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tv   Channel 2 News This Morning  CBS  January 19, 2016 5:00am-6:00am PST

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ti staroung yy r dahawith cnnel 2ws nemo this rning. av we hhee anotm r storngcomi in hwee avheanotorr stmim con ng i mthisngorni. mjeffnearti iz ise n thheweatr ce erntll to te w us ife can ex m good, orningjeff! an stother storm syilem wl be uwithdas toh y, wit rvalleyain moand inuntash snow anowers d a afwindy n ternoouswith gts 5m 30-5siph posheble. ta sierr eewill sof 1-6" w heavyet wsnowvaith ailley rsnn and owve leinls ris,5g to 6hi00ft. ghs e will b 5in lowqu0s. iet we r athetu rednrns wey esdathand , ursday y withthet anotoer sysrm stem onid fr say andy,aturda tmakingovravel mer then ountaiss pafies difhacult. reve a gat
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an thefks thng mornie ... thchsearco s ntinueskfor a sti inorructwh nto wesi missung at wlgar bosk rti resowe last ek. rs ca hon mayasot nn beeseen thsince ayursdwh -- dien he dn'tre roturn flam his . st run hamore teon 40 pd ple anrasevel en ag- cies -oufrom dglasco o unty ty the ba. area..are se g archine for thr-23-yeaold. 'r theylye mostin focusn g on a eaarea ntor the oup of mnt wjudah,ayhere ml 's celphone ed pinge in thhoearly ofurs the ch searr . sugaasbowl hec reived 16 he-inc ss ofinnow l theast th daree buys... spt dethite e ha rsh r weatheioconditns -- s crewthsay eyt aren'toready gi ve ascuersskre on is and sh snowomoes, c tbingouhe mntain ut -- bng stayiy awa afromasreth ouat cavld hghe hila avancheda bngerseecauth of cee rentst . orms ok lo2 ing coour y mmunitnow...rt mahein lut dr kingasay wce
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e thn caravas of carfrdrove om itthe ununarian liiversastll fe cowship uhurch,e p th restoftch n i-580oramed f dr. . kingor rsganize i saypot's imrtant r fog younlepeopre to hmemberisga le kcy andgheep fiorting f l civitsrigh. iapatricmo gallisire/predent, no rerk-spaacs na yp: "51goears a ri afmecan- a rricansd eceivethe l civi brightsheill, tas law w ed passwe, and to have e maksure at th r ouunyouth ndderstaee and kp a thiskelive, ilep civs right alive" is th t wash he 18tyehear t vacarammn coatemorheed til civgh ridets lear. an nd last. ight..rtthe nohern da neva c blackl ulturaenawaress et soci ty held8their 2nuh anal. dr lmartinkiuther jrt bi chdayraelebontith at e at islant. oc prroeeds fevm the llent wibe yonefit oguth prndrams a ur cultntal eveids provthed by e b- n-n-thc-a-s horoug yut theear. zeorgani trs sayinhe dner was ormuch m je thanust a fu erndrais w... ito as alshelped r honowhtiat marern luth king ni juteor waneed to sn happein tiour naon. "f
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w totoork , gether tfor uso beco tennecfod and o r us tincontueto e pursueahis drm." rn tutoing e con nzone. ow.. we an wtot em rd inu yoatth bo east fund 80omrom boo town tgu mo bl willcee reduned to o tlaneoday. trconsonuctiin beg 7s at a a-mnd es go3- to -m30 pwi... peth seds ce redu5.d to 5 do n- tt saysdwhe roallork wi go nton u wil the, eekendlland wick piai up agayn mondgh throu ofridayxtf nek. wee exand tpectamhe s ee onouastbnd f 80rbrom detoy dam or wadswth. la one l ne wilsebe cloerd the wi edth speces redu5.d to 5 that gi beomns tw orro-3from 7to0 a-m 2- ..30 p-mdi. enn ng our thsday. if co your tammute u kes yo h throug aeither grea...ive lfyoursetl a lit te moreime ine thg.mornin sp oeakingrof the gasic prones ce tinul to falin da nevaas... p thecerif ol oidr loops wer. rd acco ging todyas-bud- -dotm. co a.. the pveragef rice ogu
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do two s llar42and a cents on galldo... orwn m 7e than cents a fromag week o. winationhede tra avecege pri is t lesso han tws.dollart .. aa do arllga 90 a wllon -s hich ia dr f op ots10 cena from week ago. ddgas bucty expeavs the erage toprice fa keep poeaibly rasching a lows a 7dollarll0 a gaon. ksa spar i manros thiswing h gi s normouindog heto tfo ring r th ese guin os bookd f worlre wocords,tarld's dollest g.s his name io rockheand is ! huge s kyn isson is inethe omwsro wi mthe,ory k hjust bow iigs th ogis d? orgood manning, nddi an, joh and ve to ewaryone p king us with u orthis mning. hi so ty,s puppup yes ps py he' woonly t o yearss ld ipo160 unds ge and --t thisfeseven l et talon ndhis hi h legs.eris own ol nichmsas heloc got rn ko whehe
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-- thenhe knew b had aogig d on hi s.s hand ch ni holas"aelms- fis our rst , daneerwe wnde kith of ffrown owi sth theeaize, ynoh we kw heis up sd posebito be wg, bute h kept aearingoure ye surhe's on eely 8 we ks? arreyou su? are yo reu sus he' tonlyaghis e?" si bequdes reira ing ofton , foodo rock owilldrnly frink om sithe henk. salms ys al dewiing isth h shaize ens be a lechal bnge,ut r theitoday- r-dayneeuti has de ma s hisleize f ss oa is nu, anceand re moa of joy. liand oske mppt pu zies,iseus ali tttlermempel,enta e buts njoy ngtrotti aunroeid thr ksspar hbneigodorhoic, wh ah istl lite un ngsettliom for se.lm helos- "a eot of pe ple arsc taredlko way bbehim e causofs hi. sizelepeopll actuaosy crs th ete streoi to avwhd him ich isnd kinn of fuy." of his hficialfoeight r the in guokess borl of wordd recos is nc 40 illhes ta. rrthe cucoent rederd holr isal reso a ganat dmee na wd zeusho
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bu apassed 2way in014 so i helmscis extoted f see ick rotao can tke thef itle orl woalds t dlest wog andowill kn e' if h ts made nhe cutarext ye. i livenen the , wsroomsoky sisn,an chnenel 2 ws. toand isday ir the f ost dayf ng spries semfoter enr studts at n- u-r. h weu ope yod enjoyebrthe td wantsho wi a youk ll lucin u yourg pcominseclass. il stl omto cone nn cha nel 2ews th . a tcallboo t ycotacthe y adem dsawarga is g inininsteam oohollywftd... ay er onlwhite rs actono were minayeted ait agn is thr. yeave we' t gotathe lest, r aftebrthe eak. pl aus--chs mi'siganer govnor ca thlls ine fltet war iscrisis a dr,astes he'ngfaci w neuilawsvets oe r th'scityco
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e thstlateth on owe gring llfat,ouft a ter bhe. reak 'r"youtce wa chingelhannew 2 ns m thisngornih wit pjohnr,otte andi ar guevmea and ogteorolffist je
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e welcomleback. ket's tak a looat ne some akws mheing s adlinear toundiohe natt n righnow. mfirst,n ichigaorgovern rick yd sniver dels ers hiofstate the e stat tspeech -odayou- arnd all an the erger oves his re ponsto t'flinr s wateincontamation is cris. dshundremo of deornstrats th gautered oheside ter govs nor' si ree dencin- callhig for s ar arestignd resonnati. to ats rneyenrepresliting f nt re ntsidells winn ae ouncnetwo w as cltis-acawon ls suity toda- rg tatheting vee gornor. mofor thre on ryis stotu, ne in to -b c t-ss himog rninowfolling ou owr sh7 at a-m. wetwo toeks i theowa us cauchees...te battlthfor e wh usite honte is cainaign sg in couthinarola st
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incont pued to hresent aerselfs pr t esidena'obamirs hele...whi sbernie sanderso tuck tthe es issu e at ann vent ia.alabam ron thecaepubliden si -- lddonatr coump d urtegeevanl licarsvote v inniirgi.aa ..p s tol rivated acruzedccus o himt f nog beina us trthtworery consvevati . an ald, co ls totboycost the cars mnext aonthaire g acdaess jatt pinke a-smithndre dispctor, e ike leonare amg os the n'who wondt atteaf... ter nilearhang tr t fosethe cond ec consyeutive hear - tde acamy il fanoed to aminatee singlpe ncrforma be by actlack aor. aslate lt t nigh a-- the'scademy pr t esidenhesaid s'sea "hokrtbrnden ara frustted" er ovac the livk of d. ersity mi cop ng uhaon c nnnel 2isews th
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mi cop ng uhaon c 2nnels newthis rn olmeteorjeogist arff mz tinewillve hapi your 2npointec forast
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ok loouing arhend tio nat..n now. ut so chernnialiforcoa gas mpany ay as sxps it eo ects thave a ranatus l gaealeak s lled byate ryfebruaot, if nr. sooneof s ficialwosay a rk on reliefwe thll at ise alnyo cae on sitisah sead ofe.chedul e methans gas hapebeen swing t intooshe atme pher afrom leak at s thee itncsitoe ocofber stlar. yea e th hleakoras fthced ndousas of deresifrnts heom tte porncr rah ea arre to teloca. of alficisos almi say essions hefrom te sitechave dedreas by - 60enperc pt fromtpeak ouut, wh ocich icurred nn latebeovemr. an utd trib pes are iouringn for n glen ofreye f th, eagleswho di
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h hisinome or new yftk... aer licomponcati rs withoiheumat d meey foread the n gles ithe y earl w19-70ss ith hindfrie, um drn mer doeyhenl. ea the ixgles mnted coundry a fo cali srnias oundomto bece one of os the mest succctsful as of 70 the h s, withamore tn 150- n millio salbumsold."h cotelnialifornga" alo with r theiat"grehiest lets colction"be wocame te of thelbest-slingbu alalms of . l y 67ldears o. ha "c nnnel 2ntews cos inuewith olmeteort ogis mjeffz'artines ntpinpoiec 2 forroast, bstadcace ifrtd ie tby aherimecan olmeteoralogicie soc ty!" ot ansther syorm ilstem wl be u withy,s todava with ailley rn unand monotain soww shers an ndd a wirny aftethoon wi gusts 5m 30-5siph posheble. trr siea
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snva with ailley rd n ansnow rlevelstoising ft 6,500s . highll wi l be in. ow 50squiet r weathetu rednrns weanesday sdd thuray, th wino yet atother sterm sysm on ay fridat and sy,urdain makg av trr el ovemothe inuntas passeff
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ha rtppy bio hday t hjeanneill. isthat ws h comeoufrom yr d husbancregg. harty bio hday tart sc erherm. horn w thatmeish co as from, ndrena auanne, ndstin ady cin. and hatey belartd bi thdayo n susaelparn tl. she6.urns 7th h at wisfrcomes pom thellarnean ckd bey. famil n send iiryour brethday queststo -n k-t-v f to bed eatureonai our. y r cans each uh throug , e-mailr regulaormail, by avleg invoa l icemaion ourbi lrthdayine. hand we eave ang xcitintoprize aygiveaw. today h wea ave oncoup f for aree do nuzen dom ts frohbdougoys nu dots. s itorgood foc any ln.atio cbeal tler 22tho win ose ts donu st cill to come on 2hannel news is
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m itooay l ak likenan ordiry ow flbuer, e t thess zinniaare yt an bhingutor . dinaryshwe'll wow yous hat'so ci speutal abo a them,hefter tea brk. aongevera t, it takes hreendhuamred aneric srkwofoing a r d soliarye, akto m me asmouch asney t oneop ceo. it le's cald wathe apge g. th and ble repuwiicans akll mite rswobye lerowg inxetafos r osth te atophe t l andngetti rpcoatornsiori wte ei thrur own les.
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eql uay par fomewoton ai rse meincor s fomifa,lies a erhighim minagum we, lo xewer taths for lee middas cls. ll she' t getobhe jfo done .r us
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hi kr, i'm e. ou if yel eat wwol and ..rkout.bu l t stil ahaveer lay of ub statborn fsh to . ed..s there'a innon- tvasiventreatmes that'ga inining ar populevity - enre hely local's. itle cald olcoinsculptg. h omwelc. e backortime f2. take s orienkwe thior are wth ase oocond lk. on18-m tth-old mrystangoaness t y one day to plaiswith h new er fish g price-get-set ho kartisgr heandmothir got r m fo machristefs... bitore was en stolis off hy' familh.s porcs hi jfather meffreypuaness t a no ote outcen fa ibookn the
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rcar oriteturn . vi the sice pre odente f thport y henrntvolufieer arre deptment s thenedteppto up startre spg adinwothe rd andnd fug raisinfor ona new e. ss maneth says seey railyd nearon oue tholsand d. lars..e and thmm cowaunity ts ableo buy ys trtotan a 0,y f-15 at, helme a and tshedepo kesa it ndfe alo uckedp."h vee loins pushe g thradio tt buanons gid chanheng t io statitns on n. he'steot qui e talltonough t reachalhe peds ye utt, b s hisisister d 9, an mpshe jut s in idrand hivesimou arnd, heand oo's gthd wit. tha" ne maayss se s thtrnew lluck wibe ng keepion trystap hpy forye s arto e. comd . anmmthe counity su t ppor gis atoift ry eveinone mithe faly d anthcheck --is outbe it's enrt
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o ye fod now onr astrboauts aard in the atternl ionastspace ation, cit'sinoming s. u. ast sronautelcott kly tetweeotd a phhao of wayt he ss he is tst firr -eve gflowerrownin . spaceacthe sprde gauten deb t ofinhe zflnia olower flows a w feilfa tedesrimo when ldde d velope lon theeaves. ts planbe have wnen groac in spe fo be 2re. inpa014, stice staonew crrs membean begeg a vgie syplant whstem, eyere thw gred reinromatte leheuce. t new hrbreaktllough ar ows fobetter unrsdeintand hg ofgrow to owpl n ants i gmicro-. ravity co umingxtp nean on chnewsl 2 neis
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mi co ungnep n xt onechannel 2 ws isthni morng... ksa sparay man sous he ce ld hav e thesguni os bookd f worl s recordt tallesetdog, g readyto t meenethis opo huge imoch... ky so sist n, thas storienext. o lots wf roadinork gohig on ts we week. go've ert evngythiou y o need torknow fmo your rning
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s "thihais c 2nnels, new ve co yrageanou cnt cou on" sthats erietoof s nrms isot ne do. yetavwe hote anonher e vi mo ingn,wi with isnd advories nd up aex rain ipectedn the . valleyolmeteorjeogist ff inmartn ez iatthe wenther ceer s hacla osk er loo sin ourtorm h watcgecovera. an d ortiganiza tons inown celeedbratat the line martlu inther korg junird yesteay... siby raidsng funou for ythpr aogramsncnd eou traginghe mm
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us plll we' u getosp cld e an rs peitonal wsph a parks woochho pe ho ts tothake tle tie .. ofld.woral's t dlestkyog. si s sson i nin them ewsroowith more. th orese stp ies toewyour ns gh riatt now a- 4:30 m. y todasdis tuenuay, ja19ary , 6. 20-1 go niod mori'ng, hnm jor. potte d anani'm vadi gueanra. thks forar stouting ywir day thnn cha 2el t newss avwe hote ansther coorm ngmin ith niis morng. je tiff mar inez iswen the ather tcenter uo tell ws ifn e ca aexpectn ny raiw.or snood gong morni! , jeff ot ansther storm syl em wilbewi toth us itday, weyh vall rain d aninmountash snow owers d annda witey afwirnoon tsth gus 30 5m-5siph posheble. ta sierrwi 1ll see h-6" ofeteavy wsn h ow witeyvalln raiowand sn ls leveg risin00to 6,5ghft. his wi inll be 0s low 5t . quie at wetuher rednrns weanesday d ur thwisday, ath yet snothertormst syfrem on ndiday ada satury, ki marang tervel ovou the mntain pa
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tu esday.
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lo 2 oking mmour conounity o honorinf marthe lutngr ki or junie ... thpareno-srks ch ofapter -d the na-ouble-c-p mm coedemorateg his lacy dayester ty withuahe annl n.caravae thn caravas of care drovfrom e tharunitivian unstersalife ipllowshrc chu th upethe strch i ofam-580 n ded ng. ga orrsnizet' say irts impoant yofor opung pelere to ermemb hisle agacyeend kghp fi ftingor l civighrits. iapatricmo gallirere/pntside , pareno-sacrks na yp: "51goears a
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ricivil ilghts b ll, theaw waspa anssed, avd we h me tosuake re thatr ouunyouth ndderstaee and kp is th, aliveivkeep chtil rigs e" alivth asis w8t the 1arh ye the ra cahavan mms coatemorheed t ci l vighritsde lear. d an nlast. ight..ththe 28 dannualtir. marern luth king . jraybirthdeb celonrati was t held alathe at. ntis eeprocrods fe m tht evenfibenet h youtraprogndms atu culral ts evenou thrghe out thyear. niorga szers tayher dinnewas m muchanore tha just nd fuerrais w... itlsas alpo heed howhnor inat kedg want to see en happr in ou. nation u "fore s to bsfsuccesr ul, fo us orto wgek tofother, o r us tbe teconnecfod and o r us tuecontin ur to ps sue him.drea" tu inrntog e con nzone. ow.. anwe w rt tod eminthyou at ea unstboted in 8rstate0 fromom bo ttownguo mol l, wilbere toduced an one ly.e toda tr consonuctiin beg as at 7-m and es go3- to -m30 pwi... peth seds
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do n-yst sa r theoroadwllk wi go u on tntileehe wankend, d willck piai up agayn mondgh throu ofriday wf nexteek. ealsot xpec csomeruonstn ctioon ea unstbo -d 80m froy derbtodam ds waworth.e onillane w cl bed losethere pewith sdueds re 5ced tot 5. thabe omgins tw orro 7fromm -30 a-to p 2-30en-m... n ding oaythursd. if co your tammute u kes yo h througereithth of eaose ars... s be gure tourive yoself a mlittlemeore tie in thinmorng. ea spf king oadthe ro gs...asic prrees ali falinng aga in ne s vada aicthe prile of o dropswe lor. rdaccotoing ud gas-botdy-d- .. the arirage pce of re ungular ileadedr n oue statis o tws dollar cand 42ents aga . llon..ordown m 7e than centsfr wom ao.eek agve the arage inprice .s the ues. is lans th o tws.dollara .. at 9dollar0 a . gallon'sthatro a d0 p of 1 frcents eeom a wk ago.e thagaverice prxpe is etoected f keep..allingib. possly hi reaclong as dw as a70ollar a ll gaioon natnwide.
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gi s normoutodog inin the rg for gu the boiness wook of rld co rewords,s rld't tallesdog. mehis nack is roheo and is ge hu! soky sisn n is inethe omwsroth wi k more, hy just iow bigs dthisog? orgood manning, nddi an, joh andto on everynge wakith up wi us is thni morng. we iighing60n at 1s poundand se feven l et tal hon hisind le ckgs, roneo is oup big ppy, ye sas i upid ppy. 's hetw only s o yearold.hi r s owneasnichol s helmsays at thwh even y en thegofirst t r him,asocko wma abnorarly lge. ch nielolas ht'ms- "iens be a er diffpeent ex rrienceinasg ck rocio espeowally hid raplyhe w grehoand g w biothe g so k.quic" debesiqus reg irinn a toof , foodo rock owilldrnly frink om e th. sinks helmsays al dewiing isth he sizbehas en a lechal bnge,heut tayir dda-to-y re e utinbehas lcomeofess a annuisance, red moa of joy. mlikepuost s,ppieko roca is
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ngottiun aroeid tharr spks hbneigodorhoic, wh ah istl lite se unngttli s forome. s-helmlo "a pt ofe eoplare tscared bo walkbey him ofcause hi . s sizelepeopua actoslly crs e thetstreoi to avwhd him ich is o kindy.f funn" of his hficialfoeight r the in guokess bowo of rerld iscords 40 s inchetall. th ene currrdt recor holdeis galso aanreat dd e namehozeus w oc clinked i at 44tanches ll, pa but wassed a01y in 2el4 so hms xc is eo ited t rsee ifanocko c ke ta t thef itle o tworldsallestg dolland wiif know s he'madeth nee cut r.xt yeae livhein t omnewsrois, ky shason, cnnel 2 . news daand to ty isirhe f ost dayf sspringteemesr r fotsstuden at
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n-r.we yo hope yeu enjobrd the ..eak. wa and wint to ash youll ck luyo in omur upcasing clses. mi inmorng... do chn piam: on mashiicn'gas rngovealor chels t w flintater acrisis erdisast f, he'sneacing w la owsuitse ver thcity's am cont winatedi'ater. m don am cht pion as the cbasbroadct
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ou "ytc're wahahing c nnnel 2ews th niis morh ng witotjohn pter, di anva guendra aro meteologist m jeffneartipiz's 2npointfo !"recast lc weckome ba. mi gchiganr overnonyrick sder rsdeliveta his sthte of e e statsp teech -oday g- amidrowingan erger ovta the s rte'snsespoe f to'slinter watmi contanation is cris. s flint'suwater aspply wed taintwi
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apeminted y ergencgemanar it swheched ts city'r wateso rource foim detr tt tolihe fnt toriver mo save ney.n doonchampihe has tes latt onth s e callthfor vee gornor's si reiognatn. s--nat e tht flinr wateiscris will tedominahi micn gavegornicor rk yd sntaer's sf te ostthe ate es addrtos , ndaye whilrethe icpublan go rnveleor cale d thtyci's amcontedinatat w 'era di ersast...' s--nat ze doemns draonstouted e tsidhis me holi calorng f his gnresin.atioy manedcall his ow slpo restonse nt fli's watersu cpplynaontamithted wi lead, im cr. inalhohe shauld ve edswitchck it bato over it detro te wa sr as hoon as oe knewf the amcontioinatn. -nats- onnatiuaal grord tarops w e noha g ndinboout d ttler wateto si res.dentna.. -nots-kg ckin ta...srote ts operalare so vi giutng od leateansts d ltfiert s. whas happenthafter e r wateltand fi. ers gowe're gostill hing toe ave th, leadwe il're stg l goine to havthe s, pipere we'll sti t goingo havee th gpoisonr overno ssnyders ay nshe plare to qut esceonga ain
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in flfet a l derastdisareer aa stind eat of jusata ste of ge emerhency. t o statef er emongency esly giva us 5 io millarn doll capth ese pralident deready henied t t requesefonce bciore-- heting t tu sin atioliin fasnt w-m manade. n dopichambson c news. t flingohas acne b ik tots alorigin s wateranource y d toda tythe cior's mayls trave to wa onshingtpe in hoets of g atingdi ersastla dec. ration wh mean aile...ysttornepr rengesenti r flintenesidtsan plo on twasnew clons-actila ..wsuitset. targe ing th rn goveor. tostill on come el channs 2 newth
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a llcabo to otyctht ade acemy ar aws ds iingaineag stm in ll hod.ywooft.. anler oity whe ac retors aat nomined yet ai agisn thr. yeave we' t gothe tela, str aftethbre eak. or metet ologisarjeff mwitinez ll y havenpour pi foint 2t orecas
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