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tv   Channel 2 News 530PM  CBS  January 19, 2016 5:30pm-6:00pm PST

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n is iatthe wenther cemier... kell wis thingowcalm dn byto owmorr? we a have abit of i breakn the ac omtion cr ing ouitway, we h thne rmxt stom syste tslatedveo moth h rougdaon frisay and . turday e for thteshort mirm, a geld rid h ofesigh prilsure wmpl bu the xt neic pacifm systeto ourrt nollh. we' o starth ut witrt paudly clos y skieeswednday, enand th a catche littlmore necloudin ss iafthe n ternooas utthe so ehernofdge d a col brfront byushes ot. one her ilpossib city tor onsideis a ce chanca of loeel fr fzingog, pe esci iallyarn the unea arod e,truckee but wcould nt poteseially ie somen the va hlleys.mpigh teeseratur will n stay is the 50h throug. fridaybe cnignwilouds rell incase sdthurt ay, bul it wildabe friy be hefore tst next storm syemmo roves th tugh.wihis a ll be scolderittorm w lh snowevels ilthat wabl probrtly sta wh someouere are nd lak btahoe,ut
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rs flootu by sai rday. t don'ex pectan eyy vallcc aumnsulatiois at th in po ot, butaince ageln trav ov terhes passegecould t veryto wugh as ie heade nto th e we havofa bit ak a breth in e ti acinon comr g ou wway,e ith th s nextystorm sattem slmoed to ve h througdaon frid y anrdsatuay. thfor ore sh, t term ra mildidge h ofprigh reessubu will mp thext neic pacifm systeto ourrt nollh. we' o startitut wh pa crtlyy loudweskies y,dnesdad anatthen citch a lmotle re ou cl idinessafn the n ternooasth hee soute rn edgolof a cd on frust brbyhes ot. one her ilpossib city tor onsideis a ksthane. mik wh and erenevy wintrr weathe s comeorto nnethern . reo mber titstay wneh chanl 2 onewse n th oair... online,n ce fa abookwind t ftterorto srm h watcntcouiin
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ey monch wat i.todays the rs fiyot day seu can r nd you2015 rn retucl to une sam. t it'seghe bnginnix of ta . seasonhnand jor potteathas wh yo edu nekn to beow, yfore oule firs you . ath this bland r sock onouth rg vitsinia.ih cruncgatime ain. pr you dobablyon'toy enj tax rnretuucs as m dh aswiena berges do... rgwibe l: "i. ove itlui absotely i lovejot." "whn: why?"iberg: au"bec lse iheove g lpinlepeop."it p wasy rett hdeadonere s thifi first dlingdeay. ayna ss s ital ikways lise thto when o many s folkwaare foiting r r thei 2s w-so. jadrn hewaick les ab to wa wilk in anthout nt appoiment. he k:dricgo "i axt my tn retur , w-2s jso i'mgoust g ino to g anahead nd file gow andt et iov iter wh." ssacron, tow touax acctintant m ne hlsonread f te timet oo. buhe peexctbus a ssy : lsonin"try lg to towerhe s taxeucas m ih as f canorer evwhybody meo coros thmyugh dofficeoor." ggthe bianest che ge? thhigher f feesinor haveag no hlth ra insunce.wi
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pave to ouy if y h don'tave he ialthannsurupce is 25 to $3r peduindivi'sal who not su in" red. ha if txit's anduety-indecing, na s saysigcams manht be even bi ssgger iouue. aboft 80% nsnevada e filednilectrocally y lastea ar,nd... wi "aberg: nyyo time yu fileour ontaxes lis ne, itmoa lot re y.risk" hn joit: "wath ther, the e ar2 th tingstco wat h ou ifor:e f thir ers evls tel m youplultix e tare s turn fwere iiledurn yoe, namor yo if t u getia notificaon of awages,ro w-2 fnkm an unownpl em.toyer.. rhats ag.ed fla noton f ly ofrtax baud,lsut ao id tyentift the." on nelsec: "i r fommendiling y earle becaus hthat'sow we av , oid itthavoid iatitdenty jtheft.t ust geetyour rurn info behere tna crimi" ls do..e ..llspeciaouy if yge're g ttinre a lifund, onke jasal usuly . does..he "drick: gyes, iefet a rund! i owdon't ode anybt,y yeck kno on " wood . d anouif ye fil ynow,reour fund herre..befond the eof on the mth. ne
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t abouor9 1. 0 days lbut ifast ye anar is diy inoncati, it's re moe lik."6 or 7 ngcoveri w moneyatch, john , potternechannel 2 ws. r-the i-sos has tme news ax tipyo t u migho want toucheck t,cl inhouding eew to kurp yo tax co res rdresecupr to event ti idenhety tft. ec chllk it an out obpour ju t clickslhe newutinks bton, ktvcom. t withsoax searwn undeinay, beg aw pare ofalotenti scams s becomeoreven mrte impoant. 's thathe why tas treury rt depa imentrns waouing abt the ng daers. rs"the ill is cameing ? tiss hir fo?"real de the mepartssnt ipuued a blicrv senoice anntuncemeng warnita erxpayous abont phame scmers clwho baim toage irs ents. m in oarch yf lastouear ab6 t 36th ndousapl peobee had leen cald by amthe sc. 'sw ite mor00than 9an thousd. thand tae tontl amoune of moy st holenroas g fwnm roli15 milon to t more mhan 26onillila dolrs. mutim casus/treaarry deptment:
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cr alimin ts, andalhey re'tly don bocare aeout p tple,n'hey dot ca utre aboth anyheing otr than ttryingtio in ymidateo ou int yi paheng tnem moy." ifou yo dt gecaa llle ikatth, e ths iryssaou yho sd ulstju p.hang uth aus oritiee say thtascam srted i inutndia bso it's fi proe tabl as it hd spreaycto copl ats aler ovor the wld. ksa sparas man hli appo ed tgu winnessecorld r. ordswh e y? hesbelievre his ge at danis or the walld's tivlest ling do g. et meko roc i, he16s a un0 pod, nc53 ilohes anng, ved seetn fe ll tahi on nds his. leg s hir,owneho nichelas glms,otro whcko e en heiwas ght we s ekd.olnd.. ave ethn -en- hknewd e hag a biondog his ha nds. olnichmsas helou- "as t r firs , daneerwe wnde kith of orownff twithizhe seae, y kh wew nohe upis sd posee to butbig, b we hkeptngeari y areurou s'se he ly onee 8 warks? u e yo? sureare yo
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be s sidengeation a tfo of od, ck rollo wiy onlk drin tfromhe nk si. heand oy enjots tr atingd roun r theiksspargh neiooborhhid, wch is it a luntle lisettorng fe. som s-helma "t lo pofpleoare e sc taredwao blkhiy bem uscaofe s hi. sizelepeopua actoslly crs stthe o reet td avoiwhhim ich is nd kifu of " nny.a t grea ndaneeuamed zs is edlistth as d'e worless tallt ri dog w.ght no44.. at s inche 20 a14. sorogain, acko isfterth d e worlt tallesnglivi.. dog. st aandingnct 40 illhes ta. yoand fiu de cnitelyt ouldn'br roing oncko ne a pladi accorng ne to oai thrline oiat's j hning aulandfof s otheranand chtsging ies rul c oninhecktsg pe. an vadi gueorra repts. d "gooinmorne'g, where cg ckinou t.r pe" r for peteolharrd d anwihis fe n, ja si hantaris p tt ofhe lyfamiic, whh s mean twheny he - fly r theiabadorolle gden do dodle toes,buoo. ant shti's
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e to bkechecoid. vf ce or pete ol harrt d/per:owne n"it isheot tie eashist titng, a takes imlong thee, totre's ls of wo paperrk" ar st itingrcn malth della wi no lo anger lllowr arge tpetso be kechectod on o theirwner's s.flightad instell they' be nd ha fled as. reight wpetsill t haverio art ve arpthe aiort 3 ur hores befogh a flit, be dr ofopped d f anedpick t up atheai e'rlinrgs calio facihity - wch imay beffn a diloerent cation th panseaserngck chend in, a the oc poulh coond fly ar a sepate -tflightmahat ary verit aa di enffermet ti. a'deltans cholge f ulowsd nite h whic talsoporanslarts rgerdo s gs ao.cargsu zle kaelaw-nisson s runthe ai s rline'tspee afogprm.raue s awkazlso-nelitn/uneted psafepr m:ogra r "wey eall ahavebe etterpequipcid fa alityt o,carg w andn e caprerop klyp ee e thalanim as ine safen nmviroanent ved ha esprofalsionff stat than calook te afemr thhe weyn the hava nn coonectila or r yoveerrathth janusint leavemg th o outn ta the hermac where ts bagare." hwsoutanest lud jetbt e won'let yo ecu cht.k a peca ameril n stildo t es, bun only on certais type a
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o tot ho toroloo cd. icservime anofals s all aizesre weallotod inab the csyin, a stem etravel bxperts welieveill be adtaken e vantags of ainairles imakerdt hao er tk chec. pets ve co tringryhe sto, andi arguevhaa, c nnnel 2ews sadelta cys thetohange itsli poilcy wsul enre a -q high, ualityteconsisvint sercefo tsr peth when neeir owrs tchoose to shipwihem elth dta rg cao. ee"s h towrehe d'sfeifntreat f ck poinets fe dif arent?"reas y ifavou hhee a y althnddiet a er exbucise, yot u anjust c't o leansout in asme areep... keit fo here ghr tonihet's alth tc wa nh. anvon-iwaasive y to ffreeze yat offdyour bo - ig straheht aad. : ryanmoafter f nths o is subm tsions,o he renusl an frhachise uns annox ced siteamna alme finweists. ll'll te youwh y at theanare.. atd whpl peoe k thinthabout s,e nameg comin up next. "y e ou'rhiwatchang c 2nnel ..newswi. thri kenstin rem, gtonla ndonmi , llert garretrndearbo on
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af moter hare tren thoue thsand n faovvotes per theurast fomo thnths, noe re f uslseranchi rrhas naheowed thi france se nam t downfio six s.nalist igthe oroninal cegtest bk an bacin
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foonsed he gatubring plic ed fe fbackheor tso reno ccer 's team l name,ndogos aor cols. cryanayanad u joins is liven e th nstudioanow. ryre what' the me na ts thatplhe peo? e like g wellteuys af sr manyiouggestns t of whanothe rer socceteam na smeulhobed he, arere thefi enw listse cloecly bomause se of so them miund silar. to the sup six sibmisarons e reno rfc, fceneno, rero silv fc, creno, ity fcnoand re 1868. w no cas yougian imasine, nce s this iesa contret, then 's beea flot ofaceedbd k antscommen non the. ames'shere w a fewe've iv receoued on bor faceagok pe... do jon n nova ksays seep itimple.fc ed reno s ballarelikes noit uned. d anarrichled bromgry disaees. ayhe s as fctend unid are so do over i ne. s,guese of th oisix chd ces i'h go wit. 1868i do aln't rely
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o alstospoke o a fewther lepeop, todayinincludreg the no us l enpresidhet, to hear tir ioopinthns on s.e name eerictedelsesin- pr"iident-t es repr vents angaryito hisry, it fi de snitelyowkews te ard theu , ropeanatbut tht 's whathe op pe'vle whoice voheed tre io opin sn haveeyaid thnt've waed eeto sht rig." now allance nelred- vada es fr-thmano he renfcso it undse th tbest, o metafc sfonds r fo cotballbelub i lieve el danilo sedila -nevadresophmo- re nino uorted en the ro fc, etpr styplimi e inththk une edit r fo, renoeta prooty cl ideae thl finangvoti t beganhis mo anrning ed willuand janry t 31st ahtmidnig. n you cahefind tto link vote fo yr whatnkou thiea the tm name ldshouby be in visitg our e websitomktvn.cli and cg ckinonth ne blueinewslutks bton fithe of tcialnaeam l me wilbe le ren ased ibrmid febuuary. t te the ogam's loro, cols and hi coacffng sta b won'te no anununced latil a meter ti. ve cohering t l storyinive the iostudan, ryan c cadayelhann two ne ws. it ot's a hay new wlt to me fat uroff yo.. body.o but ns heat i vo in. lvedtuyou acally
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owi shou y hlsow coongculptiwo inrks ht toniglt's heah.h watc : dallasnothe re men'sba llsketbais team ng headik bac t onoahe r td this lime toaramie y to plaomthe wycoing s,wboy i'm as dallny colod h we'llomear fr gu the inys comn g up i. sports d anlgmike al er wil lhave aook
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a y new wastto bla - fatho witut g gointhunder e.e knifis th-i nonivnvasede procure isca oolled cinlscuptndg... a it es us c thetoold il kt l fas.cellw tch. "i iss th a theyorea inu thk we go're toing re tat todaypr lyobabah? year." mekci ehoff tr has hueated ondredsf enpatimats. eny whoelat wd l an owork. ut.. be"i've tien lifeing w fghtsor30 ." years o but whanjust c'te losthatub stayborn lfaer of hit... wch w ishehy t ty'rengurnio tofone th ese hott tt ways io meltt - 's that, , wellt not ho. at allit c'salcoled hedd at toy 's bod. shop e tha f-d-ovappreced toghnoly... te liralls freezeuryo t fato th ine poert whyoe ur c fatellswi ivll g ae upiend d. off how? ou...sf nd oinopenilg fowr r.appe.. m i'ouabtot in fd out. rs fiart, mutci pfrs a ngeezico elld g o pad..n mefo. bere ta atg chinapthe orplicat... icwhikh is le sua ioct- n cup at
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opd dre s thertempe aturto - d 10esegrehe fart nhei aovern ho tur's mime. sarciyoays ur ndskin ae tissu adie at much r loweertempe atur t- soonhis ly rg tafaets llt ces. ar"they gee dama gd. theood s cellhain tt t far layehepush t fabad llt cet.s ouar they e us flt hed ouranaturolly thugh e th."body e thltresue s arimnot atmedie... ee"you sir the f ost setf su relt es in wight."eeksbu olt coptsculising innon-vevasi t and'sheredo no wn me ti. , plussamarci acys essh seion ll wi a rid on areaerf 20-pcentof f thelsat cel. ch t eck ouso omeesf thfoe bere af and ctter piur. es.. thwhile mee abdohen is tt mos oncommto area at treu , yon caal cuso syolpt nnur ihier tghs, r lowendback an. chi s andome of eathe grestest rarults mci's en seon were pa this - tient o' wh ys 68 oearsld! e whildishe andn't we t to bid fientished, ree ago ed tshowus er h r. esults h "witusmenopae,e ag f theat s cellhein t a upperbdomen rg enlauted." bis this sh what e
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"tts resulas were ngtoundi." r hendfried s anlyfamik too ce notin withihsmont. "p weeople ngre goi y didosou le h a buncghof weil t?" althanksto s thi cprettyteool gychnolo lb avairele in no. th de cost oependsn yourex atpect aions mnd howany ea trtstmenee are n aded tochieveth e em. thngstartiis cost about 0. 70e sids effecte includ or tempbrary , uisingngswelli so and . renessr fo ta linksco coolg ulptinbyrc ma'li, youndl fiin a lk on omktvn.cnd - uheer tea hh lttc wa. h icon t' lek s checthin on s e roadwithr ouc traffierreporton chais i deanaln the pice 96 5oint fi traferc centh . watcr out fo de acci ints on c80 andr ente estreetndastbouon, a 580nd an mouta sondhboud , an80on 5 and anvillsoova ouuthbnd. exand tpecte o se hsomeeavy af tronfic a 39580nd 5m fro di od me to. oana chi'm n aiso adeanhand tyot's uraf trfic. ha "c nnnel 2ntews cowiinues thch teief meisorologt mi lgke ainer's p2 point
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iertif td bymehe arican ormetealologicty socie !" we a have abit ofak breth in e ac ctiong ominy,our wath with e tonext sterm sysedm slatve to moth onrough da frid y anaysaturd. fo e r thteshort mirm, a geld ridof pr high reessul wilhebump tne ifxt pacteic sysurm to ono e'rth. wrtll stait out wh pa lortly cskudy weies y,dnesda th and chen cattl a lite more ou clssdinee in thooafternn as e thhesoute rn edgolof a cd t frons brushee by. onother ib posstoility si conisder a an chf ce ol locangfreezi fog, alespecithly in ae arearound ke truc we, butd e coulpo lltentiasoy see thme in e ey vallh s. higattemper wuresill i stay50n the ugs throidh fray. cbenignwilouds rell incase th , ursday wbut it fill beriday fo be nre thestext syorm stem ve moros thhiugh. t bs wille a ld cormer stosn with elow levs ilthat wabl probrtly stame soarwhere akound lhoe taute, bul coopd drne to var thealley oo
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ex vct anyacalley ticumulaons t atinhis po ot, butaince agn tr veavel opar the sses d coulryget ve a tougheas we hd to in w thendeeke. e we havt a bi bof an reak ithe onactig cominy,our wath with e ne rmxt stom syste tslatedo move ug throrih on fd day anrdsatuay. th for ore shrmt teld, a mi ridge ig of hsuh presl re wil tbumphe pnext sacifictoystem ourrt nollh. we' o starth ut witpa lortly cieudy skdns wey,esda enand th a catchtl litree mocl ssoudinee in thooafternn ase thrnsoutheof edge d a colfr bront byushes ot. one her ib posstoility si conisder ach f ance ofrlocal feezingog, es lypeciale in throarea aund uc tr bkee,cout we uld po lltentiasoy see thme in e va hlleys.teigh urmperatl es wilst thay in s e 50ugthroayh frid. cbenignwilouds rell incase aythursdit, but be will y frida be hefore tt nexorstm system s moveh.througwi this a ll be scolderittorm w lh snows evelth ilat wabl probrtly staso e mewher laroundhoake taute, bul
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y oors baysaturdn'. i dot ex nypect ay vallelaaccumus tionat po this utint, bag once ain av trr el ovessthe paldes cou get ouvery twegh as in head heto twe a have abit of i breakn the ti acinon comoug r itway, wh the ne toxt sysrm sattem slmoed to ve h througdaon frisay and . turdayfo shr the rmort temi, a idld rge ig of hsuh presl re wilhebump t pnext sacifictoystem our h.nortll we'rt sta w outith pa crtlyy loudweskies y,dnesdad anthenca litch a orttle mdie clounessin ft the aonernoth as hee soutrn oedgecof a ld brfront byushes ot. one her ss poitibilony to cissider a an chloce of eecal frogzing f, ci espen ally ieathe ard aroun uc tr bkee,e ut wcould nt poteseially ie somee n th va s.lleyh higattemperilures wl ay stth in s e 50h throug. friday gn benis cloudncwill irease ur thbusday, ilt it wril be fday fo behere tt nexsystorm stem thmoves trough.llhis wi be a co tolder sh rm wit lsnows evel at thpr will sobablytart whsomearere loundtaake bhoe,ut d coulo drop thenear ty valleoo fly rs brdsatui ay. t don' ctexpe v anyy allemuaccuonlatis hiat tins poutt, be oncn agaitr
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ry vegh touwe as d hea tintohe av we ht e a bireof a bthak in e ti acinon comr g ou wway,e ith th s next stormm yste tslatedo move h througdaon frisay and . turday e for thteshort mirm, a idld rge igof hesh pr wsurebuill mp thext neic pacifm systeto our wnorth.tae'll s wrt outith cpartlyy louds skiedawednesy, enand th h catclea littcl more ssoudine ain theonfternoe as thrnsouthe f edge oa coldfr usont br. hes byheone otr po itssibilony to cissider a ce chanca of lozil freeogng f, ci espe iallye n throarea aund tr e,uckee but wcould te poy ntiallmesee soe in th s.valleyte high urmperatl es wil n kristendand lankon tha mike. ucomingpop in sherts, t wolf m pack gen are settingtaet to k
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hefrom t im next aongevera t, it takes hreendhuamred aneric srkwofoing a r d soliarye, akto m me asmouch asney t oneop ceo. it le's cald wathe apge g. th and ble repuwiicans akll mite rswobye lerowg inxetafos r osth te atophe t l andngetti rpcoatornsiori wte ei thrur own les. ll hiinary clllton wik worto thclose ge wageap. eql uay par fomewoton ai rse meincor s fomifa,lies a erhighim minagum we, lo xewer taths for lee middas cls. ll she' t getobhe jfo done .r us
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, "now'sherert spores dictor rr gadeett rnarboth, winn chael 2 sp tsor" ey thd 've ha anearlyof week f p gamenclay singe losiis to boe st d ate ane now thacwolf pk mens et bask tballiseam ng geari up r foun rothd 2 wing wyomi. u yoremight hecall tto pack pped e thoycowb ls ateaawlor inrlier th h e monte but thilguys wl tellyo hu it's gard toeget a rular on seasep sweth in tae mouninst wela...daldns colohty caug up th wiac the peek to sf ibythe e we d ekend diemthe somodgo.
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basketeall td m hae a bylast ek havayg pl oed 4f th laeir gst 6 oamese n th ad roe ... th sguysphaid alysiclyit a wasel big hjup. "< st to gi urve os bodiendand mis a st read. we h o a day off thether d day anasthat wy reall fgoodor boour adiesinnd m. ds..lyrealju etst gwe us rell pd parer fo e thomwyg inamte owen esdn" day. av "htuing saffrday o p wasy rett inicelot aluswed ge to tot in m the gylea littge more t more psre i up.t s waeagr" t. t so nex tup forf he wolpack rethey ang headion back the t roado ce fami wyo ing nowref you membere thacwolf p bk justomeat wying gh riret hewl at lantor eves ce . nter whowver iyomings a un yo tg team phat is uickingp me mo tntumsthey june beat w comexiin down it the pso... wh that do yse gu a thinkbout ce re bntly" eat. h"youtoave ge foratt thm teath reey ain comf g ofmea gaag neainst cow mexiw at necomexi hein t, pit tthatn hey woso ey thoi are go ng t lhave aot of enconfidthce at pleir onace dn wey.esda"
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es wednghday niout. yw knome sothtimes ink wh ouen ye havfftime oet you g abi rt of tust.whhat's e y we'v sgonerdo har ovelathe st 5 ysdai . elfeik lwee be'll pr edeparpl to n ay odnwedaesy ni " ght.n a winsagaiomt wying ll wi n putadevcka ba50 at 0 in erconfceen ay plda... cllasnyolodnn chael 2 sp . orts as t foronhe ce ferencngstandis co ntming idao the esy...the willan cherge aftof some ig tonht'sac .stion..goan die isstate b up on.toise..'shen it nofresme, new utxico, ah at styoe, w. ming.. om bottth half ere conf henceasva nethda in ote 8-spey, th're at om wytoing mo. rrow ma lejor baguealaseball's mel-tihi eats lwider e ll bctindued t into aonleast lle hafa of me. th nce citiinnas redunannoced y toda pthate et wrosebeill in edducto inttethe ham'sofall fa n me i. junelyrecent majoris krd ten an clandont hat abou sp
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th arere o e twatdemocr vicnsisiofo lar regualting wetl stre .ysone saok it's taay to ke nsmilliobi from sg bank d an tthenthell haem w dt -- plan br teak up bhe biganks, thclose x e taholooples, an ked mam the payr thei sfair.hare wthenexe can eapand hcalth re llto a, d ane providsauniverlll coucege edn.atiowi y ll the mlikenoe? . wihell tgiy be pn to lay tbyeshe ruli' if idm present?
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mi inke's fthal weaerwe a have ofbit re a bthak in e ac ctionouoming wr way,e ith th xt ne s stormm ysteedslatve to moro th fugh onanriday tud saayrd. r foorthe sh, t term ra mildidge ig of hsuh presl re wilhebump t acnext pysific s otem tour wnorth.tae'll s wrt outith ly party clouds skieeswednday, th and aten c lch amoittle recl ssoudinee in thooafternn ase thrnsoutheof edge d a col t fronhebrus. s byheone otr po itssibilony to cissider a ochancel f locangfreezi fog, alespecithly in ae aread rounuc trutkee, bco we uld po lltentiae y se isomen the ll va heys.mpigh teeseratur will ay stth in the 50s frrough iday. be cnignwilouds rell incase sdthurt ay, bul it wildabe friy ur
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