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tv   CBS Morning News  CBS  January 8, 2016 4:00am-4:30am PST

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>> f> it's jriday, 8anuaryth, 16 s is i"cthe orbs m nning"ews.>> o > twn mespsuofected av hing estiov to asersero tergrr psou ar une r dearstre. on ofe a them,ef re ugo whmeca t tonihe utestd esatro fsym a.ries probident tsama puge a tart one thnra. a atha town eell m, tingthe pridest encuacs seguthe lon y bbgr ofoup to disg rtinpohis onsiti g onwnun o.ership > >> twillarhe m ekets nd avo lelatik ween on ainupswg?wa slleetrbrt thea aingig sh of li res ef thigmornin afterin chocese stalks r olyrnvehtig. an hed sht mig behe tig bgestpo arp stth in rle woutd, b>> yo> behance ans pl s on st liea tnghohe sthw xte nee tim e shs takestthe age. >> go> modniorm ng froudthe stio ew 57 natsroom ew cbs ns ad hetequarn rs irknew yo
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ani'm arne-menie gre.>> o > twremen arn sted o isterrortem relaged chars are ct expeo ed t tmakeirheir f st t couranappeardaces toy.e onckwas piined up or califnia th and r e otheasin tex . a bothugre refroes fe m thmiddleea tst andayhere ma be nn co.ection webrian hebb is nere in rkw yo t withaihe detls. od goni moriang, brn. >> te repord r: goog.morninfe prderal orosecutths say isere no at indication thr eithesu waspect nis planatng an tack in .s the u. thbut ree arw st dreatimmedie ic crit tism ofsihe pre'sdent prefugeolicy.ur comet docuvents reheal t -y 23d ear-olensacramusto spect un comm oicatedciver soedal mia wi n th ad unnameduindivial ng livixa in te is back.n 2013 o inhane exchenge, t two al dllegeusy discaised trndning a ti fighveng os.rseath s e texa, personfiidentied as in aldividuit i, wrnees, i ed to le omarn frr youonweap rtexpeise. thame sacrusento sespect rponds,if rr you ad ive antii am sll
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ina crimplal comnsaint uealed aythursdus acchees tme sacranto n maraof tngveliri to sy a frome th au.s.acnd bn k agaiafter gh filoting a angsider terroor zaganithtion, ngen lyi to st inves igatoritabout .au itthorsaies iry the aqi n citizealorigine ly camheto t s. as a n fuge i2012. t >> ahis isvin indihodual w wasmm cotoitted ng goik bachome d anan-- as t iraqigho fiatt wh p heeserceivco were t rrupand re megi s. or>> repawter: lce enforment fi ofs cialac tcuseouhe hston ecsusp pt ofngrovidiia materl su iort eae 24-yter-old n xas ma te ene red ths u.s. aqian ira irefuge09n 20 w andntas graed pe enrmansit re sdents tatuin 11 20. e thgechare s arnireiga ted ba den te ocathe gnmpaiil tra er ovti admitiang syrgen refus in heto t. u.s e >> w nshoulde ot bwiallong erisis ts roriste to com tbacko
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ged waad jiho tem attpto trd mu ierennnocant men n d wome in outhis cntry.>> te reporh r: bottssuspec are lescheduppd to ainear er fed al t te a statement, vexas go rnoreg grt abbot ocallede n th id pres hent toe alt th leresettf ment os refuge in theu. ils. untre thean is ti effecve in vettocg prtoess e ensurer am sicans' afety. ri>> bb an web yin nework, th lanks aiaot, brn. > >>intoday on silicle valhey, t a obamstadmini irationngs aski e for th itech'sy ndustrfrom pi stoprong ters rist ofromnline cr re.uiting , googlebofacemiok, t crosofand r twittenkand li aedinre edexpectet to mefe with deral fi ofs.cial is one how tsterrorisd use icmmunn.atio> >>asoverseow rie syovan genernmyst sa it ll wi h allowanumiaitarinn aid to l severawhtowns siere redents stare ngarviat to sie n tuatiopeis desorrate f me so00 40,si0 reofdents mayada. atheytre jus somee of th
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beoctor. a theyrore surbyunded ve go trnmentanroops rod numeus po reatrts the peopliehave dd of utmalnonriti. > >>enpresida t obamtiis putng gu the y n lobb sin hisights. t at aedelevisha town ll in meetacg, he thcuses one natial ri sofle asnciatiost of oking raconspicy pi consheracy t torieshehat t rn goves ment ioset tak tawing aygu ns. ve>> eimry te e therasis a ms sh , ootinglegun saiks spe. paand ortf asthe reison is at th n the cra hasedonvinc many of togoing gr come r ab youguns. r >>teepor fr: ap ired u id presament obina lit nrt the a sdthurigay nacht, ngcusi the ordist htingntis ieterprn atio ofe thndsecond ame.ment t >>onhe catvershaion bs toe ba fsed onndacts a a truthnd wh arat we ale actupoly prosing.t
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io ficthin in wmach obayi is tr ng akto taye awgu your ns. ep >> r torter: lhe gun gobbyroupcl den ined atiinvitaaton to tend to the l wn halg meetin and, ea instlid, cala ng it public onrelatitas speccle. th but ese prt idenalwas chlenged beby memf rs oauthe , diencein includyag ta t kyle,e he wif of anamericr snipekychris ndle a ara vipe survor. >> y so wht can' yourad stminionratiha see tt the re iostrictouns ypu're totting ma hake it orrder fto me a own gu hn orarfoder tr mekeo ta th heat w nre itoeed is be ac lytualt jusngmakiki my ndds ai afless se? >> te repor mr: the ceetingomes o tw adays tftersihe predent to okti execuiove actxpn to eand ntgun coasrol mendures a that pu has t guntr conr ol neathe of top a thea gend on the enpresidamtial c paign.>> il i wt l ge grid ofe un-fre onzones ls schoo.u yo thaveo. d aniton milseary bafis, my rst da gey, it nets sigy?d, oka f my dirstay.
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he >> tst fir i thingd intento do re is evscind ngery sile l illegaunand ticonsaltution ex e ecutiv tactiony aken b this enpresidt. nw>> meaprhile, enesidamt oba wr inote th a "yoe new esrk tim" op th-ed e at hotwill nrt suppo paor camr ign foliany pol tica atcandiddoe who suesn't pport at whll he caons comm g senseun rmrefo. >> we> e ll, thp trumaicampgn edvettpl peoyie tro ng tndatte a ll ra vy inntermo. p trummsclaie mor 2than0,000 pe sopled howeorup f 1 the ,400 atspots last ghnivet's ent in wi thas were tked ifhey sely thoai who ss d ye wereal inlowed . in but te spif oe thcagnmpai 's e best, ffortswatrump s in teterrupt d eighbytimes ot pr.esters> >> ucomingcbp on " s thisrn momaing," rrjor gataett lks th tdonald arumpeys thah look ead ow to ia. th niis more ng, the chinesoc oue grt nd iurlost ding ye y'sterda-fs freeall.
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da the igy 2% hher. rcnew cieauit brguker res lationth huat swnt dong tradird yeste ay uswere s.pendedji nell wagt r is aw the neyork st exock .change , jillorgood mning. >> mo good rning.fe abars thout ese chinome econy d anngdroppiri oil patces th retriggehed anotser big ffll-o o here sn walltreet. w the dod plungein392 po ts and p s& 4lostof7 and tsf to i worst ayfour-drt stath of ee yearver.e thaqnasdpp dro ped 146oroints 3% s of itvalue. nathe assdaq hn fallex for sist draightates. > >>stthe patr five daading ys, in g cludinerdecemb t 31st,he dowha sts lo p 1,036oroints y nearl6% . pr the oice ofroil d tppeda o ea12-yr low. is thni morthng, ghous., cru diis tra33ng at rs dolla a ba rrel.>> > y,todade trailrs w l be hiwatchang wppt hawiens heth t ce de jmberreobs .port fithe merst e asurowof h the eu.s.myconoed far a forf ll o tsalysec exp10ts 2 m,000ore jo
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thand heat tmp uneenloymtet ra dr d oppetoan 4.9% fid the rst hitime tons seasdjally austed plunemntoyme rllate fe 5 below % 20since 07. ne anie-mar?>> wa jill t gner athnee w york k stocgeexchanll, jiu , yowill b beliack a atttle lh er wit our si bu hnesseseadlin. > >>nowell, hew to ter weath, hawhich as beentis volale as th oce strkk maet. he anot nr eltrino-d iggerestorm deis heardd towaes the wast cot, il whree mood floising ec forast mifor sissisanppi e d th ohio ll vaeys. eryest pday,fuowerwal s vett baheered tor califasnia cot arnean sra fisncco. waa man tc thing mhestonaver w esll rogo in ent dr!ched heto tth sousa in egn dihio, t s iv drroer disve h,0 200ol00 dlar la ormbinghini igto hteh war. enthe evgine ntaer s.lledi thguess haat's wpat you r.y fo e ththflood creatnuontiloes a nge thismissi sippr.rive ic in v, ksburgvethe rir is pe exo cted tt cres 5over 0 feetan rd morellain winu contie tothere night. lo a ercal sh tiff isg ryinto
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de fe wralifildle reefugn i hesoutrnasteor .egon eyharnnt couery shiff wadavid wrd metmoith amy,n bundth ere leade of tharmed pr teotesrs. skward adyed bunen to e d th but ef he rused.ey th t planko tal again today.>> om> cuping on theni morng ws ne, ctronsioveralme comnts. e thrngovef or oe mains face iccritfoism cir ra callyedharg cl msai autbog drufitraf ckers. d, an telar,un hofdreds th ndousa ts ofime rn wauser crstome h mayhaave d ei thfor iniormatckn s is i"cthe orbs m nning"ews.s"."ut nerogeakna mmoeup reesver do. rait e% ses 99rof youst mo sbbtukeorn maup thwine oel tow.ette ne nyed ae morf proo tthanhat? ne geutrona. qu noilted wrtherno orks s wellop peanle ct forge theirth baxproom ee.erienc t bufrsir anoggy c f neverorget. "w wohat's herse", s. think.. "t ahat myn rms car nevexrela
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no lt inife. an t d nowh ient tcamewao ngtchi c heriealor s. sewhy n ttle o taste?nejaht thoug. th s at'jawhy ovne llies & ght eefit gratk nonft. yogur rsbuitting w h richeacrsomy awessmene gand 12f rams oeiprotn. r all foor80 calies. tlno setreing he . atwhls eese doan jvee lo ? atth c youldou a winit f bitfl fexlirom & ght fit. le moarn n re oiaspec llyedmarkks pac . li& ght fi t. ffeelereto . enjoy >> ki> breaewng nfrs omov ert.nigha pheliladolphia pofice r ficeis pe ex tctedivo survr e aftebeing ot shpl multis.e time spolicewaay he shs ambus ed ahe hsat inatis pr.rol ca nma gualan w aked upednd fir 13 s. shote thceoffihir was rat sevel ti tmes in, he armtubut re rnedfi .re suthe t specn ra boff,asut w qu y icklstarrey ed br otheof rsfice. >> >oc feriousdf wilires are rn
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n westerliaustraa. re thlee peopis are msingnd a anearlyed hundres hom are yedestrod. ffourigirefarhters e inghtnkeg strikes spard the fi res.>> in> mavee's gos rnor iunder orfire fia racchlly arged co .mments d ane ththmo oeraff the a fluenzte baen is teck in xas.os the e ar osomee f thlihead nes he on tng mornita newss.nd e th dallasni morngs new rt repohes the motr oef th -c sodalleff azaluen teenl wil arappeay todor bef te a exas dg jue. to a nyuccoish in behrsd ba in woft. afrth arter ngrivi sdthurroay fs m loleanges. washe pos de frtedmerom xicola eest werk whr e heetson ishan usin c.tody i hecus acofsed la vio ting at probe ion hviis serng forki g llin pfourineople 3 a 201dr ivunk drasing crh. th tle "porprand heess " rald rt repos onon csitroveral co tsmmeny be'mainves gornor.>> se the t areuyhe gmes nad nedemomoy, se,othift shiy. e thespetygu of e ys comfrom nn cot ecticuneand rkw yo.
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aheroinndhe tn they go back ho me. deincilyntalhe, ty ignmpreeat una yoitg whrle gior befeye th av lee. r >>r:eportel paugelepae mad e thosrkremaeds on w.nesdaye thiccommunnsatioec dirtor de tfendedarhe remksin sayg le wpagespasn't aeakingbout raceut b the etimoalon tlol th ruat de gs havldon chiren. > >>e""peoplts reporwh on at tcausedthhe deang of si er ta nacolie ple whoawassed ay w lasteek. r he sfamilye aid shrodied fm io idicpathmo pulnary rthype wensionauhich carsed het e.failure thsidiagno as camehefter s edreceivew a nne kid00y in 29. >> "s> the tiun senn nel" isouth a florids reportesmanate may ossoon lr e theierendanged at stus. u.the fh a wnddlilife se e rvics planecto riflassey thso d -callewssea coa from danger t totehreaned. enthe ags cy saypuits poonlati bohas reanunded e d therreare moth 00an 6,3ee manathes in t > >>l stilomto cwoe, tv big t
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luanti-f? go ir antival t with.amiflu thnog inemsetos or wk.yo hurisair ti shill tinnng. u yohamay nave ifoctive lls.icle acrevatihete twim thom w en'srogain fe oam. e th oonlya nce trday eneatmt pr enovre to ngrowaiew h urs p toth48% r.icke vi reouve y-vr vaoma-vo. d an $save10. >>
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thy.countr>> > nfletix icentrodu wd thiseekth scat sub hribersewave vied ar ne2 ly 1iobillntn amou of co t ntenlathe eest thrs. monthe thhionly tyng the still n'haveewt vithed is e sun.>> it hey, te's winr.wh reat aoi you gdong to ? t mighl as welnsstay iide. > >> con themobs "atneywt ch" gead reaty to we ch morx.netfli t, firsro new p fblemsor blue i bellamce cre. jinell wagt r is aw the neyork oc stank exchge. od gong morni, againjill. ep>> rr:ortebe blue eall relsed rc fooed thu st downau becsef o li iasterea relsedan at upde on e itscenhand nicleaffng e.orts ey thpe susisct la teri y mall sti be pntrese but none of icits ree cam orth oerro psduct ha ved teste sipotive. b bluereell acalledll of its ic cre m ea ain oprilft las year cland iosedntts plas.ey thsi have opnce rendened a od pr ruction.esumed >> me> tine warysr sawa it s ile e-mass addre es andss pas wordt abou0 320,00time rn watoer cusaymers mav hbee en
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hein ts '90lyfamico sitm. bob saget andoh jn sstamo are acalso bk. il >> jgnl wat er aw the neyork oc stank exchange, thotks a l , ll ji. eri wondhe how t ey will xplain e thtwwhole t ins noinbeerg th e? o have torwait fha tt. th e wait o isver for "game of s"throne fans.hb to sayssohe seah n sixtpr reemiebe will 2 aprild 4th an th d at worascomes the nesatwork t'ys ials in tk to in brbag heck tan ftaitsy h fseries mor twoasore seons. e for thtifirst seme in ason si hex, tw sho mwillbeove yo ndth y e storlalines iid outn or ge. ge r.r'smartin. books>> il> steal ahd,up s bershowl owst opper. tihalfhome sorw perfmers co wldplaybeill ne joi sd on tage m nexty onth ba pesutarsr. de iltaahs d.ea s this ijonot a meb for , isthhi is, tiss y ithis fs myy.amilin bepag a f rt oinhelpg ipeopleedn newh is amo i . rk wo bing atlerookdae for mt is no ajust, job lit's arife foi me. i
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thy.countr > >>mypay de stuoant lffns o. wi i hall sitre w kh ld woup helutme oot a l. w >>hault wou d yoitdo w00h $7 iomilln?>> e tak ocaremef soth of e lepeopno i kedw ne h to beelped. theri porze fs thi 'sweek indraws g hangrowo t aec rord $7 il00 m.lion tt loofery alficiy s saouit cld gr veow eggn biery be thekweend.od wids of nning? sl a n im 1 ill192 miion. > >> mpeyton ianningngs taki hback jis oldob.'l hehel be tr denves bronco ngstartier quartheback w n they heplay tstir firff playo game wnexteek. g manninffcame oen the bch in ek we l 17 tonvead dea er to win. mhe hadseissed prven usevio st uearts dju to inry. brthe s oncokndon't tow whohey wi acll thbe will ed decidin durg ld wieecard wkend. w webeill ng brie ing on of the s you
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ci the tincinnals bengaor tomrow t.nighco geverart sta 8s atm.:00 p. ereastn. be wiyonce foll per rm foris ths year'bosuper alwl he ftimsh ow.s itseher ppcond ae earancafter he ngadlini e then vent i i2013n ne lew orans. e thngsi werinill jola coldpy r fothd e mi pgamermerfoance. ncbeyocee re cntlyboollad ratewi cthdpoly la tonirhet latesal bum. >> yo> and wau can petch sur bowl f 50virom leum stadint in saa ar clala, cniiforsua, on nday, uafebr, ry 7thheright cbre on s.> >> ucomingr p afte lyour ocalws nebs on "cmo this "rning, r actolytim da. an i'm iene-mar. green
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ey thno are k hwn forair lt dow one reg is cditedit> >>th key arenownhe for tir ltloyay. w nog one dois cd reditewith sa noving a dther log'safife ter twthe sco ot ttishererrin s ra inoff sa masetchusuets t.sday lipo fce ooundogne dic, whd h le rsrescueth to nde secowa that s ap trwnped doba an em.nkmentbo sth areisafe thni morng. po aslice dvih cam deo ur capt red thee oadsidrydelive b of a taby by jwo newersey at stooe trpers. p >> keegoing! re >> b, athethbreae. k >>ineep gog. ke ngep goi. d,>> goo good. re>> the! we go>> om the mbi gave onrth thesh oouldergaf the tarden ste pa y rkwaaymondng mornie as sh r and hed husbanedrushth to e it hospal. m four ainuteshefter ter troops ri arheved, tbo newasrn w in m' mos.s hand o >>e nce th cbabyouame t, 'sfather w firstutords os of himo wauth iks, lt e, whais it? i whats it?an had at tt,t poinno you kw, we ar eie seabng a bgoy and t to lo ir's a gl! u yo?know>>
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g . well> >> ia babyo,n plan m texasade puher dblicn ebut oaythursd.he h r birtsswas pohrible tough nu an u omla vilcafran has the orsty. ay >> s hie to thworld.>> te report r: meeelbaby ksey. sshe ie herau becse or f hegr otandmher. sukelly edfferee thr rimiscarndages aot her mher of tofered r be heatsurroge. >> lk we tathed to ore doct aboutit b andede mie e racledhappen. >> ep ror 5ter:ar4-ye t-old racy psthomavon gh e birt oto herwn an grlddchite yes.rday >> lo my mvelyffom o teredveo gi t merehe gt ates igiftld cou er eve havy in m. life>> or rep tter:sohompysn sang bei eg pr wnantheith anr grghddauter nowas ot s syea.>> s thedecon tstrimeer was ea ere.e thtfirs t andrdhe thie wer al reghly tou.>> ep rr:orteg durinrydelive ,
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ansareti secfton aheer t by bart's headr rate opped. w >>yohen au lookpit the cture,'s ittr an exraeme mi cle. >>te repor, r: momerdaught, and dd granteaughwr no a share erstrongan bond dve drinh wit fe y rtilits option dthaton't ve gi up. ou >> ye havs frienderand th e maare omny w aen whoilre w ling o to dndit a c youe an hav yourbi alologic s childllti. or>> repocter: daytors sy kelse eais hwelthy, ngighind 6 pou s oand 11unces. aromfr villacbanca, , s news o,planas tex.>> co> p ming uteafurr yoal loc ws ne"c on hibs trns mo"ing,am pidowllerbate lotanry mia.we wl ilowshou yow h the -c sod alleerlottury cse hasef lt wmanyrsinneh hig and dry. us ple, ther govt'nmenw s ne di aretyui gsdeline and ga alle ttionsdhe foous indtry wa dotered wn the co retimmendaons. to acm r tirodaly famm "mad et secroiary" jinns us the .studioth that is me "cbs norning ews" th for dais oranks fin watchg.
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