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tv   CBS This Morning  CBS  January 15, 2016 7:00am-9:00am PST

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> >> mgoodngorni to oieur vwers he in t west. it s iidfr,ayua janry5 1th, . 2016we e lcomto cbshi ts g.morninse enan pakn bres hisil sceeno t archelive rooseutlt abo in interveng the world' dsgru . lord >> u> antrgenea srch andes r cueer opofation f the coast of ii hawa after twoar mein li heercopts coedllid. > >> tedz cru slamsd donalptrum an s d hiyonew rkue vals ien th stlate gop badete, plus de atmocric cdiandate bniere sa s ndersjoin . us w >>gie beitn wh a look at stoday'e "eyeropen," y wourorldis 90ds secon. i >>ug thos ht thiis syomebod w uponsho i intewervi could i beagin crsonvenatiout abohe t li pof cy othe war on dr ugs. s >>nnean peak spesut abois h ro contlversiael "" chapo ieintervw. o >> dbeyou e lievhethat t xi mevecan gontrnmeea relsedhi ts in b part tecauseheyte wand to se u e yoblamed and to put you atsk ri?>> yes.>>
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g archino for tw ocrewsfwo t ri maicne hel toptershatra cshed ju st off wahaii. >> ik unlhee anotrom wnan i is th race ict aually love sp tending wime mithy sbhu and. oneth of e mostei fsty gop es prtiidendeal s,bates lot o frb veal atta cks. f >> i byoueecomhe ta' no, mam home whe t hlel knowsu if yocan e servicin off e. i >> g'm notoing to beak t ingle gadvl ae icfromal donumd trp. >> at i he toer int trupthis is epofode rt cou tv,ut b the al re- - >> e> th bonillila dolrow pllerba ermysty. t>> assenneouee cpleas he com fo rwardim claingo thave n.wo >> w iisht iwas me. a id veo snghowith anoer agchiclio poce sh. ooting hr>> teeea yrsft aer peolic ki lled an unarmed riafn-caeramanic ente. ager a erdrivn ist houon isng goito e havto do some aiexpl.ning ashe wgh cau otnam cera em segliny epasle. > >>lalha tt. >>'v youeot g to be kidding me.
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ct vi ory.>> a andhall tt ermatts. w anyayt thaca we n tthalk e rs fidyt lao int . it>> . no er the e are thregsthint thaare aicert n inlife. h,deatax tes andhe mic illesot n nn ruing for idpresent.>> on cbs this rnmo ing. na dompld tru r aally in pe olnsacloa, frida, the crowdwa s treated to anos almt in badescrible orperfe.manc al donpd trum to makeri ameca t grea d lea fmro sentrhgt or get hecrusdve e tryime t >>hatou weld b a greater sup wl boim halftshe ow,ou y owkn? t>>his mosrning' "eneye oper" p isedresent by totayo. s let'go pl.aces > >>co welme tocb "iss th inmorng."an y thonn masooiis j ning,us ce niha to ouve y . here g >>o reat trebe he. he >> tn reaso yeou'rer h ies ca bearuse chselie ro is in rncaliforeia whe he iewntervied psean tenn,he actor isak breing
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ip to mexicoo tee mt the ounotorigs druoa brdoa jquin dwuz man. they rreecaptud thete carl er lead a knownsha "el cepo" on ek we ago. s >>eanen p hn madeineadl es the next dayhe wn "g rollinstone" ispublhihed uns accot of si viheting tin kgpin h iniding la obst aner int fviewor 60in mutes ch mearlie th witen pn anin.sta camoni to talk about that chinlie jos us whereot a l of apeopleoore l fkingorward to inhear sg whatebaeb p has to sa y.od goni moro ng tyou. >> mo good rning,le gaynd a norahan dan enan pnan wted tori claisfy h in envolvemt in "poel cha's" re e,capturan mexicri authoties ve had saidgknowlee of hisri t plp heedhe t im movehen on tg dru lo rd. b penns elieveclthose oaimsf hi nts cotiribuon areor increct c andldouut pim h in erdang. >> t iheres thisyt mhbo a tuthe t visi that we made, my
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o, chapat" thd it le -- that it was as the anettorney geral in me hxico qasduote etissenal to hi s caurpte.we had met whit himan myks wee ieearlr. n >> obeoctodr 2n. >> n oct oober ala pcehe nowrer nea where hewa s ptca. ured>> sofa as r as you knowou y hadno g thinoto d andr youit visad h th notoing do with his caree?ptur t >>nghe thi -s-e here is th in thhags tet w .know no we khaw tt theex mican ve go, rnmenterthey ware clely veryia humiltedy b theot nion th satneomeond fouim h before ey thd. di , welldynobond fouim hor bef eth diey d. d wetidn' - w-ee ar notma srter an th the dear o theic mexan llinteceigen. h wead act contan upoch whi we re wee abl to fatacilit aen vi in. tation d >>u o yoevbeli te thathe xi megocan mevernntel rdeases thiin t parse becau theyan wted to se ue yo bdlame and tout p you at
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t >>heyd wante to erancougehe t ca ortel t put youth in eirro cssir has?>> yes. re>> a you fulearf forou yr ?life>> no. f>> iirstte wand tnoo kwhy w yo ute wan dd to o,this whyou y nt wao ed tthgo ere. ndsecoan i wt noto k twheen sse owof h f youeltut abo theis rk yo ghu mit bein takg w andhyha tt sk ri w wasorth it. h>> iadnl oy- - oynlt thai ghthouhit ts is sodomebypo un whosent ierviewou cld iin beg a erconvonsatiut abo theol picy ofth r e waon asat w mye simpl idea. i >>uf yo wdanteo thave a nv cotiersaboon aheut tol picy of e thar w on s.drug t >>s hat't.righ ewe'r going tout p a ollur fo cus,ge fortbo aut blame,re we' in go pg tout a ollur fo acus,ll r ouerengy, all ouril bs lionof ar dolls on thead b atd wh enhapps? geyou ott an dhereath the ntex y dae thsame way. >>
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leuivay nceebetwnel "po cha" and peeopl who eritheuy b or ll segs dru in icamera?>> d io if it's me. ti can' m-ake -on i d't make jthatenudgmt forry eveelone se bu t iou wldn't gor so faaso t bu ely or sdrl ugs. s >>iso he note betrha tn you n orrso woane th you. >> s i iay't can make him w orse thanme. i if'mot n outhe tre doing ev hierythang t ct ian toet g a erconvonsating goi t onhe wayn i ic whh wecu prosete that war.>> h yousaave ido tthe ap -- d ani'msk a ningow --ou y hav no etregrs.>> h, yeaav i he aer teribl etregr. >> t whathare gre reets? h>> i aavere regtha tet th reenti dssiscuionbo aut this ar eticl ignores its pue,rpos h whictowas tryo t cutontrib e t tohisis diocussutn abo the cypolith in ear wn o s.drug l >> get'so --et l's go to the bi
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llwe aan wthi tsru dg pemrobl to stop. ll we at wan theli kilngs in ag chico to opst.we t arehe nsco.umer et whyoher u agree wit shnea pnen or t,no tshere i aom citplicy th ere, and iyof e u arhein t mo riral ght orn o the far le ft, st juma as nyf oou yrld chiren areng doihe tse drugs,t jus as many. d anmuhow tch himeeavy the inspent l theastk weece sin th icis artlee cam out tngalki ab out ?that 1%? y >>eou'rin sayghe tre's not much deialoguut abo- - ar>> my ticleilfaed. let me beeaclr. my alertic has . failed >> lichare, s isean pennll sti in ta conitct wh anybody in "el o' chapps" cam d andoes en ev -ing- >> no. >> --ha tet thwo tl wilve er et me. again n >>o, he saide h h wouldave twanted mo havehet wit him anagain wd thatas his plan, butno as, he h notea hrdro fm aenyonin
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chapo"ho w has nown bee re edcaptur i backen the sam onprist thahe eedscapro f am yearago,on six mths ago. t so-hat - that pointut aboim h and what heed hop topl accomish isus jt s onemallar pt of a long saconverbotion aut how he ne edgotiat with "hael cpo," whate thdeal is deal and thisri t wpas led by there actss kat delst caillo, h shead had some tcontach wit him,s he wa smittenwi hthernd an sea cedontact her an dve beliesha tt thatta conct d enable him togo. wwe kno nowro fm someng this th e at havelbeen reased by the ca mexinho autesritiha ttre the s waanes intertingic dynam eebetwen th two of them t hat denable him to watch 60ut mines and ylou wil mo see re of a veryes interting saconverbotion a dut theealse h ma de, whye h went and what he ou thght of "poel cha.">> ig all rht. dd in anitio to 60 s,minute how
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echour b yauseeou'r cgomin .back el >> wl, and onee mor inthe g, hll wi-- be in full the nv coonersatibe will o seenn my pb ows sh m ononday night. a >>igll rht.bu ait agn, cieharl isoi gng to be e hern iourt nex hour. u yo't canea lve usye t, lichare,se n an penstalkut abo why he in thheks tnt ierviewas hte gotn ne liurnasts. u yon cae sechsarlie'nt eire in wtervie"6 on te0 minus."at thur of cofse o is sunday ri reght hen o s.cb we he avngbreakifr news om wa hareii whe ah searc is going on n rightow for 12is msing mi rylitann eey wer adboar ar pai of ne mari 3ch-5el hrsicopted calle alsea stthlions liat colded rdst guaia offic slsay there's isdebrth in wae ter. ersearchhes at t sceneou fnd an em lipty fe ftra,he ter chopps re weed bas at an airor cps st tho e is norword f aau cseor f the con.llisio d te mcruzade his ssttronge at n tack o tdonaldn rump ithe la
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he accused thent frone runfr o ti acikng le aia socllyer libal rknew yoer, fedocus m ononey and theme dia. thwell, edat lo ts thitt aack byth w e neaiyork dly n wewseith th adhe, line dropdead, d.teum trp hitz crun o hisia canadn bi hrtla cgimedint i cldou di lisquaimfy h from the mad r, goornmoing. oo>> grnd moing,he tl mutua gg nonanressio packet benetwe tedcr nduz ad donal itrump nsow of lyficial over. e th twosh claed over ribirthesm, ptheirollnd staing andor new yklu vaes. whmean oile,epther rnsublica onag strue stdggle fenor atttion d and helheonto t dim hopet tha mithere ght bee somng openi in thisz cru andmp trury ang geexchann for a eenmergce of a in ma rstreamcaepublin rnalteative. re>> the's a big qiouest mnark onr you head. >> bismrtheri p,imrime te bl repuican st yle. he >> t ore aretheror attneys at
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ns cotitituttonal aysorne- - that t feelhat bseecau he was not bornn o thed lanca he unnnot r for .office el>> wl, stlien, i've spent my en ltireife dngefendi the tuconstieftion bheore t. u.s em suprt e cour iandte will ll u yoti'm no goingo tbein takg l lega aedvicdo from trnald ump. >> d youon't have to. it >> womh econieic relf. at>> i he toer inthirupt ts odepis oetf cour tv- - >> lessha thrn t weeeeksor befe thest firin nomgatin votes are ca alst donpd trum and trued c z e arghfiorting fea the ld in iowae, th twoqu s oaredff over cr uz'sin def oitionf trsump' so d -callerknew yo esvalu. t >>he valuesn iew nci york ty so are lycialib leralr o pro tiabor pon orro gayri marage a. medi he>> wn the t worldenrade cter camedown, iaw s shiometngha tt p non lace oheartld cou have d handleeamore bulutifndly a i ha tve toell yout thawas ay ver ininsultatg stt ementhat ted . made>> te repormpr: tru d alsodeefends hiocall t b aanllus mrolims fmen
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s >> iaid ortempy.aril dn i di't say anperm ently. ep>> r torter:rehat dw aha srp re kebum fro jeb shbu. >> allmuslims, seslriouy? k whatfind oig snaloe dsha tt se thnd to ees rt oef th rlwod. >> te reporcor: marub r cioshlaed withis chrst chriie. or>> unflytunateno goverr iechristnd has eorsedan my of th ase ide thatac barak obam or suppts. wo >> trs yea agoe hal cled me a er consvativeef r tormerhat new rs jeey edneed. r >>teepor ar:ndit wcrh . uz i >>ou saw yn o theen sate floorip fl youre vot o cnproan insurce cabee useyth td olyouwo it uld lp hen you ia. iow tishat ot n iscons tenterconssmvatiha, tt is tipolical caatlcul ion.>> or rep ater: tfterebhe d ate ptrumre expssedfi cone denctabou s hinc chan es ithecu causesn o fe 1bruary bstutwl acknodedge th noising arguedante. y >>ou , knowntit's ingeresti.en whpl peoite wan iin leor f oufive h,rs to say, goa to irally ou wldma iginehe tldy woush ow up to c iaucusn thee cas ofio wa. or>> rep oter:e n thonquesti of ne w yorks valuem fro one ctperspe iivet's clear cruz
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cr haste acceped morha tn $2 i76,000nig campan nt coonributiros fm rtsesiden of e th big apple. >>r,majo y thankou so much. s let'inbring face theat nion tomoderar and cbs newsit policalre diohctor jn din.ckerso mogood rning. d >> goog.mornin >> so w thereas the umtrp/cruz sl .ugfest who emergedth with ewe fest s.bruise i >>sut's ch a shamen whe shfriendips go bad. th i inkhe ty both e wmergedith ki ond wfhathe ty wa.ntedte uzd cr b hadack and hforth,e ok loghed he is aan c wdidateithout much ivexecutrie expendence a when le peop are iebn datesy thek loo t athe cdaandi atesnd sanay c ey than hhedle tva ol .officehe stood toeo toe t withd donalum trp, aon strrsg pey onalitand d haewa f good s.moment lddonamp truhe, on t h other and,is who aheadn ithe pollst almoser ev, ywhere leven aittle bit in i iowanen rectne os had good nt momes hif.mselme redember, webates reup sposed
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thry evehaone tett he gs ro th augh is onother wnehere he ishas m asedn onipportuty for th some ging tonget wro and his 9/ we11 anssr iet somhing a lot plof peoee wer talk being. >> for their fimst tei that can ca rell iaw sd donaltrump get oe bohed at tat debene wh he t broughup their bther issue. y donkou thiis this ec efftive in , himnneven i bocent hooinge sa id tehey ar notoo bing about th that, ey areg booinbo a tuthe ll pos. >> ha he see bn booednc oree befo jand he pust rlowsightou thrgh it hi w ich ds theyontrald ump. isfor h srtuppoerst' thas what ey thab like out him.he q wasnuick o f hisneet i a onumberfef difrent chexanges, ai agt'n, tha os sortf aer theat ,review butom simetes these te debas areat theer r.eviews he so t are was lotor fmp tru su orpphoters w like in his pe ncrformae lastht nignd a i k thinn even ithein boogt momen theybl probaouy fndom s ethingth edey like, ther too. >> jo dhn,idru cze tak a risk dou yoabthink isout hme comnt t abouumtr np'skew yor luvaes? >> i t don'think so.
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gh sliiftly dferent ceaudiens. twhened cruzks talut abo new yo vrkueale s his talking to the ge evan wlicals vho areinoting waioay and se ing hotis nne o ofu. yoth 'sat qteuiec efftiveo tew s th edose ses of doubt. ld dona h trumpngas bei try to doit y bue qngstionier wheth an evlsgelicaom c oeut ofa cub thand orat st of thing. i hekis tang a pagero fm the um trp boplayok. oh >> jln wil preview ndsuay's cr demoebatic donate face the na .tion rnbe siersandebe will h amongisgu ests. un >> jhee of tin wners of a re corder powballng drawi may ve ha f someorward this inmorng.we k don'tnow b whoought the et tick c innialifor fa andloridat bu aen teenesse couplla cims avthey htie the cketd sol in tathat ste. a werens ie ide thygrocerto sre inne tensseehe wrehe tke tict wa s ldso. r >>teeporoor: grnd hn robinnke walpd u tohi ts co r unte hwhenoue bthght ose ti
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hi in chgh swhool ldo so him tithe scketse uds thipu comter gh ri t.hereit w wassdedneigay nefht bore drthe g,awinho srtly beeforn whe wihis fed tolhim, hey,p sto by gtheroceryto sre andet g us four s,ticket oneor f me andou yd anon our s and eie survllanceid veo shows him inwalk tg upo the uncoter, you th see n e womangstandiro in fnt ofhim, he shows four ngfiers, sn sakes malllktaay, ps thel bil and w oalksutf othe store. here is dana nafey, shewn os the gr y ocer store. e >> ware soxc endited a't can t waitro hea the storym fro the . winner w >>thhy is is aig b ?deal s >> thitis par of y,histor the bi t ggesrbpoweveall e wr ande ld sot i oinur e,stor oure littlor 'sma azingch watising he lif ch iangeatn thta insnthe wne h thgot atni winicng tket and kn g owin iwhatt'son dre fo him an sd hi fa. mily >> and now danas iut aboo tak me er evply em ioyeeen thre sto yhapp wthith e $205,00us bon th erey wgie fven tromhe te senneseot lteryry evemp eeloyege
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ld so thein wning ttickehe s got t$100 hisrnmoing. e shinwas hoscol, w sheas br t ough fover tromchhe s toolo e thorst se,heho t sughtheig mht i beoun trbuble ft inact shewa urs sprised with theig b news and a $100 bill. e we havirconf tmedhey famil ic whmsh claiha to tve tha wi g nnin iticketsde head to na llshviere whey the will enpreseit thicr tkets thi te af arnoonndla cim their e.priz gayle.>> ha t nks a lot. >> ur> a nse inal caiforni a is ct viim oft whayou could call a ry veel cruot l teryaxho. the woman rdleporteecy rdeive a tcall a work fromer h sonn o we ydnesdag sayin that h shead wo en thas msive pbaowerll ja t.ckpo hehe tenn evt sen aic pretu of at wh he said was theni winng ettick. nethe etws s off ael ctiebraon at theur n singhome, onlyn whe m theother of sevenet rurned fromk worid dhe s learnt thathe ewholto sry was a prank. boy,ou wldav i heom s tethingo osay t my son like when did to . mean >>. yeah ri>> terhible t tngo . do >> w.wo >> ibterrle.
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pie dropngin agahi tsni morng in ar ely ete markes fac t ahird st wraighteek of dsecline ebecaus of neegativmi econoc ws neud, inclheing tli falng ofprice oil.l oiut fures floell bew $30 a ba trrel hisg,mornin the dow jo innes aldustrige averaed droppmo n re tha2%ft aheer tar mkets ed eda nasq hit its lowestoi pnt iny nearl five ntmohs.e th s00&p 5 is also closeo t a low> >>ghall y cretarenof defshse a ctearr ys sat thaen t. u.s navyai srsle indetayed bra iobn slvioud y ha sn miatavigedmi igsnav.ated hirantheld sersaile fors les th 4an 2rs houer afte h saytred in nito iraeran wats on estuday. iairanatn st etvwe shoidd veo of thele sairs kneeling. rt caaier s td that.he u.s would no vet ha done that inil simar rc ciceumstans. > >>esa chinpae comnyhi ts g mornin iisn a i-multn billio ar dollto deal buy anco inic iaamerppn aliance ch ha'seir gupro wlil pay $5.4bi
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ia applnce brand, thel deaes mak ahire majorr playeth in e anamericet mark.'s gery centuld oan applice si bus ness i osecondonly t ir whinlpool .s the u. ge isin shiftg itsus foco t od pructsik le power esturbin, je git en anesnd oilnd a gas ui eq pment. th reey a the uy nlikelstars ofak mgin ade murr on linetfx, twthe feo de lnsersawyeth at e nt ceerf othee trume cri sserie
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deanstrang and jerry tabune are anunnor:cehi tpos iortofn cb " s orthis mspning" d onsore by ic amerean madea w ttherechar cma ts and forlo li.ners wshopereath.ctechodom tay.>> r > fosethe ycond iearn a row, al hel t oscar natomined aactorsre e.whit >>he aadow hhe tk lacf o di y versit sisgparkin new ba shckla. >> ew the n bs is iackn the inmorncbg on " ms this."orningn "thcbs isor mngni." un annohicer: tios port "n of cbs m thisngorniso" spon red byto .yotale
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no t w gef10% of jo maplr apiances a $396e nd more'at lows. i isgot thco my semond renth he.yo u ldshoue hav wquit hileweyou here aad. ea32 ythrs at ceis pla i'and otve gay 9 dfts lebe rforeemetirent. ok lo, jim we've pbeenglannin r fo fthisor ta longime. weand ke'll evep violhing tngs. d so won't. orry ow knating whn 's o myour indac and ngtior accdingly. mu edltipli,0 by 13 00 iafinancvil ad.sors it b's al.ig dea an hd it'sarow edwsd jonema sekes ofnse ti invesng. en wh'r youvie liitng wh ab di, etesdysteaex is ngciti. ly once gluharna rbs cadystea, ic clinroally ptoven p hel zeminimi s bloodpiugar skes.
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e thorstcam inusa g looft obprmslen ie tharea. e we hav dschoolanelays d fi trafcic acs dentl to telyou ou abutt... b.. firsts . let'ch ineck h wit mjeffneartiz to loget a thok at ate ff?
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ti chme to ureck yo w roadsith j. in e e "mor06f-m" 1.9 sb t aanmo 3a,at95 nb ra mccarn,i- at80 eb , wells a395 nbt i- t 80 ag.mustant expecdelays sein tho.t areass here ichain h wemeave sol schoo adelaysndcl
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in all e clinolscholas and ke e tahod unifieolschoe s arclosed e for thday.l al cwashoescounty anhools d st ouorey chonty sc aols on two d hourelay. mbishop hanoguehoigh scl ol, al l coray academenof scicemp castuses, c johnsrehildnsce stnter, t albergrthe oeat,ur o ladyf owthe sntls, litere flow, liond ansalamb, gege rid, and mm sugeit ridtw on a do hourelayso al. ze ovphyr cene elemndtary a te whith ll hig aschoola re on 1 ho elur day. ghace hil schoon is oata weher ye delat d starantoday d all
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sus, 2016ar osc nenomies. ve i haenn't se a lists thite whi since,well,he t 2015 oscar no onminatis>> ra "stutight optta comnlon" oygo t oneom nninationd aha tt no onminati wentth to e two white people who wrote the enscreplay.t no a joke. on so catgratulo ions theall t no omineesn theirfu powerl ca nucasia orperfesmanc. kn you sow it'ad bhe wn a therere re mo p black ieoplen the running r forethe icpublanat nominion r foenpresidant th for the ac yadem .awards >> jimmyme kim mlakes an ce ext llent.poine thf host othe oscars thisr yeais chris.rock y donkou thill he wi a doinnythg hawith tt? hy>> whe . >> u do yoththink at'sg givin y him analmateri?>> a playuhr for ckis roc e.ther ditsnoe m'teak sseen to a lot of e peoplorthis mning. >>e lat nighted comiansre a not th oe onlynein tak sghotsth at e rsvote.we l wil alookt thekl bacash t overhebs aencef oin mority
7:31 am
es hight , honorsmewhy so meacclaider pceformans are not g gettinitrecognion. s pluhe taw lehyers bind the essering "makide a murear," dn ra stndng ary jerut b aanere in t the goyotareenoo rmhe aad and oonlyns "cborthis m ning,"ei thrsr fiint jontt ierview tsincehe 'sshow empr. iere>> me> ti s to yhowoue som of mthisngorni's adhes.line"t ewhe nk yors"timeor repnts o go n ldmassach aingreeg to pay upto $5il blionor f its role in e th osalefau f mltyagortg iesn th are ely days oe f thncfinaial is ar's p at ofet semtlten with de fe pralcurosetors and laregu.tors ld goisman onef othe lastl walst freet tirmsoch rea a civil lesett. ment > >> t"usa"odays say the li mi itaryeas rdy to houand t shpuniorment fy safet freailus t inhepp shi ling ofthive anrax from anrm ay s mplefrom mkeistanlyen sto t he otbsr la m for torehan ade tcadeuto a ah do a zenpl peo iengncludi a br
7:32 am
> >>theet droit news rtsepor igmich gan'snooverker ashed t idprestoent ec dlare aal feder geemerinncy flintec b oausef wathe terri cssi erthe. ad le cmiontad natet'flins in drkinger wat wnhe thewi sdtche heto tnt fliiv rero te sav ne daster ly inngansiro pertests madeedndhe ter govnores rign hisof hficeas ddeefenisd h lero. > >> there oangonior repts otchipeele m wtingalith l ofts i oyemplseer oveoo fd tysafe. ebon fyruar 8thhe t chainil wl os clre fo a few s,hourta s ff ll wicu dis rss a oangefss is ue mpfrom introvemes idn foo fe sae ty, th ichainsin tryg to as resure stcu omers. me jangs stra andry jer ta bu dne theefensers lawye om pryinentlea ftured infl netix ak "mmuing a rrder"e aerre he in ud stfoio 57 rr thei first ieintervthw togeer sincet i pr reemiedas lton mthth: rie sees esraisst queionsbo a wuterheth th
7:33 am
tenvicd ofur mder in .2007 "m g akinrda mumeer" rember the te lahrst tough crime drama pisweenghe tnt couasry h become oneth of eix netfl most su esccsfulfi certiescateseer ls tel theto s oryfte sven av aery,is winconsan m s whopent y 18 iearsrin pson for a rheape di dn'titcomm.a dnceevidenne exorated himn i 03 20 t butwo yearsat ler avery wasrr aested aiaghin, ts time r fo ther murde ofgr photoapher teresaha,llback herre cmated re wemains rend foups ste from y'avers letrair. lhisrsawyeue arghad he dn bee fr yamed b somee of th same iginvestwhators elo hped on wrlygfulct conviim hhe t same me ti,la pg ntinidevceennd a ax coing avery's teenage n ephew intoin makg aal fse confonessi. >>ui g oltyfst firre dege te innantio lmiho. cide a >> jury of 12 dn'idbet eliev them. bu ndt hufreds ous thofands o "m g akinrda mufaer" owns n do, rn turaing stng andan but iento li
7:34 am
he in t esprocs. iccrits idinclungro ps turt ken kr saatz y theer sies is- - >>il the fs mmakerdeny isth, oualthhegh tlsy aoav heou dbts ab outeravy's icconv. tion h>> iseui gltyd beyona on reas dable?oubtno i thing eehave s hn nd i ave seenot a lf off stung nothi has co d nvince me of. that nl >> oy on "iscbs thng morni" de anan strg ander jryut bane are th wi us,d gooinmorng,rt hea .throbs >> ,dean youir squmed l aeittl e. pen y whenourd heat tha word ee snfr . time he >> tro prsecuto says the fi rslmmakeur plyposeef lt out y kesfactth in is doarcumenty, inincludeng evidtce tha y'avers sdna wand fouer und the hood of sa tere.'s car ywhy donkou thi l theyhaeft tt en evidt?ce ou >> theie mov gives aer vyis lavhth horee urss pluo t one iatrl. e thltriat wen over 200rs hou. >>. yeah
7:35 am
ec pros autornd the police are reallyur secn e ithe conctvinsio ey th inobtaed, ire wonded why ey thnd soued soec ins aurebout a emovi that nriecessa clyn'ould t run 200 hours. >> but in the case ofes tera ba hallveck we' heard, o,to that al he cerled hho cellpeene thr ti tmes onheay dt thaas she w mu .rderedy whhiwas tfts le out o f this ?seriesth mpat's i iortanttinformaon i thwould ink. i >>ndt is a it t.isn' rythey t to make -- the state w noryis tingo tak me a o lotf es theie patces th't werene in th mmovieorein sisterha tyn the al rely .were nit'seonsens toay st tha large ofparts the state'sas c weeer leftout. egwith rtoard ,this for an instsoce, alt lef out washe t fa t ct thalehe cald and made an tmappointoent theoffice. e if hhad herho cellpneum nber e and hrywas t tingoe lur her, ouwhy w cld youallhe tic offe an red c aateer pap trail?yo ldu wou just call herir dectly d ano nulone wo kd everatnow th sh coe had erme the. d insteaoehe ghrs theough t ce offi. a
7:36 am
thdid noey kwac eh r?othe h>> shead been at ethve ary agsalvrde ya d, i on't,knowiv feor th six oeser tim t toake pi octures ofertheh v ticleshat wtheyseere lling. sin thita insnces it wa his si vster's aehiclend so his ersiste's nam was left as the on pers on the account toho wse r cainwas beolg s bduthe t esaddrs wasry ave road and she --had >> well,he s said i g'moingo t se ee thve ary rsbrothe. >> she knew where w sheas g,goin e therthwas noingte sinisr or peunexcted about howt thawas ra ar. nged>> d howu o yoaiexpl on theerth in th'rg theye rngaisith is at dn fa wasnound o the imvict's . hood i it'sesnter ttinghat adn on exederat himth in the oere casan td nowhe dn ia bseingin used th eis caso tbl possiy inincrimm ate hihiin ts imcre. f >>first o all, the ptorosecur s haai sd thatat swe a,dn e/ quote,unquot sweatadnas w d foun hon the aoodndre the is no suchhi tng asat swe dnar o r petiseparaon dna.wh ere itom cesm fro they't can . tell i
7:37 am
g methinaythat m m oray not ve han bee fromhim. a >> cre youedonvinc of his in e?nocenc e arf both oyouvi con oncedf hisno incence? n>> i'moton cncvied ofis h t. guilm i'not at allvi con dnces of his vever ha been.>> t' thas notte quihe t same in thg. syou're tayings here isome do ubt inr you ndmi. ur>> se.ab lysolute. i ifokt was oay ton cvict ppleoe onybmaes, ild woun't be worried t abouthis, butt' is not. ou>> year tm saysha tt law rc enfot emenhamay ntve plaed ceeviden on a.veryat whu do yoththink ey pedlant d anrowhat pyoof do ?u have t >> ihehink tum docryenta tcovershaty prett sere' one wholepi esodeea dls with t eheevidencf ore whee w th ghouthe tde eviencts wan to wardspl,anting the keyt tha 't wasn u foundhentil t o sixth r se ntveseh charf ohi ts little l.trai r >>r:eportesm in a all area? i >>man a sll arean i plainvi heew, t key w bhichyhe t way n didotav he houer hse keys or he r keys to her udstio. d>> andhaidn't ve herdna on it. nd >> at didn' h haveer dn oan . itth eve enidt ce thaonthe bes h adcl
7:38 am
erey woue fndar pt of them in rn a bul barre at a rceesiden 200ya rdswa aynd aor me bones a in qu . arry ow >> hu do yohisee tsng turni out?ri noght isw he inri pson howo d e you sethises rngolvi it. self yo>> do k u thinsthis it jus it? >>ay ess sem blng a legal team h whic ois jobthne at is point. ki thin hises bte hops lien i ne wlyve discored idevence. >> e' wveec reivedai e-mrols fm nt scie aistsvell oher t world, ive ha hadt aleast 100if dferent il e-ma fs nowifrom dferent nt sciehoists w l have aookedt th is and said,y,heou y ,know sc the eienc h raseally ovimpred,th isere ot a l mhaore tnt cae b ndone i terms of edtaes tting asthat w p a bigf art othee cas heand otesr typlo of bod tests m thatight bee abl to p trovehat isth d bloodidot n comem fro him lyactivein bleedg in herr. ca >> g'sotve erybody tcwa.hing k than myou souch for being he re. k dki "ma mng ar"urdeeier beng h
7:39 am
a cademyrd awati crics have aw neht hasag this morning,sc oars sostill e.whit theoutrage over a ynotherearf o actor nsominee wit nho di omat's cingp ut nex y andeou'rwa hitccbng "iss thni morng." of rsacto neeominsit wh no di y.versit ithatngs comixt up ne. i t don' twantveo lih wit thertunceieaint hs of.ep c or de wonetr whi her ldshouse reek tntatme. am i ea rdy. usbecadae toy e'therrvs haoni. re a tivoluy onartmtreafoent e r thommost cpemon ty c of hhronicisepatit c.
7:40 am
wh ho'veo ad nrprioea trt.tmen 's it o thendne ay onlre cut' thas on , e pillceonay a d 1 forwe2 eks. rt cetiain pa.ents.. ccan beuredju with west 8 heks of.arvoni th wivo harthni, noere's rf inteeronan erd the e arplno comgiex remens. outell yorr doctu if yoothave liher orver y kidnemsproble, v, hiot or meher ldicand consitio, d ant abouthall die mescine ta you ncke ingludiba hersul ntpplemes. ki taodng amie aron withi harvoncamay use a ouseriows slofing yourt hear.rate oncomme sidcteffe hs ofniarvoy maudinclree tis,dnes ad he aacheeand ws.knes ri am teadyt o puchep hi bee.nd m am i dy reabe to ed cur. yoare adu rey? k asepyour hci c spealist
7:41 am
ouis y sr headngo codeste eait's ro dy todexple? u yobemay dl mud ingth roh ugieallergs. rttry zy-dec to perowfully cl urear yoed block nose d ane relievthyour o er y allergmssympto. so u , yoeacan br the aeasier.ll day rt -d at ha the pcormacy unter. o inur h, ouseinimagnations ru wild.bu mt atbly ta ke, itheep foe eaod ouke crontry cewck's ne. recip de mah wit srealeimplgr insedient noand ic artifavial fl ors orvapresertives. re ntal coushry fre f taste rom irealenngredits.
7:42 am
th ade ac oemyf mnotio pi e ctur aartsnd sceciens pr edomisng chaes aea yr ago af scter oarot versin nomated on tely whi actors and aesctress he in t top ricategoes.t butheca ademy iser unde fir ag isain thng morni a fork lac ofdi y.versit heall t nsomineehi tss thi ar ye a'sgctineg cats orieare e whit aandhell t neeominors f bestec dirtor are n.mech mi mellerilleer is hite wh a ok loe at th oscar ba.cklashmi lechel m, good. orning>> mo good rning. themy acadeon has lgee bn cr editicizts for imi predonantly whitemeshmber iip,tas how ved tong cha tehatge imaut b sd thurscay's oarin nomations g alonhawith wtcs critil cal the bi snub onghef tse starsnd a ot hers putt thaac lkf o di itversy intoal cryst clear s. focu sc12 oarom nioinatnshe pus tdhe
7:43 am
re nave intnto the potig lht ur thaysd. >> j i'mliust ivingurn yob. cri b >>tiut cri tcs sayhe rtelevan ad he ilinehos those wn' didt makehe t cut for hooollywd's hi tghes r.hono ha>> cenghe t atsituion. >> ng amo theig bgestnu sbs for be st pie,cturst "ra oight utta tocompain" fledo ta get nod sp deitero ggssinor m tenha $200 mi lliondw worlide. beice cu isne o othf e lmfi's od pr. ucer i >>alt's odl go w,eid dn'te mak mthatieov t forhe rsosca,e w de mat thaemovi foreo the p ple. >>a alb w whoasin nom fatedor g theol gdenlobe and aa sagd war hifor s srtuppoinge rolin es"b n ofo tinaon" dtidn'ak me the t cu ei. ther nd>> a nereith did usconcsion's wi llh.smitmi b.chael an jord. >> theac lk of nitonwheoe pple on amthg e neeominss i never re tallyhe emacadsy' t,faul ri ght? mit'sthore e duin'sstry fa ult.>> le wesyor mris is "w the ne
7:44 am
re>> we'al tkingut abopl peoe vewho hame been s mberhiof ts gr ofoup 6,000 peopleor f0 5 s yearsore we'ki talng it's like chentrenered gennsatio of nu miipteshdo prentminaldly o andwh ite. >> a2012 "gelos ans les"time st udy reaevled thatf othe ly near 6,000 vinotg mrsembe 94% we hire wte and 77%e wer lema. emacadpry idest enerchooyl bne hisaacseeas bn vocal on the issue. unin j iessaacnd iducte a rdecor 2 32newem mbers tomo prote us inclion. cashe edll l theack of dsiivertyin ur th'ssday natomin dionses in appo tsing. h >> i topehis the isn't oudiscngraginy for abody and forfi kelmman rs irtpa. icular >> willhi thos wleue iss of di y versitsortf ow follo us h througthnow at the nioominatnsar e out? c >>ochris rk is your th - was a- merry stchrimas, ri ch,s rock t lovehe emacady. >>t thaghis rit.ri ch is rocktis hosng the 88th
7:45 am
ltheaste timschri rockte hosd the oscarec telast was in 2005, that year jamie fox won b forest ad lect aor andga morne fre man fo orr suppctting aor. >>elmichle, touhank y. >> > itng raisi age larr very bltrousuing ise oft' whaois gng on in oohollywd. i >> a agreend i'mla gd that etit's gheting tat n,tentiohe t la ckf ove dirsity,t' is the pafront ge ofto "usa day," so -- y >>'tou can e ey surput it out there. osall thefa s,cete whies facn o e thfrontth of elo "ges anles me tiays" tod. >> but i like ice cube's at tuti.dehe me told he isis dteappoind bu t not oudiscd.rage ht>> rig. ue>> i ghass tt's oneay wo t ta ke it. gr>> aeed. > >>ra democticre pntsideial atcandidrne be siedeanilrs wl beth wi t us inthe nex .hour w weloill cok atslaim he's br ngeaki a cigampan e.promis > >>hemeet tir gls on the ai campilgn trah wital donpd trum genow gttinat nional ioattentn. au becalse donpd trum knows how toe makri ameca great l fread enom strrgth oet g
7:46 am
t >>hat's me jaovs drs e hi hrav4d,ybri aw undeare waath rks luing. unanno tcer:pohis n rtiocbof " s is thni morspng" reonso d by tatoyo. he c wasenhalldge a bym tea lofbeumksrjac. le tt's dohis. ou he wveld drihe tm to rd hack knonys caon, e wherouhe w rldisk ok bregen ls, si loimng lbs, sland ngippi d and.ying lpnot heing. bu att dewoh d ul thaveito wa. ja s meitleft wouh newf nd dgknowlee,
7:47 am
d anirhis sht. w howifar oull ye tak the alral-new riv4 hybd? . toyotagolet's ce plas. co [ ]ughing zi[ sneeng ] ld a coak can mu e yoramiseble. il lucka y, alkr seltze plusco cld andiqough lgeuid ls. iqrush lstuid faf relieouto yr h tougymcold sptoms. , fastrfpoweiqul lgeuid ls fr lkom alta seuszer pl af yiter trbrng idooksole choc ate,pe alople tabk itout e. onlin ve lors at fie.t tast
7:48 am
cuyorse rou, bdeoksi ! uryoar nef pious lans shaveceuc. eded rinefa ous? sare we ttillngalkiou abolt choc ate? ksbroo ide. atalk dboutuselicio. trafter byingsirookdech cruntey clus rs,ar @cr lybeyad:tweete tats hiinpot, i jshould aust besi brookchde e ocolatssamba.ador ll wei , amrr soary, cly... s it'thsomeu ing yoearn. oo brkside. lk taut aboio delic us. no t w gef10% of jo maplr apiances a $396e nd more'at lows. at whng's goihe on re?i' tm val,nghe oranee motiy re srementrequirl vfromoya. e we'rg puttin aawaycorns. kn you sow, toe how thanimportofce g savine for th.futureso e you'r osort af likees spokn? persomo a re of esspokho metapr. orget zeganioyd at li ngvih witnichrogrc miainefe liels acke eyh dais am a g ce ofe.hanc i edwant tothput dse od m inr.y favo
7:49 am
an pp fda-aroeaved tr tment sthatcaignifiedntly r ucesad heayache dads for wiults hrth c monice.igrain 15 mo or eare h dache adays, month aseach l 4tingrs houre or mo. it pr's o oven tlyactualen prevact headayhe d s. itand s 'edinject by myordoctev once moery 3 nths. e ths effectotof b mox pray sead ho tours ks weeer aftec inj tionuscaseing s rioutosympms. al yoert ocur dritor awght ay, dascuiffiswlty wiallong, easp, kingthbrea eing,ye leproborms, cl musake weness becan ig a s an ofli hrfe-tnieateonng conditi .si ffde e mectsncay i ludergalleeaic rnsctio , ckne i andtinjeciton sine pa, gufatid e anacheadhe. do t n' btake otoxyo if hau sve ainkin iofect n.te oull yctr doboor aut myouraledicto hisry, mu osclervr nende consitio , d ancamedis,tionlu inc dingtubom linunstoxi ,as se the i mayasncreee thri f sk oouserides siec effts. thput dse odyo on idur s e. sivitot boonxchrgricmi.caine om rnto leao how tsave r on youtmtreaent.
7:50 am
th ngeir sos i aak te on the si clasc warorld we i tunr ove thereit wh very dntiffere . lyrics he>> te y arad.orable ok lo atse thore gatos cs tumeand t a loof w--ork c youanet b a lo t ofor wenk wto intt i andhe t
7:51 am
lddonamp trues lik it, > >>ad ahe wit mhoreth of e te iniervw swithean pe.nn yo reu'at winchbsg "chi ts inmorng." ilwe w rl be bightack. sti ju a had atheart ..tack. d anw nohai aveho ce.ic hefor r. r foemth. an m.d hi oia cho ce tketa ba.rilint pr a ipescr ftioneoor p pleo' wheeve bspn hoizitaled fo her a atart ckta. i btakentrili awi bth aasaby npiri .n..moo re anth00 1g. m as t ifeafhocts w i wellrkt wos. it h 's sucmpan intorta tothing to do help ot prt ecnsagai tan r othet hearckatta. inbrilorta w kedbe ttterplhan .avix d an revenededucth ane chces d ofroying fm he anote.r on stdon't inop taking brilta th witaout g lkin dtooctor. e sincngstoppio it tosoon in secreayos isur r k ofcl inots r yout,sten t hearckattaro, st ke,d an deven.eath il br mintaay us cae brnguisi leor bgedin emoreyasil s oruseriome, sostimefa bltal .eeding t don' btakentrili a yif houe avbldiee,ng kelito schmalc a orhist by ofedlegin hein tin bra, s ore everrlive leprobms. ytelldoour ctorou abblt ngeedi, w neneor utexpec d tnshorofess at breh, y anneplanrgd sud ery an allme cidiyones keu ta. wi i ll takebr inilodta tay. to rrmo.ow
7:52 am
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7:53 am
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7:54 am
reyou'k! bac zefree it,on roly fscm di.over t get it aovdiscomer.c. th a y ree daenweekd uispon .. us. so t how'sorhe ft ecasg holdinup l for al hof youayolid el travers?us plyo, are inu lookg for so g methino?to dn erihabreen s cusover u' yoatre wg chinnechanwsl 2 ne, co gevera c yououan c ontn.hi ts a isnn cha nel 2upews . date od goni morngth u ank yotcfor wahahing cnnel
7:55 am
th ore stusm caa ing t loofpr leob imsthn are ea. e we hav dschoolanelays d fi trafcic acs dentl to telyou av we hole schos delayand fi trafdec acci tnts toyoell u ..about. f but..irsts . let' k checitin wffh jene martiz to a get t look aatthe ff?
7:56 am
ti tmek o checoayour rh ds witr. n j. i"mthe m"ore f- 106.9 t sb a 3moana,at95 nb ra mccarn,i- at80 eb , wells395 nb ieat odd w, i-80thb at 4 st., a395 sbr t cleai-arce, 80 wb be n tweerrmcca pan and. yramidin wa highouy 50 scath of itrson cy, semt. roay highw0 , 5839and 5 ug throoeh washy valle5 and 39 h norto.of ren e we havchsome sdeool alaysnd esclosurte to llbo you aut. al inl inclole scholas and ke untahoe d ifieolschocls are osedr
7:57 am
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7:58 am
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7:59 am
go orod m tningo ourwe viers in the stwe, ist' friday, ja y nuar15, 2016. 's here tosday' eyer openeat . 8:00> >>i ere regtha tthe t -- >> > a prai ofis msing he ptlicoersol clided ohtvernig er ov huoa. n owe' hins dog ,better he's go obt prably a o4%r ha5% sve.>> it'sh suc ame shahe wn fr shiendgoips d. ba we e havon cedfirm tilhe famy h whic tclaimso areav he that wi g nninettickhe is adoed td eedd eed to vinashwhlle erehe t py'llntrese r theiettickiss ther aft.noon
8:00 am
cibontruteritidcizeor f itsdo prelyminantit where memb.ship > >>raa federtl coued rulhi ts ek we thatea wring edunearn li mitary misedals act proteed rmfof o fere eespch. , ohha todnk gid, saet jan ja n.ckso i'mai gl ngki, with norah elo'donnl and anyntho mason. nn pe andol rlingto sne are de infendisg h teinwirview th aqjouinzm guowan, knl n as e o. chap theub plisher is sgtandin by llrog inonsts e'cideonsi tost andeh bindl eochap fort wha he c sallstory apalprov. in adrouner intview for su'snday"6 0 teminus" cieharlsk aedn pen
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8:02 am
ventrol rsiaesplache, tde ia g ofntoing io theou mntains to me eoet somnes aorknow f you, on somee whoas h the ,record the ol vithence, ere bwalut oityf el ch isapo anxt ediraor rnaryisk t to hake onis part.he ad h toav hee som c tourageo do that. po the sint i oby,viousl he th itought waswh worthilend a i th heink ht thoug they had an ag t reemenwithap el ch ao nd ca beshuse we was ithhim, the nmexica esactrs,t thas thiwas oran opp ftunity horim too d insomethatg th fewe peoplcould adothnd on s at he'right.>> w i'm ithe,charli thankyou, m i' itentereslld in a ofatth, th at journey andis h la reiptionshka with te ca de, stillok thanr you fothat. c>> youeean sor mef o archlie'sin wtervie withn seapenn on ay sund on 0"6 teminus". th eub repnlicasi preiadentl id candates chexd angeofa lot ug tolkh tan oas lt nisght' re
8:03 am
p trum hitac bkue qnistiong cr cuz'senitiz, shipomarc o,rubi ri chris ch astierund czla cshed over their crvonseeativ res.cordbu et onng thi trehey' all in emagrereent, pdesibant ondma a hi yllarli cnton arore wngor f am a.eric om>> se will say it'sse tho evil ch ri people,t' is nothe th ric pe itople, 's thegomevernnt.>> our cryount isng bei run by mpincotetenpl peoe andye s, i amgr an y. t >>bahe ocoma e hnomyefas lt hi bend theor wking men aomnd wenof s thi uncotry. e>>veryer psone her iste betr hthanryilla cln.into 'm>> i likeve e orybody tnhe st age,o nones i a cisot,alis no e on ides unuar febrry in igvestn.atio>> w sheillse rai s,taxehe s is on oner o p two doll dropsown fromin moving evenheg furt r to le the gft toet to the leftf o rn beie on this.
8:04 am
>>de presilntia cteandidaer bnie er sands ish wit usro fm his wnhometo in t.vermonrn be gie,ood inmorng,ou y heard ryourdecorac attks and the re anpublicsg sayinhe t wy'llin stevery fate i reyou'he t mi no hnee,ow doou yd defen se yourlf?>> nk i thibe numr fone, i you ok lo at the pollst thaare out th e,ere wea btal donpd trumn i e tht lasonnatil al pol by 13pe gercenta tspoin, ihi tnke w be oat allf the rcaepublins in psmatchu n inpsew hamndhire a waio. i think theri amepecan ioplen ct fast underatand th at a time of as msiveom ince andh wealt eq in wualityhehere th ricre a in gett rgicher andve erybody selse iti getng orpoer, we't doned neiv to geun hsdred of bi ollionsf taxre bakso the t pe tople a the top, wed nee to st fand uporng workiie famils d anatth's i what intend to do.>> f butirst ye ou havt to bea y hillartoclinn pin therime ni mister. - - y.primaru yo lereased thisd aes yrdteay sa tyingehat thon clintpa camign pislayingne .gativet'
8:05 am
he >> t tre arewoem dtiocrac nsversio forul regatingl wal st etre. saone yst' is o tkayoak me ll miroions fm bigks ban andhe tnte m ll theto wtha to .do my plan, close the banks,lo cse up ax the tph loooles and make em th t pay fheirair share. y >>oumi prootsed n to run a ti negave adin durgs thi mp caaign. have youn broke your e?promis t>> ihink eeveryon who lookst a dthat a uannderst tdshat it's anot neegativ ad. h >> cillary slintonayst' is ga ne ativetnd itt a ackspr t esidentoobama o. i >> know thhaat's wart hilly e n clintoyssa, butry hilla cl n intootis n t.righd die you sectany pi ure of y hillartoclinnn i there?d diaryou hein anythgro fm y hillarn?clinto mafor ynyears sthere'n bee a vi di wsionn ithiemthe dcocrati rt pay. av we h ae had wholeec stion o fth oce demratic partyt tha is pro trwall shaeet, tt gets money
8:06 am
et. w thaterorks vyd har fthor to ehe re deongulatial of wl etstre, ke lit whae w had i8n 200he wn iomillf ns o lpeopleost their ho dmes an their jobs.i thaveouhrought myif leod sto t uplo wal i ink weee nd tori bng back atlegislndion, a weee nd to ea brpk u theor majan fincial it inst outionsn wall sttree grwhose deed anec resklessnss i g harmina,americ atthy's m .view arthere re othepl peoen withi th cre demoaratic photy w sa digree. a >>l polm fro thew "neyork s" timeay ss myou'reanore th %30 ea ahdf oy hillarn clinto among voters under the agef o 35. mobut ngst youe peopl don'tur tnou t onio electn hi you t cnk you tan getohem t pthe oollsnle enctio y?da>> at th'set somhinge' wre in workryg ved har on. wwhenne begas thi cagnmpaie , w a were t3%th in one natial ll pos.
8:07 am
arsecretiny clton, we angre doi ve ryry, vewe ill,nk thi inew n ha e mpshir wandoie're dlng wel in iowa, d we'reeloing wln i .nevadat bu y,clearlis it one thing, aswe er undtostand ng bri out a lowhole t of youngeo pple to ie rall gs, toheet tm excited, a it's tnotherhing to makeur se th plat peo oe come futorhe t us cauc ies inowa orhe t new irhampshepr s.imarie were a mgountin an tr exaraordinroily stng as grtssroo rteffo h, weave ndthousas olof vs unteerotin b h es statjo, our b is toat cre ae vlargeoter outurnt.i kthin we can do that, if we can do that, we win. >> h you baverought outot a lf o espromisis in th aicampgn, cl inauding seinglay perh healt care .plan veyou haai not sd how you're g gointo do .thatu yose promi tdo release that an pl f onarebru y1.>> t thaplan isas b oedn le
8:08 am
13 20t', so ie,s ther it's a long and cicomplatedll bi. 'sbut it outth ere. h whatasap hdpeneth in ase lt ethrers yeas i gwsood ne ist thath ste co ofea harlth ce in ioflatsn ha indecled. in and fa oct,urin sgleer pay me redical wil now costth less anwe ri oyginall hee is thm botto neli.e thbottom lisine th that e sunitedtatesod tay t ishenl oy jo marou cntryn oar eth that n'does gteeuaranth healtocare t l allepeop. ow >> hou do y may for it is the onquesti? i >>s it going to raise? taxes >> rightow n wee hav dime,care a veryop p aularucnd sl cessfu og prorram f niseors,ai pd th hroug by a meedicar m,premiu 'sthatt whae peopl pay.we ld woue hav aic medarere pmiumfo llr a aeo pple and z eropr hivateealth ine.suranciv prateea hlthns iurance em pr,iumso s theve arage meiddl cl miass faldly wou sea a re n ductioirin theh healt cear s costanby myho tdsusan of do llars. s >>tho dde missle clald wou t haveo increase taxesn o them erin ordpa to y fors thi ?plan b >>heut ty a're notng goio tbe
8:09 am
ncinsuraeem priums,y the wbeill yi pangic medare psremiumus jt asse doniors datoy. >> theoo gwsd ne isor senat s,sanderti you sell havor me t timeo maker you t.poin re. an thu k yo mveryruch foin takg th we timesith uhi ts mngorni, tawe cerppinly ae reciatthat.>> nk tha you. he md isse faield g toalhat d coul khaveept thein vikgs st poonseas ivale.bu ert kick w blairshal s istill a
8:10 am
gr eradees, sha wt >> >ro a gwingbe numram of iceran t si tforsoa cubs iri bgngin ch aangefterec dades of at isolion. i>> i'mn nahava, cuba, where a ne luw revo itionser und neis o isbo aut intourg. icamerarans e readyo t go to bucuba, t are csubanea rdy for us
8:11 am
inmorng." hei'm are ht my,ouse t onsghankg ivinanday dhai mve aveassirt heaac attkri inght dr my ayivew. e thordoct m put ae onba asyer n pirimeregin. s betoure k talto ur yoto docr rebefo b younegin a n aspirin.regime ta go yolk to ocur dtor. yo nu'reot stindeibructnyle a.more l stilt noinfeelllg we ? k.youwhnow gen iicot sk mmy uom msed tomeake en chickdl noo.e soup aw ., ok.. yo ouu shalld curl yoom me.. by mp ca'sbellck chiooen nsodle up. therene whon no see el is.
8:12 am
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8:13 am
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8:14 am
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8:15 am
ba emonrgo m urishasnc iasreed and u.s. la re htionsaswe thad but it' scl unenear wheo the pplel wil be ab o le teltravo t bacu. n beactr iys i baemssey re edopen andot a l of usad h hegadin e ststree ofan havae hav ysalwa t had oheirwn ytrhhm. tit'slohe fwha tt has cedhang thnow reey ami teaitng wh ur toism. en whan cuboos lutk oir the wi s,ndow f theacehe tyay sre a in ngcreasily amanerics. t>> i mhinkamost anerices ar iveryesnterinted om cgin . here>> te reportyr: bet j andohn he con cameh wit ar touro gup co
8:16 am
e fins artse to e vahana's artan d chartuitecre. w >>ine brckg ba to onbostou, y gu avys h teo latook this. is th n hasot to be mi. ssed he>> t is,land thebi fordden t.frui or>> repe ter: wmetet janre moo rawho en th tlrave cnyompa that behas rien bgnginca amerier he r forl neay 20rs yea.>> on i dno't katw wh willap hpen wh enta sksrbucnd a malcdon d's . come>> or rep ater:oure yri heang om frri ame tcanswahey tnt io t hcome bereeefor it gechans? h>> ieart tha0 2es tim a day.wa i gont to to cuba. now>> te reporar: cub j isust 90 omilesff the fdalori 2014,,09100me ansrica eltravered he. ealast yr, thatpe jumd 60% to 15 0,000. veif trales rtitric aonsre en ev ltuallyifted,s a many as 5 1.iomillmen ansrica are
8:17 am
c isa ubyread fors thian my ur to?ists n >> reey a r not.eady ey th a areutbsolnoely adt rey.if c you tame moend a said,ja n, ed i ne a hotel room t,tonigh'd ive haay to s't i cane givou y e. oner thote is nel a hot t roomo be tohad t nighhiin t s. city >> te reporcer: prians at my ho htelsavebl doued toro me than 00 $3 perht nig. tythe ci isus rhing told bui ghenoupl supy to meet the new de aere islso aac lk ofra tined to uiur g adesndot n nyearl ou enlagh p tceso eat. w the feeprivatur restaants in cithe otyrenly lycentll aowed heby tov genernmtan c beul fly bo mokedsonth in ncadvae. c ofe,ours foricamer jans, ust g beinweallo cd to homeere is st eill thst bigge acobstle. ll if aan you wdot to isee s the as clsic rsca, smokes cigar and k drin a diaiquirou but y r pool at thno is wet alloerd und. u.s bulaw tin com hgere isas ey on lepeoppe-to- ople.trip pe exoct tee mtom s aeonendt mee so
8:18 am
lepeopiv arrvee eayry d on ar chter htfligs. istourtyts emphe by t baduslo in ne a orighb shood auchs rois gs up iintoure g thetstre t ar othatnce sftrand ormethe it grtrty slieet fend ahe t nscuba o whoncele cald it .hometh heen tic mus st.arts icamersians iet qu atlyirt fst thand heen tds han start tovo me thand heen t feet. ithishas wt youl caltu culral e rsimmeion rsimmeion. t look aclosely. that drumma is rode fcym re cled ke bits par w and khat teepshe rcarsngunnith in tre seetsnd a sathe pime sthrit sat i ndeede to ve sol thege bigstbl proem ou bronght by bacu'sri toust re onvoluti. t >>nehey heed tdo s.llar ntheytheed obe js thatou trism
8:19 am
lathr r is yeaatand thd shoul g brinta loe morme ansrica .here ci>> fasngnati. >> s it'in sttereing.>> > to get tefhere borehi tngs gechan but iet b theub canst wanth oing t anchge. >> t i wan. to go r nevebeen. b >>uleautif place. en>> b actry,ha tounk y so much. > >> ft orgethe t-rex. d ahea cwhatoulde b the rlwod's la esrgt sadinour. 'sthatht rig.yo wu'reinatch tg "cbshis mo g.rnin"ne 4hxium 2her is t#1 new li selngue freqeant hrnrtbud branriin ameca. yi hopee ou likcyit spi! ge t lecomprote piotectwin heth te purpl. pill nethe adw lener iue freqeant hrnrtbu.
8:20 am
th inis wyoter u havepothe hwer to eal.e becaus pyourasurche of sevanelien int csiveloare tion ppsu tortshe livaseeane h plingctroje. injoto us p heliomillnns icr iseais heil thinr sk. i edne c newt.arpe ok. i thaves.wo doga and husband. e housaitrned? bamy husnd? , nogsthe doso. memetis.i' esd suggstt teainmasper ect protett carp .wh y? cr in dediblyleurabst and siain restant. atth t's whyllhey cast it ma'ser it... iti got . no frw get icee basll insta ation p withe urchasof ai strnmastepe car t d and pae'at lows. is r you sheadngo codeste 's itdy reaex to e?plod mayou my beinuddlg rothleugh alrgies. y treczyrt -d ptollowerfuy r clealoyour boscked ne liand reureve yo otherle almprgy sy.toms , son you cathbrea esi ea der allay. zyrtec-d. he at tac pharmtey counr. [m usic] rg foet t the.-rex, nonono, ,, no lepeop b aresooth ndft ast .rong.. ye y! ic wh wh isurhy o ucprodrets a. too
8:21 am
>> e> thne minsotain vikgs kricke mebecala a p yoffgoat, youou cldsa fty, aeer hse misd aot palenti me gane winr. a ougr opf f girst, radersth gaough, veim h aig b oleat p he on t back.>> you are the ayd mbe you need to pr?actice re you'ch wataning ch2 nel news, ve co yrageanou cnt cou t on.his is ha a c 2nnels newteupda. od gong morni k thanr you fongwatchiel chann i 2.i 'm anda.guevar
8:22 am
ore stcam usg int a loof ob pr ilemse n th. area we sc have elhool dd ays an h wescave dhoolanelays d fi trafdec acci tnts tou ell yo but flest... t's incheck je with tiff marnez tot geoka loth at hee weatr.ff je?
8:23 am
ti chme to ureck yods roah wit j. r.e in thf-"more .9m" 106af trntfic ceer! ho s w' litkiooutng o, therej. r.? mu altipletsccidenno in re, i-80wb ys at ke58tone, ro0 nb fm i-80 thwb in hee spagtti bo 80wl, i-at wb ls wel e, i-80b at ow downtinn virgt,ia exi 395 a nbdat glenanle, 5 d 39nb at os ths.e areaisthere chainnt co-8rols ige0, geir gr igade, hhwsoay 50 utofh ccarsont.ity, mhi rose y,ghwa39 ug5 throoeh washy valleand 39 h 5 norto.of ren we so have oome schysl dela and ur clostees to all youbout. al inl inclole scholas and ke ho taiee unifold schocls are osed e for thday. l al cwashoescounty anhools d or stntey couhoy sconols a twoho ayur del.
8:24 am
coeml acad sy ofcecienmp causes, nsst johre childtens cenr, st al tbertrehe gr at, ouf lady o owthe sntls, litere flow, lionan , d lambidsage range, d su rmmitn idge oo a tw dhourayel al so. ph zee yr covtaelemenry andwh hittellhoigh sc ool aren a 1 elhour day. ac se highischool we on a ather de stlayed daart toaly and l as clgises beamn at 9. we l 'lurbe s ke toyoeep u d update mwithdeore ndlays a ur closwees as a learnhebout tm.
8:25 am
we bl bewiack noth ather >>.
8:26 am
mi cop ng u tinhis half hour, ki bckerlair walshse misd a fi d el tgoalhatnd eed the mi otnnesa kivings'up sower bl dr teamsyehis ar,ut b he sdcore mesoxt erant poiits womh se rs fit s.graderse teinghoseid ks whoad hse the back despite the sslo.> >> nandotesf oov le aerft the hosandy ok slchoo tishoong.he and w hise iflktait whle gay t abouaus mical miaemorl that ul cornd ea two amgrmys. 'l wevel ha that ahead.>> me> ti tow sho you some of this g'mornins rerdak breingws vief oid dav bo viwie's deoay ds after his at deh. mothe st wedatch video is s bowie' blkta sr is on tckra toe b the tfirs rdiecorng g tothet on e
8:27 am
>> " swallt treenajourayl" ss ntheewtu sdyin fds ,ubernd a r othecarli haingvi serces have not lneoosee d thfitrafewc in n c yorky.itth lle potu sdys i etexpecd to be le re iaseden thom cing .days ne w 'syorkai dlyse news re s porton theep rlicaf oeth eslargsat dinourve er e notitasaur. isth i guysos ig b,t iou cld notev ien fit ontone room. it's headnd a it'sec nk into the y.hallwaro named iou srith ameutca abo 10 0 m yilliongoears a.>> es> minnkiota vings' kicker ta thkes e blame for endinghe t su boper awl runftersi misng a d fielgoal yedastery.
8:28 am
kigss thin a up tcnoh. ul >> fl diresclosu rehe, i am a ki vi ngsn.fa af but ter ,sunday likey man ns fa, i w fentrom shocko t ingettgre ptty upset. t buir fst grsrade showow hve en bafootlall pyers deseerv a se condcechan. >> ana serpp and thek kic is no go od. ep >> rr:orteh wit sjustdsecon le n ft igathe ndme ara tgilin by e ont,poin thene minsotain vikgslo llst aop he ofic vtory wnhe bl waair lshha snked the ckki. levenocalir fstde grars seexpresdhe tir oidisapp.ntment >> eeveryon makes stmiakes. w >>dohat es iant me toe havem y?path r >>teeporhar: tt'sn whe a ansuburber teachid deced she d woulhimake ts ach teaable ve mo.menthe rde stusnte madar cdsor f
8:29 am
ofou encmeragenlnt oy air fst ergradld cou inimage. k >>oneep in trye g, w yloveou so h. muc on>> d'te givup. i >>w kno you can do it,ou y can e win th. game>> ou y are the best andbe may neyou ed to tipracce. ve lo cody. r >>teeporher: wosn thine kd s worded reach hwalsh,e dedecid to a makeci speal tripo t thank dsthe kise himlf. >> ier'm he elto tl you thank you fthrom ome bott of my arhet, cthatedheer me up a lot. ep>> rr:orte walshad mee timto an tsweridhe kess qus.tion av>> he you eve mrade ae gam ck ki?>> am a geic knok, . ep>> rr:orte m andade tfoime r s hifrnew s.iend>> th at's ,cool man. r>>orepr:teiv gin egeveryon a le ongs s s indecon chs.ance >> o tethid kson d'tno kw me, ey th't don a knowg nythinabout eyme, tht jus know i'm ain vikgsay
8:30 am
th empary fo i me,t's mare.rkable in >> sce su,ndaysh walas h de ma -- he toldhe tnt studes th e'at hllic pkse him ulfp and ha try exrder nont seas. j>> iloust t ve thastory. re>> gatns lesso all around. >> abtesoluly. bo>> achut teaing thempay.>> and kidsan cll a relateo t wh wat heent h.throug l >> iheove when ty askedhi m, ou do yav he a aguinne pig? >> were a cg ountindown toup serwl bo 50. na jim llntz wi bring you all the actionm fro levysdi staumn i nt saa a,claror calif onian ay sundbr, fe at's aig rht heern o cbs. in and thegapre-me, ape scial te in wrviewithre psidentnd a mr otema hosayd by gg.le kin
8:31 am
a it's like a nglauage.r fo met' is l aeanguagt tha ki sck inh witds woron d't e.suffic pso the ourposef making m usicth fat wasraughth with wit ar tendings a a lotf o inpa. t bu ait was nryecessa ex sipreson.
8:32 am
evliesha tnet w town ou if ydo're eving hierythtng rig ndbut fiha it arderdend hartor y, get bou yno're ont ale. ouwhile ler peop worknglorser houow for leser wag, al amostewll nom ince go thes to p e to1%.
8:33 am
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8:34 am
yo u'rete lisningth to e osoundsf jazz shoaxopitne wh y jimmwhgreen o wasnd staing t righd behin pderesi ontbama last weekn whe thesi predent un annosced hicu exetiveio actn on steen lo hise littl draughte na ane in thch sooool shti ingn co tinneccut. sothe asng wpi insred by hernd a s habeenom nedinat for two gr ammys. we t wenandd talketoim h and hi ws ne i' beente lisoning the t album inever souce ye gavt i to me. ha i ove tl tel u,yo jimmy, it s wad har fore mo t lniste to. t i can'inimaghae wt that s procesliwas ke for u.yo>> no you kw, i musices lik a la .nguage r fomeus mics ior fn wheor wds don't ffsuice. for mewa it s a nryecessa es exprjusion, est likki talng isne
8:35 am
or rep tter:wors yea after hisda erughta ann wasil k ileden th ho sc solinhootgt a sandyoo hk em elentary hoscol. onsaxophaye plmyer jimen gre ".life >> ou i winld fmd hi in 'sanna ro ocom, l kedin,r eithe ti pracuscing mic orti wring mu insic te ars. i soid d kn'tnowha w wt heas in th someing.ey thft say aer ara t tuma,'shereth rmree noal res,sponse fight, ht flig or d what jimmy did, ahand wt he's showingeo pple ist tha e' therths someeling ose t do and cthat'se.reat wa>> it som n finatedor two am grutmys, b whenou y thinkf o thect subje ermatt a, yreou ctconflith got at? 'm >> i nohod,re it's the bgeigstho yonor tu geth in eic mus in rydust.of rs cou me atrey co, iis wh i ne
8:36 am
mwishtty liirle grel wee. her >> youav he s aong en"sevth can ed cannle. >>nt evidedl cannees iri wtten around anna's stheventh birday t in3.wo 1 i pdlaye it sfipeciycallun arod op stso o pranonsaxophe usbecae atth'sth e cselosto ter h e.voic t >>his rdiecorng of annait wh he otr brhersa i iiahsea fdture on the firstra tck heof t bualm. ee grson ald use a drchilen's oi chadr, m oe upfnn aa and ahisairi's f,endsm fro twhenhe lyfamied livca in .nada s
8:37 am
al knew anna,wa that sre ally, re ally po.werful 's itd hare to bhein tm roon whe 'rtheye rdiecor jngustau becse a t loof as nna'ndfrie ts,s hi is t toirhe fste time w had seen sthemcein w sheas kiedll. adthey hte gotn bi,ggerou y ow kn? as >> w itai p?nful>> wa it ins pa ful,luabsolyte, t buethus mhaic tt pdoure o outf th wemeaas r rlly,lleaspy l.ecia>> honow lfog beoure ye wera tableilo smer oau lgher aft an nadied? >>el wwrl, syim mks r, s jimmy'rea c aator nd mo i'm re of a r.fighte so it wen rntight ioht fig mode d annti we tohi wasn ngtoand i did some lo.bbying it and ar was haud becse one of inthe theogs p dpleikon't le to botalk as ut ihahow efrd gri is.bu ert we wble a teong bri our st threngths togeter tha will e leavega lacy llhopefu y forma nyer gen tationso meco.d
8:38 am
ed nes an ale examp of howou y sp re ond toy.tragedan d he's aid k whoti sll se des.rves u >> al you tthked wiut abo the tstrainhat itak tesn o a u yovetwo hato been ergeth a ng lo time. j >>immy a ind havewn knoh eac ot sherceine wrewe , 15been to sgethere ince w7.were 1 av we ho e smuch y.histor nd >> a why didn'ts thi splithe trr ma aiagepas rt ait has with ny mapl peooe whe havre suffed th sse loa of child?>> . godr ouitfah.r ouitcommuny ofpl peoero aund us warho ye,knou ow, they're th not nee ost tha go out on a pa anver d say,e w helpedhe t sa ndy hook mifalies,he ty'rehe tes oner who wree the iequtly, y evereaday, lving tmeals,o is th y.da nd >> a t let'salk about the me sos time speople nay i'm ot togoing stayn i thatmu comnity m and i'aicertnly notng goi to st thay in e ushoe. o you twadhave me theec dnisio o to d thbo. why? i>>s t''sannase hou. at th's 'sanna house. we in a g'toing whnoere.
8:39 am
okhoor fou fron mthsn wheanna wa s ki.lled w itt asn'ethat w h movedere ca be huse we adto, wese cho to mo ve here. d weidn'te mak the bad dnecisio re he, wee mad ad gooio decis tno live rehe.ot her people c thoseo make bad si decions.>> er oth p heople maveade de s cisioneto havno aabther by e sincthis y.tragedve haad you m ce theusonscio de oncisiot n to have aernoth . baby >> e wal tdkeo t isaiahut abo it and weke talacd to ehth oer ab t ou?it w ande said, do we want aernoth .annaan td iom c bes ackto, i just wa nont ather naan. i >>t wan aernoth anna. wa she s ait ltleir glt that fel a lot of,loveo s ist wa not mmunco tono omcome hoe t ae not fr om anna, on our owpilln, o the te couna r, as omatter of factne t ofthe mos mabemorleng this andon ofe t the thingsashat h al
8:40 am
is th far is the dayha tt she sa oid t us,on d't lethe tmk suc ur yo funit circus y,dr, momwhen w wehaere avingda hard y. reso we member theot nes of lo thve, rde wos ofou encmeragent d anhe s didav hrye a veal speci ab way r.out he ana had a waybo aut her >> ou y know whatus m icesdot, i al reakly spes toyo yu,ou can i feel.t here t bui have toay s shiomet ng t abouana's wayn i rtpa.icular yodid teu wri theyr lics? >> i did. >>he san ddce andg san and helaugd. ydo rouememr beatth rtpa?sh ane danced d sosangme. >> he san d acedndg san and au wlanfed d lived aif lel ful of joyful me,mories d ana haa way t abouher.>> e i lik thate coupl so chmu, my
8:41 am
enyou sp wd timeemith th andou y fe can mel howheuch tye lov their ugda,hterh wit but i said to lvmeoua, y't donan w htim to beal cled a temonsr, she saido n i n'dot, becausehe w ynou do , thatyouiz demone him, adam la anzee ndde helpnd a weee nd toma
8:42 am
hee lp> >>nbeen adi increble lecredib sat doet i for .us w aseae l veyou,et l'se tak a ok lok bacheat tk weet tha s.wa a have w great, eekenderevy.ybod>> re the p osidentunf the itedat stes! si>> prebadent omari ted to as renxsure ameious a aricansnd edadmitthe what s think o isne of his urfailes. he >> t orrance, thpi suscion tw beeeen thes parti hasot gten wo inrse ofstead tt beer. >>
8:43 am
th csirenlalth of eri angest esvoic.'s itta cer sinlyofome the th haings tt mr. trump has said. he>> ty mareoving himro fm ll cell-to-ceke to ma it ic diff fultor him to caespe. >> o alleyf the thes of lde wor e ar on u.yo >>yo do liu betheve heat t xi megocan vernanment w ted toen e courag cthel arte ptoutou y in theircriross-has? >> yes. >> iniraan ovprioocatn. i >>s t wasta miake. w that fas ouraultnd ae w ap e.ologiz em>> ttuperaeres ar below ngfreezi ahend t w iinds aris cs, a couan y e,sech whi isom cypletel ozfren! t >>he cityap tpedo intthe fl int riverh witts iat werut b theer watid dn't prlropey d.treate >> an you cri't dt.nk i hi>> ts heis wre theke tict was so tld athis ercomput. re! >>ge antsis ddcovereak bed ca ek we. ho >> t bse areig otcarrs!le t me take ase clor !look
8:44 am
wa>> he s ara til . blazer ea>> sngrchi foric mus isik le ar seg chind.for go >> youav he alalways, -ways - i y want lou toook over thisay w en wh t i'malking to you. g>> i'mngettipl dee iynto that. k>> inowou y ar e. >>o why sntmuch iinerest the al sexuity?>> h youimeard hin flirtg with li s rhape charlicould answer . that oo >> gd ineveng. t >>he esprsident'd recor has te ofnle faln far short. >> yound eed c theurse. y >> mernumb g onewaoal ts no tobe come ard "satuhtay nig live" t. ki w >>hoeverut phe togetr this mi skeystem did aer teribl job.
8:45 am
ine talkg t.abou y ifowou thr a dead catn othe bl tahee, t sy willaltart tking t aboueathe dd cat andhi ts is dwhattronald humpas beene abl d >> yo when du rea atth, did you i say wadon't dont to at th? >>no. ii saidol absy utelo want t do . that i >> s wouldtarth wit fthe act y thatugou ooht tle sep in a tlperfecky dar room. h.>> yea k>> younow? erand thoe is n isnoe.ld co as well. re>> it epally dendsn o u.yo ke i li the ,cold lichare. a whathabout thtt nig y atour house?>> ll a that. he >> tky loo goodn oyou. >> a thinkbout this. a>> andtll tha matters.>> yeah. veryur ling.>> bs on "cs thiinmorng." ou>> y twoea rlize'r youeot n
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h,>> oar we te onv? ch neanl ne2 uwse.pdat go niod morng yothank wau for ctchinghannel 'm 2. igu andi evara.
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we so have oome schysl dela andcl tosures yo tellutou abo. e we havchsome slaool deys and esclosurll to tebo you aut. al inl inclole schod s anlake e tahod unifies schoolosare cled e for thday. waall oushoe chonty scd ols an ey story countolscho as on two ur ho. delaysh
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acral y ademenof sciceca , mpusesohst jhins cldrensce stnter, er albe t th ogreat,ur f lady oowthe sntls, lite er flowon, li l andagamb, se aridge,umnd srimit dge woon a tr houy delaalso. czephyremove el aentarynd tewhith ll hig aschoola re on 1 ho ayur del. hi ace oogh schn l is ohea weatr la dearyed sty t todal and al se clasn s begi. at 9am'l weurl be seee to kp you da upwited e th mor adelaysnd esclosur l as weboearn am.ut the bewe'll wi back thth anoer
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e:wayni' onm tv! thjona an:it'a s ttrippao na! ea(scrngmi) wa yyne:'ou gveheot tar c
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