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tv   Channel 2 News 5PM  CBS  January 24, 2016 5:00pm-5:30pm PST

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ind austle mils r wa enapprehndded, aca a disrdedha wandgun ves recoilred. mler lehad alrogedly hebbed t 7-11 olwhen pllice pup.ed uha he s c been whargedo ith tw ocountsf ar bbmed rod ery anone uncooft bs ouctrngtin sth thetrutro sooeet shting thand are two bbmed roareries e il str l undeiginvestation. ou if yw knohianytt ng thacan lp he s, callwiecret attness 3- -h2-2 49edundrte or r xt you p ti 8to-7-4-1 4-1. ok loouing ar nnd the, ationsthe memonudintal " ig out"rws undeayfr gom theasulf coewt to ngl en- and-owfollcoing rerdow snrofall fwem the d eken za bliz lrd. at 2eastop5 pele d haveomied frea the w. therascr swaig bopoell ret'rts, ill be bdayse eforgsthinre ak bacto alnorm. th ste ea i coasts ngbounci back a fromnd weekear blizzd thatmp dueaed nferly 3 snet of ow in p somelaces. sh wa dingtonhic was 2t withfe f et o--snowou- eno gh tkeepar sealschoose clondd moay.
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ndgroune--- 1arly2-th ndousagh fliavts hene be nccaleelsid idnce frcray. aig bo l,swel n cbs wews,ngashiton. d anstthe hiorliic bd zzareddump re mon thanc26 if he on snow o w nerkyoit sngti n aew co reorrd fre the gt atesllsnowfain in a sdagle y. ou ths sandloof prews aki worng leto chear tee strs ts...ath tye cioa's rs,dwaydg bries, eltunns puand blic sptrantiortaeoon rd pene ttohe icpubls thiinmornutg. b fiofcie als arurstill ging lepeop t notelo shovye snow t."d taon't short sngveli s thenow tintoeehe strt't, iakll me itha ordernin saontati and er emy genconresp."ders cithe lsty amio rended re s sidentleto ce ar firhy ..drantsr . afteana hydrt ve co sred inw noslowedfi terefighspr's reo onse ta rarestaue.nt fir yonew pork airrtsus renomed rmal atoper, ionspuand sbliclschoo
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b it'sa een t quie fday soar in n northedanevah witndi-80 a mo seunt ro. clearattemperuresri w ght no tare in 4he mid0's swith abrlight oueeze. r lo mw this worningrtas thiy gr deatees. s selliteaihows rn over rncalifoloia, a atw thl wilpush to newards wvadan ithixtthe neco leup os.f hourtr best r ack fois thm systet is jus nto theorth stand eaof b reno,reut thet is noa ton w ofroiggle stom. syisems th small ar te hardedo pr aict.g nythin
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ac tecumula, ve howetor, leftever war will . freeze wso iceggill biest e issumoearly ornday manning. in snch of poow is issiblen lplacessaike su anvillend y.fernle an thelks anga--- thand wihe all tin snow the , sierraistahoe ul a poparde iostinatlon for ndcals a is tours ts thif time oarthe ye. an rid one ride shaomng c ipanys ngmakiea it fsierkior stoers ge upt o tmothe taun. in c ryan janadays oins un live i nethe omwsromo with thre on e st ry? it jen le's cal sd uberki. d an inevadalys on o onef two wstatese ere th ioptions madeav e ailablheby tul pope ar rid in sharang compspy. we tooke one dubertoriver ouday abt his ou th oghtsivn drfring heom t tcitye o thesslop. s " yea" me ohet jwnn toes.. ki "sk" rac
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ryindust foror mane thnt twey fi eave y.ars..asnd hen rectly un foned a dew riri shaomng cpany rito dorve f. r "ube tcamewno toi so dedecid,le git's t ve tha" a try. t but noasonly hco uber o me t da nevaco, the y mpanofnow fers suber serhace tlot alwssk tiersavo tro el tr thei vo fa srites.lope iv drd e anhayou o ve tkihave s ck ras heon t." topbu u t yo halsotoave e havsome ie cl. nts. ar "c" to luday goesa eznzal h anderst siraer tveinled ento romo fr comexind...ay then'weret so hsureheow tgey'd t r thei ow snd boarggand lue agheto tir re isorte.n taho et"som wimesvee haub trotoles an trt sporo it sini th'sk it ereasi e forthvery" twd beeee n thtibeauful enscy er tof..ahoe wasl elas a f briehiy storonlessbo aheut t . lake t "i..hinkilto f."l up algonzasez wpy haph wither erdriv t andrihe tp."i nk thit tha git's breatseecauwe 't donw knotothe o wn sit's si eander aer safta to s ke uin is th." wayas t fors owneikhe leees mting
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ipe tr e, hes njoye wherthe tjob ishiaking ad my avanceddoge, i own't knw ho clong iitan do t , bui'm infeelt g filland we e and injoy g doin iit, soca'll onrry as nglos acai n." yand if'doue likrnto lea more t aboukiuber sju or best ur in ra gened l, heao over tour we ktbsite avn.comlind cn ck o blthe nueinewsltoks butn. ngcoverito the se ry livin the ronewsryom, adan cannnay chaeltw o news sothe as pciateds ress ipo rethrting oat theerwns t.of mro kise soe tahre aki looo ng tse hell tor rest. e thrtresoaj's my oritowner, z fritr,busens plapu to e t th op pr oertye n thetmark. romount icse offayials ser bus s feelthit is t e rightio me tse esll, alpecih ly witthste lase bason seingssuccel-fu- itdesplee a noan srnw -ye 95ead r-olr busebehas en wnan oiner s9-ce 1mt71. se. ro a is o mixivf prprate tyoper and nd lase leaomd fr theu. ors. fseest e.rvic ncit is lude201,ki0 "sable ac" tostill r come,n eactiowofrom t
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rs endobyement es the ds moine erregistap newspioer in atwa. th st nory,ext. ou if ydo're eving hierythtng rig ndbut fiha it arderdend hartor y, get bou yno're ont ale. ouwhile ler peop worknglorser houow for leser wag, al amostewll nom ince go thes to p e to1%. n my plae -- maktrwall seet s bankthand are ultrich thpay faeir hair sf re os,taxe idprovvie liagng wes wofor g rkinlepeop, en esure pqualoray fen wom. m i' sbernie.anders ap i e prov mthis essagee becausertogeth, anwe ce makpo a calitilul revotion d antecreaec an yonomd ancrdemothacy orat works f all
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ye daster dy, the mess oinere ergistnc annoued its rsendotsemenhe for t twopr enesidartial pinty nom. ationsw, nory hillaon clintar and mco o rubiacare reo ting ttheir do entsrsementh from e ue inflnential pewspaosr. re hy heapts reporio from wa. tesupporgrrs conedatulat marco atrubio pa a camopign st in anindi hola onis
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idpresalentidi candateop "h, efully wthatanill trslate mintosuore t.pporhi i tt nk ige llnerafly re, ects iwhat in ths k, iowa grmoing umment in sthis."tate d thenees mois re egisteralditori s boardays it ev beliioes rube is thopbest he th for ble repu picantyar and tmoveinhem ew a nec dir. tion n "he cat attracndindepeants hethat tli repub ncans ieed,f t they thinkarhey g e gointo be sfsuccessoul. alse becau we in th ck heeaan apphel to tre icpublasan bthe." are boysd sa grhis steatell cha wengebeill hi pes excerienhi -- mes resun' is lt asasong other idcand. atesbu bit rusao dis.gree w"andithen es comna to altion cu se, rityneno oni runorng f idpres eent,llspecia ay asre icpublhaan, n s showerbett emjudgorent te betr rs undeg tandinseof thes issueth at i ."have he on tra democdet sith... e re ergist e boardd ndorsey hillar cl --inton p their 2ick in008.ey thnt poihe to adr le aerships reher st. ngthry"hilla'spe ex, riencedgknowlee was maunhetc td. bhethreadep and dth er of hwl knoedge." t buaythey son clint h stillasr hessweakneese "wotalso n20ed in u 08, yoow knel, we fatt th t, atimes,
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to clinmpn cainaignlig in cnton omwelcheed tor endntseme. ad "mecam sryretae , thindes moes stregi jert usrsendooued y, any tireacpron? enesidalti ca e:ndidatve "asry pleed, slobvioumey, it loans a t tome n ." wheomit co es tcaucus t. nigh b.. theopoard hples peoe wi p ll keeentheir endorsemt in mind. e "wkndon't heow whither ts isin goe g to bsipersuabuve, t wekn plow peolle wiwh read at we ha save to ay, andt t leasgiveat thco some atnsiderion."> ilmeanwhoce, demc ratiidcand ate ie bernrs sandere appeabcd on n'set mere the payss tod. s he sayonhe's c ifidents n hich s ancegeif he fats to ce na doruld tn mp inethe geral onelecti. f "i tdonaldinrump wmrs and . bl eroomb ig gets'rn, youg e goin h totwave ibo multaiillionres ru fonning idr pres tent ofhe sunitedagtates meainst i . and k thinamthe pericandoeople n't t wantouo see onr nati move wa toolrd an y igarcherwhe bi irllionatres conheol tli poprtical iocess.nk thill we'wi en thatiolectn."
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nt weth on tae atodck theay. cr editicizd donal strump,aying th isat he ----quotelu "desionalab hiout pos own wer." t "whay i worrthabout s at ith isere ti a disernct amican it tradation thre i rephasent tt sa ys too p muchraower gngvitatith into e nd hanys of a aone isst mireake-icpubldean or . mocrat e so we believrein a pncsidey li bymited on the ciostitutn. i ththink alat donp d trumesbeliev o in n tlimitsr o poweg as lonas omit's c hing toim."th uce kenttoky sen or wentn to y sa cthatrvonseesativul shod beal d armeruby t cmp'sdaandicy, an atd th f theruront inners qu --e-ot"p- liul wng theovool er ey our es." wi ith thecaowa esucusus are jt t eighwadays a ly, andaness th a unmonth netil 'svadase caucus... ur be s se towitay nnth chael 2ne onws... ir the aon... alinendon oo facebtwk and foitter r incont cuingerove ag cofigampan -1 206. olmeteoranogist chgela sngilliwi e ll hav aa lookt your
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eyin mon.. watch. ait wasia famild r crowat the oftop w thendeeke o boxe.fficle doonarap dics rio'monew vie "t enhe rev rant"toose be numr on wie 1thmi6-iolldon arlls. me whane,ilas lwet 'sekum nr be e.on"r..e idal fong 2"ell to wthird,-mith 13 dillionollars. r "stathwars: rce foene awaks" vemod ckbap uecto splond e ac th wipo 14-thint-miree n llio do ll ears,dixtentsng i-t allime
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ceoffior rec 8d to-m79liil. on b it'squeen a y iet da iso farn n northe wnevada80ith i- and t mounlerose cmpar. teeseratur t righe now ar min thes id 40'wi sth abrlight oueeze. r w loorthis m wninghias trty gr de sees.teatelli r showsain ov ifer cal aornia,ha low tt will t push nowardswievada tthinhene xtco f uple o bhours.trest foack r ysthis s jtem is tust tothhe nor stand ea en of r to, buts here itonot a n of e wigglsyroom. thstems is al sml
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fthat aallsait the worport n't laaccumute, r,howeveve leftor r watewillee fr ize. sol ce wilesbiggt eaissue ndrly moay inmorning. an snch of ow is ss pon ible i lplacesike su lesanvil andrn feutley. ft urecass showthe ysweak svitem mooung thrgh around tidinner qme and fuicklyg izzlinou h t. higrepressus buildin on monday ke g epinryus dll but afoowing r ioinverssens to sot up, we'llha ve to wa
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s." "i s t waysa phamical gmee i anme antallyf lot o. energywe n' do ut like'mnlv. ith sure ey lidon't anke us s d gamekelith aat aregolways hing toappen ee betwvan 2 rils." wh coen we k me bacge- anilla wl ve haal a finat look our
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yo ldu shoule be abt to geah d ead anhestay aad. sobut y manlifamiones dee't fkel liir thear hrkd wos pay off. 'sthathe not t a waycameri s isseuppo od to.perate wa i o nt to go tfobat emr thry evegl sindae y. ge cot inrimes ..sing. t gel equafopay mer won... t custthe coal of hearth ce iland chred ca so e peopl cantuac gallyadet ahe. arhilliny cln,to h shehaas wt t itako es tthget onings de. m i'y hillartoclinin and pr apthove sais mesge. re het 's whawowe're g rkin fonor 0.6- 3.. ck jato sutken ta as tofa wnmily-oered din where it tradd ion anoogood fd go ha ndn--i. handbu t.t firs... he "t t deathseoll ri ts fromhe ns moblter iizzardean the st, an
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d escapeispreronpls owus h ty hema irde theak bre t, on'sonight evcbs g eninnews. ge anerla's h ae with l finalook ou at ycar forest.... n seveowday sht s quieheweatr h throug mfriday. orningcold on
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