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tv   Channel 2 News This Morning  CBS  January 19, 2016 6:00am-7:00am PST

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s th u wtoday,llith van ey rai moand inuntash snow owers d annda wirny aftethoon wi gusts-5 30os5mph p tsible.rrhe siea ll wi 1 seeof-6" w heavyw et snowi leth val ay rainnond svew lels trising0fo 6,50hst. higbe will in 0s low 5t . quier weathe s returndawednesthy and , ursday etwith yer anoth s stormonystem fr aidayatnd s murday,aking eltravr oveunthe moastain pses
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dsoceem froevthe wient ll fi beneutt yorah progms andcu elturalprvents bovidedy the n- n-s b-c-a-hothroug yut theear.or zeganiayrs s d ther innewas ormuch m je thana ust nd fu..raiseras. it wo alsedhelpho no mr whatluartin inther kg ju annior w sted topeee hapn inr ou. nation s "for usuto be ulccessfus, for orto wthk toger er, fobeus to co d nnecter and foo us tincontue p toe ursudrhis " eam. g turnine to conowzone n... t we waninto remthd you at boeast80und bo from tomtowno l mogue will bredu oced tonela odne tay. ns cotitrucegon batins -m 7 a and es go3- to -m30 pwi... peth seds du re 5ced to5. san-dot rys thek oadworo will g on il untee the wankend, d willpi agck up ndain mohray toughid frneay of k.xt wee exand tpectamhe s ee onouastbnd80 m froy derbtodam sw wad. orthe onillane wlol be cersed the pewith sdueds re 5ced to5. egthat bmoins tororrow f30m 7- 2a-m tom.-30 p-in.. endg onth ayursd. r if youe commutyotakes u ro
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yo lself amoittle imre te in e thg.mornin ea spf king oadthe roass... g es pricnu contiale to fl inva neasda... p the oricef oil dr weops actording ud gas-b- dy-dotco tm...vehe a prage oricef r regulaedunleadva in neda is o tws dollar cand 42ents a on gallwn... doth more enan 7 cts afromag week o. on natihewide tge avera i prices t lesso han tws.dollara .. at 9dollarll0 a ga won - ihichs a dr ag s gay budds expecterthe avage pr toice fa keep ..lling.po lyssibin reachowg as l as a do 0 llar 7lla gaon. a msparksthan is hrowingis ouginormins dog rto ther ing foa msparksthan is hrowingis a msparkss an iwithrong his
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th ese guin os bookrlf wod rd recod's,worless tallt dog. s his name ianrocko s d he ihu ge! is ky s ison isnen the omwsro mwithy ore, kowjust hs big i is th? dog m good, orningndandi a a john,nd ryto evekione wawing up th us th oris mning. hi so ty,s puppup yes pe'py hs on yly twoldears o0 is 16pounds an t d ge--thisfeseven l et talon hi his s.nd leg ow his chner nielolas hotms gck ro ho wheneie was ekght wes an old td even- hen- hknewe had a g big do hon hisands. asnichol- helmsr "as oufirst da wne, wendere kiro of thffwn owi sth theeaize, y kh wehenow s isd upposee to b bbig,ut we pt keng heariou are yhe sure 's ly onee 8 warks? u e yo? sureare yo reu sus he' tonlyaghis e?" be s sideirrequa ing ofton od fock, ro oo willnliny dromk fr e th nk silm. heyss sali deang hwithizis ss e ha abeen al che,leng t but dheiro-ay-tday inreuts e hamebecos lesof a
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d an mlikepuost s,ppieko roc is tta liemle tenperm btal,ut ysenjott troaring toundheir ar speiks nrhghboood, ic wh ah istl litsee unngttli forso me. lm helos- "a eot of pe ple arar scwaed to y lk bbehim ofcause s hipesize. ctople acrually oss st the o reet td avoiwhhim ich isnd kinn of fuy." hi cis offighal heir t fothe esguinoks borl of wordd recos is 40 he inclls ta. e tht currenrdrecode holr isso alat a grena dane zemed hous woc cl aked innct 44 illhes ta, bu edt passin away so 2014 helmsis ed excite to sekoif roc can ke tait the twole of alrlds tlest an dog kd will hnow ifmae's dee thxtcut ne l year.inive the omnewsrois, ky shason, celnn 2 . news d anistoday ir the f ost dayf ri
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to and tday isirhe fayst d of ri spemng sfoester enr studts at u- n-r. h weu ope yoyeenjoe d th..break. ntand wash to will you ain luck ur yoin upcomseg class. tostill on come nn cha nel 2ews is thor mngni. .. do amn ch: pionhias micgan's rn govelsor calli the fernt watcr disis ar,isastefa he's cing la new owsuitse ver thcity's incontamatated wm er. i'don pi chamthon at bre cbs t oadcas er centh witgrthe faowing llout, ngcomi up. rsbut fistt-- du ty froma he spcis .. here.he and sro's b aughtsp frecial loiend ah ng wither.le e t's secaif we hen't inlp fd r him/hevea forer me hor , afteeathe brk. "y waou're ctching 2hannel news is thni moritng w ph johnotter,an di
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rn ormetet ologisarjeff mz tinellwi yhavenpour pi foint 2t orecas
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omwelccke ba. anmichigov's gr ernorsdelive his ofstate ta the stesp odeech t- ay - aamidll the r angeheover t's statens respoe ntto flier's watmi contaonnati is cris. 4,in 201's flint s watery uppl inwas tawited eath lr d aftea e- statnt appoirged emeencyna
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urter som ce frot detroito the t flintoriver mo save pin chamason h l theonatest tsprotesal and c tls forhe rngove ror'snaesig. tion at -ns- flthe waint crter ilisis wl mi do mnaten ichigagoorvernk ric ydsntaer's s otee f thstate ad s dresy.toda , mondaythwhile ble repuanicgo cvernorthalled tye ci's nt coataminated wa er ' stdisa.'er..-n ats- nsdozeon demtestratsd ouhiide s chomengalli h foris atresignanion. medy callis h rslownsespo fe to'slinter wat suonly cnatamithted wi lead, alcrimin s. hed houlhave it swt ched iveback oetr to droit r wateooas s hn asewe kne of th nt coataminion. at -ns- ti na gonal tuards roopnoare w inhandt g oulebottted war tore ntside -s...-knatsinnockg ta...srote ts operalare sogi ovingeaut lstd ted s an lt fi wers.hahat s ppenr aftethe wa d ter ans filter'rgo. wee st inill goavg to hlee the ad, we 'rl e stiltogoing th have e pe pires, we' g still toingveo ha isthe poongo orvernde snysar yspl he toans esrequcet onin agat tha
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ra fedestl disareer asta inead of st jute a staer of em tgency.he e statrgof emenlency ovey gis us mia 5 n llioardoll cap e thidpresalent y readeddeni the esrequcet onor befcie-- ttinghe tu sin atioliin fasnt w-m manade. chdon onampi n cbsews. haflint bs gone iack tots inorigeral wate sourcdaand toy ci the ayty's menor karr weave tr toavels ng washiinton es hop ec of sg urinsaa dister ar decl mation.hieanw. s torneyenrepresliting fnt si redents an plno to an tunceewwo n- class on actiit lawsu ts...tiargengve gonyrnor s der. ha "c nnnel 2ntews cowiinues th olmeteorjeogist tiff marnez's pi ntnpoior 2 f becast,stroadca ifcertbyied a thecamerin me ogteorolocical siety!" he anotorr ststm syl em wilbe
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mo and inuntaw snos showerand a afwindy n ternoouswith gts-5 30os5mph p tsible.rrhe siea s will" ee 1-6vyof hea wetow snva with ailley rsnn and ow ls levein ris 6g to. ,500fthighs ll wi l be in. ow 50squiet r weathetu rewerns dadnesthy and , ursdayth wi a yeternoth s stormonystem afridayurnd satakday, ming av trr el oveunthe moastain pses ff di hicult.grave a eseat tuday. st toill on come el channs 2 new m this..orning. ma tkingl raveheover tai mountn pa ifsses d. ficult ghave areat y.tuesda st cill toe omonel channs 2 new
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ch a instjueg rteisd res it akweestht growqu in a ofarter a y.centurt wha mthatoreans f theec
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ou if ydo're eving hierythtng rig ndbut fiha it arderdend hartor y, get bou yno're ont ale. ouwhile ler peop worknglorser houow for leser wag, al amostewll nom ince go thes to p e to1%. n my plae -- maktrwall seet s bankthand are ultrich thpay faeir hair sf re os,taxe idprovvie liagng wes wofor g rkinlepeop, en esure pqualoray fen wom. m i' sbernie.anders ap i e prov mthis essagee becausertogeth, anwe ce makpo a calitilul revotion d antecreaec an yonomd ancrdemothacy orat works f all
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ou if yel eat wwol and ..rkout.bu l t stil ahaveer lay of ub statborn fsh to . ed..s there'a innon- tvasiventreatmes that'ga inining ar populevity - enre hely local's. itle cald olcoinsculptg. h we omlccke barn. tutoing on meywe e lcomtuback. torning money h amid arobal mket ji ctters,oshina ps ted it t weakes eannualc conomigrowth yein 25 stars yeerday. thome econ ay grewtet a ra of po six-neint-nint perce. jthat'sdeust une r th rngove'smentge tar ot ratef n- sevet-percend - anslthe t owes srate tincearhe ddak f ys othe na fil nciaiscris20 in 09. de for tcades,nthe coury's th growwa rate ass me iuredn le doubs.-digitth vee gontrnmeno is yiw tr tngo thshift the growin engaye aw fr ufom manngacturind a -f debtinueled ntvestmear towd e thicserveces santor nsd coumersp ending. go the overnortof puersa rico ys on if cdogress acesn't , t soon u. the l s. wilface ahu maniantarisi cri us... inderts
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e thndislari ter'storyno ecomy ha bes tren con factingor a . decade it now bts desi crio s is sbad,er puo to ricnocan ge lony r pa l altsof ils bil. ey thno're ent evin paye g th orvendt thalisuppooes fr d fo onprisat inmes. d an'vtheylae demoyed hare tn 0- 10n millios dollarin tax s.refundsl the iprand's oblems er centw on hol to deavewith or 70- iobill tn inalott. deb pu re hblicanpeouse sauaker pl an ry t vowednghat coouress wlddo hi someto ng t phelpriuerto coby nd the ema of rch. e thrytreasuta secrel ry wil thvisit nde islawe this ek. ti o me toucheck rot our adways
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nt ce. er.. idno accr ents odeincitonts re . porto we dhahave cin rocont-8ls i o0 westkef truce . and mtigrose halhway. so tr cons iuction en i-80eeb betwn bo aomtownulnd mogpe, exctss poelible d ays. ng comi c up on 2hannelth news isrn moing... ara spanks mhe says h couldave th nie guboess f ok od worlre rdcolls tat esg,doet g ready eeto m ot thise ne hug..pooch.imky
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hi "thas is c nnnel 2ews, is"this el channew 2 ns, racoveouge y c can oountn"
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ydone. etwean have onother e vi mo wng in,ndith wior advisies rup andpeain exn cted ithe . valleyolmeteorjeogist ff inmart iezn atthe wenther ceer a has lcloser oook inrmur sto wa h tcvecogera. or and ganis zationn in tow br celeheated tma late rtin klutherniing juesor y..terday. ai by runsing f yds forouth raprogmsnc and engouragi the uncommtoity p helvegiac bk. wplusete'll gos up cle and rs pe wonala ith kssparch poo who s hopeakto ttie the tle of or...w tld'sstalle. dogky ss sis on ihein tsr newwioom thmo re. e thesiestorp s to nyourews t righatnow a- 4:30 m. y todasdis tuenuay, ja, ary 19 -1 206. mgood, orninghni'm jor. potte m and i'ueandi gthvara. oranks fst ngartiou yr widay hath c 2nnel ws nes thiinmorng. we av hane heotstr m ormico ingn isthor mngni. arjeff mistinez e in thr weathent ceo er t utelle s if wcan ct expeai any rnon or sw.
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r anothesystorm ilstem wl be u withy,s todava with rlleyain unand monotain serw shows a and afwindy n ternoouswith gts30 p-55mphe.ossiblie the srra s will" ee 1-6eaof hetvy w snow th wiy vallendrain ale snow vels si rio ng tt.6,500f w highsill bein 0s low 5t . quier weathe s returndawednesd y ansdthuray, etwith yer anoth stote sysm on ay fridat and surday, ng makil traveheover tai mountn dpassesltifficuha. avere gattu
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an thefks jf.ok loouing 2 unr commw.ity no.. h inf onor o lmartinkiuther ng orjunith... -se renoparks te chapher of tou n-da-ble-c-p orcommemisated hac legy dayesterthy wi tuahe annl ca n.ravae thn caravas of carfrdrove om e thiaunitarern univsalist owfell cshiph hurcheup tet strch i ofam-580 nored f k ni orgaayzers s iimt's anportt yofor peung toplemeo re hmberis ga lendcy ap keetifighorng f cirivil . ghts pa gtriciareallimode/presi nt, -s renonaparks "acp:ea51 yrs ago af n-ricame ansricave receid the ricivil bghts till, whe lawasss pad ed, ane we have to maksure at th utour yorsh unde atandeend kp th veis aliep, keil civs right e"aliv is th t was8the 1arh ye theca haravan mms coatemorheed t l civitsrighde lear. an std laht nige ... th28thnu an mal dr.luartin inther kg bi jr. crthdayebeltiraason w
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eeprocrods fe m tht evenfibenet ut yorah progndms atu culral ev hrents tt oughouarthe ye. ni orgaayzers sin the ds ner wamu e ch morusthan jt a ra funderisit... ls was aedo helpno hoatr whwa king tntede o sepp han en inaour tion. or "fto us su be ulccessfus, for w togeork tofother, tr uso beco d nnecter and foo us tincontue urto ps sue hi" dream. rn tu cing toneone zo. now.. we to want d reminatyou thea d stbountaintersfrte 80 omom boo town t wmogul,ill bedu re oced toe ne lantoday. trconsonuctiin beg 7s at a a-mnd es go3- to -m30 pwi... peth seds du retoced mi 55 peles . r hour san-dot rys thek oadwor gwillo ilon untee the wankend, lld wipi p ck umoagain hrnday toughid frneay of k.xt wee ealsot xpec csomeruonstn ctioonst ea80bound m - frodaderby m to ds wah.wort neone labe will se cloerd the s withrepeeds d 5 that tbeginsw omorro-3from 7to0 a-m p 2-30en-m... odingurn thsday. y ifmmour cokeute tas you ugthrothh either of eaose
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le littti more thme in ine morng. ar a sp iks manwis throng hisno gis rmouindog rto ther ing foe ths guinesf book oworld re wocords,tarld's t llesdog. s his name ianrocko s d he ihu ge! s kyisisson e in thomnewsro th wie, morst ky ju b hows ig i ogthis d? orgood manning, jdi andndohn, a veto ee ryon uwaking up withs m this. orning hiweign ng i pat 160anounds d n sevealfeet tisl on hd hings leo , rockise onppbig pu iy, yespu said ppy.'s hetw only s o yearold.hi r s owneasnicholms hels say vethat e tn whenrshey fit t go ochim, r ako waslybnorma. largeni hcholas"ielms- bet's en a endifferrit expeasence ring ro pecko eslycial r how hapidlye ew gr h and how bigsoe got ic quk." be s sideinneedtog a fn ofood, o rock owilldrnly frink heom tsi henk. salms eays dlingwi isth he sizbehas en a ngchalle te, butayheir dda-to-y ut rehaine cos beesme l as of nu is, ancemoand f re oy.a jo
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lelittpe temtarmenutl, boy enjs tr ngottiun aroeid tharr spks hbneigodorhoic, wh ah istl lite ttunse flingomor se. lm helos- "a eot of pe ple arar sco ed t bwalkbey him ofcause hi . s size apeoplellctuaosy crs st the treetoio avwhd him ich is o kindy.f funn" s hialofficit heighe for thin guokess borl of wordd recos is40 s inchetall. th ene currrdt recor holdeis galso aanreat dd e namehozeus woc clinked 44 at s inchetall, pabut wassed a01y in 2el4 so hmsis ed excitse to re ifanocko c ke tait the twole of trldsstalle g dolland wiif know ma he's deth t e cu ynextivear. lhee in t omnewsrois, ky s cson,elhann 2ne ws. ucominghap on c 2nnels newthis inmorn..g.
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rst fiitt-- l maykeook li an or rydinar, flowehe but tse ia zinns e arnganythird but o winary.e'll sh ouow yha w st's so apecialbout emthaf, r tee theabrk. 'r"youtce wahahing c 2nnels new isthni moritng whnh jote potr, an gdivaue ara mndroeteologistje tiff marpinez's 2npoint
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s this i tone ofobhe js erwheye the havayto p youe th.same t buarthere ane so mply exames e wheroethat dsnap't hpen.i' inm goo g to dhieverytanng i c to su make ryre eve woman ryin eveet job gs paid methe sa... n e meewho arg doinobthat j. i'arm hilltoy clinn
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we balcome meck. tiak for te 2... s storienkwe thior are wth ase oocond lk.-m 18-oonthryld tanstan mt ess go y one dalato pthy wiew his n er fish g price-get-setrto ka his otgrandmt her gor him fo machristefs... b wore itas ostolen fff hiss amily'porch. thhis fafrer jefesey mana s put te non out ookfaceboe in thpe hoats theo somldne wouhe see tca etr or r. urn ite threvice psif dent ortthe pohe vonry eeluntrer fitm deparent th ppen stetoed up start ad spree ing thndword and fug raisinnefor a w one. smanesseyays thd raisenearly th one dousand..ollarsth. and e mm cowaunity ts ableo buy tr ystotan a 0,y f-15me a helt, a and o shed tt keep i asafend
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k truc bwillepe ketring n ysto y happyefor toars e. comd . an mmthe coy unitt suppor gis aift to ry eveinone f theamily an k d checutthis os -- it'been opartr f thein missioarfor nely ch and iseck th i out--bet's en rt paei of thior missnen for arly ye two ars...d anr now foauastronarts abod e thatinternspional atace stion, c it'sinoming blto... oom.s. astrottut sco o kellyn sa ayturdwe t aetedto phoat of wh s heisays f theveirst-eerr flowow grpan in sce. acthe spgae enrd o debutf the gfailedcyrowth cles. cea reasnt n da blogd etaile y' kellrts effoin to brg them
6:31 am
d velopeomon s te ofvehe avants h ge beenn rown ispace be infore. 4, 201 s spacetation ew crbe memanrs beggi a vege anplstt syem. fo efclrts inrouded gedwing r inromauce lettene. scisatists y nthisakew breh throug fallowsor ubetterannderstf ding ohow togr ntow plaics in mrogravity. sttoill e comhaon c 2nnels new isthor m. ning.. me olteorjeogist tiff marllnez wive hapi your 2npointec forast te
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s theyoray w ak onf reliewell li at aanso cisyon o aheadf du schele. e methanhagas ens beng spewi to intm the aerosph te fromhe ak lece sinob octer ! asit hce foroud ths sandof re s sidenthefrom tte porncr rah eaaro tloreteca. eaat lmist ensssiom frosithe te ve hare dec based-py 60ntercefr ompe utak o wput,cchich oinurred te la nr.ovembe an cod the nd-fouf er oone of er ammoica's ulst pop-ear 70sra s band apassedstway yeerday e th' eaglesfrglenn d ey dieathi mes how in ne. york..after co timplicathons wiat rheumoid ar rithticus, aerte ulcative co tilis pnand nieumoa.ey frd formeglthe eathes in e y earl0s19-7h witiehis frnd, r drummenldon heey. ea the ixgles mnted coundry a di melolic caiaforns soundto mebeco o onemof the st sfsuccess ul act 7of theth0s, wire mo15 than li0- milumon albs sold. c"hoteloralif ania"itlong wh ei thatr "grehiest olts ciolectn"be meca o twoe f th-sbestngellibu alf ms otiall me. ey fr 6 wasar7 ye old. nn "cha nel 2coews s ntinuewithte
6:34 am
oipinp fnt 2asorecrot, bstadcart cebyified me the arican te meogorol sicaltyocie !" an stother storm syilem wl bewi s th uy,todava with ailley rn d aninmountash snow anowers d a afwindy n ternoo gwithusts 5m 30-5siph pos tble.iehe srra eewill sof 1-6" vy hea wetow snva with rlleyanain d snowle isvels r 6ing to. ,500fthighs b willowe in lqu 50s. iet r weathe s returndawednesthy and ayursd, etwith yer anoth s stormm ysteon ay fridat and surday, tmakingovravel mer then ountai es passcu diffivelt. haat a gre tu
6:35 am
s let'incheck th with b-e c-s ne m ws teae and sehewhat ty're rkwooning s thiinmorng. .. t.. nheisews binack the
6:36 am
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6:37 am
mfirst,n ichigaorgovern rick er snyder delivsts his tate ofheat steee spodch tamay -- id in growr g angeheover t's statere incontamcration isis. hu dsndre onsf demos trator ergathuted o tsideerhe govnor's re e sidenc -mondayng calli forhi res arndst aig resonnati. to ats rneyesreprngentint fli deresiplnts o an tunannowoce tne asw cltis-acawon ls suity toda - ettarggoing orvernde snyr. o tws weekheto ta iow uscauc.tes..athe bfotle e r thwh hoite isuse en intinsifyg. mp cainaign sg in couthinarola eryesthiday - clllary inton uecontinred to p hsentlferse as pr enesida't obam..s heir.whilebe anrnie s sders ttucko the aissuesvet an ealnt in abama.on r theepubn lica -sidena- doldtr coump d urtegeevanl licarsvote irin va ginis ...aritop teval d acruzedccus o himt f nog beina twtrusy ortherconsvevati . d, anls calbo to t ycotosthe cars mnext aonthaire g jatress keda pinthtt-smi anddi , rectorlespike ame are ong th o ose whatwon't ..tendte. afr
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ec consyeutive hear - tde acamy edfailno to teminain a sgle or perfbymance ck a bla. actor te lani last --ght de acamy es prt iden bcherylsaoone iacs su istaed a s stementshaying e is rt"heaenbrokru and fd"strate er ov l the dack oftyiversi. mi cop ng u..nextl . we'lhaveyo ffur traatic, wed her annews t righ ng comixt up ne'l... wel haveur yoff traweic, r atheneand ws t righw noouas yea houd tht e . door wstayusith t jusw a fe
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