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tv   Channel 2 News This Morning  CBS  January 21, 2016 6:00am-7:00am PST

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no you khiw anytutng abo this,yo au'reo sked tencall ro , policereor secest witnats 3- 902-2- 40. poand aliceinre askyog for urlp heng findi m three ten whohey insay d vade ia homeksn spar st laht nig. li poerce wlle cauted oth to e b2200 olockthf 18ee strust, jt be 8fore. p-m en whic offarers d,rivey the d learnemethree d n haibforclyen d terertan apandment aed order tw the pao occu gnts tothet on e r.flooon hee of tct suspeles aly gedl e hit thccmale oovupant er the . head e both hprand a wegnantoman de insire... we t latero aken t spthe hoital. suthe aspectscrre dess ibed a hithree mspanico en. twm of thewe eare w aringckll blain clothg, cl inbluding odack hoedea sws.tshirt th the s ird wag wearineyall gr, th wiy a gre shoodedirweatsht. ce poliwo say tth of spe suects rmwere aited wndh haguns. ne anyoh witrminfoonation this ci ins dent itoasked ta conctsp parkse olicivdetect35es at 3-25 22.
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ogteorolffist jene martiz for le ect's chitk in wh te meisorolog mt jeffz artinefor a fi at lookwet the ather.od gong morniff, je! ly mosty cloudtoskies widay th inhighs l the0sow 5w and snd wimps 5-15 nh. ourext mostorm inves e latt tonighinto ay fridng morni s, withstome guy nd wisis and noerra sriw by fday. ow snwe shongrs aloco with lder er temp caturese ontinuby tu sa mrday aorningsts the orm thmoves erough,chxpect ain nt co irolsmon the s untainto thstart e we d.ekentl parouy clnddy a
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ranks-j. ok lo2 ing mmour conounity ste lateon versie of thlake e tahoatrestort ion acsswas paedye y sterda-sby a ue senatmm co tittee.l he bilutwill p mi 415-dollion s llarintoot pr tectingahhe tasoe biner ovex the n yt 10. earsse hanator idrry reo , whedhelptr ine oducbithe d ll, hao this t say... rdby guaaging t ainsiopollutn, rewildfid s ansiinvacive spees, ewe cane nsur tthatelhe jew of si the coerras uentin bs toe a th triving douristtiestinaon for e thosjowho en ty lakeahoe's ta crysr l clea fwatersy or man s comre o id alskethancad lol vi actiansts gad oronnizatis in in helpasg to pbis the ll an nud new shmbers ow the oyunemplatment r ie herevan neda pe dropned by ont poit las h.monto .. tt-6-poinen4 perct. at thhe's tt lowesjusince ne of . 2008 5 20-1fimarks aive strarght yes obof jwt gro nh ina.evad e thrtdepa omentf oyempl, ment ai tr aningabnd rehioilitatysn sae thndyear eh ed witou25- thsand mo obre jmps co tarede o th
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nlit ooky toee thrrs yea forne o vada tlo-tse 175d housanjobsdu hering tsi receson... bo g ttomininout 10 20-... 1arlyus40-thoofand those joe bs havecbeen r. overed webill "t expecs that a2016un tfolds, ahere'sgo very odch haance tl t we'lckget ba to e thos e- prssrece lionaryofevels pl em."oyment ns cotitruc. on..elas wl asle anisure spd hoy.italitre.. aei seheng tt mos. growth mibut hningetas yre to cover. e thstinduasry ht losun15-hdredjo inbs shece tes rec..sione . du to lo the icwer pr ge ofold. om welc. e backla igst n pht theg lannin e welcomback. la igst n pht theg lanninco iommisovn appred the m westwseadoat estjees proct in rd vethi and ne votes ow goetoe thoucity corncil fia officl alapprov.
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s.taild gooinmornkyg . go orod m eningdyverybo. er yest rday weteeporatd th the ty cinc cou gil waso oing tvoteon de this envelopmt. w ituaas acte lly thngplannimm co, issionlowe apo fgizeheor t tak a loos at thimap. i heree s the whero the tw pmdevelo aentsonre, bee has en pr apthoved, r,e othe n stilleeds h tofiave ofitcial covy appral. on but hee of tst biggees worri r fromenesids ts ireif the will no be ewaugh foter arr the ea. th me west peadows irojects nd futming a erwa watfr line om ea the lest whier the midian ec proj bt willine relyg on ll wee s. wdosat h wn witdr hyt ologiscadavid whrlson o pl exd aines to undhis fif ings oer whr e wateecwill bfroming om stand juuc how mh the ve deenlopmllt wie. hav vi dasod carle n- "thoasteambt di pptch su aliest lmosthall e r wate bto then oomdow pmdevelohaent. t,1t is 100 s gallonita minuthe off e mb steadioat antch oud ar,0nd 600 s gallontea minutr infulheates tve eardi arug. throe h thr powe na cathl and r e powel canaby . pass oboth cf themutontribe
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ny madi veren reside ts havbeen ng sayith that n eir ows wellare y dr cso howrean theou be enghpo nawer cassl bypa o. bothemf th nt coteribuat to thm. syste" ny madi veren reside ts havbeen tsayingeihat thn r ows wellare so dry an how c b thereghe enou fowater pr more ceople.arlson nsexpali... n-carlsot "a lo wof thelsel in beverdi ola it's mb con inatiobeof it aling shlow, atperfer cions bouldgee plugd, lobut a it of tt ise hat th po nawer cathl and wee ponar cal ssbypahu are s" t off. atthe str e wateerengine also ha pps to aherove ts area'r wate aisustlinabiicty, whh isso g methinpedevelo br chipowbly mof then eridiaoj120 pridect saou shbeldn't is an sue. iliven udthe st sio, kyisson, l channe. 2 news l stile to comnnon chaewel 2 ns
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th mae ofyor nt flisp is ngeaki ouout ab ot anngngoi watercr isisn ichmianigth. tee last, wh e en w bcomeack. bu rst fihet, tes lat tt onhe de aadlyk ttac uon aitniversy inki pa wstan--hoe'll su w yohow neits re fwingrsea oref mo ta at ccks,g omin. up "y 'routce wa chingelhannew 2 ns th misnior wngh ithnjoot pter, andigu
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om welc. e back in lookoug arhend t n worldow... pa iskistand buriedetheir ad andob aservedf day owinationde ngmourni.. todayow. folle ing th
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yo maavr wedder ahaed tilt whe th cke bu w stopse ith th rn govethor... s ere'enplty of am blo e to g. around er weavt : "last nighthwas e at st te oftehe stae . thosare so oome gt d firsbusteps t t flinne reeds mo" s sourceinare be tg sento fl t int butiit's s ell noth.noug so rearurces g e beino sent tin flitt but ti's sotll nh. enougon hee of thi twengs ne know eds peto hapoln is hstd the ate ac blcountaree. theey's mon there inand fls t needmato be de ari priohoty in esw thnde fus are ridistd.bute" ma avyor wes er sayhewhat ty cit is ng goiou thrs gh ithsomeing bo nohody shauld o ve tdeal th wian... atd thry eveone se de crves wlean. ater co p ming unnon chaewel 2 ns this
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nohethat torir the oy isuter thome... s ceoneocan lisate thun ovdiscplered "inanet nh e" wit ep a dece spa optelesce. e th tlasta ime etplan was ov discasered wk bac8-in 146, d an wthat pas thelaptnet neune. "c 2hannelco news s ntinuewith te meogoroljeist arff mz'tines np pi foint 2t,orecasca broadst if cert tied byrihe amecan temeolorogocical siety!" mo cstlyskloudy daies toy withgh hihes in t0s low 5w and s wi 15nds 5-urmph. ost next orm ve moats in lnie toinght to ayfridng morni s, withstome guy wi annds erd sira ow snid by froway. snrs showe g alonolwith cmpder teeseratur co bntinuerdy satuay
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hi m , i'kre. in t jusx sis,weekr fouoewash un lesafe sirep envs.onmentd ansaremsa y ys thewre taprevenn ble. ightonihet's alth tcwa ih,ha'll veti some ps t e welcom. back mthis iorningn wamoney tch... er formac pharml euticac-e-o smartin shkreliays he s hatea dah witrecongss. st yey erdawehe t oeted put ahoto of ub a sa poenngaski t himo st tebeify tforeouhe hseco temmit oe onigversndht are oformnun ja26ary -th. w he bouldese quedtionut abo thepr ipescr dtionmarug etrk. sh elkrgai edinor not wietyhen s hiancompisy raheed tce pri n of a daidsbyrug e som- fiveou th psandnterce i. hes br emd oile fin aaledermi crinal ca ase foredllegec sieurits fr iaud.not's eat cletr whher elshkrati's eytorn as willowll tohim at
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az am-con-dots om irioffeng fu re ands towhnyone hto boug oahoverb irds onsits webte. th omis cmies aowd grcoing nsncer tthatwohe tel-whealed bcean ar boreds a s noty afetfiand re za hathrd. nse co pumerctrodusa cfetyssommiision in atvestigreing moth than ree n dozeofcases bo hoverardssm g okinorrs butintng iamo fles. rt expee s arngurgirs usewe to ar fe saeaty gs r, a fsome aallsre s.seriou c-the c p-s-edcallot on her re ertaild s anfamanuercturs to fe ofe r th rsamedsefun. debut e spitrethe s,fundzo aman sestill holls oaverb irds ontste si. me tich to t eck ouadour rowayswi ith r-jmon the tre f-micraff ce ..nter. a notsccidenci or intodents po rel rt. al hof ours ighwayand
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mi coonng up el channs 2 newthis in morng... ve i rdsirentdears bre inacfog r w ne g housinlodevetspmenis, but th ouere energh watpp to suort th
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ou if ydo're eving hierythtng rig ndbut fiha it arderdend hartor y, get bou yno're ont ale. ouwhile ler peop worknglorser houow for leser wag, al amostewll nom ince go thes to p e to1%. n my plae -- maktrwall seet s bankthand are ultrich thpay faeir hair sf re os,taxe idprovvie liagng wes wofor g rkinlepeop, en esure pqualoray fen wom. m i' sbernie.anders ap i e prov mthis essagee becausertogeth, anwe ce makpo a calitilul revotion d antecreaec an yonomd ancrdemothacy orat works f all
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hi "t cs iselhannew 2 ns, co gevera c yououan cnt on" roa y bber hnearh ug higolschola st t nightviurned onnding toe man os the hl pitath wish a gun wotndoupo. celi chaveeslu itfrom wesnessan, eyd th mayon soto lead re an arst. anksd spare policouneed yr helpnd
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pa an a lrtmentghast nit and trobbedplwo peonce... i aluding an pregn.t womare they'g hopin ll you'ni recogesze a doncriptiof us the ss.pect tand asnohe ecotimy cono nues t . grow.. inevadas re ngcoverijo many t bs losduring rethe iocesse'n. wakll tloe a ok w atduhat in, strieskiare mang e tht biggesbacome. ckthese st toories urp yos newnoright w at a- 6:30 m.da tohuy is t jrsday, 2anuary1, 6. 20-1 go niod mori'ng, hnm jor. potte i'and gm andi. uevara fthanksor ti starr ng youthday winn chael 2 tnewsmohis rning. s let't star qwith aoouick lk att' let s star qwith a luickatook e thstforecame with ogteorolist ff jene martiz. st moudly clos y skiewitoday th s high lin the aow 50sw nd s 5-winds o15mph.t ur nex m storinmoves e latghtonit into ay fridng morni s, withstome guy wi d nds an ssierra fnow byriday.ow snwe sholors ah ng witcoldermp teeseraturnu contie bysa
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mougs throech, expait chn nt con rols iunthe mos tainto t starthe ek wearend. pcltly aoudyndco y lder baysundh wits highin 40 the s. th jankseff.rn tu cing toearime bt... n a mathis in spe ho titalhis g.morniner.. aft s beinghot du aringbe robasry lght nit. ndarou5 7-4..p-m.ic offers sp red ondehoto sirts ft ed a tt parion dbeve, n tweeantripp d we . dekindolreno py ice saa man wa bbs ronded ash then thot in e be leg vhind abuacant ngildi in e th. area vi the s ctim irirecovet ng aa holocal wspitaln-ith nolifere thg ateninesinjuri. no ree policllare congecti ev enid ace fndwiollongon up th te tipsy heedreceiv from tn wis.essee policsa hy theyave se l vera opeopletef instren i nd miss as pousible ss.pect b..ut a not rresveha bmaeen etde y. if no you khiw anytolng invving asthis c're, youd e askel to cal re olno pic oe,ser etcrit wness at-4 3-2-2900. an ced polisk are ar ing foyour inhelp f tding mhree ten whohey y sad invade ia homeksn sparla igst nht.
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22 o block sf 18tht,treet jusbe 8fore. p-m en wh os fficerd,arrive they le d arnee threhamen rcd foibly te enanred rt apa amentrdnd oered twthe cuo ocs pantetto gth on e r. flooe onheof tpe suslects algedly e hit th omaleanccup tt overhe head. h bothd e anega promnant wanin desi.. l. wereakater ten to th ite hospal. th ece susprets acr dess ibed a e threichispantw men. heo of tm wwerengearila all bthck cloing, ud inclacing bledk hood ts sweas.hirt th the s ird wainwearl g algrey, th wiy a gre shoodedirweatsht.po aylice s o twoe f thtssuspecre we w armedndith haguns. wanyonefoith inn rmatios on thiin icidentd s asketato conctsp olarks pteice de actives3-t 35 2225. s let'incheck h wit or meteisologfft jene martiz for rs a fi at lookwet the ather.go orod m, ningjeff! ly mosty cloudtoskies widay th s highhein t 5 low s0s andw 5-winds h.15mp n ourext m storinmoves to late innight tofr
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s winderand siw ra snoriby fday.ow snrs showe w alongldith coer mp teureratones ce tinubysa mturdayngornith as ore stm thmoves erough,chxpect ain nt co irolse n thtamountoins st thart e ek wearend. pcltly aoudyndco blderndy suitay wghh his inth s.e 40
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un meemploye nt rat iherevan nedaop drbyped p oneasoint lt mo ..nth.6- to 4 point-t.percenat thhe's tes lowe t sincjune 2008. 5 20-1edmarke fivigstraeaht yrs gof jobrowt nh ina.evad thepa dentrtmeem of meploynt, nitraindng aab rehatilitsaion ys yethe ndar eited w- h 25sathound jmorecoobs edmparth to e pr usevioem decber. nlit ooky toee thrrs yea for va neo da t 1loseho75-td usanjobsri du rng theonecessi... tt bog omin 2out in0-10. nearlth140-ou osandf th joose rebs ak. bac " billecwe expatt th20 as 16un s,foldre theer's a vy goodch tancewehat ge'll ckt ba to th
6:29 am
oyempl."ment trcons..uction w. asasell ur leisd e anithospy alitare tseeingt he mos. growthbu ngt mini y haso et tr.recoveit t losun15-h jdredsiobs nce e thssrece dion,o ue tlothe wer ic prole of gd. n lastheight tnn plaing iocommisovn apprheed t m westwseadoat estjees proct in i verde and thowvote nto goes th ce city founcilicor offial pr apoval. is ky s ison isstn the itudio wh ta de gils.d oornmog in. ky orgood mvening e. rybody er yest rday wed eporte tthathe oucity c wnciloias gvong to te s on thipmdeveloent. ait wasy ctuallanthe plningco onmmissi a, wegipolo tze forhe tak a loos at thimap.he s re ierthe whtwe the o lodeve apmentse re, onenhas beap edprove , th sother,eetill nds av to hcie offiy al citalapprov. e but on bof the wiggestorries rfromenesidifts is w thereill bu oft one ig the borgest wriesfr
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bewanough r ter foarthe ea. th me west peadows irojects fu a nding attmwa we er linfrom ea the lest whier the mn idia t projec bwilllye reing on ll wee s. wwnsat do with oghydrolviist dasod carln who ex neplais d to undhis fif ings oer whr e wateecwill bfroming oman std juuc how me h th de pmvelowient avll he. da cavid n-rlsoe "thoasteambt ditcpph su aliest lmosthall e te waher to tmd booown de envelopmhat. tt 00is 1,1 on gallmis a e nuite off th mb steadioat antch ndd arou 6,000 ll gamions a nfnute iesultrat the i verdtharea. through r e powe l canae and thcapower nal pa bythss. boem of thib contrute t tosthat sy."em ma erny vesdi r hidentsenave beyi sat ng thaowtheir s n wellare hdry so tow can bhereoue engh watemor for plre peolse. caron nsexpali... rl caa son- " tlot oflshe weln ive
6:31 am
con inatiobeof it aling shlow,pe iorferatldns couug be plged,t buofa lot t it ise hat th po nawer cathl and r e powel cana pa byress aof shut f." e thwastate giter enlsneer ao ahas to tpproverehe awaa's ter su bistainawhlity, ich is th someveing der lope bchipowbly t ofidhe mer12ian oj0 pridect sash t ouldn'isbe an sue. i livestn the kyudio, n, sisso l channe. 2 news co uminghap on c nnnel 2isews th g.mornin.. i andincree blteupdan otra icagst wory.ote've gat the lonest ..safyreli. the irttle go l wh h lostamer finily ir a fnde, a
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fo sor cmedsar w. stayusith . 'r"youtce wa chingelhannew 2 ns th misnior wngh ithnjote potr, an vadi guendra aeo metgirolost ff jeti mars nez'ntpinpoi 2
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6:45 am
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6:46 am
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