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tv   CBS Morning News  CBS  January 20, 2016 4:00am-4:30am PST

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roiver frnm a buhiing vecle. go niod morm ng froudthe stio57 oo newsrbsm at cs newhe teadquarn rs iyonew rk.od go w to beu.ith yo nei'm an g-mariereen. sa parah wilin n ll joidonald ontrump am the ctrpaign ail da ene oim te pureicbl vane ices pralidentidi candateen iathuslysticalse endorp d trumki ta ang aime t thangop d id presobent ama. m this, orningrethe onacti to en the emdorsisent in a remder of st ju p howinolarizfog the rmer as alerka gov.nor isth ghe rinit leang as"wnhingto s" timell is caing n paliera cons svativearuperst.wh eile th norew yaik "dewly ns" ha mus a ifch dntfere rsendot.emenba nck i 2012, palin esendor tdedcr nuz i hisat sen erace. w >>ee arng goi toiv gehe tm he ll.>> te reporonr: dumald trisp to g utinbihis t ggesrsendot emenye omt frah sarin pal. e >> heris plyfectit posd ioneto yolet u kemame acarire gat
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e arreyou foady atr thwa, io? orno msse puoty-foaring .ound r oupstrooer desheve tt! bes u yorvdesethe bee !st r >>r:eporteda from iy one, i saiderf i evth do i is, have hto getpoer suprt. r >>r:eporteav a fe oriteaof t rt pansy cotierva pves,'salin do enenrsem st isaseen aj a mor vi ovctory er umtrivp's redal t uz cr. twthe e o aredlocka in uavirtl ad det heaowin ia. l >>n.istei arlove sinah pal. h saraispalin st fanta ic.ou withr t hendfriendship a su ipport,n' wouldn t be ithe se odnate tay. ep>> rr:orte b jebwaush sss le di atplomuric da ing nefox ws arappe. ance r>> ictespeal donumd trp. do i inn't thk pasarah s lin hae thtoideas us keep safe. ep>> r oorter:den the icmocrat , sidehiclllary piinton p cked uth ene key endorsemhet of t human ts righig campa nn, then'atio s rg lalgest igbt rgrhts oup. l rivaiebernde sanadrs h his bacomeck.>> ar we e e th oonlye n th crdemo saticnoide ht toa ave pe
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or>> repliter: ctinton sllds hol s atrong lead overde sanrs on natiutally b l patestollsw sho ersandeas is b htingioer in wa. innow clllton win retura to iow y.todash ee isd xpectendto spe four n days istthe atthe wisk ee jversuse ust on in new sh sack to lirah pan's en emdorsofent d donaltrump. c itamee on th same day n'palis sonc tra wased chargit wh ul assat andss posseweing a apon inwhile tetoxicaond in cn nectio a withden incinvnt iolngviis h gi ndrlfrieda mont.y nigh pa the milin faorly attney in declcoed to onmment as the ce.>> ha don chempion nere in w , yorkanthu.k yo mi cop ng us on "cborthis mning," l we wilorhave mare on sah s palin'emendors dent ofonald p.trum >> ar> hilltoy clinain campgn is di ngsmissiat the lpoest rert on he ilr e-mas. ed smst -- seom of thela cdssifiema e-unils fo hd oneer homve serr
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opthan t , secretcoacg rdinto rn goveerment svices. c someedontainma inforn tion o hi lyghen s psitives.rogram cl the cainton smpaignesays the we otre nif classenied wh they re wet senecor reived. n be tcarsonriemporaly su d spendemphis caftaign aer a vo eeluntr eddiol fwilo angar c de accint. caa van trryingarhree cson eevolunt ars andd paifestafr in er westwan iopp fliited on s side a ony n icndroad ano hit ather cl vehiste yey erdag.mornin25 ol-year-ond bradli jopedn di ye y sterdaooafternn.e th wotherseaere tr ated at ar nepiby hostal. to na interonti nals eaat l9 st 1 wpeoplekiere lled gwhen an unmaedopene fir at a eruniv isitykin pa tstanhis in morng.av henfy guanire osd explions we eare hthrd at une erivtysi teloca nd inweorthakst pn.istacl s assejuhad egst ankistooi trusps rtohed the en sce moand tust ss dent havebe vaen eedcuat p ande olicatsay le foast f ur onmthe gu henave en bele , farneno o c hasedlaim sirespontybili t forache attk.
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er snydte accepond resplisibity thfor t e flincrwater inntamatated w per hasut ndthousahis of catldren risk leni poisong. id sany s ider,ou let yn. dow a somehire pusorng fhi on s ilar vcalafrants repor. nyrick ss der haizapologed to t flinntresidet s aboutheir po wisonedater. 'm >> i a sorryilnd i wx l fiit. >> or rep ster:nyidder sall he wi e releas hall ofaiis e-mo ls t puthe oblicdnn wey.esda y >>esou d aerventccouitabily. r >>teeporlir: f wnt's ater ou trstble d arteprin a01il 24 wh iten we h th lcitytheft e tr dewaoit syter astemrend dw wa frter heom tnt flier riv to sa onve mey. sp dee itasessurancs it wasafe, si res dentincomplauted abo the wa elter smtel, tasd , an pe apcearan. epin sertemb5, 201ro a gf up o ct dofoors d undaslngerou y high ve lef ls on lead is flint' drchilenod's blo. flthe swint editchk bacheto t atcity wocer in btober,ut a
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ne. he >> tnore is le safe vel ofle a ad in nchild,one. or>> repheter: tov gernor is ng aski theer fedaler govtnmen nefor arly 1li milon.he s saystthe wiate ayll p for camedid l anvibeha toralmereatntfo fer af cctedrehildn. l he'l dalsoy eplotiaddi onal ti na gonal tuards roopto ri distotbute b wtled aater nd lt fitoers ry eve r flintt.esiden neconcerntd pareres weio anxus to r heagothe orvernla's pn. s >>ngomethi t needsono be de. f ll o, kidsreyou tallyupear ep>> rr:ortesi corroerve riv ruwater liined fatnt's wer pi pes.en ev, todayatlead wwser flo ro the ugh thtaps. laicing, mhigan. > >>eathe unstern taited stes is g bracinatfor wh b coulde a wimajor tonter ss rm thid.weeken av heowy sn p, some uredictp to tw eto fe a, issi postybilim fro gtwashinc.on, to boon. otanhesnr orowstdem ma s forlick
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ty cite yes.rday d andethe reep ftheze riat gpped ch mue of thy countrozfre part f of an ountaietin faylltevie, rt nolih carona. te meogorolicist err fisheof ourst botion sta hon wbzoras m e onth m e storg headineast. ep >> r worter:e arein trackg the ng makis of a majoras east cot st orm. ngtrackito the st rm thacame ro achess tt wesoncoast ay the don ay tuesdak and tose a crs co truntry bip anda ecome full ed flblged rdizzae by th end ofth .e week daby fri sy thenow sintretchg ro ac sss theouth. asmaybe ou far ss th aamalaba ge and wiorgia itth a lttle bi ofth wfat snoall. taas it e kes thercornpe dee ns dl rapiy. as wed hea intoy, fridano the sw inextendugg thro ah d.c. nd newgl entoand inta the sthrt of e ek weend. bi a og areaprf low essure ly slowrs lumbeo out t wsea ase thead shroughunday. i sot's a friday,ur sat day, nd suntay eve.hi t ghesidconfn ence ig the bisn lkow, taering ovt a fooof sn , owfall taroundllhe phiy areawn dogh throuan d.c. d to an roucoke, mirh of v wginia,est in virgd ia, anevmaybe teen easrn nt keitucky w oh thisne.
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.that ju not sst thetanow to ls butlk taouing abort onshs e windand st oarong cinstal wa ds at fullmo hon anddeigh ti t andhat d coulckbig po cets ofaloast ngfloodipa comrable to a altropicm systeig we m sht ieen e th osummer fr theall. iz bllozards mooking re likely al thong wi t majorravel di tisrupbyons nd the eis of th we o ek intwethe d.eken tei'm meisorolog ft ericisher r fowscbs ne.>> ma> the e ssivsecharor f2 1ma onrines rd boa h twoopelictersth raat c oshedheff tst coa of ha wwaiiusas sndpe.edth coe heli wptersent lateas l tth ayursdle whi on a tgrainin n.missio is debras has whedor ashe. fe lits boae havenbeec r overedan kad wrec bge hasuneen fod on a the no far, of sign re the cw. > >> ucominghep on tin "morng ws ne."no clw miravee recory. a n maisev redivft a ber eing un foozd frnden ael lif tess onhede sith of . e road >> an> cod irnfd mesecaofs zi ka
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ing. i this"cs the nibs new" ou>> annthncer: tiis poron of bs"cni mor nngpoews" s bnsored y ellk h bps youloom. 6 sedponsor by lk si. lk sips hel b you.loom if h youmoave radeo te treseveeu rhidmatohr art litismeike ... yoand tu'rengalkia to rh toeumagilost ouabbit a ogol,icis thhu is .mira th s is irahumihe g lpinelto r mievey apainrond p mtectiny jots ffromerurthag dame. th s is irahumipi helng eame rorch fe. mor do s ctor bhavepreen ibescring rahumi m forthore 0 an 1s.year rahumiks wor m foradany .ults it ge tarndts aps helto lo bckci a spefic osourceamf infl tmationhat ruconttobutes mp ra sytoms. mihuanra c y lowerilour abity igto f ihttinfecons, udincltuing ulberc.osisse s,riouet som fimesatal fe innsctiond ace can rs,cling udinholympma, ha apve hd,peneha as odve blo, r livervand nesoust syroem ps,blem ouseriles al rrgicioeactns,
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yshututour mod h angosay t odnighremouthbrsathe. e breathright >> bb> rus le iatall ths i leftof ia a m bmi meachonansie oncow byned um coldrbia orug ld. opablsc eobarou bght itn i 8019 t bu uit'sarncleev he iver led th h maybeave seen u hd byenis m has autideo l andngandiit se fo inr cocamee shipnts. ne the erw propwnty oiler wl d builata priv. e home ne irw confsemed caiks of za se viru ts in.she ud . anemsupr e decourt tocides gh weion in atimmigrion. arthose oe somee f thliheadnes mon the norningndewssta. > >> w"thetoashing" n post rt repopeers surtme coul wil n rule oenpresida't obams rtdepopoation licy. 4,in 201su he iscued exetive ac prtions ngotection millis of l illegaanimmigrh ts sucas pa
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s.e thwicourt ulll r te byhis su f mmer iammr. obeda exceed hisau itthor hy whensse bypa ed re congss. he t d fetroitree prs"es re s portasan my as 60oo schls inth we citykeill lisely clo today to due a dnothert istricwideck teanhers walt to cntl atteion etto dioertiraldng buindings a wfrozenndages arc oveedrowd srclas.oomsll rae ies ardplannes acros the tocity day. t mihe miaer hdalep rtsor on e thzikaus virt tha has tdurne nup i fla.orid their vus canse cauth bir ctdefes. o twsecains ia mmiad-dcoe unty thand caird hise in orllsb oughco heunty wpare tam is d.locate in all evolvie patnts who tr taveledtho sou ama.ericer thcae are ses seelerwhe. eon is ini hawai andwo tn i isillino. >>is the reok to pple il islinoerans ovisall tu virallyro sqe mo tuitoishat po reslensibfo anr trngsmittia ziks virufrompe o-rson-t dpersont oes no rrcutlenexy t isinin illois.
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entreatmtht for ve zika. irus>> el the teoo a aptelegrh" rtrepoats this it crmonfied that jihadioh js n habeen ll kied.he s was seen in ieveralsis op pr vagandathideos ppat ad eareto th show ade behef ings o n westeraghostes.u. a nes. droe strikovin nr embein k syriahiilled m. >> e > tht studenpenewspar at takent svete unirersity onports th vee iniostigat pn of aorrofess ssfor poieible tsis to is. i the fbmeand hoecland surity ha orve repbetedly en in atvestigasing cisoe atsthiy or soprofeso r juliorpeno f the pastan year lfd a ha. > >>l stild,aheaea a hrt pi stopidng accatent thl is al ocaughto.n vide o ancout-of-trntrol nduck ses a ss paflenger ying. >> "> onywmone,"atchd holthe tc kehup.
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namcdo fld'sr or youfries. ig weatht ws cherchhas d.ange htweigch wats eralwl-ne yo behend tle scagr proam ts pu f the oocusun yo noand stt ju n therumbe heon tle sca. wloset eighe whilngeati alher,thie wi llth a s newpomart.ints d anvemoor m e ncby idilu fngneitss ayin wats thk woru.for yo hosee odw go'l youell fe wi heth t n wewt eighhewatcrs tbeyond shelecagr proam! jo orin fe frenow
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do oues yker maemup r over itakel t aloff?ev kiery ross-pof, prcry-oof, ay st l-proofook? ne nautroge mreakeup domover es. it s erase y99% ofour tumost sbbn or makeup wi neth oow tteelet. aneedorny mooe pranf tht? tha roneut.gena nea cow imndt en matalcdond's >> 's> herek a looayat tod's stforecame in sos citie aroundth tre couny. he are'sat look 's today stforecame in sos citiendarou th coe truny.> >>ordown f h six woursashich w y scare becauslythe onl socia a medis outlet fwe had or six wahours bos faceutok, yoube, sn atapchns and i atagrame.nd vini
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tforcedaro sh we it with myife. tit wase.erribl on bs the cyw "monemoatch" re he on ter twitte outagand la back ssh and tweetngoppi for do mc fnald'sfrrench heie dans ls i nat thekew yor exstock wchangeatith th and mo re.>> te> twitp r is uruand g nninaf spter icorades outag kept us omers fr s theceervi. the hosix-ur longis drupted af ufectedserser h aen nd iro eupe.e thy companesblamro a pnggrammier ror. fsharesyeell daster 6y down8% e th opricess.f cru oilsp t litoagain b $29 aanarrel d lothe pwestinrice s3.ce 200 re he onal wrel ste et, th stocks m wereixed.e th cnasdaqteomposit los11.
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j3,000obs in itsil mlion device ondivisit , abouth6% of e rk woersn it thaiv dn.isio e theythxpect we cutssaill ve up b to $1 aillion year. mc lddonas 's sayn it's othe e vergelof s iling bts 2onilli pp haaly meh witereithru fit or gu yort. na mcdoegld's beran off tinghe th healopier stionac bk in01 21 ll foyeowing fars o purressroe fm erconsum t abou87% ofld chirense cho fr mc'snaldof is afering less al hetithy opiton at s au restinrants . japanch e ocolatd covere ffrenchries. mcocchooe potats isen fresch fried covero in twnd ki cs oflahococete sau and do mc'snaldit says on will ly be i soldpan jat n, afoleast r now. y >> thehohave ctecolaer cov ed to pota s chipse o maybldit cou ?work>> 't i can. do it ea >> y kh, inow. yii'm tri'ng, yim trt ng, bu re you', rightt i can'do it ei ther. na hels daniee at thrknew yo st chock exthange, u,ank yo hena.>>
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g,morninin" airl mes areaking rd recots profiy so wh aaren't ir v krisavan cles e takeera clos . look>> ea> ah md, a sovietutar rns alreif lroe he.we l wil h fearrom actor j amie bofoxx a hut howe a saved man fr om a b turningruck. te laedr, a mirical m.acle m aan sursvive afterng beind fou enfrozth on ine break of dth.. ca llmpbeou's so ps gtgrea awithd cola and rniceed.
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>> 's> herek a looayat tod's stforecame in sos citie aroundth une cotry. a cdashapam cd turea ifhorrraic cn sh iilbraz. pithe tckup fruckedlipper seval s timessacro r theanoad ntd se apa gessenmer soltrsaug in f65t ee
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ssthe pasoenger sumehow . rvived > >>ordoct ps inylennsa vani vire26ved a r--yeamaold n who d ha sfrozenolid. sjustinelmith fnsl uncocious wawhile holking sume in bzero ertempesatury nearla yegoar a . en wh f hisr athed foun12him ho laurs hter,sne ware't bngathi heand n hadlso pue. ashe wa in bcomae efor inregafuing onll cusscio ness hsmonter dasterthy, smine returhed to tsp ho titalano thstk the aff. mi jaxxe fope hel ad pull man bfrom a turningutruck bys he sahe a's not hero. tabritopny hfrper urom o los ge anstles n atio rkcbstsepor. ep>> rr:orteem an naotiothl faerwa wnlks dori the dwiveway th ac jator fomie afxx, thter nganki ffoxxavor shiing s lison's fe. e >> hrewas hehe when d neede to h bed ere an hhe wasr ere fo my son. ar as fm as i'neconcerd, he d savefehis li. ou>> yth said wat youleere ab ? pu>> we imlled h. out ul we pm led hiout.he er has surious bns. ep >> r torter:ckhe trut losco l,ntrole rolved setiral mes,th uren bntst iamo flutes o side e jami hfoxx's mousey ondat.nighit
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g yountoman y. safet ou>> yn r soigis a fndhter a en whex he s,tendex he s tendt ou heof tin cab.pu hlledutim e d as wimpull hwi out, thin ve fion secatds le er, thk trucgo es up. h >>'te didnto have th do a oud, yw, knoi like saidea rl iier,hi t wnk aellop he wthatne ca s dohiometnghe w nth mee ti ise.ther quthe onesti iswe do ? e do wact?>> or repoxter: fno is kwn for ay plingan my roles,lu incding a iheron hisck bloerbustie movs, t yeoehe donsn't csasider ving ama lin's o fe tichero. >> on i doo't l ik at ht asc.eroii ljustatook as it h youo ad t s dohiomet yng,knou ow? aand ittll juske wort.d ou r >>teeporolr: psaice aty th thedr idiver dfe sufomr fre som s burnheand t was takene o thho .spitalbu wt helsas areo ar fstedor dr g ivinr undeinthe ncfluee. wscbs nebr, i'm hittanyinopper kewestlage villafo, calirnia.>
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wsn obs"chi tmos inrn"g,cl ngothita renr l foizplus s e women.i' -mm annerearie gen. ithise s th m"cbsngorni ne ws."in takteg os-fo bilex, s she'cinoti rng adieal enfferince j herntoi c.omfort th winu conti,ed useit rt suppoeas incrflsed itexibilery ove. tim ka "ren:sishe's ."ngle o it alstssupporde wonlyrful l highevels of il humoniatihe in ugr da.hter ka "ren:s she'a li bttlehyit s." t in jus,7 days j youromoint cforte can b yourdikid's rtscomfo .te os-fo bilex. yo reu we mtoade ov msoe. move. y,heem remthber mee gan whei thset oke roasie p rsingd?ecor an i meu , yo monlyedention what,im50 abhow enout whad i h threetsevene in on night? llweve, i'n beerkwoinyg on mne pew sumorhero dve allay! we' sre non wtop, ge'vehaotta eve our pxtra.rotein oi s kotr zipleeeero grfak non gut yo 1rt hasam5 grros of p tein. ddzero auged s ar, rtzero alificiate sweened r anatzero f.
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>> y,> todad donalgotrump t the emendors sent of parah.alinhe he got tor endntsemera of sah pa ealin, yh. , yeahitwhen weah he hhnrd, jo in mccad, sain the ayou'rell t. se ho>> altthugh i e ink shjust li hikes usm becap e trum soundsli amke a nwoe she giuld ve one h kid he >> sd agreeorto end ase himnd gr he atoeed h letoter sho that anfuzzy oimalf ff oadhis he.>> t thaneis oth of oris m'sning p toiestorars, salah p in'sen emdorsofent al donumd trp. e thme forre vicidpres entialnd casaidate itid wruh tsmp a enpresidrit, ame wcaould no nglo aerpogilo.ze r hedoenemrsencot thmes wies ls th wan twoo eeks torgo befe the wa iocu cauanses p d truma is in de
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th ere eastedn unitte stas tmay begehe tar at of majorwi tonter srm. eit'stexpec hd tohiit ts en weekd. nd depeoning t itsanrack, area om frng washi bton tocooston uld ge opt wallh ed wit oa footr more s ofnow.>> >he tres i a rearel cestial oishow gthng on niis morng.if oo you lrik out w ght notowarde thyosouth su willneee plats li .ned up eta planraary pae de likthat hhasn'td appeneyein 11 ars. > >> a sndtevenki hawngas h a direar wngni f eorthar. a inrvn intee iew, hsaid st disather on neis plallt wi be a ernear c itaintynen the xt ou thr sand o0010,0rs s reatinudclnue eaclr r waand gl arobal wndming aic genet allyen edgineeres virus.he q said,weuote, no will t blestaseish talf-susining lo con nies ifospace ear at lst e
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riod. i' kllp ee cmyenalopdar en. > >>ngcomiaf up yoter ocur lal onews"cn tbss hirnmog,in" cevire pntside biden's moonho stag tainsca .ncer ilwe wlak speh witr. d david ag hous we h met w aithbout infindg ae. cur>> w> weshill ouow yom a c pany rthat eentsdaveryoty cl thingo pl izus smee won. >> r forl,enta w youthant ose th tingsyohat aru wee oncor tw thice reat all reay ti noleceabat, th m areore st enatemt. >> or rep dter:teespi herkn dgowle ae ofan womar's we,drobce cotihris nehunrt shostopcksierst d arte-agwenn bees iftohio aerud stheying tbe numrs. i >>u f yo alookrot it fm a nc finarsial peivpect ae or ne busierss ptispecu ve, yogot pupo ilation 1s sizebo0 or a 65% 14 size ab or anove d
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thn.e wome >> d > anlathe altest frolout fmth ade acaremy awemds cerony yc boott. athat'sadll ahebs on "c this mo g.rnin" s that i"cthe orbs mewning ns" fo thr wisneedaysd.
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