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tv   Channel 2 News 530PM  CBS  January 6, 2016 5:30pm-6:00pm PST

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s "thihais c 2nnels, newco rave ygeanou cnt cou on" ac trs,i daviin supert tendan sd wche: "t lre's awaot of ter gedama a andsus a relt, we ex need metra tiea to cln the il bu sdingo wet 're noo able tha oove schmel resuth with e ot dsher ki." oo flt ding aidpine mhodle sc ol inover wbrter k eaisin delayg sc tahool sg rtin ubackp for ud st. ents reand pathnts wirn concee s ar tt geeiing thtir quesswons aneredto t.nigh ol scho t watchanops chnenel 2 ws :3 at 50. u yomemay rehamber tbrt a oken r watealline vagve dam5 ed 9 en perc tt ofirhe forst flo of pi dlne midhoe scasol lt ek weau...c asingee two wy k dela sin thesepring . mestergo niod-eve lng i'mn andoermill . isi'm krmiten re tngton,ouhank y st for wiaying toth us night. ep as r aairsadre m we, theashoe scountydichool istricts fe ofrering fice serv kes forids an idd provdaing upabtes out in manctena te atchhe sool. daamanch kete ledgivis late it sm shridgeadtem acwhemy a ere g meetinakis tpling ace toad thdress ncese coamerns. anda--
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tsstudenl wiloibe gk ng bactosc n hool oarjanu -y 25ee two wksaf thter are stegt of rular se clasbes but hefore t ty heado th rseir fiast clhes, tl schoodi ctstri t wantseso addrs pa s renterconcouned abd t flooma daosge py siblinaffectg r theienchildrlt's heah. ac trvii daups, steerinndent wc hesd: "t hreeeas bn some er concn ns whek we talabout be as. stos hweinave atformion.we e havlepeopin comndg in a airal quisity e, finca it acme bk cl sean.evo whatueer qnsstio and nc co pernstsarenht mige, hav we nt wage to ont g theflround oor lk tatoing he tm." th ole schoic distryst say' thereta xtking ecara prensutio to ea clhen up tin mess the ca a feteri kbeforecoids acme md to fake uposor l, t timeey tho 'll asinbe add eg anxtra15 es minute in thg morninofea ooch sch al day.e t thetmeing to tnight,chhe sdiool ctstri ondayltig ac, vitiesh luncand an trtisportapion to tune ss dent ind. neeth..but s ere' oalsother s freeceervilas daaci svis,teuperinndent wc e sd: "w tknow43hat ce pernt urof os kid ilivertn povee y. w
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st are tiill eathng. wat's thyhe bfood nank ofn orthernevadack kin.ed i i andnk thiit that 'ses awthome unat jacior emhievent g is toing ao doan fincialli cteracy flassidor ks. so ma skingdsure kiti are sll d.engage" co the itmmunety me sing inpanish eiis belng ht d righatnow hr smitteidge semm acadd y anthe is englrsh veision h beingeld at x. sier covhoing scchol wat, an ametda ke,chledgel chann 2 news. y todadia ju dcialt istriccourt ju ardge hewsd a laaiuit atmed ngstoppidu the e scationavingsco acprunt m ograheby tad neva sl surents d pportecaby edute nnevadailow f sed the wuit,hichal s legelathe olw vi tateshens coontitutidi by g vertinnemoy f awayblrom puooic sch. ls.. ci reduling pubolc schong fundid anertransfubring plic tofinds atprivole neday tavada saste treanurer dsc tzhwaris pra aed they ttorne rageneofl's n fice ienreprestingth oge pranram od wentayn to sin ta a s qtementuote: e despits hurdleupby gros who op mppose i nrovings evada'ho scheols, t mre areopany pele
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rothis po gram td.succee we ecappria tteirheup srtpo. end quote. eathe trs surer' soffice- ays 41 d hundreesfamiliap have toplied prthe raogsom ar f. "n e'ow hermis akeerlgir's fst a lookpit the 2npointas forect" inthregs aoi go ng towcalm dn a utbit, bbl probat y won'go to ee slgep altos ther awe uecontinpr in a ctetty aive elni ato p. terne for thshort , termtethe larmst stom syste p willroass thraugh, t biledy a eavery wlsk impu ce thatould a giveatn isolleed valy snow ershowor and muee freqw nt sno s shower min thensountai on th . ursday lfridayooks fato be uiirly q cet andool be hefore tt nexm storsystem thcomes sarough . turdaythe la odtest ms el runreare moop ictimistth that tue sardayst llorm wito hold ergeth and hrcome turough oin area ofstead
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amin cn paigon2016 t..ight..wema l y stile be mor mthan aonthfr heom toc demratic uc cabuus....e t thidpresentialnt corsende a aretill meeng in galas veghs toni ht - inf opes ott
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evwhomheer tooy cho se tvotefo r. ineren bre u joins fs liverom e thnvmgm co centionr ente re...whedi that innerkis tang e. plac heerin tr dinnet doesn'start fo her anot..r hours .what' enhappthing w?ere no k wellenristos...meytly th areil stinl sett. g up i thisg s bein abillede s thba orttle blen batt..ground..and 's ittt a preg y bi.-deal--pan f- of---- -- ---- etheytwxpect sao thouplnd peoe therehtonige somheare orre f erdinn o ands thersuare tepporrs t ofarhe pty. thand weyhaill lve aniong ght of ec spehohes. tense attdingwi r ll hea afromblssemanywom cy lure floans...hnd jo a.ocegaram... heong ote r statmo des.cratnd.. ase then natory y harr..reidry.hillacl n.intort..main o ll mandey ani bernde sawiers ll t beaihe menn evnit toght. yand asanou cee st' a oo log ooon uways tp tosthat age bfromheack re. -b----toack n- eri--- th
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to senay r harrndreid a it's g bein bput onsty the ate cr demoaratic pty. te kris. n..... o q 1. s.ierin.. s canheee trewi a ll be dlot oftsemocra is that well edtend mby the lediathike tee debas ve ha a been?: not ly realer....thque was ite a gg gamele of dia thout coere imingbun ert the e therblare taabe for out 20 rt repo sers orouo. ye havtoan hed by te way we are thonlyus be a mayan.... samders cpaign ri covepang cam16ign 20fr live omla s.s vegain..eren breel chann 2 news.
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frr trunne tdonalds rump i ct dires ing hickatta as at new et targs --texar senatouzted cr. jias weig a jians reportfrom nedover shw hamp aire,hell tca atndidrees ang feeli the supreso re terwin ovs, voter hewith t p firstryrimat jus s weekaway. cr "wuz: be'reupankr otingur ndkids aki grandds." i ina.ow..crted s uz ihibrusng anoff ac att hk byaiis mvan ril in r theliepubracan orce fpr enesidt. na do tld irumpqus tiesg oninhow cr buz'splirthcoace imuld pact cahis tnald/grumpreop pntsideial nd cae:idate "thleprob tm ishat if em the draocrits bng a w lathsuit, sue law ldit couke ta t yearslvo resocre." asuz wbo carn in bunada, mot his ther is ri amemacan...kiimng h.s a u. ci n.tize rhepoesedndtr to p um twiths hitw ..eet.nka lia to oclipe f th hotv sy w happ. days.. cr ted opuz/gsi prel dentiand caidate:'m "ing goiic to stthk wie fonzi mp jug inthk e sharlland i'et l rethe f st obayou t ttle iout." t jumprkhe shaec has bp ome po urcultore shd thanthfor mee montwh
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elsensbegigo to nh dowill. : weijia ifromtoowa newmp ha oshire, ptherderesintial ca atndid bes areinattlo,g to cl ing udiny carlinfiorhoa, who astedch lunheeon n re ir dovene mpw hae.shirye.. b or fiusina ored north k cea'slaimit ce sucllssfusty teed a oghydromen btob...ti cricizede icmocrat fruront hnnery ilar toclinn. rl cathy: "w ey knog'nothins togoing n. happes that'a e failuriethat lats f theofoot ll hiinary clton." re icpublanan ctedida chris st chriecie dirs ted hi it craticism si pre odentbama. s chriiechristhi: "whele tpr t'esidenens beyi platsng fooie t withnihe irae'ans, wowve alled rtthe noanh koreets to ger furthan rtd fuwnher douc the nlearro asad. " he for tio questn crabout ituz's cshizenotip, her fo boreign ubrn repnslicae havn ruesfor prwiident t thouri sechous esallength to eir ileligibity. ij weiaia jhang c 2nnels. new y toda dnevadatsemocrale unveid a olnew tolp to hes voter repre- fgisteriror the cs aucuon uafebr0try 2h blavaila oe only, n-linecaucusex ispress a a quicky nd easway to utfind o i wheren your hbneig torhoodinhe voting meetg b
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m paredu pe , thutexecive re dif ctor omothe de pcraticarty w ofcoashoe saunty, heys te y ar ki mat ng iasas e py asblossie,be itcause ta is vithl otat vers pa atrticiphie in trts impoant st epth in ece el ptionssroce. pa prm duree "we'ir the fst in e th, westrewe a m theost di e versheof tly earcu caus st aateso nd smothe eore pple oturnheut te moretwe gad neva on m thes ap avebeing ry rt impoa ant - mpvery iortant i stop pn thisssroce in mi no onatingsiur predentpr ste-regifoering r the de icmocratcu cau qs isuick syand eah witr thei fonlineorm at ir thecu cauprs exweess e.bsit doyou h nottoave uause ccus- pr exiness er ordpa to iprticate hein tru feb20ary emth dtiocrac uc ca bus -ouut yt musstregieras oc a dem srat on yite if'roue no fit afd late twitharhe ptyal f as ror thecaepubliucn caus, i ithes scfoduled dar tuesy,fe 2bruary s3rd atthix in e en evheing. tin deadle to gi res ster iryfebrua anpublicits say or's imptant pufor res blican btoe erregisted ea ah td adch khan/, airmanwashoeco
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va adyonce n u can go iand re bgister sut ihyay w g wait?o re tgisteruthe min'res youe tseeingo his, gowtomorro , go tth ofe gop gficer,heo to tre r'gistraces offio , go tthe dm isv, regputer re sblicano you n ca smakethure ebat fy ruar23rd t atauhe cs,cuou ye 'rleabo t te vo."r fotolinks pa both rty's we ..bsitesus. caucre exp. ss..or st a liuc of caatus locheions, ad -vto k-tot-n d c andn lick othe nblueliews s nkttbu. on mi and ake wlgerl ilveha l ak oo y atreour fococast, p.ming u t lawmars in li ca aforniasire condering t but.firsaw.. lrsmake in licaiaforn c aredeonsiring an ch pgingtienalores fin movg vi ioolatndns aer othes fin... ho e w themsystld couge be g ttin a kemaerovaf- thter eae brk. ou "ywa're ngtchinn chael 2 ne ..wsth. wist kriemen roningt, nd laon er millet, garrart dernbon o
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om welc..e backfo. calis rnia i ng taki l a new sook atghome hi es feke tac td onto trafficickets d anr othealcriminti violaons. oh as jern pott u showsnys...mae arwoinnder tg ifonhe mouey cld b ber ettet.spen rea new y port blithe cafornia gi leivslatale ans yst'ceoffi is re encomm adingda funalmentch iangee n thcrway alimines finan d refees act colleed in li ca. forniae: leer "th ae isve very ry x complebudistritrtion sucture ithatlas in py" encurr35tly a la-dol fr fineor nn ruoping stac sign ctuallyosts ll283-docears onar surchndges, a
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asfine hup gone ll 83-doinars th te lastrsen yea. e: lein "i thlok a pt ofpleoe rpare su crised" "ooper:that's h touga for oflot ks folth, eywo wnderthhat ese fe a arendwh there o"ey gca rnlifossia aymembliman j op co seraye's thermas too ny , feesheand il's w tlingo co cnsiderg hanginstthe syem. : cooperto"it's utugh, bhi i tnk we ul sho- d reinexam ae itnd ke mae sure thes afeesreap ripropanate ned li id upe n th t righ" area w so iheree s thy moneg?goin arthere te morefthan fie y stat lo and ndcal fu cs thatctolle y mone ffrom tinesy o pafor in the gs likurnew cos,thouse d- a n-e crimndlabs aen emergcyme diancal trtsspor. e:leth "but reey aeq all rd uire ta by s" te law 'sthat t whyephe rreort encommds ns coatolidmoing eest fd s ande tiposiheng tey mon in ca rnlifo gia's feneral iund sot wcan go iheremot's dest need. " lee:msprograad inste wouldcu forts on ainiculatmug how chne mo ny theyhyeed, wy theneedth eyat monwh, and y at thewould u behasing tnet mor"y fo thbut ouat cldnt be coiaroversl. er coopus: "i j ct havernonces if s it goeo back tnethe geral wifund, e ll somseof tho ogprrahims wrech ay ver te nohyworty reallgendt fued" e
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ou shonld cadsider g justinfines ba tsed onndhe il'ividuas it abilayy to p. yolee: "cou ulved ha two viindis dual dwithreiffentin s comengpayiif a dntfere pe ltnafoy e r th csame" rime canow rnlifoawia lrsmakel wil dedeciit if f's atiine tome, an chllge aho thase c. rges co rive tng sherytojo, phnr,otte anch2 nel . news keand milg a werl ilveha aoo lk at fo your , recast ucomingp. ngcomiin up rt spoths...lfe wo enpack mre ati getetng so tti wpoffcoith ennferivce ral esfr snotetaig'll phave a ireviewtsn spor. maastho 's nhilaugngr. matte.. t bucta do lor -g ivin iwitht elhimshaf - fus a prn ap toacho khelpunids tadershend tir se di hase.olis caporful proach
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ac g cordin ato then merica eg colllle of a, ergymaasth andim lomunomogy, n re thagh eiiot-millern am cicann hildre r haveraespi atoryesllergi. so, on ore doctho - wws knoly exactho fw they- eel tecrean d a fuwa aly to tt k abououa seris su t.bjecn .. initos ght'healthwa tch. co a tinsultabion comthned wi youl usua or doctis's vit. t bu dit'sx r. ale' thomasunique pr ap toachlpo heing g younpa utientsannderstmad asth andal s.lergie pr the hesencealealth islergt wa ins irsp bedhiy ils choodhd lo f ve oco mics. "i
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acchar aterschs a wiild th masthmaasyself ay a wki to nd ndof uanerstw d ho omy dwnseisea wa afs ctfeg in."me e thltresuli: a f ne ocscomi, po s,stereo vidtis, sanckers d evenad trrding carrs--sta ing rh supes eroe ilikee ggy th ha inler, o bronchonthe brilchod aatornd lt coe ron thllcontroller - afi ngghtili villlan-ansergee likth ace romoh, sjokey ole, mdar an end pollheoid, tt dusndmite a ir hay. ha"we ive athggy lee inhar lk tatoing ld a chiho wha is ving a anatsthma . tackoehe gs a inoind pt nts outhe 3 encomponasts of htmyma. ie belf t iskihat reds att preary smt d an ctheyndan uanerstisd th ch mem anisctof astion ifuff you ac te ih itfun a y.n wa "e thacchar atersomnd carics e a t big hiouwith yieng patkents li- 11-oyearbild aurgail bgos."i li just cke theerharactats th dd he an ed iit m helpscae beituse y showsou apwhat h ipeningyonside odur by.'s itot a lr easieerto undd stanan ld it'su ike yostcan ju kick ba ndck ait read ." il where wint b oftens ringefreli ymfrom ss ptomutof odoorle
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y allergrstriggeed trappe insid uryoig tlyhtal- see,ed hom like . dust 'v so iede postk a linerto allgyas othmanof reh - wit oa listf otipsmbf coooat indrgr alleens on - eb our wgosite. t- to k-v-n codot d m an k clicalthe hechth wat icon. t' leecs chn k in oadthe ros with ou afr trrefic cporterhaison i deanaln the pice 96oint 5 c traffiercent. o belon the fok outp or stoand go rh usurho tffra oic5 n 39from mo toana ie odd t, inpahe stighetbo ndwl ai8 on ar0 ne n thet uggelu y ckilghthoure thent are any ac ntcide rs tot eporencurrsotly sepleanu contirie to de ve saft ouimthere on chaisan dean d oi pinp fnt 2asorecadt, brocast rtceieifbyd a thecamerin me olteoralogicie socty!" gsthin g are toinglmo caa down t, biro but pwobably tn't goo sl aleep ertogeth as we inconta ue in aprettyelctive atnio pfotern. shr the ort thterm, tee latost sterm sysm ll wipa
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ulak impt se thagicould ve an edisolaty vallehosnow sanwer d remore ft quen ssnow ihowersn mothe s untainrson lidayooks fato be uiirly q cet andool rebefoex the nm t storsystem s comeh througaysaturd. the te laodst ms el runreare mo stoptimit ic thatuthe sarday wistorm d ll holertogeth and me cogh throure our asta inofead li sptotting ou the sth. kr anisten ond land m thankike. th reings a t going do calmown a utbit, bba prowobly tn't goo sl toeep alergethwe as nu contie a intt prevey actio el ni n.patterhe for t t short term,he st late s stormwiystem s ll pasro thraugh, t biledvey a k ry wea ls impu ce thativould ge an edisolaty vallesnow ershow m andeqore frnouent sw
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ur thfrsday. ooiday lks fato be uiirly q cet andool be hefore tt nexm storsystem me cougs thrordh satue ay. th st late r modele uns armore mi optihastic tsat the ayturd m storolwill hthd togender a gs thinoi are go ng t dcalmown a bbit,rout pwobably tn't goo p sleethaltogeweer as nu contie in tt a prevey actini el o er patt tn. forrthe sho t term,he slatestystorm slltem wi pass th trough, brailedryy a ve weak e impuls cthat gouldive anis volatedy allesnow sh erownd ae morntfreque snow sh s ower tinouhe mnsntai on ur thfrsday. idksay loo e to blyfair a quietl nd coobe tforeexhe nm t storemsyst thcomes h rougrdsatue ay. th mlatest rodelaruns e more ti op tmistice hat thaysaturdst llorm wito hold agethernd co megh throure our aeaa instd ofli
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te krislan and tndon mhankike. athingsngre goilm to caa down b bit,rout py bablgowon't to alsleep thtoges er atiwe connue pin aacretty l tive enio er pattn.or fhe tho s trtm,erhe t st late s stormwiystem s ll pas ug throilh, tray ed brya ve weak ls impu ce thativould ge anis volatedsnalley owsh erow m andeqore frnouent sw er showhes in tai mountns on ayursdid. frooay lks e to b qfairlynduiet a cool tbeforet he nexm storemsyst s comeh througaysaturd. the st late r modele uns armore ti opicmistt thasathe ayturd or stllm wid holthtogender a tcomeghhrou a ourinrea d steaofsp inlitt tg toouhe sth. th aingsoire gcang to n lm dowa t, biro but pwobably gon't to kr
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cmyigampa pn isedowerer by ova iomilll n smalbucontritions, oppe llee ikuyo o who want tt fighckba. thute tr yh is cou'tanha c ngecoa t rrupemsyst by g takinmoits ney. bei'm srnie.andersap i thprove sais mesge.
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ow "nre, hepo's sdirts orrect etgarrart de, born cwithelhann 2 or spts" th ree inteinst he ignitedn the ga .ame.... wlongith en nint.sdo....asaved bineball tlseatnde. a t todayathe greest ma r rineecwas elted to se ba hball's fall of aame in rd recoon fashike....ifn grfey ni jul or nai9.down 9en3 perct of sethe bariball wotters ve today. orjunipe topm d toerseavcos rerd .8 98ll4 taomy fr2, 199au becse only
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m hig goinooto ctoperswn. m an13vp, e -timstall-anar, d ti10- olme govd glgrer, y iffe s warea ca84er 2te hitr 6with30 me ho orunsa ver ea22-yrer caer sthataw hi thm wi m there's, whds, ite so r x fonua miante, ckd bah wit e thnemarihers we re ht spen13- se onas hs.the's rse fimbt nuer ovone l eral tpicko lebe ected to opcostern.ow.. ly oner 2 wece eltoted ot r heleseioctwan s tccar hekemiia pa zzwh, goo int wi 8thpe3 enrcoft he tot ve. azpi, za tonalhe bfolot e r th ur foimth t re,eiecve36d vo5 tes. zapiaz a wasti 12- ame-slltar wi tth mhes etd andoerdgans d le alads tcl carsheit w42h ho7 me nsru.
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lfthe wome pack kens bastball am tett is get ing seto tipth n ings i tfresno, onightinlookr g foit's d 2nigstraonht cncferewie n. e th ipackmis coffng ot tha3- t poinovwin yoer w, mingit's t firserconf wencef in othe as seanon, add hetoing la a pce th cke paas had hom cgoe bodl alga asand ve we'ke taloud abe t th ckpa p'syelasod gmed ooeson thwisn freato stnce, ingludi a96 wi-86 ubn dovele-oimrtwie n th jaere y nuar..2014 t.buthe rise hes aaso lsanle tedhe 'spack t wayashe lw t fe onseasnes... ivada1 s 3- tinhe bu gslldose hou l theast me 4-gsetinhe....oaad crich ec mu massels n, say pled byoflayer th ete baski ball. oimean go ng t ndunlv ag wininamthat asey're en tal ated asm ny teain ou the mwentain eyst. th're e thxpmost eederiencm teahein tnf co. erenceanthey cy reall bo ree und thbabasketll. soob slviour y thei, guardsneeveryolk taous abrrt hau is. yoe know w tt go aa dod goob,joou yno kwew n'calet hit dom ha whet id d st lar, yeach whi g was cetselo 5 toin0 posots. l wilbe hiwatc angf ll obahis s sketon
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. yearsogo we detta hfendim anled not gt them iet outn an tronsitiey, thal're goo is thet one sp to titooff t nigh 7 atyopm... stu can heream tga inme onlhee at tai mountn westtw neork..
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's mike w finaleatherth reings a t goinglmo can dowa bi pt, buty robablgowon't to sl aleep thtogeweer as nu contie in tt a prevey actio el nipa fttern. sor the thort term,he slatestystorm slltem wi pass h,througed trailve by a k ry weapu imthlse ouat ce ld givan csystemhromes tatough surday. the la odtest ms el runreare moop ictimistth that rde satuayst llorm wito hold agethernd hrcome t ooughreur aeaa instd of
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