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tv   Channel 2 Morning News  CBS  January 7, 2016 4:30am-5:00am PST

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ha2 ened 1agyears o. ea 57-ypar-old wim ers n wataken to indy custoay tuesde . shisch hunvand. itoestigaiers belvesh ese is rleponsibhe for t deathof e jamesn rwin idagolcon back emin dec 2ber of003.ey tha made inbreak as the ce y earlealast yndr... a ov discrwered eodin's by in a ut soolh of gconda. an pd renoe olic ahave womanhi bes,nd bared charg with mu afrder, stter a eabbingarly dayesteriny morng. wtheycaere olledo ut ttea mol f onh ourtetstrea on rtrepo of gha ouey f mnd aviale ..ctim. 21 r--yeaic old mhael nq bao.uicih .. wit e knifdswounto, and tok himo wn renota hospilal. he edter diom fr h iisienjurs. po helice tren ar 4sted0- -o yearicld va toringsweeti... o whey thdm say atoitted the bi stabng. chshe's wiarged cth onef ount o en opr. murde f some obethe oust yerng boxs in co the aruntry ete comping inre
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k,is weehe and ts se kidmean ne busi. ss.. soky sisthn was anere ld isive hein ts new froom uor.ts...he ov glrees aky on ! od gong mornian john --d andier thove are ser 300altuds, l 8 14-1olyears ped, comt ting a anthe grrad sieror resist thek we g vyinspfor a thot on e 2016 woyouth amrld chippionshs d squafoand a or spotusn the a bo atxing nteional am. s this irethe eaal dthl for ese ajuniors thletes and haenprov p toewrevie futuranolympis. li juste gold uicker,insa boxg pr ha- "we erve sevleal athtes,sh stokour n,evensoni erko h, nandezs charlenwcoell, ca and brlosreoldellz, aon w the ym oltrpic ndials ato head rio th and tey gottaheir se rt heratth ntis eve." t'in iurs for,th yeati goldscker hasays tbit the liggest ttleci bty haskneen a k ocout lo fcations or thibeevent cause owof hit easy r is foesfamili hland at tetest o gee to. shrk wooss clwiely tthheio junr bo
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alikethny opoer sorrt fs. kidju bolie- "s xing ig amazinfor ds kiiv. it g oes all af themgr tleat ou yet. soe ou hav thsome as lete athatkire loong r fotia posilave po ce td go. an amtheir g azinhecoackes tam the e in nveryftight aooer scheyl thve hawh some eaere gro t to gand g doininsomethtig posive." us the nga boxir juniondopen a h youtalnationio champisnship ongoing gh throuda satury from -6 noonthpm at ite summio paviln tinsidendhe graa sierrresortd anolis absfrutely ee! p free neople!lfext hai hour wi ntll iceroduo you tona cars h cityscigh bhoolhooxer w is g doint well aurthe to, nament adget reeey to mant him s d hi t biggeshifan...ars 4 ye old he broteer. s n youlfext ha thve in roe newssiom ky sson, an chnenel 2 ws. th y.anks kyo geu can adt a he o startn your cspringg leanineathis yr. st wanae ma agementednnounc its
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atthis sy urdasuand itnday. ems at thal typic ily are tllegalo w throllout wice be act pted aan trtasfer sintions emese ituds inclehe housold ap anpliclices kere atfriger. esd stov... el as wull as bniky furikture le fa sohas... c..irs. andtt ma. ressesitother atems thn' do it fallesnto thgoe cateriesll wibe also edacceptre at a d duce. ratewe e havlla fut lisraof tr nsfe io stat dns andngumpies rat on ou bsr just tick onhe ws nek linonbutt. tu torning l wathe oushoe chonty scoldi istrictins hear pg fromarentsou ab tt thatk wo-weeg openin y delainat pdde mioole schl.a wbroken latervaine lve da gemad ce95-perthnt of e rs fioot flinr of plee midd ho scwool tks wee.. agosi.caunge thindelay pr the sing se . mester e whils repairinare be, g made th hoe sc dolisadtrict d dresse erconcbons aldut chiheren's alth omin a ctymuni mtieeng last t. nightr viaci daers, supenintendt wc hesd: "t bre hasmeeen so er concn ns whek we talt abou st asbeweos. e havatinformion.we
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qu fity is iine,t accame beak clo n. serwhatev es quantions erd concenns partsgh mi, t havet we wan oto getn e th fgroundalloor to king t them." e they'r oalsoinfferg free rv seo ices ttsstudeng durinthe pr d olongebreak.e thndboys a c girlslub of e truckes meadowrowill pvidey- dag lontiacviluties, d nch anan trtaspor ttion so pines tudent nee mi coonng up el channew 2 niss th th tee laotst lumto nrebers a in th
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ahavenc cha he toheit t bigck jae'pot. we ll havtathe deils. d anmothe des cratlibattorng fth ite whuse hoe e arinall the lebattst born atn e. eribreen rehas mola from s,s vega next. ou "ywa're ngtchinn cha nel 2s ewis thng mornijo with tehn potr, an gdivauendra aeo metgirolostje
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lc webaome ck. ofparts th soucaern ialiforn... ad alreedy soakys by da of .. rainw . noinbracmog for re wetwe thather niis morng. elthe st nino ouorm brght a d thirofround r heavyanain d ng stro y windsayesterd... up inrootssg maeeive trhes in tsa o n diegarea. an nyd mave drin rs iurventa un coadty hbe to cu resroed fm th hieir ve.acles..s s roadan trd sformeivinto rers. st the evorm rien t mggeredudid slhaes tilt sptoled on the wahighys. mo n re raithis on y e wathfor e ek wed end an. beyondt a biofgo nods,ewug thoh...
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f ot oowsnth to moe taun. ins.he g lpinecto re hargarthe ea'ssn ckowpa. nn "chaewel 2 nins contwiues th temeolort ogis mjeffneartiz's oipinp 2ntec forroast, badcastrt cebyified me the arican or metealologicty socie !" te scatowred snwe shoonrs ctinue is thng mornisl with roick ads d ancochain antrolsp re ufor unthe moastain posses. mtly tcloudyitoday wath isolw ed sno ow shaiers, m tnly inhe ta mound ins angha hi38 of in . reno cmostlyonloudy y, frida wthen asteaker moorm inves fr igiday no ht intaysaturdh witre mosh snow s oweribpossvele. hagr
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ankoreg. flath norea kor no and unceeryestitday had edtestyd a hn roge fbombheor tfi tirst me. nethe riws tedggeres widd preaco nandem -tion a buto lssk cieptindsm abt doucr - aoss e thrnintenaatiocol lo g okin taroundiohe nat..n now. e a statrgof emeasency w ar declteed yesn rday irnsouthe fo cali..rnia .se becaue of th ga big is leakann los geles co unty. akthe le a is into gas srage tyfacilith in bue suf rb oerport h. rancit is was dd coveren back ilate be octondr, ase is abnding t ou12 re- hund od tonsanf methe into e thspatmo ehere dveryay. th ous sandplof peovee han beeev teacuacad be tuse ofhe s fumekiare mangm the. sick to a alwn hs l waniorgabyzed one larmw fine...ose of l verare enpres ftingieamilins ui lawsints agaalst socth gas, e ne ow tr oftohe s frageitacily. bathe wsd ne y is,idou d w notin st la's nightba powerllaw drwoing arrth ound mi 500- bllion.seecauon no e di d. odthe gos newthis, e next
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