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tv   Channel 2 News 5PM  CBS  January 22, 2016 5:00pm-5:30pm PST

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erbut the's tedefinie ly mor va motitionge to t t ou ythisear. or strees an opeexand d citefor isth wndeekeve. co tringhest aory,a ngelllschiching l anne ne 2 ws. th nganks a aela...n,nd rai snow or .. ctr keep ofack wethe r.atheev..wherer you ..are.h witfrour haee c 2nnelwe apather p. ca you t n gedathe fo. cast..waand s tcheand inwarnn gs ipathe olmurf yo . hand..u and yostcan cuitomize w toouhere yiv luse. jt chsear -n"k-t-vhe" in te googlpl oayr ap e plorste. tu torning ig campa6-n 20-1- pformerntresidecl bill isinton ca inmpaigneng in rr o late gh tonihit for , s wife enpresidantial ctedidala hilry toclinn. an ametda kleche dg lise iv tathe ys boir and gb ls cluo in rener wh'le he sl beg.peakinam , anda cwhate an wctexpe his tspeechboo be aut? hi clllary s inton'aicampaygn ss bi ntll clil on wilisbe dincussg his wi pfe'stolan p helvane gdansetah anead ayd st.. aheadon.just e y dacaafter inmpaign ig downn la gas
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ogister wnline.upe set ank liou for yr on ouitwebse at d ktvn uot comhender tne blue ws talinks isb. regn tratiootis nqu rebuired, ht isy ighl enrecommded. or doens op7: at on30 t aightndpr enesidint cliston ec exptoted k 8:1 ricoveamng c20paign ma-16, anda tc ke, hledgel channe. 2 news d ankispeaf ng ocspoliti...are d anngspeakipo of li.atics..reu yotoready cu caus? ususbeca pe both aartiesrell raupying s. port..g gettin y reade for thinfirst w theest uc cae us heradin nevnda... a independhag on wy t parte you arin or... t waninto be re...the meare sota impordlnt deaines to ow knut abo. b erinoireen jfrns us om thene wwsrooml ith aledyou ne to know. ..erin.. e thernumbva of neerda vots erregistnoed as isn-partannt cotoinues w. grod ana while oflot ks fol feel elthat hm ps thestayin alde exclus th m em frongdecidiil who wl
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ec el btionallot.e thoffield da candiwites e ll bne ho bd downpay the s.rtiend.. a hayou beve to t a parof the iepart ts...toe ak. part au-----ctrcus ngaini--- wh y cincus cdeedanbe it a bcu raus...-- wd-cro---- t bu rit'sy eallt meane to ban ga orziningl toothfor e tipolipacal s.rtie.. d an tit'sirhe ftest swap tord e thtielecon. liphylo s:"tt me i gis therass ot roprs ap aoachound ywi meet th nyourboeighndrs ak taltipolicsan u d yonomay ent evw knoyour ig nes hboryobut cou meet togher d anlktath to em." d an rbothliepub acansnd mo des crat bwilline doisg th ov erth xte neon mth. cheaar p hty ias ots rwn. ules fo mor des cratcayou own sh up d anerregistay the de of th us ch iuafebr0try 2h. m: pade"as e ms wamhave se day re ragist btionseecauwa we o nt t
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a youurre creegntly rd istere crdemoat." s:phyllife we hael tt t's nopr ngotectint the i oegrityf the el onectir . fothone thing eyar ren'ty eallstregi teredt il i es goth to gie rer straotof vers an erd thnoe's wayve to irifyt at th." day pothe isint h youtoave be gi reedsterta to arke pant thd atav le les af ot ooufolks t. rd acco ting toeshe latert numbs arthere are ne1-ly 8ndthousa erregistemed dtsocrash in waoeco muntyanore thou 88-thsandre ergistubed rep..licans . arand nethly 44- vousands otere arstregis ered apanon-. rtisan 's thath enougwato se y th ge elneral eectionwaither y. but esit givo you n tsay inhele sectofion n theeeominu's yoll otbe voning . hein tnt mea..ime.h .botieparts ar tie nongci atin upn ck ithe nu omberopf pentle iteeresd in e thesprocs. "pam:t a loeoof pdiple dn't uc can us i b2012seecaukn we ew
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"tpam: ahereeore pwhple dno di'tca tucusbuhen ntt wano to d w an e therneare opw pen le ito itwn. ea's rgrlly toeat sso thall w e nes.face" ph s:yllie'therves seperal ople ngcomito in t theinraings yi sa'mng i h newi ere mjustoved re hee i'vr neve tbeeno a uscaucat..whth is hiis tsong? at tinhe tra'vings i ae seen lotof eo new pcople i" s.and yes'lepossib to ychangegiour reonstratier aftth use caucef and be ore th ra genetil elecbuon. ct ofourse atheyopre hceing one you'v en gottve involitd in eher rt pau y...yohestay tre. me soas have y ked whanthey c'tho h ld botputhe re ablicannd atdemocrcuic cauonses s theame y dae and theranswth to at is be thcause h ey botheneed te samsp tace inchhe s soolsheot ty ha o ve tt spli uthemp. weand...t 've gofothe iniormatn seon thoin deadlndes a d theates th for use caucin trainbog for th s partiee and ths linkheto tir it websones....eb our w asitet .c ktvnom. ve coamring c20paign n 16 eri n breel channe. 2 news ks than.. and jt t aboua h montbeto go evfore ns ada' us cauc. es.. wstayanith chnel 2 ne
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onk acebooitand twfoter r nt conginuiag coverame of cpaign 20 16. pa : ulisth-a 3-andal-hacf re ot plso will thon be mee ho of rn fes ley't firsd brancanew r de shaleri'ip. ulm paso neln, ucoming tp i'llu ell yo iwhent co enuld op." ia arhenna: tof city no reno w nehas a cw fire. hief..heand s hatrsome sinong op aionsboutch s angeoufor sr fire..ervice. iai'm arbenna t.nnetl .. i'ltell whyou haat he ins in md...mi coatng up 5:30. th t e roas tof theown s is thi enweek sd...ont tage athe nu . gget 's that..'s orme f p shee..dip... h we'llave de intails o lurofist tnghi2 s . do t but.firs m.. aeronstrm sto is ki matsng int way ie o thonnati'sca ..pital. e howcymergen ci offie als arg gettinfoready r
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th arere o e twatdemocr vicnsisiofo lar regualting wetl stre .ysone saok it's taay to ke nsmilliobi from sg bank d an tthenthell haem w dt -- plan br teak up bhe biganks, thclose x e taholooples, an ked mam the payr thei sfair.hare wthenexe can eapand hcalth re llto a, d ane providsauniverlll coucege edn.atiowi y ll the mlikenoe? . wihell tgiy be pn to lay tbyeshe ruli' if idm present? yo ttu beeler bt.ieve i
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orbad stlkm foeds ne to rsunde ttandishis a fe liea-thrngtenie typtoof srm. r aieltrav b hascheen ngalleing. ita unired as linee plandeskidd f ofruthe anwayhat o'n re i agchico. neno o i wasednjurbu... het otr ai rpn orts istthe ea are en susperding ss vice aa pr onecauti. arso fe , thahreno-tpooe airrtys say the nhave aot hadny el cancs latione yet duto theor sthem on tt east coasmebut so po are sssible ao theydvise os thare who ave trg elinckto che ah d eae of tim lbefore feavingorth ore airpt. chfor muon more s the'storm ctimpae on thoaeast cstst... ay netufod e r th e"cbsngveni news" th witt scole pel ny-t ex sat. ix in lookndg arouor the w. carida's pisme minsater ysve fipl peoree wed killeo and twhe otours w dndeda uring ngshooti a atl schoo pin thee rovincof atsaskanchew. st judein truadau/canimian pre erministio: "obvhiusly ts is er evnty pareors' wigst n. htmarewh sen iitpoke wunh commity le taders,vihey obously ex sepresatd th theco
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e thngshootine happea d at llo mmche coscunity n hool ithe rnnorthetc saskan hewauncommity loof la tuche. sbedents tween 7t 12h and deth grands atte thesc . hool spolicey ay the thavehe sp sud ecter shootetoin cus. dy an mid keer algil wvel ha l ak oo ou at ycar foremist, cong up next. ok lofoing mer sog thino to dthis ek we hend?owbo a suthiometngfo osotlod e any fanc? free ildetamis cop ng uurin ot lisof
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onoductiis is th w this. eekendilthis whel be t52 nnnd aclual ineansg of un commuxity fand pas aic satiralsk ouits abert evytrohing fm cipoliti lans toesocal f. tivalsit t 's whaalthey ce l threalas rot ofow the tn. r roge: diezy evere year wtake e thtsevene of theapast yr and as ro..t them..the ma news.tkers..heli pos.tician p...theaneople yonewh seo dervooes a gtid roasng." uand ashesual s wep dipill ke tath over roe showthom at e gg nueret. thshe are niows toght d anowtomorrht nigur...ctain esgoat up nd 8 ace protheds is ar ye h go toonghor flivat neda. rt cuesain go 7 up at:30.-- am--- t biene nois tfromhe swildhoheep sw---wh weile ta're lking ..sheep. m.don'te iss thannual hewild sndep foun'atios p sheesh t ow acothe tinvenenon cter. 's itor a mrie seloous t ok arealsh ..eep.udincling nt vanser. tion -- --un- comutry --sic-
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rdsatueray aftwinoon, th o 2-7"owf snsi pospeble dending on ti elevathon on ere eastn side he of t, crestavand heier ou amssnts poncible ogee you t t over oo weste f thespass. at scshtered s ower cwille ontinuto iny sundainmornteg afh r whicth singsdrhould any out ind rema l so welexinto n. t week raa modetrte sh engt swintertorm rwillrooll the ugh th fregionor e tht firsf half othe d,weekenng kickime up soon strg nd wibrs and ngingiix a mf ture o in rano and s sw. theofecond twost frorm wontsveill mo into st wevaern neurda satrnday moing,op drnoping sw le o vels thenear ty vallefloor,th alo ough nicsignifvaant lley ac ticumulae ons ar pe exhicted. pegh tems rature d willtorop 4 the w0s andill ma rerein thegh throu the d.weeken e thtamoune ins ara under winter
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tu sa ardayonfterno 2, with-7" of p snowe ossiblindependg onel n evatio eon the sasternide of esthe cr ht, andeavierou amssnts poncible ogee you t t over oo westpaf the sses. sc d atteres showeronwill ctinue uninto srnday moteing afh r whicth hoings sy uld dranout mad rein l so welexinto nt . week de a motrrate swiength sntertorm r willtholl h rouggithe reon fore thhafirst f lf othe ek weicend, kp king utrsome song wi nds inand br mging a oixturef ra sin andhenow. td seconwoof tst onorm frl ts wilntmove io n westerdanevaat smourday inrng, ngdroppi snow lslevear to neal the vflley oor,al nthoughifo signvaicant lley mu accus lationexare edpect. high er temp waturesdrill o op tthe 40 d s anemwill rerain the th
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e thinmountauns are wider a nterwe adather tvisoryhrough sa ayturder aftwinoon, " th 2-7ofsn siow pospeble deonnding at elev tion ontehe ease rn sidofth t,e cresea and hvier s amountibpossncle ou e yoget t over oo westpaf the sses. at scshtered wiowers till connue to iny sundainmornteg aficr whh sthingsdrhould any out ind rema w sotoell in next we ek. t' lek s checthin on s e roadwith trour reaffic cporterhaison ideanaln the pice 96oint 5 raa modeente strntgth wirmer stowi l ll rolh througgithe reon for
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omwelc..e backea. in hlth h.watcat.. trencing cah er wit lpthe he3- of a ind prter. s doctoronin bat a rougengre amoe thinfirst c theryount to do it. di anva guelara expw ins hoa puniqueshartnerh ip witisl-s-u lp herving subeivors at thedi e.seas "h reow a d you? oingooso gd tose u!e yo" je teanethe matpews sixnt sks wee as p aieatf nt orythe ma bird s perkinnccaerte cenn r. othisda e'y shpps ha by tovie a r.sito e shivsurvkied sncn can er ia rveryspare jeot. e annett th macaews/ pncerntatiey : "m oldermathaogist r d nevese oen onee n th afootbend he enli 0-ke 3ye some ars"mo cire spey ficall oit wasn her nd secoa toe, haspot tt's pe eslycialto hard . treat ro iebert f.dlds, mla./our dy of th kee laio regmenal l dica er cent w: "sheuaas actlly fe ofpured am ftationhior ts ca beeyuse tht didn'k thinweul
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ad gr suatenttudeats th's odnow prg ucind worls clasre chsear t. asolechnogy esadvancos and ce ts coma down, pr 3-d cointer culd betooming a ct dor or neayou.wa neyne sewhauh.r, pd.: "i ul wocid antihapate tint with aw feweyears e 'll sent3d pried s device oin alle f thr majo it hospd als ans"clinicrs docto au newhd ser an wfieldsthere bore lu fd awayd rom m-rsandeonnc caener cbeter ofcause mary rd bi'scs physiam progrew. maths is ng amo s thersurvivo's who ad glha to heve tnnm. jeaette thmas/ewnccaater p: ient m"goty e, ton' didvet hacu to ot itff" ricove tng she, toryandi evgu cara,nnha 2elew ns a:ariannri i'm aenanna b. nett.. doi sat h wn wit nreno'se ew firch fief tot ind ousoabout me bigan chinges w the. orks..eyhow thul coafd ctfe yr outysafe... afright e ter thbreak. d an amike wlgerveill hak a loo y atreour fococast, umingp
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yo knu heow tic basba n rgaiofme arica isu if yoarwork hd, yoand yu dopaour rt, yo ldu shoule be abt to geah d ead anhestay aad. sobut y manlifamiones dee't fkel liir thear hrkd wos pay off. 'sthathe not t a waycameri s isseuppo od to.perate wa i o nt to go tfobat emr thry evegl sindae y. ge cot inrimes ..sing. t gel equafopay mer won... t custthe coal of hearth ce iland chred ca so e peopl cantuac gallyadet ahe. arhilliny cln,to h shehaas wt t itako es tthget onings de.
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