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tv   CBS This Morning  CBS  January 20, 2016 7:00am-9:00am PST

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f chieto kick isis's ass. j >>ohn mnccai idsa, well, u' yore all>> be erniersand csnuontiesis h rg suaie aghinst y llartoclinn with a newol plho swing the tosenakir tangn a oheverwglmin le nad i newmphashire.>> aea ddlyac attk at a un siivernty ior nstthwe stpakian. e this paktaniit mil saryays the ckatta is over. l atstea fourme gunn were ki lled. > >>gothe orvern ofic mnhigas i ap izologfoing r tathe wrier csisin nt fli.>> theuc bkps stoit wh .me>> ds tenf oil mslion of icamercoans beuld lo wal bpedy afo f ot osnow or more. he >> t o crashn an icy iowaoa rd t hasaken ain lem froa cnampaig f linerom ben rscaon. e'>> hns azi amangou yng t >>ushe b o nwomee wer edkill, 18 reinjud. >> t whereereeo ppleay lingac fedo n wn ocothe tencre. >> theet val look soe'meons red ghlamborini outor f a joe.yrid am flest shoouhet t ckba.>>
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d irrofound rer seilna ws.liam >>ie jamox fxle puld a manm fro bu a grnin car. i >>t juswant to getou yr dr adess. >> d'ton tell .nobody>> o allhaf tt matters.>> ng growial clsow n toco boytt thear oscs a for lackf o di y.versit w >> that ishatin remding me off?oh ah, yeat, thha's wtt iis. it's aay p strip. n>> ocb "iss thni morng." ui>> qtoo ftinghe tl bilor f ethes nnsatioho w are rioil-ch.we yi're pa sng foromef o their sq isuirmhes.>> a issquirmh isha went happ s s whenlsquirre goo t war. >> nn ancouther: misngorni's ye "ene opesr" ise prentedy bto .yotale got's ce plas.> >>el wocome ts "cb thismo "rning. tdonald irumpw s nogrunnin for es prwiident amth a f filiarace at his .side
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nd caidate salarah pin esendor d him in .iowath e ni"morng post" qckuily bb dum ed thead"l ay tndhe p. trum" >> majortt garreas h remo. r, majomo good g.rnin or>> repooter: gind morng.ra sah lipan'sse endor tmentakes mo mre froru ted cnz tha i atdds d toonald deuz needin pal i n1220n whe an he r for the senate andld wou l haveo oved terhave hpo suprt w. notr haump yss alwa beenge bigr an th n,pali a rs atyeali tvta sr wand no as theil resient gop fr unontrner. >>o n moreyfpussngooti ndarou. >>ep r sorter:rihe b sngsome er eno gy thisss graros ot mp caaign iwan io and dveepris hi csstlose l,rivaed t ,cruz of patea rtyen smthusia. n paliotis n theic politalce for sh cee on was,n i partec bause th
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lp heed irenspi hasur mated and d moveon. atbut p'trums side she proved pa caofble ainmplifymeg so th .emes>> aoure ydy rea a forom cermand hiin chaef ttil wlo g kick 'sisis s?as ep>> rr:ortehe s cano alsp hel di s smismsclait thap trumis a on phy nscotiervave.>> mp trund a his umtrrspete, ey thno're ton catservive off. , oh mydn gooess acgr.ious at wh thek hecld wou the ta eshmblisknent aowbout co vansersmtivi. r >>teeporalr: pinor end csedruzfo trhe seenatn i 20.12bu stt la t'nighens evt hek too e th iblow ndestri. ar>> sahal pins i ntfac.asti th wiheout ier fripndsh andsu t,ppor w in'ouldt ben ithe se tnate.odayre legardfss ot wha sarahid deces o to din ,2016 iil w alslway inrema a big, big fan ofah sar pa>> or rep cter:alruz sode fend f oftt aksac fmrono ather pr
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>>e h isea hvilyin fceanyd b bigoi l. >>te reporonr: lg metipo suprter te d anbrstad. i >> nt isour seprisha tt the es istablt hmennis iul flan pic mode. ep>> r corter:isruz dmissed stbranpaad as thrt of lee probm. t >>hehi wasngtonar c ltelives on o livesnin makg deals. ep >> rorter: cruz retains risupergor oioanizatrenal stngth a in iowthand trat sength is ke liprly to oves a rtimpoant, lypossibim more t,portanha t ny anone rsendoement. a int momenf out o his "a icpprentste" pamp, trud tol s hi iowaordirect, youte betr wi n orou y're arlie?>> s, thank r.majo> >> rcaepublitrn st ategisrick da vis is with us.he oh was jn msccain'am cpaign na mainger 2008. sethe bnator aecameep rnublica e nomineosand che sarahal pin as hisni runng tema.ri isck davot is nhe attacd to
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>>ha w tt doeshiso d toal dond tr d ump anuzted cr? w >>eee've snso carn bebe numr one in waio, andow n slipo t nu mberth ree, maybe four.i think that extrat sorof 8 to 10 s% he'it sting ,on both trump uzand crat look thate lik aog dsa vali otingrve aoo gdea mty he ty wantt to geho teose pple ng comi o offf carson on to their ll baot. 's that why the focus on ev caangelils. ewhat w sawte yesetrday bween v theisits l toiberty iv un, ersitythe jerry lwfaell, cethe ning this h se aaidbout na dompld truth, to eah sar palin un annontcemes, wa al rea ta etrg eedtoffort ry tpe to sak to geevan.licalswi tathout thlking eta lk, h e'slk wathing e lkwa. i >>res the aow dnside to sarah li panor end singhim? n >>ot in .iowa er ev eywhere tlse inhe uncotry, le peop arecr schat tingheird heath oris m,ning what is he th nginki? th i heink ad's m be aett thaf i c heinan w waio,ha he s at sho at
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r >>ngunnihe t table?>> ni runheng t bltae. d >>u o yokthin that tenhis ds bupeing a cstonteedtl bate at e th cotinvenon? h>> itlonesdy spen a lot of l time aookingt theat deleges an isd who of sort poxtisioned ines thrie vaous atstes. arthere e e thresemajor tsgmen he of tli repubpacan rtyin battlg it outht rigw. no e' therous the stsidermeeg ntth eat havde land onal donumd trpd analare relypy hap with what th goey've t. athat's o thirdef th vote. e' therirs a thhed of t voteha tt mo are vement covansertives,y the sfitelquaryer in the withed t cr uz. heand t ny'reotoi gwhng anyeer ri w.ght no 'rthey le very toyalo heen there's tbl estat.ishmenth aat's tnotherhirdo tit a ltlebi t dhe t sy'repread over o fiver x si s so a tha tnscoesolidat, and it pr lyobabl wil toverirhe fst e threror fou states, you've gotth trree unains rowning dnhe t k.trac y if theuecontin to win at
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geo the t pointit wh onen perso h toenave oughel dateges to bee th e.nomine ot>> n aoo gd day fored tcr uz, e thorgovern ofow iaam ce out ns agait him,nd a thedl heaines ar eom dginatin witruh tmp and n. pali l>> youosery eve day and win ev y,ery da downe to th a was w big dinay forru tmp a and bige losay d for uzcr. >>t i c boulde movingow tards the tinominaon.>> th in eld o hescdule,wa that se thcase, t,righse becau nngothi d meis ti,he tre's a two-week pe f riod oigtime rerht aftth sou li carorena whes it' all tiproporonal ryd eve soneort of gets spreadt ouhothroug sut thendouth a so t.utheasd anhathen wppt ha ensis,ob nodyre inally ws or lo yses,tou jus llcoect tedelegas. isso it o antupporonity t resetth .e race he if tre ishi ts ggju, ernauti th u ink yolosee a pt ofeople ng sayi, wow,ia especnlly o the isestablsihment de,ha we veo t shave womeoneinda florihi wch t
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bine win trllake a e,stat and ey thin're gog toly ralro a undei ther aio rub or a cehristi or sh a bu and y,save we' goto t st op the trump vemoment.>> s it'er intngesti to watchev ngery sile rday,ick davis. ry>> evey. da t>> weouhank y forom cgin in y. toda>> e > thstlatey policn i new mp hae shirthfinds eoc demc ratipr y imarether is turning into nont coestl tal atall. sberniersandeds leail hlary cl ininton thatur syve reaeldse st yeerday. e tharprimy is threeks weeay w but thent vermoat senor is li traintng clion inat nional polls. y nancde cors iser coving nd saigers' be. surg m good.orning>> te repord r: goog.mornin 'sthat a sitrump-zed ,leadou y gh mit s mpaignolike t saydo they n't mupay ench atto tion t thepolls. ndbut sasers wa ctielebrang os there numbacs at eh of his ai campvegn esntio in wa st yedaerayy, sthing heat t y e prov rhe'scoeal dentenr. i >>uf yo runo intop pele, they y, sa i well, like whatni bere st orands f but ihi tnk hean c't
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eais r nllyot these ca.>> te reporr: theli cnton gncampai shotk baca in emstatent yisang, at"senor ersand ts isg ryinakto me aas ceon eablectyilited bas on an meesingls s.poll"an eyd thd sai srsande is gngaini ca beuseub repnlicaup grosre a ta g lkinhim up, tgweetinbo aut cahim beheuse tdy woulhe ratr n ru astgain himn thain agast in clton. d analactuedly tz crusadid y la st ghnit,e hwased ask autbo is that, thwo he puldrrefe to goup st againrs sanden thant clion us becahie he tnks aia soclist wo beuld as eoier t clouton, y 'llrecall, won in w neirhampshe in 2008,ut b she gwasn'toing a upgainst an op fponentromt nex doork bac then.nd sa fers isromgh neiboring ve t rmonand sthialoricly, norah, id candroates f bmngorderite stasmo alayst alw is winnew n shhampire.>> y thankou so much.>> ea> br kingnews, ar terro ta atn ck oera univnsity i ki pa.stanat st leape 20 aople penmen oirned f oende stunts an
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f zens opeople are unwoded.ll hoy wsilliam isol flowing ve deenlopmmts fro ulistanb, .turkeyll hoy,d goog.mornin ep>> rorter:d gooinmorng. outhe grp ofrm aed menrm stoed a bachnikhan uyversit adroun 9: .m30 aca. lol ti jme,uster aft as clses had guben,tt angacki ooassrms. osexpl wions here ceardgomin om fr the mpcaus. aak pniista marilitypo ssmkean ldtos uou f orf the manilitts we ilre kafled poter celind a ldsorsieov m vifrdeo heom t rmafte sathhows e thd dea w andedoundng beif er i el eud fe ierrtod he t hospalit. th egis rn ioofak ptaisasn h longbe en a haven for limis.tantth isac attkil w blringk bac me esmori ofn a altssaun o a olschoth in ame se aare in 1420 in hi wrlch neay 150 people were edkillst, moth of em eak pistanial tlaiban c imed sp rebionsiorlity f that acmassre.bu st it's utillnclear who is be
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>>ol hly wsilliam rngeportim fro ta is, nbulksthan. al heicth offialsn i this co trunary retieporewng nas ces a of mo-bsquitoorne virusd linketo births.defect m thisorninglo fridaas h three co d nfirmecasesth of e zika ilnois said yayesterd two napregomnt wesen tpoted vesiti er th e.xa teds anaw haii havewo t irconfcamed ses, idinclung a ba orby bnit wh ath bir ctdefe. elaineja quino is here with mo re. orgood mning. r >>r:eportemo good rning. theen corters fse diseatr conol an end prevavtion h iessued a travel alertni warng ptregnan me won to avoidom shee of t most pu pocalar vation stdeioinatns. he in tan h odfulf cfionedrm ca inses the u.s., those fe inracted touveled oftside the uncoy trdanes tdteiv positnce oe eythot g .home the zika vusirs ifo transrmedy b the aedes motosqui. bit's deenmieter wned comenan pa hess tus vir to their ba,bies us cabiing derth s.fectth e cdc's warning tore p gnant iswomen clear.if
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ct dondor a getes t ftednor a fe inction. tall ofheik za cases ien th s. u.ol invorve f e floridaic vtimsle traved to mbcolondia a 57veelnezua. twthe ego pr wnant iomenn li ilisnois venited cmetral arica d anthe bbcariean.a y bab wasor bnh witir bth ctdefes inaw haii afteris h mmotherade a trip to azbril. a and ex tas man wasia dgnosed te afr heur retned from el lv san ador iernovemb. >> the twoes caswe that have in isillinon are ind iuaividls who tr , aveled tand chename bkac and werenodiagecsed, bheause t mo tsquitorahat t insmitst is no t onet thae wav here hne i il , linoisiewe bel rve theisko t isillinoisans ir v tuallyzero. ep >> r torter:he cdc hasam ned 14 ri countesn i trierritoesn i n latica ameri t andheca n,ribbeain includueg prto ,ricoic mexo an d i.hait d anhe ty'redv agisinre ptgnan wo tomen id avora tvel erthe. az brils iim cla tinganhousfds o bi baaves hene beor bnh witra binju inries. alofficies ther arein urggom wen cwhoanai wot tol hdff o o nbe pcomingtregnan until the
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th less an 200 ,dayszi bral is hset toostli milons for the nere isoci vacne ando n ocoursetmf treaorent f thea zik virus. tia brish otbiechir f imsin tryg ig to fht theus vir by ge llneticayod mifying the sein.ct nk>> thas, neelai.>> > igmichan'ser govnors vow to do wvehaterke it tas to end in flt'ser watem y.ergenc yd sner agipoloanzed aid sd he ul wod rseelea his 2014 and 2015 e- s mailgshowinhe wen hne kw t abouthe lead coinntamation. rehundfds oro portestse wer ts ouide the atstseehou. ri addiana asaz hre mo.>> te repord r: goog.morninck rir snydeai sdo nonen ili fntwo
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far, nyearl ,04000as c oesf ea clnat werav h beeeniv gen out. th nat'sy earllla miboion s.ttle >>ersnyd's got to go! ep >> rorter:te prosstorsi outde mi igch'santa sustehonde eured lo beeew fr tzingraempes tureas th aley c fledheor t goorvern's atresignion tuesday ghnit. i >>or'm sndry a i wixill f it.>> or rep ter:deinsi,ic mnhiga rngoveicor rkde snyreg ban his dr adessit wh a redenewlo apogy tohe tpl peofe o t.flin >>ov genernmtai fdle u.yo de fe ral,e,stat andoc lal le eradys, bre bgakin thest tru yo acu pl iedn us. ep>> rr:orte hels a hoad a me fossage r thege ancies he said bucontri tted tohe 'scityat wer stdisaer. et>> lbe me fe perctlyle caro t ofall te sta rngovement. it in ss uation tlike this, hey stmu comeo t my desk me imeldiato y, nysdela,o n ex cuses,odperi. r >>r:eporter snydehesays t mi chiganar depoftment vi entaronmenitl qual aynd t he de feral ep daidn'tpe prorly dr adthess roe pblem of ad leta-conteminated waher wn
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t >>heer govnorn' didot dis h jo b.he ee's byin l angll along. r >>teeporefr: bore pstrote ing heat t atstseehou,s thiou cple sh oweds u t cheirdeorrod pepis.>> s it'os alm ltikee' wren ia th woird corld y.untr e we'v gotrs filtet tha don't . worki cadon't t re whasathey y, .people es thlte fiheers, ty doot n work. ep >> r gorter:rovernor snyde is th now gee tart ofev seralss cla ac lation ,wsuits the ltates d filedatuesys aim to stop flintfr llom aer watto shufoffs r op pele whoen hav p'taidhe tir bi ised piciatrianel hped id fyenti inflt'spi s lking eadle .vels>> he tre is no safe level of le n ad ia child. none. s it irr isieverble penott ur neinotox.>> or repter: it canse cau ar leisning dieabilit s and ar heg inloss.>> t iwasnt eirely kiese ds did nothing t wasn'fatheir thult tathe ty cian was btkrup and i at was st cout cting move. or>> repheter: t groverno is as
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8.5on milli in mtheayor meth witsi pre dentob stama yeerday. prthe es wident iill benet droitda tee whi s house hayse's n ot ct expeed top sto in inflt, gayle. >> riadana, ksthan. > >> sthetormt tharo bughtor me in ra anond s tweo tht wes is ma ikingayts wcr as oseth un cotry. aer small smystet lasig nht co dverehe twe midst, inp uo t 3 es inch of owsn.y icds roa c sausedeveralra cshes near kansas city. ie lonn quinn of our station bswc ckis trahaing wt coulde becom a te monserr wintst orm.t' le s getready, lonnie,d goomo rning. l>> i'l jumpht rig intot i then,ga yle. e thtmidwese is thry sto today, 1 to 3 inches ofno sw lepossib, swintertormni warndngs a ad rivisowees as ll. gicins i concern. a it'sllbo aut a stormha tt fhasn'tyeormed t.a opiecefne en rgy othees w t t coas isor fdecaste to drop down to the sstoutheand ae mak its pu o sh intersomewhero aundhe t mi ntd-atlaic by .friday dowhere itesing from ?here pushessh off orevi,rginia
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a citynd p mayushur fther .inland with all thea datha tavt we he wto dra ,from idt woul put the ll bu a's eyeround archlotte, vi ,rginiabe may 20s inche or fmoreomor se s.folkpo iatentr l fota foo of ,snow from tr nenton,ew rsjeey,ow dn to theimbaltshore/wa, ingtondc . area aas far'ss what o goingn ou tlinet ou west, at bou ofne ergy may de velop. ho offsre,th anoerre low pssure emsyst m will iakets way to the pa cificor nstthweom setimeay tod or to.morrow s let'acgo bo k tyou. >> ielonn ,th.anks we h'rengearim fro twof o amthe anericso pri fnersreed fr om anir."w ngashiton post"or repteras jon re nzaiapp adeare blyrieft a a sp ho iitalrmn geany. hesk aored fre ps viouin aivacy in a at stt,emenay singe hrneve edwant toom bece at parheof t y.storam
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te reporr: a howoure y fe g,elinrs you elf,ysphlyical? >>ig rowht n iee fl great.i shavecho murg ke i,said i f aeelveli forth rse fimet ti .d an thenea h aringboute somof mylo felw mesarinpo supgrtin me re allyav ge mehe t sgttren tho t pu uph witrf ove yourears of somey verfi difcultim test tha nd me aam my filyen wt mper fio tll ata miskeyof mlo felw nemarits ou e.ther
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be aea rl life un annohicer: trts poofion "cbs th oris mngnisp" soond re by am iceranad me w teatherr ech cats malo and for eaop wtetheromch.cay tod. rehundds. >>
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se w e ho ygoodl ou'lfeel th wi n theeiew wwaght rstche yo be snd therocale pgram! orjoin fre fe now an 1d loseun0 pon ds ous. t can'rdaffole to art hentburt gein w theay? tr xiy ne4hum 2r, no #1w the ng selli f brandfror ntequebu let comptete pro ctionhewith t l newreade in qu freheent urartbn.
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lo look cse,we r'rthe ms isinakg r suga cfreeelarams, siclasrdc ha andlideslciouewy chy. th atre aoo so smrith, cch andreamy u yot won'evbeli eeythsu're frgar ee. scdi woverererth's inorigugal srear fe. is tht is nofoa job ,r meth tis is, mhis is.y lifeis th f is g beinrta palp of heing ipeopleedn newh is amo i . in work bg atlerookdae for mt is no jjust a'sob, ite a lifmefor lo. i i i edformy manecconnwitions th rethe s.sident li feelamike i of part th mieir fa tly and phey're artinof me.if c youetan g t up inmohe g,rninow ya kn,
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i' ilm phke micprlson, ero golf. rimy psortatic a hritisuscaoied jn.nt pai l justmyike er modtoate ve seumre rhearatoid s.thriti i and wowas rriedt aboudajoint mage. dmytoocidr sajo inint para from ca an ben sigstof exiing dajoint mage cthat oouldgenly rst woe. sche preenribed brel p to hele relievpain heand p lp stor furthe.damage menbreleray low youritabiligy to fecht infs.tion se s,riouet som fimes,atal en evncts ingludiin iofecttuns, ulberc,osis ly mamphohe, otncr ca ners,uservosy astemlond bisod drsorde d anicallergio reacthans urve occred. llter youordoct ifu'yoeeve bmen soeplac e wheralfungin nsfectio c aren,ommo f or i pyou're troneino iofectvens, haor cuts es sor,ha hve hadisepatitve b, ha beentetreahed for ilart fae,ur i oru f yo phavesiert stenr,feveui brblsing, ngeedi p, oresalens. do stn't enart ibrelu f yo have iantinfecikon le e thflu. in joint pa d andagame... n caidgo sbye e. sid k asenhow anbrel cp helre jolieve inint pa heand tolp sinp jomat dage. en , brelnuthe omberne
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genow 10t f% of jo maplr apiances a $396e nd more'at lows. hi i', krm n istemiren.ngto nyhow maor calshies ouould y be ea ating? dayitwell, allpe de ynds onalour gonds... a esyour retting micabole. ratho inw to fwhd out t at tha animportert numb i is...n ni toheght's walthchat.
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7:28 am
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7:29 am
as lt week, thesi predent did ntan i oerviewnou ytube where e thst biggee debat was whold wouwi n in a beattl betweenic kendrkmi .llarre ermemb when amob ha,e wn as oa show aboutti getng carsnd a in gettg eecoff. thow is lhisike the pntreside inhe t h whiteetouse gting gi lenslatiod passehr tough both ho ousesf sscongre?wi th all thesev t anappearces, igo t s toayba omald cou be mi nofonated r an .emmy llhe reay d.coul not an oscar, of atr th y,oue havo t iben a mo d,vie an y also,e ou havto be wh ite.>> w i wasriondeheng wware he s
7:30 am
iswhere heng goih wit atth, s jame?cordon ho>> i tt ught iawas t oaken am ericancspoliti. as>> i w wngonderi who did he bchooseetweent tha lebatt. wai tntkno aow thetonswer at thio questn. >> lc> webaome o ck thi"cbs t s in morng." orthe oscars isns gaien atttion to george y.cloone> >>esairlin areg makin rdecor pr s ofitsoand manyme custors chand reape elfu, why are gepassenrsll stiac fing p ricehi dkes an ?feesth toat sry is d.ahea ttimeowo sh s youofome the inmornheg's neadlioms frun aro d gl the e.ob"t ashe wnghin to" post asays nrecordofumber rt airporo dnes as cr mhed inajorid accentsas lt year. ar 20 lgene dros wereoy destred uf or sferedle at ast2 $il mlion in e. damag ac the scidentde includen t re tapers,het mosdv adance erkill .dronesel
7:31 am
hee otacr ntcidesth s.e u. mitilary is onreaslyableabin certas he wa .killedon am g hisctviims, jalournist me jas podlyanet per sskaig. ig hhly sveensiti pr.ograms r someelated toca ameriron dne kestris. inthe cltonpa camsaign heys t ile-maser wen'tss cladifie w hen ey th weret sen or ivreceed. > >>thean s jose mercury news re aportsus bve drihtr mig have ll faen epasleor befere a gyhoundcr ash.e thipbus slped on itsid s oen tu y esdainkillg t e pngassesaers y theri dver ap edpearbe to di nodffng o
7:32 am
> >>il mialennls arein losg te in irestnve drir esservic. tlisteno this. in 1983,y nearl 92% of 20 to ea 24-y hr-oldseld a nslicee. thated plung to 82% by 2008 and ll feo tes lsha tn 80% in01 21 d anddroppeer anoth t phreesoint 20 in oplere a walking andg ridin or at wherevy it ma be. he >> w inne tur d16, i went to the dmv on my rtbi.hday 't didn you? dni coult't wai to ivdre!>> i !know >> ablysolute. dofreem. y>> didssou pa, lichare? >> yes. >> st fir unrod? d>> no m>> howmeany ti dsidt i take yo u? t >> i t onlyook me ictwe. a>> wastit the vime dringr o ac the tual stte? ar >> plalle g.parkin ea >> yh,ar pallelki parnglw aays s killme. i >>et'm bter now, ranoh. >> nowhe ty don'tre requi llpararkel pa aing inf lot o s. test >> good.>> e onct you gorin you car,ou y a did lot ofpa g?rkin
7:33 am
ge> geor ooclney. >> ha w yt did ousay? it wat wait wai !wait nd rewi.i eknow w got to go! i know weot g to go. >> li chare. >> ak you tte tha ba,ckrl cha iero se! a i did lot of inparkg?wh at do you mean?i' oum seris. wh yoat do u ?mean>> nt i meat i gave youed freom o to gsowhmeitere whom soueone yca oured ab bt ande onr you th's what i mean. >> !ohrk paing! i likehin watcng a movie?th wat isishere h mdin is. >> am iig rht or wrong? >> yeou'r wrong. >> okay. ti wen to erfost's and got a bu rger. y >>oua were late r.starte >> is.wa >>as i w prioecocus. >> don't ojprect! . okay>> 's letk talut abo llhoywood. ge georlo coney isng amo the ll hofiywood gures cziriticing th ede aca pmyreictuf o arts and se centend s anngsayiis it e tim th
7:34 am
rsdive aityinnd havg every nactingioominatton go white of ll hosywood' bixggest nights, but th eley bie ive at'sn stinduidry-wobe pr lem.>> thein nomees r >>teepor tr: ashe outcryr ove th is arye'sar osc natominions co uentincts, aeoor grgelo c oney heis tes lat vt to hoiceis fr atustrion. at wh h thewoollyodn ico is ngwideni the blamend acc ainusg e th ientireyndustrf oov ming ine thdiwrong n.rectio in ata stement to ie"varty" cl saooney onys i dnk't thi it's pr a ofoblem whoou y're ckpiing, m as iuch asowt is h many ti ope ons arlaavaitoble mi esnoriti in ,film plaarticurlyin ty qualilm fis.we
7:35 am
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7:36 am
ep>> rr:orteer othncs ingludi tr ac jessaadke pinmitt-sth and lpikereee aco boygttinex nt nt mohs's awardw shoo tw sho rthei fratustr ion. t >> phesestroteavs hene be ongoing for dedecas. at wh h i'minopgre the ise mor co acbiunta. lity r >>teeporutr: bm filul mog and to acodr pr tuceryler perryay ss tr aransp iencyhes t swaner. >>f i the emacady,hi all ts d woulygo awaf ihe tey ar -- te vo. ouif yk loo mat a lovieike st htraigou attot ves we nt. ep >> rorter: ounywenga nt to so
7:37 am
am thelo folwingnd a s er conv, sationgeorge le tyrrr pey hadet somhing re intetosting say. ar oscni winng actor jamie sfoxx iei recvingis pra tehis inmornthg wiis for hio actns offsc reen. el he hllped puan a m from his rnbug inuctr ok outsideisf h nhome ide hidn ,valley li ca.fornias hiquick onacti,he ty y,sa dsave theve drir's aes's feli. i >>'t donk loot at i as ichero. ju i oost l ik att a keliu , yokn thsome ing.>> or rep ater:ctorie jamx fox acembredhe the fatrf o mthean
7:38 am
dar mony t.nigh i >> t's.good goyou od? e >> h dtidn' have to do ath ing. d, an k youiknow, lide i sa ieearl ir,nk thi we all hope we ul co sd dohiometnng whe timhe te he is tre. quthe iestions do we? e do w act or do wer feaur o own s? live d anhe ep >> r porter:eolic say 32 ol-year-d etbrkyt wle as sp ngeedi d andngrivier und the in e fluencenwh s heedwervff o th tc dih. s hi carpp flied salevers, time bu tirs ingnto flesam r,htig in on fr t ofx'fos esc oar wnginnict aorea hrd th ase crndh aou f kndylepp traed in haris c. >>od gas hou yr son ande ware go owod n and the frseaha tt he s, haou yw, knos thi-is -s it' a atjoy thl it al oworkedut the ri ght way. ep>> rr:orte the 911al cl ca urpt sed the ocene wfhat was ay pling outut o osidef fox x's me ho.
7:39 am
foxxand, geto,therhe tyle puld e thti vicmut of oeth caref boreit f was ullyguenlfed in .flames>> s ami'et gngtiim h out, i id sa youe hav to help me getou you t. hayou ngve aelsro aund u.yo w aslle puimed h out, five ndsecolas ter,he tru tck goes up .>> or rep ter:kyle's fheat r tc wasuhed llrveiance fgeoota of th sce rendue aot niced how op perole dasve ptis h n'sos wr eck.he thanks fox forin havg the ur cotoage e sav his n'sos . life>> do it t esn'ermattme to , at wheverhe ty do a for li,ving st ju the idea s thatyomebod did ithatso s muche mor tnha that i co omeinn p pop.op hay ppaybirthd. sti ju a had arheckt atta... an nod i w veha c aichoe. hefor r. r fo.them
7:40 am
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7:41 am
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7:42 am
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7:43 am
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7:44 am
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7:45 am
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7:46 am
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7:47 am
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7:48 am
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7:49 am
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7:50 am
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7:51 am
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7:52 am
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7:53 am
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7:54 am
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7:56 am
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7:57 am
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7:58 am
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7:59 am
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8:00 am
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8:01 am
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8:02 am
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8:03 am
tho w'l youl anbe, d annt aidote t toheol clege asidmisons mania. asthis han been issue aha tt u yove ett wrienut abo fobere? >> the report't cannd comma ge chan,he but tor rep st isignedf of on, edndorse byo s myan le peopit, but ar clendly iicates asidere and anen intotion t do th ingserdiffy.entlu' yongre goiee to s the ss admiroions peccess bome less toslave the aresi ses sono far.u' yongre goi to seeot a l of sschoolay sing s.t.a.s and t. a.c. sonoptial. t whathey'rein tryg too ds iet gki ds awaym fron a crinedibly ti dulfuip scrt fwiollongg durin gh hioo schd l anejudg them by e theyway tht commi tohe tir ss pa. ions t >>s hiis ay realleagood dl,
8:04 am
end to that manice resum in packg.ey thy'll patt aentiono tth oer gs thinwh like at, frank? >> pay aonttenti tohi tngse lik ci vic geengament. o onef theng thi tshisor rept igoes antotat gregt len thhat i k thinrywas ve teing,restint' is in tell agondmissisic off terso op stei bngss impreed by thee nam of c ahae ritablniorga.zation s let'ig fureut ot wha that it charory wk wasui genne and ar heltt fead inste of just ngchecki off a r>> thetepordd aresses the co ecnnettion bweende acamic repressu andta meneal hlth is sues andt is sayan mdly mide andupperom ince mmcos,unitie te ras of esdeprsion, uedelinqncies,ub scestan abuse andre dep tssionendo tbe id cons erably,higher whys i at th? b>>ecidause kls fee thaty the ohave tro appachdm aonissisn i amo
8:05 am
'rthey geettingha ttge messa eiand th rrepants. 's it o motthanly wtt thae w see th ghose hiat resf ol menta sillnes o if kidsnsc high ,hool bu yt ever cgeolle isor repting co rerdbe numrs ofde stunts co ngmi t intohaten mtallt heah ce offis in egcolles. >> and that's not leavingin behd hakids t'tt don havehe t iv prthilege omat side ksha ve.>> we'rein livg in ary count y withawning- - 'swhatur o part s inlociail mobitynd a how do we dyreme that? th one en y'rousee ngeiid ks st ngeppi awaym fro sditandarzed st telys famikg bacdroun t andhe in ocomeurf yo mifaly. tsohey'reg tryin stoayha wt
8:06 am
iapotentl and j notust iv prilege. ma>> so kiybe a tdhatas ho t ay st home and help theam fily ors ha ati part- bme job hecausee ha s to help theil famynd a not beng eaged in civil service. o>> sow h ricealist is this, k, fran that younk thi that this ll will actuaeny happ? on>> i d't t whinke're t goingo e seanhe overwlmingea sng cha e in oaned megsscy cle. y ifkou loo athe t t ohubf tpeoplehatig sned off on th is,if oo you lk athe tew ns nf co, erencee someonfrom yale ewill bre theme, so from i.m.t.,i othinkver thet nexiv fers yea'l we bl seeig anchges. y >>ouo alsng bribo aut a 1420 eysurv of 10 m,000iddlend ah hig olschode stubonts autt whahe t y t thoughwas animportt. dwhatidy thefind? he>> tut ahor ofhe trc reseah as
8:07 am
animportt,ar cingor fer othors ev achiement. re you'up stoposed sayom sething gh hid -minde so ifreyou' inadmittfg of thebat, ion d't bocare aut heotrs, i couare abt h myneappi ass andmechievent. >> doest i have agnythin t doo wi bath ndckgrou? >> i don'tw kno ify theke brot i hadown tayt w.t buwhatre they'sk aing i tnhis ponew res rt ihato wntt exte hedoes tle colgedm asission es procg s brin tabouthoseue vals andxa ee cerbatobthe prndlem a to the f oocusdin inalvidu emachievent arend whe do iat re ias anuandividl in etsociy.>> ce> vide presi jnt boeenid st lois h son beauo tce canr a nd he now 's ldieaheng t msiison to me
8:08 am
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8:09 am
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8:10 am
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8:11 am
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8:12 am
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8:13 am
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8:14 am
es the mewon. ep >> rorheter: w snheta srted th coe y mpaneafive y hrs ago erdi ooning rs m wathe y'compans wa usrehoe. re we you rvneous? ini thmek sopl peoeig m shtay a fo rermal dss is one g.thin ayeveryd cinlothizg a little -- ew. >> ol absy.utelth oat wasigur bgestco n.ncerwh a ole issue of will peeopl clrent hiotng? y wheneou takk a looepand st ba ndck a say nnairbs i renting yo ur cayou gen't tmo no re a iatntime acplthe an renting a rastnger's d be or sinleepg in a stngraer's be d. t >> shehacoring eegnomy ban as th someeing thle milnnials did, 'sbut itll actuay a bigt parf o onthe ecigomy rht ep>> rr:orteon jas isto edir a tla atrge ir w aednds say te lochnogy isri dving craultul ch . ange>> ar we eie se bng ahiig sft eebetwyin buomng sngethie onc topa aying sriubscnptioee f to ssacceho a wle corategy of th .ings
8:15 am
n,grow kenrist hasel dev hopeder mowndsetho for qtyuali control an atd thlu incdes wngashind a yi drng andss preingh eac garment spand inngecti itt a tleasthreeme tires befo it's ckpa.aged>> what wee ar lngooki for any kind of edfeback, lehos, psri, s,snagng thikes lit, tha yt an thingdihat gdn't oetn ut ith eae clning prs.oces y everlesingme garasnt h gone ro th augh,us yo can see. >> c youmean stll i too. he>> tth clohaing os te comn i is prneti ctiondiikon lnee w. >> or repr:tee wntwa ted totes sthato weet s up an antccou and nd ra oomlyedrderom se heclots. eyth aedrrivki loongnd a sm f >> ireyou' ntre ying,ou only ssaccewh it ouen yd neet i and en thry eveelone cse aanesccs it elas wl. u' yore sngplittihe tos ct idamst ofa lot re diffent ercustomos, s lin awaot of t'ys, is a lot mo re fief cient. t >> i yhink'voue got anir ente ge tinerapeon of gople urowingp no wha tt arell a aboutrt smaer ut
8:16 am
myla dolrch stretrd forwa for riexpes encer and fohiless tngs. r >>r:eportes she iinpushrg fo ip sh mpingore s.boxe e wheroudo yt wano it tbe?>> wa we tnt i to be a place wh ere ingmagini otir rotang wa rdrobes iy the wa people ra inteitct wh hiclotng. r >>teeporr: theos mt ipprescr ptionlanha c $rges70 a nt mo rh toentee thrte imsa at . timewi heth tse sts,art-uphe tyre a st lio en t wgohatsu conmers .want olthey td i meadn dition to yi busng plue sizes cloth they ve hair the d ownresigne and gaps t inlehe colpection ayople sing w wehaant t atnd't canin fd it, wtheysiill de fgn itor . them f >> ihe ty love it, canhe ty y? bu y >> thehahave tt onopti. vit'sery wellho tught t.ou h >>utow aboak ming it new when ivit arrn es i thebox? is>> it di incre hbleucow mh ndtime ay energhe ty spend on th ndat ahe why st didn'owant t ts oue ourclethe c aaningnd hcreateer own etpropriary. i >>e lovng lookith at eli earerpi hcturesow shert staed to i ke her.
8:17 am
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8:18 am
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8:19 am
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8:20 am
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8:21 am
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8:22 am
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8:23 am
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8:24 am
> >>lcwee ombacko t "thcbs is mo g.rnin"co uming tp in hhisalf urho,ur o dr. david agus m wetithic ve pr idestenid ben inwi sndtzerla to re explo thehi wte house's leso-calond mo shot toat btle ercanc.he an is st bding ty toabalk out th e nerewed the he is!>> alsopo s wrtsriters i inur o ee gr.n room his new nelov eloxpresac impt on lya fami and the new isssuehe t isnfl fa .cing that is eaahd. me tish to ouow ye somheof t rn mos ing'liheadfrnes room aund th obe gle. > >>anlos s gelestime rtsepor onto xins igan aleha tt mayse cau ch s ange bin therainim soilar t mealzheir's.
8:25 am
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8:26 am
as clm srooedand ioucatnit addion t of wheorldld buiingam ge is ba osedn asi veron tedweak by ac te ahershend tey ar te ininrestgtu ssdent in stem ce anll language d many other bj su.ects w itouas b fghtor $2.5 bonilli an ved ulry popar wthith e kids. > >> w"thengashipoton st" po reonrts the mmmost coon pa s ssword20for 15.e thpast twoar yes,he t tseop e th .list hethe otmor comnly usedor passwdcl inuding dntifferebe numr qu seceens quspltbus foolal and ba aseballnd tyqwer. y ifours isn ohe t list, it's ti me toanchge. c>>ithange toeb basall 1! bafoot!ll 1 er the you go. > >>nme,he tti brish gama,zine tsaysdahat bvidow onnyt sho do vewn or aeq ruest byhe t band plcoldoay tla coltebora on a . songco 'sldplayer drummd tol a br maitish ac rethed ou to bowie bseecau
8:27 am
type techaracr.>> nk i thi chris said and he b came aacknd said,ot n ay ver goodngso i,s ?it . okayso wa he sy ver dingscerni.he ld wout n't puamhis neo t nganythi g so iive c himredit r fothat. t >>sahey yid the were all ibincredadly sy bav did bowie's h deateand thld wora lost camusil rohe. v >>price enesidet jo biden wentto tz swinderla toen attd the wo ecrld iconomum for in sdabo styeerday. >> oa our gakl is me andv aance e in fiv iyears,nsteadf o ten kn it. re >> p osidentbama putid ben in ch oargehaf wt heal cmiled nssio
8:28 am
e thn uniobielieve now t abou then moo ,shotin havg talked to theic ve idpresent. o >> she wn ial initilyrd hea it p fromderesint obama, i was wh someat tiskepcal. kn you erow, thote is nng goie b wasn aot allment ofla dolrs for th ndis an whe biden spoke, he id sas thing thate wer as reonleab. t weabalked haout wt were the bigbs oestacllo bckingsa kans ci ty --ca.ncer s heisaid th isn't a yeone-ar ec projt for m.hith hiis is sts poe vicenpresidcypr toductthe res of his lifend a fcamemroer a plsonae sid which i t.respec ot>> a lop of pele had a pe srsonaln tory ionadditi to jo n e bidean pd manyoneople thepa um iannderst ldost ail famy mb meo er tca.ncerwa iss th a anmegreen nt othe ne paidl, dav ? a >> tmazing.o me hayou dd aseiver l.panead
8:29 am
kesloan-gtterin ander seval ot lher cargeutonstitndions a we id sa what the bigmp it edimenwe imcan praesn cas addresaland fl o us said ng makiwi data heth te samterms.u yocall it ake bron leg and i t call iara fedctur leg.we av h ge toetet btter a sngharita thmeasing pl simse a i thats ha reacble. dabig gta isooing t gives u the er answs. weaw sus jthi tsr, yean a inamazudg st iy thatouf yad h ov iaarn cancer and on one pa arrticul p blooderessur
8:30 am
tat isiphe tf otheho y,pefullel mysutf b ifot n me for m cynhildre and an grredchild hn andere isy m da ta. ou >> w eld the affortstgain hcancerappen qeruick if the fe goderal ntvernme m spentore money? >> i'mot nur set' is a money asissue a craollabotion e.issuri w,ght no's thereny so ma endifferfot efcrrt ae oss thco untry. he one ere, onre he,ne o w ifle alrt staedwo to rk to wgethera ith erlead , i iin threk we aoi g tngoe mak st ngaggeriss hi i t bnkteiden spping ,up in ea a rllyng amazi iofashn, and ng sayis thiis myas psion for n theext cade tde,his ist wha i careabout. lo i st my son to thisri horble
8:31 am
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8:32 am
heth is idat veo. 'r>> youake speing aiplnly, ig strarwhtfoy,ardl that er evybody canst underandct exalywh 'sy itor impntant ihe t pl exames you've given. >>,so d,davig cominut o of -- a go. head >> k you inow,t's p agerivile to h beere.en whav you h teheic vese prtiden of he tni uatted stomes c tingo a rl wod forum anday singan crce is se a dithase asat hfe sufotred, nju thst in ede units state but nd arou w the aorldarnd we e g goineto tak ade learsphiol re e toease thri suffe tng andoe b t ableno be ot tha panelas w tr yuly,w,ou knoci speoal t med anki thinci speal tove edyryboth ere. nk>> thau, yo vidad. v>> theesice prtidenin comg and ygivingou a ousht-out, david, s that i prettynice.we o od tu.see yo oo >> gde to se you, dr. david nagus i dabos, swrlitzeand.>>
8:33 am
that aongevera t, it takes hreendhuamred aneric srkwofoing a r d soliarye,
8:34 am
it le's cald wathe apge g. th and ble repuwiicans akll mite rswobye lerowg inxetafos r osth te atophe t l andngetti rpcoatornsiori wte ei thrur own les. ll hiinary clllton wik worto thclose ge wageap. eql uay par fomewoton ai rse meincor s fomifa,lies a erhighim minagum we, lo xewer taths for lee middas cls. ll she' t getobhe jfo done .r us
8:35 am
> >>we lost two of them s.gamei' yim tro ng te get on owithf .themtr wy toalk ofut oe her 3.1- th ilis wl be myrd thie gam .here>> nd one a two?>> no you ktw wha i mean. o, >> n i t!don' >> no,wait. ayyou pl ged twondames a you add one,t tha--means >>
8:36 am
yeah. y butaiou sd 1-3. f >> iwe win! o >>ner fou rethe? t'>> tha is whatnt mea. sc>> uby, ba! t >>muhey est b ryealld goo fr iends! thats ie kylow lery oef th to orontap rtors ggivin his am te hmate aard .lesson op he hes tove impro his games ed play l indoonnut b his ,math ai he sasd it w b affit o. >> for manore thar 40 yesik me pi lu cca hasovered will e veryor spt andho autred2 2sports th emeno k fwledgeor young ad ults.he ol sd f miveillionie cop osf okhis bo oip thera ext "yard is ne his ovwest nelbo aut a enighth adgrboe dey who thals wi le chaln nges of and offithe ie bookubs pedlishy b a si divicbon of s. t greae to havheyou re.
8:37 am
ll>> reay?>> ve we hahe t plfsayof. y >>eah. w >>vee hato peyinn manng and m toy.brad itbreak down. f>> thehiunny tngs i youay alws bohear adyut bras versu inmanng. wa i alysho tbought aut it as ma venning ilrsus bl reey aua not ginrdchg ea other no and tn iwthe lot posn i etbask.ballin reteinstatg to wtoch peyn play dnow an to go tono ather orspt, ik is lome syebodho w is gareat fa pstball iitcherebn basndall aw nongthrowiel mons and al cantoupe.he ly clear t can'thehrow t ball he and isti getng byn o ae onlygedvantaha they ve on , sundayk,i thinha is tt the s game iinr denvens itead of fo ghxborouxb fo. orough a>> howhebout tenir defse? b >> droncosseefen , ievbelie, s hahebeen t most fblormidane i e ththsport yeawe aw st whaenhapped when brock os wweileras thert quaerback ag t ainstheat priotsef bore and enthe dvernc broenos defse beat br ady.'s it t hardo dot tha twice i n sa the me . year ou >> y'redi pregctin the tr
8:38 am
>> i do. oronly fn my owd twiste be tusehe psatriote mak ybeversoody y,crazsi outde of, li ke, a atsix-stree aan iew n an engld. t soheyre a aslway beinged accus om of sngethi i and j lustove thefa tct tha ites mak most of the co thuntry is sspa. ionate ou>> yrwi t astedntmuseme is fun to watch.yo esur latmnt colu about the nfl t coinndoss ae you'r not a fan ca beuse? a >>li bilolon dlar stindury, e thesbigge t w ehaveverad h in or spn ts ithis coy,untren oft docomes awn to flif p othe in co.yo mu telleth anoer place in ts spor - t- thenn'hey doa t use crealoin!>> ue the q wstionerheths it' ip fl nped or aotse whadhi ts pastenweekd. >>ll ano i k tw isyohat u can ma cke aaset tha aaronod rgers t mighhebe tt besye plarn i bafootll. o tws year in a brow,seecau of aco in flip,e her nevs geto t uc toeh thl bal in tiover.meth s at ia nebode-head emsyst. r >>.ightwh ldat wou you acreplte ith wi?>> in thear regul asseon, ar
8:39 am
t keepinhe love mgin to vitelesion.ay pl t untilehe gam is sorelved. nlcertaiyla pyn axt era whhee do ty have to be? e.nowher l >>alet's tkut abo your new book e"thextrard ya." oo>> lk at theed dnicatio to ur yot. agen >> t agente o thsstar and me.>> t' is about a enighth ergrad, dd tey. rewhat a somef othe rlundeying em thn es ithis book? >>norah, i goto inthi tors wld us becayee one ar ioo tk af ll o ki the gds who cotut in myn tow d antestaread a t omfy mwn ond a hegave tm aha cnce toiv ge .backi kdidn'twhnow wat ias g.doin myif we now saysn i trre,ospect ho ney, young writie insidf othemi a nd of r-12-yeaemold sekes lipr ucetty merh a pfifect t! ybut ifou s rtartngeadi my , book kyou inow'm t goingo ask nmy mai cctharaer to overcome thsomeing.te tddy inbohis hokwnas gro up ouwitht aat fher e becausof a e divorcs and hierfathes liv on th r e othef side o theuncotry.u yothwould wink he bould e edthrillhi when hes fatr comes ck
8:40 am
t's nothat th b is aookt tha kind of tipse thwhole erfath/son andpo s rts thing.>> oa you cllched a of your kids? t>> i nriedot to screw them up bu mt letle telou y ths e bookriare wntten iha tt ir spit. s there'tinot a me, noh,ran whe go i by aie fldr o a gymhe wre iac codhed anld wou gn'tive up a io zillarn dollavs to h me oneore nfridayightr our satday af ooternckn ba. ho >> we is thud aeienc forr you s?book h, >> ota it snrts idl mide e. gradwe fr go keom, li, 8 to grd the theat iinges onc i ge ,t them they stayh wit me.wa i ins tellgag ylore befe the t show,odayl i'le but o i icpubl now and i'll see syomebodwh noo i k aw is mndom ain comg rdtowa.s me ti knowe hey aroinot gng to wa tnt toalkbo aut my dopey ws ner pape ocolumnr tv. a they gre areoingo tel tl me a hostory otw i gir theid ks t owa nt toread.en thwi they y,ll sa y pouyrobabl t gedtire ofri heangt. thai , saidnot at all! ik >> mte, wha is sooo gdbo a ut bo the ok in thisar platicur ok
8:41 am
eachother. ne you eever s t boysalkingo t theach outer abo theirem probls d anhe tir i atink thn is aor imp tantme tossage t sendong you ysbo. >> iav hehr tonee snds ay the re we like i ouan, rr dinnele tab was, u yo, knowmesometised soundik le un a co ouople w tld sayshe kid in yo oour bouk sndal re. thi eyink th t oughtose becau itme caf out ockthe ba o seatfy m o car,urr dinne bltae, de sis,line l androocker oms. o >> dntyou wa k your tidslao pyfo ?otball i>> manyo tell ,u what archlie.wo i veuld hahi to tnkon lg and hard about .thatrt foy,unatel s myons were all stpacifis and hisrm unifo n ever gotir dty andy m wife never had h to wasit. b>>ottom line,av you he re atserv?ions w >>gnith coeitivfi difscultie ofexye-plahors, anw cou y not?>> thanku,yo mike. ho >> seuld wti men tonheoo b k moone mere ti? >> yes!>> ca it's lled he"t eraxt rdya" an
8:42 am
s> hepentea nrly 12 hours nsuncos cioufrand ozen isnn a ow nk xt,ha ttar remekablec ryover at thow allheed tol clegent stude
8:43 am
serefu gd toe ivn up ohim! i andincrereble rycovet las br feoruary f this nn pe statetu sdentt los cocinssnous esteafr infall ig an ow sn bank in bzsuero mp teurerates. dahis dnd fou him nrlea2y 1 s hourr.late e >> hyiwas laeng facli up ke th is. as he wfe edheck a forrt hea beat and pu anlse d innothg. >> theer coronas w doing a death stinveioigatn. m >>aledicm teafo per rmedcpr tw uro ho as hnddookeim h up to a
8:44 am
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