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tv   60 Minutes  CBS  January 17, 2016 7:00pm-8:00pm PST

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sispon fbility or tecounorr-terrd ism ancyber ta atcks.he t movesnehe chierse govnment s isintealomg fr s everyr ectoof e thcou.s. enomy. co e rporatagespionise ti cosng ll bi oionsllf doanars lld miions bsof jo. ar >> pt heof tat strinegy all is th t wasllo ki us. s>>taeyhl: thut set oll to kiu? yo>> ki to ll c thenyompa. m >tiy arshcle nouldavot hema hide tchs muse noi. c el shapod houlhanot eeve bnth ulis pop far ae igureato rdou abt. os >> rige: ton sht thetory ndbehipe sean ecnn's sretet mething wiap el cho.wh hey did go? d whatleid he arn?o whatis kl e delocastil?an w d hoendoes p an feelhebout t it crm icisisof hp? tri f >> osecourno i katw thre thear ope pehole w't done likme out he of tat ge.>> e: ros'r yout e noouwithtco ventrorsy.>> it not w faug enoh. w >>kehita lr:osel angndes a suits s burbhoare 19me to mi llopion pee le, thonlyga
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tamounnsin liosi live desi by de hwiths.uman 13for rs yea n thenaatiosl park icservs e ha sbeenintudythg ean s,imalng openiin a wondow t heysir mouterirls wodd anra g isintiquesabons thout eir ivsurvthal in nde lafr of yseewa suand anburbaw sprl. i>>te'm sftve kro. i >>le'm lesl.y stah>> il i'm bakl whiter.>> c i'mieharl rose. i >>tt'm scoy. pelle e thoss storiet tonighon "60 s.minute" bs >> c w moneypdatch u ateou brtoght y: you b g >>oolor: gend er it emomges frct san,ionsan ird saiy todaonits ecllomy wiow gr t 5% inomhe upcscing fialye eina isd xpecteorto repst itwe ecakest gonomicinrowth 25 s. year s.and u.ts markelo are csed rr tomot ow, bufuoil s turewilltr
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>>iftahl: g spyinis thewo s rld'ndsecoes oldt siprofese on, thmegovernnt ofch s ina han give nit aew, -dmodernstay twist, enliing an ar f my onospies tet to salmi rylitare sect ts, buadthe tre cr sed ets anllintealectuop prf erty oanamericni compaes. eiit's bleng cal gd "thereatbr bbain roofery ri ameca."e thicjustpae de srtmentatays th althe schie of c cna'sraorpote on espi sage is, o vastit tuconstinates a stionalyecurit ncemergeh y, wittachina grgetinrt vievually ctery sethor of e eu.s.myconoco, and stinger amomican c hpaniess undredofbi nslliodo of inllars s lossean red mon thalltwo mibsion jo. oh>> jrln cathin: eey'r rg tag etinprour coivate iempans. it and a's notfi fair ght. iv a prmpate con'any caett compe ai agthnst soe res urceheof tco searnd l egest iconomyn thewo rld. s >>jotahl: lihn car tn isheas ansisttot at grneyalener for onnatiecal sy,urith wit on resptysibili c forerount-te orrr cism,ttyber a, acksandin sicrea, nglyomeconic
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c >>n:arlis thi sis aioerusre thouat to tir na sonalitecury.i , meanouomr econndy depes on ab the toility at hed if t dre's aatedicedna stion wtatesiho's utsng i te inenlligppce a taratuseao stl, inday d andutay o w, whate're yi tro ng tlodevehap, tt aposes ri sethous treatr o outrcouny. ta >> sathl: whth is uleir timateal goch, the goinese vern'smentul tetimal? goa ar >> chelin: tnty wave to delop aicertgmn sef ents oryindust,an std inofead in try og tout- no in, vateseout-re, archout- de p,veloy' thehore cg osinoto d hrit t tough.heft s >>: tahlyoall veu hado to , he ys sa l, isatook e themiconoc an plbls pud isheodperilyicaly b chthe e inestbpoliuro. ey th, arerdaccotoing s thi ntreceor rep tt byeche toghnolyre chsearm firntinve., i.p inef , fectprblue ointsf whatdu inesstri w andmphat coanies wie ll bettargored fft the. c >> warlin:see eme th o pututth rae stpltegic , anthand een w e ses actionowfollt thaplan. eewe sru int asion iftersintruon .s on uan. compies.
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ent? hi>> n: carlis it'ths ousandof lyactual comespanie havbeenhi t. ta>> souhl: ths sand.of u.s mp cos?anie li>> carf n: oomu.s. c.panies s >>butahl: int gette.g c.o.s om frse thopa com tnieslko ta is ar nemply iblossicae bemouse st he of tl m stil bhaves usinesin ch d ina anwadon't tnto utbe c t out'of i ms huget.arkeni daahel mcghen, td heaof er am sicancoupertonducanr, is ptexceion. fihis perm seant yndrs ami nslliodo of s llarlodeveping va ad cncedteompuftr so fwareor nd wibi turthnes cgat msaahn ysch loina , otedlynearti putimng h t ouusof bs.ines 's heki talecng b hausente was tofi baght ck. d >>l aniehnmcgam : i'onpersally r neveg goinivto gise th up. o to lmany wivesafere edfect, matoo fnyieamilres weag damed ugthroish th. an we c n gever oive up.n this hl>> staha: you fd to60ire 0 op pele. cg>> m yahn:es.>> hl stat : ouowof hy man?jobs cg>> m aahn:e t th, timeerwe we stalmo. 900>> : stahlowso hh mucyodid u lo se iarn shlue vae? m >>n:cgahal totis loss weller
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s >>totahl: isday, hry facto r floogeis larenly silt, ash adf ow o othisthnce ngrivi ancompy.>> ah mcg tn: i phinkofart the ra stten gy ithall asis w.. l kilus.>> hl staey: th o seto ut tkillyo u. m >>n:cgahki to hell tpa comny.>> hl staw : hohecan so be e? sur , wellsthis beory wginshen in chssa pa ced a eleany nerglawin 5, 200li calorng f the ticreaf on o-wmegafaind rms ro thutugho c theryount. lathe dew mana chi tothe htestwi ownd parer minket w the.orld , sohnmcgatn par weredaith sm chall fiinese rmle cald l,sinovech whi p wasy artlownedby ov the sidevel make the s oletonsf tuthe esrbind , anhimps coany, eramicupan sndercor,ucto theso tiphisd cateetgadgndry aco ermpute codunto rm. the ey thua actbully eilt th esturbin. >>ah mcghen: tkey ma the e,turbinma we cke thes.ontrol>> hl stad : anthdid akey meth rbese tuitines wurh yos brain t infohem e r threentiou cnt ry c of?hina cg>> m yahn:es.
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nebusihess tchre, waina s re alnoady tos rioupofor ngachi icamerntan ictelleprual tyoper. h soyse sadi he erd evngythi he d coulk thino of tecprotst hi notech flogyberom sting .olen>> ah mcge n: w smadethure nyat a wasoftr re opiany esecth of e wcodereere ctstrinded a.. use. aweretoble ac be edcessy onlbyfe a lew peophi wite n thancompy. ta>> sonhl: y ce thegot ytevervehing oerr thoue, cldn't rtheyseeverin-engiteer ? m >>n:cgahbe we e liev'sthatwh y at thetotried do. d an twhatlehey d arnethwas isen tecrypotd pr wocoln as ithewa y. dtheyt idn'e quitrsunde htandow w itd,orke t andcohey 'tuldnre i ta>> sevhl: oderybowy knfs, i 's itth on tee insornet, mebr anillickt haaner c a get.t it>> ah mcgt n: i'twasnes accesibl rothuge h thrninteet. s >>hlta: keyou t pt ithoff ete in.rnet cg>> m yahn:es.>> hl sta s: its ound ylike.ou.. u yot builtta liorle fstresar yound..our.r youioprecus de cos. m >>n:cgahce we nlrtaiiey trd. s >>: tahliainit blly,esusinsbo iomedinn chr a foicameransu
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yr sktiockerong f0 m $5iomilln a ar yene to harlya alf iobilln. m >>n:cgahwe we oire g tnghrough ne expogrntial .owth 's itt whay evernotechlogyco y mpans wantetto gis to s thihi evgh lf el othgrow. w wethere ere. ta>> sthhl: inen, 1, 201 hisen ergineres weti tesheng tt- nex ne geonratitw sofinare na chi on no situvel's rb.ines e thwasoftadre hn beeraprogmmed todo shut ftwn a ter theutest, b bl the idades dutn't sh evey n serto sppedinpinng.>> ah mcgo n: saiwe swhd, "y?"we id dn'alt renoly kw. heso tm teaedlookth at e biturndne a r sawngunniou on r rd ha awaresi verf on owasoftreth >>hl staat: thhe's wun yo izrealed. cg>> m rahn:zeealimed sog'thin son wrg. son theadwe hfi to ogureowut hdi hd...ouow child tves ha enhapped. ta>> stohl: d fint,ou heun lan ched aalinternin atvestigd ion anednarrow itwn doth to anis mn, deja er am sicancoupertonducser bad inau a.stri ashe w o onee f thpefew ioplen
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pr aroprietfty so.ware lshe aeno spt t a loe of timin wochina g rkin swithinovel.>> ah mcgndn: at wha dtheysid ith seey uldd co-e warpyra stcraf e to b tablerno tu.. him. ta>> sthhl: urey thined m. cg>> m .ahn:d ..anmaimke ho intan nt age.. forr . fo.them s >>: tahloudo yw knoany ec sps ifichaof weyt ther off edm? hi>> ah mcghen: tfey ofhired mme won. otheyedffer a himarn apt.tmenth ffey o heredonim ffey o hered nim aifew le. ta>> sthhl: rae arenngemt udincl $ed ami1.7 n llioracontct wthatpeas s olledn ut iemailsan and instsst me tageshat hn mcganv's igaestioution fnd on de n'jamps cocoany ermput. hiin te s on hfromo im ta no siexvel ivecuteje, dayan ls e out throquid p " quo--all negirls eyed i ired gls. ve sinos l needme." no siexvel esecutivre showed him f withy latterd anurencot-agemen ar- you e e tht "besikman, lepe surman." an thd did ayey se , "wwantth te...ouhe scorce ?des">> ah mcgt n: ialwas lmostaike cegroisry lt. an "c g yous et u'a'?c
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cau n yo 'get usc'?" s >>: tahleei've se n onheof tme esssagte, the esxt msageinic whn h deja, saysil"i wndl seth lle fue, codco of urse.">> ah mcghan: ttht's lle fue cod opfor g eratinthwieir nd e.turbin hl>> stan : dejatuevenally nf cosees ad toutho iritiesnau a strienand spyet a ar inil ja. su not ngrprisie ly, thechines au itthorreies fud seto stinvee,igatni so daahel mcgn d file isuitl n civit courin a, chin s suingelinov for il$1.2 blion.t buushe sedpectch that a inwas il styil spn ng ocohis y,mpan and bthatngeiji s hadhewitcomd fr ld co t wartto cueding-ge agespione. w soerhy wu e yoghbrou?t in d >>almitri tcperoviweh: we re ghbrou bt inseecau a theksttac ntnow coininued sp cyberace.>> : stahlhnmcgaed hiri dmitr roalpeh vitcgeand korge,urtz ouco-fs nder cof ateompur risecuirty fllm caroed cwd kestri i, toesnvtigate.ey thoe zer od inn a icsuspious
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meard tmber po 13ineople theco mpany. a >>ovlper: itchadit h anat metachnt.a pefew copleedlickan on chatta amentt nd thathlet ech e inesin. asit wof sort op like g eninthe frdoont or. ta>> swhhl: o at dmeyou than, ey e werin? a >>ovlper: itch toncehey ic clonked t thal emaithand eyop uenede p thchatta,ment li mas cious codetestardex ijecut tg onacheir mndhine ait co beaouned tt tohihe cnese d ancabasilelly emt thht rig tintoomhe c.pany om frt that,poiny thehocan p toan chy maanine ked tail any fe at thwa they ronted fm thattw ne.ork ta >> s ahl: byzinalyhong w the waemail ts senty o, thewere tablefeo in tr thatnehe chise we erre aftth more tan jusc ompur tedecos.>> er alpchovitey: tho alsedwantto ur figt e oulethe stgal gyrateof e thancompowy, nt thathey re weng suiov sinorel f $1.2ll biion. g >>e eorgz:kurtne whever er tha e's labig t,wsuill we' see chthe e inesrngove amentllctuay k brea tintocohat y,mpanak bre to in l the degaltmeparanent d gu fiutre ot' whains gog onbe thindcehe ssones y thecantt bel er deahawith tuit lawst.>> : stahlidnow, dno you kw at imthat thae who rpd peteetra d ckthe ha?
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dewirmine atth grefi conedencat ths thiunwas 13it 6pa98, rtof hi the cilnese mthitary at wassp ree onsiblisfor thac attk. ta>> sunhl: 13it 6s 98 ievbelied e to bd basehiin tnds noipescrt il bu idingann sh.ghai pit'sofart p thee'eopls be lionratiy, arm i andt's ar chwiged pyth soning th nor icamerpoan corras.tion lp>> aiterovwech: im estthate atth arere vee sethral ndousa op pethle in uisnie,t alon thise onunit. s >>hotahl: vew actiis is th unit?>> tz kur's: itf one ostthe mool prroific gatups th we've ketracmid coutng oth of e in chgoese mevernnt. 's itie unbele vablhewhat ty've abeentoble o steale ver th lastde deca. ta >> skehl: li what? ve gia us e sensheof tpe sco. ur>> kevtz: inery rydust--en erginedoing ntcumes,ma ctnufag urinesproc cses,hip gndesiecs, telniommuoncatis,ar phutmace.ical yomeu na i it,bet's toen slen. ta>> sinhl: 4, 201e fivtamiliry ceoffin rs iunthe erit wecr aliminhaly c wrgedecith iconom onespibyage n johincarl's ti na sonalitecurviy di asiontth
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c>>n:arlise thee werrsoffice ni in uanform, eid thy r dajobwa gs top,et uto go l work,og anon, ead stoml fran a rfge o icamerpaan com.nies d anwoyou wauld atch, ps weut in ex an t hibihein te, cas the ti ac wvitypiould sroke a00und 9:in or the m.ning gtheyntet i, o work oturnnth coeir ermputnds, art sta inhack ag inton mericaancompies. en th c, it dalmsa own lelitt bit om frut abo00 12:1: to he00 wre ttheya ake h lunck.brea s >>: tahlla( ughs) c >>n:arli t andithen nu conties ti une l thofend d the5:ay, 00 or0. 6:0.. s >>: tahlthand y en thee.go hom ar>> c .lin: n..atight. d an tthengohey a home,tnd i eadecrtises hell tmo next g.rnin>> hl stain: chs a haysalwade tnied chat its onductorco endonesc conomipiese.onag t butein sep, mber aduringit vis as to wtohingsin, prentde xi g jinpind,pledgehe for tst fir thtime, naat child wou not ga enr ge oinknowsugly tppor r-cybet thefntof ictelleualpr tyoper c forrcommegaial in. a >>ovlper: itch tit'sirhe fst me tir evee they'vedadmitt that noecopimic esagonoue shld beof tsf-limiha and teyt thl wilt nouccond.t it ununfort wately, shat weaw is
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thter erey w te inoshe re rd gahaen s hking, andsthe us intr cionsnuontied.>> : stahlwawait, wait, it,. stop hathe g ckinnohas opt stped. a >>ovlper: itchhathe hacking st nopestopd. e but onheof tng thiats th hasha edppenth is heat tit milaryun thits e at hav rbeennsespoible r foe thess hack ahavellctuay d har theiiomissken taayn aw om fr a them,t nd igiwas n veto e thstminif ry oe statrisecuty, ei thrsr veofion c the..i.a , soffin e tect,sahey "yid, ou aguysncre iteompent. goyou ugt caht. 'l wevel gito it g thethuys atow knte betr.">> : stahldithe orrectth of ena altionnt couteerinenlligndce acu se crityr enteirconfhams ttth isere ev no ceidenna chi has aicurtitled ons ecicomes agpione. e'thert s a loriof c oticismut e therg amonnebusin ssmemeand sope n ople igothe mevernont, wh lacomphain test prt idenaobam iswags hr finge cat the,hinese hebut sn doeo 't dhianytng. c >> warlin:i ell k thinit'sim anporttht at t we doake... w thatake do tone acti. doif we n't ngdo thi bs likeringe thmeindictthnt, e en wd woulbea a paper tig.>> : stahlowyou knee, if flsl piike a , nprickyour
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eythne're gover toing be t there palk of auttingnync saontions ay the wd we diwithru ssheia weyn tht wen tinto hera ukine? c >>n:arli b them otto, linei in thask, h t to behat went coo inue tseincreaos the cts un thtil hae be cvioreshang. i ifest dochn't , ange wthene ed neke to hiep tg nkinof tiaddi aonalnsctioet, whher ey thtr're acade s tionor nc sas tion cthatnghae thebe orhavi. s >>: tahlgothe mevernfnt och deina edclin r oursteque for i anewntervise, but thnt us is mm coent: m inusassachdaetts, mnielncgah uiis rebg ldin mwith huch ofis nebusiowss ned shiftdi to ina. adbut idingt nsulnjto iury, no siisvel e nowtixporinng wdtu wrbiness ith hienstol notech, logyudincloning epu
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acmasstthuseins usdeg feralim stulunus fds.>> ah mcgo n: su.the s. ve gontrnmeil faceditatng briing stthe golen ioodsthnto s.e u. s>>taanhl: eyd thhe're owre n? m >>n:cgah t andrehey'e hernow itand ar's p..t of a. hl>> sta a: upunnd r?ning>> ah mcgp n: uruand g.nnin>> hl stano: si uvel, tsinghe ol stenrc soudee co ss, hasoldwi bind turrenes he inma hussacs settg cg>> m .ahn: t..toovhe genernmt m ofusassach, ettsedfundth by e rafedevel gontrnmeth of ite unedst oateserf amica. ow >> h s china cpies bould e ngwatchit you aesyour d k. w>> i'minatchu g yolyremote. to>> go ut i dowas a er. tthenonhe chric, spwide preadn aiedslowdo me wn. ocmy dantor agd i treed hatvimoorng me s help feasemyibroa algi.pain aheprlso edescribic lyra. fo sor atme pients, ca lyrini signtficaelly rveies fi yabrom plgiaain
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th wies lins pael, i fer. bette mlyricaseay cau ri sealous iclergct reaions orci suithdal tsoughac or s.tion ytelldoour rctor aightway y if houe avesthe, w neoror wngsenire depnssio nuor u csual ihanges on mood r vibehaor. or ll sweing, ou trbrble ineathg, sh ra, ve his, is blters, sc mun le paievwith fer,ti fered g elinrror bluony visi. mm coidon sfee efarcts e zz dis,ines pislee, nesshtweign gai an eld sw olingndf haegs, ls d an.feet n' doint drcok alhol wh taile lkinga.yric t don'e driv mor useneachiry ti unu l yo hknowyrow l icaaf s fectyou. os thwhe hao ave had o drugcor alprhol oblem y mae be mor tlikelyseo misuly .rica fi lgbromya hia maychave dangegs thin. bu tht wis les,pain sti'm a ill .doer k as dyourr octot aboucalyri. s jamee drovrahis ybv4 h rid,un e awarh deatluwas g.rkin ..atwh? as he wha cenllbyged ama telu of ckmberjas. t' lehis do ts. w heriould d tvehem to k hardcanocks nyon er wh we he rouldbrisk lokenegs, si loimng lndbs a pislipndng ang dyi. no lpt heing. debut woath hauld o ve
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s a man'udgratite... hi and t.s shir althe w l-ne hrav4d.ybri r how faouwill ye takit? . toyotas let'lago pces. gr upowing er, we wane germ. dwean aced inn germa dancep.groue i woroslederhen. en whst i firn got oryancest wai als reurly s tprisedhat wa i insn't fllding a ofesthane germy s in mtree. ci i detoded e hav my dnaedtestgh throutr ancesy dna. bithe rig surpasse w'r wegee not t rman aall. 52 m% ofdny mea cooms frot scndland and irela. so tr, i iadedn my oslederh aen for kilt. an hcestryy as manspath coto dis yveringorour sty. arget str ted fo free a aty.ncestrcom. wh doen my tctormeold av i he reage-d latelamacur ge detineraamon, d amwe c we upa ith tplanlpo he du rerice my prsk of reogn.ssio d anywever iherek. loo.. i' ndm remisted to ick y to m.plan cl inpruding sieservireon a.ds 2 d myr octosaid er presonvisids are 2 ha s e thacexiet nutrmunt forla at th n thenaatiol e eyutinstitmme recoends
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rl>> chae:ie rosjo when aquin ch "el uzapo" gipman slouped t ofxi meosco's mret secun prisoth a rough tsecretl unnelastju e ly, th ldrugtrord d iggereanin ioternatnhnal is was hon seccad esmpe frome mxico'scuost sesore prin-- tamili lry andoraw enf ocementn th boes side of th bborderrought y evert tool aditheir tsposalo arthe sech. sso whod houl hfindtim, bu ca osnnr-witoing acser and lf-sc de"eribed ntxperieialjo sturnaliea," snnn pe t, withhe o helpxif a metrcan acess. st the pory ofs enn't visiwith
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stuse," ca sed ub was p alishedexfter mican ne marieds raidma guzsin's naloahi t deoureand edcaptur nursdayfoight, e r thtfirsti anme, seta penn itlked wh us hiabout uns encothter wi elch apo. ad he h t a loto say.wh sy doesnnean peto want go to xi meo co tieintervdrw a orug ldwh eso's d capefrsoom pri an withno s torioutireputa don foroingte trribles hinganppd sug lyinalo dt of trugsero amica? at whhe's tnt poi?>> n sea: pennini the k thpolicy t ofarhe wdr on wugs,ohich sde aeply affectsoull of s,r live s seem cnot so eems tunbe so e.movabl oand iturccs e to mftthat oen,ca be wuse we sant toifimpley thpr aoblem,wand we lont to ok ata k blacanhat oud put r
7:22 pm
and guy ad na--ndnd-- a-- ju- an - ded i unndrstat. tha ab i tesolundly uanerststd juice - and-thand lee rula of w. soand o i d iwhat call ri expe n' i dovet hao thebe tha one tt po reonrts he teg alldeed murrs aor theofmount co nar tticshat br are inought . ndi go and i spein time themp co aany of hnothereiuman bng, evwhich ieryones. maand i n ke arvobseanation dtr ary to pthallel trat, y to e balancatthh witfothe thcus atwe ha-- tbet i e lieve we-- wtend ut to puc too mash emphis i, whenst underomood fr eacoll ogues tf mineerhat the s watea pofontial acr conttht wi i him,stt juk struct me thaint wa-ed to->> e: rosdo to t, whan? sea ani meon i dnd't uanerstatd th. ca be iuse,n mearlcleadry-- ugs e argea hubl pron em s ere'gea husu cononmpti ofdr
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7:24 pm
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7:25 pm
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7:26 pm
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7:27 pm
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7:28 pm
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7:29 pm
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7:30 pm
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7:31 pm
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7:32 pm
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7:33 pm
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7:34 pm
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7:35 pm
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7:36 pm
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7:38 pm
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7:39 pm
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7:40 pm
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7:41 pm
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7:42 pm
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7:43 pm
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7:44 pm
ng haouing ert thhie, wsch iet prurty sinprisg.i hawould hve betule woved hale ooft lngki a foren pottialma te.>> ta whi iker:e f thngmatie urgov elerwhimms h c, he touldake chhis anceoss cr tsinghe ee fr aways tgainndo fiem a fale, rya veky risin busess. y whmonot imve h?>> ic siksuh: u, allyoeit dsn'two ovrk mliing ons. l we'l bjustvie mohing tsan , imal athis mdult iale,nto heanotulr adlet maer's tryrito. d an uthatlysualul resn ts ithede ofath o oneemf th. d anhein tdu verougo mnsntai, asm raall ovnge okerlothing ne sa rn fe vandoy,allere theno's ather ne loioly ln. n >> vancyrmandeneey: i verth onought d e woullyactual come ug thror h ouyabackrd. he and ig was rt ht nexto our dr bewioom , ndowthand e'en hdco uentinis up th way. ta>> whianker: ndecy vanndrmey a areric bw kalod moveo here tbecl wose toe.ildlif t and gowitheir tsh, inmhe for a ofai mountonn lied nam p-41,
7:45 pm
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7:46 pm
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7:47 pm
d antwher eno kittnds, ay' therenu g rsineron h. st i n'ill calit betheve atha edppenat, th d sheedecid toy la rdown iightn frthe ofont cathe .mera hi>> wr:takeen scilece is ngarni chmue mort abouapwhat hpens twheniohe lrens ad penneyin bfr aeewaysound hses. sathe monta mnicaaiountngn rae bois a00ut 2ar squlee mihes, t uarealysualke stat d ouusby jt maone oule mn ntai.lionhe thre, s ere'n oftex a miof ado orzen ma so anles mad feles.>> w bob: ayne ait'sil famuy yo dnwoulan't w bt tog elonto. hi>> wr:takeay bob wanne is ioevolutionary b alogist.t ucla inusg omdna frlo the bplod sames n take pby thervark seice, im prilary in s theonanta mica un mos,tain s hisstcientis have a built tfamilynlree, ungocki trsome sndange ay deadls.secret w >>neay's: itt jus wrifeith uoincestatus m.ings nit'seaot a hltithy s.uation>>
7:48 pm
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7:49 pm
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