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tv   Channel 2 News 11PM  CBS  January 18, 2016 11:00pm-11:35pm PST

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w togeork tofother, tr uso be nn cod ectefoand tr usnto coinueto su purs e him.drea" an cd ofe.ours. -d --inrillg--- s mlk'rtbiayhd a hasbelso acome today ve serer oth ts inhe manny edrch- r-" crossto bucontricote to itmmunrvy seice, o kindonf to haror mlutin therki lng'sy.egac" eevoluntn ring oolthis hasiday hca ughtin on th norneern . vadafo mer so h..elthping otoers day co veuld'n beethsomeasing al sm il asllnstasming oke de ortects. et---dr-ecto--or in givckg bath at ode fok. banjo lacelyn fontrip-od -fbankieamilves lobr to ing ei thdsr kind out a t teachhem ho ivw to g ae backnd getin edvolve in thitcommuny and e ths succesheof tvese ents sreallyhahows tt." mbut nor atteevthe heent, t ag messsie was ..milar. wthate uecontingh to ficit for vil gh ricrts, inlaease bulck cl turaaw s arenesmeand rer.mber d lking's cegacy.g overinthe y storn live inethe omwsrory, an na cachday l annewstwo ne
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tt bonnles faosed acrtys a ci rc pafohed ear clter wadar toy. prin a01il 2wh4-- lien fnt edtappo intowits ven ri tr...hewa snter wape't proearly trted,an d d endeipup streaping lomd frpi apes. tfterwihe s 1tch,0 op peiele domd frio legrennais e.diseas d oner octothfound atth mbe nuf er odrchiliten wadh le hein tysir s dtemsbloued68 to . yo e u serethe s sult wat 5hen ey thea need terly inonrventi andsp l eciaateduc tion,athen 10 en whar they vie had ng adhlike mssympto eain nderby wtroit,lihere fnt o used ts get it 9water,0 pe t rcenof hahomes td less2.han rt3 pas r pen billiod of 201 ar resesachers hiy anytveng abo 5 rt pabis per isllion f causeor er concn. flafter waint's itter swch, 10pe ofrcent h homesorad mane th p 11erarts pon billi. ne in o r home,heesearcm rs fro iavirginfo tech adund les level 20of 13,re0 - mon thae twicwhatth p-e e-nsa cos iderc toxist
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gmorrowr overno wsnyderill gi sve histaixth sthte of e e statddof aress. re moon than oue th psandeople ex are edpectgo to t -- notote atbund -- rot to ptest. ic amersoan prielners hrad in in ar ite reunthing wi their esfamilite... afrnr intel ationasa onnctiais agannst ir were edliftd . an anow wernre leaing bomore aheut tot negs iationthatle td toeahe rel wse andhat pp haxtens neai. crg elboswl s report wfromngashiton. th arese one ame g tht firs ct pi oureserf am aicanmir km hea ati - uformerin-s mare - af s ter hie releas afromn ir n aniaonpris. s hiioreun fn withy amils member ak is ting e placerin g wmanyhere s he irgunde moingaledicch aeckups mfteranore th four ar ye cs inviaptity. hi "t ls issuike l,rrea s i'mtill bein disndlief aes hontly hieverytt ng jusenhappo ed s y.quickl" ll in an - iraedreleas 5am anericers ov w the. eekend"3" we n re olathis pchne whi edincludhi waspongton stpo re jrterezason rhoaian w was it reunited ws h hi mfamilyonday. b"hasdeeen edpriv omaf hun
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wshe knos he ha twork to doo t ge."backth of hee oto r twam anerictts mavi trek thicflewdi trectlysto bohion wnole ather de decitad to sray in in. ly onr fouheof tso prierners we pa a rt of heswap t h whiteouse re ago ed telthat rseeased ven ia iranngns beid helhein t. u-se thh fiftev- trckithias - w not f part oalthe deso. al notin edclud ithn pre erisonwa sp wa rts robeso levin 6n..thear7 ye d olppdisaineared n irain00 27 an d s remaing.missinam his fily wtalkeds ith cbhinews ts mo "rning.erwe wt e no itoldn ad ivance.ll actuatoy had n turon -v the tnd to fiha out ws t wain gog on."sh y ortlr afteprthe erisonp swath - ane u-s hed otrlr worsd powe eliftedc conomionsanctis re tolated s iran'eanuclr m prograin- free bg upliilons of ardollr s foantehrg . craibo l,swel n cbss,ewhe thi wteho use. se fparatee rom thr nucleapr saogram s,nctionrd yesteheay t u-s no and uncesait is innctiong el ievenuandivid cls andesompaniin ne conwiction n'th iras isballsstic miogile prram... th
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eak. tu g rninamto cn paig n2016. ow..ju lost a bm ck frothe stcharlercon chue h wherana gunmll kieoed 9 pinple e, jun themo de pcraticntreside ial ca atndidshes cla oedn gun nt cod rol anisother isuese n thla ebst dbeate tforeowhe ia escaucus. r underofire farm hilltoy clinn anfor chisging hio positonn im tymuni g foranun mtuufac, rers onvermnat sebetor srniedeanrssh acot b hk atppis ot.onen er sand "s:ini thetk secrary in clknton whows sat sheays is ry vege disin" sanders e id hd-has a minus adgrome frra the nli but cntonys sas he hanuvoted meroesus tim thwi g theobun lby. in clheton: " t votedguo let ns togo on k. amtrago guns o int
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doainst seing re tarcho find ho out anw we cli save ves. mformerd arylanorgovernti marn o' amalley bccusedinoth clton d anersand bs ofeing co intensisn nt wheomit ces to ntgun co arol...d nd saiashe w onthe ocly demcaratic e ndidato wh tworked co passenomprehsive n guatlegislion. s sanderdiis leathng in e new mp haposhire anlls 'sd hed tiewi lith c intonwan iot , bua new gpollliives conntig a be edgov terhent vermoor senat onnati. widel alcathree esndidat l arengooki a for bespark hefore t ciowaauoncuses ar februy 1st. whmeanacile, b ik herehen nortrn ne . vada..r anotheenpresidtialpe hodeful map a stoo in ren eryestepday. rn ublicaatcandide ca orrly fiheina tld allown haet meating l theidakerolge gf se cour. e shfospoke our an ht r aboua ofrange s. topic.. anden edcouragan nevadurs to tn out r foinher c theseaucuxts ne h.montrl caory fi pnia-ntresideial ca atndidcie- " otizensdaf neva us caucme with d , stane,with mfi thght wiot me, vmee for , e becauszecitit ns iimis te e, w tmustr ake ou bfuturee ack, wmu tstouake tir poli ocs and ur megovernk,nt bacen citizt s, iisti
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e st takcoour y untrback." alshe olso tr d heorsupp tterso ho ald herabccount hle forer on actis. d an nwitha'evaduss caucesmi cop ng uusin j at overmo pnth...stlease h ay wit l channe f2 newsmpor "caaign " 2016uicontinovng ce-erag rothh ugveno. mber st cill toonome nn chaewel 2 ns at a 11 - f case oinarson the rsfidet gr. eee we'vgot yourim crate bemi, cong up. ke miha will oove a louk at yr ca foreerst aftre the bak.... rsbut finit - toe ght thsearchco uentinr s foina ski orstruct o whiswent massing lsdt thuray. la the n test ochsearor effts. te afbrr the eak. "t ishis nn cha nel 2atews 1, 1 no rnrthead nevnua's mber one canewswist, anth arinena bentt, la mndon siller,pos rtthwi ga t rretbodearndrn ae mik
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e welcomseback. ndarch ae rescuew crhos are heping tn y ca afind r skientwho weng missiga at sur wl boes ski rlaort eest mrson nay hasn ot beeseen thsince -ursday h- whendne di't
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mon thaeo40 pd ple anl severa en ag -ciesom- frgl dououas cnty to b thereay ae a archsearing r fo23the r--yeaskold i st inorruct. 'rtheye fmostlyg ocusinon an ar area, neop the tun of mot da juh, e whercemay's holl pgene pind inth rle eaury ho ts ofeahe bogar aswl hei recved nc16-iofhes w snohein tt las re thyse dad . anitdespe e th weharsh coather nsnditio -- cr y ews sarethey aren't toady t t. hunre"we'tt prey stoptimiweic. st're ill inre mscuee,od t andsohe rean why e' is wveha opd peutle oth on ouis mn ntai ot and moher inunta hs thatave re std tcheivsurveved s deralays, heif tvey havi surskval ."ills cr arews se onankis owd sns,shoe mb cothing une mo -taint - bust g ayin fawayarrom theas at hacould h ve higchavalanere dangbe e causheof tec rt enorst. ms g turninmeto crino beat w... ks sparic pol ae haven man ist cucuody ac ssed ofg tartina a firepat an antrtmern oveight. po wlicecaere olleditut we h th ksspare firrtdepa tmentfio a re
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ut ...b f thehaire pd beenut outfo bewsre creed arrivce. offirsth nden fouer the po son whd live t inrthe apa nmenty.earb they sa e y thftman lepa the artment e whil sit wasmotill sndking a nodid llt cael for hp. tpolicerehen ar20sted, -year ol tad trisfun dua,rrenin chargg m hirswith an on ifithe rst gr destee, obg ructinaca pee r,officeos and pn sessiog of drupa narapherlia. al crso in atmie bere... noli poavce hree arwosted t ecsusp ats - occusedhif crasng a tocar ince a fende outsiel a hot thin norenwest r mo this. orningof rsfice t sayushe ss pectedfailto p stooffor rsficeer aft a fitrafolc vin atioy earlthis g,morninhe and tasn crinhed to e anenmbankmtht out ee backnd he of ton hampt s inn &s uiteat90 ss0 amba dadorrive r ineno. ce polihr say teoee pflple ed the lscene.ffater oicers pr apeneha ded d man ana ju , venilearwho the borg chaed. n the maenhas beif identied as19 -o- yearn ld keot.taplethe a facesr numbergof chaes ud inclsoing di abeyingcen offir enwhile indangerrsg othed ... an
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"c elhannew 2 nins contthues wi f chieormetet ologislgmike aer's ntpinpoiec 2 forroast, badcastce d rtifie aby then merica olmeteorogical etsociy!" erthe ovstall paorm ttern s remaine quitveacti t, withhext neg movinugthroe h thre n gion oy tuesdae and thnextar ngriviid on fresay. thm e stor em syst bs willt e a biwarmer m thanatany thha we eeve sn so isfar thn. seasorl by eay es tumoday g,rninns the oet of orthe st dm willinrop ra below5, bu500', ost thowe sns levelll wiy likelo rise tt abou 0' 6,50th . nde wisos as wciatedisith thor st bm wille e quit, strong g gustinh as higmpas 50 heh in t rowind-plene valtiy locandons, a intoppmpg 100 heh on t
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eehave bstn poored frn weste va ne tda andrrhe sieaua. becse heof ton strg nd wires, thebe will erconsidaiable rown shading rroccuo ing, sllrainfats amoun t inalhe vllley wimi be lited,d anrowill dvep off ckry quily ouas yea go m st frothe ta mounheins. tilre w al be bit reof a bneak wedndsday ath wursdayldith mira tempetures be hefore tst next riorm arves,in br gging aanood chf ce orain ic wht h migho turn trisnow fday
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w. noyo.. if veu haau a dghter o whtolikes em run lonade st . ands..alor is omways cuping wi ith newa deas, y companedcall"g mairl asde", be ed hero in rensa - y ys thehehave tct perfe po opitrtunyoy for tlur lite tr enneepreur. an vadi guewsra shoha us a aylf d en ev ct that yan setugour dahter he on tto path es business succs llit's a l aboutg earnintoe mak e thru gles.emirl ipires anan wnualp orkshoo in renthathe gilps agrls tes 7 to 23urn ei thear idtos inin buss esse- ri noght ilw wheye the 'ryoung ab is: ella d"you hon'ttoave wa stit to buart a sssine or ch launea an id i. thathaf you vea alrerely gdeat itha and ere's ud an ae ienc mor at arkeitfor ythatanou cnc lauath thay." ma re klyes-haein tes at gndedirl em wpirehoorksheps tt lastwo s yearloand whves 'sat she taken ay awm fropethe excerien. ya mafi: "cone,dence i havto say r isbieally meg for ea . i lrned bhow toare fendless ao how tan stn d up it fron bof aupig gro
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si bu iness."deas ur la"ten: sohey alet g the po opitrtunnty to iwieract thnt meheors. tndy exte their nt co oactsr r theik networand en thse can u a those'rs theye reprogg ssinhein tarir ceer. he whet tr it'sk o astiquesorons po iatentgelly bst joth in is etmarkir." ghols wen atte d th shworkilop wt l gebafeedn ck oth ideir aneas esd prtientaons om frto men -rs wunho r es succsfulsi noevhern nada it br"aton:hend t hy'lla ave ucprod at orce servi that th haey'll five to wnd ao ay t es pranent tcd pid h aneli'll h p rithem cthtique aatinnd kda go ro ththugh preir seocess tore in-defd e anhetune t."m up y thishaear's aylf dfe conrence ll wihe be thld at hoe lland pr ojinect -t midreown ano -sp deace tedica yd to pounge eopld anr theicreative es exprs.sionnd a teshat god han d in han twithishe monsigi of rl em. pire ur la"ien: a t's nverytiutrious vi enenronmatt thll's ag owinthem e tosuach t pporanone r.othe nit'sieot vaswed pe comontiti, bu ert rath wife're lacting eh ot ther up bo helpuruild osk o ills tusallow as vi inditoduals o reachl ur ful iapotentl." maa ya "oflot ha us eave rlly am
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ow "nre, hepo's sdirts orrectga t rretbodearwirn, hath c 2nnel sp or" ts to grday a foup ofanormer d t currensepro balaball pyers o froma ur are aput onng hitti icclinid for klas, daldns coloy s wathere.ll foleowing y ngthesprofsional se ba cballr'arees ca loodl pr cucts ahrislaguil and rr daasel rganer benen the vadaba fseball aactoryon few mths ag ao...itnd wmeh sop helfrom he otcar lostl pa p andntrese ba llsebata savrs hede turn it aintoin trainlig facio ty tgive t backg o younlaball p" yers. soit is g methine that wd stanby odour prutuct, be at thsame gwe are toing wo doe ill usthe va neasda bl ebalorfact ay aspl
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show mys killmphave iroved nc si se last" eason.t "ingis goi r to becoeally ol d anoii am gleng to loarn a t to ma heke tsc high eahool tm" "as sty ticalls this iy a nastgameth isere o a loturf faild e.. anth bat can de verymeetri tntalo stself-e teem. ihehink tst biggeth ding is aarrelladnd i h a lot aiof fn lure ireour ca ier butt u gavee s thopunporttoity be sfsuccesf ul." intyou wa more fo iniormat tn onevhe na adba llsebato facoury y v canisit r ouitwebs ke atcotvn.erm whe we ahavek linupset y forou. da cllas colodnynnha sel 2s.port bi nsghorin face g thmaoklaho ty cie blusefor a trcond st aigh t.nighba.. nl halamof foher jn st onocktto in o wn th watchis so dan d vithrun rne hos fe of..nse.erthnue's 7mber inshardag...wivid -ath 7tsssisre orno w tkingalhe boul aro nd t gg reeaie hndrn ahi he hets t e thretepoinher... 1 hadin9-pots r 4-ndebous... e ths hornstare atill heop t ci padific onvisih wit9-a 11 0. 10ey..thba're t ck aevthe ents
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ba-nad h b theemig rchatf oe th finba , nalsiowarrn rs ithe ca ouvs h.tse..onhis t e goa li tttle..estyt ..bualwas l nireighang cmps. eb -ljaron hemes o ld t16- po ..intsph.stery curh wit35- po , intsre5-unbo adsnd 4- stassis... e thiowarrhurs tlemp cndvela 2- 13.g98..n oldee statowis n38 -4. e th pwolfbaack basketeall tm is heat tl taiofend its nfcoenerceby ..e. p.thehaack has a d few tdayst o pu bthat soisetate ss loth in are rew viegeand t foset omr wying. t at'sodayil avaitabile y thguys ta edlkbo a wutt hae thcufos s ha obeene n thewlast fs. day ll wey the rdidn'tgeeally t the en week bd off, wecausee'veac prabticed hout as ward ase ev aver ho e. stewe wand to ti pracd ce hareethis wi k and th gink weotot a lps of re up. d ansouh, s metimettyou goa gock bae to thg drawin gboard,et tintog raininodcamp me and at tht 's whadowe've ne. th
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