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tv   Channel 2 News This Morning  CBS  January 11, 2016 6:00am-7:00am PST

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li the on ecanomy mid imiogratfon rerm. l severaisof hpo sups rterwe e spokayto sy the tlikethhat e na doakld spemis his nd. sc umott bl- enthallasouth ke e- tahos "he'foall err ama icand th ere bett omenterf amd ica an po not calitirrl cos ectnesand he a isr leade nand wee.eed on" un coe try, wo need tt make iea grn.t agai" tdonalds rump ig hostinxthis nera dally toewy in nhi hampsre. to and pa preorre fev the nada ca iucusesuan febrthry... e cwashoeg-ounty ldo-p he a ca raucus tseining n ssioheat tir qu headrsarteur oee washy countrepublican saparty y ys theo want tn trai ermembhes so tkny owhe how t esprocrks wohes. tcu caus s ha pa two herts: tde presil ntiapr ceeferenl polthand ine precct g.meetinat re the pmecinct teting,hey omwill ne inatermembs to thece ntral mm coanittee sod alct ele tedelegaaus. cchcus ylair phlis we p stru isaidant's or imp, tant as grtssrooce pross. "a o lotopf perele a t newo ne , vadaeyand thve've ne ar doneuc
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neke we tred to loain a t ofpe , opleheso towy knt whatheyar g e goinonto do ru febary ." 23rd ru west tp said mhat ifembersnt wat to geinvothlved, ey ld shouta conhect te washocountypu re hblicanrteadquaers to usignp. le ect's ch wk inith te meogoroljeist tiff marr nez fofi a lorst t ok aatthe weher. m good, orningjeff! cmostlyfoloudy urr yoda mony th wihs hige in ths low 40and ic diffthult. oseerwihu no geor stemm syste s arinheadg our y wa hwithn ighs iw the lo40s th
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o time toucheck rot our adways
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cc no a tidentsrto repoo . we dve haot a mt oris iassist, n reno ei-80arb nels wele . usa extr iocautn. opartwnf do rtownmaeno y be edhead a foreo mak aver,s a bu osinessnvwner in ests ithe poareas iatentl. soky sisivn is luse for e at th ag monttoe downrewn wheal a locsi bumanesswobin has s g planfor re the stailcepa e,therd gooinmorn..g ky. m good jorninganohn did an, l locaenentrepanaur d thphilan, ropist mstaciewsatheonju ghst boutht out iris ente co f rner ottthe boorom flo of th ere comm scial hpaceatere the agmonte.e shs have unsan itoide ur and ha g s bifoplans sr whattshe wan s toe ee comowto dn ntowreno. st maciewsathey on- "ms desirere enally carter wounds ellnesan
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si buwnness orsers pee pectivi lyrelad looke mat theontage e spacngto briwe some ."llnesse shsepurchat d abou75% or 0017,0q sf ft oavthe blailae nd grou c floorommel rciae spacan bad jim erusofman the mabauserp n grouotthe 25her % he toplans h bringliis pubc la rebutions isinessthnto e e.montag iestacal is heso tnd fouf er oa lo n-cal no dprofito oors t re . covery tthoughishis herrs fiprt for usofit biness nt veure, ysshe sas she iteexciakd to me is thet som thingnehat behefits t - acieis"it ro a pt fiurevnte fo sr meateparome fr theno itn-prof0 but 1t percenof the ee procilds w tl gos o doorto ve reco try foro he ren um cotymuni." ldshe toe us shtowants e mak wndowntoof more ka a walble sospace ta lets alke a wk and
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do ting... hhis isnoer corr ofth age mont00e, 17, f0 sqaneet d sh s e wantto see aa gym,, spaa and ueboutiqco thme to ceis spahe and s is y alreadksin tallo with cal ssbusine aes whoerre intd esteinmi herti reporivng le indo rwntown keno,ssy sion, ne chanwsl 2 ne. th y.anks k d weveo hasa some td newso rt repos thiinmornidg. davwi bohee, tov innanative icd icon er singse whous ill ctriousareer st lae ed fivdedecaies, dd ni overghtet afbar a wttleh it nc caheer. 6 retiesentaveve steti marn saidea onrly ay todha tbot diwie ed "p ceeallfu ay" snd wasrourdeund ste ematadent rele: "whi many of il you we l shars in thiloss, skwe at thaspyou ree ect th lyfamiri's p dvacyg urinr thei f time o" grief. orno mile detares wede provid.
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aysame dle he re nased albew aum ll cabled "r"acksta . il stoml to chae on c 2nnels new mthisngorni... iaitallin porece aes invtitigang dethe ofath er an amomican wan nglivior in flwhence. y th aus oritiellare car ing he h deatcia homiwhde... coen we meba ck. bu t.t firs.. e we havtethe lathst on e caofpture io notorg us drulordel .. chapohi. and ecs conntion orto actpe sean nn. e the bizarr..story.g cominup xt ne. "y waou're ngtchinn cha nel 2s ew
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gathe saxi of meugcan dr lord n joaquiap"el chmao" guz an tookbi e zarr lturntuate sawhrday..en g rolline stonzimaganepu d blishetha lengtey inw rviewi uzth gndman cobyucted actor an se penn.n doonchampi t hasathe lest on at thd , anefthe toforts bring c el thapoe o th fa st juice. dr inug k jgpininoaqu c "elhapo" gu s zman i ibacke n thsame camexiisn pre on heltunnuted oof m sixs onth bago,isut hs day mathere umy be n mbered.exicanau orthithaies egve bheun t oc profess ng sendima guz tn tohe faars ch wges.hilehi wys lahaers eave alrildy fed onmoti fs to eightxtonraditi, a s. law entorcemee sourctold ne cbs cws "elishapo" te expecd into be u thewi.s. hethin txt neto four ee six wks. anguzmap was cfrtured ftiday aer ol a viooent shittout wcah mexin ne marihas. he od beenrun the n si lynce ju..ysalwaag mantoing o stay sneahtep ead of ve inatstig hors.owis dl nfalma by havemeeen a wieting th r acto pseanen on in. ctober xi me'scoor attgeney l nerasaysgu
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ac and rsto b hecauseede want to amakegr biocaaphilml fiut abo mshif.elss actrede kate l ca ilst hloeld peinbrgug anzm andnn peet tog ther.r he paiwere raphotog dphedg urineta secr nd reusezvoe in thn mexicajungled anitauthory ies saeethat mting he tlpedndhem fiap el cho's de hiout. r afteofyears ng denyis he wainth te druggurade, olzman td pe snn.."imoupply erre hoin, am methinphetamoce, c aainendri mathjuana boan anye dy elsine th" world.lshe aldo to penn he or was f dced tougeal drs ca beeruse ths e wathno oayer w e to maknga livixi in meco. th rdose wocos may acme bk toun haant guzmhe if nt eveually s faceintrial u the.s. do amn ch, pionwscbs neyo, new rk gu dzman's nefense tow hashree o days tt presenntargume s nsagaitrt exn aditio dand 20ays
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tbeyondlehe pa thorerof oth s appeal htheyalave ready te starngd fili . ng comion up nn chaewel 2 ns this ucominghap on c nnnel 2thews ismo g.rnin.. me olteort ogis mjeffneartiz willve hapi your 2npointas forect te
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g okin taroundldhe itliian po ice areganvestitinge thofdeath er an amomican wan he in tof city nc floree.-y 35d ear-ol aartistolshley sen s wadefound head in tmr aparent tu sa. rdayey thil're stinl waitg for an au y topsfito con srm howd.he dieit aldiian meaya is sr ing hede hocide. r heriboyfanend r d helolandrd d foundyher bor , aftehashe d no ent berd heam fror fo. days se olhen and rir boyfhaend d ar bugued, cet polisa have id he ha lis an abi. se ol wn,asfl from orida. ysand da n afterororth kea d claimeteit tesdrd a hyogen , bombs the u-derespon ad with di sp mlay ofy ilitaronmight theko preansueninla. b- a om52 br be afromsenderr n ai baforce guse in leam ferw ov the tyvicinian of osh , soutkorea dayester uy. theif-s pacicmm coidand sas it wapoin resnse to ec a rclent nustear te by no rerth koa.ex s pertnodoubt rerth koa's cl ataim thst it teh-ed an , bomb rtbut noanh kore bs haveeen le
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by5 wo f-1r fighte..jetse . onom fr-s the u, the r otheoufrom seath korin... ash stow of orengthe f thceallianbe thtween coe two s untrie nn"chaewel 2 nins contthues wi meteolorisogfft jeti mars nez' np pi 2ointor ft,ecasca broadst if cert tied byrihe amecan olmeteor sogical!"ociety mo lostly cr udy foonyour mday wi hsth hige in th40low d s an wilight urnds. och next orance fa shfew s owerouheads onr way wa hy withn ighs ilothe s w 40
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st cill toonome nn chaewel 2 ns orthis mngni... th nee gvadainamcog rontd l boarst pothed anos er losin e revenuealast y mr. howthuch e
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om welc. e backorthis mn ning ine moh.y watcte.. uniind airlesha fs beenlmined amiost 3-llion s dollar uby the-s ortransp dtationtmepar..ent. for atviolleing rut s aboutarmac la de ays andngssisting passeers wiabth dis. ilites pathe de srtmente aid th na peinlties noclude tut rerning ee whs lchairisto dd able enpass, gersdeor ay quatellp hething ovem mroe thh ug l severa aof itss.irport the alfines luso inclade vio atingle rual that flowingtoliers -p deftlane aeler a df ay o3 ormo rsre hou. ca smpbellwioup ecll be ome thfi marst odjor fony compa to start la gmo . beling wothe arrlds lougest sr p make
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s andardodfor pritucts wh ne gey ticalledmodifidi ingreentsan itd is wnghdrawirt suppom frofo efports op tsingovhe me.ny matr indusouy granps wt toke maab the lg boday, ahrut tuaee-qofrters ca 'smpbellct produais cont n m- g-o-s. fa the lamous panyboy ms sion ion ma the . rket.. cand ititomes wh ro a . ommate bo play iy sayss t want2-about nd hullred-million dor ars fothe 22 us-thouaand sqt re-foo los ge anesles . tater ownehughhe bfnert oughplthe y aybo iomans 1n in971 for ju r st ovemione n llios.dollar hubut efgh h wfner non'ttoeed a find h new tome. ohe newwner st muee agrle to m t hiivto le e therthfor ste rehi of fes li. wand itthas ano yer badr ear fone gvada'sinaming . dustrysi cainnos s thestilver state lo 66 io2-millarn doll0-s in 215. e th gnevadag aminrocontd l boar s call sit thetrixth-saight ye thar in foe red sir cainnos
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thd trengaben hewith t8 200ce ren.ssiohi.. wntch mea fewerur to aistsarnd fsp less ending tat theanables md slots.achinene a amvada gnting coborol ard om econysist saos the lreing stakou sh tld endarhis yeth, wi a rd recoll 42-misiion vi tors pe exn cted ilas alvegas one. o time toucheck t r ouadroyswa r withth-j in fe moreff-m traicnt ceer... no id acc oentsinr decis nttopo rel rt. al hof ours ighwayand ac surfete stree s areltraving at co p ming unnon chaewel 2 ns this
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anndlegearary avtist dieid bow di has fted aater bcatling ncer. as he we' 69. we ll taka look
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ev rnery moesing thate men e ati eared brkfast ha and red a tid day. th erey wumen't lksberjac , wtheyslere umbe.rjacks o then jne dayowack shed up awithfa breakurst b pritooweredalby j.apeos n'it didstt jue changtheirg.mornint id changehieverytng! tug rnintrthese geee log e to tre.lovers sp laicy ja cpeos,tlhipoe sa uce wi llth grioned bacgs, eg ch and .eese th pee jalaono bacfa breakst it burro.
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st juad ahene of 'svadare icpublauan c dcus,d onal ju ast oheaddaf neva's icrepublcuan cauals, dond hetrump thld anolyer ralno in rela igst nweht. ke spoh witthe g- fro-p unontratner p thed acke thd wita the scute causes be g ginninonnext mshth, waoeco epunty rnsublicaa held tr ngainisi sesr on ovethe en weeko d... t smakevoure tersar mie faarliit whoh thw e oc prwoess rks.d anrea new patail s bce maye in openn g up iwndownto k reno.y onsissve is lith from age monte s to whow usnehat siw buesness ouwe c ild seecon the mingnt
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ne n right6:ow at -m30 a. to mday is jonday,ryanua 11, 6. 20-1 orgood mi'ning, pm and i'm vadi gueanra. thks for ngstartir youwiday nnth cha el 2 t newsrnhis mo ing. s let'wistart uith a qk ck looat rethe fo wcastith olmeteorogist arjeff mtinez. es wednd day anaythursd with ey vallan rain tad mounw in sno er showt s, thakemay mave tral uldiffictht. oseerwige no hu m storemsyste s arg headinour wa hy withn ighs iw the lo40s th through eke weend. an thf.ks jeftu g rninamto c20paign wiev the nucada ca quseslyuick chapproa ring,iseno in becomg a lapopuinr destfoation r the 20 6 -1prtiesidendial candates. eryest rday,liepubcan fr tronr unnelddonamp truke spoto p ad ackee housowin dn ntowre heno. s say awithhell t cgrowthtooming er northn daneva, tit'stoime ng brie mor . jobs e' "woire go ng tg brin bjobsack e becaushait's c lnged aot, no rell's reaany chwhged at 'rtheyine do cg isnghaaning d a
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it now gh's tou a butf lot o in thangs cpe hape n, wg brinjobs ck bapl, a liace hike t gs isoing b tog e a bibefat tiauful be cinefiary." um trokp spr e fohamore tn anur hoin touchatg on ntoional pics t likenohe eco imy andtimmigraon rmrefose. veofral hissu teppore rs we spok swithay ey the likthatd donaltrump ea spisks hd. min t scotenblum- thalh soutlaketa "hhoe-l e's alerfor amd ica an be the ntttermeer of amd ica an po not l liticatncorrecd ess anheis de a leawer and d nee" one. th anwaony - lkerrenore -"sident'rif youume a trp su tepporotr or nst, you lkill taou abist the d sue an'sthat the po imthrtant d ing anisfor thun coe try, wo need tt make i gr aieat agn." lddonamp trunu conties his gncampai t rallyn oday inew irhampshe. d anpato pre tre foradhe neva us cauct es nexh.montsh..waoeun coubty rep hlicanscaeld a ucus tr saining aessionr t thei qu head..arters.. toall m train semberso theyow knhe how tss proce. works ca the asucus har two pthts: e es
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th and ine preceect m. ting t atcihe preetnct me ting,y'hell tenominabe memo rs ttheir ce ntral it commd tee andeelect s.legate ca cucus phairishylltr wesupca itlls im an anportt, oograssrrots pssce. l "af ot o apeopleewre n to va ned da, ane they'vdonever ne a ca efucus bndore. a w so,ele fe wlikeede netr to loain a t of , peopley so thehaknow wt theyar g e goinonto do ar februy rd 23." sa she meys if s mber twanto get in , volvedanthey cct conta the cwashoeoupunty reblicanad hetequaro rs tp.sign u le ect's chitk in wh me ogteorolffist jene martiz for fi a okrst loe at thr.weathego niod morjeng, ff! cmostlyfoloudy mr youronday igwith hthhs in 40e low s and uldifficert. otho wise nhugeor stemm systhes are ouading r y waigwith hn hs ilothe w 40s
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o parttof downo wn renbemay ad he aed forve makeos r, aa bu osinessnvwner in ests ithe ar teeas pontial. isky sisson fo live t r us athe nt mownage do wtown ahere localbu sssinehawoman pls big r ans foe th sretailhepace todre, go inmorn..g ky. go niod morn ng johdiand an, lo encal entrepanaur d thphilan, ropist mstacieonathews b justt oughthout iris ente ocornerbof the lottom for of cothe cimmerpaal serce h te athemo ue havenss an iuride to and hapls big r ans fohewhat s wantsto c seee omowto dn ntow. renoac stheie mat"mwson- rey desis al retely cenndr aroues wellns he and analth. rod so fm a ssbusines ownerctperspeive i
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e spacngto briwe some ."llness she hapurcabsed % out 75or17 q ,000 sthft of aie ave labl ndgrouor florc commeacial n thewsoo is alsfothe r undeof l a locaofnon-prrsit doo to re . coveryghthou tishis her rs fir t foitprofin busess ve snture,hesh says xce is eitedto th make etis somhahing tt tsbenefiom the ctymuni. ie stacis- "it fi a prourt evnte sfor mee eparat tfromhe ofnon-prutit bpe 10 ofrcent the dsproceego will or to dos toco reorvery fen the ro co tyummuni."e sh utolde s shtowants make do mwntown aore ofka walble e spacetso l as takean walk d se ee what sxactlyilhe wl bein dohig... ters is hr cornoofth nte mo7,age, 1 f000 sqd eet an wa she tonts a seea gym, spa,
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spshe and lre is an eady i s talkthwial loces busino ses whar ree inten sted i hcomingere.we en've beer iut he e sinc430 hn jo a andlkndi tathing wi de resio nce whciare ex sted toeeso g methiny finall imoven toth ceis spa... inreport ig liveton downo,wn renky n, sissoel channew 2 ns. kthanksy. o we domhave snee sad ws to po res rt thig.mornin david tbowie,ovhe innanative ond icic er sing i whoseiollustrus lcareerfiasted adve decedes, di ghovernir t aftelea batt with ercancas. he w 69. enrepresvetative stear midtin sa rlea ty on todayt hawiboe died ea"pllcefuy"as and wur sunroded f by tamily.tehe staeament rd:hi "wy le man wof youshill inare osthis l ws,e atask th yousp rethect lye famiva's pricy
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m nodeore wetails vire e wi 6turnedri9 on fheday, t dsamee ay hedreleasew a n albumll caaced "bl. kstar" mi coonng up el channs 2 newthis in morng... t leopn iw nerkyo. ..d anroacss glthe joimod a ntveme teto supp . ..drand doess wn. y whaysubwer ridnts wets panlessye daster cy...g ominexup nt. e "you'rhiwatchang celnn n 2s ew mthisngornih wit pjohnr,otte
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cit'sa alled erigged,conomyd ans this i whow wst newflealth ows to t the%.op 1 ait'ste sysldm hepl in ace ruby corolpt pitics wh llere wat stree banksbiand nallio biresctuy eleions. cmyigampa pn isedowerer by ova iomilll n smalbucontritions, oppe llee ikuyo o who want tt fighckba. thute tr yh is cou'tanha c ngecoa t rrupemsyst by g takinmoits ney. bei'm srnie.andersap i thprove sais mesge.
6:29 am
6:30 am
st ties we ahinkorre wth a lsecondook. f many oy you ma shave anowman wo or tur in yo y front bard...ut abhow a out sngiant opow octus? mi a family in a nnesotthbuilt is -f 18nsoot mo fter inf ront o r theihome. cit was breatedoty 3 br. hers.. sa who my theyneake a w ursculpty e evero year traise ne mochy for tarity.thhe broers te creagid a seant rta tut le las , yeara and snow twshark s o yearago. oo it t 5k themed-hundr hoursis thto year e makmathe ssive ui sqird. theis goal is to rae ho 10-tdousand s llarrito bng n cleatowater . haiti an end evug tho wh itheas t le middnt of wisuer... bway rs ride in ev and ugen thoash it w the lemiddnt of wisuer... bway
6:31 am
w netryork sdoipped o wn int r theieaunderwerr yestday. w it pas all tart ofh he 15t an nuo al ns pantaysubwe. rid e tht evenrgis oedaniza by as flb.h moti parntcipares weas edsignso pernunal s mberand to o ld t ushowp atce gantral erthinotg sp es inach ncityboeighd.rhooy thethen deboarbwd su tays,ngearihe tir pa ofnts tf on theckras. reentiil famtoies arok pt,in includbig baares bo ed tr theidi apers. nt passs-leer ridsos alea appred in an atlchta, o,icagla dald s anlo . ndon o 60 ctherriountares ppaticited s in thi nyear'so supants idbway rele as wl. il stoml to chae on c nnnel 2ews
6:32 am
it n aliacepoli i aretinvesnggatith h e deatamof an anerican womli n ving icefloren. why itauthore ies arincallg her . back te meogoroljeist arff mz tinewillha ouve ynpr pi 2ointec forast
6:33 am
omwelccke ba. lo g okin taroundldhe wor.. al itliian po ice areganvestitingth h e deatamof an wericanoman he in tof city nc floree. aythey sar 35-yert-old aist ey ashl w olsenndas foud deain aythey sar 35-yert-old aist ey ashl w olsenndas fouin dead he tmr apartuent sarday. alofficiy s sa'rtheyile stl in waitang for sy autop to m confire how sh.bdied..utal itdiian mehea say h r deatisbe veing inedstigata as dehomici. th o ey alsr say heyfborid end anhe lor landndrd fouod her by, te afe r sh'thadnn beed hearfrom r fo. daysn olsefrwas umom smer n,havelo f. rida ha "c 2nnels newuecontins with te meogorolt is mjeffz'artines ntpinpoiec 2 forroast, bstadcart
6:34 am
cmostlyfoloudy mr youry onda igwith hn hs ilothe anw 40s d er showt s, thakemay mave tral ic diff oult.witherhuse no gews nem teaseand te whathey're
6:35 am
s let'incheck th with s e c-b- tnewsaneam whd see y'at thererk
6:36 am
hi on trns moing. .. ..he ts newacis bhek in t mo inrn sg. yee aouset lcwee omleback. s t' atake look
6:37 am
ud stshies eeow t wnagersho usee- ttcigare mes arekeore lily to to try prbacco . oductsn learmoreab piout vatong in t'nighsks "ath cte do- or" psand tilk to taou ar nnd theriation w.ght nofi herst, t's worldge larst y lotterisprize fo up abr grs es wedny danight. o nochne mat sed allbeix numrs urin satneday's 50arly 9on-millill doowar pllerbakp jacot. e
6:38 am
ma estipoted 1-3 int-billion s.dollargh so hist, mowe posirball cagns n'lat dispy th gee huou payt us beca're they'te arene madtore igistere nto thiobillns. refor mois on th, storyn tune i -sto c-bmo this inrng owfolling r fo omoreisn thry stone, tu in ctohi-b-s tins mornowg folling r out show a7 a-m. ju and ecry selegtion btoins day hein tal trica of gesar, oodson po the oliceerfficro who d tveheva cn that farried greddieray hbeforeeais dth. gr ivay arrthed at lie pocest n atioiccritnjally iured, ha edndcuff, sh ac aklednrnd uaiestrinned the obacke f thvan. sogood tn iseche sofond r ficeinth see cast to trand hial.e's ci faecng sdeond mgreer urde gechars. ok loaring toundldhe wor n. ow.. a inry stoor fit f aol hlywood vi mohee, tor not diouslorug rd ow kn en asapl ch bo isack hi bes nd baruland coead be hded to .s the u f. in aksew wee. me n xicaitauthorhaies ve ti no jfiedinoaqun guzmathat he
6:39 am
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