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tv   Channel 2 News 630PM  CBS  January 24, 2016 6:30pm-7:00pm PST

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ea and rest of t no, bue theris tonot a ign of womgle ro. sythstems llis sma ha are prrd to aedict.g nythin althat fthls at ore airpt t won' cu actemulawe, hoefver, ltover wa te fr will sreeze.wio ice ll esbigge t issumoearly nday g.morninin an f ch os snow i lepossibac in ple es lik nv susandille afe rnley. athanks--ngela-an ad with sll the tnow inhe ra siere , taho pis aaropul st deioinatlon for ndcals ato tsuristi this thme of . e yearan rid one ride shapang coms ny i ma ngkit iereasi s fors kierto
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anryan c jaday uoinsves li in nethe wwsroomreith moe on thor sty. ? ryan 'sjen itd callekiuber s. vaand nes da i oonlyne the nd seco w statethere tie opon is de maab availthle by lae popur s ridengharipa com sny. wepoke o tor ne ube tdriverbooday authi ous th oghtsivn drfring heom tci o ty tslthe . opes hi "t..s isofrs yea" jmeettoohn ..wnes r"skiack" bhe'sineen he t cerar ss vice stinduorry fe mor tthany went ve firs yeand...a r hastleceny fo a und rinew hade s cringnyompa d toorrive f. "u caber o me t stowni o dedecid, s let' tgivea hat " try. t buonnot asly hr ubeo come tne , vadacothe y mpannow rsoffer ube. ski.rva sethice atal slowss kierrato ttovel their ri favolote spes."w n e ca ttakeanhem reywhey thewa o nt tthgo, noere's re ctstrionion t. tha" tonow e bbean ui r skerdriv... ou "ye havavto hfoe heur wel iv drd e anhayou o ve t shavekira oncks t theop." yobut sou ale havavto hsoe me ntclies.. "c ar" da toesy lunza go aalezernd h tsisterd ravele rintoenomo fr
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re su t howd hey'thget eir bosnowanard agd luggtoe ir the rtresota in hoe. et"som wimesvee haub trotoles tr oransp st ittho i itink 's ereasi e forthvery" twd beeee n thtibeaul fu en scy er tofoeah w..asl el aas ie brstf hileory assonbo tuthe la ke. t "i..hinkilto f."l up nz go walezapas hitpy wh her iv drnder a t therip. hi"i thank t'st itat greau becsewe 't donw knotothe o wn sit's si eander aer safta to s ke uin is th." way oras fne tow ls he mikesngeetidi enfferopt pendle ama no tterth ipe tr e, hes njoye wherthe b joakis thiing ad my edvanc, agen'i doowt kn lohow cng iitan do , m but i' g feelinanfit ad wellnjnd i eoydo , ing itl so i'loncarry as s long a" i can. yand ifikou'd leae to le rn mor t aboukiuber sst or jur ubein l,generaov head ouer to r websvnite a o clickn uethe blin newsltoks but n. ricoveheng try stoin live thene , wsroomanryan chaaday cnnel ne two ws as the edsociat i presss re
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s roseoeki tahoo are lo king tse hell tor ree rtsoaj's my oritr,owne z fritr,busens plapu to e t thpr tyoperth on ete mark. mo rount ffse olsicia b sayuser el fe is ite s tht righ ttimeo , sellciespe wallythith ste la as seeion bucng sfucessl-- sp dea ite sleantunow t.rnou e thea95-yd r-olr busebehas enan er ownce sin71 19-. . mtrose mis af ix oatprivope pr aertyndla eand lfrsed heom t s. forrvt lu inc1,des 0 20ab"skileac " res. st yey,erda d theesoi ms ne erregistou ann incedtsen endorsem tts forhe twoes pralidentiy" "partno onminatis. h now, cillary alintoncond mar o rubiacare reo ting ttheir emendorsroents fm the flinuenential r.wspapee ros ap heephy rroorts fwam io. tesupporgrrs conatatulared mco atrubio pa a camopign st in anindi hola onesis latt en endorsemt. idpresalentidi candate ef"hop, ully wthattrill atansle in e to mororsupp tt. i ihinkt ragenerelly tsflecat, wh ith iink,grs a g owinntmomen um i is thte stahe." t m dess oinere
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ev beliioes rube is thopbest he r foe thpureicblaran pty and t moveinhem ew a nti direcon. n "he cat attracndindepeants hethat tli repubeecans nf d, i hithey t tnkarhey g e gointo be es succalsful. auso bece se w k thin ahe cantoppeal the icrepublasan b" e.bothe saard yshi tes greahast cgellenl wilbe exhis enperi- ce -rehis sumen' isont as l og asther atcandides. bibut rugro disaees."a hend w cn ito omes talnation cu se, rityneno oni run fngor es prt,idenec espy iallas are anpublics , han showttbeerju endgemett or bter rsundeintand tg ofsshese iues i thate. hav" on em the dsiocrat thde... e re bgisterndoard ehiorsed llary to clinhen -- tk ir 200 p theyo oint tleher shaderip as r hethstrengla. "hilry'spe excerienle, knows dge waun hematched. tad brethnd aep dth kof herednowlge." bueyt th c say slintonastill hr hessweakneese "wotalso n20ed in yo08, u weknow, th felt tat, at, imes s she waivdefenseve and " cainton inmpaignlig in cnton lc we tomedndhe eseor. ment ad "mecam sre, tarydethe ins moes
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tireaceson? pralidenti id candveate: "asry pleed, vi ob iously,s t meantoa lot me he." w cn ito omes tcaucusni ..ght. b theopoard heoes pple ll wip keeentheir endorsemt in . mind"w t e don'heknow w ttherhis isgo toing pe be sirsuat ve, buweow kne peopleawill ratd wh we ha save to ay, andt t leasgive at the" t withmohan a tinth undal neva's uc ca..usesur. be stae to sy withch 2 annel . news.. aon the. ir.. neonli o andbon faceok andtw foitter inr contovuing cerage c ofpaam20ign -16. il sttol e, comac jsuk tttonakes a toy- familneowned dierr whe ad trn itioodand gogo food nd haha-in-wend. ta'll tke arip hedown tad nevcka bas,roader aft
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ouif yok're lofoing ttr a lilest hionory al yg withpiour zza,st pa pa oramastrp i, stonsby moo q iny uincinat dmener ti. jacksu idtton dnd a h sas then tory i gh tonivat's nekrda bacoads. fi the merst s mber mof theoon mi fae ly camifto cala ornihein t l1870s. fookingor a lbetter tife.enwo gerations te laeyr thli reathzed dreir eam a iner tav qn iny.uinchi "tdis buil eng was irectedn 30 19ha. i omve scue dos mentthat rishow ol,gina b itsadeen onded ov heer trs yea h. myndusba i andru onn mo as asne dinusr
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ou arinnd s93ce 1st0s. eak, st paota. l fs of kolksounow r aurest arant is anantalice pla." bsomeveelie b theinuilds g haa no outorists pae . thrsrumo, ti thme, ore stbeies icomets orhistasy. wa it hebrot al orga ngmblilo parayr, mvebe en a k spea. easys "lotuiof bgsldinin nc quivey haar nef pious. aststh ais wasce plaam for gbling pl im, ementsndpoke aan fan t." "a g nythinn went i iquincyn the ayheydoms frt whadei unndrsta."mo haons cos be lme ad,egen and y todainremamas a ayinstth in e co itmmuni'y. "otve gtoten w knoev oderybiqy,unolue fthks. e mi fa alieshend ts. kidry eveni isght a tt lityle pare. for m" q in juincy,suack chtton, annel
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ornday manning. h incnoof sw is bl possie inpl ikaces lnve susa aillendfe frnley.asuturecowt she s th ak we emsystin movugg throndh arou tidinner qme and fuicklyinizzlg t. oupr high bessures uildn in o aymondng keepiy us drbut wialloorng f rs inveo ions t, set upllso we' o have th watcaithe itr y ven da qushows weiet r atheh througfr oriday m. ning fcoldront mo ves th h roug tovereehe w. kendbr mingingneore be sficialnow to
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teafthr bre ea..k.. ..l we'lmeet n a mas who' cbeennguttir hai fo rer moni than adne decd es. an's he g stilltroing song. th ngen awiela e ll havl a finalo
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tcnghiha celnn n 2ews - oudo ynk thiyo when u esare prtiden byou'll ae paids much yoas if au wereal man-me...? s this i tone ofobhe js erwheye the havayto p youe th.same t buarthere ane so mply exames e wheroethat dsnap't hpen.i' inm goo g to dhieverytanng i c to su make ryre eve woman ryin eveet job gs paid methe sa... n e meewho arg doinobthat j. i'arm hilltoy clinn
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ev rbery bap er shoonor sal is a co y.mmunitbu evt not mmery coy unitanhas el stder maatesken liho antny ma inncliel. u'yo lrekioo angtht sne s ipand cl ofips ar a bo'ber whens be at th inis shece t o agef 12. d anusin jw t a fes,weekll he' 1turnhe05. lr has aeeeady bn coregn bizedsty the d ate anbyth nee guink ss booldof worre ascords he t w oorld'st ldes rb baer. an stthony woill lrks ateast 5da wys a..eek.ll.sti
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>> ke whitaigr: ton "ht, on60mi prnutes "-esentsng- maki a endifferce. de kaksn ericfion is aghtingde ypadly teue of lkemia. m>>mby nu wer oneoiish chce isto a go toiaustral. hi >> w mtaker:afonths ster hi ieintervenw, kadht thougs he wage g ttin pthise laqu fjustor in bemag a -wke-avoish eeluntr. " >>-amakeh,-wisob octer 11,20 14. n kadeonericks w, yourishha s..."(
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