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tv   Channel 2 News 530PM  CBS  January 21, 2016 5:30pm-6:00pm PST

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thopingino get at on thma ..rket s. isngettish up op rtnornhe nadeva. a ariannt bennetusjoins nowli rove fnem the wwsroomith a lo jeok at cot dot ndm... a howit .. works. ari? . well..m suses aimilar ssbusine t modelcoo cost... or r otheshmemberedip-bas ilretaers. cabasiyolly-- uu signayp... p 50 the r dolla ma yearhiembersp fe e... enand thp shogrfor s.ocerie.. il to..etries c. eveng.lothin..l al. online eathe id t is...pahe comesny mak it all y s mone toff ofhose mb me fership sees...e'o thers no rk man up oodthe pranucts. d th piey've orcked nthern ne..vadar . for their majo st ditiribuenon cter. l marcweore: " a aretoble p sho mo alo st tenthe wtirecoest ast niover sght, ao it'sat grelo oncati'v. weune foe d thlepeop e to bibincredenly talted in is tha, areit so g's a preatlaceto up open tr a disn ibutiont ceer."ed anawn cod jet. tm madehean menouncea nt in press enconfers ce ste ditiribuenon cjoter ins th hee otg r biancomp oies...ut tat theenahoe rduo inalstrint ceer. a it's n brandomew c jpany--ust un
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t bufothe r unde--saysy' thevese ugen howe grt th jushein t ixlast son th and nsat meae mor fjobsor ne nsvadaey. thec expirt to he up 5to p00pleoove heer tex nfit veye ars. di the tistributeon cenr is re al aady upnind runbung... t a theyinre hirt g righnow. t sok o checnion opethngs . jud ktvfocom r a . linkco ngveri s theivtory lane, arina etbenn ct,nnha nel 2ews. h"nowmiere's erke algst's fir ok lo atht pie oinp 2ntor ft"ecas we e havo-a twstpunch storm syem icoming tn overkehe weet nd tha b willnoring aouther rnd of rmainly tain inalhe vley d antamounnoin sw rsthe fi at wave frrivesriday mo wirning w th snolslevet thagh mit t star lat theake el ioevatutn, bli will likely cmbto y nearl b7,000'y the af n.ternoono in reng, stroso t uthweswiwinds p ll keeus edshadowor out f m thepaost rt, t bupisome s sllover chowersould oc tcur ont he wesf side othe va thlley. nde secool and cder ls impus e comeh througlateid frhtay nigsn, and elow levs d will nrop tothear lle vaeyoo flsars on , turdayghalthou tlittlealo no vculey aconmulatiis
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id frilay w tl drop40o the s tu sandrday ay sundabeforere ngboundie to thth50s wi a iedroor outlnek wxteek. mthanks wike...orhile me snow os is pthsible keis wee. nd..and th ce east ioastsos alng gettire r ady foajsome mteor winr we r.athe rehundf ds o tsalts rucksnand owpl arows tte geading refoy a r iz bl izarde n thonnati's tacapil.up
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re foedcastbl to anthket e dc tr meeao ar. si res dentstare ngockiah up ead of s theto irm. anofnch w sno ra pad lyzenathe 'stionit capal nlast. ight pevenderesint am obmoa's adtorcene ev s gottuck t inhetr c affiarnightme. fo mr much tore onrmhe sto pr ioeparat tns forashe eternse ..aboard t. stay funedheor t"c vebs e nningitews" wt h scot ey pellex- up nixt at s. bit'sa een inbusy waster seon no for nrthern sevada.ngomethi e we'vfohoped yr, forowears n. el is nino mo a comrmn teng beied us16 in 20do. but al we rely rs undet?tand i te meogorolgeist anilla schling l isngookise into myveral ths hi benind el ayno todoi and jns iv us lhee in to studiorwith anla? ye tea krisa n, as olmeteort ogis g weedet askut aboni el no alle thtime. so tame ss tement hyou'vereeard a ue tr o ands therlsare fae.
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neom orm stoo tanheot ir,t se s em iassuf hins ines insh pport suhily tars ye. wn dans joh"ion: ld wou i sayn rageneerl the e art a loof onmiscptceioutns abono el ni."ic whinh bre gs mfito my rst my nth. el aino is storm lfitsest. in eead, il ninos a tt paanern ch oger a te nnlecoonecti. ohdawn j"enson: il ninos fe reo rred tg warminhein tua eqaltoriif pacypic . tically t whenhahat s ppenetwe g a ng streg theninheof ttr subopical " jet. n mythtwumber hao, tl t alel atnino parterns sae the me. wn daon johnsin: "k td off hink o lthemsnike laow f nkes.o o twsn akowflrees aam the stwe. no o el a ninosoire go ng tbe thesa me." 's whatre diffebont ahiut ts ye amt stre. da nswn joh"don: ura ing l typicael o, ninll we' m seestore orms vi moo ng intsornutheif cala ornian ssd leiv actit ty inache picif no hwrtt.eshi tyes wareee've sn a onlybout a lweekthike at." jdawnonohnsve: "o trallhesy s stem bhavemoeen re niremiofscent t juspia tycal erwints thi."year n soveot el ry e ininoths e sa me. j dawn: ohnsonr "as faanas ocete
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oware sh ning elcoino ionditns." t and noelevery se nino tup ce ney ssarilflmeans ngoodi. bu demynking beth nume.r thre s recordlyactual w showsade've hmo odre flo ning inerorthvan neda ri du lng anoa nios oppo ed tel no nie . thlo97 fn od irenooc d cure bwelle eforelthe o nin of an 97 . d 98 r rain o.csnow..ars i sobet's n en aveactir, yea but n ca awett eributetovery srm to el t nino?nshe a nwer.o. bu demynking beth num. r four er the e areta variaty of pterns te meisorologk ts loothat. bo at a ansmall e d largscale.ic whadh le ts memyo fytinal mh. in el n go wills et uofout the t droughda nswn johe'on: "w fve hadour s yearugof droweht, ld wou have to t get atwleast o hud ndrepe t rcenorof nthmal inis wtoter reven weachnohat wrmal boulde ov iver fare yecus actemulad." heso twe anso,r is noo but lk on br the idight slee, at aast were ad hethed in t e righiodirectn. th one thing s at irefor su. this
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asthan lomt. sngethi to be an thorkful fri. coveng thest ngory, ahiela scinll cg,elhanntw wso ne. 's ity do. i buts it safe? tawe're ablking coout in-sleepg. saremsa s ys it'lato borme f fa ineant d oths ina.ur areti orps fin creatfeg a sa pi sleeirng env fonmentr or you ba . by..onin t'sightlt heah wa tch. rsbut fiout... y s coulde oon seis th w robotu'hen yore out pi shophong... ilw retae ers ar inturn tg toogechnoly to ur encoopage peo le t icomen r theistesoraf, r tee theabrk. e "you'rhiwatchang c 2nnelne . ws.. kwithenristin rem, gton on landil mr,lere gareatt dn rbor po on sndrts, aal mike ger's
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om welc..e backne. onliin shoppg co s ntinuew to groulin et now r aailerskire looorng f t waysteo use gychnolo to pr ime ove threin stoin shoppg ri expe. ence g andirauevaes takk. a loo lo"helm , i'erpepp t, niceo meetyo u." pe. er..d coulombe ctoing a nestore . ar youan"how cp i helu" yo e tht robotecan wll youn here a i itemtes locasid in sde atore. ev geen sugacst a j dket orress th igat mooht lodk gohi. "ts yl st ce isemomplngential to most dyall bo ss.haped " anerpepp was st ju o onee f thtenew gichnoloes sp did layeheat tio natrenal tailfe tideraxpon e no ink.ew yor s "thi yallowsefou bu ore yomake ur yoic cho re toy eallthsee e
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w isinith --tel- s shethays e mp coisany usingte gychnologi to hove salppers l inthe atformthion fey'dind ne onli... wh inile . store hilike tins ratefoctive od y.displan motios sensordetectwh 'ren youhie reac ang forn em it... an sd thenu how yo iwhat'sn it s and itoncarbtp foo. rint lemicheley tinslel/int : on "crssumet wanmoto be re waware,s here ioomy fmid cong tfrom."ogechnolvey is en gi . tayhe wbu we y s! shoeds nor atromelnd int are intestg thitis digt al foosc tanner.vehat gia s you 3 d in read yg offoour e,ot sizth widan chd ares. dr rsing aoomsreal etso g atingeo mak lver.s evi'st woressoill llon aouow yo tas a k for endiffere t styljean s or wize...thith uce to ah of onbuttak. "msuing usre crstome e arg gettinatwhy thewhwant, en ntheyiteed t'." ichs tegynolosi deo gned tn-make istore op sh lping aasot e..ier. and yb maene eve morfun."w rfondeul!"co ngveri s the, toryandi arguevhaa, c 2nnels new d ankemilg a werveill ha l ak oo
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co p ming upoin s..rts.wothe lf ck pa p menofulled swf the eep ofom wysting la, nightrrgaett a takes alooke t thmega. pu g llin byourinaby outo yd r be th wi c youe an borcomf, tinghe thlps wit breasg feedinand al ylowso ou tp.sleeut.. bst fir
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hyar wex n- t inig tonht's j it'sarust heintbreakg... reremsa foports ieur babs died hoin wastye counsi in a ekx weri pethod at ofe end ye last ar. d anasthe re son, its ays, i e becausafof unseee slping ro envi. nmentsowso h w cane ov pra ide pasafe s oce forur wbabieshehile tumy slber? ii look into itn ghtonit's al hechth wat. "t yhereo.ou gre the g youo." hl as heighy arveheis t proudmo therof ci prejuous dah."h woe's fundere'l. hees swd t ancu addlyovnd lo es te.smilr " he n-seve-oweekrild blongs f ts ojo uty, ble ashadigh smitshe ieworrs hwheneee slps. w "i aake uphell te timngmaki re sus he'l stilthbrea iing.f he pssleege lonanr thma norl, i uwake ap inic pan."so le ashigh s keeph judae clos- in r her- oom inbut o hiswn e spact withoukeblanndts a erbumps. pad acand incord rg tothemsa, at's aar smcet choi. r soaroom shp e, keeabthat by's
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-room d but bon't sedhare." d anrethe , asona rems, saysis mp sile. he "t ey'reedntrapp iann bl. ketsth ovey're d erlayeenby parts."wa oushoe ccinty sokeal worrs techoorhe impncta se ofafe sl ngeepion envirmenttis - cing ngalarmist statiics. 15"in 20 i, wetinves10gated fachild estalitiho. of t, se tensi rx wereedelatun to ssafeleepsi nstuatio." h soanow cev we prcient acaldent ra statngulanion d su atffocinion ? bed a rems rsaysbeemema-r the s. b-c'ba your hoby ssluld eep alone. thplace n em or theiback. us and ibe a crit - w lhoutoose dd be ping,wsillo t andoys. t budohow y the wkeeparm? a"and ygainusou jntt wazi to p th iso ontinthe afantownd n you ve hala a b."nket dl swad aing isutll abo thes, arm t not aboulethe gs."at n theriurtuesng n rt ineno, r ownechraelhi c angeegrths gsin plikewsillo w ands edgeldshou be ou kept rit of ct bs. buthe h birtpoand rtstpaouum dla - o' whsos alot a m- her n'doest th paink s rent fshouldgueel ilty ou ab-st cog.leepin
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e they'ro next tmotheir s.ther" so e , whildoshe t esn'opposeco in-sleep eg, sherancouges s parentp to keetsblanke and pi s llow fawaybarom n by iyourbe ndd. ae mak nsureereith is pa im. ired..but. in "hav-sg a co nleepertoext thebe thd wi'sin arm i reachn the me sam rooheas teg cars iver d iselefinity sathe stfetece pla thfor rse fix t sihsmonts ." a asfor ghhleie , sh, sayslikemo f st oshus, fae's allenp slee hwithaber booy, t. trbut reies hallytoard vi prode sathe pfest flaceudor jo,ah t , wellp slee alikey. bab ou if ya have bubaby, ott cann rdaffosl safe ieepingtems -ke liac a pn-k- iriplay cb oree sl rp sak, pemsa's tart ofheri "c kbs forroids" p wgram -hichpp suamlies fthilies emese ilr detao s go tn k-t-v-dot co m. le ect's chn k in oadthe ros with r ouc traffierreporton chais n dean iicthe aloie 96 pnt 5 tr ceaffic wanter. t tch ouanfor ac ntcide58 on h 0 nortl at neian
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ars as crewe will bon thesc ndene. ak loor out foy heav sh rur houfitraf95c on 358 to 0 fr oaom mo na te oddiinand thesp ttaghei bowl chi'm n aiso adeanhand tyot's ur fitrafc ha "c nnnel 2ntews cos inuewithie chorf meteisologt mi erke algpo's pinint 2 ca foreoast, brdcast rt ced ifieheby tca amerin te meogorol sical!"ociety we e havpua two-ornch stemm systmi coovng in wer the teekendhat ll
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man ly raihein tle valy unand monotain sw th rse fi at wave frrivesriday mo wirning w th sno tlevelshat mi arght sthet at t lake at elev bion,ilut wlyl like climbto rl nea0'y 7,00e by th rn aften oon. istreno, rongut sowihwest nds wi p ll keedous shat wed oufor stthe mo b part,e ut som lo spilshver s oweroccould cur on th ste we f side ollthe vathey. coe send ldand couler impesse comgh throu la date frit,y nighno and sw le ilvels wopl drne to ar the fvalleyonloors da satury, ghalthoue littlvato no lleyac ticumulaexon is . pectedhighs in 0s the 5y fridarowill dp to
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sae 40s ayturd andsu efnday bboore rengundith to e s 50 awither driok outlo next . week te krislan and handon te.nk mik we a have nctwo-pum h storsystemmi coovng in heer tke weet nd tha riwill bthng anoouer rnd m ofraainly iine n thvalley moand inunta snow rsthe fi at wave frrivesriday rn mowiing noth svew lehals tt mi arght st tt atakhe le el n,evatioil but wlyl like climb rlto nea0'y 7,00e by th
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t uthweswinds ll wip keehaus sd dowefoout r mothe arst putt, be som lospilshver s owerd coulr occuon th ste wesi f de ovathe thlley. nde secoan ldd comper i culse tomesghhrou f lateniriday ndght, a snow wlevelsopill drne to hear t ey valls flooruron satday, ou althtlgh lito e to nvalley ac ticumulaexon is . pectedhighs he in t f 50sdariwiy dllp rototh sae 40s aturdayndnd suoray befboe rengundie to th s 50 awith o drier nutlookext . week
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tehas us wxtt's nein.... th arere o e twatdemocr vicnsisiofo lar regualting wetl stre .ysone saok it's taay to ke nsmilliobi from sg bank d an tthenthell haem w dt -- plan br teak up bhe biganks, thclose x e taholooples, an ked mam the payr thei sfair.hare wthenexe can eapand hcalth re llto a, d ane providsauniverlll coucege edn.atiowi y ll the mlikenoe? . wihell tgiy be pn to lay tbyeshe ruli' if idm present? yo ttu beeler bt.ieve i
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, "now'sherert spores dictorga t rretbodearwirn, hath c 2nnel tsspor" e thacwolf pskk balletbas team'w sap a sweeyoof w lmingast gh ni ft, and mor thet en it mean rs a fiint win ie laramce sin19 gr38....thanted ois wasnly 18the eeth mllting ae.-tim f-thestirf hall was al2-about ys guhe for t t pack,yron is crakwell t iing ithenside ni fiitshed winh 19pots and un10rebo..ds..and it 2 was p3-19ack -t thhe o cer guyonamerve olir th wiig the bk dundeinsind...a haat tint poant cam yod trn had
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inpo..ts.. p.theack dowas awn 4e t thbreak. th-to coe sethnd, singstarttt geinipg ch.opy..anliver d 2- oycowbt s gecatechniorls f usthis dupt he...tern olivut abo a teminuer latwa he ses assed heanot" r "tclfor ngappiid...veo 'tdidnw sho.oit..r'liveghs nit ne doh witoi19-p 7nts,ou-rebnds d anoc4 blks. -t wahis ghs tiwnt do thest h,retcn dow2 63-6 awithbout 3- numiletes rqft, ma cuezeolemandr aivesitnd hlas the ..yin.he d ha9- in pot ts ia was poone pint,ack le ad. p -u3 64-6pathe oock lking ts ou dide toerj fennba...he ngs th bae 3 ndll aev nadupa was 67-63. no-dj net do- , up 2with17 on-secefds lfet... inneritces 75 ..-69. pathe ckpt swe n the tightonoo, th die laides s we itheas t asny lhauresshe fow torhe ck pa.... e thrmfo rerd eearstit wa h mo r nstengoutior, sca ing ca
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pby aplack erayin sce 11 20sh....soe al abgr8-bed hndpsel t ge chead joachalane htbrig ca erre n winr umbe68499 ..-65. so h bot tpack weamsbeill ri sdingmeome moomntum cing to inry rivalnd weeke m...theen ll wiun host blv anduaoth sqdsll with wear imeir prcoary , lors re the edbs r t andk he pacnavy .tblue..p hat tir set fo7 tu saigrday ne ht. thesladil wilbe
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aongevera t, it takes hreendhuamred aneric srkwofoing a r d soliarye, akto m me asmouch asney t oneop ceo. it le's cald wathe apge g. th and ble repuwiicans akll mite rswobye lerowg inxetafos r osth te atophe t l andngetti rpcoatornsiori wte ei thrur own les. ll hiinary clllton wik worto thclose ge wageap.
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a erhighim minagum we, lo xewer taths for lee middas cls. ll she' t getobhe jfo done .r us i' arm hilliny cld ton an iape prov mthisgeessa. fmike'seainal wther avwe htwe a h o-puncorststm syem ng comier in ovee the whakend tt wi ngll brier anothnd rou of el ioevatutn, bli will likely cmb rlto nea0'y 7,00e by th ooafternren. in rono, stng e impulsthcomes larough te ay frid, nightowand sns level rowill deap to ne r theyvall re ngboundie to thth50s wi a r driek outloo wnexteek. at th n's theewfos r 5:>> y: pellede d.c. fepreeze p >>y:elle. d.c fdeepereezgo
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