terhe west coast of fla.orid >>od florswatein begec rgedin in psome oartsef th dwmiest. ea arrts fu thereo th southre a on
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h hig eralt. w>>eha tnk the gd oordlo we aweretoble o geturtu sff out h lks inso misur liost er evngythi.>> l bigs osseheon tst fir day of adtring, the dow dedropp 1. 5% 1.. w >>ne ca have a d rink n't h,blus baby. t>>he jhaayswkn ia csslaic at thl willive s>>veurlaile ncovide ctuapres a su ddenla avanchedi slingm fro a of ro in tu.rkey e larg ochunksfno selw fln o stpedes.rian petwo wopleinere rejud.>> a andf ll o thatermatts. ha >> wt yoare oru sry about? >>wd sho aownt stars.buckan ry anghe motrus accing a r cashiealof steingre ccadit rd fo iniormatn. n>> ocb " ms this."orning eb>> jh bus is dealingh wit dw g indlinpoll numbers.>> be may even jeb misen.colo
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renot su whatt idoes or where it benglos.>> nc annouiser: thni morng's pe"eye os ner" ienpresbyted to tayo. t' le ps gocelas. we tlcomeoth "cbs is rn mo"ing. enpresida t obamakis ming an endru arn ndou recong ass,ctingn o hi tos own ht tigen falederes rulr folegun sas.he la will yut ois hla p tnhis in morn sg in ah peecheat thi wteho use. er>> sevalep rnublica pr estiidendial cansdate areal readync denouinghe tro pposed ec exacutive s.tion s theyy'ay there un ticonsontutial. n jafocraws rd i wat thehite ho wiuse aith detlsf othe pr enesidprt's alopos. n, jad goomog.rnin>> te reporelr: wool, gmod g.rnin nlastighten siordm atrinisation fi ofs cialfebriedor repters on so f me othe etixecuctve aions e thidpresisent ng goi to an cenoun t inheex nupt cofle o ur hos. ey thus focnl maiy ont wha they y sare aws fla andph loo iolesn th tie naon'ste sysm of ck bandgrou ose areck ches thathe t es prtidens sayl wil hpel keep
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isk ay ed m tteame o se what re moco we d r >>teeporftr: a meronthsf o ewrevi,re pntsidema oba cioffi rallyveeceiewd n laregus tiononun gon ctrol du aringee mtingn oon myda with sjameey com andor letta nclyh. he>> tse are not only co redammens tionthat are well inwith myeg lalut atyhori and e thcu exetive chbran, but % 'rtheye alsos one ttha the eloverwhajming mofority the anamericle peop,di incluunng g ne owsurs, t pporliand beeve in. ep >> r aorter:monghe tct aions e arirrequguing nle dears who f sells irearmon thent iernet d anat gun showso tbeen licsed ndand cockuct bagroundch .ecks an ch aging faleder privacyul re to helpee kph witen mtalea hlth st reiorictrons fmos pinsessg gu onking c tgresso aveppro nd fuing forn add anaitiol 200 enatf agts and inatvestigors.d ang hirin mthore an 230 di ad ftionalbimp eloyeeso tel hpoc
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prckess ba groundchecks. bithe fce prossedth more 3an 2 iomillgrn backoundck chesor f re fisaarm ilesn ,2015 the eshightat to tl inhe ogprsram' y.histor>> co of iurseant's reoverach. r >>r:eporte rliepubcante whi ehousef hopulson ceddemn the pr enesidact's stionn eveefef bore dethe staile wer asreleed. >>cu exe ativensctiore a eddesign tome implent , lawssi degnedo t help the pl imtiementalaon of otws, no t un e derminthem.>> n he case abu p his aowerll hewa nts.he p has a ahone hndse ha a pen.bu yt ifoue livy b the pen, you e diheby t pen. mandy penas h an er.aser ep>> rorter:om se guntr conol vo ads catethsay oeis d sn'tch aangellha tt much, iest don'tgo far .enoughse dmnior atrinisn atiocioffials sa y there psident isti wanng to astart ve coniorsatutn abo gun l.contro now,s that' caatonversionha tt neoppoarnts ye happo t.havere anpublices ardy reaar to gue nsagaistt move of egrythinhe t pr enesidts iinproposg. a >>htll rigk , thanyou,an j.>> ll> hiclary ninto pedrais the enpresidplt's hian wle ca gnmpaiing in iowa.
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t buchmue of th aonttenti fo d cuseheon t frormere psident mpwho ca faignedorr. hema arjor g iretts in ncmaerhest, ne shw hampheire, were fivth of e icrepubldian canwidates itll visda gjor,moood g.rnin>> or rep gter:rnood moing. e thosblrepu wicansillss addre theew nps hamhirema priry st tudenon cioventn rehe. ttthe ba tle forheub replican nanomi htionchas rea aedru ccial d an loicng-ant tipatedngurni t. poin ndthe ca aidatesreow nni turng h on eacothern igh tou tv s.adme eanwhill biltoclinnri ted to fl deecte somof dd onalp'trums et rh aoricbout hisic complated onpersal pa,stel tling vsoter re hes he't jus apy hap gr atandfher wsho i not a angert aryt neanyo. >> i do not bveelie adynybon i my limifete has run for thisob j th wite betowr kne,ledg ex enperiance, d traempemento t w dot has needdoto be one t orreste prriospety. r >>teeporr:l biltoclin mnead hi
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rss fitol so sgaurroiste vit honis fewi's be.halfth rme foreer pntsidedi crets the at stre fo hevis rival in 9219. t>> i think ehisiolect ins ou abtes rngtori oabrshdly-ared pr riospety. ep>> rr:orte f ther orme es prt idenedpick w upithot vers er whee h ltefff o from llhi's p2008ryrima vryicton ithe an grstite ate.>> ilw aays sayve eryme anrica sh houldave aht rigo t mateet t leasprone enesid at in fe li.time inew n hairmpshoue, y orddso g way up. ep>> rr:ortenw meahilen i,iowa the cdaandite hef,rsella hilry cl n,intoti con hnueder mpca,aign tu rningve owr a ne antrumpi .leaf i >>oi'm go ng thilet miv le in s hier altvenatili reaty and i'm innot gog to red.spon or>> rep dter:tronald asump w ed ne tlingrued crz foyi copng imhis atmigrplion ans.>> e hs saye' w blluild awa ll.
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kn howo tui bld a llwa. r >>teeporarr: mubco rsio i em ngergia as ntpote ialatthre. i >>w knoav i he a de.bate i o have thiget ts fantasy llfootba thing ghrit.>> te reporisr: chris christie a at thre r toubio in new mp hae.shir >>ne o amobexacare-gpandin pr enesidts i ouengh. r >>teepornr: i hisd a di siscusllng iegalmm itiigra on a incameri.>> th if at wast jusid veo fo e,otags it'spa diflay o what r ouycountroi is g lng toook .likewe 're ang dumpi gr.ound r >>teeporubr: replicans tt baheling tmp truig campan said i thatt wasel unlikty tha cc moroidan veofe gafs ing goi tota trrnish rump o hisv t ad. ta defoils pr trum suteppor rs,th ey idsa,re auc mh less rt impoantha tn an ollvera ssmeofage gt strenheh in t face p ofiverce ed.danger e onotherab notle thingut abo th at trump ,adt in'doesact attkan y blrepu oicans,nly the enpresidhit and clllary arlie?>> an thks, r.majo
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iset quilyon meditor therm aed oc ticupafon on aonoregil wedlif fu rege. an tianer-govtnmenup gro is pr tiotesheng ten setenc of a fa ndther a son foret stinges fir edon feral ndla. ey thur retn toso prin ndmo.ayjo hn ksblactone m hasfrore om th lhe manaeur altiondl wilife re .fuge>> or repedter: f aeralriutho ties m havenoade pt attem tclo reaim e threfuge and thereee smso tbett lintle ierest inoi dng .that h nogeostaser we taken, neo on s ha beenreinjud. erbut thee arrn concehis ts is tu acurally hheting tnc rahers' . case hi>> tgas ben as aea plcefu ot prest. oo it tk annf uteortunan turhe wn o somethf ose folks broke off an egd bann arm aed oatccupn ioofth ale m nheurioatwinal feldli gerefu.>> or repter:re the was not a lesing e lawcenfor omenterffic
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wierldssneha ttur sdsroun of wi feldlief ruge hearadqu.tersbu tar hney tycoun'sri sheff hada agmessr e foethosup occ ying .it y >>dou sai w youerere hoe t he clp thesitizenf oar hney un coty. hthatdeelp en ad when pleacefu ot precest bame an armed cu oc.pation e th hndammose havne turd th lvemseines .it im's t feouor y toea lveur o ep>> rr:orte a the grmed roup ys saha it s nons pla to leave. ey thn evewe shod usro aund the co ndmpouy the tookerov. h >>y ow man apeopleinre livg in ?here r >>epteory r: theserefu to say ho hw manyinave joed thero gup c theyalliz citens for co tinstituonal eefrdom. ad leermo andayle aderon amm bundy idsa, "if e forcis usedga ainst ,use wwi efll dend rsous.elve" ey th're ddiemanng annq iuiry to in whyan rscher dtwigh and ev stamen h wmondereer orded back ri to pr son fog settinfires on fe laderal nder afty thehad adalrervy sesoed pritin me. t >> ibehas ten lef to uso t
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de decier whethll we aheow tse th ingso tgon o orth wheeer w ke mata a sndo s theyl wil not ha ppen toer oth peeoplos acr s thisuncotry.>> te reporutr: by mane in th ea ar s whortuppo the hsammond po ophese toc ticupaon.>> it's soer impeativ t hat we d founways teso addrses the su ist es thaare ulpeaceft, tha gaare lel, and that are pr t thain kd ofea lves the pioccuers t.ou ep >> r oorter:therri ctics of is thup occnatiolu incde ranatuanlists ird batd wgchin psgrou. is th refuge i ps tart ofhe gr mi ratory coutedalle the fi pacic fly,y-wa an intmporta re plsting dace anng nesti ou grfonds rth more an 030 bird s.specie>> n, johnk tha you so> >>ur of co hseaveea revled to s cbs new thect suspeedde iy ntit ofhe tt newesca so- lledgeehajidi john in ansi is videoha tt
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vefi n.mee thtsuspecs icr desibed as a fo rmerlesasman. etelizabalh p imers inn londo th wi the stlate. ab eliz geth,moood rning. or>> repooter: gind morng, h. nora e therhasn'tee bnny aic offial nf cotiirmat on atleas o asf t.yebu urt so hcesavede provid a na me:rt siddaha dhar.>> is pra te beo a lall.ah ep>> rr:orter dha is fromdo lonnan nvd coderte toam isl as a yo ungman.he oi jned a rizadicaledro gup ledy bxt estreminj aem 1420,s he wate arreshd wit da chouryn opi suscionf o rr tem orisrebut edleas l forack ofde evindnce aia immedtely made ea a brk for syria and jdoine twisis, ngeeti, "what a shoddy tysecurite sysitm br mainust thaveo a mllow be toe reezth hrougop eureo t the iicslam st ate."la
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el himsldf hoing a gun andis h h fift ec the rent isisid veo which reappa sntlyhowshe txe ecution f ofive men, thean m ththoug to be dhar is ma.skedin it , heau tthnts eti brish go ntvernme. h >>trow sange i tt ishat a er lead of a small island- - r >>r:eporte dhar'ste sis srays sh te can'ur be se thed maskean m er is h brother. hi>> i tnka it's bitd har to sa n y give'vwhat ie .seenm i'tinot enrelyvi connced that it t honeson opini ist tha it t mightno be.>> or rep bter:anut myth oer lepeop whone k dwharhi tnk it pr lyobab .is ofone h theedundrfs o bshriti ci zetins nown i syrialu incding is thit ltleho boy wea apprs at d the enheof t video. hohe's to ught tbe 4 years d.ol st to e tablishnthe idefity o th asat mmaked n luconclysive, hbritisff oicialsil wlpa comre
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the n'mas voice withes sampl t thatrehey alavady h oenfi le, lichare. za>> elibeth, thanks. ir an'sre psidents ist blaing arsaudi hiabia tins morn g for tt cuingma diploietic t wsith hr tean. an hass rouhanial c tlshe move a ve co fr upor theri cme of ec exg utinaro pntmineit shie er lee cric was snee as an pooutsvoken ice forhi sites in su lenni-rui d saud.arabiath ehi wsete hou is calling on al sil sdeo tho sw stret.rain ea ddly fgloodin isea hded to heward t south ts himog.rnin eaat l5 st 2lepeope havd die in oumissndri a eg risin watersro pmptedod flowa arningshelong tis mipsisspi ri ver.da bevid d gnaun is ianalexder tycoun, liil,noishe w re uncommsitie ausre jamt swd.pevi daood, grnd moing. ep>> rr:orteoo gd inmorng. ngoodinews xa ale cndery,ount th e wathe fter isinally ng's goi toe takal sever days fo behire tuns coty is y.drwh ouen y a getnia aerlie vw of th
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noan ermous. he>> tsre i a eabrch. r >>teeporher: tod flo iingn aldeexanunr coty,ll is,inoi is ca rotastphic ta caphstrowhic, there e ismissi sipprrive haswe slled ur foes milut oside its banks. >>ou y can see theer riv pngouri te wator in the ooflindpla. ep>> rr:orte m onyonda we flew wi heth t.s coard gua over fathe iled velee. t >>rehe bach isbo aut aua qrtermi le st lea 12 s5tutrucresre a fl d oode and14,000es acrn i the un cotyre a deun.rwater wathe ter is siring. r >>r:eportexa ale cnderyount ha ens seor majod floing be.foreth ent couy genovernmtas h fe ofred busyout toeo pple lgivin t inlohe fod nezo. r-73-yeachold rihnard jo son ed turnn dow a utbuyo.he now needs a boat to get to frhis ontdoor. i >>jut's st a d i't can -- d i kon'tnow what abto do out it. r >>r:eportend alexaouer cntsy i me ho a tobout 007,0eo ppleh wit a mnediaom inceus j utnder 7, $2a000
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esat's l hs thanf alf othe e' statias mednin .come hn jo ason,ir retedru t ckivdrer, hesays tos ct ofat reloc wingas mutoo vech, enh wit the fi iananclen inctivef o a bu.yout>> y theer offed ebovery ady yo buut.i dndi a'tepccitt . tiold them,e wt can'rdaffo to most.ofit es takey mon to e.leav r >>teeporsr: as thier watea hds efor thof gulf mexico, the arast gu md hasoved seasts, sc recrue ews, anples, li hes,copter t downo mi sissisppi. theyt wan edyverybo to ben i e placn just ihecase t are'sn e issu ofor majin floodheg wre le peop t needo becu resed. the. u.s armyps coren of erginesy saelthey bheieve t levee will ldho arend the will not be any ve leche breaes.>> d, davink tha you so chmu. th eor fmerou sarth caolin cepoliic offhaer c wrgedthith e mu orderf anrm unaed black man isut o of ilja. ch mislael pagerdoste a ,0$50000 il ba. w he rasseeleaasd ltig nht in lechar.stonth e 34r--yeaoldl wilbend uer us hoees arrtil untis h tetrial s inoc tober.he
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as wrr ateesnd ipr ailft aer phcelleon videoho sdweim h fi igring e thtimes atal wter wscott,ho wasng runni away te af tr aicraff stopn i north lechar.ston l walstreet isow dn in earlytr aadingtafter srtinghe t new ar yea with big selloff. do the s w joneriindustllals fe uc as mh as 746oi pnts on ndmoay. inthe nidex fiheshed t dayit wh a 27t6-poin loss,ow dn ,1.6% the t worstostart r a yeace sin the gr ceeat ressionf o.2008 necbs wsin bus aessstnalyil jl inschlesger e is herlto tels u gwhat'sn.oing ood goni morng.>> mo good rning. >> sos what'd behinll a this?>> theel staling srtedrd yesteay inmorn g inchina, thend iex e therdown 7% o inne iosessn. th catame after a weak famanuincturadg re is gotry evebody ryeall s,nervouec bausewe they re rr woatied thch ina'swt groh is sl doowing wn, the d'worl gsrowth s is lowing,down not goodor f st ksocny aerwhe. insells g waoabrsed-bad. japan,,europee herth in .e u.s as well.>> t' wha ls theooikelihhad t t a chinonwill c ttinuego draow dne thsworld' economy?
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i >>nk thiis this ri the c tical onquestith of yee sina iry ttoing meova from ff dikierent f nd oy.economey th a hadnno ecomyha tt was ba sed onfamanug,cturin and ve go rnmentmeinvestnt. w that bas theig ngspendi.ey th t'retorying e movo ta um conseder-bas y.econom athat's toughtitransion.a ad dece o,ag thene chi se on ecwoomy uld gwroy b double di gits. emi'll revind y,erybod we're now tfourimes as large as twehey re t backrsen yea ago. he so toiy're gng tow slo .downwh thether eat rat i ast 5% or 6 or7,st we ju't donow kn. l it wilbe the s otoryf .2016 nd >> asi tenon in theid mdle ea bst,seecau of itsne conn ctio il to oic pres. >> y.exactl ouobviensly wh they cut off onrelatiees betwi n saud arabia and ,irans thisc ealated inthgs. k i thinasthat wit a lbitle t ofth iecingn othe cake yey.sterda t bu ilstl, w chinaas then mai dr eriv.>> ad your vice to theve arage st inveor m who bighteae frking ou ert, othn tha "don'tre fak t. ou" >> i'm a t longerm in.vestor vei har ten o 15rs yeago to be
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avi'll he a rotten year, a enrottk, wee aot rten month, it ng's goi topphaen.i' gveoto t b te ableako tes thiin de stri. ouif yn' caf t, ithis is keeping ayou upt ghnit, h you taveo be tbacko w yhatourtf porolio is all t.abou e maybneyou o ed t amakemo ve, o butnly if youer litally pinkysw thear wiel yourstf tha'r youe no g t goinngto chae it when the ma rerkets versesecour. nk>> tha b'sneeon a ltig inme sce i y pinkswore .myselfan thk you, jill. > >>nfls owner are etexpecd to de ncideext week ifro ptb fooallwi etll r turno los geanles.l. asa. hot nad h anfl n team si bance nck i 1994. the l st.ouis rams,he tla oaknd ra s,ider and siean dgoha csrger le fieid thrff oliciael ratocnio qu re yestsrdesteay. stheyheay ty've fdaileo tit newdi staumea dn ls itheir t egn dio's mayoray ss the rscharge w owner aalked fwayrom fa a ir deal. s heays thatan sns diega dveeser er bett. theew nest true crimes serie ak "m aing ermurder"s ipa sinrkg tr
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he's fa oost fds chainre a inunveilg newom cboea mlso t fe ofwr nept oorions f less y.mone>> th> wse nes ik bachein t mo g rnint righ oherebsn "cs thi inmorng."k bac iheren the mo g rninheright orecbn "s isth in morng." ro neut mgena reakeup r move.does rait e% ses 99ouof yr tumost smabborn keup thwi t oneetowelte. nenyed ae morf proo tthanhat? ne geutrona. htweigch wathaers ans chged. r ouneall-yow behend tle sca pr m ogra tputsoche fus y on aou nndusot j t nuthe ombere n the.scal lo eise w ghtil whtie eaeang herlthi, awithewll nrt smatspoin. an d mmove oreby lu inc fdingssitne ay in wths orat wr k foyou. ho see odw go'l youell fe th wi n theeiew wwaght rstche ndbeyo s therocale pgram!
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d i diit... do.. it.ta nke thes ature'tyboun hair, in skai and nhals c.llenge if ha your ir,in skai and n'tls donk loo mo utre beaweiful, ve'll gi you myour boneyack.
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nejan' didlit eske rtitrics.on innot life. noand ent whca it ome twa ngtchier hor calie s. y wh osettlee?n tastne jaug tho ht. that'jas why ovne lghes lit t & finogreek ynfatt.ogur rs bungti wchith riea crsomy awessmene 12 and o gramseif protn. foall alr 80 cories. etno shetling re. ewhateslse dolo jane ?ve ythat couldou a winbi fitt fflexm rot lighfi& leren moec on spia llyedmarkks pac .li & ght fit. feeel fre e tonjoy. es dor youupmakeov remtaer t ke iofall f?erevssy kiof-pro, cr ooy-prf,st ofay-pro look? ro neut mgena reakeup r move.does rait e% ses 99ouof yr tumost smabborn keup thwi t oneetowelte. nenyed ae morf proo tthanhat? ne geutrona. hu h. odintrceucing vintrum s.tamint
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hyar w's she p a bigntroponeme llody.>> so> the d -calleueafflnza am te, d,ahea a dnkru dviring im victs speak out.>> go niod morweng. ha do ve kibreas ng newntjust io our ne mwsroom aomentsgo. ar spicks pola e say easwat tm is tlcurrenrky woa ing adbarricedbj suciect in odentstn ea o istreetksn spar. ky n sissoscis on thene wi more de ktails.y? ti tmecho k ecuryo w roadsith j.
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7:28 am
>> ws hat wayour nr'ew yeas lu reso?tion>> op to stin smokg. ow >> hth is gatoingor fou y?>> o not s good. >> w yhat's nourew years so re?lution t >>po sto indrking. >> uc how m yh have tou hado ip dr pingy?toda o >>ne too . many >> wshat wa your y newear's lu resotion? o >> treeat mo kale. h >>h ow muc yhaveou n?eate>> i gagged. ry>> t to wo erkout,at herealthi n you,ot getf i tre.oubl t >> whau did yooreat f hudpndre datoy?
7:29 am
rit'seallyot n aoo gd start. >> oh. w >>e made it to lunch before hedi d ay krispe.krem e welcomoback tth "cbs is mo "rning.mi coinng up half , houra shift inwars, ranestaurts are fosicu ongnin barga ceaombo mls to keep stcus.omer ll mehoody bsonsshow uets whher 's it has syitang r.powe>> l> we aookt the sserie ak "m ing aermurder" it t aells abstory out aon cedvict killer. eythe kur figeth in e case says d hetidn' get anc chaoe tha s rehi s side. 'sthatea ahd. > >> ttimeowo sh yous thi mo g'rninads he,line usaay tod rt repoeds on fateral res et targing unntdocumeed animmigrts ingncludire childn t. en weeksd raid wereed focus on xa tergs, geoia andor nth ro ca.lina pe121 wople tereaken into cu y stodait. rdsoc fused myainl p oneeoplro fmen c atralcameri cwithnarimiecl rordsit whan gg . ties>> e> th a losesngeles tim sefocu ad onho sg otin that
7:30 am
ou brthght tie naoon t a dsstan.till ey tht shokiand tlledhepe susct onnt istere at5 yayesterd after ch hiasing thm in e san fezernand ll va.eypo clicehiall em tht mos wtean d inman t- lasteminu for a mo lonth-ring cprme seeau csing ivmassshe ru hour de. lays t >>hean sna berordin "sunay" ssfe radel inatvestigors are ok loining to werheth ali colsionne osar lel angiles k fled our tsadulnd a ald chi. atatoyo yoa toarta ylois pinwed to ach ild. ey th had sarimil pemrobls y ears ag o. for her a ctions ng duriov the nprember ostte. e sh ghasiven up a jalourn ism ho scol inappot.tmen
7:31 am
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7:32 am
docouch ees havcc aoess t el dayhi srtdepon,atio yi tro ng t hkeeproim f mre tutorning f texas lor asong as sspoible. n ethah'coucsn retur tohe t.s u. sremainun aicertorn, m ae than we aekerfthe t ea18-ydr-olnd a mhisrotheaw tanyer weic pked up by ig imm rationorauth ities. >> the lawth is pere to rotecter evy.ybod ju not st thee peoplwe keli. rewe aee d wminganith im atmigrion case. at thll's a. ep>> rr:orte uccoh'sh hig pr ofeiler c ttaino cngalli for hisen clit txto be ed,radite ic whhnv iolves the -mu.s.exico ex ittradeaion trty.uc coh has fewerig rhtsnd uer camexilan w. h >>ese dervespa comtessiona and ma huean tr atmentsnd thi i wshathe l wil getro fmis her expeienc yin mnt coundry a il wile mak re su ofha tt.>> c thectorreal legro ptect re he isua actllyn a exittradion.>> or rep tter:rihe cl mina nsdefetoe at. rney>> illt wie tak tsomefoime r prthe poperaper tbeo fleild
7:33 am
inout u thed niteesstat, vi re iewed nmecoxi,or f ap ripropacate stionbe to n.take ep>> rr:ortech couot's mher ta iwnyatis s llbeingel hdn i a lo ges anjales wilutitho .bail xi meofcan alficis ddeporte her st la f week orst iaying n theun cotry leily.gall coethan uchla viotedis h ten ye uvar jeenilti probaonen setenc en wh a hendis h motrhed fle in ce de.mber ilhe kledr fou peeopl and ju insered lveraer oths in a 2013 kdrunri dving cshra. vikemn llcconne's sonas luc was in rejud. s he sayit'sos impe sibltoe mov on . i >>ket's lipi ripng aal penty of tweno-to-t ye ars in .prisonga e.yl >> allright, t hankyou, numael. ne a rew tnnd ias f ftoods i he upating amongur restaants y thisear.
7:34 am
veto serp u a combol mea t.iv fe dfor $4cleal in lude,niste to th ais, on bache cese burger, nchicke etnuggs,ll sma fry, a ok coie and a drink. namcdo vld'sonersie is th picktw s stomeroocan chwose tms ite from the list for $2. s wendy' zpidza hut anda pap jo hn'snn aounced deals. co tontribur m hellody iobson isnic chago. e we havtato sitrt wh theos mt animportqut ,estion y didouet g ch roarlie se a sgeausa mufcm fin d anhash owbrnsor fis h bi ?rthday yo are u sending it ?over>> or rep iter:py'm hap to send on .e overi' ll try to get aue val mb coioinatn. h >>e is inwaitg. ak >> mee sur thees fri are hot.>> py hap hdbirtay isri ght.wh gat'soing on,h witll ase the al deds an why w?no ep>> rr:orte t so ohinkf iist thwa y. rethey ary tg intove dri omcustiners heto t aley clt thaic traff with e valufeofrings,le whie at th
7:35 am
same,we ening stcuomers offhe t of unpr ditablerolla m tenushat ok tote rouin dureg than fin cialcr isis. t theyhink if t cheyanom cbine em itey, th might eek out more ib poss ility. r>> anyurestahaant eds fix co sts. cif yourean inchease tum nber of , saleseathat lo ds ttegrear pr .ofit w itinill breg moreo pple int o e th. door ep>> rr:ortelo as sng a you are se g llingsthine mor tthanhey st f me odothe illartemshe ty ha hed, trey wet los adleers, hwhicre cated what "time" ga ma czined allethe anfreechis sha d aveloe/hatat relhiionsp wi heth tolse dlar menu,e peopl ca inme ,we they reos ling money or had ,veryy verit ltlefi prot in emth. s >>ote whaver hneapped to al heitthy ems? r >>teeporher: tlt heahy items arethere. t allomhose cpaniesl wil say we ve ha d,sala ,soup l,oatmea pl ap oe, allf t hose.things 'sthat n notriecessatly wha 'r theyrie offeng upn ihe tse lu va re offsight w.noey th t tendo beer othes typ of em itres, whe c theyan etoffs an pe exitnsive em,be may a bacon secheeerburgh er wita iecook, lessenextrs e pensive and cr
7:36 am
meateore ptarofitybili there.>> yo do inu tht'k is a mainrketg un st dt oru o yokthins it'er he to ayst? ep>> rr:ortee her toayst. 'v weene se s aserie of esthe. now,on mcdsald' says the mkcpic two is a vefik-wee prioomotn. th alough frisancheesan cun r it erlong. 's it i onen ase.ries htheyhead tla dolr nume, the do llaren mu and remo, now miccpktw o. y'wendss ha a9 9en ct nume s,izepr riice ghtmenu. er the is s aserie ofth ese, i th cuink erstomsu veroms coe t ctexpese the value feofrings.
7:37 am
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7:38 am
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7:39 am
mothe omst c mon esidetsffec are usna aea andn crinseea lin eiveresnzym. tif yououhink y have wiibs iath da,rrhe ta yolk to tour docabr w out nen.xifaxa ab i lysolutee lovewmy nrk yort apa,ment thbut nte reou is eotragus. go hiod teing gffco oers rdaffo rablersenteur ins.ance thwiat greer covage roit ps tectermy plsonabe inlonggs ou shheld tt y gegedamad, enstolde or yestrod. [d eloorbl] exuh, mcusee. de rylive. hey. m loein, sz cechwan,hicken stchop,icks y soesaucan god you ft someornetuok coies. ahaved gooone. th ah, alese smyol new aprk tsartmen... ot prurect yoon bels.ging gelet lpico he you enwith rnsters iceuran. ihoney,hasn't te t thtodog's wel.y! he ml,e towewe su tol. withor50 % mt.e scen ey thg 're domagone a.zing ssniff,ffniho, ayor!
7:40 am
th cte doutor pon me a r bayeriaspigin remen. be e suralto t k toyo ocur dtor fo beoure yin beg an pi asgirin remen. g to talk do yourr.octo
7:41 am
t>>anhousfds o netflixie vwers are kiasng for h felpor a coni b haveeened laey cim the legal smyste ilfaedti putng annn iocentan m nd behi bars again.t buour daligitwo netrk cbsn sh wows usehy hld cou stay lo cked . up>> te reporr:mo good rning, infollowg the podcast serial andhb o "thejy nx" nowin becomg a mu hrdereras beecom the l atest ctruerime ob sex. itllfoows ctihrisan y,aver wr ulongfonly c ovictedf rape. nthe spe8 1 years in prison. iemany vwersde wonrhe if was ed fram again,s thiim te for .murder a >> tt thise ime th wcourtill
7:42 am
wehey jurd findethe anfendt st a.ephen averyui glty of firstde igreetintenonal hocimide. r >>r:eporte a juryid dn't be e lievenstev a iveryn 2007 wh een his insted hse wame frad thfor ure mderf o ptohoapgrrhe sa tere har baugh, now fgacin a fe li ensentce, avery b haseen ve gi nn aewse centen,g makina er e is tims vieweroseem t li beeve n re tha0,20 p000eople have gn si ped anetitio on d anwhite hovuse.go degmandin y averbe edpardon.he g hasdaineri celebty support. miara phaohet tweed outrage af rtech wating allen tpi essode of in"makg a rdmu."erer ck riizy ker gvaiss say in"makg a mu"rdereroo zerev desves a nobel pr e.ic r >>orepr:tesa he t ys ireignos
7:43 am
ceiden pntreseured dthing e l.tria f>> i i was nfspoo oednly what e thicnit flks dumoctaenry wa ednte mo t see,'d i come to ac exthtly e same siconcluon. >> te reporinr: makg a mu"rderer o some wferho w iednvolve in er avroy's wlngfue rap co onnvicti h, mayaveed plant yd everoay tme fra him as acpaybkt. m fils maker say theysk aed kr taftoar pteticipa but were tu owrned dn. >>us we haed w st heinaid t.courwe d usere pss coennfer wces,e do el fe we rseeprentedis hnt poi ofvi ew. >> or rep oter:e,nlinwe viersre asp ateculabing otout pherblossie sp su.ects me soe havmadeea d tthtshrea ag krainst daft an his mifaly. pahis etge gs a o lotfiv negate en ayatz ss maaking re murder is keunlilyo te giv him hisre fedom asit hn'ter uncoved new id ev. ence i >>est doy verlelitt h toelp sethe farchheor t h.trut at th's aun fnctioha tt is
7:44 am
un ueiqenly givo tur jndors a thero juidrs dha tt when theyur retnth rdeir veicts. r >>r:eporte w kratzyhen saf ihe su will ee thm fils maker or wr boite a ok in re,sponse in iv pracate pr ktice,ratzdd as he iaapprechetes tes intertth in e im crusinal jticem systepa s rkedby the medocuy?ntaran thsok you . muchyl gae is i tn theoyotaen gre hiroom wch ack qui way co ntntesta the your thheal.wh yoy are u on the r?floo hi>> t s is afirst. l weike ivexcluses on "iscbs th g.mornin" , thisof secour, is d dr.ave y. toda il he wowl sh us ait fnesst tes om fr n hisew .book>> im a s tpleest is if you can t gehup witne oan hdr o h noandsom fr thefloor,t tha putsou y in pthe to 25 o%fla muscur claellur ng streth. itct ayuall anmes m youay lift erlong. f >> icayou don't t, thaal c l the crane. er the is noay w i d cano it. >> iil wll pulou y up. >>.oh
7:45 am
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7:46 am
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7:47 am
enbut nded up.owhere no e w i usthis. th dee nicoparm cq tch, wi nith uteque exednd e releaslotechnogy, prhelps thevent gee ur to a smokeayll d. nt i was thitime b toase my lmet ti. wthat's chy iehoos conirmdeq. c y,heem reme ber th wgameihen se e t thierooksi pasecng r ord? ani meu , yo monlyonentihaed w50t, .. times. ho t w abou hwhen i tadhree ieventsnin one ght? i'well, bverkeen wo ming ony penew sumorhero ve a!ll day ' weonre n stoe'p, w gvehaotta urve o p extra.rotein ko oiles tripgr zero n eek no fatguyort 1 hasam5 grros of p.tein ddzero aared sug, ze rtro alificiate sweed ner anatzero f. d anzediro holbang me ck! ko oiles trip zbeero. pp unsto able. dammm nnon
7:48 am
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7:49 am
inmay e cluddntire ess, ad he aacheeand ws.knes ri am teadyto pu he bep c mhinde. ri ameadye to bd.cure ar u e yoy?read urask yo hep c ec sp iialistonf harv i r isoright f. you > >> alookt isth. hastouonre aaou cple is jo en tyingirhee rar iicdental ip trgilet atrls e homor f the rs fimet ti. ey the wer tborneeen wks y.earl obackcen demberst 1, butow n th ouey bthght ge too ,homeus jt st la n,diso lykins andav shanna re wen borit whinne oin mofute eachheotr.e th pomay sshe s'll use ankle ac branelets d rscoloo tl tel themtapar smr it's ciex.ting owyou kn howe rarha tt is to have ialdentic letripts. i >>nt caan rgero fm onen i 60 ,000 to one inwo tli mil onac
7:50 am
>>in speakfg oif ghet tif gts of 's my biayrthd.i d stoppean a fppleromhe t two of . you re we ara celebomting sngethi sp arecial heound re.>> oh myd. go >> is this foryo tu,his isor f yo u. ha>> tsot's . nice o>> sap hpy aybirthd. f >> iadeel b i got you g.nothin t >>s hat'riall ght. >>av i hye mch psytologis for you.>> py hap hdbirtay, che.arli t'>> iets btero te giv than to e receivandf ireyou weky luc ou engh to h siterery eve morningwi heth twose t lepeop,no you kw wh my i'iv gingm thet gif ghs th s at isoe, nicnk thau, yo ar chlie. y >> hou gotim a gift? i >>op'll hien ts later. >>ayok. >> loloes jon wbeill e her whit sther ooryf deintermn.atio >> py hapth biry,da going t tohe
7:51 am
. th upe co.le.. wawho ntsasgrd s-febeef th oeat d esn'tooat tch muth of r th she caap-str pede collegsttuden mpwho sitsly wanan orgic caand loodl pruce.
7:52 am
bu ilt st sl makethure eirilch edren hathyealt. yo spu inusire to doytevere hing or...fdn goo sess'ake. re you'ch watching 2 annel news, co yverage cou cann.ount o this s let't send io over t meorteogolt isarjeff mnotinez w wefor a upather date. go
7:53 am
o time tyocheck oaur ritds wh i r.j."mn the m"ore f- 106.9 fi traferc cent! ho s w'ooit lutking o, there ? r.j. we a have dasad upcrte in ime t beatrnhis moing... re g gardinoothe sht ting apat pabaker t rk lasweek. -ythe 16d ear-olagteenhoer w was ishote n thhahead, fs diedrom juhis in.aries..hend t15 ol-year-wad who sts arreedte afe r thtishoong n, isngow bei ge char od withmupen errd. the di ctstrior atts ney'ceoffil wil w noindetermhee, w othert r nohell wiie be tr ad asuln ad we b'll bethack wier anoth
7:54 am
he in t. west s it itu jesday, 5anuary ,.2016we balcome ck toth "cbs is mo "rning. r moreeals newad ahelu incding pr tesidenba omaht tigguening n re ongulatiiss on h own.n jardcrawfoks loo atar how fe h gwillndo a howep rliubnsca t migh stophim. t bust fire' herdas toeyy's e eropen8: at 00. se niorff olsiciaus foc ma oinly wnhehat ty say are inflawgs and loloophn es ithe onnatiys's s otemfac bunkgrod ch .ecks > >>the cdaandis tearwe no
7:55 am
inturng onac eh oerth inop tv t s. adme ilanwheil bl clinton t triedo fl de sectome of dd onalp'trums co ver orrhetic. ho aut hritiesave madeo n att tempryto t to remclai the ec wr akagend there s neemso ieffortinn dogat th. so s urceharove pd vide a me na. > >>is bh reacbois a qut artuaer mile st lea 512tr sreuctus are oo fl tded,athe wser i ngrisi. tanya couchl wilbe in rdacco ting to hisrnmog,in me ilanwhee th anettory e forthanis in tryg to delayis h rt depon.atio>> > moncdsald' wngeanito cusmersof f ofse the prunabofit dleollarnu mes.> >>a fdalorian mla expoined t ce polis he wa ttorying e tim , traveliswhich czyra y, ifou wa o nt teltrav 50rs yeant io the
7:56 am
lo f.rida> >> i'mrl cha rieoseh witay gle ng ki andor nah doo'l.nnel >> on your rtbihday. >> rl chaieth in et lasr hou gave annorah esd i the big ipad s. post >>s it'r betteivto ghae tn to ce reutive, b not ysalwa. s wetartit wh this, id presament obla wil tlouine newru les eddesign to keepun guts o wof therong s.hand the pntresideki is tabng kpe ex ivecuttie acteons afrer cong ss nochose t toig thten gun laws. >>ho altugh wee hav to bey ver cl thear at tishis ot nng goi to lv soere ev vyntioleri cme in is thco y,untrs it'ot nng goio t ev prevent maery ss oosh, ting 's it notng goith to epe kery eve ougun tf o htheandsf o a cr .iminalit
7:57 am
inunhis cotry. r >>liepubcan pntresideial nd ca bidates tlastedhe new rules tforhe gun sales. orgovern c chrisehristi said, e thidpres wentas ag ctinleek a pett len child. theno goverr said heou wld sc reveind ery illegal and un ticonsaltution actionha tst wa n.taked an marcoio rub saidt tha the id presentnd uneermies th tuconstition.>> janor crawfd ist ahe thi wte house,jan, good rnmoing. t firs'swhatn i this plan and whatil wl he needsgr contoess pr apinove rd oo er tgetar pts of ai it pd for at nd eracete? ep >> rorter: first of all seniorad raministfftion o bicialsriefed erreport es omen soe of th de thtails at there p isidents in goeg to bnc annouating ler on today.d anen esslytialhe ty focus on xi fingla fndws aoo lpholesn i na the 'stionte sysm of ck baground .checksth uiey requnre g dealers to be
7:58 am
agunstun gwi sho ongsr on the te in arnethend ty will adde mor de ferallo emp tyeesoel hpry car ou ost thace bunkgrodhe ctocks ma heke tm forff e aicientnd fe efe.ctiv esthe prident isin askog t add 0 20 more atenf agndts a ve inatstigors.'s heg askinsscongreo tge budt .thathe sk's aingon cgress for aernoth$5 m filliontaor menltl heah tr eneatmo t, t ttryol deait wh so f me ocethe rentpi essode we ha eeve s tn ofblerrieun g en violce. g he'sooing tav heo t go to re cong ss reest t ofhem areic basally ru inst tctionsrao fedel st inveioigatenn agncies o how torr ca sy outf ome othexi esting ws la. ha >> w ktind ofal leg le chal- nges -jan, whatd kin of l lega cenhallgesoe ds he ?facehe d saies yayterd tishis hi witnmy eg lutal atyhori? ep>> rr:orte oenpponts areng goi toue arg hine's dogn a
7:59 am
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8:00 am
n'intomps caaignug brohtil bl in cl tton topahe camign trail. hisit attude onon mday w fasar mo re sud.bduehe id d notti menonal donpd trum es or r tpondoen rect ats.tack e thrmforeer pntsidecu disssed wh eat hie belthves ece el ition sl alt.abou f >> oirst fl,al i'm a happy gr atandfr heand i'mot nad m at an y.ybod and ndseco ly,iho tughtn a el onecti was sseuppoo d tbe a job rvinteiew. is thct eleision ut abore instorg oa brdlyre shad pepros.rityit bo's aowut hre we'oi gng to keep acamerie safnd all stiee kpit eramica, prveeser our di inalvidu ltiiberes andur o re tiputaoron fng bei anpe on trcounury, oie belfn iiv dtyersi
8:01 am
onof ourre gat mealic tkets th t is nex20rs yea is e'thers so bome hdyroere fm eerverywhe . else>> ti congnuin hisac attks at a yrallcr a aosssa masetchusts bo . rder>> do we nn't feedoure mor years o of abamandha tt'sha wt u'yore tt gewiing hith y.llar , nothat'sha wt you're ttgeing. i and evbeli me itight ben eve rs wo ye, ifouan wto t know the tr iuth,tht migwo be rse. t >>he draemocticro funnt-r ner told iowa vsoter she't won on respd to trump. idshe sa her new arye's re onsoluti iso t e,quot letim h nlive i hisna alterlite reaty.> >> antt aack o an salpeci er opnsatiom teale kilned o er am ticanrnhis we teamasti operang with fafghan norcesear marjah.e thpthelicoener sot tic p ukp upas cs ualtiewasro gdunde at e thescen by someha mecl nica msproble.>
8:02 am
pofrom skaneng washierton whe a unitedli airlines fghted slipp th off wae run y. w itas t festingor ftakeof a few hours rpe aiisort cd.lose ss a paengerls tel a skapone -- >> >ta stesre a prirepang for the te pol ntiaevof dtiastang fl,oods ngrisier watres ala bfomed r theat dehs of 25pl peoe in murissoi dan liilnois. > >>it's cioffial,eg lend dare b rockand guns n roses is an plning an returto the lejung.e thhagroup set rd urnehein t ne liorup f theoa clachelus mic fe alstiv in focali.rnia gu ns n r wosesheill adneliwi tce a in.pril he>> t unrenio pliubcistig slsna
8:03 am
nd ba'snd foumeing s.mberfl ftash lese becau of ff diserence withaxl sero. werose taseted lhtt nig ,saying , okayokay,t' is meconfird, gunsn os res isdl heagininhe t 2016 llcoachea. n>> whe weed asku do yo thinkis th couldve er enhapp, he ca indi wted henas ope to it. id he dn'tic indate hecoaclla,f o , coursehebut o wastopen it. v >> peryaropul news. ca oun ytu fine-ne your he
8:04 am
wthe ne book erixplonghe t > >>ooflngdi,na tornddoes a ichistorigally herh temp.atures lowe'll okt a thee rol of im clchate aangeownd h to
8:05 am
orthis m."ning ye s. oi ac isfe difyprent te of ti consonpati. op blioids paock igin snals, but eythan cls ablo k octiac vityin b theelow. it ee's bren a tral seuggl to d finefreli. adyou re py toaint di a t fferenurpicte? ah ye! lk tayo to ocur dtor ou abt oic d anipprescrtion ea troptment s.tioni'
8:06 am
er eveeyone n bds a ff. yevensmour ile. co e lgattiope c whitastoothpte eygoes brfond sustace o ains t whitenerov 3s. shade acin ft, it s whiten morean th theadlepring exess inwhitenp.g stri it'yos miur sffle b. it wheen mor y just bngbrushi. in ur o h, ouseinimagnations ru wild.bu mt atbly ta ke, itheep foe eaod ouke crontry cewck's ne. recip wmadereith imal s pleedingrients noand ic artifavial fl ors orvapresertives. re ntal coushry fre f taste rom irealdingre.ents lc we come toourock cntry. wo g rkinfeon my det alleay gav p mereain he. knin my ees. t bu snow, iontep thisinmache t and geummy nber
8:07 am
ic whheh matcr.s my dol sch l's fcustomhoit ortsetic inrts. w not i gediimmeliate refref foom my n.ot pai my pa knee in.
8:08 am
n ir ournmog inunrods, the br
8:09 am
w and-nehrbreaktoughsn i he thal nemedici.e thoonew bk "the luckyrs yea is isout thng morni. herg auesha ttng cuttidg ee sc eienc and togechnoly will pr olong lgeonvity and turn ca ntncer i-o - that's aiv dnisio of s.cban dhe tr doctods lea theed mical nc scieere cent. ys alwato good ou see y.i love the title of theoo bk "the lucky aryes"ec b yauseou y sait hasot n thingoo dit wh we r alth osocial atstus. e we'rrtall pae of th lucky ye ars cabeuse? hi >> tsut revolation th's inhappeng now. iter litally .is i'mh witou y guysre whe broueakthrreghs ani happeng allth e time. e thesreare bakou thrghst tha ll wi c thangeheng playi d.fiel itiz equal tesheyi plang. field we canre pvent e,disease w can ea trset di laseike never
8:10 am
>> s let'starth witrsreveing in agg. ir>> bythda boy. >> how cane wrsrevee g?agin i >> at'snng amazi story,da wan zf luntokord to an oldat r and a g younndrat aut phe tlem to sep d an ttiedheirki s ntoergeth. aafter day owor t thelo bod sulies edjoin. and theld o mouse n hado -- the ar het beat betterhe, s clasim sh e rdeverse alople cled her draculand a an frn theon mths ago,ee threp saratela ebs, thrs univeity ofrd harva d ane thivunersity ofal cniiforain ra san f nciscoreedpeatt i andi .workedth arere e psrotein in young in dudivialsp uo t age 2ha5 tt ke ma stem llces, thee cur for as diseess i allctuay aep sle
8:11 am
in withd us ansthis i a wayo t t wake iup. t >> i thoughtwahat rys ve atfascining.>> theky lucrs yeaea mnsta syinghe lalthy aongerlso means pr ngeventise disea ande som of mo the most comn esdiseas i, just a did ystor on chrisr,risp thee gen it eding telochnogy. y >> cou canhange oneet lterf o ur yo 3li bileton lrteod cnde a an chge it. if h youerave intteherid at, defec ke lirt hease disea oras bret nc caer, we can go innd ang chae o thatneet lter. he at tti same neme we ed to la reguante it id dot right.t buasthis h theen pottial of gbein omd sngethi tishat il wd in sk in iofictn,s iou y t canake anan aimalhand c tngehe dna and al itlow to bein used a human for trntanspla. ow >> hff far o are eyth?
8:12 am
hi >> taps is h peningnow. >>ls animaan orgres a latranspmentedso. w >>e'rert staing to gndesi pigs eto havum hanin protes on their rf suace. si so utng tha k foridney trance sp tran olantsverhe tex ntad dece e will blepossib. >> i ththoug it waser intngesti y that souaidhe tsre iev ner any anright swersn i he,alth there waare alerys sevigal rht answersan nd it'susever jt one? nd >> a it's based o ynour vsalue .system wand itas a mioaturat pnrocess r fo me, there's not only one ri y ght wangor wro way.we allho s duldn'tory evething th ,e sameat th's why rs peedonalized micines iggoin e to btifantasced bas on tada. >> uyoo als say e'thers a bvera ne rlw woind ftyertili ngcomi, at wh is that? ou>> y inherit dn faromou yr er moth y andour erfath, but you i alsoitnher dna in your mitetr
8:13 am
onoe cfrdreya r om you.motherat wh ifer thdoe's a ictorewn ny jerse s who'lyactual tgakin out the eu nuclpus and tting iist th tshi doa nor's s eggohe t child can thavehree ptsaren,an you c tu acally doha tt in a0 4 or 50 ol-year-n d womaandhi so ts is gi channg theng playifi eld. le peop arein givgir b lthater d anlater,nd ahi ts isn a em ngpoweriol technhaogy tt will be ortransfvemati.>> s it' theow pouer hsef othe ut soh. nd >> a y ifou live near the t,airporr younc cha oesf heart asdisee are eagrter. hi>> t as isn egxcitin fig,ndin if youo dce concntricl cir esar aoundn rpaieaort, hisrt deaseri ssk goe up. neso we qued u if yonlive i ay cit or wh elseutere, p atl litiee pce ofam four in yoar e toel hp you ee slp.i wisleep thar egs plu everyni ght. yourra bin needs t.quie>> the lucky years. nk>> thaer you vy chmu.>> as o tpposedheo t yucky ar yes. y luckrs yea is aet bter title. it goes onal saye tod by the
8:14 am
tway,roomorllw we'nu contie our alookhet t lucky yearsh wit our l paneon enprevndting are tatingnc caer. so you'reom ctwing oay dins a ro w. >> a> ye3--oar gldirl sedav af teter a rryiif nngight. >> are you?okay ee >> mt theic polcee offi r whobr houghter out of the ,cold 's thathe next "cre on s bs thimo
8:15 am
rn" >> re thes ia manhunt for a tt lile rlgi. liensto t tshi aioudro fm this bo dy mecara. h>>swi tee uare yo okay?co herco herme cohe re. >> m ohy shgo,ar coline was cr ndying aes dedcribs a very ndcold a veryca sred afterhe t ne arlyvefi-hour amdra.e thrsoffice h saysote's n a he ro. he but s i a thfaer. a>> i slmosttarted .crying is ths ier vy ppha iy,'mpy hap and tfuhanklre we wee ablto nd fi her. p
8:16 am
>>arolice e inhuntg for the dnki aappernd aon secd man seen t atcehe sf ne ocathe r jag.ckinth kan gs oodnessshe i ayok. ou >> y canel t hle's got young ug da,htere comrehe, sweet ar het. yocan llu te. at th s waso ceni. re thime tely ompicth alete me moo.nts agsp olarks py ice sa ta swateam is rr cuy entlg workinica barraded bj suinect ocident on east istreetksn spar. isky sisson sc on wiene orth me
8:17 am
me tiec to ch rk youritoads wh r. ij.e n thf-"more .9m" 106af trntfic ceer! w' ho ls it oookingreut the, ? r.j. ntaccidear in sp nksr ea79n.0 anmccarrd. blvsi poslable deys. haalso conin cs trolecin efft on ndi-80 aos mt. rwae highy. selet's ovnd it o er t olmeteorjeogist tiff marw nez no a for heweatter upda.
8:18 am
od goni morjeng, ff! 'l weacl be b ak withnother
8:19 am
>> these exist,y' there pr ele-samuck l. jason. ka>> oy. b >> ielieveyo if urm perfo th yese inwnour owa y,he tyil wlfr erom he on out and forever ng belou. to yo>> anfrkly, my dear, d ion't -dgive-aamn! o, hellna my mes iig indo mo a,ntoyil you kyled m thfaer. ar prepe to die. mrs. biro ynson,ouin tryg toe s dues?me .u
8:20 am
utbody pys bab in a rncoer.>> unaka . matada e >> hwndoes o .themve d.ry goo ha >> tgot was od. i >> don't giamve-a-dn. 's that my feavorit one. m >>rs. onrobins, are youin tryg s toe dues me? i >> love it. no>> i k hwow greatt iis t opr e oducthoseco inicov miees lin at th well a owkn. w>> aell know. 's that i whyt'snn fuy.we e lcom tbackos "cb thismo g,rnin"om cingp u i tnhis half ho , ur'swhat going onit wh this d bar,weathe what nasa i s le niar angutbo llmiionsf o .people lo lo jones is trying forer hfo urthnc chae tote competh in e me gas. is she tu in s7dio 5 to shows u ho isw she erovngcomi iienjurs af terha wt sheal c hls werorst ar ye s at id.ahea > >>t righ inow, tt'sime to show u yo thisinmorng'sea hesdlin fr aomunrothd e obgle. us horeton s porton a teyirrif ng
8:21 am
keaattacdr pose as a stcuomer. t he beamathe dn an ldockeim h hein tuv treng. p hedulle anrg emeency rseelea le ver. > >>nethe rkw yot poss say a su atrrogthe moner iif calaorni d filewsa latouit p sto ad force onaborti. s she wangcarryi letriptsor f a or gemagia n e maonly s wanthito cnldre an eqd reduesthe thi trde bab edorat. ithatlls a iowednea tr nt co.ract ok coab is outix sth mon isnto he egr pry.nanc e shmsclai h inersu lawit she is e thllegahe mot tr ofhe ip trlets.>> the letegraphls revea the fe saaist thr the sirdttraigh year, tu quankes, lootd a several ct fancors, i gludingnmoverent ts audiha and tt saeltlifataorty rts re s.cord>> t thamake the top 20 are as alblka amee, anrica and udnite inairles. ri>> b ttain uells asboutn a er ovedworkge jud in italy.he bu's so sy, head h totp posone
8:22 am
ayhe ses h has a bogackl of 050 ol cader se, he jfiustiheed t de slaysg ayincohis tunstialtion tsrighte proimct hm froor fced lke wat posrtrepones o ,fish get th,isol sdor f mthore an 00$100,0t a ctauion. aap jeanes isushin chaid dr a $1 0071,0 t for bhiseluin f .tuna t >> thaswork out to about $265 una inue f tuna are egendanred dueto s was aoldt the last newr yea ioauct an atto hisrich fis ma harket tl t wilben tor down this year.ex wetreme thather niis morng in conttoues t hittehe unid st ates. e we'v yshowedou r,earlie the ngfloodive oinrwhelmg the mi std-we and an arcticst pla is ll finaliy chil tng nhethorstea ca and rnlifosia ire pngparior f ria sefes o endrgchin msstor. y heav irainsea alrdyal f lingis thng mornide outsi san scfrancio. yjeffredi inclusnger idi etor at e largor f "time" minagaznde a me ti..comff
8:23 am
>> yhank hou forgavin me?wh s at i ogoinghn wit all this heweatr? h >>s ere' hwhat'sniappeng. re we aea alromdy c oingfff o 'swhat theot htestea yrn o rdreco 2015nd a thete hotst nt mohth in eot htest year,hi wch juwas omly snke thif othe earth r as aunninghr conic fever.w, no on topf o thaton chric fe mever cohes t acuteer fev of el o. ninic whrsh occu when welysterds win that ulysual pushm waric pacif wa erter ov to thees wet sid of th fie paciakc weenr o reverse, ae lthouing atm war water to baslosh ck stea. tthatends tot heap u the henortrn- -or n athrimenca sp hemihere. >> we'reng talki el9i naay ss tmahe igesld cou rivalth oe onef 9719, 9819, that killed,02300e peoplor wld dewi. oewhat dts tha f meanor us? stmid-we?wh e at elstdoes i anme? t >>whe knoe in thmistd-we t. dr woughtsee arg seeinin
8:24 am
pe imngrili peoite whoo fd se and acuritynd0 1il mlion lepeop infr a ficaood and tysecuri.u yoheseen tim esagth with e fl ngoodiro acss ismissi.sippwe go're tingo seere extmet hea sp veikes or the ersumm. h whicffwill aectul vblnerae po pula otion, lderpeople,ic skly op pevele, ngry you .peopleso c thisakould te a mbiuch ggerto hall tnn i 1998. i >>s t wahein t '70s onhe t c eastoroast f richstmas. theth nor pole is 5 d0esegre gh hieyer, th t is thishe new ?normal t >>s his itheew nor nmal t. obprm,le'm id glaou yro bught upe th north whcause peat hapnns whe the le peop a getsbove fgreezin is ob yviousl therc acetic i cap sh rinks.ic e capsle refct nlsuacight bk mae sller the arctic ice cap ge tts mheeormt warht tha the rk da wateanrs c ab ssorb,oou y gotor s dt of ausangero ckfeedba. w >>eav hen'ten mtioned global in warmg. lo>> grmbal wasing i a real en ph.omenon
8:25 am
i whatdm aire ahebout t nasa ntscien ists ithesees cass i 'r theye notwl ackno eedgingvery ng sithle weaveer ent iske lind li to cmate gechan. c itlyertain ist.n' yif are aouvy hea oksmer,ot n ev ldery cobe will smoke la reted. ara lot e.u yoer vy muchav hoe t quit your dpack aayyo if wuanto tta sy al he thy. g >>ouiven y look at sceciennd a ug a to wh yeareatheris we with w, ekno though,th weaer can af atfect nl ionarisecuty. t? righ th>> weaerol abs utelyaffects ti na onalrisecu.ty tanyimeou y get food and se icuritynyn a acpl oesef th rl wo hd, youave ade tenncyor f li poltica .unreste thsu.s. io non likger les t o y sare we'ot noi gngbe to the li pon cemaheof tld wor any erlongst, ill,eo pplen turo tus en wh g youets thiin kfd o ob prlem. enwh u the.s. frintuastrucsre i th edreaten w theayis it lo ang th esi misssippi theay w it was n ineaew orlns tenea yagrs o, th arese e suises that divert funds,t diver recesour ts,hat ve dinert effrgy, aect pishipng. o allf t thesehings go tohe t
8:26 am
htstraig of alnation.>> at so wh can we do? >>well,t whae w can do, fo unelrtunathty, righa now, s to itdo wh af lot o shrmort-te ep sts.u yo mcanakee surre the are in coolerg cents forld o pereeopl t inhe ersumm. ucan yoak m we surevee ha water accons v iationnro dught ri strecken aasha we ve flood la w, vilees, in d-flooe pron s.area a wehalso o ve tbe wiinllg to y sa tit's timeo assddres thi in e thg lon are p cistelimacc aord was a ry veve, ryd goo.sign u.the s.s a theor wld's lngeadi it ems ter haeto tak the leadn i g curbinthis leprobm. >> or imp tantrminfon,atio ksthan, ffje. ha>> t snkso much. o iclymp lehurder and bo debsler jlolooness iht rig ihereudn st57io . ron theooad t aom cebackn i rio.
8:27 am
ersets h ownou crsend aas h e thn soof p aisolimh anmigrt grwho ew up ainok bron lynetentme. he en wtot pc ubliolschos, en thol cgele, wh e ere thrkwo hofifis lgae ben -- gh fi itingtinjusce d anuaineq,lity sp kieangth truwe to por. ov he m tedveo onrmt, wo n ecelti aonrand pasise ofone ri ame bca'smaest .yors onin cs,gresst he upood wofor inrkfag limies an fod r ciprine,pl po op tsingrahe iq r,wa ppsungortier vetans. w no'sheak toning st wall reet a and t corrupcapolitieml syst bfundedery ovil a mlion nt cotiribuons, ngtacklili ctemaha ceng to re ce ateaclenn-gyerob js, fi tighorng fin livwag ges,eq paual y, anitd tuio n-freepu cblicgeolles.
8:28 am
an eyd thre want al ce!hang [ rschee a anduspplae ] rn beiede san -rssb- hud,an erfath, dfgranr,athe an es honadt leer dibuil mng aenovemtht wiou y gtoe iv aus feutur to el b iieven. sand iers:er'm bsanie s,nderan apd i e prov mthisgeessa. foruc reding n guol fch ot ibe to done on his ownby ecuxeveti tiac.on ingogro aheund t pu re-cblicanleontrold recongss. g amoney the k isprovions, gi channg aer fedalva pricye rul k toeepou guns otf the hands ofop pehle witen mtal illness and ir requing gun. dealo ers whirsell fs earmneonli gand atshun ows. btoe ldicense andqu to reire ba ouckgrcknd chehes on t ir rs buye . bithe for rep ytedayesterd that itdu concted ad recorr numbe of ck
8:29 am
bagroundhe corcks f gun seserchas last year,e morthan 23 n.millioth ese prtidenl wilbeak speing hein t east room of thehi wte house. h withimbe will 4 1eo ppleho wseve li hsbeave ench toued by gun ceviolenin durisg h ni fr thesa mastcre aor ftd hoo tone wtono tes charlton andf o ,course most cerently, san ar berndino.ou ref chi legalre cordesponnt n jaor crawfds it ahe tte whi ho use. r >>r:eportead in ditiono t ti acatons then you medtione , thpr t esidentoplans 00 add 2 rsstaffe t forache bdkgroun k checemsyst andl wilsk a co fngressorey mono te hir 200 di adtional atfnt age s andin atvestig ors. . he'sls ao going to askes congrs fo r y,mone $500miiolln, forhe tme ntal health seidor asus tell that the id pres wentased mov to act be ecause hai fled to get gi lenslatiohr toughon cgress in kethe wae of thhosandy ok sh s.ootingbu tt thise'ime hits lim ed in ewhatan he c do.'s he goingo t nngeed coresso t
8:30 am
t ge onoa brd. blrepus icanarena siglingt tha ey thot are n on d,boarha thet t y areot noi gong t go along.ea spyaker rsn ial ctling i a oudangerels lev of etixecuve re overanach d, t,scotan you c ct expe aig f ihtn csongres or inur cot. an >> jwf craordor rep ftingor usom fr thete whius hoe. the prenesidt'sns actio are by law quite d.limite lhe wil not be able,or f ex tample,ndo spe money on any t ofhihese tunngs clesss ongresal imlows ho to d. sois th is aiv le picture inside th ase etoo rmf o t wheouhite hse heand tud aience isni liste tngo mark rdbaen, whos ihe tir dector ofdy san hook promise. he lostis h sieon danl in the sa oondy hknt eleme sarychool ac mass jreust a few years ago.he isg makin the openingar remks eand hbe will icintrodung the pr tesiden orshtly.a e littl while ago, wead h a re lemarkabt momenn wheth ano er of one theue gstse camnt io the om
8:31 am
is isri gab elleorgiffds, the erformon cswgresoman of izarona, wa who ts shohr t tougheahe h d ri dun ng asaasatssination t temp ucin t asonum n oberfea yrs o,agmo hare t fnivers yea ago nu a omberf othereo p wpleere ki illedn that oosh.tingsh bee has nen ieh ritabilnatio er evce sin and has come ay ver long y.wa sheec r aeived sintandg oonvati en wham she coe inthe t ww asite wa for there pdesint b totre inedoducte to s ll uab hiout gs newesun sal rirestnsctioet, lis's l itenn for at momen m toark enbard,he t rmchaian ofdy san hook pre.omis>> vprice enesidt b joe.iden
8:32 am
ap [ seplau ]>> trehe pntsidein maks g hiway heto tiu podowm n tonn aeounc ex eecutivct ahaions tt heop hes wi edll r guceun vnciole e in er amica. ha>> tnk you. k thanyou. k thanyou, erevybody. sepleae hav a atse. k thanyou. an thk u,yo ybeverody. k thanyou. thank you, ybeverody. sepleae hav a atse .an thsok you much. , mark w ianto tnk tha youor f
8:33 am
yourucintrodtion. s itill rbeememrhe t first time we a metnd the timee w spent th toge er. t andheve connrsatioe wad h ab niout dael.d anha ttha cdnge e d.ha me tt day.d an mye hop elyarnest hnas bee at th it wouldng chahee t y.countrfi eave yrsgo a thiswe ek, a in sittgem mber ofon csgres and 18th o werseret sho at at a su kepermartn i cstuon, a.arizon itas wn't f theirstim te i had to t talko the nation in serespon to as mas sh,ooting norwo tuld i be the last.
8:34 am
navy yard, santa arbarba, ar ch, lestonsan rnbe.ardinoo tomany. ks than a toat greic medal team an ld thefove o herus hband ma rk, myr dea friendnd a co elleaguel gabrile grdiffos rv su.ived s she' where uiths todayit wh r heon wulderf mom.[ auapplse ]is ths thankto aat greed mical am te,er hde wonrfulus hband rkmao, whhe by t wayhe t last me ti i m wetithma rk, t his is just all sma aside.yo
8:35 am
u mayno kw rkma'sn twi brother isn iut oer e.spac am he ce to the fiofance, d i id sa o how aften yrealou tking to m.hihe said ily usual talk to him y ever, day but thel cal was coming inht rigef b torehe gmeetin so ihi t inkay me hav t nons awered his call. ic whadh mee mee fld kin of 's that aon lg dncista.e call so iol td him h ifiser broth t scot isng calli todayhe that ld shou take it. tturnhege rinr on.i thwas there wiab gnbi whe she ilwas st il tnhe sphoital, and we id dhin't tnkec nriessalyt a p that tointhat w sheasoi gong t
8:36 am
an thatis vit right before almemoribo autn aou hrer lat shefi rstne oped her esey. iem remalber t tkingo mombo aut at th.bu t i know theai pnha tt she and r heil famey havur endseed the pastiv frse yeand a the re tahabilition and the worknd a theff eort toec roverm fro te shatring inesjuri . t andhen ihi tnk ofll a the anamerics whot aren' as rt founate.ev eryin sgler yeae morthan ,0
8:37 am
s liveorcut sht by nsgu.,0 ,icideses domtic enviol ce, gangutshootos, acntcides, hu ondredshof tusandsf o ic ameravans he lost berrothds ansi s sterorie burd tirhe own enchildr drchilen.ny ma h havead to learno tiv le awith il disabity orea lorn t ve liut witho thee lov ofir the li fe. abe numr of thosee peoplre a here today. anthey cel toul y some s thim rooig rhtre he,he tre e ar a lotf o stories. e'thers a lot of sere' a lot of sirecelien , er the's aot lf o rest,ngth but th
8:38 am
aere'slso a lot of pain, and is th ist jus all smapl same. theni uatted stes ofca ameri is t notyhe onlou cntry onar eth th wile viont orro dange us .peoplewe ot are ner inhyentle morne pro tole vionce, but we arehe ty onlad vanced cryountn o earthha tt seess thid kin ofs masle vionce t erup twithndhis ki of ue itsn doe'tn happe inth oer va adnced 'sve not ee.n closan d as h iaveai sd ,before hosomeew wom beceb numo tt ind a
8:39 am
noal. andad inste ofhi tgnkin about how tove solhe t problem,hi t s b hasecomene of o ouros mt ripolazed psaartin badetes. de espitac the ft thatre the's a ra genelon c isensusnri ameca ou abt what needs to bedo ne. pthat'sart ofhe tso rean whyn oth ayursd i'm goingo td hol a to wnal hlti meenng oun g enviolecce b mauseyl goaer h iesto g bringpeood oople n bothsi fdes o i thisuess forn an ope us discsion.m i'nnot o theal blot again.i' m notki loong tore sco some .points ki thin we canis de agretwithou im gpugniniv mot oesrei bng grdisaleeeab . weon d'td neebe to ki taltng pase onheanot br,ut weav do he to fe el ase sen ofen urgcybo aut
8:40 am
it. in dr. ngki'sds wor weee ndo t el fe thee fiercen urgcy of e causlepeop are dhe t canonstt eesxcus for oninacti noge lonr .do nor longe icsuffe. at thhy's wre we' here ttoeb date tthe lass mas oo sh bting,dout to et somhing to y trto enprevt t nhee.ext on ap [ ]plause tove prot tha the vast myajorit of me aricans even ifur oce vois t
8:41 am
rb talwayshest loude oros mt tr exeme c earenough about a lelitt boy likeie danlo tom ce thtogender a t cakeseommon nse ep sts toe saviv l aesnd p rotect fmore o oldur chiren.wa i bent to bs ayolutelle car at the vei ha saids thir ovend ar ove n.agaiis th b alsoecomes the's al rituabo ahiut ts wh tolehingha tt h iave to do.i ebeliev inhe tec sond enamendmt. 's it therett wrien on the paper. it garnuas ranteehta rig tor bea . arms teno mat hryow manim tese peopl try to twist my words ar,ound i ontalk cutstitlionand law ano kw l aittlebo aut this. g
8:42 am
iett. i ibutls aoie belvet than we ca ayfind weds to rn uce guenviol ceis consittent wh theon secd en amt.dmen i mean,hi t ankboutt. i llwe ave beliee in thfirst en amt,dmenua the granteef oe fre chspee, but wecc aept that you ca yn't fellire in a thr.eate we uannderstd trehere a some aiconstrnts onur o freedomn i de orr to protectoc innent lepeop.we ri cheshur o right to privacy,bu et wcc aeptha tt h youtoave hr go t moughetetal d ectorsbe eifore bowng alled to board a e. plan notau becplse peoee lik doing ,that but west under tand hat pthat'sfart o thece pri of vi li ang iniz civilieed socty.
8:43 am
an had w ot'sftengn iored i tnhis idebatets tha aaj morityf oun gne owrsct auallyag ree.a rimajoty of gunwn oers agree an we c respecthe tec sond am enendmt while keeping an ir onrespesiblaw lre bgakin few fr omnf iglictinm har on a ss maive e.scal da tocky bandgrouck che s are irrequted a gun st.ores if ahe fatran wtso tch teais h htdaugower h to nthu, c hean iwalknto a gun store,et g a ck ba cground, hecksepurcha his sweapon aafelynd nois is at seen s anin gefrinnment o theon secd am t.endmenco ntrary teo th claims of what me so gunht rigspo pronentsav he gg tht hasn' been the firstte sp in some sylipperlo smape to ss co tinfiscaonco
8:44 am
on.ra contry to cslaimso of me es pralidentida candi tes re appa bntlyeefor this inmeetg, th sis i not at plo tako te away ev y'erybods .guns yous pas aac bdkgroun ch yeck,oupu sercha a arfirem. thero pblem isom s geunle selrs ve ha o beenngperatind uer a erdiffetent s of lerus.a vntioleon fel can buy the ac extam sepo weaven oe r th etinternno with ro backg und k, chec nost queions d.aske nta rece studynd fout thabo aut 1 in0 3 peopleng looki touy b cords.1 out of0 3 hadna crimil re cords. e we'rintalkoug abvit indiduals co tenvic sd of ceriouss,rime av aggrasated dsault,comesti ol vience, bbroery,eg illunal g siposseseoon, pple with lhyengt im crinalri histoesg buyin deadlywe aaponsooll t siealy.
8:45 am
wi sin thepan ofew a f .months e'so w cveedreat a system in wh dichroangeeous p aplere al tlowedlao py by aif dferent setf o rulesha tn a rnsespo ible gunwn oerho w buysr his o her n. guth e right waynd act subjes th't doesn make. sense odeveryby sd houl thaveido ab e t bye he moca ameri gns andun.ow ners reage. andt' thas wtha we tried to ch ange threers yeago aft aer 26 am s,ericandi inclu ng 20 dr chilen, were mdurdere atdy san hook enelem.tary untwo taited stes tosenaoers, j ns ma aion,ra democ wt fromest vi iarginpa, and eyt toom , a bl repuroican fsym pennialvan , g botherun ownh s, bot strongde s fenderurof oon sec
8:46 am
fgradesherom t nra, that'sd har ,to getor wdkehe togetr inoo gd faith,su con wltingithol fks urlike o vprice t,esiden who hasbe en aio champnn ohi ts for a long ,time tote wri amo comn e sensrocomp bmiselilt thald wou havere requidon everye whos buy un a g to get aro backgundhe cck. asthat w i prmoty come n senssfuf.% 90riof ameupcans s tported hat idea.% 90 of theem dtsocra v fotedor that eaid . but itd faileau becse 90% of re anpublics in theen sateot ved ag tainsha t.t ideaho w did thise becom such a is partan e?issure icpubl panderesinte georg w. bu oshnce ,said b i ielieven ba ouckgrndck chets a gunho sws orer anywheo tmake sure guns n' do gteto inthe t handsf o pe haople t stdnhoul't have them.
8:47 am
bianrtisre measu to assddre the gun showoo lphole sayi, we ed ne this amemendntau becse im craninals ord terrists have ex iois obvphus loonole iun our gsa fety laws. tevenhe nrase u tdort suppo pa exacnded bunkgroecd chks. b andy the way, mostf ots i me smber still .domo step rnublicaot versll sti .do dhowid weet ghe re? d how wid geet to the place wh pere teoplehink rngequiri a hecompre bnsiveunackgrockd che smeang takin away s'peopleun gs? imeach tse thies com ,upe ware fe d the eexcus that cn ommoesens sreform likeac bdkgroun c hecks tmigh notav hepp sto tedheas l t
8:48 am
hy er bothg? tryin i rejectth that .inking pl [ apause ]we w knoe wan c't stopry eve act of viceolen, everyct a ofvi e l hein tld worma, but weybe ld couy tr top sto one act of evil, one act of so of y mouay recall at the me sa timet tha sooandy hk en happedha ,ppened ais dturbeder pson in a chin a took knife andri ted to ki itll wh ani kfe ach bunf o il chndren i incha.bu ost mft om thevi surved
8:49 am
a pfuowerapl weon. we maybe s can'tave erevybody, bu t weou cld save .some a justs weon d't prevent all ctraffi ciacdents,ut b wee tak ep sts to try t ro teduceicraff de accints. as rdonal rneagae onc said, if nd maatoryro backgundhe ccks co avuld see mor s,live it would w beorell w mthgakin t ithe law of thend eil blef bonore csgres three yearsgo aet mte that unatrtun tely,y oo manrssenatofa heiled tirs. au[ applse ] wwe kno b thatroackgund csheck ke ma a erdiff.enceaf ter cctonneicut pdasse a law to re requiaf sety urco gses,un deathssedecrea bdy0% 4
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