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tv   Face the Nation  CBS  January 25, 2016 12:30am-1:00am PST

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anghi tid tene pin thelaceser whfie i delynited wanteto tetighn. ow>> nte, afg r usinthe l tota agym,nefter o i week, saw sm a imall emprovent. te afo r tws,weekaw i sug a hepr imt.ovemen d an tnearndhe eou of r gytotal oum workawt, i sa just tecomple's -- ita like tecomple dynew bo. [ hslaug ] li i evked hierytbong aorut wking t. ou o,>> st whayoare itu wafoing r? t geffup o c the aouchtand srt ur yo ownl totachgym ngallee. llyou'so be d gladiyou d. w>> in'oulditt tw iseshe bmet tige to t in bethe hast sf pe o lyourife, twithothe tymal g. m>>e alnoanceun tr: phecerengdi pr raogwam a s idpaom ciamercl enpresontati for l totatngym fiess. >> ke dic: rsone welcomback.'r we we backanith sathony lvantodi orectorlef ensctioe heratcb s.t' le bs goack t ioowa they're togoing starte vot inig eht days. ca i ben't e uzas wp u n pinesoint inde
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now t irumps u.p fiveuz cree has bngn maki a lot of ck attarus on tmpng sayie' hs not asi constentrv consee,ativ hees dolin't behaeve wt you evbeli e.ha if tldt wouor wker anywhe it sewould haem ttow iula wod be plthe tace bu i nt'sotor w.king>> s it'. not i thiss notes neclysari aneo idl logicaonelecti . sthis iut aboho wan c cehangth things, heis is t a bou who xcan fing p d trum aishead of o cruznth eaose msures.yo oku lope at wopleho sayy the nt wa e themyconoix fed. 'sthat n therumbene ong thi ndbehial donrud tmp'sup st.por cr suz'srtuppomo is reco trncen iatedopn peleho way s th aney wt a pntresideho wil wl fe dehend tirai fthnd a ddefen ei thr rioelign. at thmp's intorta inow ia. geevanl lica avoteslway rtimpoinant ow ia. t buot nte quige larh enougle out engh ofin votocg blk tot pu him nowas pldt dona. trumpus plu, yo andd i f theactt tha hatrump uts co int cruz'sea ld withva eicngel cals,ntut i iot
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s at addnup the toha tt trump mb nuer.>> ke dic: rson awhatbore aut um trtep vors.>> inr youvi interew about ya lolty.he ig's rhtbo autha tt.we be've enei rvintergewin people hion tsan pel. ke>> dic: rsonkitracveng o r .time e>> w h sateren ibeseptemr we edtalk a dboutonaldmp tru's orsupp t. went reiieerv twedhose pe,eoplth reey a still withim h. er ov%. 909 ce ony thee com tnao dold trump ey thy stae.ther eand ther oth -- ic >> donkers n: thatrumbe 90%t pu ithatnxt conteel rtoative me solsbody ee. yb anupody th in e 90sny awherecl ose?>> e caus htheyavell aee bnsh difteun arod. tcruzfrook omso carn. o'rubills pumed froh, bus etce .terano mbodyedatcht. tha t athee sam time,ru tmp willev alentuhaly perdps nee to growth e at basa leittlit b andbe may ve hae somha cgellene.s ther ic >> donkersat: wh are his al ch?lenges th>> i yoink k u looateo ppleo
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been the case they say theyav he t hardcoime ernsidhiing m.d anan my ofhe tmin f hdim to beou het of tns maitream. if so, go he's tingo get --es rt of the field were to cdaonsolite nhenoeeds ather 5 x0% 1 howdo gees he et those. peopl rthatnsemai ink thi a cenhallgefo rim h. ofou c trseush out a blwaysigch e allengin iowa. awe didskpl peo ye, doouw knowh yoere urcu causat locion heat's t t firsthingo t d t'srump peeopl s tayhey. did ic>> donkers y: ifnoou katw wh cthes aucuisou y'reel liky to go. tthat's qhe bign uestioforso wmebody bho isgringinn i newvo terssu premably.>> ly di lerson:alet's tk aboutth hee ottar s tteshat youoo lked. at idflora, tasex, how is itok lo oing intather s tes? >> looks like rofest thena hition wsch i o lotf trump.t lompof truea ld. lo in fe rida his upig b. rgin geoias he' up.d ann i h texase t is --edz cruth isat's h s hometate.u yo a looktlo f,rida that looks
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tr counsy looke lik whereco marbi ruroo is flom f, ridaof secour d, he'sown there. nhe's i thirdc itmpetive.bu gt bi preictue, heroh jn, isat th look ats thiho wlehi tsng a el a dicateht figha tt iso gingto f go onor aew fon mths. togoing e mak aig bl deaut of o wa io n andamew h.pshire but ase w get intoch marse the gsthinth, all elese desegat arein go bg tope u for y d earlpafrt o fyebruar onlyli ofke 5% theeg del watese'reok lo hing atere. ke>> diclerson: swt's itch over t tooche demsiratic de. sbernieanders it n'secknd a b neckniut berere sand gs hasot thetu momenham, wt'sin behd e ey'renlisttoing histt aacks w on salltreet.>> they are. m iedentionar ethlier at ri majofty ora democnts iow ia ththink ilat hlarynt clionig mhtsi itde wh bigon dors over gu relar people. aswhere 91% ofm thel fee that iebernrs sande s wouldthide wi r regula opeoplegver bis. donor e' therhes anot or part,f this y too,icou notoue of cherse tra
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edheat inec rentay ds.ea ech hav beenti criquingh eache otr, mllarginay iowaoc demrats tfeelhater bniede sanrs iqcritonues la hilliry cntonha bveeen fairhe wre ases lson arhillliy c'sntonac attksn o sbernie handersn ad bee.fairin t, fac eveny manhi of llary in cls ton'tesupporrsee flt thabe anrnie sders mheakes t pirointou abt her. ic>> donkerses: do h sheaveso inmethatg th d she toes shisheca ngn ha on tot tha if s we --he ld shou talk aboutt thas voter tseemiso be lngteni w tohen it me co hs toer?>> bs 's eablectility.wh len you aookt the people who nt waof most t allo win in ve no, mber atheyreov mierwhelitngly wh her. 7like5%. but also look at whots wan tosh upake he tys sertem, bnie ersandtss ge v thoses.oter o whswant toet ggr proveessi gsthine, done berni s gandersetsth eosot lryaliber iowa n andew sh hamposire ththe gsine havap peal.
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ntis poi. ke>> dic: rsontaelecbilitygg suheests t are is ricealistmi tndse amongoc demratsy' there yi tr- ng -arhilliny cl ctonamp ngtryi to pntai berniean sders as toode itialisc,oo t pnie ith e sky. f >>or her voterst' thasrk woing.ey thll actuay askhi ts,y theac lytual b seesaernie asnders li ideastic. e wher hasis voters doee s him asea r.listic they fall intohi ts.bu tth at e same time, tyheoo lk at werhere bniean sders isng doi well.he ng's doil welos acr vsery d broaru spectm ofot vfers, o ycourseeooung pople t yourpo thint eyht mig be fimirst tevo ters.d anf one o thehi twengs have to h watc ahereslw a tays isurnt. ou isif hpo sup irtsoo t trconcennated ite easrn iowa,th sis i ael degateig fht, as sfolk watch touhey shotld neat th in iowa,e you'r ctiompengr foat deleglles a acrosshe t e.statan d ifhe tpo supsrt i too
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fa can rtll shoh witat deleges.>> ic drske: onantho ks smuch forin be ug withs.we r'll be bight wackurith opa nel. (cl elonphrie s)ng e wheryoare u? twellquhe slsirre aacre bk ain thettic. mom? dyour wadon c'tanall rm exteorinat... ca can i oull yac bomk, m? ayhe sits 'ser pnaso lthimis t..e. 'rif youm,e a mo yo llu cath at t e worstime. 'sitha wu t if ou yan w st toeavfi ftpeeen t rcenor more aron cur ins,ance u yochswitge to ico. 's itt whadoyou . er whyoe are u? vit'sudery lo. there yo are ngu takizu a clmba ass? thtue fu breonelo gs tfathe .st d anelto hu p yoceacle,rate e we'vtecreaned a mpw co..any. e onlltotacuy fosed on
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e th ptrueerartnship er whlee peophn,tecyologan ead ids pu rysh evee onarforwd. ac ticeleraovng innation. ac ticeleransng traioformatn. leaccengratit. nex wl het etpaenckard riterpse. ke>> dicnorson: sow for me ysanalruis, arth miscus iscolumntht for hie "wasngton ."post tt ma i lewiss aio senr ri cont fbutoror theda "ily call" wiand th a new book. conancy urrdes oon cgronessialco porresenndt andd eefo'kee
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lematt, t me s wtartith you. ar sttht wiz cru andm trup.ha wt is thee natur ofha ttco rnflictowight n withig eht s dayoto gor befhee tsty art vo itingn iowa. >>t' is fascatiningse thos guy e arop pulous crvonseveatis. e thst eshablit,men e notven ta eshmblisveent rsus grassoo rtsin the g thesfor pouopulsns cotiervave kdinf orograss sot guys.ey the'r ryeall two heavy wtseighdu ikingtt ou overow ia. ink thi if i had to pet rhtign 'dow ill stio gh witteuzd cr ina iowec b oausehef t gdroun bgameseecau f heitso s wlel th wi theva eicngelalng thi.bu t they hugac eh other s foro a longndus refed tohr tow nc pu ihes,de wonr ifed tru cz mi ght haveee bn getter. off d >>rsickenoon: row thwingpu s ncheucat sh aat r se,cein ist darteal t,king trehey'ot n ea rllyki worng forz cruagtains st lea as a farsur o p aollnd he otllr poe s arinshowg.>> y' there n.ot ca beheuse nn's ainounchag ttdo tnald irumps pofart the blestaenishmict wh hh isarde cas
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s hat spenmost of thisam cpaign in beeng oplyor hedrifi bymp , d soyes,o tthext eentha tt eyth n'reow mnaargi mllyeor orsupp otiveruf thamp t cnruzth ,at's a,au becedse t cruzs ipe abrsonndle a trump might be tt beerni win ongvere som in a rageneecl el ttionhan cruz. t bu it's nots af ihe tyre a em g bracin tdonald arumpgainst uz isea it w weirdthe had isla eest wk. uswe're ed to enrsdotsemen but e ther maremouch re ei- antdoontrsmef oru croz fm ernumbf o rlepubican sorenats. d an thenou y alsohe tn had ti na ronaleview, ed, -eantisindoronng dtrald ump. 'swhatoi gnng o here?> > ink thie poplean picking. hii tnk 134 repubnslicain sayg rewhee wer m yousonthgo a. u yoldshoue hav tdoneinhis beoctor orem n'ould dt be ioing etights day tbeforeheau c tcus,'shere a
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pthis iointt'sre pttyl cear, gutwo-cey rawo, t peeopl that ta eshmblis rentliepub ccanstannost thand e ey'rggoin t hoave to -live - >> y plagoodon cservivatoe whwe lire calutng od donaltrump ea r.rlie i but t don'k thin tthatheyre en .ough acin ftt lof ohe tmow emper them tothe ughio rados ht,us rh aulimbough wld reaellly hp byig noringru tmp in some cases, is ther monstwi bre nngowoo t tlateopo st him. >> i n'mote surs it' too late to op st. him doi tnkhi it'smp intorta for us u tostnder wand,e'real tking bo awout tfe difrentub replican blestaenishmerts he. ct ay ualltei ha tois deagre tabouse conivrvatites wtth ma t buini thk a trumpnd cruz aretw ryo vefe difrent cteandidas. is theli repubcan conatservive ta eshmblisent, esuncapd,late omepit bizedey that nlionavi rehaew t st weawis ringp u ai ag tnstrumps aot n a true erconsvevati. an end th we have t lheack oftt beerer tm,as wnhingto ta eshmblis bent,ecause theye wer
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en splot a het of t dayal tking ey are m muchoreri horfied bycr hauz tn byru tecmp b causeruz d woultake them down aoa rdf oex etremon cisservathem in tpa mpat truld wou not. d woul-- have mp tru woulde havso meen pottial, a, to be teelecd.b, tott aractor me matodere rsvoteus becae he is auc mh less st main mreamenovemset conervativ atcandid ie thans ted cruz. ic>> donkersnc: naouy, yw kno e th whill yell,eou'ver coved , it bob dolend aor fmer mitajory ad lereer tntot lt. yb madoe tnaldigrump makht me easome dls inng washieton, hgh mitor wk,la expin tshing amote uzd cr h andis cagolleues,ta lkbo aheut tli estab ishmentnwa gtshinoton lth of ees istablt hmenrefigues ar tosenahors wk worh wit c tedruz. ha>> wt ryealler angsm thet tha h headas mene evhe tos mt
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lnateook ifinsuftlcienyco vansero tive tr theiownvo .ters ftheyeelha tt he hasol sdea t y partrsvoteil a blf o g ioodsn sethe nse thate h raileaid agnstco ssngrein sayg,y' theotre n in beueg tryo to heu, tuly cod be in doisg th,he tuly cod be nddefuing ocabamafre iy thewa nted to. ey thld cou defund pedlann ntpare ihood tfhey wdanteo t 'rtheyt e nog doinecit bauseth eey'rfr aaid.ns coveervatirs membewe say, 'd o love thado tt but just notle atgislpoively tyondhat,on beyhed t factth aty thekthint tha he hees iasentllyle misdot veyers thfe telhat he did it for hiswn ose ntlf-it eresaito ronse meynd ath e at hthput atad ahe of his y.part ot>> b'dh iog licalnd ape alrson.bu et th c ooncernf theer othco vanser etiveshstabliasment h abtrout iump n thik isy ver li vadd anl, reaic whh is,is lnte h toiser intw viewith a yous ce ext llentiquesboon aut his
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dwhattidn' heen m?tion telimived ess eencef ohe ton catservivemo ntvemene he mveronentited aal l. t byayhe w, for h timoik le m enhi itollons raldga reain -wantedde- wonred what ronald ag ren an ienheav is tinhinkg tabouhe tuy g pnguttip u with im vladir. putin andbo everydy -- bute some mor si baans th others.>> ke dic: rsons let' atalkbout otthe caher atndidotes ned nam p trum candruz. at wh ishe tta shte tavat he nv cotiersaon?>> as fatcinsoing frt odr subama in gog on ueandernthll reayng amoon eat sen aornd three grsoverno ewin nam h.pshirean s thony'ernumbres aea ryll fl owea nt tha'v youte gon joh si kachch, risis chr atieebnd jbu seshy henn slly runnin fgorfo ndurth ars viewe t mighthinkwh ty doeshat mteatr? re tialisy callapperhlys onr fou lepeop g are toingeo b ableo t ogetutuc mwh neps ham ahirend ke mae somd kinofim cla to co uentinin on s thi.race
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jrealump ball amongep rcaublinswh nto wa tod fin ae morn mai ne li or elistabntshme blrepu, ican vsomeoters ri desc tbed it toheires facagr upown repub tlican,o conetinu on. th wi the ideat thae comch mar e mayb ievenntopr ailhe trere a s racethout tere thathosego orvernuls cod do brette in ifth hee otree thr guys,hi ceflyum trz,p, cruen satorar mco rubion' dot a dos well. d >>onickerse': thers coldelichyo n'u caatt beet som whingith innothg. awe h hhead t aennti-emdors,ents op perele aar cle a wbout thoheydo n't like. er thnoe's habody t dt theyo , likehethat tey havee bnbl ae rtoallyun arod, seingl rnaltee ativtoru tndmp a cruz? >>bs ateoluly. e'theriss thrd weino phen menomybo ok cdalleto "umo dbo t fail" r fo ran.easoit ec's b wausee have thisrd wei tu sin,atioyo if u say shiometngdu rmb ozy cra youo gnup ihe t ll s ere'thisve perrseen inctive d anlmoraaz htoard o d that, pe aoplereh muce morpo reslensib ti opicmiston catserv iivesnhe t
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ke lico mar rheubio, is -- he's heon te, edg he'st sor ofik lefo llotbam teawho d'toesnco l ntroowhis nes dy.tinhe s can mtillitake o int the pe suwlr bo h buteee ndsom se erdiffthent tingsllo fa. ifbut peeoplle coadsceun arod bi ruybo ma me he bighte in ttbeerit pos fionhaor tt.>> ke dic: rson, ruthewe'rhe g arin osomefhe t pheeople n cawaitnt uil march 15or f or flidd a an vohiog.otin le de mgatedoass etes g bretter fosomean csdidateit wthhin eyca thn win oseat ler,in wnere tak stall atesha tngt's lo timeaf terg votin.begins >> ink thiav i he fewds wor toth hiat wch is withde presint niguilia a tbouthat. w by ihichn, mea youan cnot sc diount theig scanifiofnce mo umment init polics. tifshat'ir theum arg tent,shat'no et th aenrgumdt i'an wt to be ngmaki .er th ae ises diremo ang slot ofvo ters, anthonyke talbod aut this.e
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talsohere's acnti-voruz te. r fo a big sntegme evenpu reblicanma priryct elee.orat ilinab city toleoasce andan y ybodof thguese oys tl ebow er evy ybod oelsef ut o fthe.ield at thoi's gong tpe hapn. oybut, b,ai wting to catch fire,at thou's a one >> tshis i thingha tteo pplene oed tem rr.embeth rse fiurt fo,ow iewa, n shhamp sire, couthinarola, daneva. avwe hrce mah 1in5th he t andistutce bry evegthin that enhapp bs inenetwet thaisca g usinthall iske brorco tinventhons eae idt tha onsomekee liz cru canti sll ev pryoail veu ha t allhese at stn es isothe uth wherepr tiopor conalstonteeos pplepi ck uphe tse vslery owlycr aossth oue sndth an i t.exas at th is whyre the's so much erconctin sllbo atutt scahoer st onatureisf th r iace,uf yo t don'have threer o f gouruys li sodly ctiompengve ellntuaygo doing own t oner otwot' thasy wh youht mig see thisy reall
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he t trumpum n ibersnri floda, erwebbe takall.>> ke dic: rsonl we'lacbe bk in me moe'nt walll tkut abo mo des crat oallu f yok sticwith w us be'llige racht bk. noanceunour: ygh tau ht imtohow hitsea ba.ball w ho hto aitec rveeir. sthezotrike ne. ntheet. y toughauhit hom w htoheit t u cpperr.orne uyove etan htugim hho tow t hit ohepeman n. bu owt hh muc htimea vespyou teent inachm.g hi..
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ca 'youse llu' bine y marhe t yo yes, bu'll me inary het ro f dm this ay on nd now aev forreermo. .. rr na ator:maif ani ls arer ouribest f ends,ou sht ldn'thwe be eirs?vi ursit yoal loche serlt , opadt.t a pe ou y'lle b minhey ar t o n wmatter..hat. cb res cas. mawon n: ie-a on syearpan,co i dunte 1over00 bltrood usansf.ions wthat eholeiexpernce, selindexy's enperi ce,chd angewhour liole ves. cjustedhang o ourutlook onry eveg.thin ug[ la ]hter mesos timetayou hike tfongs rangrteatd th s youdnhoul.'t we d allato tht., bu..
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d >>rsicke'ron: we we back ithpa our nel.y, nancoc in r tobepeopleer we ngsayila hilliry c hntonad engotthe past rif dcufis,ltiemi nillentoum sry wasd behiner h, e shthhad ste teyimonn o the ll hit thawentl, wel she didwe nll ist firat debe nowhe s's in tleroubat, whpe hapned? >>he stu sitck wher hat stregy. tfromhe veryin beg tninghee cas e' shens beak m iing is'm riexped,ence d i'mdaepen ible,'m g gointo cnontireue pntside am obgaa's ins.i kthin thatem dtiocracer votsby nd age larel bieveha tt, but itoe d esn'texcitm. the goshe hat cgellenm fro the leftin ni bere srsande she dtidn're brcalitrate y to creaptu the oloveosf theot vers. eforlexamphe, s'sin gog after him on -- ppserhat' thas true, bu %t 07 of draemocticot vers the
12:51 am
dthat'toesnin w them over any tmorehehan would ife hai sd,yo unu're gol contrde ireas a re unisaltihac, tt iset somghin wthat touldurn offem dtiocracvo .ters>> rs dicke son: wetoeem beha vingsc dionussi inot bhpa rtiesbo aut picragmatso, pern lwithfot os, skillin been er the,ng doi the hardk wor ouvariffs di soe pern whot juss speak to yo eaur hrt.>> absoly.utel hayou hive teas rllyer intngestiph enenomheon womre sase coues y ve hapl peokee lied tru cdz an iebernde sanrsak ming theam se texaci- antycronit captalisgu ar amentingahist tngs like ee frde tra te ininrestghe pnonomen. es thute orsside who are ryeallga g ininmstea and mtuomenm.i dohi tnk t'shere aif dncferee, e thsaold wd useto be that bl repus ican ifell lnine, atdemocr is fall.n love otheitppose s ere'a fatlirtwiion thni bere reis gnat ily lilte whice spa ofne mpw hae shirand iowa.i nk thioc demrats will b meuch pmoreatragmndic ave ellntuay ifallhin bendil h.lary
12:52 am
theil wesdern tsshat're whe there ctal aion is. ke>> dicporson: l liticareportdi ysd analf is ostthe ouates f nd thata iow n andpsew hamrehi areth e most l -iberal-e hav mtos ralibeotl viners theem dcocratioc pr oess,onnly ree moib leralis v.ermont e throad ahead b forernie ersandous shlsld aoot nlle hiary toclins n haernumb of pe suegrdel aatesdylread. bankesh doe aves he s athystem at ne be hfitsheer t lr ongeshe goes . on >> i t shink couthinarolsta more t flece sievhaof tt. hashe s a huged leang amoaf n ricaicamerinans ad neva, sp hi vanics oter mwillake a bigdi enffer cce,onlintves ha long orhistthy wiin latvoo .ters in theeo vid thatat senasor w adth at sorenat's cigampan rseelead twithheim son andy garun fk iemus canes redembl m thenotio urpicte atissociaon a way ali tttleoo white. le probsam for rsppedde h thatees doven't ha rl eadeep co tinnecwions inth myoriter vots o whl wile mak ae hug difeferenc he in tg cominte stasor f cr demo paticarty. d>>rsickewhon: idat d m youakeof
12:53 am
y >>ou know, i amhe tn persoho w s hatewiads t thoutasubsnce.i twasporansrtedy bt tha ad. hi i tnk thatha tt adel touls y er evngythit tha youd nee tode un arstandhebout tta sfte o ra the ceht rigow n. usbeca te i thinkhe conlintca gnmpai isi linsten yg toousa ,yinghi tg,nkin ify. onlbe --cause on if sely tho crdemoulats woald fnl iin le. in i theyk thba problyim ultately ll wi w butree aef delinity in e thli fal ingne lovta sfge o the aicampndgn a shio yllar toclin an'spds u rightow nit hsth eie exper hnce,itshe tay d hone,itsra palcticityrg at.umenri noght wre we'ee sing ash wit ace n rtairothepa camignro fmei yeght ars ago,ra trtnspoing as phe. t swep pawayfhase o the atdemocrmaic pri cryigampan. en>> whal you t ik toowavo ,ters draemocts,he ty say lyopen m, we tisshe magic. ftheyeel like they want the t firstiidenfied whater supstarba rack obama was theyun lched
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12:55 am
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12:56 am
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12:57 am
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12:58 am
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12:59 am
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