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tv   Channel 2 News This Morning  CBS  January 21, 2016 5:00am-6:00am PST

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ve reco mringofany ob the js lostdu tringhere iocesse'n. wakll toke a lot a atwhtr induse ies ar tmakinghebi coggest . mebackth orese stp ies toewyour ns t righ 4now atm.:30 a-ay tod is sd thurnuay, ja, ary 2120-16. m goodngornim , i'otjohn pter.d andii'm anva guethra. oranks far stouting ywir day nnth chael 2 t newsrnhis moing. s let't star qwith aoouick lk at e thcaforeh st witolmeteorogist arjeff mz.tine lymosty cloudtoskies thday wi s high lin the aow 50snd sw nd wi15s 5- omph.t ur nexstorm mo lves inniate totoght in mfriday, orningomwith sy e gustwi d nds an ssierrabynow da friy. hosnow slowers ah ng witcolderte urmperatties connue by rd satuniay morthng as m e stor thmoves erough,chxpect ain lscontroe in thinmountas to t starekthe we pend.y artlcloudy d anercoldnd by suh ay withighs he in t 40s. an thf.ks jef tu g rninmeto cri.. beat. n a man is ispthe hohiital ts rn mo aing... bfter seinghot ri du rng aryobbet last.nigh a atd roun p7-45. -m..s shotwerefi pred ondratton bive,enetwe antripp ded we. kindat
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sd then thot in bhe legehind a bvacantg uildin ain therea. ctthe vireim is ricovet ng aa lo hocal wspitaln-ith nolife rethenatg injuinries. poceli c areinollectidg evceen an owd follinn g up o th tie heps tgoy t from eswitnses. ey the havrasevelel peopf o stinteren i amindsss poible sp sutsec. .. abut norresvet ha enbead myee t.if no you kytw an ahinghibout ts,u' yoedre askll to cao renli poorce, re secest witns at 2- 3-2- 4900. poand aliceinre askyog for ur f help tindingenhree mhe who ty in say d vademea hoar in spksla igst nht. cepolie weredcall t oute o th 00 22ck blo18 of trth s jeet,ust be 8fore. p-m ffwhen oaricers trived,hey ne learred thn e merchad foibly d enterertan apandment aed order tw the cuo ocs pant oto getn the fl oor. e on sof thes uspectdlallegey t hilethe maan occup tt overhehe ad. th bod he annaa pregannt womin ..sidere. we t latero aken t spthe hoital. th spe su aectscrre dess ibed ath spree hienanic mof. two them we eare w aringckll blath cloing,cl inbluding ack shoodedirweatshts. ththe s ird wag wearineyall gr,
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ce poliwo say te of thtssuspec a wereitrmed wndh ha. gunsyo anh ne witrminfon atios on thi de inciasnt is toked ta conctsp parksdeolice estectiv3- at 35 . 2225 le ect's chitk in wh me ogteorolffist jeti marfonez r fi a okrst loe at thheweatr. orgood mjening, ff! ly mostud cloiey sky s todawith gh hihes in t0s low 5w and s s windh.5-15mpex our nt m storinmoves e latghtonit into ay fridng morni s, withstome guy s winderand sira y snow b. fridayhosnow swerson al cg withteolder urmperates uecontintu by sarday inmornheg as tto sovrm mes h,througec expait chntn corols in
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ksthan jeff. ok loouing 2 mmr coy unitnow... tethe lasist verthon of e lakeho taore restacation t wa sss pateed yesy rday ba u-s se cnatettommiee. th we billt ill pull415-miion ll dotoars inte prog ctinthe ho tan e basier ovex the neat 10 yrs. r senatoy harr, reidlpwho heed y... ua by gagrding poainst n,llutiold wis fireinand svasive, pecies c wensan ethure jat thef ewel oe ths sierrauecontin bs toe a ngthrivist tourina destiortion fth o ose whlaenjoy oeke tah's l crystar clearswateor fan my toyears o id alskethancad lol vi actiansts gad oronnizatis inhe tolping th pass e bill ne and erw numb ts showheun meemployatnt rree heva in neda op drbyped oi one pt nt lasmo h.nt..po to 6-peint-4 rcent. 20. 20 ma-15 firks trve st aighs year obof jh growtin na.evad dethe ntpartmepl of emntoyme, tr ngainieh and ritabiln atiosayse thndyear eited wthh 25- ndousa mo
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o ittonly hrok teaee yorrs fne tvadaseo lo-t 175anhousd jobsri du rng thesieces. on.. inbottomt g ou0-in 210. .. now.rl nea0-y 14ndthousa of th bsose jobe have oven rec. eredbi well "t expecatth20 as 16un s,fold's therey a vergoodan cht ce thagewe'll tt backo th prose cee-renassioevry lofels oy emplment."co tinstrucason... as well le anisure itd hosp..ality. are tseeingt he mos. growth t bu hmining tas yetcoo rever. in the rydustos has l15t dr-hunedbs join shece tsi recesduon... e t toerhe low o price. f gold iglast n pht theinlanng co n mmisioedapproves the wt s meadows estatet projecdiin ver thand tee vooe now ghes to t c city founcilffor ol icia alapprov. ky n sissothis in ioe stud with ildetaoos. grnd mo. ing kygo orod m eningboverydy. dayesterepy we rd orte tthatheci outy c wncilngas goite to voon s thie.measurit ct was athually nie planngco onmmissipo, we a flogizeor the
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atakek loos at hee is ththwhere e two de envelopm, ts ares one habeenpr apthoved, hee ottir, sdsll nee h tofiave of ccialapity . provalt bu tone ofgehe bigorst wries om fren residifts is w thereill no be eteugh wathr for eae ar. stthe wews meadoct proje is fu a nding attmwa we er linfrom stthe ea t whileerhe mn idiaoj prwiect e ll bg relyinon s. wellt we saitdown wh hy isdrologd t davin carlsowho ai expl uned tofis his ondingsf e wherwiwater ecll bg ominfroman std juuc how mh the de velopmwient avll he.da rlvid ca "son-stthe oaeambt h ditclisupplmes aalost l the towater oo the bmdown ve det.lopmenis that 1,100ll gamions a ofnuite f the mbsteadioat antch ndd arou 6,000ll gamions a inutetrnfulheates t rd veeai arug. thropoh the wer ca annal e d thcapower nal pa bythss. boem of thib contrute t to tha."systemhe thre is mbe steatcoat dih h whicheflows re. d
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ruwhich hrn up terough hy e. manve sirdi rehadents eeve byin sang hethat t wir ownells y are dr cso howrean the be ouengh f watere or mor. peoplerl capason ex. lins.. socarllon- "a het of t i wellsn i verdolbeing t'd. is a co atmbin iion ofg t beinw,shallorf penseratio b couldgee plugd, a but ilot ofhat is tt the capower d nal anpothe cawer nal by repass aof shut f." st the teate waner engio er alss haroto app ave thewarea's ter su bistainawhlity, isich so g methinpedevelo br chipy owbl t ofidhe mer0 ian 12t projecsaid bewon't su an ise e. livhein tud st sio, kyn,issonn chael 2
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st toill e com conelhannew 2 ns mthisngorni... we t 've gotethe lascst on ott 'spelleynt new i werviewe ith th mianchiger govs nor'onrespo se t e thr wateiscrisfl in int, ngcomi up. ma a e ssivm storeais tring ugthroh eathe oast cndst a no on ie ise mmunomfr its ad hes.achee'.. wholl su w yowhatwe ea mftn, aheer tak bre. "y 'routce wa chingnnha 2els newth oris m wningjoith othn pr,te gandi auevaraeond metstrologije tiff marpinez's 2npoint
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we balcome t'ck. le as takek loo omat s me newsheaking s adline taroundiohe natt n g s bein tcalledt he mospo bwerfularlizz yd inears. s part eof theasast cot are afacingyz paralwiing nter m.stor sh wa dington g-c tot a oastef at who 's t ycomerdeste way -hen heanotorr ststm syauem csed r majotrc affiachead..hes en. ev prfor enesidamt s ow iinfall tg inenhe ctral ai plodns t- ay - mtheng ovininto e thhenortt astorrmo -owwh- e er mo hare tfen 2 noet sw is exctpe fed sore omatst. es igmichovan gr erno srickr nydeisas ngkihe tre pdesi, ntonce ai ago n, tardecldie a ersast in in flo t -- tixhelp fit the cy's crwater . isis a inten inwirview ' th cbst scot ll peesey yayterdde snyidr sath isere oi ongesng t otingadf le le n vels itethe wasir. predentob
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ex inblcusaate thpl peo te inheco itmmunrey wenon't edtifi me imy diatelheof tue iss. an acd te iherstrn dearoit y e sath iley wntl co pinuestrotes y todaecover ry ent pa -cuts- d an twhatcahey epll dbllorae co ionditt ns asctheir hos.ol ne lyarll ahe tit cs y'blpuic olschores wese clostd yey erda en whca edu storsd tagessa maive -osickthut. hoe scysol sjutem st st po med ageessas on itfaokcebo ge payi, sallng ali pubhoc scols d wouln be opetoday. fo rer moth on tois stury, n ne ito t c-b-srnhis mog infog llowinr
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ucoming cp on 2hannels newthis mo inrn..g. olmeteorjeogist tiff marllnez wi
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el"channs 2 newincontwiues thme ogteoroljeist tiff mars nez' oi pinpornt 2 f becast,caroadstce d rtifieby the etsociy!" ly mostud cloiey sky s todawith gh hihes in t0s low 5w and s 5-winds o15mph.t ur nexm stormo lves intoate t nighinto id frniay morthng, wigu some sty s windsiand errasn y ow b. fridayhosnow swers wialong deth colerr tempatures nt coy inue baysaturd rn moasing to the sesrm mov h,througt expeccochain ntrols he in tai mountstns to e art thwe d.ekentl pardyy clou and
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harty bio hday tscandre anlon. ur he t8 ned h at wisfrcomes raom g, ndmaan gr udpa, pnclem,at, mo kylie
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an19happy thth biry datoel h.izabetth h at wiss come mfromseom, jo, , cecyselil jo j andoel. ha and rtppy bio hday tkaleb rd gainer. he 8 turns. today w thatmeish co ps fromnnapa ly anand greldma shley. n send iiryour brethday tsquesto -n k-t-vbe to tu feared on y air. rou cans each uh throug , e-maillareguilr may , or b in leavicg a vol emaiuron o aybirthde. lin hand we eave ang xcitintoprize ve gi tawayweoday. a have upcoon f for azeree dotsn donufr ghom douonboys duts. odits gony for aio locatn. lebe calo r 22 toswin the nu
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tostill on come el channs 2 new orthis m. ning.. an nc idiree bldaupa te on ictrag y. stor g we'veotat the lest onsa fyree ... thlelittl girwho st lo f hery amil fin andire, a e whos conlytmhrisisas ws h wafo
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th arere o e twatdemocr vicnsisiofo lar regualting wetl stre .ysone saok it's taay to ke nsmilliobi from sg bank d an tthenthell haem w dt -- plan br teak up bhe biganks, thclose x e taholooples, an ked mam the payr thei sfair.hare wthenexe can eapand hcalth re llto a, d ane providsauniverlll coucege edn.atiowi y ll the mlikenoe? . wihell tgiy be pn to lay tbyeshe ruli' if idm present? yo ttu beeler bt.ieve i
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we e lcomtiback. tme for..ake s orienkwe thior are wth a nd seco look. rs fi it...stt's a atory th hasuc toophed pe ole alle ver th world. ar8-ye s-oldteafyre s rry wa re seveurly binned so an arn fireat thd killethher fa ter andhree bl si iings13n 20. yoyeah, t u migherremembs thifr t om lash-montfy- sad re tol her t auntalhat e l sh fwantedorch riwastmas ghs enou t cardso h filliser chrartmas c. d tree we atll, thh wis vwentn iral oce fa. book..anopd pellle ar ove e thseworld dsnt carfy to sare. ac in fhet, s g hasn ottemore th anli 2-milceon pies of . mail..w and noeevoluntrers a ngspendirs houh eacrtday soing ro thalugh t.l of i ca"we gen't ht overy ow man trcoune ies arenreprested.e "wstgot omuff frnd icela, st au rralia, yussia,noou kstw ju t abouerevyw bherehaig tu t yo
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arere ile stoul ths sandofca lerds o ft tndopen amo even repa . ckages fy saasre hte gotrdn cafrs om the rs fimit fallly, doy , parton pkatyryernd at a hosofhe otusr famo. namesmiher falyso al a setup f trustafor syre ca beshuse s e haedreceivny so ma ondonati as fromthround d.e worl olwell f. ks..yodid ? u hear e' ther as beentu discerban in fo the "rce...arstar wans" fs h willtoave t waimoseven nths er long than ti and cipatee for th-ufollowp to f "thewaorce a."kensdi assney h t movedeahe relseda "ete of depisoht eig" from - may-tode ocember. f 2017
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edopen m a iovien dmid-beecemr, band itozroke dofens box ceoffior reculds, wooudn't y e releasxtthe ne a moviee t thsa imme t ye of tear,? oonsfa rt cey ainlenarai't w ttingy o bu"s rstar ways" to. ..taa reil ar reseroch g supaysas u-s les to 7ppedil00-m dlionrsollat lasye kiar, ma20ng it op15's t toypr . opertyle satos ook offcen "fory" frida tein sepndmber a l up.en stvee shel s.
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lta mumii-iolldon arll orrestn atios act hajueest bn ovappr ted -lpo hete prohect t e taho tbasin.aihe detinls comg up
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ve co yrageanou cou cn"nt o era robb hy nearigug hsch hool iglast nneht turold vi..ent. g sendinmaone tn topihe hostal thwi g ashun wotndoupo. celi vehalu c fesm roeswitns,send a aythey mle soon anad to t. arresd an psparksneolice ed ylpour he g findinmethree brn who tooke in a anntpartmeni last d ght an ed robb p twoe.eopllu.. incding a anpregn.t womare they'g hopin llyou'ni recogesze a doncripti tof shepeuscts.d an eas themyconoti cono nues tow grva... nes da irirecovengma s ny jobstlo dthuring e ce ren.ssio t we'llloake a ok haat wdut inesstrima, are kinge tht biggesckcomeba. th stese s orieyotop ewur ns ri noght 5w atm.:30 a- i todays aythursdar, janu20y 21, -16. go orod m, ninghni'm jor. pottego niod morm ng, i'otjohn and i'm uedi g. vara fthanksor ngstartida your cy with 2hannel hinews tins morng. s let'star at with l quickook ate thstforecame with ogteorolist ff jene marti z. ly mosty cloudtoskies thday wi
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15nds 5-urmph. ot nexor stvem mo ls inniate totoght inve mougs throech, expn t chaint con rols iunthe mototains st e art thd.weekentl parouy cldy d anercoldnd by suh ay withighs jthankseff.tu g rninrito bea.. n a man is ispthe hohiital ts in mornftg... aeier bhong st ng duribe a robasry lght nit. ou ar-4nd 7m.5 p-ff.. os icer sp red ondehoto sirts ft ed apa dtton, riveeebetwipn trp and ndwedeki p. renosaolice n y a mawa bbs ronded ash then thot in e g le abehindan vacilt bun ding ith . e area vi the s ctim irirecovea ng at lo spcal hoitital wlih non-fe re thg ateninesinjuri. re pnoicolare ece colltingev ceidenol and f ulowing tp onhe pstihe trey ivce fedm ro wi setnes ps.icolsae thy heye av ve seperal f ople oinsttere in mi andsss po sibles.uspect.. but a not rresvehaee bman yde. etif no you khiw anytolng invving cthisouase, yke're asald to cl olreno pr ice, o wsecretssitne 3 at90-2-2-4 0. po and aliceoore lorking f three w men,adho invomed a he in ks sparni last ght.
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8tof 1reh stuset jfot bere 8 p-m. pwhene olicthgot tere,hey ar lerened thhae men rcd foiblyte enanred rt apandment aed order o the twntoccupaets to gth on e oo flr. tone ofushe ss pecte hit thmale ntoccupath over . e heade both han prd a wegnantheoman te re werte lan r take hto thel.ospita th the spree sureects acr desibed t asishree hmepanic n. ttwo ofrehem weng weari all k blachiclotncng i bludinglackho weoded siratshts. th d e thirarwas wel ing algrey, th wiy a gre shoodedirweatsht.d antwheo of t am wereitrmed wh nd haguns. if and no you kytw an ahingboutth e is homoninvasi s, callparks po etlice ds ective53at 35.-222 th and lae douguns cohety sriff'sfi ofs ce saye a smoke grenadwas ovdiscereddu in a impstern ga rvrdne yillerdesteay. tidepuhees tayre sy there despon ad tol calof a sp suusiciom ite din ateumpsr at13 te80 cen lrvilleouane arnd2- . 30 p-maythey ser the pson fo who itund or repted it edappearbe to s acktif ona dy. mite
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e dinancaldisposar team rived d anindetermwaed it lds an o grsmoke ..enade. and rsafely lae dougtys counff sheri's of anfice wrets to vemind ee ryonth yoat if ndu fius a ss piciou ikitem le thu is, yo nshouldotuc toanh it, acd contlot the cal au itthorimies elmediat y. s let'incheck h wit olmeteort ogis mjeffz artinefor a lofirst t ok awethe ather. od gong morni! , jeff ly mosty cloudtoskies thday wi inhighs ow the lnd 50s a sw 5-winds o15mph.t ur nex m stors moveatin lghe toniint toid frniay morthng, wigu some sty s winderand sira b snowayy frid s. snowwehorson althg wide colerr tempatures
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asrning to the sovrm mesth h,rougec expn t chailscontro in m theaiountns tt o starthe d.weekeny partl acloudynd bcolderayy sundhi with ghs in 40 the s. an thf.ks jef th jankseff.
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e thstlatesi verf on olathe ke e tahoatrestort ion acsswas paedst yebyerday s a u-senate it commtee. bi the illl wt l pull415-miion e tahon basi heover t10 next . yearsna serrtor ha, y reidlpwho heedtr inthoduce , e billthhad o is tsa y... rdby guaaiing agllnst poution,wi s ldfirevaand inpesive scies, c weuran ensate th j thef ewel o si the coerras uentin bs toe a ri thouving tesrist dontinati for whthose joo eny tlakeoeah'scr clystal waear ftersy or manye toars e. com a reidthlso d ankelocal ti acanvists nid orgas zationin in helptog pass e thbill d anmbnew nushers heow t oyunemplatment r ie heredan nevaop dr oped byntne poit las ..month.po to 6-peint-4 rcent. tthat'seshe lownct sijue ne of 20 08. -1 20s 5 marktrfive st aighs year gof jobh rowtevin nada. dethe pa ortmentoyf emplment, ai trndning ail rehabn itatiosaysth are yeed endh witth25- ndousa re mos jobarcompo ed tthe ioprevecus dr.embe
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tnevada 1o loseus75-thobsand jo ng duriec the r..ession. bo inttomt g ou0-in 2no10. w... ly near 1ho40-td usanhoof tse joe bs havecbeen r. overed " billecwe exp at that16s 20fo unhelds, t vre's aodery goan cht ce thagewe'll tt backo those pr sse-rece lionaryofevels oyempl."ment ns coontructi w... asell as urleisd e analhospit..ity. are tseeingt he mosthgrow. nibut mi yng has teto due in hstryosas l-ht 15edundr bs joce sin r thesieces. on..due lto theriower pgoce of ld. mi coonng up el channew 2 niss th
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reverdi ntsidebrs are foacing r honew g usinpmdevelobuents, t isth enere wougho ater tt supporth ? e areasiim ky itsson we h th ta de nils,ext ou "ywa're ngtchinn cha nel 2ews mthisngornih wit pjohnr,otte dianue g avaraetnd mloeorogistff jene martinpz's pioint 2ma
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hi m , i'kre. jint usx sis,weekr fouoewash tycounie bab ds havee ied duto un lesafe sirep envs.onmentd ansaremsa y ys thewre
5:31 am
tcwa ih,ha'll veti some ps t n lastheight tin planng is commprion apheoved t m west eeadowsesstatje proct in rd ved i anvothe gte nowoes to e th ccityilouncff for oicial pr ap. oval is ky s ison isstn the itudio wh de s.taild gooinmorn. g ky orgood mvening e. rybody er yest rday wed eportehethat tty me this asure. w ituaas acte lly thngplanni sicommis aon, wezepologi t forhe r. errota ooke a lhik at ts map.he thre is ere whe e thtwo de envelopm, ts ares one habeen edapprovot, the sher, ntilleeds e to havalofficiy citovappral. t bu tone ofgehe bigrist wores esfrom r iidentshes if tilre wl e bewanough r ter foeathe ar. we the dost meajews pros ct i g fundin wa tmwainater lome fr e th weasthehile tia meridn oj prllect wily be reing on s. wellt we saitdown wh hy isdrologvit darld cao son wh
5:32 am
waere llter wiin becomg froman std ju m howuch e thlodeveenpmt hwillave.da rlvid cathson- "mbe steaoat di sutch espplios alml t althe te wa tr tohemd booown de envelopmt t. tha00is 1,1 on gallnus a mif ite ofthe mb steadioat antch oud ar 6nd,000 on gallnus a miulte inf ttrateshe arverdi roea. the ugh thpower na cathl and r e powecanal . bypass obothemf thib contrute t tosthat syem."re hee is thoasteambh t ditc ic whs h flowanhere. ad herere po the nawer cachls whi u runp ug thro. h here ny ma r verditsesidenbe have en yi sat ng thaowtheir s n well e ar hdry so tow cane here b ou energh wator for mlee peop. rl capason ex. lins..rl caa son- " tlot oflshe wel in rd vebei oling s d. it'a mb coioinatt n of ishbeing allow,rf penseratio b couldgee plugd,t buofa lot t it ise hat th we pol r canae and thr powel canaby apasst re shuoff."
5:33 am
to has ve approre the atea's war st suliainabiwhty, isich insomethlog deveipper chy bowbl mof then eridiaoj120 pridect san' won t be a lissue. tive inhe , studioisky s cson, 2hannelws ne. st mthisngorni. .. ac brfoing zar blizdird ioplee n thlamid-atnticco geuld e t tht biggeswinteror st'vm they ie seens.n year i'm ch don iampionyon new y rk citwi ooth a l tk atrehe ponparati, ucomingp. me ogteorolffist jeti marwinez llha r ve yountpinpoior 2 ft ecaste
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