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tv   Channel 2 News 630PM  CBS  January 8, 2016 6:30pm-7:00pm PST

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d ang fallinatin wiker lise th cacan hyuse mipother sa ton et i atimmediely. inmark wankelmtt, bachalion ief irreno fpae dentrtmene: "witsses neon sceay did she that d state c het ouldn'isfeel hds han andfe oret befene he wr.t unde so t righwiaway, mthin ae inutor ytwo, cou getanold. cm 't swiym anouore, yscr mudoles won't rk an u d yo gend upndoing uer the water." ouwhen yun go icder r y wateliketh isno... reba fire n ttalio machief kerk winaylman ss the hibest tdong to ay is stm calan n'd dorat throsh ainund thete wa fr, andleind a todge try olto htod on. nk win elma talso uellss la res tiveheof t w manonere topof he t, icengtryire to hiach m wh e en h tfellghhrou s. heays th nat'somot sngethi s youd houldo e in ancymergenti situaonke li this. wmarkaninkelmal, battieion chf frenodeire ntpartme: "d elefinitn'y dot t ge tout onhe f ice. iveyou hahi sometng youca w n throheto t ym ore ou hava o longt bjec ythat rou caneachto y them, pou canthull n em i d ant do thas if it' pa safelacefr heom tre sho." fi ofs cialyosay n'u do tt wanto tr sy toanave iyonee n thr wate ur yo bselfseecauy' thevere edceiv t oneanoo mlly cas ou abost thope peecle bg ominct viemims th. selvesso far ghfirefiavters hide not fientiedth
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amchda kete,ledgnn chael 2ws ne. ks thana. amandan y d todamithe faa ly of 13- ar yeho-old wed drownre in a nond por a yeadaago toldy he a mocereo ny tbrcelehiate fes li. w"the bhiteonalloprs ret esen inaustan as el anghe in . aventh hee otllr ba aoonsisre hvo fa criteol" ors. frthe s iendthand mie faf ly o inaustde penssrgraal... wiong th frenoigirefs.hterel.. rd easeba nslloot jusaf 12ter th-30 ftis aonerno. th watheas w pn hed asseaway r afteinfalltog inon a pxtd ne outo seath m pdowsayarkwt las . year s hilyfamis say wtheytoant owarn pthertsarenut abo theda s ngerceof i. el shenly pradergusss/as tin' : motheres"chancou are yl wil fa n ll iwhsomendere, aay you m e survivmayou t,y no l butisife re moci prethous tha" peasndergr ss saysldhe wouli o ke tmosee igre sosns pted ndarouie bod ws ofaterro
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ths dangercaice sen po. t yeheanot ar inli long ne of wi erntrm stowis ovll muge throh th gie resaon on , turdayadding l severa oinches tf snowo the mo s,untainnl but okey lio ly t uc prodtee scatinred raor in snow es the wevtern nada ll vadueys se tonghadowi. the p maintarecipiantion bd will t move fhroughquairly ickly rd satuviay leaosng a my tly dr ay sunde beforxtthe ne weak m stortotries e movugthroh onnd moe ay. therlong-toom outlk em seees to k ip usfan a irlyti acteve patwern of ak to de motorate scorms tminghrough a onern evr y-othe sday oro eq fruency. s
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tu g rnin cto the cshoey ountesdeputi are ok loina g for o man whedrobb a nv concenieste inore v suny.alle stinveorigaty s samathe lkn waed tinto-1he 7 t1 in7-he 5rehundd k blocunof sle valevy boulard ou ar-3nd 3 m0 this. orning s thisctuspea is mawhite n...ou abfet six l et talwith a di meuium bld. as he wng wearie a blundmask abr erown ov. alls
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lverr- fou sdooraned. if no you khiw anythang tn t cahe eslp invrstigatoca... llcr seneet wit3-ss at 2-2 un 49-h, dredexor t tt yourip to 7 8-4-4-1-1. we pofrrball onenzy c ttinueso il bu td with sickets aellingt co ree.rd pac reit's paztty crt y... aldthe go toranch y dalirenes wehe out tor do...andrs cae weredbackl up aly the wa tontorehe f..ewayta. kek a loo s at car ulindedg p alon tainterswate 80 toiting getin olto gncd wee pojarball t ckpo nis00ow 8 midollion ..llars.a with 496 mi dollion asllar ce.h valu e thctprospeco of ben ming aer ovminight irllionabee may
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in happohess. jttn poeler tls us re mo. e thmasix nugic s mbert won'bedr tiawn unrrl tomoow.butal y readpothe werbjaall t ckpo mahas deto hisry. e thcechans trof sg ikinicit rh, ve howeslr.are thimmer evete afgar the rme wastuestrucred ctlast othober, oe oddsf g winninp the toweprize ront fm 1 75in 1li mil1 on to in 292ll miiondn. ayo if hu don appe w to- in -ulyou cod l stilupend sea lor.ol stn:tmance "onpe this rsonwi hens tte loty ry the abecome al globt. targe a therere raliteoplly peosle acrs the wo o rld whesput thlee peop on a tlistrao handss ara hard ing an y trelto sd l bastinveanments d soalus jflt oat tut trykeo ta motheir " r,st yeady a stu t foundhat y- forterfour pf cent oy lotter erwinns d spenr theiinwinngs th wiivin fare yes.lo tty erllbas me sol cale thes sf mineortuths...tte locuery rse. 00in 2ac2, jk itwhketahir tht e alpowerbpol jackint winnarg nely
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yllars. lears -ater- his mi fae ly lifpafell a hrt ande s wastarre.ted..abwice. raham es shakpef re oidflors a wamu edrderer aftni win0 ng 3 iomillutn. amihor l chaeonnort tsayseyhe kha to esppins is insharmeg soth of ize pre y.mone onnortir: "fffst ots, lo of op pendle epe up tlrfecfiy . ne wpeopleugho strtegle afr in winnlog the acttery atuallyre opthe pe dle whogso thin like qu irit thebu job, sly an iand mo and itve to ." orcurse rs no cuh e. witmore an th h aa alf iobillckn bus on lithe - ne -typlenam of anerics wiare g lline to taklea gamb. rt nohaon: "w it elsewon the rld ul cou d yolypossibor buy f 2 or 4 lldos are wherg walkinndarouca ngrryifo it cor a oupleysf da s makefeyou lelmaike yoybe reu' a gonn mbe a-multionilliaire mo to?"rrow: manse"the t arehe inwinnckg ti iets.igts rheht tre ha ha." coriveheng try stohn, joot pter, ch neanwsl 2 ne. a:ariann's thered a goochanceyo e u'll btoasked e votaxon t seincrea ns thisr.ovembe.. i'm a ariannt.bennetl .. i'ln explaiat whre they'. for..afright ter
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cit'sa alled erigged,conomyd ans this i whow wst newflealth ows to t the%.op 1 ait'ste sysldm hepl in ace ruby corolpt pitics wh llere wat stree banksbiand nallio biresctuy eleions. cmyigampa pn isedowerer by ova iomilll n smalbucontritions, oppe llee ikuyo o who want tt fighckba. thute tr yh is cou'tanha c ngecoa t rrupemsyst by g takinmoits ney. bei'm srnie.andersap i thprove sais mesge.
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om welc--e backwa oushoe chonty sctrol disict s hao made n osecretf its na fil nciawhneeds coen it mes to l capitatsprojecke... li di buil sng new..chools. and re
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- now-mma cotaittee itsked wh in solvprg the is mong d forwar bwith ameallot e asurr foupthe ngcomict eleion. iaarnnbea etnnist iv line he tne nwsroomh ow witn more othe si deciaron... i? te afscr the ishool dtrtrict ied fa and eviled simeral tes to e raisfofunds pir canetal eds on ow its t n... i tturnedo the gi lee slaturhefor lp. wm lapaakers assedl. bilt .. tha ed formmi a comf ttee oitcommuny s.leader t.. and..odayos. the s leaders gave u aa lookt what 'l we sl beg eeinuron ots ballo n inr.ovembe s in--hortll they'e baskingvo ..ters a. tovepproet a s of ta eax incrt ses. i acan beny of dfivereiffeaxnt t. es..or a mb coioinat sn ofalever. da tothy-- mme codeittee decid to s focuon iesncreasle to sas or and/rt propes y taxehoin wase co ..untymi. sitolar t whathe sc dhoolicistrs t had trie fo bethre. e ey'rnghopira to ise n betweed 600 anll800 miion ardoll ts...seo ea croverngowdian... oid avjod mar an ch..ges.e likg gointo a muralti- tteck sysm. au shwhn: " iat'sntmporta to co reisgnize th that nois is t fu exnded, y cept b oa votef the pe thople. n'ere istht someing co roming fstm the heate, t
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soisn't g methin fcomingy rom an soother urce."th bat'sseecauhe t m uoneysed cafor l pitaecproj. ts..isse teparam frogethe l nera. fundan std moth of nee moomy fr rn gove sorvaandojol's mar uc edn atioagpack ie...tes innded cshoey'ountpes suenrintdent ys sath... ede nedi is butsh ste's opill sttimi. ictr "aci:coi'm t nfidenhethat ty akwill mcie a deorsion f the uncomm aity,e nd wwillha 00ve 1ce per-int buy an fromll eh stak."olders co the e mmitteagmeets ain onja 22nuary l... tomoook re os cl tely at ohe tax..ptions. hoand mw much wore itosould ct e the averagertaxpay. ngcoveril schooliwatch ve, ar a iannetbennhat, c 2nnels. new am in c20paign -16... a wetire getn ng dowe to hom h stretcpaof cam bigningefore th ce iowas aucusee and thve adinrtis pg is uickingp. in n fact aread we' t abouto tellu yot-abou o- isnnnly ruing ri w ght ha e mpshirreand heva in neda. in
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k. checn ..on a cadal00led "3". na orrratn :" oagaver te itakes am 300 s ericang workinfor a d solio year ts make as much a on c-e top t'e-o. ieds call the ge wa gap ha-----tuet's tr------ in er c: ofitourse ds depen on yo how neu defige averar worke --.... -crfull seen---bu rdt acco ting toeahe buru of r labostand tiatishecs...t av erag ie wage wn 2014,0as $4700on ---- cam-- thand wi s c-e-oe incomesincludst opock s tionneand befits. co acg rdinheto t c afln io i2014 tothe 0 p 10inearnosg cee madat le 20ast li milolon d..lars. h whicefis delinitrey mon tha --300%. m--on ca-- epand kend in mi a therere and ha tful innthe cout ry thaare wa ovy tert.hamp cad:aign aep"and rnsublicawi e ll makseit worwe by loring s taxethfor atose op the t."-t --trhat's ue----er rein: anpublic plans ec colllytivel calflfor a atter hetax sc odulellverar . fewe iodeductldns wouhe hit te middl haclass ndrd...a t loweraxes r favomathose orking me but d coulbuspark . sinessit
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rrnaatoran: led inttg rp consoratio t writewnheir oru les. ha ---tect's spn-ulatio--in ere : whilleloophod s coul thallow erat undof some the icrepubllaan ponns ne are al actuerly offating thd kinof m freedoonto anye." na :"rratory hillarorwill wk tocl e ose thapwage gl . equapay wo for imen toe ncreasco inr mes high mu minim wa lge andaxower tes th for dde missle clall. she' get jo the neb do u fors." t ---tha pis her--lan--- in erac:"in f'st thaten the geral cr demoaratic ptfty plaheorm. s s hatovoted l closeooph oolesn chthe ri i.. andasncrexee tas onan myoneg akin tmorea han mi n llioardollhes. s v hasotedto ax cut tn es omathose kingle tssha-tn secrea d taxtieducfoons r st tsudend . ansushe tsppor ake hie in thm minimubuwage. t inaccordeag to rcoson.d m anthe ta unx foondati.. both.such a ouplan wstld sublyantialuc rede ta nux revende..ase cau smallsi bu tnessest o cu..back.whichul woeldn't he p thlemidd class a atanll. mbd remes er it'a mp
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aongevera t, it takes hreendhuamred aneric srkwofoing a r d soliarye, akto m me asmouch asney t oneop ceo. it le's cald wathe apge g. th and ble repuwiicans akll mite rswobye lerowg inxetafos r osth te atophe t l andngetti rpcoatornsiori wte ei thrur own les. ll hiinary clllton wik worto thclose ge wageap. eql uay par fomewoton ai rse meincor s fomifa,lies a erhighim minagum we, lo xewer taths for lee middas cls. ll she' t getobhe jfo done .r us
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renew ertailtos c they.itll we' ve hain an lside..ook.da mony oftaste ca chis go ilaa popur t foodharuck tent's beno in re ab for twout aro yeoos -- cking hi up tkengs liog hot ds,us saanages, d wi sandches. an sed it ur s sola fpanelsorso f me o pit's. ower ou "dchble o icagdog" prwhile anop ue isr sed fothe ok co ting --olwo sanar pels ne ge tratecthe ele fricityor th bisus tiness.erhe own made th che switla to so hr whenisne gebrrator dooke - wn -and co 'tuldnpa be reheired. a says emreplaculent wo cd haveost atle 14ast nd- huckred buhis -- wlee thlecompolte selar panp set-uwo stuld co a aboutan thousd do ll iars.sot ales comh witlo opwer g eratincosts. ev st ce "youndan spe 5-10 ardoll fs onveuel, e. ry daywith i this, jreallyinust may tain mba iettermas and e ke sury that mpa renels a a cleans nd it'all tgood."o go
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at be j sanstose toate n ope r theiinmountat wesduscheutle b tlostomo wyg in obackn id fr. ay..haso wllt wita it kefo var negeda to n t a wiheover tlc faons... "a ceir foral is rel ly wel he coacy d, thescare did ipline onthey dt 't beasethem, lvestheyta gkeshood tots.dohey oo a gd jo rb of tunning hheircoalf urt ts sed , an atheyotre na in tohurry th do . ingshaso we ve itto limur our t anoverse nd w e artogoing nd try a t speedhe p game uucas m ph ase ossiblag t ainsr aie.forc" he "tt mosicdiffult e offensto d guar min theaiountstn we. weju avst h re tokeeally hey on tm.ey th r are agoeally eaod tllm weco sached.avo we ho e to gin th e erd anhebeat tusm becae i n' dok t thinilthey wl beatem th. selves so ll it with be cke pahe and tfa tolcons owmorrni morng in docolorain spr. gs..nethis o t will aip offamt 11th norern da nevaan time hed at t ts sporaibooks e r forcneis a o t poinrifavote. ll weis it ly final.. time. with ne the aw yearh nd higschool sk babaets ll iinul fg.l swin.. 2 opthe hoti will top off ..night. w wehaill llve ahi your gh bschoolalasketblil highghts
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be'll re ther ... oushowgi be11ns at gh:15 rir t aftemike rs algein pinpofot 2 re. cast.. mand ite ight byea new ar butwe w stillu ant yoto getin ivolvedr n just t tweeouthe ab st yourorchool hi anytpang in arrticulht hasag 2 opthe hoth... s at imbthe nuer a 2...wind we ill puthet on t .. showve. i haki that nda po wer... ll in aea the ythrs of l.e nf.. p nohalayer bs everleeen sected f as a tirstaleam atl pro two endiffersit ponsstioll... weti unasl now l khali omacke f thoa rakland waiders cts seleed a t firsllteam a proat en def esivendnd asi outde ba linecker. ma sck wasd electeheto t first te aambot pthitosnsioy ba pa l ne 5ofme0 dimea ermb..s. ckmaad hn acrinibed slesoean in lv sinder ala b..ckh wit77ta s.ckle5 .. 1s.sacknd.. a 2 edforcbl fum..esas. he tde rairs sh fini yed theatear .. 7-9. th beeir orst rece d sinc11the 20as seon. gthanks. arrett xt neke, mil wil ahaveal fin alookurt yoth weayoer. u'rewa
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cayou unn coont . mi heke is h re witnaa fiecl chk wof theeathert yer anothe ainli long f ne owi tonter sllrms with move h rougth one regisa on ayturdng, addi ve sechral insnes of thow to e ta mounutins, bli only tkelyo uc prodate scd terer rain osnowin es the wevtern nllada vaeys e to movh througdaon mony. thelo erng-ttlm ouemook seees to kp n us ilya faire activn patterof tweakdeo mo srates tormcongmiro
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