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tv   The Late Show With Stephen Colbert  CBS  January 21, 2016 11:35pm-12:37am PST

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ba( land pying e "lat" showethem )>> en stephk : thanryyou vemu ch! er(ched s anauapplse) thankou y,ve edyrybo! ie (audnceha cgntin s)tephen an thu k yovery much! omwelce"t to ehe latho sw,"ev oderyb y!k thanyou soh! muc(c anheers aud applse)an thks,ve e!rybody ksthanch so mu! er (cheaps and )plausean thmuks so orch fng beier he,ev y!erybodth ank you! k thanryyou veh! muc t i don'knowf iou y'repy hap tobe
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epi'm stcohen t.lber i and ugam a hofe fan ce scien . g it'ss iven uonthe mong landi ,he tio polci vacne,ed heat car s,seatno you kw? us(applae) mine has sixet s otingsn it. epi ke d itown towo tse becau i likeoo to ck my l assow and slow.(l r)aughte(a e)pplausby im the te i gete hom atht nig, f it's rallingffight o thebo nes. don't even need a fork.nt faastic. aot pouato, cple ofro carts, in amaz g. obottlee,f win set forhe t enweekd. t buy evern once ie,a whil ie sccance rn be azzeal julu ask picto, whedh us to labe a pr net, oe,cocainch whi o used tedbe a
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id spn.erma ie (audacnce rets)i' g m gointore ptende you'ro mre thupset an that. me let try it 'spi s!dermanud (ae ienctsreac ) iyeah, ug thoht w youould be se upt. usbecaw e a nefrstudy omca dgmbriere univ ssityatays th rd accotoing c theirtialculaons,id spsherman otould nab be ole tcl llimb was. ie (audacnce rets) yeah!ah ye. .yeahbo o!o! bow, noot i'm nio questhening tse isscientedts' crs ential-- ith think e ey'resthe onri who ted n to wardeus spi crman nould ot robe a bshadway ow. ..but.we didn'tn! liste(a e)pplaus t bul-no walngclimbi? 's thatf one omathe ngin thi s d heoes!wi ththout jat, heooust shtso goisand ac radio gtivelyuiltyou abs t hiuncle. rd acco ting todyhe stu, the rg laimest anabal capwale of llcl iimbingges the cko.
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owside dn.i , mean'sthat o a lotuef thyway, haat's whet ty say. they f catchlies withir the ,tongue see. t buntscieayists s that's the scaseo ousbviolyrm spidelan wiled ne a newme theon sg. s rmpideidan, sp derman,oesme soe of th athingsde spinr ca in climbs,g walls that' int doub t others,hingy' jur s out h ol wel o sh muc for sanpiderm he (cd ers anseapplau) mywell, sh late seow sen is ng ti, linge becausgowe've t ar supe fshowouor yht tonig. s (cheerpland apause)an
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'lrst, iall be to king tnew ld gobeen gloin wchner iarist n .slater s (cheerpland apause) n veryice. fella s hen tars iob"mr. r sot," ahowou abert hackngs tryike to tado cwn bigtiorporaons. s it air uon thewosa netrk... hauntil deckers icideest don't.(l teaughr)en thbe i'll ng sittiwi down th m"how ir et you'smother"jo adsh rnor.hi shs new rcow "merey st het,"e a plays wacivil orr ban whecothe ea-pay rslly waan nd arm a. a leg gh (lauter) w thenave'll hsie a mucalrf pee ormanc pfromicunk yon iggpo p. he (caners pld ap)ause e'so wonre gd na fin cout if bsor cens ns male.ipples gh (lauter)(a
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yoh,ours ear ndootei decveu. yoan (bd) cue ithatn s jostbatiste and ay human.y sa ehello,e!veryon s (cheerpland apseau) e they'rtoabout t get id,startebu ret befoy theondo, e morein thg:mi ja re foxx aescuedro man fm a rn bucaing wr thiseek. yoso if reu' lngooki a for wayto ja meet etmie, l j's seeustho mmw cod itteyou are. on >> t.ight.. he stepn ws elcomestchriian erslat! mefrom "rcyee strsht," jodn raor!d anaa music planerformce by iggy! popat fejouring isn bat atesnd "tay
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no and t'w ies timor f l "theatesh ow" wstith epnhebe colrt! er(ched s anseapplau) ph>> steeren: th oe's anldsa "tying: e he morowi kne, thmo nore i k iw that knowno g.thin" u yo wknowd ho saithat?do i n' i think eaat m ans i'ms. geniu s this ien"stephbe col hrt's ot "takes! s (cheerpland ap)ause lpeople hoveote taks. it's a fanav fteori! er (cheaps and seplau) tfirst, the hotroakes pmise:
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re beforn i lea fed the-acts -d anncthen oare i leened thfa idcts, dann't chge mydg jument. wlikei hen issaw thic graph and de deci ld itd ooke flike alaming ormeteot and nhi somet sng youet f oninire a a bagvend lea on anem enrcy's h firstakot te: am "sesete stre."i' lwve abeays anen a f ofam "sesete stre."it gh tauo t me smuch. phthe alcoabet, , untinghow toma enke frih ds witmeangry n in erdumpsts.t bu isadly, n canngo loler tel ho you etw to gw -- ho tto geto ssesame btreet, iecauset'smo ved.w noeiit's bugng broo ht tbyyou th tte leh,ers d b, rit surpsed. ov graser hs alwaybeen rofull-fudntal ne. te(laughr)yo tu have loookly close, but
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am"sesree stdet" hao te. movsa seeeme strbet had raen ope ting l at afooss nur a f mber oyears, t in par adue toin "dip li g censine revenuoyfrom t amakersvdnd des sal."at oi one p gnt, ito ot sthbad at le tickmo-me el t hadano chge hisme na to o- "dnganythi-f-to-mentor-twey-do elllars mo." (alause)re ally sad. ug toy.h cit gh (lauter) esand "sreame sts et" hadchange tmores han its.addres g ittrot genified. ca osgrr the asouch hed ditch the catrash a n for t hg birdigas a be treehousd ans there'ifeven wi. nwhat'sext? ie cooker monstte's glu?n-free ndbert a a ernieendopt seegalesin tws?wi hell tnt couly final seek ea trfotment o.r his c.d.? un"my coasting wis a dedplacde o sire tl controe!my lifa mwha ha! one! ! notw o! m stope! e!threso gemeone edt my ms!"
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n' i doket li it! so i'm serry, "trsame s- eet" -ine ouver thd ght i'issay tht, bute afear 45 ym rs, i'togoing st atop wg.chin owfrom n'm on, i l gonna mearny rs colom frong"orahee is t newk. blac" la (appuse) xt ne t hotake: re natu.i helove tor outdos. tebut laatly nhaure ens gottwn doweright ird.ju i east ratd thdi accorng to u. the los. geosugical , rvey"85% m ofalale sm blmouthass inwa n ters iouand ariond natnal fewildlies refuge in thno t rtheasevhave d eelopedggs e wherr thei stestesbehould ." d that soesn'tgheem rit. yunlessa ou're ousmallmsth bas fthathaeels twet you nre bor iswith f wh eggsouhere ystr teesou sh ild be,h n whicicase, t supporouyour jrney. us(applae)
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teer hun wr shot that hehought anwas ht eig b-pointutuck, b was lyactualmu so orch me.>> en indepcodence muntyagan bs s hit firsf buck oasthe seon. leor at haast, tatt's wh it ok loe ed lik oon the.utside hu>> he dntedanown al unusu hytropt las anight:wi doe, th tl aners. id>> dven't haal the mrte pas. w theymaere fetsle par. t'>> inis a k.ce racau (lr)ghte s >>: tephenmei assuac by "rk" m he teans'she doers antle.ou thengh givs what' gbeenoingon o, it'smanly a ottermef ti. by the- way - hello.
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by the - way-ll actuay,y ver tr no en dngyi ay the we , thwhman edo bagg " thisentransg w-deer"edas nam ny "danr. beave" au (lr)ghtepp (alause)an e'd hers theng thi --ry vela hte weeard thee nam dannyav be ier andai sd,l, welvi oby,ouslha we mve toake this hi grapc tore rephasent ttan m.pp (alause) thand nen whe we saw theoo fetagab thout e story, g youo et tseewh gat the luyooksik le and it's hinot ts, so iai sd weav he to thcut ice pfture o the guy asth e manve bea ir, andd, sai no,yo tu have io showot t people. us(applae) if i were named danny b, eaveri 'twouldnto want oo likk lehi ts. e maybs this iewhat hks looe lik
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ybes he' aer hotak te? iot nik le!at whel the hinl's go?g on g isnkod dru? against lath time peat hape ned, w gote thlired-atpped bfish. mb remes,er thi god? nnyou cadlot hanile tequa.w, nocc aor tdingnto scietsis,th kee liealy rr son fothesera chdical isanges ri endocne up disrheting c smicalsasuch ic herbfuides, esngicid,du in cstrialcahemianls, d mo "horofnes," frten om me"consushrs flud ing oland nt unwarued dowgs diln to"ets.he thnce d e ol: sayingtievery me -r an as,od peege an anl-fish ts gein its wgs.(l teaughr)
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stchrislian .aterl alt righybeverody, t ifdohis geesn't tt yourtaoes ',ppin
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we ug bro hht youdaere toy yto getneour honist opionou ab nt this.ew car k toineep thnbgs ud,iasewe ed remov a lll theogos. s feel blike amw. re meminds it a l tlet biikof le aud so c, thisppar su aorts cpple.arplay opsiri, en maps. sh me getsw.e. wo a its lso hateen tdriverhnecology. e itmuven thtes o e radi untilsethe tsat beluc are bkled. vei'm urry c wiousithat is. is the is thhe2016 calvy mibu. itand f sellsor? tait satrts nt tweo y-tw.five ?what w ohow. an i meal with tl thisogechnol
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he (caners pld ap)ause te>> swephen: balcome ck. ir my fstst gueht tonigwo just na ggoldenndlobe ati a cri
11:51 pm
my leriousr eadeof a declane stinofgroup cpuomrte er hackhes in t"m show otr. rob." w >>u hen yoigcome rht doown t t it a its core, every choice is th eier a 1r o ao. zeru yor eithe do shiometng or you t. don' lkyou wa out that door,ou yci detoded doot nhing. s toay no, whichns meaou y do co not bacyo eau lyove, ure a nor longe apa trt ofhis. beyou come a zero. if you stay, youos choe thene o,u yocobeme a yes.u yo abecome. one 'lso ilsk a youin agaar -- e youa orone ao zer if>> ph steplen: weasemeelco ri chn stiaerslat!
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>> sentephn': ishat tte! nic ey thal're l o!nes>> ph steen:ry evedybo's soex dcite to shree canistite langratuontions uc the s cess ofmr "ro. abot"ndr you in ibcredlerm perfoance. t >>ouhank y(a lappuse) inyou md if i askbo authe t en gold g?lobe's ot >> nll at a. ph>> stethen: ey't don no teminaws shoe likhi ts -- and noi'm tng (lghter)th e funniesthi tthng in e n,ight thmaybe ere ldshou o benedu altin the a itun fve ening? y >>es.>> ph stewhen: ouen y, winob slviouy.>>
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o,t, npl peoeo. g dynoboak's t iingtoo t ri sey.ousl lit'syikel fun. ktheyofind lethe tirr hai .down te>> s: phenyoare uit sn o a n fu t?able i >> wasti sitng withob rbyma anlek hed t correatth of e .show asit w themr "bo. rot" te,abl igu ess.>> ph stewaen: as itn emonorus rp su triseu o yo ythatou won?>> h. yea i mouean, yno kw... gh(lauter) nyoueverno kw howho tsehi tngsar ine go gg too,o s iad hyo -- u , knowrki woed atl litte bi on an cc aaneptpece sechau becse i gh thou dt -- iwaidn't bnt toeth geuygo that es upre thend a a isllys iig fedur, out mlete atas le tt dohatnd ale also t me oworkn myer losac foue, yw. kno te>> s: phencan iee sou yr losere? fac>> f oh, o course. la (appuse)
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emioann thos lersal usuly show. 'shere myer los face.y saeand th winner is -- a >>hend t winner ism jimy jimmymm kiel!au (lr)ghte mi>> sndle a gethr tough it.>> en steph s: asasoon theca omera's off,ut to the. carau (lghter)yo d u haica neom mentre a isharronor fd.wh d y diyou thank himst fir me monnt ota sge?>> as i w sngittith at abe tle d anum assed in' wasint gogo t n wiusbeca we itas and routa tble,puhey ut mepga ainst wathe soll, ad i h al waleh bdinme a andy tra ofs desertsht rig tnexto me. >>te sphuen: yo wered pinne in. i >>in was pned in. as it wet l g'siver slatet thase e'at, hs not gettingp u yw anay.(l teaughr) , yeahheso ty said mamy nend a il3 id saka, oy, wow,at gre.
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oaapproch t theta s ageound y ve ha toea wveou thrllgh a the lepeop i andne turdun arod and thest firer pson i made eyent cowiact th wasri harson ford. so i'm, like, hi, hn.arriso.. te(laughr)wo w. so the weholng thi was slurreaan ded wonrful. s >>:tephen well, ng cotiratulagaons ain.(a uspplae) aso yourehe tde lear. yo eu armr "t.. robo"yo heu're tr leade of thiscl andegrstine ooup t hackco atrpor.ionsa tlot ofw he shotis sor ofwo srrieut abo pteriva fo iniormatnec bgomin pc.ubli omas syebod whow gre up, you re we a childta sr. ewyou gr up in theli pubc eye. y dohiou thenk tof rest usre a bi baesry woringut abo our iv prbeacy ecaus ethveryingas w ow knoun abte? m y >> peah,y rett amuchpen on ok bo.bu t,k, looow nysada e,boverydy s isort ofnd uer aro mice scopsomu
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nd'80s a90 'sn wheias w ucomingp! gh(lauter)>> te s:phen yeah,m mm-hm. 's that t weird.o say>> en steph:h. yeawe o had tax fac eh othered nakct piuresf ose our.lves>> ct exaly!ah ye, that rdugge tyoone du woul o hearnhe tpu com..ter. i rbeemem jrust wngaiti.>> te s: phen yareou ate cachnil guy? el>> wftl, aoier dheng tho sw, gi'venotte a leittlor mete l,chnica butn whe we werema tkinghe s how,e therwere all es there tms and toechnlogy stuff i and had node iata wh wasng goion . s >>entephea: rlly?o iel raied lot on ki wia pedi gandeooglnd a ilo uokedrmp tes t andhe first wescene o had t do was eight s pageecene w shot anet coyis land(c s heerapand seplau ). yeah ph>> ste sen: wenhip ipl peoefr eyom conan islved ehtry nig st ju for localol cor.>> w nor.ondeit b's theest.a greate. rid
11:57 pm
ybut, seah,eo w had thece sne,an d allhe tse ticechnaler tms, d ani wedanto t issmpre ybeverwiody mthyxt eivensekn dgowleo e, smoi medrizell ath tese.ermsbe e caus ait'snve erlv evoing in thy g, btithe eme w got to ngshooti thene sce, every t iermha ard lened waspl comyetel ou.tdated>> en stephth: wiriin w atingndoo shting? it >> wrehin theay s lesn thaa edwrdno swden sepraied thw shoor f b meingoreac tecuran thasshowe liks thi rmnoal alyre. y >> heah,erowev f youboeel aut hehim, tuy goe ds knowom snethig ou abtki hacng.>> ph steheen: s. doe s who'hain crge okif mangs thiac tecura? el>> wl,am sel ishm, the tocreandr, ano swdenai sd he was pr imd essehow aatccurend a curritent . was te >> sthphen: anks for beingon the show. sopy hap y forndou a r"mr.."obot ha>> tnk you>>
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"m" roboteais str nmingow.ri chslstian veater e!rybodywe r'll beacight bk. s (cheerapand )plause eech z-itvegrooths are e ecperfn t unio of achiteez- a andp. chi meyou ikan leye tht goiemarrd? ..umm.i ..guess. d you' pmake ay rettbride t in thag weddingown. itoh, l's aab o.coat s.. y heyoevere'ne, joges matting rried! ba bam amm ba b . m oh, i'not. t wemeake tiur for oee cho se tmature o inspur cri ych iteez-ov groes. foi'm urmerd niteesstaty armrg se jeant lasonrdessa .ofout he now gre i cet afrall buom ghd lit in ngvitian me frd a tiendboo .ston 's ite timthfor ine cos. tos s,head m youa eet patsfeofe nsivndlege. il taefs, dveensien legd. s. tail ahyewo! o! tmeetw,y la o one ff myeavorit trpatsiof otiall me. g tot o oue therdoand t wha you dguyso, reyou'ot a lve braanr thm, i ama n.
11:59 pm
in el wcongmian sergesot jalen ssard. gr steate o day lf myife d ann'i caant thd k butlighou engh evfor hierytheng t dy'vetoone ke mas thiibpossle. y ifisou me plac yourdi erscovd, car u youscan eee frtze i p toreveewnt nch pur ases y oncoour acinunt on secds. onand ouce yd finit, cayou itn swtch iri onght in aga. u' yoacre bk! ee frt,ze i fonlydirom erscov. ge at itsct di.coverom. e th ymoreovou me e thmooure yat swe de gr'seeot mnsioseenec tolhnyog kes epfryou h esthwive eovry me. itas hqu unicre misuocapthles at aicontagn fr.rances fr onictiak bree s .. ea.rel bsings urstreof fssshnel alday. hewhetu'r yoeere m atingde neadli... .g..rainbbbig a .te.. .. r .oadheouing r t fothghe nit. ti monsonseroe, piotect kn toeep you ngmovi. eedegr, onit wet't l d youown. an cenoun:mentth tois srorm ps misee to bth eggbiofest d thee.ecad th wial totcc aatumul ion uof tp toeehree ft.
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an hod scarols ose cled. ca bempllou's so ps gtgrea awithd cola and rniceed. ormade f r real,feeal li. el(cphl e onrings) e wheryoare u? twellquhe sir arelsacre bink tt the aic. mom? yo dur wadalon't cexl an interm..ator. n calli caac you b?k, mom sheayits p'ssoerlnath tis..ime. if e you'rm,a mo ca you thll at woe rstit .me it w'st hau if w yout anavto s eft fipeeen rc ment orore c onurar insance, u yo tswitchico geo. 's ityo what u .do e wheryoare u? erit's v ty loudhere.
12:01 am
er(ched s anauapplse) te >> swephen: balcome ck. k thansoyou much! pr the tiesidene al racllis rea y inheat.g upn caelyou fe it? e th ciowas aucusestare ju 11 wadays ahiy, weach mrens we' 1 just a2 daysfrway otom n in talkt g abouoriowa fth anoerfo rsur yea.he (cd ers anauapplse) >>en steph:an m! l we'lmiss you,a iow! wi and a th iow ajustd rountheco larner, oltest pwls sho tdonaldn rump iadthe le.(a
12:02 am
te >> syophen: owu knt? wha i like, him. too(l r)aughte u yot mighohave t getd use tohi m.bu eat to sdel the neal he edsev caangelirsl vote. wthat'swehy he lint to berty er univ tsity--gehe larstan evl gelicaegcoll te inhewo ndrld, a t wooedrohe cywd b si praiheng tavir fboorite ok. ro>> i wante msty bes,seller "liket the ar dof the-eal" - yb everreody head t h-- whoas " readt the ar dof theneal" i is thm? roo er evybody. ysi alwaa say, dedeep, ep ndsecoth to e.e bible thisbible es the bt. e th--bible ib the bwsle blo it. away>> ph steyeen: e ah, thbible s await bi goes heble, t on "artf theal den ", thefilike "shfty ades g ofrey."ey thl 're algood. gh (lauter) odall goks
12:03 am
lyparent. ca beheuse l had atrittle bloue t withe he nam oof oneef thbo toks oflehe bibco, se ndnt corihians.>> r i heas this ir a majoethem heright re. tw but nto cori rhians,, ighttwoco anrinthi.s 3:17at th w's thealhole bmel ga."w hehere tt spiri lof theord"--ri ght?"w hehere tri spi tt ofdhe lor th is, lere is."ibertyis th that e?e on t ise hat thyoone keu li? ph>> steen:ea yh! ththat is ene o theyik le!t buer hse' the-- deal oujon, yth read e.e bibl>> on j:ea y ih, do. evyou eaer hner anyoit call wo "tth corinians?" on >> jer: nev iny m life. ph>> steaten: wht is ile cald? >> jon: secondor cnsinthia.>> ph stethen: igat's rcoht, sendri coannthis. lthat'ssaike tyingk he boo of job.
12:04 am
ur to ory countte and sal o o bookbsf jo." gh (lauter)t bundthe pareer expidss dn't hestop tbere, e caushewhile was l at uibertyrsnive tity,atrump s w downe ith thstchriian oa brnedcast s twork'brdavid ody, snwho waai't afrskd to a theh tougonquestis. 'm>> iio curveus, hari you c ed ?before i>> no, a'm not c big.rierli i geke to gst thin done.m i'binot a r.g criem i'menot sohabody test go carounda rying lot. knbut i plow peo te likehat. ow i knnt ple py ofpleoe that cry. 'r they ge veryopood pele.t bu ni haven ot beecra big ier.>> ph stenoen: a , not iebig crr. g nothinkecan mary him c. no bt when mambi'sgeother ts shot. t nohethat c cerio'siaommerclswh there ane grs dpa halito go ve wi dth hisr,aughtehe and tgr ghanddauyster laut o all hisvo fainrite kf ds ooscheeri.(c inryg) in (cryg)t nod the enmeof "ho bward:oundth ede incrouible j wrney,"hen
12:05 am
e th aholeaknd breles his g, so an he cmb't cli, outthand e doother "g saysn come o,shadow n you ca ddo it,ieon't l down,ad show!do e n't lidown!"(a ncudietse reac) e thoi pnts. i.. te(laughr) real men don't, cry aalnd dond p trumeais a rl. man w ho do we k?now le.>> atru the tmpm museu heot g rs endothed by eat leor act's ug daerht. >> if john wayneer wero aund he d woulbend staing by me. n>> joh w wayne bould peroudf o owyou 's anor hon and we loveoh jn wayne.>> ph steaten: thht's rig withhi s nndew-foupi sitritualy,tr sump haed reach with his hgoldenthand h rougeithe v olf adeathnded dragg t backhe emendorsofent n johay wne.e thduke, theou t mghestan notiv ale!ad lymittedas, it wean't rlly
12:06 am
asit wn joh wneaygh's dauter in offront a wtaax stue ofoh jn e waynatand whea appbers to a x wa ostatueldf donamp tru. te(laughr)bu ft aornyone outhe thore wdo hiubts tsor endntseme,co nsiders thi-- ifoh jn waynewe reli ave,e hwoulde bn a10 -o8-yearteld whind guy at thaso undsik le amp tru votero t me.pp (alause) 'l weigl be rhtac bkjo with sh ra ordn!
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vi stdeo g reamintoburns ns of. data thand otose ysher guov love er gicharoung y i fort. t nobit-mole! w non you cabinghe watcwi outhwat ytchingtaour da . init's b-ge on on m ly frolet-mobi. t gemiunlireted stonaming li netf sx,ngli h tv,ndulu, amo re. pl fus getneour li us with p tosi x gigs f eachusor jtyt thire -fivsbuckne a li. rthat'sight. gssix gipl each tus alleohe vidam streu ing yoitwant wngh bione .st juy- thirtfi bveuckser pe. lin an 'sd itat only ob
12:08 am
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he (caners pld ap)ause>> en stephlc: webaome ck. t my next guesa was f star othet, hii "how urmet yor, mothe" bus t hiolnext re ketahis m ck bath to l e civiinwar rc "meyst ."reet mi faly.yo reu' full ofur s,prisesct door. po>> my beint ing, i know more heof t tseouhan yo. d k>> inow rightm frong wro, and i canl telhe wn'm i tinalkgo t so mehobody wo alsws kno the er diff.ence>> ou yt wanllto cha mengene o erslavy?it ot's nur o >> 't isnt? ino , wep keemenve ali. w sohat i am ag skin-- ma deg ndins -- i ythateeou s y everiesoldr asal equ noat mter
12:11 am
hi>> ts is a unionac fyilitor fun iondi solers! t >> ahis ista hospiorl fic sk lepeop! s >>entephea: plelse w jcomeosh orradn. s (cheerpland apause) >> ! wow wi lovehat yeou'von de wthith epl ace.>> ph stedoen: l youove it? yeah. s >>:tephengh britened u itp ali itttle b. ea>> y h.te >> sgophen: seod to fanksavor hing me. ph>> steen:er in "mcyee strt," pl you cay a wivilar dr,octo h whic isiden. w >>'mell, i ani uon ltoyalisfr om ave slang-holdiil famy. t'so is cicompl.ated>> ph stewhen: ich sdoide ou y me coow d tn onhat war, theig rht side? o,>> i d io. dno g thinnsagaiurt oth souern s,friend but io dnk thiy' there right. s >>: tephenjustte wanod t s makeowure h short i sdhoulke
12:12 am
gh (lauter)wh sat i in yourto docr's? bag a sawsnd -- b >>ones, sawor me.phin me sopl peo heave anss iueh wit e th minorphe. s >>enteph:ic del.ious nemorphi?u yonetake o, too. he >> tnty inveed heroin toet gpe ffople oin morphe.>> ph steen:y. reallth asis h notke word ro thutughoto his (lr)ghte >>ph stew en: ho tdo yourainto a be to docr? y>> areinou askgif me ioo tk nemorphi ?di i dn't. lk i ta sed toomeeo pple. te(laughr) te>> s: phen awhatrehe tor stof s thingdyou ha toea lrnut abobe aing doctokr bacn? theit ea ryll a was o lotfho cgppinof feg ls. t' >> is note lik four years in di mesccal ahoolound frrs yea in ouey celld tl you inen t te minuhas wty thene kw.>> en steph d: what iidte tak
12:13 am
ol>> falow cryountto docr ndarou for aew fth mons andhe tn heai sd,gr conats, ye ou'rado ctor.yo d u woulomhear se lsecture andth ouey wld say, csongrat yeou'r aoc dtor! n'it wastn evest pre.igious hamy cerractro bught t shameo e th bfamilyngy bei ato docr hwhic isot n i how its today. te>> s:phen no. d dianyonen i youril famany wt yo bu toe ecomar? docto >> aaw lyer. atmy fwaher s aoc dtor. >>te s:phen my frathe was ado bctorut ion d't havehe tsc nciere fo it. d>> i eon'tr.ithe te>> s: phen dyou hon'tave the e sciencfort? i c >> ian amapproxite. kn i hiow tngs aboutic medonine e th ashownd i ayslwao d thiswi y th m.hand >>ph steen: i'md goo atin actg iliket.>> h you cave aouple of bonesa auce, few d, rugs ithat'st. te >> s tphen:hat'sn whe menwe enre m andd deat a 32.
12:14 am
ph steen:ct ay,uall you gave aed tal tk -- >> a no -- ph>> steen: ayp ted-tek tal in a indiand it was aboutsp uairit ality wnd theay yount waoed t use yourr caree to growri spi.tuallywh s at doethat mean w andhy does ouit sndik le ye ou'rtistarng a lt cu? b >> iecause am.(l teaughr)no m , i'fromhe tid m swest,o idi wdn'ttoant e com out and be a yw hollouood, yw, knohe tli cche ofha tt. s >>entephat: whs i the celich of that? y >>w,ou kno justom seone who f kind oslosech touh wit al reity.>> ph steen:h, oly holwood lepeop . t ihthoug yount meaw midestern .cliche t>> no,hat's "come on in, we e madenoughor f ee!veryon" thetu spirialitys, i trhee's ! meat te(laughr) k justind ofem rem wberinghere u yocarome fm. te >> sphen:he wre inhe t
12:15 am
te>> s:phen, why oh,hy w did your eveve leahi oo?>> au bec hse i cad toome out forow sh bs.usines ph>> stehaen: ouve y been in doisg thce siner you we ach ild? n >> so, iedtartct aing in highsc hool ms usicalwhen ias w ingh hil. schoo te >> s vphen:eryor imp.tant u yootry tct a ighn hi slchoomu asicalsrdfterwa youil wl get st arreed. ha>> tt'sru te. s >>enteph: jhaosh, tnk s youo ch mu for being here. ha>> tounk y.
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er(cheaps and )plause ph>> stelcen: weckome ba. exmy nest gut ts wen tout tohese de rrt andd ecordelban a umth elease w icomepoggy dp anjo uashme hom! he (caners aud applse)ig jgy,osh,nk thas forei bnghe re.ha you nve beerm perfonding a t firsasreleoued yrum alb in9. '6jo plsh peoowe kn you from theee qun ns istthe onege a. he (cd ers anseapplau)ho yow did u getet togher? your new albumle calt d "pospoppr de,"essionne no o even knew itabout triill ght this is eou anntncemen theoj
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er (cheaps and )plause ithiss the bsand'st firc publiap anpear ice and ct's aeomplet .secret di how ged you tog tether?w hotdid i start? ro>> i p tposedo b himyt texfr om myp fli phone. ph>> stehaen: wyot did u? sayi said --s it' cdalle a rugbybe e causcayou ron dtp i and itdo t esn'k.brea ph>> steyoen: uus jt said t'le as donlb aum? o, >> nd i sai iht thoug m waybee d coulsowrite gmethin andor recd it. 'ti didn want tito put n i aox b d anth nei derid he.>> ph steen:hu uh-h. o for me itas w,e, lik't donx !shhhke ep it st.ecre >> sentephee: kp itec sret, ikeept safe.>> or we cderespond byt tex and epros poem for ale whi. ph>> stethen: at'sic ne. iti wreoe ptry. te >> sphen: iw. kno
12:20 am
w kno sdyomebo,ig rht? >> senteph s:endoe ptry? sh you touldt.ry i>> en stephid: i d. we gotri mared. diwhere red you hicord ts? di how ked you ep it secret?>> a joshutree. ph>> steanen: thouk y t,hat'sho anw mypl peovee li there.ea o sy tkeep aec sret whenth s ere' tno oneohere t tell. ovit's lelyse becauav you he ach o ance t osortfak meta miskes d ane figurhi tngs out andin fd o yourh.wn pat y whenou maake ec robord, nody wa is are' you dreoingt, iou y're o kindakf m iingtor f each otherd ane you'r okindf there to aexcitendaz dzleac ehth oer. s >>: tephennghow lot did i ke ta ? d >> inoon't kw, in' was-t - gh (lauter)th reeee wks. nd>> an theraftet tha he a did t loofk worak mingt i betterro thriugh stngye plars. ph>> steeren: we youiv lingou
12:21 am
iwhat'skeggy li as a ratoomme?>> s it'arf wondeulie expernce h toggave iy as aoo rmmate.yo kunow, i'muc sh a huge fan,d anto be a huge fanf o iggynd ase m e hihein t morning in a no kimo is --au (lr)ghte ph>> steaten: thmo is reot clhahing tn is ulysualso as wciatedith. him t'>> i es just tnoughove lea insomethg to then imagin,atioan gd i'veot aea rylloo gdim ioaginatn. ef >> b more i tadehep, tri my w wifeasri worboed aut that so sheou bght me some pa jam. mas s sheouaid, yon d'tan wt pleeop er theie seoung yki walngun arod.>> ph stelien: ke footy paty fooaj pama? anyeah, fdrenchg lon johns asl. welsh hoe csehe tm.
12:22 am
thguitarye plaor, se w bonded. g heot into l myong (lghter) >> s:tephen'r youeft oen ll caheed t gthodfaerf oun pk. er(cheaps and seplau) w thatetord gsow thrnro aund very cy.asuall , punk rpunkock. ea>> yoyh, b . s >>entephat: whyo do hiu tnkit o is,r byin askg thequ onestill, wi iev ner rsunde?tand t >> a pthisoint i will say, yhaveveou eric noted inse tho ar ch blesnsroon moviesre whe's he t goingo goip well out a thead bs? guyth de bas guye wer all sy,kinn bosomedyte wro, make 'emun pks. n inkew yory, cit baduy gs aret no sy,kinn trehey'ly bur.yo y. i sod kinof feele likks pun are t a loeoof ppleha ttt juskind
12:23 am
coitdn't f in tooy. easil ph>> steen:gg iy, you itenvend ow crdng surfi. twhen'sthe las y timeou didat th ? l >>ouast tr. last year.(c s heerapand seplau) oni d'to d i mt as auchs. s >>enteph:'t dono d it as ch mu?>> no, busecae i'mll a like errubb. bands>> en steph: well,on d't snapan ngythiig tonht. n >>o, ethverywiing ell bl. coo>> ph ste ten:shank b foreing .here k sticndarou for afo percerman gg by i.y pop bewe'll rightk. bac nei o ed teccollyot hour p nes ysoanou c p'tt osespictur. cr[s]eams w hot does ifeo el t not cbectonne?ed he my ctsst hur. melet w shoa you ttbe ter wayepo kect conneed. 16the 20vy cheze crus offeril buint lt 4g -fe wii at thon cctne ts updeo 7 s.vice rrcuquent iealif ld gmesesse ca a n get ndsign ave drise lea
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te >> shephen: re to peremierar "g" denia,first f singromis hne wlb astum "poop p dssepre"ion,la
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12:28 am
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i alonee n thpocheael mot t byighe h thwayo hell a camerire's gt ates plivingtoe ogwas ylingllou aht nig ou yul sho wd bengeari the ne fiowst gn er but hu e yoware nos gaodfood lging er poverty misgay and rdeniau yobecould ur bnehed at t stake ll for aou ystr miakesmi st makeskeistas ll aan i wo na delis tl engardhaia w dt tonio toght
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rd ga weniatohat to do tnigh er(ched s anauapplse) s >>entepht : "pospopde onpressiut" is och mar ig, popybeverody!
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s heerapand )plause s >>: tephen ithat's"tt for he holate sw." i tunerrn tomon ow whestmy gueswi stll be yleven tmer fro
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