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tv   CBS Evening News With Scott Pelley  CBS  January 20, 2016 6:00pm-6:30pm PST

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noop slsw leve t closeo the el >> pisley: minery hi tetroit sachers mtage aassive lk wa aout,eand lond poising in t.flinwe e havgothe .vernor is w then ater isaflint feto day?an e d thidprest:en>> t thaldshouhan't ppenan reywhe. el>> p aley:tolso t,nighs thi heweatstr syhrem tnseatetu to rn toin m astontoer s.rm li paumn storps fmp tru. is>> he ct perfeosly pneitiod to ke mari amereca ggaat ain. el>> ptoley: skecks tae a divin cean of an op cheaoil. tand,evhe r aiewsn re iamon jie tfoxx's aurn asli real-o.fe her>> de the i sa that womeoneould t dot hao is sormuch m ie thann ca.fathom iocapt sningorponsy ed bcbs s this ie th e"cbsngvenis" new th wi p scottelley.>> y: pelles thiuris orn westeed ition.a otalecrf two iiseson tw ig michiean citd s crierout fo
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t e thrngove aoredskhe tsi predentto re declaas a dis fter inlint, whe eradleas hon cmitatenathd e wa trd des oit'icpubloo schls oscl tedayodwh, tencheaserst saged at ick-outeto prostwh heat ty y sadaare oungers bu fimat, ollr via afrancin oidetrt. ep>> rr:ortedr hunofeds ro detit acte whers chod alleicin skto wday,inere d steaesprottingou e tsidheof tro detutit aowo shwh prere enesidamt obs a waa t.gues i >>e havakto tste a and. r >>teeporonr: mtyica son ac teelhes taemenndry aio jun rgh hide stunts. m >>ndy miisset ay alw bs toe e therthfor ile ch, drenakto me re suy the thaveeshe bt ateducpoion lessibt , buheat t tsame wime,vee haal to taso sndup t for rheirs,ightau becseth 'tey can f speakheor tvemsels. ep>> rr:orte p theedlannk- sic afout edfectrl nea,0y 4500st tsuden s anddohut 1%wn 9 ofde t troiicpubloo schls. ta>> sp!nd u>> b fightack! ep>> rr:ortech teaarers see uptab reout pcenttsaycu w andhat
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itcond aionseit tholr schos. es thote phhoos sstw jue somof th pre leob--msea hlyviag damed inceilndgs afs roogg, mainots e thto milets,shice roaring oms s withs.tudentan ned at o, pointommushros weregr g owindeinsi c aomlassro. ne nir--yeajuold mulia srrayays rnthe fuatace ch her sool is enbrok. ne>> oe, tim t ourereachs weallo td usaro we c our,oats shbut sne waup't sd,posebu to tsh d e diayanywau bechese s wasco erld h.self ep>> rr:orteau bechese t st di irict50s $5li miln on ithe sred,lschoo n areunow ra by at stpoe-apd integeemerncyma r.nage n in arvintewiiew bsth c news wlast deek,llarnele earidy sasi utck-oens arhe't tht rigap chproa.>> f therarust ltions evelare gh hie, her a bute t thofend the weday ll stie havocto fus atwh i'se n thstbent ieseroft th .e kids r >>teeporetr: dchroit soolmi adtonistra ars areasking dg jur e foora tempjuary innction ai agthnst cke si b-outs,ut, ot sccht, teaspers i thoke wito idday saar they nie planng p morestrotes. p >> oelley:llmar viafranca,
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ic in mtohigan reday, pntside saobama woid he buld beesidems hithelf wi, worryweif he re a iparentt n flinthwhere e city r wateonis cnatamiwited eath ld. a inten inw rviethfor iswe d'ekenuns "smoday g"rnin og pr hram,oke spthe wi lee n.cowa t >> whaxpis inee licablandex ine cusablonis, eoce pple d figurethout heat t are was leproberm thd e ane therlewas ad t inathe wther, tie nohaon ttme imeldiatliy famieres wen'tfano edtifiin, thengs werhu't stdo atwn, thdn shoulpe't hapn o 's alsndan iioicatn of me sowetimes np dowthlay lee ro n that aiveffectvee gontrnme hasto la p py inctrotething ice publhe aalthafnd sofety pl peoe. leand, ctharly, eme syst hereok br.e down p >> telley:brhat oweakdsn mean lithat f00nt's 1 r,000enesidts ca unnothese tapir ter wat. e thntsileso poi bning iegann14
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edswitchro fdem oitrs t'tewar toth ine flvet rir. e thcoriver trrodedeshe pip, asrelee ing le c can bauseamrain dage, ci espen ally htst niggo, the vernorap edologiz, riand adazana di hase th.latest d >>ouid y a geter watr? teste y>>i es, ahavee. bottl ep>> rr:ortes thibbis aey rr cae'adinw s nealnorm--wo rrboying aerut heday, sed bottl w tap fateror tleadngesti. stthe waate deter mepartaynt ss mashe t y no tknow rhees fults orek wes.>> ry eveng morniak i we up, - i'm-e we'v gbeen doingreiffent esplacin takowg sh aers,hind ts o isifur late thli we veve ery y. da d, ans it' bjusttueen rnedup dsideown. ap ( seplau ) ep>> rr:ortela at igst nht'sst ofate s the atatessddre, rngoveicor rydk snooer tk sp rebionsi.lity>> m i ay,sorr i andl wilfix it. or>> rep ater:e nd hdthanke privtiate ciorzens fve discoring ngthe dat er thanhis owde pa ortmentrof envilnmenta y qualitedmiss. fe>> proarssor mrdc edwaoms frrg
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>> s thihais ws t wangcomi outof ir the. tap ep>> rr:ortefe pro mssorarc wa ed ards,er watet safpey exrtfr giom virtenia erch, ald tethe icpubl t forirhe fimst tise th thfall, ntat flier's wat nt cod aine lhighs eveleaof ld.>> re theno is e safl leveof i leadn d.a chil none. r >>teeporftr: aeaer h aringbout wa ed srds', tudymodr. anna hna- ti ata ca, t flinatpedianrici, scdierov tedt hae thmbnuer ofch enildrh witerdangblous ood lleads eveldohad d ublerafte t flinedtappo intriits verwa ter.>> t foreawo yfors, mor alwost t s,yeary the twere yold,noou kw, e thr'watefes ng's beid. teste t we meeguall rerylato, you guknow, ideselin. u yodrcan think tee war. heso t are'se hug olossusf trt. es the e arrngove amentiegencs, e whos jonlys ob insto ethure e te wa sr fd theyailed.ey thd faileryat eve. level>> te reporatr: ldae tohey, t rngoveelor rd easeile-mas flthe crint oisisthver ste pa yetwo ars. t,scoter sevw al shohethat tgo wvernorreas aware of ntsides'
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asac far bebk as fruary. p >> aelley: ddrianaitiaz, whme soe of thncemergery wate onratis,. there an adrinka, tha you. , wellstyou jurd hea a thepology ic of ms higan'orgovern, rickyd sner. ftthis a, ernoonvethe gornorto thld us eere issixtenve go onsting te ting ofdhe lea ls leved , anhowe theught t ic publ l would kike towhnow atth stose tee s arinshowg. rngove tor, iserhe watin in fl t fesa today?>> n' we do tt wantido conser itfe sat., scot in i the k we'vroseen pingress rm temps of introveme ts inhe te wastr teun, but 'stil it been ghthorouesly t ited,ngncludi d-thirveparty tirificaon, we p wanttoeople um assate th they bshouldg e usins filterortt boteled wathrs in rie inte m e.measur>> y: pelleai so, f sr toouay ydo knn't t ow whaadthe le content i iswan the ter? el>> wgal, a din, weanon't wtpe o ople te believafit's se. ns extestive te ging is ooingn,ha gs beenn oing omefor so time. aand weeere siming enprovemts t inerhe waty, suppl w bute wadon't plnt peoele to bieve a it'siapproprdrte to ink at p thisn oint iantime, 'sd thatwh
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on natirdal guahe out tkire wor ng hard. el >> p dley: indon't uderstan u why yogican't thve us ste late in test ag datat nd whawsit shofo war the fter inlint. s what imbthe nuer? d >> iavon't hnue the tmber ae th mtop of oy headvef the ry st late data.d anieit varars by pthts of e city. el >> p wley: ihiould ttnk tha gothe orvernch of miouigan wld ve ha n thosebeumrse at thtop ofs hiigmind now il>> untre they'a in e rangthat c isreonside, d safeti don'tu acanally wett to gth into eis ofsue z, bye ip codor byre stet t, whattihe parculars are.>> le pelo y: dowyou knan how m y enchildrbe have uren injed? n>> no,ciot spellficay. d we ho knowy ow man hhaveighbl adood leel levnds, aat in th ra'rnge weine talkabg problyer ov k 100ids. e therbecould be a numr of rs othe o, manys,ther s ando e we'rngassumi's thereuc a mhbr unoader aiverset'nd thas why wowe're harking mard on kingsu rere we'lo fol uwingp withod go c earlyodhildhote inonrventiers, intioventnsdu lering ey mentar, schooland'l
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tars on mhis toreake su we'rell fothowing trough,hao do wt we caean to rkelly math sure ese gkidssset idrues adessed. le>> pel'sy: letai be pln.wh t at weninwrong the medepart ontf nmenviroentalal quity?>> we they tre tooalechnic. f theyd-ollowete- liy-rall- thele n'ey dident use omough cmon e, senssa to ay inti situaonke lis, thire thed shoulebe mor esmeasure , ther bshoulde more er conc in, ands t hatoled this rr te tible tragedym hat i'rrsoyfo ir, butng'm goix. to fi le>> pelf y: ipithe pes ug throhehout ty citare rr coodw ed, ho fdo yousix thipr oblem?>> an you cat re-co p these,ipes a inelll likd,ihoo t andhat's wewhy in're gougg throh that es procw.s no'v wence enha ced theonorrosi nt co trolslyo real c put aoatingba thck on s e pipecaso it n befe sasely ud. us becaoue as y m know,acany ples t inunhis co htry doleave adpi t pes bucowater t mes oulysafe us becahie of tins coatocg press. p >> ielley:rmn te ts ofk-he sic t ou din the setroitchoolsto haday, wout is yagr mess e tote the rsache? i >> h wouldu ope yod woulstop g harminilthe chdren.
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le peopst have eerong fonlings ff diiserent busues, o t to dit heat ten expafse of g fectinthe dschool fayorhi the c ildren, n' doint th'sk thatpr approiate. el >> pliley: ftcnt swickhed ba et to d wroit'sysater avny hede callov for gernor 'ssnyderna resigbution, t he ld toat us thes his ribponsyilit t is ao stayt nd meeisthe cris. ointh ners ewdato ky,tuenyck an ted esnne set gofea inw esch of no weere ccre wiere e ll btoice t,nigh a but ch muge bigorr st im isen thfo streca t for f eric cisher,ethief mgieorolostat c ourosbs batton stz,ion wbis ng joini us. , erico what de we havxpto eect? el >> wttl, score, we a allsy gostems ig tonorht for a majea oast cwsst be will in wrappheg up t end s of thindweek a w thendeeke, atthe wervher segeice gttin ad rethy wir wintewastorm tchesfr anom arktrsas, sg etchinallth ove way neer to rsw jendey a ha in tmet lien greng shadie, th en epicr ter fo sthistorm,wa gtshinc.on,, and e,ltimorwh blere rdizzach watrees a inef .fectit s alls tartrrtomosow ali
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ss po aiblehelong tco gulf ore st mm thenusoves jhet to t oeaste f thapches, eakesnthe ow vi montng ie o thatmid-iclant onid freray aftndnoon ang eveni, as and al it rently ifiensies wege xtt a teorbook nr,'easte heavy rsnow aighthelong t coastvi mo ingd,nlan t andnohe sw ldshiel wil umove sp toerouthn w neanengld d an ithenllt wiha tg snowheotals re. din theueark blng shadis, one wo to t a feet,alnd locs totalco evuld eeen excfed two et. beand aforehill ttss geng goi,th isere ha a c snce ofevereor stplms in ikaces le newor pleans,coensaorla fro tomorw. daon fritty, scol , we'llook rd towaids flora a for cechan ofve sermre stos. le>> pel fy: twoeet. f eric wisher,bz.ic eran, thu.k yo arone yeto from neday a w idpreswient e ll bguinauterad. neand a sw pollephows rnublica ld dona i trumpins leadcrg ted uztw oo ton ne impnew hashire,ss leth than ekree wefos be trehe arprimy. h wee avcatwo rmpaigneportsni werst e 'ringotog o gorto maj t garretahon sar, palingjoininum trhep on t. trailma jor? ep >> r sorter:alarah ppsin heldo
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edfrom tov cruz mper tru'sco vanser ctiveiaredenttls, bu a cruzmpnd trur diffeeron sevalsu iscles, intauding xes, rngove smentilurvee,lanc andim atmigrion. o >>anur ctedidaba is llsyen toughouo get t erthd e anputth isose osuese n thtable. ep>> rr:ortee likngtryiba to n mufrslims erom ente ing thu.s. e'>> walre t aking sboutitecury.>> is i de agre twithhatop prosal. ep>> rr:ortez crueainstsd want alto hmit imiogratn from tr couneries whise r is odaal qaedo .minate t on, axes wcruz 1ants at0% flata inx for aldividu6%s, 1 for ne busisses. re>> the m arewoore ghrds ritno tw in.rhe ico.s. hade tnth e ere ar bin theible. ep>> rr:ortemp trups keeh mucofe thdetax cocu, but ests rat and te crea fs justinour comeke bracts.>> ll it wiw groamthe erican ec atonomy el a levit that 't hasn sfoeen car dedes.>> te reporz r: crud voteurto cb rn gove cmentioollecthon of pne coand ermputor reco ds ttfighte .rror um trntp wa rs tonseihetate t rv suaneillance, ldd tou. us
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i >>e hav calwaysdoome wn on e th osidecuf se.rity m tot'e, ie s th imosttampornt.>> or rep eter:ifven an it mes,in dothg sometoing ro enconach e th obillghf rits? h>> iitate . ha i hete tce conf pt obuit, t 'r wedee inalwig omth svee ry, bvery dadesud. ep>> rr:orte n i'm cancys.orde bwithe erniersandins gaingst ileam, hlilary c tnton'sop orsupp atersnire fan wng out ith m this:essage hi>> i t tnk theocerm "s"ialistes doken't masi it eao er twin. >> ep rteor cr:ctonneicut rngovedaor, lln maaroy, aguedso iscialmit nowonee huuld rt modeatcrdos hewn tt balloin a ne geecral cw yorksmongrestean sve aisraelgreed:>> re thela's a pcace to erry thso iscialnnt baer. er thnoe's io questt n abouit.i' som not th sure at, ic partlyularsw in ing re congl ssionactdistrihes, t cmosttiompeistive d itrictsn ic amert'a, thabas the ounner y o want tadbe paring. r >>teeporthr: oouers brght upnd saaders' rieical vm ws frothe 70 19he's wusn he pr hed fopublic ovtake ters of, he oils,ga even vi telendsion is.ustrie il>> hlilary casnton, iun ndderstaas it, wup a serport
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o whcares?th asat won a long, lmeg ti. ago ep>> rr:ortede sanayrs sss hi si pos tionw noriare inght e lin twithashe be. of68% oc dem sratsheay tysu a pport ngsiayle plter heah re cam, systeat or whll he cas "m icede aralfor l." th and cie sot alisdolabel esn'tse beem to l a dear.breake l atoteast ne in thieprimars. f in sact,, cottceone relnt pol ow in iuna foatd thf 43% o cr demoerats thd e wouleuse th soword "t"cialisfi to de ne sethem.lves p >>y:ellecy nans, cordes. thank in is pakn tadatoy,r foumiislac tamilistnts d ormeuna ivsiertyan eyd thho sd t anedkill at t leaseo20 p mple,tlosy ud st.ents iesoldndrs aic pollle kiheed tat ertack as in f gun.ight su a e iciderbombn ibukatol day rgtaedet m ai-incabus ngrryiem eeploy as ofnifgha'sstanst fir ou24-hwsr nenn chael. ve seren wele kild.25 e lie taclban daimere sispontybilipa, aprently
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(m usic) wh esat makac thermffare dit?erentw o iwords:s.t heal ho w? eawith ht. li unamke crerus and tbs hatma psk theain,th reermacaat has pheented ceat s llthenat pteetra deep i toe ncreasatcirculdion anle accetera h.ealingle vit's reew: heplat, ieus rels f, pluinhealg,ua eqrmls theacare. prthe thoof heat it yals isou. p >>y:elles it waotanr heldwi triden oday otrwall seet. dothe unw plmoged hare t0n 50 , pointscobut renevered arly f half oclthat, wiosing th a lo ayss tod9. of 24fa oilling icl praves he orinvesttts raled. cb our fs newsciinanal bucontrilotor mesody hob n isth wi us. dymelol , oi tclosedtoday a6. $2ar55 a brel. 'swhatni happeng?>> o well,bail is ysicalltt get ing hihiby c sna'sl.hrapneth se reals tory i achina,hend t inslowowg grn th iouthat cntry, h whicfehas afllcted a
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acaused w glut,s hich ioutth tere,hahat bs onlyeen baexacer tted byt he facthat at'v wette gotten pre ay goodt oilpr onoductie in th sunitedstate el as s that'lyreal s thethtory, e slchina doowwne is thstory. le>> pelouy: yw, knoow the d isof lif a vettle oror 8% fm thebe g ginnin yof whth does eais mr n fothe e averagstinveor? w >>reell hent, i wa a to be ic voaue of cbetion, wecause 're ng seei h theseineadlt es thasay,1 "$litriln on imastock rketlu va."e lostbu t't leits put rs in pee.pective thl typica ipersonpos extosed e thk stocetmarkou thrhegh t ir1( 40lak) pn.e the averag p401(k)lalan bance t inunhis co atry isbout$9 1,000. irtwo-thitds of s is intocks, irone-th bd thns mea a, on, veragethety l pica hpersont as losabout$6 hi,000 t.s year s thata ounds ttlot be terhan atr .illion p >> melley:hoelody , bsonour nc finantial cor.ributo tho anks sormuch fin your sight. ha>> tnks.>> y: pelleor stay go?
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el>> p cley:heounty althof s ficialodsaid ty ay thedon'tli beereve thlle wian be -y longte ecrm effm ts fromethe ethanga is leakpon the rrteranch ig neodhborhos of los.angele s the gaenhas beng spewia from we cell siner octob.mi vreyarrillaiseal re the. hu>> s at itowll dn!( an chngti ) ep>> rr:orteoo the peol of pple ctaffey ed bthpoe errtan r gchas aklesw is ngelli. cioffihaals owve nbl douheed tpa ime,ct zong addinndthousas arwho ige el tibleloo re.cate mmarks orriecis dg idinhewhetrto ve lea: i >>edt ne ss to atop,tnd i s neede to b dshut aown,tnd ine s edtout be shfo down rever. ep>> rr:ortest to heop tk, lea e thitutilmpy co sany,erouthn ca foliiarnas gis, ri dinllwng do8, fe000 ndet ang usiel a riefwe inll to ecterse t thleinakg pepind alu pitg p. u ew cre s arg bein cveryularef,
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il sto-l, sgacal nos and,unceth xpey etoect e havlethe akpl d uggeheby t o endbrf fe.uary ng comaressadn brrm sheouan tred e th:site ou>> ygo've kt totreep tyingo sehial ttis unthl eiheer tld fie mpis er ty olethe s ak igeplugd.if ju it eest keaps l, kingit es go a forr. yea >> el wmecoou to mer ho.>> or rep tter:nghe eil famy of gheiist iv lg int ou sofasuitces hin a.otel t >>idhe kres weer expiniencg no seed bled s b wasseecauth of haem tt we alactuecly d tidedkeo ma the ci de tsionveo mo a outnd careloutte opo of rrter.anch>> te reporter: stais leglatorswa o nt tatimmediopely stew any nje inwection omlls fr b beinguiltar ne o thehane t lt isngeaki inth lle hiats th s youinee behdme . t, scotve they'o alsdfileve sellral bi ws thatigould thtenup se they safettiregularons fo enthe itiretrndusd y anmake tsuree hat th ocost gf thisasak leic, whd h coulh reacwell 1 over $n,billiot is noedpass on th to ste cus.omer el >> pirley: mlleya vi farreal
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