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tv   Channel 2 News 11PM  CBS  January 24, 2016 11:00pm-11:30pm PST

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a tidaunleng cffanup eort is da a cunting eleanupisffort un aderwaythcross ce eastoast infollowisg thke weend'sst hilioric bd.zzar f twoeet of ow snl felhiin was dngton,-c, at and st leape 25 avople he diedom frto the srm. c asosraig bepwell rthorts, e onnatiap's c ritalnsemait shu wn do. th mee sun sltedofome 2 thefe f et o tsnowfehat n ll i inwash dgton.bc, .s ut amothe onri teses atmper auresre umplme.ctinginreatngg das erouco iondita ns. oyconvtr of ucks bfromn ostootand ciher ties ri arsuved tndayt o gethe ti na con'salapitin movaig agn. re"we'ng briining ut abo 450pi oecesuif eqfrpment siom outde d ofc." ea clcrnup e ews ar mmakingain re stets ioa pr iritye n th st di. rictcioffiasals ked deresitonts p hel swithnow re l.movani "seitor cs izencant
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e ow likthis.""t edhe f geralnmoverwient ll ma reloin cmosed andayndai tsrporth in eae ar c areedlear lifor d mitehtfligra opes.tion e thm storelcancmoled hare tn 11 us-thofland s.ightrt" fuher up e tht,coasul a fonl moe tidmadea sossggy meld in winewood, w je . rsey e "wbehad fuautiowl sn a forll a of h few bourse eforusit jt be acameer rivic of gsebern ." ine rkw yoy citcioffisaals e y th n epicasor'er tessmi sedtietng a renew rdcoor fot t salwfnol alby te a ofnth in an ch. ne"we eoed pf ple ofrethe stets, th for tye safeot of ."hers mayorde si blao d askeivdrs ertop kee ei thrsr cake pare d. helcancled rnaltesiate trde spaeet g rkinfo e r threentik wor. week hthat'sonow l cg it touldake thfor tingst o ge tbackrmo noalin y manesplacg . crail,boswelcb , s newsgtwashinon. in turnheg to t b crimeeat... p renoe olicstarrehied a trd ec susp nt lastinight, co tinneciton we h thtishoon ng o o sutretstre. inthe ntcidepe hapwened dadnesy ni
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onsptoded 1- the 2d hundre k blocutof s sroeetrnet arde weki rndonoad ep a r aort of ooshngti. in stves igatornelearred the men ha bbd roaned a m a andom w aant np guntoian... whd ten mhean al chedlengm theli- po hce saye wa is shote n thleg. whe haspioslitad zewith n-nohrlife-tngeateniie injurs. p renoidolice edentifiar 25-ye jo old anshua c tada asrdhe thisp su aect,rrnd ahiested m wi inthout . cidentchhe is arged t withntwo couobs of ritbery wh a lydeadpo weatwn and tso coun spof contoiracy t commid armero bbery. ot two spher sureects ady alreain dy custo p. renoarolice edrest- 21ldyear-oiu darnes jos and ye25- car-oldnahristiy roonest lak. wee reand olno phaice rrve ad estea ma o n whgeallerodly tbbedwoco ienvenstnce arores es ly thi g.morninir the fidst incent en happared at :3ound 1at0 a-m m/the a-onp-m th souni virgia st . reetth ece suspndt demaoned mroey fm e thr cashieftand lead, heing no ndrthbouho on b.lcomre icno pol ae thenptttemo ed tst imop hth at oe 7-11h n sout we
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fled. r afte pa foot, ursuitr-20-yea stold aulein milr was pr apdeehen ad, andrd discaed gu hands n waverecoilred. mler al had dllegebby ro 7ed the-11 olwhen pllice pup.ed uha he s en beed chargtw with tso coun of d armey robberonand une cot ofst obg ructinican offer. th bo s thetrutro sooeet shting e and thartwo romed s bberieare unstill veder iniostigatn. y ifw ou knonganythica that n cahelp, rell secest witns at2- 3-un2 49-hr dred ooutext yr ti -4p to 8-1-7 4-1. i an mntense ianhuntrws undeay fo e r thret violenincrimwhals o pe escaidd frroay film a ja in georany. countea the search arha nds expaseed to veral ca ialifornie count ts, andhe fbiha res offe-td a 50d housandollar rd rewaya. mirela vill rreahas re mo. ll"we wito not sl p untithese di ins vidualckare ban iour cu y"stodri authosates ssy hoein na . yerianjonath a tieu.nd bacon duy g mahaveen
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ngdariap escome fr o thee rang un coaity jhel. sffri sa andr tc huhens. t "iarappee s to ba veryso caphistierted op" ation.the an plasning wul meticayous, ss if shertef lieuefnant jocf hallk.t "ithseems heat tat inmes cut h througnchalf il h steeo bars t li faci ttate iethoritits say el's liky they edused b asheetsernd othcl oto hing tn fashiosha makeift . ropewhas to lsat toous they edto e, escaphe how tt y go. themor y if thelphad he. l ale thostiquesgoons e t thsame sp re. onse e "wilare stinl looktog in ." that atheyo re alsg lookinheat wtherdi a ncsturbadee insiai the jl. rijust po or tthe y nightlheadun co ht. mayenave bee a rusby he otter inmalp to hehr the tee n mepeesca. th auieoritn's dolit beeve ey thle've heft tnt couthry. ey tisay avps hure pon,ed i s buto nfar,iro confghmed sitings.
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l stil ctoe,omea rfrction tomwoes prtiidenanal ctedida as ton en endorsemhet by toi des mnes stregiewer nerspapio in thwa. at st y,orex nt. yo knu heow tic basba n rgaiofme arica isu if yoarwork hd, yoand yu dopaour rt, yo ldu shoule be abt to geah d ead anhestay aad. sobut y manlifamiones dee't fkel liir thear hrkd wos pay off. 'sthathe not t a waycameri s isseuppo od to.perate wa i o nt to go tfobat emr thry evegl sindae y. ge cot inrimes ..sing. t gel equafopay mer won... t custthe coal of hearth ce iland chred ca so e peopl cantuac gallyadet ahe. arhilliny cln,to h shehaas wt t itako es tthget onings de.
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ye erst tday,eshe dne mois re ergistnc annoued itsdo entsrsemen t forwohe t enpresid ptial nartyioominatns. ilnow, hlilary cndnton aco mar ru e bio arngreactiei to thr en endorsemm ts frothe fl inntueiapal newsosper. re hy heapor reprots f. m iowa orsupp ctersulongratarated mcobi ru co at an ampaig istopn anindionola hisla etestsendor. mentpr
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ef "hopthully, l at wilattransle in orto mppe su iort.nk thi it ragenerelly tsflecat, wh ith iink,grs a g owinntmomen um i s this ttate." mhe desoines erregistri edito balrdoaay sits ev beliioes rube is th hbestope r foputhe re pblicanndarty ave moin them d a newonirecti. ca"he trn atdeact intspendan t thatephe rcaublid,ns nee if th nkey thiar they g e gointo be sfsuccesalul. ecso be ause wth cink heeaan apphel to t re icpublasan bthe." are boysd sa s hitegreahast cgellenl wilbes hienexperi- ce -rehis sume asisn't as long otherca esndidat. ru but dibio s.sagree w"andn heomit co es tonnatial risecunoty, r onengunni fores prt,idenec espllia ay aspu reanblics , habeshown tter enjudgem bt orr etteun nddersta ting of iheses ssueth avat i he." he on tra democ..t sidee . thgi re bster eoardd ndorsey hillar incln to t--irhein pick ntey poir to heshleaderip as he rer st. ngthry"hilla's peexcerienle, knows dge wa heunmatched. tth breadep and dth h ofnoer kgewled."t bu stheyntay clillon sti has akher wenessese "wotalso n20ed in u 08, yoow kn f, wethelt tat, atimes, sh
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clcaton gnmpai cing inlinton lc we tomedndhe emeorsent. "m sadamecryretath, s e deesmoin stregiuser jdot enrsoued yy , an onreactiid? presential atcandidrye: "veed pleas, ou obvit sly, ia means lot to ." meen whme it coaus to cghcus nit... bo the ard pehopes woplekeill ep r theiemendorsinent d. min"w t e don'heknow whither ts isgo toing rs be pe, uasivebut we p knowwieople d ll reae what w o have tndsay, ale at giast veth e at somerconsid" ation. an lld hiclary n intoedgainan r othepanewsper rsendoenemdat toy.e thonbostbe glo satays th she'd amakete betesr prt iden hthaner mo deiccratal rivna, sebetor rnie ersandhes. tbe glod saitoclin n n isorow mase se aonedndfo d-rwar ok lothing hean s i was08n 20. e thr papeopis p iularw n ne shhamp tire,tahe sdite holng the ti na fon's pirstderesil ntia pr ieimarxts neth monnd. saisers rr cuy entlatbeintog cline n ther t inlshe pol. as an for sheders, ea apponred nb etc's mere the ps ss thi rn motoing cu dis vss atyarie of pi
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one vermnat seditor d scusses hintgun coanrol styice, sangth suat he wpportsprhat enesidt isobama in try dg too byst threngg eninoubackgrcknd ches.he sa also s id he'idconfinent anhis ch hces if te getso facedo tnald irumpgen the neral ec eltion. do "if runald ts mp win. and mr mb blootserg ge y in,e ou'rgoing h too ave twilmultibrelionais ru fonning idr presofent the edunitte stanss agaiant me. d i k thinerthe ameoican pn'ple dot o want tr see ouonnatie mov rd towaig an olwharchy ere bi iollirna cesolontrhe tli poprtical s.oceshi i tllnk we' n wilethat en.ctio" d anblrepuopican haneful rd paulwe n nt oatthe ttack. oday c heciritidozed tnald, rump sahaying ts t he ie---quot- el "dl usionahiabout s own r. powe" "w i hat y worrthabout at is th aere isnc distiert amican it tradation thep i rntrese that tsaysucoo mr h poweatgraviting t intodshe hanyo of ana ne is akmistpue-re oblicancrr demoat. beso we inlieve re a pncsidey te limihed by tit const iution. ththink alat donp d trum
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g as lons as it' tcoming" o nte keenucky snttor we on tosa aty thse conivrvathoes sbeuld mealar td by'srumpdi can, dacy thand heat tnt froerrunn is --otqu- e-ul"pli tngl he woooverou ."r eyes twitha he iowescaucus just ei ysght day, awa l andaness th amo tinth undal nevacu's s be sure tothtay wiel chann 2 .. news t. onirhe ali... onne and ac on fanebook ted twitr for nt conginuiov cagerofe pa camn ig 6.20-1 wangelaveill haoo a l yk atour r weathestforeca l stilomto cace, jttk suakon tes u yoamto a fowily-dined ner, er whade trn itiogoand oood fd goha n-nd-i. handl we'l atakep triwn
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th arere o e twatdemocr vicnsisiofo lar regualting wetl stre .ysone saok it's taay to ke nsmilliobi from sg bank d an tthenthell haem w dt -- plan br teak up bhe biganks, thclose x e taholooples, an ked mam the payr thei sfair.hare wthenexe can eapand hcalth re llto a, d ane providsauniverlll coucege edn.atiowi y ll the mlikenoe? . wihell tgiy be pn to lay tbyeshe ruli' if idm present? yo ttu beeler bt.ieve i
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'rif youine looka g for little y historwialong r th youpizza, orpasta am pastrp i, stonsby moo ui in q dncy atr inne. timejacksu idtton das and hto the sry in to s night'danevakr bac. oads e thmefirst ofmbers m theoon mi faamly c ce tonialiforhea in t70 18kis. loo ang forr betteli o fe. twtigenerateons laeyr thal reheized treir dn am irna tavein nc quiy. s "thingbuildire was e ictedn
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oshownarigitsl, in beeonadded tovereahe ymyrs. ba husndnd a i n rus moon das ar innee.hous e serva,pizze havvean oenn be ndarouce sin0s 193ea. stk, st paota. l fs of kolksounow r st rentauraan as li italaan pce." bsomeveelie b theinuilds g haa rinotopaous thst. moe rurs, , timestthe s oriemebeco its orhistasy. wa it hebrot al or mb ga plingr,arlobe mayn evea k spea. easys "lotuiof bgsldin uiin qhancy efve nusariots pas. th asis wla a porce fbl gaming pl imtsemenke, po f andanan t." ny "ag thin iwentinn qun cy ithe he frydays t om wharsi undetand." mo haons mes becoen a legd, andto
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uncommity."i 'vtte goo en tknowev oderybiqy,unolue fthks. e lifamindes a k the eids.very t nighis ali pttle fartye.or m" q in juincy,ttack suchon, l anne wstwo ne. 's ita been t quie fday soar in henortdan nevai- with a80nd mo seunt rot justistarseng to e so w me snothsince eisvening. er temp raturesowight nn are ith toe mid 3 upperwi0's th a bslight oreeze. tur lowhis mo warning tys thires degre. shradar ghows lit n rain i arenonond sg w alon80
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t snownoo our t.rthwes best tr r ack foysthis sistem to just e thannorth d oeast, f renoerbut thote is n ato wn ofroiggle stom. syems is th a smallarre h pd to. redict hi anytt ng thaatfalls the rp ain'ort wot mu accuholate, lwever,r eftove wiwater ezll freice. so e igwill bssgest ilyue eary monda g.morninin an f ch os snow i lepossibac in ple es liksa su anvillenlnd ferurey.futeca ho st s wws thesteak syinem movg th arrough doundrtinneime d any quicklngfizzlihi out. ghpr bessureinuilds nd on moay in keepryg us d a butinllowg for ve in trsionsupo set e', so wllha ve
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s y showwequiet thather rough ayfridng morni f. coldront ve mougs thro th overkehe weend. ngbringie morfibenenocial sw to's ita been daquiet ary so f in n northe wnevada80ith i- and mo rount usse jtit starseng to e me sow snoe sincvethis ening. attemperigures r aht nown re ith toe mid er upps 30'with a sl reight bureze. ohi low ts mo warning irs thegty d. rees shradar ghows lit i rain an renonond sonw alg i- er80. th se is abaecond nd of o snow trtour no bhwest.est k tracisfor thte sys jm istoust rtthe noh and o east, f renoerbut thote is n ato ign of womgle roem. systs s this amallarre hred to pdict. hi anytt ng thaatfalls therp
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muaccu, latevehoweefr, lr tove te wallr wiez freo e. sice igwill b igest essue marlyy onda in morning. an f ch o isnows ss pon ible i lplacesike ilsusanv fle and.fernleya uturec ho st s wws thesteak syinem movg th arrough inound de nertiman kld quicliy fizz. ng outhighes pruisure b olds inayn mond g keepin ryus dll but afoowing r ve in trsionsupo set e', so wll haveto t watch qhe air. ualityn seveda s y showwequiet thather h roug ay fridng morni f. coldront s moveh througheover tnd weeke.
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intofl history... y m brador on peytng mannil wil iplayn su wlper boxt 50 neth monas... tw the reo squafod off 17r the th poand fssibleinalti hime ttes afinrnoon r denve r foafthe amc chshpionip tr pa aiotsrond b..ncos y. ifouar nde wog erinbrtom 1ady is1-5 al al time hgainstivis ral yt peanon m..ningt . buy earlon yt pehoon w39 is rs yea old edlooke likolhis lfd se... co tsnnech witenowie dann ls oa ar21 yucd ton.hdow-0.. 7br s.onco e thiopatrouts wnsld irte fuast q artertend sven sojackncn puithes fr in om a o yard but.... put theotatris edmiss e the pxtras ointheso ty il stail tr6.l 7-sa so come sre co seuand q nrter. ow..cobrons inth dze m andngannik bac asto pd s anilhe wnnl cowiect th ni daagels foain r a hdtouc..own.6 14-erdenv... h flasrdfowala to n te ithe brop os u d8...oes y brad ahaveagny m lict efin isthne o. .. 4on dthn.ow h..e fwill iloat rt toroob gsknkowi r fogea hust firn. dow.. r latehein tve driin aga 4th wn doe gamheon te. linra.. bdyfe
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igets gt to fronkor ato owuchd pn...otatriwns do 2be e causheof tse mistrd exa in po tt sogohey 2 for... an aid agadn brs y hascto eape e thsupresrore fe m thbrs onco fe de. nse.thbut imis te e thball is le defndcted ace intery pted bth one br..cos. pathe tstriold wou r noterecov e thdeonsik kicand brthe s oncofoand nrmera evad s starilvirgre gnden ara bonndma llrsha h who tad 5esacklay tod ar one o tpesuwlr bo.. 50. 8.20-1 hoso wou w tld bhero fncosinace th pee suwlr boei... ttherhe nt pa oherse r rsntheti get lng ae ittlkytric y earl. on..enthe oud aro nd t gteddjrinn af... heter s hit edthe atge whech t b ju he oukes det 6 erfends... goand lles a w theacay brok acss thfie d elr fotoa owuchdn...10 ol-0 car aina...usnd as ual e thhepantivrs ge e th tballa o d chilshand ghe mi tt behe ha lieste ittl igirlern moter anre ps.theram.. c onnewtm fror thei14own h ande la esunchto it ey corwn brohe... s makerda ca dinaldeefenssr mian sd hei'ays eell sat ya theho ..use.ya 86 ourd twnchdo0 17- licaropana. rsntheli rolng. se qconderuart a nowhend t
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bo d ar dasidavoh jnsngon plues t updlhe midite and ..s 17-7. bu wt itas typreth mucpaall rsnthem fro r.thein .. i dparto ue tthispl . ay..icpatrtek pe trsonries ieto fheld tt punheon t.. run. hebut fs mufan it rod calina vereco. rs.. wthat louldtoead a m caonnewtch touwndo m anditake 24 t -7 abrthe -7w 27rd thirt quaaner ps therin r theneedzone... owtone n th erkeepan... end thwi he ivll de to innd the eorzone fch a toudownan e d th..dab.7 34-hepantrs ihaveint b the. ag..4tbut h tequard r angofor eaod m..sure. klukelyeucher ints ceptoncars lm pander at thahais weyt thca pll a6.ick an.. ps therwillcr iuisesunto boper unwl sasday -149wi5 ernnovs terherd cainals. t so i bwille e thnacaroli rspanthehe and tr denves bronco s inowuper b il 50ntn saa a clar eb on f7truary heh... t early n line omethe ga t hashepa anthersans a 3 pd halfoint vo fa..riteyo. and wau can tch
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ck pas g bin wierovnl uv last st la m nightanore thou 11 thsand urfans tt ned ouloto lawtsr evence o nter tthwatch vae neolda wf pa t ck beatein sta u rivalnlv 65 s -63. alfthe wok pacnohas w be
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mst y d he tlook iheree s thman s who'beclime d thsiinvible la ..dderrm. fo werf olckpaat gre ke nnviin pkn..eyif. d you'ton wknowi hat alam t aking yboutou be tu it. ayanyw ts toamhe g te...ache pk edplaym frondbehi m forofost .. itme. caolron tivers hrowdown huthe llge aopey oe. here .. had p 12s ointd anbo9 re..unds. ro tyisn cr dwellheid tty dir rk woth in neis oof... haten ving m tochatwi up heth tel reb gm bi..anth. 6 e otfo d 3o evhierytuang grd d haoi11 pannts rd 10ndebous... e whildanevaea's l sdingr core ma uerq czeanolemt wen 13 of5 fr heom tld fie k buts nockdown isth jpeumher . re.. opart21f a t poinorperfe.manc..wi both a sut 6dsecont. dvada1.own nd.. a. d.jerfenn me co ws upthith eae std l anhe gwillaso co ct to aoastland sm ho tme gheaho d e thy storheat t w endreas fe th arowsebnd rinound ag...e t thli . ne..daneva 2 was7-37in includrqg ma cuezeanolem tishoo0 ng 2 tfrees.hrowhi.. wle e thlsrebee wer8 14-2heat tli anne. e d th pwolfk aco whntwewi
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tof ghee aml stilreout debound th bee re1 ls 3o .. syou agcan imstine huyele plad a hu arge p nt ina'evadn.s wi "a be lot, uncause s lv iala relyod gond rebouaming tee and w splayedalmall bicl whkeh tas itto le a whoev new l ael. werepl g ayinouwithpot a fower d.rwar rewe ayi plaitng whoh tc w is lyarguab 2 a p mannglayi 5 the usfor t. socrhe se amblsi iotuatyons, owu kn on ofe t ours hemechwas ase re dsbounu , yo thaveaso cheme th an un rhr theough tbem e causof th all hle at ueteshanlv s." t "iphwas a gysicali ame mean al mentotly a ler of engy. wedo ken't li i unlv.e 'm surthey lidon't s ke ugaand kemes liat thlw are ainays goapg to hpen n betweels2 riva." t so nexorup f w theckolf pall wiun be moestain wwet pon r sadi ego at st ae. thethztecs eae presson rifavo ute aretendefead in
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