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tv   Channel 2 News 5PM  CBS  January 5, 2016 5:00pm-5:30pm PST

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ug throndh... and amatca kehledge iv is lg e alonrsinte 8tate0 withlo a hook at cow the nsnditio are in turnk g slicivfor drers...le stt's thart wi.. mike. e is morn snow oy?the wa to as spurm #2 hrshes tough, m storri#3 is ight onlsts hee. co a utlder bha somewert weak m storovwill mroe ththugh e onregine wedbrsday, ingingot anroher ofund to snow all ioelevaterns. th se wille till bsi a angnificntt amou of ad shinowing es the wtern s,valleye so thrimajof ty othe ip precn itatioe will bd focusein mo the s,untains and alta resu heanotntr wither weaiser advory p is uthfor e e tahohrarea toughwe y,dnesda 2 wherear-8" e ib possenle dep odingevn elation. avalleyatccumul aionsress poutible b u it isy nlikelthey bwillgne sit.ificanrs showe ul contd cohuinue tbersday fore a
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th ikanks me.we e ll somarroads coe beming icslank usd slechy b oauseisf thwe att weher. anam kdachetdgleise iv late bb rove dria with t look athe nd co aitions ilongstnter. ate 80 da amanis, how ou it ert the?th s e roadslare anick t d weif taters0.te 8 gh riw,t noin chae s arirrequed d an tsnow aireseere nonded allve eshiclt excepwithose - th 4 ee whivl-dre e. wedtalkon to e iv dr ner whoedotic mpeany opleun stdereinimate g throadnd co. itions
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op pe dle are frivingliast, sdingth h roug sstop aignsnd uf sthef. t are's o lotucf trks on out p i-80,nguttiir the snow ti inre chands on ath everying, ou so yto have th give em a blittleroit of om."ee whe l driv aor suvy'nd thereno net chaithd up, d ey teno to gth atrough l norma wspeed,hich ll is ialeg aaynd wge danusro."> e drivve cryefarlyulec bheause t ic slndk consitio on rsomeayoadwves haea alrdy ntcides. y iflaou p hn toouead tt onhe ad roghs riw,t now slo adownnd ve gint ple dy ofncistatwe beeen anyou hed otopr pebele. e causma arny pf ts o arenopand srks ar eie selung ffarries lling to suinn ensm fger,: ernley"theod gono shew, twe good t snowth e at w. need'mso ie sur yoevers ne iteexcioud ab, t itit ot's n i toosocy. s i'mure neeveryoap's hpy." ve so ehen if tal snowfarl appes li whght u ere yoouare, y're ur encoo aged t cdriverlyareful. ca you on findd ut roaioconditns hothrougheut tte stath by eier
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grback counds heckiron fearmsa atles s gun ahowsnd thein wterneteqhile rriuingle dearsto li be edcens. a hecalso olledngn co tresso in cr feasengundi m forl entahe calth- are sagun fety ch tegynolo h andg irinmoreba ouckgrhend cs ckeratand f ag ents. ai crswg bocbell/wss ne w/thehite us hoe: ti "geteyng mon o outf a blrepuonican-cd trollesscongre bemay gh touan...m wy ofsahom y pr the t esidenrris oveg eachinhi uts execweive pon.r." se marco rubio/ idpresalentidi can: date ha "w it hesis ballcay g doinis g issuinththese ndings a is ri igno lng theieegalit is oft." ar barbd a an pandywharker o lost r theihtdaugller a wisonshhen e s waedgunnn dowivon le te sileviason lgut auayst sy the en are agcouruted bfi will ght fo ..r morepa andy atrker/fher ofn gu: victim l"theoloophe es havbeen rr na. owed hthey'tavenn bee os clomed celplete y. wl stilha orve w dk tot o bukei lit whai' eeve sn"th a e nrisdismthsed e id prest'ennos anntunceme as li porhtical . etoriccraig l boswell channews2 ne. d anreheno in nrthernguevada n s shopsusaw a brge ins usines da toy. berin jreen uoinsoms fr thews ne troomhtonigth with arat pt heof t.. storyn....eri
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r gagen eactioheto tsi predent's de or ir isshn gun o ops. sthat's er wh he wetheaded oris mning. keckvin ja sson atblparks ack sarifle ow mostf the enpresiddrt's adtoess day. n: kevink"i this it waofa lot ..fluff.t he left a lomore es qus tione than hswdid an" ers.bu at hepolso d intethout at a esidet ffecveof eovry me tore ctstris. guna onrun hi n:kevini"amu .tion o.onee f th th big s ings ihand .pguns..l ersonanshandgu in ce n rtai li ca aberserre vfiydif tculto t get righ " isin..t thayowhy hu'reere?an : drewotno nll reawey...ll a maybe ..bit.n .wheinsomethg hilike tpps hayoens n'u doowt kn ewhatwilse olll fitlow yo so u ve hage to att wh c youan t. gehe...wu n yogecan ."t iton ir..icallyki.,stoconng up ar fireisms....ha not we t thes prisident in strivr g fowith s hiivexecutone acti. todayhis i plans ncludenibroadeheng t ir requfoement grr backound ks checn on gu..sales. andti teghr erregistuties. bon jacksy sa ohe'sasff
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coat he ..vered.eawe alrdy lhavecoaws ngverith osine th" gs.! jothersokust toin it stride. an bdrew:"urchs it'renot ally fe efg ha m ally ns gual legly me sog thinneno ota we itlked wh da toguy arited ws h wahis re foquest 0 r 50n milliofor hmentalcaealth re.. tkevin:tahe menthl healon porti w of that heabalked isout im t.portanse becau a whohere t wpeopelmiho comhot the rrific es crim a? theyrore terwhrists o n' do at careawbout ls...or 'r theyine crimo als wht don'care t abou.olaws..eyr the havmental phealths.roblem " no tw..howemo implntent mealhe cralth ss eeninge will ba e wholbaother wall of x. but aythey sg askinrefor moey mon from re congdoss to is it...rt a sta. ngcoverito the s eryribrn n ee ne chanwsl 2 ne. an r d foormuch mhee on t enpresidgut's ntn coanrol pls,st eday tun t forcbhe "ins eveng " newscowith slett pelney- up xt s atix. mein cri- beat isa man in y custodt-tonighr - aftea
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r folynearht eigrs hou. atakek loove- inatstigwhors o lwerengooki a forpe susct-- edfollowd a leaomto a he onea trst o s beet...etween as prob aco waystnd firee strt...ju orst befo'e 5 k clocthis mo inrng. ia arbenna t nnetivis lere the no ww withpphat ha. ened..and w ho rit alld.esolve? .. ari's ith a mucr quietee scenout onhere tomight ctopared this rn moing...ta lke aatook eo vidt sho ie early-r todace- poliwa and st am teocs blf ked ofrethe st. et.. ev and acuaneted harby. omes..onin atformthion sat actuspe was si in hde a aome...rmited wh a ha n.ndgu s thectuspean-- diel c issarienezqu. ..s waedwant in nn coonectia to tishoondng a errobb ry in..eno.we as s ll abe a ing conon-anmplix t seof fender. an lid poadce hor infonmati that h headad mree thwaats tord rsoffice. n: keth "the threats at mr.ri enadquez msee ba td onhe in stveioigat tn byeghe rl iona e crimresuppn ssiowaunit, ats th as he w t goingooo shlit poce
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e to beda cr tiblet.hrea" po clices risitinegos ator ap oapredchhe tom h..e.nd a arled neerthwee frer ouoppele siin bdengeiel hd nsagaieit thr . willfoall . ur.. rwereseelead fe saly. en why thedncoulon't ce vinc ri en tquezrro sur.endewa.. st am tes asused gt to get.him oun: kee "th tswatdeeam ployedem ch aical ggents,toas, in the re ncsidende. ath at imat tr.e, m ri enezque camofout h theouse ulpeacef sly anderurrended to fi ofcerson ne sce."e thinwhole rcidentd esolve ou arnend olo o'cs ck thi rn afte aoon...igbout ersht hou r aftetait sported. sliceay-- wethere shre no reots fid by ei arther prity. enasquez w taken c into..ustodyth. but s ere'not rd wo o yetthn are chheges will coface. tveringryhe stoe, liv a ariannetbennhat, c nnnel 2ews. ul pahe: "tck truivee rnler oy st heretcous ab0 t 12s milefrom tlake dahoetoown am pyrakid le, t bu ssomet'ay ie s thmost galitirited inver c theryount. ulm paso nelomn, cuping at 5: i'30, holl su w yoanhow ag
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om welc..e back a. withn cr infoeased cecus ren ntly oni mongtori p andinreventg nc cos ussionthin yourt spos,me soh healtsiprofesaronals e sh pur ing foraa fedeatl mande orfor spurts injpoy reg rtin eve y statwshas laen on wh to rt repos sportesinjuri, but vo adwacates ryrn "veha few" ve rc enfomeement mschanisac in ple. as and al mark epbert rroorts fm sh waoningtam, a tect of doors d anryindustts exper t wantso ge chan hidow ke s arecprotted na witionde. ut"absolveely i' a hadbe numr of siconcus- ons -- cthat ian mb remearer." mbek al"drt: ouid y e get thentreatmnet you eded? no."th wat'shahy cunrlie wd, arm foa er ncallfootba plar yed an
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me tihi a cakld t hes ao it tthe ad hemi. dr. chael yo n/chelsor medstaalhospit: "you o want trsunde htandow you ev prroent chngnic lo-term fe efd cts anivsave lthes." "is nlcertaivey gi ps mef eace ond mi." 's wundol technwiogy e ll busedin c all ds schooland s- parkc and-res centereathis yr. a markchlbert 2 annel news. tu g rninamto cn paig..2016e . th ernumbre of edgisters voter evin nllada femo last nth - rd acco ting torehe sec otaryf e' statces offi. d inr.ecembeth.. of lye neare- on-t pointliwo milcton aive re edgisters voteridstatewe... 39about nt-percere were ergistedmo 35-t rcenwerere edgisterub repn.licae .. morth pean 19-wercent isre regd tereno isn-partanan... td morehan si rcx peweent isre regwitered th a pathird rty. "c elhanns 2 newuecontins with ie chtef meolort ogislgmike aer'spi ntnpoiec 2 forroast, badcast rt ced ifieheby tri amecan te meicorologieal soc ty!" as # stormes2 pushgh throu, st iorm #3t s righ hon itseels. co a blderomut sweewhat akerst llorm with move through e gi
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r anotheofround to snow all at elev. ionse thertiwill sll be a ifsignamicant f ount o owshad ting intehe wesrnva slleys,mao the ojorityf the ec prioipitat bn willcue foinsed mo the inuntands, are as a sult an heotwir erntea werthdv aorisy is r up fohothe ta te areahrough dn we wesday,-8here 2" are lepossibdi depenelng on n.evatio ey vallul accum aationsress poutible b u it isy nlikelthey bwillgne sit.ificanrs showe ul contd cohuinue tbersday fore aea
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t zmos aggthe bichest te show in or the wld. mo to. rrow..roself pd claime ek getes and dsch ner will sc detoend onit sin cthy for e umconscter ele sronicshow. is ky ss son haera closat look at whex to pect. me soth of lae esrgmet na ts inhete orch w- ld - swillashowce th sheir neiny dgw gaatets thens coleumer ecsctroni show.dr donesatominased lart ye's en ev at --d s di ccool tars.his ar yeex -- orpect mdre oortl wohyin ioventndns ad mininblowg . tech e thattech watchers ad engget ed prneict tw tvolechnwiogy ll u meg nakes li - l-gny- so -- shand ararp ree foedcastto to utw ne twayskeo mat- your v hi watcteng betr. unsamss g haprthree fojectsrom su its crper seatet creive la mb thateday somngay chae your . lifersthe fi tt iselhe wt.'s itex the nrat genef tion o ar weecable ty.hnologok it los a likeal typic-- belt but enhiddid inshee -- tre is -c
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lochnot gy thaaccan trk your th heal. ke lidi recorstng wai-- size eaabting h sits --- teps -and t evenu ime yosispend g ttin down. th a is is rink. it an's a hond-motiol contrler fo e r thoskewho liay to pl in rt vialual re and ste laje proa ct is littlerd haseer to e. a it's s watch ctrapd alle altiptndk -- ats it leea you hr ur yoph smart--one ho witut he onadphales. hal you dove to ou is tr ch you aear --land voi c --- alls - -videos- and nganythiyo else cu playan be he yard inr our eait-- whout hepesky e adphon. chordsco uhol - h? exdon't o pect thefind tse gs thinor on stvee shelims anyte sasoon. samsung heys tje procts ilare sthel in top develmentas phes. t bubewe'll to able he see tse otprot aypesthnd oyeer epi-popngte lochnot gy ae-the co tringryhe stois, ky sson l channe. 2 news an erd yestraday fatuday fureun tveiledf he "f-nezero o t concept car" ansthe coumerel onectrs ic. show arit's f frolym famidl frieny, th wit jusseone at. ra
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gh a "hirm perfoleance ectric m dreacar." st lath monad nevaca rea hed dealwi adth farutay f bure to auildbi dollion mllarufanriactungpl noant lrth ofasas veg in 17 20co. the anmpany pl hs toire nd45- huopred peanle -- a d put r ca mon thet arke awithin few s. year d anlgmike ailer wvel haoo a lk
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