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tv   Channel 2 News 11PM  CBS  January 21, 2016 11:00pm-11:35pm PST

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chn stias'mareri wild de was ht cauga on o goprasvideo he me cath down tae mounitin wnsh to noof sakw. tloe a . ok.. ap ady? os prorecuty s sastchriian ch mimaael trres reiggee d th av analonche fr id aaynofter--onft aer owkny inglg goinin ato an areat r suga sbowleski rt oratth was cl edoso tthble puoric f av chalannge d anr suga sbowlheays ngenda eeredonvery te onhe un mointa. vi o de mof iarese n thanavalche s waedpostyo to e utubthxte neda y. stinveatigs oraydo sri fs day' av alchanwae nos cot ecnnd teto e thsadieappncraofe ki s in ctstru corsoarman y. -y23r-ead olwamay sts laee sn onth sdurnday aep rd ortessmig in f ondariafy r te dhen'idret rntu omfr s ariki t dp.uteps iellcaedof sef the orarch fn him o datues y. wh meane ile on dman is aead --nd heanotecr is rg overiner-- aft a anhevalancah in ut. th e e slidenhappeden betwe
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me two iin skecng bicame qukly ap tr fped inviast-monong satw thca onrried hee of tms victi aco abnsiderisle de.tancap sthiles: "nes partdor got wnto i himdincrefably fost, und m, hi h dugutim ohe. otopr pele d arrivereand weto able p heldi hig t.m ou" itbut t wase.oo lat -ythe 49d ear-olouman, dglas gr n,eead hie dcrd s ewllwiik he up e in thinmorn ag tothssess e rm afte tath ofhe erdisast. t innthe mea time --hey're g warninneeveryoe elsayto pat n tentio lothe wnger we goutitho new ow sn w and tind,anhe dwiger ll opdrbu. itt oe deasn't mn thatnd consitio a areicutomat ally safe "n erow hkee's mi's alger first alookpit the 2npointas forect" h wetwave a nco-puorh stemm systco n ming iheover tnd weeke that b willnoring a rther ooundf in maaily rhen in ty valle mo and suntainnow fithe verst waes arrivy fridarn mothing wile snow havels tt t mighatstart l theake atelevution, bli will likely cmb n
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ut sowihwest llnds wius keep sh oadowed tut fort he mospart, t bu ssomeovpillweer sholdrs couoc tcur ont he wesf side othe ll vathey. coe se cnd andolder pu immelse cougs throh late ay frid, nightowand sns level rowill deap to nvar the lleyfl ooorstun saalrday, though le litt v to noacalley ticumulaon xp is e hected. iighse n th50s id frl ay wilo drop ts the 40 rdsatuay and ay sundor befboe re tundingo the wi 50s rith a dloer outt ok nex
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ks than i mike.e n crimbeatto t.nigho .. ren hpolicee ave on ec suspust in cn tody iticonnecon obto a rndbery aot shothing atse annt a me to thalhospit last ni ght.t bu ttwo ororhree mece susptse aronstill oo the lse. ke tak a looreat whe the deinciapnt h- pened- 7around-40 nlast, ight rpoliceedespond to 21 the ed-hundr o blocko f sutr et strewe near rdekind aoad on po re ortoof a sh. ting daamanch kete ledgivis l te inhe omnewsroth with ste late ildeta ts oneshe invontigati. am , anda'dwhatin you fd out?ve inorstigatnes learead at lst e threbbmen roaned a m and a n womaunat gt.poin w.. andhen n the mangchallem ed thece- polisa wy hehoas shet in t leg. th heen tpe susn cts ran into a tm aparmpent coonlex to patn e drivpowhere flice toundhe
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n used ibbthe roerdry and ug ph paraa.ernali po rrlice athested twese o oppele tinrthe apa. mentr-21-yeaold da onrius js es ievbelio ed thave ssa po cibleneonn ctioisto the me arbbd rod ery anngshootihe. ngis beirg chas ed ax an efelon in se posn ssio sof atolen fi m rear awithlin obteterad al seribe numosr... pssseion of ol stroen py,pert c aolontrled tasubsannce afd trckfiing. -y 25olear-rid cha stin..rooney. o whcepolit do noe believwas vo in ilvede n thtishoo. d charge twithffrangicki... siposses ooncof a llntroed bs sue tanc iwithtontent el sl.. d anilchdad enngmeernt. lt ll. wiruiam a,ll: rpdhe"tre n is to gango ies. ngangti mo. vationlii betheve is is st jutr a sveeet leerl robby." a etstreel levbe robhary ty t maha n ve beeatcalculed. wi lt. rulliam pdlla, ry': "there g walkinh throug athisonbanded ar apt tmenx compled anofall a en sudduy two g os comee ut. th pr ptesumn io tist haybmathe ey swerefoet up r isthbe rob."ry lt ll. wim iaa rull twithenhe ro cepoliar deptmt enkiis talng ab t oumathe won and n maetmeg inup it wh ira thn d ma tinarhis ea ndbehi h hugh ig. schoole ththmaird men cah witr anothe owunknpen onrsnd a f theofour
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. street lllt. william ru: a, rpdso"at me t poinditwo ad mtionalamales ce wi out eath fird rms anprocd eede r toheob tan male mad fele." e thmaien tr sd toe top th er robby. lt ll. wim iallru: a, rpd"the a maleuactntlly coueintod ch e allengthsue ecsp ttst ha pr deoceehod to s."ot him e thimvictre is ricovea ng at l locaalhospit p ande olicare in contui tngirherc seafoh mor re su ecspts. wilt. iallrum pdlla, r: ve"we ha latea ost twoe r thre opeopleut e ther cthatedommittbe a robry an thd she tioo. ng isoou wld if no you khiw anyte ng elsthatn canvhelp itoestigars... yo n u car call o ytexttiour p tocr seitet w. ness co ngverime crit, beand amaa tckeedhlchge, l annews2 ne. an thmaks aurnda. to ning tmoney voterapcould anprove in ocreasedaf nevaim's minum cowage, emme nov tber.cohis mes r afteoncarsdi city jstrictudgeme jalss wiejon ra ected legal al che lengheto t bt allourmease. 5 ifou5-thigsand srenatue s ar ll cod ecte tacrosstehe sta -- e thtiquesilon wl n go othe ll baot. w it houldtoave as ps woin t ns coivecutece els tion--
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hoper itur. ld wouup go , ad gry,uallh eac ayeareand rch d 13rsolla20 by out "in onr regia , nglivige ware is mo$2 like ou4 an hr. , soe we'rlknot taouing abatt wh mia faeely no ds taisust n se them. lvese we'rintalkoug abt ju hest tim minagum we." iccrity s saltpenaaries o e to ve seorre fin busowess nerswh olo vithate gee wae. rul ouit weqld r 3uirees-tim the ntamouba of ayck-pon, althg wi ga leesl fed . an fmanythear e wa gees hikld wout hurnebusissan crd in teasecehe prigo of ods. ay trun "i tadershend tip princle i ofhet. tem probln is, ire y,alitf igeyou ist a rad e an l alprthe gicesoro up fhe tst u'uff yoinre buyidg, d g youet e?a rais" o ino rder t tchangeguhe lanage he of tt balloonquesti -- ou it w hldave toke be tahen to t va nereda suprtme cou. 'r wefae all wmiliarith co cost s... orluam's celb... wl no
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thopingino get th on arat mket is sngettiop up shno in rnrthe da neva. alit's ct.led jed com ans it usesi a bumilar sssineel mod as he otmbr mesheriped-basre s.tailerba y-sicallsi- you up. paye thla50 dolyer a emar mp bershi ..fee. t andshhen orop f oc grs.erieoi.. tieletr es...ven hiclot. ng..onall . line idthe s.ea ihe.. tpa comakny mesal s l ity moneofoff se tho mb meipershs. feeo .. se'thers noma n rkup oodthe pructs. d an'vtheyede pickth norern neva. da..thfor maeir jor di bustri ctionr.entema e:rc lorre "we ato able shop st almoth to tie ent re wescoast ov ghernio t, s ait'sat grelo oncati'v. weune foe d thlepeopto in be ibcredally td entein athis srea,'so itre a glaat pce peto o an uptr disioibutn ercent."ed d awn anm tmadehean cenoun imentprn a ess nf coceerens thirnafte toon athe nt atlais. stthe dionributir centejoins e thbiother mpg cos.anie.. out t atoehe taho reninaldustrice . nter's itnd a braom new c--panyus jt de founstd lame sum br.heut t unfor desaheys-- teey've sn hugeow grt th jus lin thex ast simo . nths
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nsnevada e. theytoxpect up hire 5to p00e eoplerovhe tex nfit ve ar yes. dithe tistributeon cenr is re al aady upnind runbung... t a theyinre hirghg riw.t no o so toncheck ng openie.s ther. stju htoead n. ktvfocom a r li nk. mi co- ng up f some ofihis nal rd wofos be dre hisereath we ut "pidin d" it.noand enw, t s yearr,late r theanussipr t esideneiis bccng a ousedf di aihing in rds muer.
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ec 50 s g lookinndarouor the w..ld now. st ju a about an hourcugo, serity es forcma in sodelia ended a adlysi aege offr beachstont reaurantin ap the c wital-- mherethore an20 pe eopl kwered illen in a ta atck. fi ofs cialcusay seorrity fces to onok c otrolref the ntstaura bjuste efor ldawnaloc aastsurnd bofsts fi gunreco beuld a heardmas sopeli scial rcfoenes w rt from room tooom uipurs gng then unmewewho re d holensup ithide ste rentaura. cioffisaals e y thrisecutyfo rrcesedescuer seveoal pple wewho rare t ippedthnside e re rastau hnt'sayallwhe - wre apa warty kis talang phece we n th ckatta. began stheyheay tme gunngn beloed to al ab-shabaso... a ffmali ateilia a ofa.l qaed onwhile ea his dedth bfo, a rmerk- py g-b shi told ..s wife.
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no and itw a brdgish ju te sayshe n russiaenpresidabt probly did de oranr alextvder li'sinenko ermurd. he d 2ied inte006 afger alledly inmeetrug two cossian amradest ho a r tel fo. tea ..who al dllegeipy sld peonpoiso int hi aps teanot. ldreioiugov and ry dmittu kovhan lwve aniays deedin envolvemndt... are they' both ba ruck in . ssiainlitvenkobe iocame vlylent a illnd was w deadweithin ise britrnh goveasment hmm suheoned tan russi ss amba aador-- fnd hasthrozen e tsasseth of o e twecsuspwhts, o ey th s are ttillg ryinto trexitade. lea littr hom.. the asenateerrmed scovices temmite ld heri a heaayng todhe for t manpr t esidena obamnod minateto co beecme sryretath of mye ar. h ifnfe's co eirmed,nnric faing ll wie becomrsthe filyt open gay arsecret ay ofnc braheh of t u-s ta milinnry. faiding sa his
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an thil one mctlion auaive, grd re and soserve . ldiers ci "spey,ficallg makinhesure ty re are hiady, wnsch meain ensurg atheyesre r, ilientfully tr d aineopand prquerly e" ipped.on te ofhet mossipreseang thrts gis theh rowts of isirsfighte. on t, thatt commihaee cirman se jonator aihn mccd n haa siuemple q. stion hn joai mcce n: "arniwe winng?"ic erng fanni c: "mr.mahairn, t it'slyoo earll to te. we ea cle rly arg puttinofa lot pr oessure, n isiseybut th 're s also thowingcahey t n pu su presusre on . fa g nninprhad usevioerly sinved ma h ny higpolevel s sitionin thepe , ntagonudinclching f ieof f staf sto theryecreta of fedeannse ded unrersec otaryf e thr aircfoe. tostill on come el channs 2 newat y 11-e ou'vabprobly gnreco hizedroim fs m hicar ercomms.cialut.. ben rec ttly,om n dolabehas igen fg htintato sy e.alivha we heve tes lat ht onis
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ilmike w al haveat look r you stforeca t afterakhe bre.... t but firs's- it a notte matr of -- if w butthhen ige 'b' one wi ikll strlle. we'w show you ho pathe c cifihwnortisest pr ineparr g fo hqeartanuakes d tsisunamri, ght af r tee thk.brea "t ishis nn cha nel 2atews 11, no rnrthea' nevaders numbne ows newicast, athanri bnaneen, tt onlandil mr,lert spoths wi t garretrndearboik and me
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in p theicacifwe northst, mm coieunitdes are hbatingow to ve sa i lives on caseunf a tsami getrig ared byve massiea uarthqthke... onat's lg ov erdue. moseisstlogiths say one big e... d coul icomelin our s.fetime erand emmagency ntnageme fi ofs cialsyare buri prepang forth t.e wors n do hdahlerheas try sto. ri du tng rheiraregulth eare quak ts and undrami , ills studt ents alethis ey mentar ho scn ol ipowestrt, sh waoningtac, pr gtice toingo tothe oop flutr. bit wh the pa
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ndthousa faweet scay, isientts y sae theslsdrilht mige b ti fubele. e causinthe abevitleun tsamuli co hd ber ighe tthanhe olscho. isscientl ts telwius it ll ahappen pt some. oint vit'sery edunpre ictabl taseno wh. so -- wene we o ed trebe pd.parepe suderintenlant pauun akerld csaysruonstn ctio erworkars cie rao ng tshfini vthiscaertiacl evonuati ctstru- ure fithe ofrst itski n nd inoamrth a.eriche tsh r elte ositse n th orooff a w neolschoin ris fg 44hioot gh 1withch4 inck thils wal. ou ths sandtuof ss dentand re s sidentg seekin crefugeould avbe sed. tlikeaphe je aneshqeart auakend amtsunn is i t2011kihat lled ne lyar16 , ,000moseisstlogiy s sae ther is im an inpendsag di csterg omin is th. way m 70 oilesmeff ari'scaac picif hw nortfrest - thom norern fo calio rnia tvevancoundr isla t --islthe faukn line own as
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e wherocthe c eanie platis sl bowly feingd orceh beneatthe no amrth anericte pla. itbu upckles ndward ats it gepu acshed blikward prke a sing un evtil alentuafly, a ter few rehundard yet s, i hjusto as t t lego. 25for rs yeaeg, ortaon ste hqeart guakegieoloisst chrgo ngldfi herasne war td ofhe ibpossy ilitisof dr.astean he d scother tsientisbe have en eccoll ctingsaore s mpleofse fdimentthrom n e ocear.floo 'v theyove disc teredmahat jor uaearthqppkes hae en heraner av eage of40very 2. yearsthe m lastajor adcascaria ee thquak5 was 31ye agars heo. tne big o, sc tsientis i say,dus overe. e'therins noththg omat cs pareto gn a maniitude thne eare quakthat no amrth a ericexhas enperiinced ma hustn hiory. ma feim est iatesatn the casa amtsunuli cot d hi asomereas wi thifin f mteenesinut.
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f of lasimi jr to, apantacoaswnl tos an jod matir ciikes lrte po, landol a ympiseand e,attlld cou be cu f,t ofen potlytialdi stranng ve seion milllen peop. ke munneth irphy'ss femare agionalisdminortrat. a is femy readthfor one big e? i d woulr nevewesay r are. eady at whth is ste bee casarsceniofo 8r an.0? l at0,east 1us000 plwo that uld be le kil td fromnahe tsue mi. thnu mberays go wth up wi.0 a 9 or tegreagnr maitude- tthey tre--y heentrem gdouslyo h-up witgr- a r eate9.0.we ta're nulking thmbers at i . . n. thisi'ation sum not re is preallyrerepa dd totheal wi . in 99 the 1 c0's,s itiein the c pacifiesnorthwtet stard toco t nstrucngbuildiits to whstand uaearthq bkes... mut they ajoritof tu struc tres iniohe regn were bebuilt hefore tn. de resivents habe also gun tovo
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ta use mxpayer toneyilo bud ts shunami rselteth in wneir tos. ha "cnn 2elew ncos innts uewithch meief olteort ogis amike'slger nppioi 2ntor f becast,stroadcart ced ifieheby tca amerin olmeteoricogocal siety!" h wetwave a h o-puncm storemsystco n ming iheover tnd weeke that bwill aringernoth round ai of minnly rae in thvalley d aninmounta snow e thwafirst rrve a fivesriday mo g rninnowith slsw leve that mi arght sthet at t lake at elevution, bli will ckelylimb n to7,early b000'e y th rnaften oon. istreno, rong ut sowihwest llnds wius keep sh oadowed tut fort he mospart, t bu ssomeovpillweer sholdrs coucu ocher on tt wes o sidee f theyvallse. the condan erd coldse impul t comeshroughte lay frida anight,w nd sno wlevelsopill drar to ne the eyvallor floats on surday, th alitough l ntle toeyo vallcu aconmulatiex is edpects . high t in fhe 50sy rida dwillrop to 40 the rds satunday ada suny fo beebre rg oundin 5to the0swi
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in am cigpa..n 2016ie. earlr thisev g,eninla hilntry clion'smp cannaign aedouncme forr enpresid ct bill wlintonbeill ai campfogning wir his fere in noto . morrowll
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e th aboysirnd gluls c tb ofhetr e uckeowmead fs onr ostee drivst ngarti8: at -m15 por. doens opat :3 70. -vto r-sor-p f e theeavent hd to -nk- t-vom dot cli and check tbl wsue "ne" links. button a cnnew pon/orc wsll shore icpublalan donp d trumand de atmocre bernis sanderboth ctakinginommands g leadowin adump lenas setetor d cruzon amlyg likeub repn lica ca ucrsus-goerc 37-pe 2ent to6-rc pe sent.orenat r marcos ubio i t inithird werh 14-pbecent. rnie er sandnws, meahahile, eds open a upt-n eighlepoint r ad ove cr demoivatic rilal hlary to clinden. sandsrs leaon clint liamong emkely dc ocrati id presalenticu caus s-goerin 5 iowaen1-perc3-t to 4enperct.we holiver, cs nton i aseenres mo ke liwily to gen the neral ti elecnoon in ervemb-p, 60ercentto er 38- pthcent. wae iouc ca wusesbeill on held fe rybruat. 1-sat here .. home. ne the auvada cwicuses hell be ldon ru feb-tary 20deh for s mocrat feand rybrua3- 2 frdor re icpublans. s
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torning h healtnowatch w... a -k wellusnown bs inesanman d mm coleunity iadercos revering t,tonigh a afterur 12-ho... y-histor smaking iurgeryn on meis sum dr, tomnnolan aouncedhe ea was hr ded folea doub lung sp tran--lant h andd e moveto a arizonneto be mar theayo cl heinic tre. hawell tert surg py tooklace la urst sat hday.cee reneived o lunew tng anderhe othn was i er bettpe shan tha fthey'deared. he but ha also ubd a dole as by-ps. mihis fas ly sayoihe's delng wl ghtonit. : mikeasthis wir the funst lg sptran elantdover t ne athisma liyo c..nic it h was auge essuccd s anerand evasyone w so am aazedw t ho hwellmee ca out t of ihoand odw gois he .." l he wilpibe hosd talizefor r anothes 20 dayanor so s d need tato sary ne c thec liniatfor t leasr anothent8 mohs. alal in hechth watht tonig ... e thercentdis for cosease ntrol isrn waering ams icant abou
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g avelintrto cenndal ath sou icamer ta oribhe caruebean d to an ea outbrhek of tit mosquo- z bornviika rus. besince poing re irtede n thwe hestern remisphehe for t firstme tiy in mat of las..year. it sp has o read tstat lea 14 co s-untriecl- ing udinbr coazil, , lombiavael saldor, chfrenan . hhaiti,s,ondurani martique,xi mepaco... ..nama. ra pa, guaymesurinazu, veneela, erand ricwh e ile thdovirus ees notxhibitsy imptomsern 80 pf cent othose fe in..cted c. itsean cau birth ct defenbs in uilorn chdren. na pregennt womus who melt trav seto thent cou aries ureedrg to ta reke piocauto ns td avoisq moituito bes. r fonfmore ionormati t abouthe se dihease o ad tv-k-t-t n dom co cland thick uee blws "neks lin" onbutt. mi cop ng upoin s trts,f he wol bpackalasketbs l teammehad so orgood f wtunewyith g ominlast ni gght,ttarrees takoo a lk at th bo m thenden aen womd , an
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b kobeisryant ea the lotding ve ge ortter f 1 hisan8th l d finaa nb d nouncebrtoday yant is outd gtancedstolden ate's h stepfocurry hor the 9 nor 1. io millten vo 1s to.6 ll mi..ion.ththe 65ta all-sr game feis is 1burary t4th in. orontoas s foracome , tionkithe ngs we oore lo king t16end a -game wskidatith a lantghtonit. ============================== ==== == == ==============================ti 4-me: 15em itd : 2ntequarawr, hks down ff jegu teae s find mpaulapillswh ivo drndes ais finhes t inanhe lthe wi l theay ulin..paap millspt - 14 s , 14b re e:scorti game 42ed at ================================== == == ============================ ==me ti-2: 155 it 3rem: ard qu gter,tiame ed 5 atjo0 randn roo ecconnh ts witrcdemaouus csinswh uso flhes n rajoo rond nn co wectsdeith usmarcsi couns flwho s ushe
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knal: hingsonold wi to n 91 -88 wothe aclf pwik men blldie ring re stowtch, d2 n 63-6 awithbout3- teminus ft lerq, ma cuezeanolemve dris hiand hets t.. layinha.he d 9-po t ints ia was inone pok t, pac ad le. -u -6p 64th3 cke paki loong idouts de toerj fennba...he ngs 3 the aballevnd nwaada s up 3.67-6-d t j no, done- up 2with ec 17-s londsfeeft... innerces itwi noth a 3there ...hhad 12oi-pannts bod 5 re. unds e th hpackonas wk bacacto bk th die laese sidasit w the hanyasur lesowe sh t forhe ..pack.. th foe errmee rard st wa ith temonstir ouscng, inora g ercarehi 9-gh mosby a ck paye plancr si11e 20sh....e so albb gra 8edeb-rndou..s.and lp het s ge cheadoach ja lbne at righercare n winumber 49 -69 685... otso b th packileams wl be ngridimo some cmentumoming rinto wivalry..eekenden.the m hwilllvost unot and bdsh squa
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e th rrebs ted andk he pacnavy .tblue..p hat tifoset r 7 tu saigrday ne ht. thesladil wil d be vown initegas wp h ti. at 3 k -tal gsomewholf e ere thhsbc abi u dhabonchampin ship o euthe anroper tou4-has heof t 6 top hein tld woryi plan ng i .tit..pahey pey apcearans feetobi meg nas.5t -1h holerl wombd nuneer o, joanrdet spih t nicet ee shop sets uthe rd -4 th- 15e hol erformbe nume r onnoand d w 3r edranky rorromcilngy lodi bire ..putthe finis6 d at - 5t - leh ho ra6th ednkic re kifoerwlir bdie
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ou if ydo're eving hierythtng rig ndbut fiha it arderdend hartor y, get bou yno're ont ale. ouwhile ler peop worknglorser houow for leser wag, al amostewll nom ince go thes to p e to1%.
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thpay faeir hair sf re os,taxe idprovvie liagng wes wofor g rkinlepeop, en esure pqualoray fen wom. m i' sbernie.anders ap i e prov mthis essagee becausertogeth, anwe ce makpo a calitilul revotion d antecreaec an yonomd ancrdemothacy orat works f all
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mi ake hasch last ofeck r youfo --recast avwe htwe a h o-puncsystorm stem ng comier in ovee the whakend tt b willnoring aouther rnd of rmainly tain inlehe valy d aninmounta snow e thwafirst ivve arrdaes friy in morn sg withlenow tvelshat t might star lat theake bu st someerpillovrs showe couldcu oc tr oneshe w ot sidef the va thlley. nde seco c andr olde ls impumee coros thteugh laid frigay nanht, ld snowevels wi p ll dror to neallthe vaeyoo flsars on , turdayoualthgh tlittlealo no vacley lacumutionis ec exp hted.n ighs is the 50 wfridayopill dre to th40s tu sa ardayunnd sfoday berere dibouno ng ts the 50with adr tlier ouxtook ne week. nyourneext iwscastrrs tomoow
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