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tv   The Late Show With Stephen Colbert  CBS  January 6, 2016 11:35pm-12:37am PST

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wveryk eae impulsthat c ba( land p iying mntro usic) (rschee a andusppla)e el>> w scomeentephbe colrt!>> ph ste hen:ey! ah ye! pt cangionins spo boredsy cb ch ( aeers anduspplae ) o! hell ( pbandyilang at "lowe shem" th)e rs( cheepp and ae laus )an thvek you h!ry muc ch ( ndeers aus appla)e an th lk you,anadies led gent men. >>ph steen!st n!ephe ep sthen! hestepn!st n!ephe hestepn!st n!ephe hestepn!>> shetephan: tounk yy ver .much kthan, youve edyrybo.we e.lcomth yoank ucu so m h. , pleasehave a seat.
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pham stebeen colrt. al we tk a pbouts oliticon the noshow, t a lot,ut bom s.etimesi knowni the utated stes has a bsecretallot inha tt tonraditi,bu yt doou mind if i ask, you if youuy gs likee berni srsande?( acheersppnd ae laus) on persi'ally, ttm a liorle wriedab naout sendtor saers. cuhe is y rrentlngtrailiry hilla toclin7 n by 1.pointsam aneric ss havetopped infeelbeg the arn andre nowfe moeling fre o ail md chafing at sens ( lahter )bu lit i .ke himli i keim h.t bu hhe mayt ave hiupon a ai campssgn ihaue tt aller amcaicans ben get .hind>> v in myt iew, iis ptunacce tableamhat s ericanareyi paorng $4 f $5 inerees evyme tigo they e to tha.t.m. pl ( apause ) s >>:tephenes y! r lowe atd thus's jbet the g.ginnin p it's aart ofro foolpofra
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thl the haings ty t annohim. ta (imierting bnie)in ew my virm, superearket ceiptsar loe too ng. arthere mae too ouny c fponsore th ithings w don'tant.i evdon't nen useivea. m in, y viewouyou sh pld not utmy f cup o icoffeeasn a pl tic bag. usit's ja t gonnndtilt a spillt, ouhe and tm n i'k stucwith at, hoag wet b. it is ana natio dlacisgr ief my puotis srnkmeye l oatmeaiecookle is gift hann'on o oneosf thtae mes l coilinth ine vending mache. toabuy a b fy ruththrom ile co e abovckto knoee it ut's os!rageou n it'sgeutraous! buter bnie-- thatoe dser genate ira fat amoun of spit.bu t, bernie--pl peo te inhe frfront ont s s row hhouldave hoponcens wh i doha tt.bu t i thinke berni does have a t. pointh ere avfeage use for ing ant-
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.50. and atm's-- youe wer a little nrate oha tt, t buthank you. a. and s t.m.w allotobanks oy empler fewle tel trs, sohey'reac ctuallyg harginfoyou r th someating th t savesnehem mo y.'s thatho like choters ngargi you r foe all th forangethabric eydo e n't usiron the-s shorthorts.( erlaught )d ani'me surtherere a other plexambues, 'st thathe tne o cthatoame td. min itand isea rllyro pe.fitablst la s year, aervice.mnd a.t. adfees mbae the 4 nks $3n.billiot bu fit's bair,seecauli just keyo heu, weyn thhd witatraw th $34 io billhen, tvey hay to pa$4.50. fee.t buneverr. feai m a notin chargg you a penny t forhede wonhorful sew wav he r foyouon tight. ee ( chndrs ala app)use i'mll sti-- f my girst wuestbeill g thereatje
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( ndeers ala app)use th tat'she best. 's that wat'souhy ye hav aw sho liketh is. g he'so oing te do somupstand-me cod dy, ane'then wo ll dsomet sialdown tkity. an lld i' beit sowting dn rightov reer the with rcaepublines pralidenti cae,ndidatat senorra l.nd paury ve p fewe eoplerrememb this,bu at he's elso antoye docor, s ai'llskim h's if he going to a makemericaet bter?or ? worse ?betteron e? or two? ht( lauger )an d hean c aalsk donrud tmp howny mars fingem a iol hding up, ld dona?( acheersland appuse ) ss i aume-- i a- ssume-i'mpu g ttinswordis in hou m.thi' tm sureheen satorou wldev ner say that inli pubc. d anl we'l phave armerfo banceyng
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ch ( rsee andpp ae laus) ti beau bful, mie's nod natea for grammy r fongher si"rle, ,"ise up one t of she fewonongs cfident ou endegh to smand agtandinov riation tght inithe tle. nd( bayi plang ), oht thain fend sou has goot t be jonat biste andta sya humn. say hi,'a yll. he >> tboy're aut tok kichi tsth ffing o,ut b bthefore ey do, reone moin thw g-- neityork cy b hasegunrt conveing old p phonebo ntoths ieo freif wi snstatio, hwhicea mruns dnk new yorkers willil wool sne hav theop itportun py toee on ai wif io statn.>> t, onighthestepnel wcomes, rr jeeiy ranator l.nd pau
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an adray d.fe gaturin jonat bistend a stay n.huma no and tw it'sr ime fo l"theate wshowstith n epheercolbt"! rs( cheepp and auslae ). s >>enteph: wooo!mm m! mmm! it is somp iortant-- it i sso po imtrtan toeh rteydraft aer arn beiend saersmp iioressn.( erlaught ) mmmm. you kitnow, s i 2016,nd at' is t hardo b,elieve p butderesint a obamthis nei eer thendf o his yeighthnear ie. offic
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ware he 2s hd hereode is tay.d ancoour ermputs modeltpredicat thhe when d stepsxtown ne ,year heil wlk loos. thipl moease, zeisturi, sir. rimoistuze!an prd the enesidtit's me infi of tce hasn aken anaemotiolto well as bllecesause yterdayin e theastm roo wof thehite e, hous when dssiscuingic vtims g ofunle vioe nce, hrowas bughtto rs tea. as it w a d meeplyovingig shtut b eosome preple ati cringcizi itca be iuse ituas unuseel to s apr t esidencry. wf.d.r.ndas routily cricizedr foirthis fe t >>yhe onl w thingeav he to ifearrs fea itself. t but,aihen agean, f sr is oy! scar w ohh,thhat's e use? 'shitler k gonna aill usll." e we'r dd.oome >>te senphpl: peoeen gerallyon
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uothat hw, iidave sate repeadly onis thth show hat inoave ideaat wh a to dounbout gnc violee,ot anher thne someod shouldo insometh ig, andot got nhingai agisnst thst as a art.i onthink ss the iguue of ns, e someon sshouldmehow soon emotica beeruse ev ty time'shere a homass s ooting,tspponenn of gu l contro ssay we'thouldn take wactione'hile wtire emoonal. av we haie to wl t untihawe've d opthe pre er timevto w,in griev mgeans goingro thheugh te fiv stages: , denial banger,inargaing,de onpressice, acceptan.we al're red ly gooheat tia den l part. owyou knuc how m eh weat.bu wt then se skipghtrait toth pte y,riouslm i aedworriut abo her.d anki thinre the p isidents gh ri t. mpit's i tortantehat w go ugthrolh al theta sges ofef th se is aetro liu if yoch cat onir fe, youst
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d youuson't jtot sp andn thewa orit f thesh marowmalls to .arriveso there psident hason geth anrough ndger aay w past ai barg bningseecaute yesherday, de deci to go itne alo,un arodth eon cs,gresnd a issue a -omy-wayhir-the-ghway, s- ball-wto-theecall exutive r orderi"clag fyinngexisti laws" "nand thoting miat crinal iepenaltads alrety exis vi for g olatinlathose ws." -b kaoom! er a fisty hail gorm ofeentl erreminds! ug( lahter ) t ituturns ohi, in t, s casethepr t esidens is lesof aty alrannicrl oveord, d an omoressf an aistant gu life-card-inhief. come y on,ouuy gcks, kno it, off thne sig sayso n horse play. e becausthiscu exetive ordermi beght in firg blanks.>> ca he rnnot bequireunackgro d fchecksryor eveal gun se.ey th b can't san gunoales t lepeopno on is-fly lts.d
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anrg lacie-capaazty magines. te >> salphen: erso, the'sno inthing ul the rt es thasays ado t g can' abuy an bu-15 d! n he'sheot in at. p he's hackingeat! pl( ap )auset bu wthat'se hat thenpresid t docan't .re heha's w ct hean do. t.the a. if. canntmpleme ctstrinder staveards ohr whic er sellexs are roempt fvim ha ngo to doubackgrcknd ches. ctone fahtor mige bwhanether un edlicens d gunr ealehas a ssbusine card.y, heve not edyrybo g canet one t er's a vngy striocent press.u yoo need tvigo to insta prt veand haid a vall e-mais.addres is th p onei'roves cem a linsedal dether at she gun ow. es ladist, the isore ay alw s ,ill, i for one, salute es probident ama. the ifssue o gun colontr is a kpowderd eg, an tat allimes, n. the s r.a. i, cocked,locked
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so as soonprs the t esidenmade s hin.move, obr.a. lbyistje bnniferiraker fk ed bacwith a noey're lyt real doingan h wellthere's g,e thinn. jens ye.and noth ane pl n mayanot do ,ything atbut st lea p thederesisnt iin dothg someveing, ehan if ttme sowithing o ll dinnothg. e becaus bthat'sthetter tan whawe en've be u doing np tillow,wh isich ng nothius, becage doin th noleing sads 'sd thatta accepnce, pt accehaance tint nothg willev e er b.donebu not if eopugh pele dome so ething, iven ift does in nothbeg, mayay one deo somne ll wiso do g methinoethat dsan .ything uland wohadn't tomt be sngethi.( rschee a anduspplae ) 'l we rl be bightwiack erth jry feseinld.
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thfor paeir tstiencl muse, ck ba j and pointain. th cie mediadne in vil isr theiic#1 choe. no g thintris sononger gh toupa hain tvin adl. efrelisn doeet't g b anyrette tthanhis. ad vil. k chec othisbrut, o.atwht,'s tha bimrohe? swi editchge to icod ant go.more remoin savn gs o carrainsunce? ahye-f bror,esso m andore. rlike ienterscensuran. wmore says toave. ni brce, too-tap. chi th nat'sllot abr, ino-teke sha. hageico tos molercycan nsd rv i, urancetoo. , oh athat'sor lot me. yoh ieah,ll'm aut abomo tere, brddy elosevt.
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lg indu.ence.. onno lr gecoatmes ri a pce. ll wetu, act ally t buusit's j9t $9.9 w nehosht hiot wicsky chken pl ap'sebeell griar & bor fav itesde matl a litere bettou for y. infeaturdig new shes ad loited worh flav, l and alun0 der 65escalori. kaalasll. finay. e thchsear forn brows bear.begins de ignali hhway. w lo gonas .t pifistop. ll up. ledoubnt poi s. tyep,hat'.s cold d.tire. day 2 eecoff.. eggs do oiuble p nts. fubeautil. stmajenoic... thing. wh ere e ar byou, ear?wa . rmwa. rmererwarm. yes. erwh tever jheeyournak toues y ,y carreram eicanrexpolss gd. it' ts morecahan a
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( acheersppnd ae laus) te>> swephen: balcome ck,ev y.erybod stmy fir c guestreated el"seinfd d," anhuthis trsdaygh nillt, he' a be inlo year-ng
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n here irknew yo. wplease jelcomeeierry ( ndeers aus applae )>> y thank!ou kthan. you ch( eers )th at's it.od goig n!htgo htod nig,ry evebody!at th t's allhee tim we ouank yk, than. you l alig rht. ug ( lahter ) iea hrdac b tkstagehat one ofth eha cngese madto theat theer, gg bieaer sts. why? ht( lauger )lo a t ofeo p tpleehink we hav a ht weigem problhi in ts cryount. n' i doeet agr with that. n'i dolit be heve weave at weighob prtilem unl a we'rellys ph ticallyinouchacg ethh oer eall the. tim( erlaught )en wh it isol sid,um hansh fr t coastost coa.a
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ug ( lahter )om "seone's t gotoe losom se .weighti can't move!"lo a t ofep rorts,nv igaestitivere s porton tv, w peightroblem inam a.eric lwthey ataays s trtheam se-- de sihowalk sult, regareo pple. right? fu carellyng aled,ut ctinghe tm off at the head. 'twe don t wanto seet who i is. saren't tome ofeohose ptple ame hoer latoi gng,y, "heha tt's a myss onnn c!th nat'sot fair!" ug ( lahter ) "justed stepp out teto gom senu dotes hol." theut donol he. e thut done. hol stlet's htop righe tre. a whatbl horrietl liteck sna. if you want aut don,av he anu do t.y whyoare inu eatheg t hole? ug( lahter )it h's suc ay, freak msietaphycalco toncept beginit wh.yo
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a hole-- aol hes doe notst exi.rd woves hani meangs!la ( )ughter ap ( seplau ) ae hol--( seapplau )ho a le is the a obsencefat whsever iun surrodingt, i . okayif we they llre reaony dutol hes, theag bld wou bety emp. ug( lahter )ay ok? tandhes donut that youot g the s holeoufrom w hldn'tave holesbe yocause ku too them. now,yo if ut, wan you cdoul takewh y'at thelire calngon dutle houts, by theare reey aut donlu ( )ughteryo du coule tak the pndlug a itshove t inhe hole. ug ( lahter )wh iich don'tve enee flco blmfortange sayi s forome on reas.bu t that wouldli eeminat the tdonut,e,he holhe and t plug,bu st you htillave a fatss and a speopleg hootinwiyou th a
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th street,o s it't doesnor wk. ap ( )plausetr i avel aot i aay in lot ofel hots, a lotof uf b.fets b thetuffe isic bas anwe ansr toth est queion,el w tl,shing areba d.w howecan e mak itse wor? ouhow clde w design ahu food-man te inn ractionmenviroatent th's ca basililly rike douving yr dog t upo, petcoin givg him money, sandg,ayin "whyo dn'tou yo g in d anget wvehater youhi tnk you ldshouav h" ( erught ) coyou kme bac two hours l,ater do the g'sea wring aet heads inworkerg the as anis asstant ht( lauger ) iwhat as itbout thet? buffe asit fscinatee. m s there'insomethtg abou it that breaksn dow the m,ind reason, dg ju,mentti poron,es siz,mb consinatio . wnobody gouldtoo in are rastau snt and tay tohewa ,iter "it wan a yoburt
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urki coo aesndn a egghi wte ."omeletpe bopleuildse theth dea row lastl meah wisis ik's le aki worngel modf o allth emeir lotionaue isss, and rs pe nonal,eeds andn- the- then ey th d can'teecid whenhe ty're ne do, sohe tyt justa srt nispineng lik aot robuu vacm with kale, chips maple bacon. btheytoump in theal wl, muffin, ffmuin,n, muffi mn.uffi( htlauger )th taey srt aticcosngan strs-ger- ws"skee. mer wh ye did gouet that? iwhatats th?i 'tdidn seet? thath at's aam carelized cenhickle g.ha i o ve ttryt. thave gi mers you. ca you n gete. morco me on!"la ( )ughter op the opositef the bisuffet thew ssoanunn hgry man tvdi .nner lea litte tast ofri pigson rhtth nere i y oourwn home. ht( lauger ) th try eon lev worthck chien orth era alcat mzeatls balhi ts . weekev
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un "hangry mhe" on tox b. gii imayne the had a mtiarkenget eney wt,al "l, right we'reot ngo ding toyto an ahinghebout t y.qualitwe 're agree udpon whichnt segmee of thc publi ld shou wege tartha tout cldpo ntteyiall evenho cke this pigfo od" down?at wh abouty hungr men that are e, brok, alone and sgtarvin?st tahee is t o leastfir the le prob ms. but it's anon hestro a'sv tnn dier. 'r theyeli telngu yov t tare ateehe scrn andw. che ot do n lookn! dowey es f.ront in grd it out!( htlauger ) i donk thins swa honasel hpedpe ople. it hpeelps oplech rea theirpe alrsone lif goals, in aay
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themi when was sintartg out. wheno yu-- youee plk bac- that-th ati plastc c,over youw ploth troughhoser fouom cntpartmes of h.ell t byimhe toue yet go tt thaac peblh cober, you go, "ita gotke mahi sometutng o of my l"ife! 't"i can go on like" this!( seapplau ) so swan why n't theyal cl it swan song. l myife isve u ank youcvery mh.(
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lysuddenre, you'mo a uthbr.reathe juwell, ost putbrn a eathet righp striwhinich ystantl yoopens e ur noso up tre38% moan thme cold nedici alone. sh ouut yh r moutyand saod gomonight atuthbrehers. ea brrithe ght de ggreee avwoamen timocton-aativ wedbarist ndto er undd stanmuhow ch ey thov m..e,. crand d eateeedegr mwithnsotio.enseth d'e worlt s firspeantirarspint ti acd vateovby mt,emen asit he uniqumiapcrocs sule thatbr wieak rith fn ctioelto rease rsbu otsfrf hness esaldal y. ke inepu g yoesfrrhe ewithryveov me. mo setionnse. ot pronectike to ouep yin movg. de gree. w it lon't det youown. aflac. h ohh ah ac!afla
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ta !-daa nhe's vot agoery od cimagian. phemyaid im cla instjuay one d. y?one da! h!sh ho esw dodo he it? t in jusdaone y, rowe p, cesse approvy.and pa
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ch ( ndeers aus applae )>> te s: phenewelcom back, yb ever ody.e we'rinsittreg he o withurfr jiend serryd.einfel>> m hey, fyirste tim tonhe new"l ateho sw"." te>> sphen:c exatly. k thanyou so much. >> witheh stepnbe colrt. s >>enteph'r: you fe ourirstst .and-up>> ow w, ytou muse hav had some me co sdian. te>> s: phenre we'rt stainghi gh. l >>et'see sf i sneomeo cant bea at th . ph>> ste'len: weal put d hashema p rk uon thel wal and stand em tht nexo t it when it'sr. ove ou do y fowolli pol?ticsdo f youwollo theeb d?ates ea >> yh,at i wchm the atl litebi t. t i merandl, pau sorenatd ranpa ulac bgkstae. s >>enteph's: heic a n.e guy e'>> hs ae nicuy g. iand e lik hisai hr. 's hee likab a by o out tfhess ba kinetofind r hai. juyou owst t ieltnd a it's bjust--oaby s clean. now ok lo howan cle baby is. ph>> ste ien:fru t wmptasn' g runnin bwe'deng talki about hahis ir.>> e yeah,ryve n.ightbu t you gottaoy enjt thapl peoewa o nt trebe pntsider oha ttth veey e tnhink the idea, let's beon hest.
12:01 am
stheydhoul bede presint. goyou betta out o yfour mind!>> ph steiten: it's a ltle az cr y. y >>e ou'vtogot be c!razy ug ( la )hter eagr yh. a >>hell tsepl peoe,he ty're all y!craz la ( erught ) au( applse ) . s >>entephu : yo alookt-->> ink thi iul shod be thepr enesidt, right? te>> syophen: u t look a300ll mierion amanicans d youo, gla a--lalat- th r guyheight tre. hi>> i thonk i s iuld behan crge ofry evething. ey "hons, i wah tkiinng.">> en steph:pe sofaking ng bei c ineharg of einveryth'vg, youe gothe t"c show nsomedia in carsge tting coffee." ea>> yh,ha tt's myt litle show. ph>> steen:ta fanstic. ap( seplau )yo eu arta srting aea yr ncresidehey at t beacon theater, once a monthor f a year. >>a once th mon ar. yea>> en stepht': thasan f.tastic>> iret's gat. te >> syophen: owu knt whau' yongre goi too. d k >> inow what i'moi gong t doce on a month for ar. yea ph>> ste'sen: it t goingo be you,he tll aman bthroteers, sely dan.ho rew a you gooing tet ghe t l smelheof t bneaco terheat out y of couresloth andee kpng goi ck ba ? i >>e lov it.i love it.
12:02 am
ofnds terheats. e thonbeac- is- ike picd thatpl - ace-e thera are olotf ac ploues yld coula py,ig bger esplacr, o youno kw-- butt thapl ace has thatib ve of a real te thea r. init's kd of an old vilaudevleho uiuse, b tlt inhe 20s. ph>> ste'sen: itut abo this size,ct ay.uall >>ea pesecelayos-- nou kw, ie hav rf ped ph>> steouen: yld coufo perrm an yywheret.ou wan ny>> ae wherani wt. land itike in whet' ihes-- wnit -'s- c>> youerould pform, lnike, ith eer intalnation space station if yout. wan on somelde woue scrapet togaher ck kitestar gr to tet youhere.>> y the would.bu oet it dsn'tor wk. spthe saceontati is not aoo gdpl ace fory. comed s >>entephh: toug room? yt ever ghingovoes irer theea hd. la( erught )ap ( )plause rr so y. ipo ae.logiz ,okay but--ka oy, but talkingab ntout cog rollin,things you just hadou yrt- moshewatcd"c iaomedcans in tirs get ng " coffeeof alle. tim sayou dtownpr with tesiden a.obam es>> y w, i wasprith enesidt a obamin w thetehiou hse. s >>enteph c:atongrioulatns. t >> yhankou. te>> s: phen chowhaan tt haen?>>
12:03 am
vo is aeryow l-keyso pern and nowould et lik meti mengonin her name. s >>teph ten:ammyns joh.on >>my tam jstohnon.>> en steph:oh jn.nsto ul coed w putha t tt athem botto he of tcr seen,as plee. >> shero ps ducetheeb d, atesallth tie polical dbaetes. s >>entephpu: reanblic and crdemoat?>> yeah. e so w swerengittiun arod oneda wy, and weereok ji ing-- was .joking idi say, "wh deon't w g tethe id pres tent onhew? sho"sh e says, "you want me to callem th ?" ug( la )hteri "y said,oeah, ghe aalad, cl em th ." ht( lauger )an d theyd, sai "weer weop hing woyou uldal cl.">> ph steen:ea rlly? >> yeah, theyd saiwete wand todo theho sw. s >>enteph's: heny fun.>> yeah, he'sny fun.i s alway tt houghhe was. funnyth e ere ara not lot of fyunn es prt iden s. >> s: tephen no. >>ar hdingn' wastny ( erught ).te >> sbuphen: yt veror crupt. >> yeah. te>> s:phen so,- okay->> so here'sy m ismpre osionfth ee whitse hou. ph>> stelen: al. right >> okay?i wasan hgin agdrounre the,nd a ti'mngalki to, himnd a t whenetr dy an l aeave, tndhey don'tle t himea lve.he can'tve lea.>> ph ste len: helyiteral can'tle e ave thewhit house?>>
12:04 am
te>> s: phenyeoh, chs, se,edul sanditecur y. w >> gith aunsndel hrsicoptean kd, you now.e' so hes lik auy g creaptud byal ( )ughtergh ri t? and theen alis bring him back to rthein pla-et ->> the pnelawht hoite use. >> pt lanetewhi h.ouse thand eeey k hpim t.hereth lye onw shohe ty gets ihe "tbe yverl hiillbs.llie" heso tuiy bimld h a h.ouse d an stheyay,we "av h behtrougyo ou tourt plane tove sol all ur of oro pblemsec bouause yav he rean incediblra bin." d ananhe c do that. thand s en assoon ata he s trtsoso elve th pemroblhes, t gyo,we "do agn't wreeitht. tha"( htlauger ) e "wtdon' w yant douoing that. t don' doha tt." te>> s: phen ait'sgh touig g. ea >> yh, tshat' agh tou gig. s >>: tephenedid hve dri or yo did u? drive b>> weothve dro. h he dadn'trivenso in y man s yearetso i l himve dri theca r.>> en stephin: i thavk we he a ip cl . k whatfind o i cars this?>> a63 ' splinit-wdowor ce.vettth e csooletve corttef o allti me. >> i betf i youk, parhe ty'll t leus out. sjustay, "i'm the pntreside."
12:05 am
is up. i >>'mry sor, ian c'tow all it. t'>> thasel unbblievae. ll goy. i>>ne kw tthaou wtldn' wk.or >> yout didn' sell it. la ( erught ).>> ph ste men: postfuowerl man in the. world >> ( ndeers aus appla e ).te >> s: phenmothe erst pow fulin man the world. evso sen moilliopn pelech wated that.u yo,were like, annt iernet ar st .yo are u t mr.noech?logy>> h, ee somof it. ie so of it i't don liket. i d ion'tt wan anyor me-m eailswi th. links ca i tn'take the l.inksno e mor l sink. s >>: tephens that'e wherthe fo inn rmatiois. i >>on dt' wantt. ido i wan't nt it. arthere o e to omanyf them. en"i'm sding you a link.d dipeyou o ln theink in?o, "nn' i didt o tpenhein lk.i a got lot of l.inks tget inkhe line. lin" ou "y gotta sees. thid di you see" this?gh eitls e-maik bac and t fortho tc wah a fat guyri tpping over a t. ca
12:06 am
mah, i'ng sendi you ain lk ofme gu broye mra bins out. 's that the lastk. linto o many links.>> ph stebuen: 'vt youe got .timeyo au have gigne ot nigh a h.mont n>>o, tooa minny l.k s>> en stephyo: so u are ilhappy marry. oued y heavid ks. l >> moveagarri le,oveid ks, t love wheholehi tng. ph>> steen: t youl?rave w >>ee camac brok fm aam fyil ca va,tionea bfuutilam fily onvacati . ph>> steaten: the.'s nic>> i when " callslet' payot a l eyof mon to goht fig in a te hol."( ugla )hter ap ( seplau )gh rit? te>> s: phen bi've teenoha tt so rert.i' eeve be.n ther>> it'sat gre. t' leghs fint oik bes.le ft'sightn odl pads,eboard un loge chairs.le ft'sightut abo howl welbe dhave those otherld chiren oseem t be. ht( lauger ).>> ph stelwen: aays are. y >>eah, yeah. te >> swhphen: sere wa this? >> mexico.>> ph steeren: whe in moexic was t-his- ha>> w tt'she dreiffence? la ( erught )>> setephn:he t are'se hugdi
12:07 am
i don't know w whyee wergh fi ftinguror oiv les. b wehtroug youac bkou srsveni. 2it'sad0 hens i afe dufl. bag ites mak a dreiffence. it m aakesfe dife.rencyo u're gone. ne no oin can fd. you's it not- like- did youo g to a ac pcoulli. w >>e went touz gman'sse hou.en wh you get him away from work. he's a funuy g.>> en stephu: yoot gtael rax. >> the drug teradak mes him y craz though,e' hs tense,s. tep ph>> steen: iad h deir non o beright tforehere bak. i and d sai to him-- he inom sepe 'sopleds minre repnesents wrk yo . i hes new york.he otler peop like youd kin of neare orw yk. t >> vhat's neryice to thinkat th . ee( ch arsndus appla e ). t >> yhankou. >> sentepho: t a lot ofeo pple onnow, dumald tromp is coing tre t presennew york. h >>old it. s >>enteph n: oh,o,'m iot nsa oying tpl peo le whoivene in w .york
12:08 am
y,untrhe ty,e, likdo see nald ptrum asse reprenenting wor yk. w ho fdo yououeel abt?t tha y >>w,ou kno wee hav a lot of ff dit eren okind pfeople here.>> en steph's: that true,at th t' the's a thingbo a cutinerta ndki ofeo pple, richeo pple tisomemes--s it't- thahe- ty get inha ttor w yld,noou khaw, wt i an me? op pechle a aieveta cerinun amot ofce sucss. ey th't donw knot tha's there a - world-hetheir ades becomhe two rld.ey thnk thi the glloba is my ul sk l. s >>enteph: yes. t >> ahesehere tpl peote thawa o nt tbesi pre.dent ht( lauger ). s >>: tepheniwell, mean,yo chu've adieve aer ctain level. oudo ye havlto dea withyt an yhingou danon't wt tol deawi th ats thi? point oi >> ce hav to dlea with yt an--hingl, wel, yes yt i ntn't wa d toeal- with-ev hierytsng iin annoyg. te >> s: pheneai hrd you say the plerivi igesoi pussono, gh ri t? >>, yes pgerivile is pnooisous.>> te s: phendohow youid avo ?that dohow youvo aid being not po bisonedngy beiuc sfucessl. v>> inacatio inic mexo.>>
12:09 am
urit's oas luet qstion he.erom "c iedians gn carsettingco " ffeelaavainoble nw ocr e.acklcom. >>nd a onur o own webe. sit itypee n thantitle ild it wl come up. d dion anye seeph steen's as fantistic epy ydneofom "c iediansnar cs.">> en stephse: thos sound liketh hiree toungs yy reall like, dicomearans, cs, and coffee. l >> iikell a three. te>> s: phen oif you hnlyadon e ofhe tm which owone iuldtbe ? t >>he ciomedan. te>> s: phenme,oo t. ini thayk merbe jry seleinfd. an thouk y,er jry.>> nk tha you.>> en stephk : than myou so uch b foreinger he. ed "comn ians i gcarsngetti eecoff s" ismitreaowng nll aer ov the inentert. we be'll ht rigac bk. yhey,orou fthgot lke mi! atthac's l.taid ri 00ght. 1 m% realjuilk, stho wit lut theseacto. so c yourian dllnk a w you..ant. .. h .witisno dorcomft? ex acy.tle, her s try..ome. m,mmis it l rea.milk dsee?ioelichous. umof bp! oh . heright l,re gir boom
12:10 am
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12:11 am
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( pbandla )ying( rschee a anduspplae ) ph>> steween: e lcomback,er evybody. t my nexisguest ng runni forpr enesidft ose thete unid esstat. sepleaco welenme sator prandaul! ch ( ndeers ala app)use te >> s:phens thank b foreinghe re.i' anve woted tto talk f youor a t longime.>> t i ihought g wasooing t get aol mon.oguewh en is myon m.ologue te >> s aphen:nyim te you want.
12:14 am
unde f ofr your, hai ando s by rdebateouules y a have ec30-sondtt rebual ifre the'syt anouhing yld woue lik to say t abousejerry 'sinfeld hair. >> theex ntim te weom ce out ertogeth h and havek im loointh rre mi sor anday,wh "oto's g bethe tter hair,?" jerry>> ph steaten: the,'s tru 's that true.i st underouand y cut your own .hairis tr that ue?>> i'mon civservate, man. ita got save money. i got threeds ki in c.ollege t i go threeid ks in c.ollege s >>enteph d: whato youse u, nail cs?lipper dwhato you use to cutr you ir ha ? s>> it' ait bm, rando andso s metime iitsnvolvenk driing re befo.hand ph>> steen: isha that wtd ranis shortor fan, rdom paul? ou >> cld be.>> en steph i: howous yrad d, t byhe? way m i'na fa ofr youad d's. ou >> yw, knoe' h dsoingre g.atmy dads i iitndomable. howe go me and heut o-walks us,hi ghid out-rnes ohe te. bik nhe's iat grepe sha. ph>> stedoen: es he-t outalkyo u? re>> the's a closepe comontitiin our houldseho forki talng. e ther lare aotf oal tnkers i
12:15 am
>>: tephenora doctou as yar te, andnghe thi i r leallyikeab urout yo dad is thathe s'ste intullec callyenonsistt.u yoheknow wre he ss.tand yareou asns trantpare inr yoube s liefouas yadr d is? i >> t tryo belm aost asd. goo ca bee usif i werete betr that dwoul bemb eraarssathe. homif 'r youtte bener tha your dad. i so t tryo beos alm ats good. ht( lauger ). te>> sifphen: 'v youe-- ifyo hu've tado c aurtailny of yourel biniefs t ordero runor f id pres sent,ithe tre and blink. ht( lauger )i got allig nht. yoand otu g a newk booig rht 's calledki "tang a s."tand bothe rok'stighhe gw i'veothe tat l pestolls , here asir,nd'm i notoi gong t ogo inthe t nrsumbe too much.'s it ann cio natnwide u'd yon re oisthe lt here.u' yore a ilwaysthn eop t-cardde t bate athisnt poi.u' yo lre aeittlow bit dn the , listnoyou kw.yo ehu're bubind r aio,ndso carnd
12:16 am
ayou'reusbove bh,a k,sichnd ahu .ckabeeth ers numbeom sewhat't donal re mlyr.atteat wh matnters ihi ts list is re you' allr ove5 2oi pehnts binda uy g who bsuildf golou crses a for iv did youhi tnk grnoveing riexpeouence weld b abi liality wthet ay iigis rhtow n? he>> t are'sernotht lis on thehe otsir deou of yrd, car and it isays-- a wast the t veryopf o is th. one s >>entephh: whicne o? wothe rst dedress. la ( erught )>> ph ste ren:y?eall an>> c youel b-ieve - >> theyua actstlly li it.>> an you cve belie they would t pu t me athef top ohe t worst sedresstd li. te>> s: phenloyou e.ok fin t >>hat'sec bause my wifead me ea me wrs. thi s i watogoing wear ak moctu ckrtlenead, i hut cuf hfff os. ph>> steoen: d your weak moc le turtnecks.u yoiklook lme toro bkaw. he's thet las man tok loo good in a tecurtlenk. ou >> y can gethe tmor f $7.99 atta .rget s >>entephai: ag hn, i yopeour cu hairt ts coshamore t.n that>> ab debatle. ph>> steu en: yo owerefne o thest fir t guyso go offer nadoruld tndmp al cal himik le a habloworrd, et som lhingike at th .
12:17 am
asthe-- i erink the's ace srtainneeriousoss tdi leang a onnati of00 3il mlion. s >>entephd,: goop i he so! ug ( la )hter . a >> indss gueha wtce conrnse m n is i the lastat debhee, tasre w isa diocussofn the narucletr eaat mhans tet we havsi misles byir ay, b land,nd a by sea.>> sn:tephe as paule reverto ld us. >>xa e.ctly( htlauger )t buththe ing is,e h sd eemeto bere unawaha tt wen evead h that.t bu wthen aateek ler ievt's ensc arier. . mrptrums, sayof ," rs coue, gowe've t ale nucar triad and r ouge bigstbl proem is we've ubeenlinwilusng to te i ghenou ."te >> s: phen?really>> i and,n, meae' wrein k odfac tingig lht, butt thaul shodn't adbe mige lht uce nlearen arsals he' more ge ear to use. av we h ae himhend t big guyro fm ernew jsey. ph>> ste cen:hris ce.hristi he has ae nam,. sir nhe'sotus jt--e' hs notus jt-- >> ut b,wa anysy, he'ag eer tooo showt dnus rsianne plas. s >>entephu: yo t saidhat ifyo ud wanteod someby tort staor
12:18 am
stchridie, and, saire "her's you " man.>> . rightan thd i think tat'smphe iortant rtpath of nese caes debat is you swantneomeoh wit jenudgmt, onsome weith wisdom,nd aom seone with raestrint. d anior wried.bu te intglrestinsy, it'n oot bh sides.hi yllarnt clin os wantao- nfly azones well.e shesh wants regime change. haand t wt'shy ink thi thet lasde bate washe tes btat debe we b hadseecau wlye real had adi onscussiis over r ityeall a'americ is role wn theorld orsh iouldet bme aa'ricsin role e th world toho cose who the er leads aren i thent counries ith lee midd a easthands tket wordin the past. s >>: tephen tone ofheng thisat th'ses inter ating yboutou andli i utke abo a yound i like t abouadyour d isou yre a tisomemesd har to pinn dowlo ang fsort oog dmaticol ideogical s. line somes thingveyou haom in cmonwi lth theeft and someng this veyou ha inom citmon wh thegh ricat beyouse u're a rtliben-ariaish?li arbertisian- h? ha>> t bt'sauecseon i dan't wtto
12:19 am
mo alsst ad goo a msy dad, be liiartarh.n-is te>> s: phen lhe'staiberrian ouand y're lriibertashan-i.>> he'st almosta liberrian. s>>enteph: for peeopl outth haere, w its aer lib?tarian ar how ye thefe dift renfrom a icrepublran ooc dem rat?n >> i sortf o generaler tms, icrepublansen havee't bn veryod go with yourri pvacyr or you rs peonalty liber.t bu demtsocraen hav b'tveeen ry itgood whou yrco ecnomi l.iberty anthey w kt allindf o rulesn o si buness that ifenteritre weh th etmarke.placon r thecaepubline, sid they have aer govt nmen wthatants toll coouect yhor pneor recbeds, in edvolvwh with dat you ion your home. ander libritasaans y youw kno what? w we lant toeave you the hell on alett no maerha wt,er wheth y it'susour bsinesr oou yriv prfeate li . ( apusplae ). ph>> ste ten: ishereny a-body-do av you hhie anytnng imo comn b withernie s jandeerses y, we wothrk in ee samce pla. te>> s:phenes y. >>o, net som wimese do.i kthinha ttpl peone ohe tt, lef ronyd wen i workedh wit in these .natehe
12:20 am
ssogreiveoc demrat.he d workeon the.a n.s.ef rorm,tr o ying tden the bulk ec collftion o all ourne pho co re trds,g ryinrito bnghe t htroopsroome fmha afg anistannd ng tryi toav he as les enintervt tionisor more tirealisigc forenic poly -- ha >> wtbo aut on drugol picyre form.>> 'r yougoe not oing t talk t aboupot are you? te >> s: phenyoare u a cop?ca be yuse ifaou're , cop you t haveelo tl me you're a cop orth sis ira enttpmen.>> ug i thoht we saidef beore wwo tuld nok talbo aut pot, hestep n. te>> s: phentryou onied el sl me pot bagackste.>> o. n wthat-as - i >>'mry sorou, yed tri to sell o meen tha ide of changing nt sengencide guifolines t.r poi hshouldidave sa their entese .ntencei gi apoloze, i agipoloze. outell y what, pleasee comag aain,end won w t'talk aboutpo t. >> okay. >>te s:phen sorenatl. pauit 's ale pe.asurse r nato prandaul, eboverydy. 'l we rl be bightack. ch ( aeersnd auspplae )
12:21 am
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12:28 am
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12:29 am
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12:30 am
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12:31 am
ur yo wel wilis re.( ch aeersppnd ae laus) s >>entephan: thouk y."c s heerheto tl" falou is w!t no th eae b autifulndra day, ev p wake ur in youhofirst me.wa inke up h a omeu'yoe ve mada bibit gger. wap ke u hin a omethwiew a nre addss. uwake ap ine hom dthat'toesnev aven h ae anssddre. yasfeour lies evolv, yo reur domam hvee evolo,s to d anecprot itingst takeco temmitppd suort. meat afarican imilycensuranup we s yportdrour .eams hosee caw you wn saveith
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