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tv   Channel 2 News This Morning  CBS  January 20, 2016 5:00am-6:00am PST

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th and -te reno aahoe iirports lenow g ttinnduber aco lyft me an yd pickafou up urter yo htfligat. whme this r ans foall tr the s avelerst iopping. n reno ne and inw housecg projts in haverdi y ve man ulocalsp in . armsisky sisson to live tell ow us he peopld reactes to newofth dee new pmveloanent id whatt an mer s foeathe are . thes s storiep toyos ur newnoright w at a- 4:30 aym. toddn is weesday,ja 20nuary 6., 20-1 orgood mi'ning, pm johnotter.d andii'm anra guevaks. than for ngstartir youwiday nnth chael 2 s let'wistart uith a qk ck looat e thcaforeh st witolmeteorogist m jeffneartiz. atwe crech a bm ak froorthe stmypa tottern anday urd thitsday wh cpartlyskloudy ies an s d high lin the wow 50sith valight inlley wr ds. ounext mostorm fves inmoriday g rninin
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jthankseff. lodeve tpingrnhis mo aing...t t leaseo20 pe ple arftdead aer unfour gatman edtack a er univ isityrtn nohwest stpakian. pa ankistfii ofs cialthsay e at btackhoegan sftrtly asser cla d starteheat t bhaacn khaun siiverty. av heliy pondce ait milfoary rcesre weye deplod ato thermrea. ay alofficials say ol fourf the at ertackves han beeedkill and oo travps heae clthred mpe caus. ta n libaesforcpa in ankist meclaispd rebionsi flityheor tat ..tacksa. iyings t ware attalifoion e r thhsdeat of ei thmrr co badeskiy pai stan risecuorty finces en rect mo . nthsmathe alin t fibanonacti he in try countom has crde fowa owto dise n thckattayi, sat ng iwa -is unicslam. in em decofber .. 2014.he t li taatban edtackar an unmy r olscho in ar ney by cithaof 15lling le0 peopmo... st of hithem cn.ldre c we'lle ontinutofo hellow t a storyeas we lrn re mo t aboutache attk. os clhoer to me...
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mo ting onishe msing rncalifoeria ski. acthe plnter couify sherf's of asfice hnd suspeed these orarch fki the sl schoo ru insthoctor wmi went lassing st . week-y 23d ear-ol mcarson lay wasast en sers thuwhday ile ng skiiga at suwlr bowh... ere he rkhas wothed at tae mouninsp eaorts lcerning ornter f the t pasteahree ssesons. carchrews lobegan g okinhifor r m aftehedi red not omturn haye frid. co nsnditiog durinayfive ds of se arg chin bhaveeen ea troucher ds...o ue ty heavsnow th and ane avaldache . ngerthe sh s eriff' dofficesaoes eyy th gr repeet susthnding che sear. , theywialong plth chandains a bosugar rewl repivsentates t meaywith mil's famery yestday. r suga sbowl'snttatemeed thankev weryoneelho hinped the . search t' lek s chech in wit or metet ologisarjeff mfotinez r fi a okrst loe at th heweatr.od
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at we crech a bm ak froorthe stmy erpattdan tothy and wursdayith rt paloly cskudy ies hi and tghs in 5he lowh 0s witli vaght inlley wr ds. ounext m storinmoves y fridag morninin the er sih ra witcochain ntrolsli llkely ari day froday thugh aysaturdng morni s. thism yste ve mobys out y sundaoswith mtly dy clou a skieslend cooghr his in
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w ne mthisngorni... ch iseck th.y out..noou're lew ab e to taknduber ato lyft andfr rom thehoeno-taore airpt. nounitl rw...shide-are co s mpanienlwere oley abdr to op off ss parsenge. rpthe aiceort reinntly fanished op
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iempankes lir ubeicto pk up enpass agerslls we . forir secusoty reathns... e new cypoli aqulso reidires rree- shaca hars to sve theacame trkingte gychnoloxi as tas ths at letth rpe aiowort kn t, whenhose cl vehies aitre wclhin toose the rp aiort. pithe p ck-uonlocati for -s rideehhare vs icleusis jt rt noagh of blagage cneim... ar th s e buseutand shtles. s reno ig growinn,agai n andew inhouslog deve apmentsthre on e deminds rsvelopere who ang lookito . build isky sisson in live w verdiith de ontails h a newngousi bd suioivisatn th ha bes aenroppd ve rby theeno ty ciil councno and ahather tt is begoing hefore ty citcicounl to t.nighd goog morninky. go orod m jningd ohn anandi. 'r weree heve in jurdi tst offhe to boomxiwn eart nela cabels e wherlodevechper lbip bowy is ra on to ck td buil 3nearly00 rehundmed hos. po we sh ke witeshim, r, identsan
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rt whattsesidenxp can eect to se te inhe cmooming nths. ke bi a pnd carassinga ischerruhed coral itmmuniny no rnrthea nevaditis on tos way un o dergjoa mahor g usinboom. ip chlb bowe y- "thtyproper youse hie bee nd mtsconsis3 of 27re iasident."l lotssi 20nce is09, thd ruggeverdi te n rraioonear bknmtown own mas theonortenson- gars plan ha ens bewa ag itinthe y daouit we ld bedturn to ho . uses d an- now-opdevlhier cwlp boby ha ens beni unalymousro appbyved e thitreno cuny co bcil touild27 de3 resihontial mmes. aajor nc cor ern foi verditcommuny cleaderorarly borly harc"mrd- alost tl ofheve detslopmeng cominh througour ar aea nowt nd jusi,verd but nore p aroper,stre clusier houngve detslopmen m whicheveans seralhu d ndres homeerrathth than e catypityl coung zoninwhich we
5:07 am her" rd vedei resivents havo been cal to y cits leaderveand delopersab eiout therr concluns incding fitrafchc--s--ools m andost pr t-ominen. -water d davisocarl an isro hydstlogi s and haedsurveyre the aa's water su bistainality. an he wdots to ceuse unlyrtaint at th a thecorea t uld nohandleth mie coesng hom. ca "rlson-l severapuother mping shtests t ow thaisthere icsuff wientn ater iuathe aqfer poto sup brt then oomtow lodeve" lb bowepy pr tareseao brk ou grn nd oprhis t ojecin june,ot anveher det lopmenowjust dn th ie roadg s goin tbeforehe ty cinc couil wayendesd to pr ap26ove s.9 homear borchd saysth cat the rity ofenbeo has enpr e oactivin smakingveure de lloperstoisten si recodents nsnceren, ev ti negosiating deze of envelopmts o down tala smr leernumb. haborc"ird- t t go dthemfrown om 0 50s home10and cr af es oco almmercito down f thealin map s that iingoing o to tcithe ty, i that ms wellthore wiin the el rh hm ofy ow manwehomes would
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we the east m pdows trojecto bu 26ild me9 hos is a about mile om fr w whererie are w.ght no he the onaring pr that t ojecis g goin tbeforeo he rencity l councit tonigh. at 6pmto omorrownen chanwsl 2 ne this rn mo wing,lle wiin be brouging yth lte resuhas of tint veve in y rdi, konsiss, il stoml to c ce onelhanns 2 new mthisngorni... rmfo aersklagoa rnve sorahar li paitn is hheting tig campan l.traift.. ander engorsi o onef
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we e lcom. backtalet's ooke a lk s atneome akws mading helines taroundiohe natt n arrst, sinah palig campans th wial donp d truma in iowand ho oklaayma todda -- a r y afteen g dorsind his bithfor ite whe e. hous re it ps senttba sefoack xar tes ser natocrted whuz, io isn a e clos wracetrith inump a. iowon d theraemocsitic - de -a re
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na sebetor srniersandeti beang ll hiariny 2..o--tin1 ew nmp hashire. pu re pblicanderesintial nd cabeidate can rspeon susnds gncampaint ever s fo--today ll fog owinaga trvoedy inlving hone ofolis veruntes.-y 25olear-add bropen jedlin dies tuafday beter ing reinju ad in accar ntcideio in wa. fothe nrmersueuron rgeoedpost a e picturseof him jlf andonoplin it tw- ter reto expisss h ol condences. mi and anchiger govrinor ck sn iyderngs vowifi to e x th r wateiscrisfl in --int d ami g ongoinfocalls s r histarre andre iosignatn. h intais sf te ostthe ate dr adyeess dasterhey - d saihe's d askenefor 3arlyll0 miion do s llarepto r placeinlumbg inho scndols, a f payorps giycholotosts it monor ctaffehied cn.ldreer govnor t fline'says ho ll alse releas alofl is hma es ilto the icpublay tod. mo for thre on is stutory, ne in to -s c-bs thiinmornllg fog owin r
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micop ng uhaon c 2nnelth news is rnmoin..g. me ogteorolffist jene martillz wiha r ve yountpinpoiec 2 forast
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"c elhannew 2 nnts cos inuewithme ogteorolffist jene martiz's pi oinp 2ntor fasecrot, bstadca iecertif td byrihe amecan me ogteorolocical siety!" c we batch aroreak fstm the ormy n pattery todathand wursdayith ly party clouds skiean ghd hihes in t0s low 5 wh itli llght vadsey winne. our xtst
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th e wsierraaiith chron contls ly likeay all dy fridah throug rd satuniay morisng. thm syste ve mot s oudaby sun my withostly ou clesdy skioo and cghler his in th
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i send bn yourdairthquy reests -tto k t-v-neao be fontured y air. rou cans each uh throug ile-magu, reillar may , or bav levoing a l icemaion ourrt biinhday le. hand we eave ang xcitintoprize ve giodaway t hay. weave a co orupon fe a fredodozen nuts dfrombooughutys dons itorgood foc any lation. lebe calo r 22 tthwin ose nu dots l stile to comnnon cha nel 2ews is thni mor. ng..
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aongevera t, it takes hreendhuamred aneric srkwofoing a r d soliarye, akto m me asmouch asney t oneop ceo. it le's cald wathe apge g. th and ble repuwiicans akll mite rswobye lerowg inxetafos r osth te atophe t l andngetti rpcoatornsiori wte ei thrur own les. ll hiinary clllton wik worto thclose ge wageap. eql uay par fomewoton ai rse meincor s fomifa,lies a erhighim minagum we, lo xewer taths for lee middas cls. ll she' t getobhe jfo done .r us
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hi i', krm n istemiren.ngto nyhow maor calshies ouould y be ea ating? dayitwell, allpe de ynds onalour gonds... a esyour retting micabole. ratho inw to fwhd out t at tha animportert numb i is...n ni toheght's walthchat. lc webaome tick. tme for..ake 2. ie storhis we t wnk areorth a lsecondook. t. firss .. it'a a goudday tobe eu... bl... f ororeta dd checaar! beuse y. todana.. is ctionalheese ve loy!r's dad diowyou kn... e thermoare hare tthn two ousand et vari cies ofeshees? d
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ex by ttufere. a hew of try prima si clasonficatifrs are eeesh chse iclike rotta.. ft. soe cheesetlike fa...mi sech-soft ikeese line rdmi- hae cheesoulike g. da..d anhehard ckeese liar chedd. ac g cordin uto the-a-s-d, er ams icanea tt morehan 31 opoundsacf it e. h year fo but thr e e averagfrench on perss -- it'nd50 pous! ll weth, is w week,eaorld lders thand sie buliness ete are
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g therinosin davze, switrland, r foththe 46l annuag meetinof wo the onrld ecoromic fum. th r'is yeatss guesde inclu vip'sli l ke bil jgates,idoe bjoen, hn bkerry,anono ond leardodi iocapr. th cae lol ls wilhobe sinwcasg me soth of ade trnsitiot thamake ei thunr cosotry qu uni le...ike liyodeng. it is anrantegrtl paal of pine ittrad pion,d asse tdownouhrgh e thtigeneraons. : schmidac"way bhek in t past wh heen tasre wbi no monele phos th i e ink thiccommunfration om rmthe fainers ben g up ialthe ps o down tllthe va ley wasike by vothe owice, h trehey weng singi t toivheir wtoes or theirfa esmilin dowththere ldey cou , telle'well hs ok." tto getthhat auyoentic deling d sounneyou rped shaes chang in pi tch. an td ifsohat sundse,impl letan ur amatee hav. a go e paustsfor na dithe ulfficitty wdeh yongli, u yot can'demeanowr slp ly uto
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p to. notejuyou igmp ro ht tit. e thd worlomeconoric fegum bins today is thrs yea i themeass "mngteri urthe fousth indiatrl vo re."lution mico ungnep oxtchn anl nene2 ws orthis m. ning.. us plhe-- tes latvet deenlopmts a ingon onguing e nbattlafter ta
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"t ishis nn chaewel 2 ns, vecogeraou y c can oountn"th che sear m for a sissingkier s atowugar bs l cometo ahe reartbcoaking luncsi. on.. af alter stmo w ak ee sofrceanghi a bytiuthori ves red the oeno-tahrt airpol wilno cow let iempankes lico uber mean yd pickafou up urter yofl . ight twhat phe newolicy me foans avr trs eleropstngpin ino re. d anusnew hoojing prn ects i i verdanhave mlsy locain up ms aris. ky s lson istoive w sho usol how f rks areg eactinto ane w de envelopmwht and meat it ans eifor thwnr toes. thiee stors to np yourghews riatt now 4:30 m. a- i todaydns wey,esdary janua , 206.20-1
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gong mornijo, i'm tehn potr. stouting ywir day nnth cha el 2 t newsmohis g.rnin s let'wistart uith a qk ck looate ff jene martiz. we a catch f breake rom thstormy er patty n todaurand thitsday wh ly party clouds skiehiand ghs ine ths low 50igwith lleht valy nd wi ns. ourstext moorm ves infr oriday mn ning ierthe sirawi inth chaol contrlys like ally da tfridayghhrouur satday mo trning.syhis mstemutoves oby da sun my withclostly oudy 40s. de ngvelopis thiinmornt g... aas leret 20 ad dear aftefour agunmankettacund a tyiversi in rtnohwpaest ankist. atthe btack seganlyhorter aft stclass atarted ac the b khahan iv untyersi. av heliy pondce ait milfoary rceswe epre dd.loye f all tour ofheat s tackerilwere kd led anpstroo ha leve c taredamhe lie taclban d aime onresplisibiorty f a thek.ttac.. sa iyings t wa riniaetal ftionor
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adcomry es bstpakiseani tycuri esforc. in em decofber 4. 201 t..he li tan baatedtackar an unmy rsc ihoola n ne kil50ng 1 lepeopmo... f st o cthemrehildn. bore as ut thig'mornins ck atta. tcloser..o home. av we hd e a sa tupdate his rn on thg missin focali srniakier. acthe plnter couify sherf's fi ofs ce say sit haseduspend these orarch fki the s soochl st in wructort ho weng missinlastwe ek. r-23-yea"cold n arsoasmay" w eelast shun on twhrsday ile ng skiiga at su..r bowle . wherhes haedworkth at tae mounin ts sporin learnerg centhe for tpa eest thrso seasens. rearch cws n begag lookinm for hiheafter di 'tdnet rn urmehon o. fridaye thf'sherifces offi says co ionditurns dfiing ayve ds of insearchveg han bee eatroucher ds...o ue ty heavsnowan e d thanavaldache . ngerth ere shifoff's sficethays ey etregrpe susg ndinsethe . archre tapresenfrtives om theer shofiff's chfice, s aplainand su bogar wl esreprtientat ves meaywith m'sfa esmily y. terdayin a enstatemart, sugth bowl d anke neeveryoel who h tped inhe
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le cht's weck inith me ogteorolffist jene martiz for a lofirst thok at hee weatr. orgood mjening, ff! atwe c bch aroreak fstm the ormy er patty n todathand ayursd with rt paudly clos y skied aninhighs ow the l w 50sith li vaght inlley wr ds. ounextst veorm moris in fmoday g rninin e thrasierh witcochain ntrols alikely fll daythriday ugroh rd satuniay morisng. thte sysm ve mot s ouunby sthday wiy mostl scloudyndkies ar cooles highin th
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ne thw misnior. ch ok this.yut..e ou'rlenow ab ak to t ae uberyfnd l at tond t fromo-he renaitahoe un..l ride-are mp
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pa off rsssenge. e tht airporlyrecenthe finisd an op g eratin tpermitloo alw iecompan us liketober k picuppa gessens rs awell. r forisecueaty r..sonse . thnew po lslicy airo reque-es rid sharers caha to veam the skie tracng no techs logy athtaxis s at let rpthe aiowort knen, whse thove ahicleshire witosn cl te tohe orairpt. th-ue picktip locaon for haride-sicre veh jles isust ofnorth ge bagga.. claim. near sethe bushs and . uttles no regr is agowing ndain, a new i renoins grown,g agaiew and n g housinpmdeveloreents ae on thmi vends de wlopers lho arengooki b to. uild soky sisivn is l ve in werdiith ta de ails onou new hsing ivsubdthision bat haseen pr apy oved bnothe re city un cod cil anr anothes that i begoing hefore t cunity cocil nitot.ghoo gmod rn. ing ky orgood mohning jann and di. we re're herd in ve oi just tffhebo eomtownarxit nela cabels dewhere r velopeowchip bislby
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d ndres.homewe w spokem,ith hien residts, d anl a locaolhydrt ogisinto fd whout esat rtsidenan cec expt to e se cin themooming nths. ke biar and cng passi er a chruished mmral coy unitinrt noevhern nisada it on tos way rg undemao a hojor bousing om. ch lbip bowe y- "therpropty you hisee becond me onsistsf 273 si reiadentl lots." e sincth2009, geis rugi d verdrr tearain neow boomtn n knowas ttehe morganson- larson pn s hawabeen athiting y e daitwo beuld ur tne hd tos.ousean w-d novl- de coperbohip wlbys hanabeen uusnimoly pr ap bovede y th crenoity co l unciuito b73ld 2id resalenti mehos.or a majrn conceer for vdi itcommunady lelyer caror bchard. bocarly - rchardt "mosofall the lo deve cpmentsthoming ourough r owarea nus and ji,t verd but no repe prorer, ast cluouer hsing lodevetspmen m whicheveans seralhu ndred
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zcountyg oninwewhich a arell on so fndd of ae why wlive ." here i verdntreside bs havevoeen cal y to cits leaderveand depelorsab thout coeir incernsngncludi fitrafchc--s--ools m andost pr t-ominen. -water d davisocarl hn is aydstrologi d ansuhas trveyeda'he ares r watenasustai. bility w heo ants tundouse ntcertailyth heat tco area uld ha not hendle tg "rlson-l severapuother mping s testhashow te t therissu ntfficie i watere n thfeaquar s tortuppo b theowoomtn ve deenlopmt." lbas bowary prepbres to eak ou grn nd oojhis pr ject inune,an r othelodevepmen dt justown adthe rogo is being hefore tty cinc couenil w tdesdayo ap 26prove s.9 homech borsaard ys pr e oactivinin makreg su lo deveispers l rten toenesidtsnc coeverns, oten negngiatie siz d ofmeevelops ntdoo wn ta sm r alleernumb. bo rdrchago- "it emt thfr down om
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mm co dercialtoown tinhe fal map i thatg s goino into ttythe ci, at thll is wewi more hethin t el rh hm ofy ow manme hos ldwe wouto like he see tseve det lopmen be." stthe wedo mearows po ject tbu 9 ild 26s homebois ailut a me om frre whear we t e righnow. th are heoning pr that isoject begoing hefore tci reno tyco touncil atnight . 6pm rr tomochow on l annews2 ne this in mornwig, we brll be yingingou suthe reoflts t thag.hearinli n ve i kverdi,ony siss, an chnenel 2 ws. mi cop ng uhaon c 2nnels newthis mo g.rnin..
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ureno s-s-lr occe. teaml we'l ow sh you sithe tix op..ons.we as s ll aho vw to wote,wehen e com. back 'r"youtce wa chingelhannew 2 ns mthisngornih withnjoot pter, andiev gud ara anolmeteorjeogist ff
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rn tu2 ing coour itmmunw.y one natidoal len mr firmoney so ddurce ao ed rentsto it lis "of the ctop 10foities t-r firs me tieb homs.uyer" thkeey loompd at et,loymen ssbusineit activquy and ofality fe like to ma l re and meno seeavd to ht e a loto r offeeswith tinla comowg to tn,th ae foodtund culnere sce andcr retieaeaon nalrby...orl facts utthat p roneno m theorap f a go laod pbuce to y hoa new me. an cj mdmthe, aatinistrevor nada inhousvig di"rsion: a eno's t greatoplace t live.'shere a oflot da afforusble hoes to oo fro's thereta lake hoe, shgreat , oppingloand a t ofjo eibs batng creed." torealayrs ser buye s aralso lseeing iimitedrynvento. they no say aw isd gooo time tbuy us becaree inteesst ratow are l. teand af tr morerehan the sa thou vnd fan ootesthver e pastfo thur mon rs, thes-eno u-l fr e anchisrrhas naheowed tfr e anchisowname dixn to sfi s.nalistri the ocoginal ntest be ckgan bapt in seofember last ye anar, sed focuatd on gheringbl
5:33 am
erccm' tea, s nameanlogos d co . lors p the tobmsix sus issionnoare re -cf-c, f r reno,lveno si, er f-cre itno cc,y f-en and r8.o 18-6 ch 2 annel tospoke en the rl o uspr t esidenr to heainhis opion onth e s. name ic erls ede- teinidpres"ient-t es repr vents a harying, istoryit tedefiniwsly sked towarthe pe eurot an, bu wthat'se hat th wpeoplevoho've heiced treop hainion d ve sai'vtheynte waed s tohtee rig." now fi the vonal btinghiegan ts mo anrning d ewilluand janry 31st niat midght.u yondcan fiin the l vk toote fo ter the e am namitby vising bsour wet-ite k-t-v-n-doancom d cl oickingbln the slue newinks on butt fithe ofeacial t wm nameill be le ren ased ibrmid febuuary. t amthe teo,'s logs colorand
5:34 am
un annoticed untel a la. r time l stilomto chae on c nnnel 2ews orthis m..ning. or metet ologisarjeff mwitinez ll yhaver ounppi 2ointec forast r aftethe
5:35 am
ou if ydo're eving hierythtng rig ndbut fiha it arderdend hartor y, get bou yno're ont ale. ouwhile ler peop worknglorser houow for leser wag, al amostewll nom ince go thes to p e to1%. n my plae -- maktrwall seet s bankthand are ultrich thpay faeir hair sf re os,taxe idprovvie liagng wes wofor g rkinlepeop, en esure pqualoray fen wom. m i' sbernie.anders ap i e prov mthis essagee becausertogeth, anwe ce makpo a calitilul revotion d antecreaec an yonomd ancrdemothacy orat works f all
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