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tv   Channel 2 News 11PM  CBS  January 15, 2016 11:00pm-11:35pm PST

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gethout foere e r thy 3-da ekweanend e d thm storstwas juli teke whito gold t starthewe ekofend f." af foter trur st aighwidry s nter ra-- b sdleythays eais yr's ow sngi is bving astooth to e re oeno-tahmy econoon. althg wi reski s sorthe-- ss saylshote anred austntraars ale fsoliilng up . an cd ofe oursevwheniner wtry he weatmer co ts toiehe s..rra.yo n u ca wstaychith l annews2 ne he on t. air..neonli, onfa acebookttnd twi ser fortormtc wainh cont cuingagover e. s crewarare sefoching i r a skin ctstru wor whossent miing heat t b sugari owl sk -resortju thst norke of laoe tahst ere placy countf'sherifs of ayfice seas 23-y"cr-old arson ma ly" wasenast se s doingome f- ofy dutngskiie at thresort er yestteday afrnoon.he w wasngearie a bluiacolumb , jacket gbrightanreen pd ts, an a ueblme hel tt at thee.imhe or repy tedlnodid owt sh up r forihis hade tent evinang - d r neve imademet ho. tathe nohoe trdicaneam gad sur sbowlatki parrol sie asg stinin sethe ..archic. wh sh theyasay hbe aren nd rowe tto bhek acside
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cwashoedeounty aputiesre in veatstigwhing auat ca sed fa crtal inash v suny alley.todade esputi a sayte whik- picanup r st a igop s sn atalun vley ul bod evararand dapahoeveri nd arouth 6:15 niis mor. ng.. d crossebothe arulevd and st inopped it a dch. ti depul es tel dus ther rivewas sp hoizitalt ed, bupalater sseday aw. iginvestdoators us not spect d speeth- nor hee weatrer - wect fa tors inshhe crad ... antheysa may the wen was g arina se ltatbe. tu inrntog he tme crino beat w...we an have upother n date othatug drtu deal omrned he icidin oncarsy citr earlieeethis wk. esdeputil telheus thay've crged fi a rsfth pethon in dee incint-- ea 18 yjor old snathanorkenande. ad skenwaore res aressted yterdayon re an unwalated rrant.he w is nog beingechard with oraccessury to mccder, aryesso beto robd ry, anraconspio cy tco obmmit rdebery. esputi sayth e ey werblalso a re toerecov onadditideal eviisnce thmo prning,d resumereto be lated he to t o deatht f grans.watkin so alim in crate bea ... oewashun
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far-oldarrom spn ks i ec connittion wrdh a muer in pt seofember 2014.rl catoos mon sya wasedentenc to rs30 yeais in prfton - aer ngpleadiy guiltctlast oo ober tst habbingghis neiribor, ban hamarsll. pr orosecuthes say 1 was t5 atheme tie of thbistab. ng..and a me docuannted gerg memb . onhe wel't be figibleolor pare r fo lat 1eastar2 yes. lo g okinndarouor the w..ld now. se fcuritystorces a ormed l hotede une r siegd - and freestat lea os 63 hintages ki burasna fo's pi cajutal rsst hou. ago..after as it wk strucqaby al-ida tamilie nts tht nigh. before co s mmandoxpused es losiveto thenter die buile ng fivs hour r aftetathe atthck in e ag ougoadouu deacci sntally fettingire to theho btel.thoth ple "sd endil"hote a and byneare cafatth a waslso at edtacke werlapoputhr wiwe nesteritrs. n wasot diimmey ateln knowmahow ny op peayle me hav kbeend ille ngduriie the sthge, ough a rv su eivorerarlid tolcamedil
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gh hi20 as e . thl locadaal-qaifi afe liats hameclaid sp rebionsi flityheor tac attks. re oscuetiperat on ahothe tel st are onill going. tt a lilole ctoser .. home. 12 li miertary p asonnelsire misngaf o ter tw hmarineteelicoprs coedllid t offahhe oasu cot inha . waii chsear a crewsrenn scathing e waffters oi' hawait s coasfor y anofsigns wo the te marinli heptcoerhis, wolch cd lidedu aringht nig ttimeinraing mi lassion t te las hnight.igh su torf up et 15 fe c---andloudy nd consitio c areicomplg atinthe chseart than beganioverght. sc reeaue toums fn nd ay emptlifera deft, , brissiand viamble flesab anout 2- md-halfffiles o 'soahuth norre shor neatothe wn alof heiwa . mithe rylitain is igvestg atin cathe ofuse a theccident. gothe overnorigf mich ians in callr g foata ste ofer emy-gencil- whate the torney ra genes l callanfor in atvestign ioineato ld nt coatamininion nt flier wat. th obe prmsleeg b aanhefter t scityhewitcs d itsuwater pply he to tnt flier rivth in rie spng
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th coe ivrrostee warir stpped fleadpirom apes,hind cn ldreine thercity wune fothd wi high ve lef ls o ileadein thoor tye ci c hasedhang w itsater cesourt , buroenvitanmens listsa tey wamir coutng ofa of s ucet s is utille.nsaf e ther bhave87een es casa of nipneumolia- dkeeais sseceinhe t te waitr sw- ch -teand pen opleha ieve dd. ayfema seys thl wild responto go the 'svernoren emerguecy reqst lyas earis as thnd weeke. mo the ldve wouk unlocl federa s fundaito rept'r flinr s wate asystemp nd helntresides. to ac pr sean benn isinreaks g hisi ablence s out hio trip tmexico ee to mrit notougous dr lord aq jo"euin apl chuzo" gman. n in aieintervw for this 'ssundayin "60 m..utes". penn ok sp ce tochbs' e arli irosen a santcamonit last nigh- to atalk hboutevis souen hitrs wh anguzm. pe snnay ds het oes noe believhi tos ocinber ietervthw wi zm guedan lth to uge dror ld's cae ptur wlasteek. : pennex"the movican gt ernmen--ey thcl were veearly ry athumilithed by tie noon
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dtheyweid. noll, oubody fnd him fo behere td.y didi we -dn't- e we'rsmnot r arte dthanr ea o e thcamexiten inenlligwece. had co a t ntac wupon whichree we tablecio fatelita an vi inontati."gu ezmanedscap o onecof mexi's xi macumum se pritynsriso last ju y ly blicrawhrng t aoughe hol isin hho sr wed anenth a lemion-ltug 3nnelet0-fe rgunded.roun s he ievbelio ed tesbe ribponslefo mr asasany th 34-ndousa hs deat. cioffiy als sas hilosinarta caelis um the ne ber onlisupper of ro hecain, cod ine anjumaritoana u.the s.o "dbeyou e lievhethat tan mexic ve gornment"y es" wa"they o nted turencothage e ca trtelt o puinyou ir the sh cros?"airsye "s" y"areeaou forrful fli your fe?" o."n" cayou tcn waenh the tire rv intethiew wipe sean hinn ts aysund60 on ut min. es..right
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wgelaveill hak a loor at you "c elhannew 2 nnts cowiinues thme ogteorolgeist anilla schling'snp pi 2ointec forast. r afteuga rommh coisute th mo surning anshinellowedte urmperatwaes to o rm intthe 40 ay's todl . stilvewet pament nd arouwn toug tho sh,beo ar culefs a er temp caturesnuonti de torop ni overemght. ttuperaarres e cu y rrentl uin the0'pper 3ths wi nioverwsght lote expece d to ba
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inmorn ng. ourstext syem is in getterg closli to ca aforniand on so a willh pproac. nevadar rada s showigsome lurht retovns ming in hefrom twe northckst. pied up om on sghe liint raer earli t.tonighec futurowast shs more a rainw nd snot.tonighni beginng e asarly id as m bnight,tiut getng ng strot er jus sbeforee.unsris tymajoriof s thellnow winf be coo ined te th, sierrawebut s cane ee som l spilover
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ve ilry simwhar to saat we w lastni eght,toxpect night, attemper wuresonill woe or tde grees er warmve. seysn da h showsighs ar ne o fiftye ver thd,weeken a with drynd suniay mord ng, anactivemo thnday. m e stordaon mony has moremo reistuwo to h rk witllbut wi balsorme waveer ohtrnig. r afteuga rommh coisute th rn monsing sullhine aowedmp
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od's tstay. weill vet pamentar owound toun th bgh, soe fu careeml as treperatuins contueto ov drop t.ernighpe temreratus g gettinerclos tcao foliiarnnd aso l on wilchapproaad nevada. rarow shmes soht ligns returg movinin th from hwe norticest. pked up me on so r lightrlain eaier ni to fght.ecuturowast shs morera ndin aw snot.tonighni beginng alinto vcaley loastions well. sveryarimilat to whw we salastni xpght, eniect toght, onstorm y mondarehas mo tu moiswore to itrk wt h buwill b alsoere warmig overnht. ll wet' thaors it fni us toght.ur yone next iwscastrrs tomoowat w 5 p-mjeith ernnifn. burto icbut stndk arou ' fore 2 th ophowi' poth srerts dictorga drretorearbt n. thastartsgh
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11:25 pm
fethe ofnsare bobud...sot al the ic qurnk tuun arompd juer. bu wt itt asn'ghenouha to ngon at.. senn ors wi. big.o 63 t29 an atd ths sumfoit up i'r us. m c ryanayanadis..thc is zaan sd that uums itusp for . i'm ry adan canisay..thc is za ey moonl . we'lt send iveback or to re garalt, dd las anorpaul fme sohi more tsghligh. gthankse uys, w ahaveernothme gach to oueck . t paul e we'vsogot orme mrle gis etbask aballn.ctio c.theilolevle eswolvin tak tg onxche eel stchriwaian rsrrio s. 1. otartf th the d irarqu. ter.wapaeehnmi gnderthets be in pound..ass.mi tssesirhe fhost get he owr ren unboand bad itnks .. inev.colleilhe ay ad btytwen. wo 2. nlvespoext sisses..on. and om naesi grav t savesl he balfrom g goin bout ofs.ound t.andhen
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