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tv   Channel 2 News 630PM  CBS  January 23, 2016 6:30pm-7:00pm PST

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t buernot evs yone iinbeg co inncnveniey ed bmathe ssive bl rdizza. th tie na zonaln oo iinwashgton pd.c.d oste vthis oideoanf ti an ti p the, andalowho proks etty ci exabted frout kiolicn ng ithe ow snti. iaan t tn isathe fofher e th pbaby bandaeiei bo , whwas we enekd. whand erenevtr winaty weher me coors to nnethern ..vada. mb remester to h ay witnechanl 2 ws neth on ..e onln e, o okfacebowi and tortter f storm tc wainh contovuing cager e. tu torning ri the bea.. n one maspwas hoeditaliz a after ngstabbia at l locanocasi. e thdeinciapnt hd peneheat tat islantin cassto juer aft-m 2 pda pe renodeolice ntpartmed saia usmale sllpect a segedlytole a h watcwhand heen tm victitried to er recove it, habwas stbed in fo the rearm.e th wvictimnsas tra tportedo no reh wn witfenon-liea-thrngteniin . juriesa lefemact suspels was ao re ar ostedren und lategechars.
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re pblicanderesil ntiafr neontrunnar doruld tmp was owin idaa tor y folla r the iallyoun sintx ceheer, gebrag hd toupis serportous abt ho l w loyavohis atersre. he "ti y say hehave tlo most yal pe . opleyodid eru ev t seehat? er whcoe i stuld inand the lemidd5t of enh avndue aot sho bosomenddy a ild woulon't nyse a rsvote i okay?ket's li cr inleedib." me somp trupo sups rter thaveold po res rterpoand erllstmos alst innothulg coked mam thegechanth mieir bond aotut vfoing m.r hi p'trummms co centsasome the tedebaut abo v gunnciole te inhe s u-tahas ceken snter atagemid se l veralyhighli-pubd cizemass ooshs.ting an mee,whilni bernde sahaers s ke tam n airuat tfomp, s r hi an stn ce oatclimane chge. sa s nderd joke tat ahaown ll in hu , dsonhahew irmpshoue abt tr s ump'emstatthent liat cmate an chs ge ia choax breatedy in cha.ha "wket shocs d me ie becausi gh thouast it wat crey ed bthe nsmexicaou, i thght he hawould d ve saiorthat. ai certe nly ths muslimbut inth e is cas jit'se ust theschine
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diis leathng in ble repuicanll pos." ersands s hageemer ad as trfronr unnethfor moe deiccrat mi noonnatiio in ndwa a newha irmpshhee, tst fir s twos tateto th hold caeir aucusndpr y.imar d aninwith n te daysnto go uile thauiowa cs,cuse the fl iniauents l de rmoinesr egisteha uns annothced ofeir ficial emendors. entsth pee pas r harsendoared mco biruo d any hillarn clintofor each s party'tinominaon. o rubindis ed orsethfor o-e g-p mi noonnatiau bece se hot--que-- er "off us anngpliftisa mesf ge o w a neanamericry centund". equ ote. whmean cile,onlintev recthied e rsendot emanusbecae e shhas qu --- ote-ne"eare d thecrespt of erlead hs atanome rod abanad" d "thatstshe eaands r tdykeo taon m thedeost inmandb g join e thd"world . ene.quot e themendorsenldts couen influce iothe howans wot are nor set f apa ulrticdiar canetdate yin. but e thwolast tde presintial cl cythes, pee pappr suteord ca atndidhoes wos le t th ca usuc. es
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th togeeier a nooghborhh d watcpr tiesentacoon to mever so of th e e crimdstren h and tow noto me becoti a vicoum in yr orneighbhood."e th prenoe olicmedepartntei "nrhghbowaood ogtch prram" o aims t creducehrrime tough ti cianzen ced polira coopetion. m i' cryan, anadaylland i' show w you hommone coisunity in takg th ite in tiativeeco proteit thr ne
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omwelc--e backa n rise ialcriminiv a ainity ol hwd soutnoest re p hasterompd on actim froreits s.sidentic wh wh isodhy tbeay memrs of rd wahe 1 gatr red foa hb neig worhood tatchinrain g nasemiwir heth to rencepoli pa demertnt. anryan c wadaytoas at day's enpres atationnsnd joiw us noli thve in roe newsom. w ryane hat arcithese tizens g doine to makera diffence? th jen mieir coogng tr etheto tsecureghhe neiooborhd l they. ive inwa i totched nday asrseighbo edformup groins..voweeg to kp an an epd to ry ort aniosuspicusac tytivit thaketaacs ple in artheir ea. n "ourboeighd.rhooe .. i'vever en be" lmuncir embebrjenny s ekhusays e thzecitin ns i 1ward h allave e ononcomml. goa. nn jeeky br"ahus-nds that'the tysafe w andinell beurg in o
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t orderhio acevise thl, goa ab-est tlish nheirboeighd rhoowa prtch m.ograe' "wngre goike to tanm assigentsan opd pe gle areo oing tr offeup pato be anrticip ats andonctive th oceir blks." e and tholreno ppaice dertment towants . help. ar"we r e...ouuncommity." d rp wsaysonard s e ha aseenre ixcent s pteennterce i spiken cr imctinal a..ivity.and bywo torking wgethere ith th deresi tnts,hohey o pe tkema is thgh neiooborhsad a plfer ace.of brficer -"oadwayiccommung atin r whetheiait's v v text,ia le tee,phonma e tils,wahat y we wocan ogrk tr etheatto chech tse alcrimint thactare viinimizg th ige nehohborod."ta eshibliseing nrhghbowaood tch d toasecreime cr ainalitctivy is th one uting, b p watchamrogrs ca n alreso cneate orighbhood s bonda and tegreansr see of risecuty. t janethfrey-"t e firsasstep w e that wt all gew to knoeach he otd r an wknow wheree'relo d categoand m froe.ther" nmary-"evineewe n kd tor now oune s,ighbored we neke to ma sure l weheet towm knn whee we'rnot at e homheso tn y cahowatcorut f r ou ahomewes llus as ch wat out r fo."themwh esile thrte effoegs do binda
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ep a sttoping sarne towr d safene orighbs hoodacall owross tn. dwbroagiay-"ouve ye som rminfon atiomeand sote so ps t owfollse to at upgh neiooborhd wa wtch, ge'llero ovme cri en tro ds s wthate ay wmacan ke trenoe he safndand woerful itcommun iy thatt is." co itmmuninies edterest in ti stareing a nooghborhh d watc m prograirof theca own, n t contacirreno d 7ect at-7-5 463-3-4 -36 ngcoverito the se ry livin thene , wsroomanryan chaaday cnnel netwo ws. gr a woup ofatomen ginhered tsparkstooday, a begin new ap chofter at a nfiional msrear zaorganitione thofnon-prupit groca is lled l-"weld arme awoman,s nd it' igoal hs tomeelp women becomo omre cabforth le witrea fiarm. th lsey a fo holdaiundrndsers a tedonato time r senionscitize ctand vi dims ofc omesti ceviolen. lothe catel chapper is on to n wome eof allncxperievee lels,.on ere membd tolitus, 's animporte t to b asafend mf coblortathe wiun a g. ca"i do y rrlaregu hrly, iave my s ccw, ao it'sgolways o od tre h fresbeand fo comlertabh wit ."theme
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ai agisn thsd tueigay nt ht a6 t p-m, aanthe spriish spngs arlibry. ca a lotsl sporho team sted a ue uniqnt eve o foritur milary mb meaners ted vetoreans day. re the hono bigstrns ho fed aeel ga leicl clinll for aiv acte- m dutyitilanary rad vetens, as opartr f theitamiliry pr aptieciaigon nht. it as wre a fine clt ic tha fe ofa red e rangalof leg icservsues, s ch as,willba ptnkruancy, mid faerly ss.vice ra vete 3ns gotte0 minu as withn eyattornte, courf sy odaneva l legaesservic. re "we'ti hosnger a vetan's icclino-, pro bon fclinicor . vetsf part omiour rylita ec appr niationthight, 'se gameni to wght.ste jute wanead to rch t ou vto thed ets ane provida ore bighmins' talirypr aponeciati b nights eginat 7 w p-m,eyhen thth host e inaustsp turs atenhe rtso evenr. cente ogteorolgeist anilla schling h willloave a yook at ur
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le peopon are dg atiny moneto rhelpenesidflts in int,mi , chigancopeh witwathe ter is cr. is rsdono f areinlocktog theon wlineteebsifu "go" ndmebyand th ftis aonerno g had niveny earl 20 ou0-th dsandrsollamo. the ney gwillrdo towas thinglike hapurcngsi btlot oestef war,wa fiter s lteranend evs bagof h frest fruiveand tageesbl. in sp re tonsee o thououtp oringf su gort,dmofune an cenounitd l wiltedonath to e mp
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hawe do inve chaic restrs tionr foeathe idst sahe of toe but i- s 80 doeno e t. w halsoa ave inhigh wd ad fvisorytior porofons 580he g adins toward ccarsonity. wiwinds tall sguy y strothh ugni toadght. rowar s hs someac otivitywen the e st sidheof tsi overra. coerall nsnditio are ov improwing. honever, ce n the suowgoes d'ln wevel ha two tc waich for s y spot0 on i-8and up ro and ahound taele. satlite ow shlos the giw swinoung thrgh a withak breou to . r westfor ni to'lght we dl stayitry wthh wi mp teeseraturng fallith into e pe up ar 20's 3nd lowit0's. wh
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ieows quitt condonions tight awith lweakovow mroing thndugh suay inevenhig. t bs willk e quicand du hering tof time w day iheret ou shl ld faln as ren s more tnow inrrhe siea, ve howe ar, not as muchdas y ven dash moows shre sunisine th week, mwithdrore ty dayshan da h ys witndrain a h snow.ighswi e ll ba at or grfew deees al norm. hawe do inve chatr resonictis thfor ste eaof side b tahoeut 80 i-no does alt. we e so hava inhigh wsod advi pry fors ortionof 580 ad hewaing torsrds cay.on cit s windtawill sy y gusth througni
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tyactivie on thidwest shee of t si . erral overalioconditns are pr img.oviner howev, once e thgosun n es dowhawe'll ve two tc war h footicy sp-8s on i0 and ndup aun arohod taate. steelli s showlothe inw sw tgingghhrou th wire a bo ak tweour fost. r ni to'lght we dl stayitry wthh wi mp teureratesal f ilingthnto e pe up ar 20's 3nd lowit0's. wh st moudly cloiey skuts. ft urecasow sht s quieitcond tionsonight with awe mak lowg ovinugthroayh sund ev g.eninwi this qull be d ick andu hering tof time he day wt re ish alould fail as renn in ro. re moin snow ie the srra,ho nwever,muot as toch as sen day
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th arere o e twatdemocr vicnsisiofo lar regualting wetl stre .ysone saok it's taay to ke nsmilliobi from sg bank d an tthenthell haem w dt -- plan br teak up bhe biganks,
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an ked mam the payr thei sfair.hare wthenexe can eapand hcalth re llto a, d ane providsauniverlll coucege edn.atiowi y ll the mlikenoe? . wihell tgiy be pn to lay tbyeshe ruli' if idm present? yo ttu beeler bt.ieve i m i'rnbeanie s dersd anpri apthove esis msage. th dae nevapa wolf s ck iingettg se ht toinost te staiv rnlal uv to t nighawat levlor ents nt ce. er..hain wout she ld ban r othesiclasvac rigalry me tc ma..hup. u yoloare g okinasat last seon'shi ghghlits. f asheor tms teas thionseas... th coe rearrds moe aldest ialnticth bee rerels a7. 12-nd.. a 3-3 in ou mn ntaiwelast p wy...hile e thlfwoac pisk 7 11-3-and 3 in tamounesin wayt plun... s lv ion 3 a megain wtr sk eateafr eyth pa edrts way fwithmeorher ad accodah rvee.ican. prd teomd to imdd s ton'se o thtiposi. on..
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bymes av an e erag0 of 2 inpofots. e r th pwolfthack ey ar coe ngmiff ooa a rwid n in ri laovmie heer tmi wyoowng cboys 9.75-6t .. a wthiseeksav laaitybili g thesauys nlid uv s hachmuet br teptdeh tthanhewo aclf p sk...ato whit is ng goi ttoe ak btoeatht vaeir ril fromdo ouwn sth? ha"unlv gs suchthreat as lete ey thhe run t s floor. o welltheyha tive mulatple ichlet guys an hd theyysave guan who c shoot om froi 3 pgent ranhe. so ty are rda ham teaerto cov. .. atheyrere rallyy eall igoodann tronsitith avey hgre a t eas.presy thee arg playinlyreall wel oasf ." late y "the aare anc thletindteam a n cainget gojug. we e st havto op stir thes runthand ings tlikeanhat wd webeill e. fin" " st juyi plaarng ht d a loof our eslossfr came s om us from unot micoutng oon strmig coutng o atflso. e wtogot e mak wsuree co utme o p and40lay ut mines ."hard i "itins go tg toa ake gr cooup tillec pvelyhalay o rd g e for thbaloose tlls...e hey ar
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togoing to have us out hemtle th ."really so wi it e ll blfthe wo pack g hostinbethe reerls hnie toght at r lawlo ceventsinenter thefi ofrst ov two g sernorseries hu matcthps... pe wolfs ack ha ofwon 3 as the lait 5 agnst .. unlvth. but ie guyshan red ve n wostthe la. two..f tip ofset m.for 7pnd.. ayo if t u can'makeit o out t tlawlorhtonig c youan thwatch oe gameu.n espnf and o ur coilse i w fl haveull gh hi alightst nd posgameac reontion tt ight a11. le akts tloe a thok at tae mouninst webo score oard...inver co slorado tpringsrehe fsno bustate slldogskequeet d oua 5 56-5orvict ty over fhe airorce y academe and thstboise ate co bron cs tookofare sn buiess inwn dout in soalhern ca ifornithe sa egn die o stat raztecsemain atundefecoed in cenferen play a after wi70-55 un overtah e.stat nethe wvada bomen'salasketbl am ten was itysin cice to fa . unlv..ea prly onwnack dobu 4... t ls keaeey kgelin sts thendteal a hethen skn will n ockdowllthe pu peup jumher in te lanutto c the ci defi ht in..alf. tt a liatle lever ndoada ..wn 9. thbut aey are wble toe ork thba
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e ter th..break.'s... it tinaalon d pieweay. te'll oull y a whatcameri ins sayr s thei ri favoiete p. . next a thenwingela e ll havl a fina lo t ok aatour weouher. y're wa ctching 2hannel- news co yverage cou cann.ount o yo knu heow tic basba n rgaiofme arica isu if yoarwork hd, yoand yu dopaour rt, yo ldu shoule be abt to geah d ead anhestay aad. sobut y manlifamiones dee't fkel liir thear hrkd wos pay off. 'sthathe not t a waycameri s isseuppo od to.perate wa i o nt to go tfobat emr thry evegl sindae y. ge cot inrimes ..sing. t gel equafopay mer won...
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so e peopl cantuac gallyadet ahe. arhilliny cln,to h shehaas wt t itako es tthget onings de. m i'y hillartoclinin and pr apthove sais mesge. e therupis an orside fas the et pecoast eaople ditling wh a
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at's nl ionadapie y. e thicameriean pnc coureil catedth y e da9-in 186. th rse fiest pie wer bmadee y th y earlnsromad . an wtheyere mo mstlyofade t. mea a pieedrriv mein a wricathith fie rst isengltth se. lersdiyou edn'tat crthe baust heck t in --s t wa ujusttosed th hold lle fiing du akring ere am picanncie cous il say e ther23are ri1 vas etieppof ale wpie, 3hichll6 miamion anerics issay ir theor favite. 'sangelawi here inth a fk al loo at fo your ..recast.. n seveowday sh ss moreinunshe w this week,moith dre dryays th s an daywith ra
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