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tv   Channel 2 News 11PM  CBS  January 25, 2016 11:00pm-11:35pm PST

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co rmmmit abeed robry. la k st wee apoliced rreste21- -o yeariuld dars s joneinco onnnectith with tie shoong... on al 2g withar5-ye c-oldnahristion roo ey- whwiwas onth jes- on la unreugted drs. chare an ond carsy cittidepue es havar trestede wo morlepeop in co tinneciton wtah a fatil shoong r earlieonthis mth. 20 ol-year-eld dani i leases d chargeccwith a tessoryero murdan erd robbndy... aar 19-ye-oldke laenan bchck is wiarged th raconspio cy titcommme a cri and ceacrysoo tfea nylo. ofive pthere eopl bhaveeen re arn sted iticonnech on witthe pa acrk b jk on 1anuary t8th.he ss poib. le "n erow hkee's mier algir's fst a lookpit the 2npointec forast" av we heae a brhek in tio actn th for se next deveral aays as e ridgh of higsupresetre stles o inthver ce westmooast. stly y sunnwiskies erll cov thegi re mon for tost of, uesday ou althiagh varamble s ountofcl ssoudinel willylike work r theierway ovid the rthge as e we
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rwillisfre tompphe uer 40s y tuesdauland coh d reacthe r lowe f60s byasriday ex the nt or stemm syst i works hts wayere, th and omis upcweing d ekenhas a we a have inbreak a then ctio e for thevnext sayeral ds as a e ridgh of higrepressues settl ve in ower the stst coaly. mostsu sknny wiies erll cov the on regios for muet of tsday, ou althargh ve iabls amountofou clssdinel wil wlikelyork r theierway ovid the rthge as e pweekserogrespes. tems raturewi e ll ris tfrompphe uer 40s y tuesdauland cod h reaclothe 60wer fs byy ridaase thtonext sterm syss m workits he way d re, an uthisinpcomg h webrave a ineak a thection r foe thneerxt sevs al dayas a dg ri he ofprigh reessutl setes o ine ver thoawest cstst. moly sksunny llies wier cov the re orgion fof most sd tueay, al
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neoudiilss wlyl like work r theiovway rer thes idge athe roweek ps.gressepe temreratus r willomise frpp the uer 40s datuesd y anrecould e ach th y ife ou'rhein tt markefor a i sk..resortre. you'ck in lu... usbecae the mt s. roseorki rest isof lyficialr up fosale. dgthe loe the ui eqt.pmen w.. thehehole s! bang cu the rrenr t owne 9is now5 and ad reely to soul. mosnt ryse sa r theiioelevatorn of me than un 82-heedred fs t makeieit easr to sn keep thow on ese slop than rtresoats th l are dower..own.ev n en ir dries.year the ecspioulat tn isvahat il tiproperldes cout add ito itsli f st ortresos. thbut uat'sfincon. rmed f asrior p..ce..romt. se ci offillals teat us th's ti negoable. me ilanwhroe, a gsoup of lar in edustry gxpertsreathed in ccarson fity tobaile a llotin tiitiaicve, whd h woulask te vothrs whey er thewiagree th ra new d tes anhefees tc publiil
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r solaercustoms. emin decenber whew the n rate ru ste cturanwas cenounr d fo t nerimeteusng crstomeme, so sosilar buesness t sayrehey we prhit hettyard. odso thaay s'mwn o wearasuith n s workotand soher inlar rydust rk woaners cenouneyd thbe'll ar st atingit petion. ar o'menea-"we roed appteximaly ho 55 tsiusand esgnaturt to pu i thisivnitiat be on aallot, howe're itping wish thlo balt in tiitiahave te t thwipuc eell s at thve the oinrwhelmg t supporr folathe sodur in astryt nd thath ldey wousi recone der thrates t that ehey'velistab."shed thtoday c e p-u-voted ouunanim hsly toheold a onaring ryfebruao 8th tt look agr heandfatn ring ir sola cu erstomves who'll instaedsy prstems tior toewhe n ri meteesng rul . ucoming lp - inaness thk, a wee iol wa wilinweigh e on thpr esid centialteandidaigs. tonhte thatdemocrt s mea for town
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frot the vemers thesselv. we go've wrt the aap up,hefter t break. yo knu heow tic basba n rgaiofme arica isu if yoarwork hd, yoand yu dopaour rt, yo ldu shoule be abt to geah d ead anhestay aad. sobut y manlifamiones dee't fkel liir thear hrkd wos pay off. 'sthathe not t a waycameri s isseuppo od to.perate wa i o nt to go tfobat emr thry evegl sindae y. ge cot inrimes ..sing. t gel equafopay mer won... t custthe coal of hearth ce iland chred ca so e peopl cantuac gallyadet ahe. arhilliny cln,to h shehaas wt t itako es tthget onings de.
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rn tu cing ton ampaig. 2016.. cr demo paticderesintial ca esndidatre gatherad at dke erunivn sity iindes mowaes, io gh toni dt - to tiscussuehe isss ofahead he t iucowa caheus-- t rs fintt coofest 2 the016 tielecsoon sea--n. and thees quwetions kere picotd by vers. hu kim ontchersor has me. c atemnn's dc ocratialtown hl in indes motees, vok rs tooercentst prage - ngesentiir the onquestihes to tdi cans datese theking cre demoatic idpresalentiin nomn.atiohi clllary --inton as who h a x-sit poinn lead iiowa, co acg rdin lto thepoatest ll -- fa teced voasrs lt. to clin an tookso philoalphic prap roachndespotoing tt aacksle agveled heainst r "l 'vook, i ae beena round long . timeeo phaple owve thrn all nd kihis of twings msh re alsod emindersvoteas she h bekien worheng on realthca for a lverymeong ti.
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ony ebruar ifirst,caowa ucusgo llers wios chocae a e ndidat th esat bprt re tesentsheirin s.terest m i'tckim huhe rrsontieporng. g lookin taroundiohe natn... es prt idensaobama isys he nn bae ing thofuse it solary nf cot inemeneaas a mns of pu g nishinlejuvenien off idersn de feprral s.ison prthe enesidyst sa p theicracte i oftisolaring prssone canca louse erng-tycm psgiholocal ef pfects,artiy cularlwhen t usedsho puni o youngrsffende e and thlymental ill. he th says gee chan es wille nsurth olat sy itarinconft emenis a tipracf ce ot "lasrtresoed" us riwhen psonesers preannt a dger he to telmsve os ors.therhe th says e w necypolil wilaf 0 fect 1ndthousane prisors. igmichopan's tro ptosecur isrn wareing pa fnts ino lint tkeep r theidrchily en awahefrom t r wateev- enli telheng tm to
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s thiincont puingc ublithhealcr -isishi micatgan eytornge ranel bill hu sc aettencnnouoded thaay tt he a isntppoia ing erformpr utosecndor aet a r fired-b-iin veatstig tor -ado le an de inenpendvet inatstiginion towh apat hd.pene n theew po apenintmrets apo suptosed gu agard t ainsliconfbects n twee onthe g goinstinveioigatndns a pethe g ndinuilawsgats a tinstheci goty. orvernk ricersnyd's em aailsthnd oomer ccamunis tion ve han beeoesubp anaedrts paf o clthe acass-onti lsuaw. it l stilomto c ce on 2hannel news 1 at 1 t- it'salhe finto week heget ialthcensuranag covere th h rouge thrdaffoleabar cace t.'l we yl telle ou mors on thide , adline ucomingp. w mikehaill lve a yook atour ca foreftst aheer t.. break.. fi but ryrst - h e patcoireservr d is wealinga ith ivmasse fishdi e- w off.hoe'll su w yowhat ld wi olifelsfficias say ithe
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he iy saysd t coul chaveome fr mom atoigrad.ry bir el"channs 2 newuecontinths wi mechief olteort ogiskemi aerlg's np pi 2ointec fort,asad brocast iecertifhed by tri amecan olmeteor sogicaltyocie !" we av ha e k brea ain thection r foxtthe neal severas days ari hdge ofesigh pretsure stles o ine ver thoawest cstst. moly y sunns skieovwill cer the re fgionosor m tt ofayuesd, al ghthoubl variante amous of ou clssdineli will orkely wk r theierway ovid the rs ge athe p weekserogrespes. tems rature rwillomise frpp the uer 40s es tuanday d d coul ac reloh the s wer 60daby friy asth se nextystorm srktem wos its wa , y hereisand thin upcomg
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e we havk a brea ain thection fo e r thevnext sayeral ds as a ofridge h higsuprestlre setes o ine ver thoawest cstst. moly sksunny llies wi t coverhe fregiont or mossdof tueay, al vthoughe ariabls amountofou cl wdinesskeill lik ly wor r theierway ovid the rthge as e we roek psegrespes. tems raturewi e ll rishefrom ter upp 40s y tuesdauland cod threach r e loweby60s da friy as ne the rmxt stom systeitworks s heway d re, an uthisinpcomg we d ekena has cechanbe of ing ty pret wet.
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11:23 pm
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11:24 pm
ow"nre, hepo's sdirts orrectga t rretbodearwirn, cthnnha 2elsp " orts lfthe wo b men'salasketbaml te d knockevaoff ri ol unlvthver e we d ekenw and noocothe fuse tsshifth to doe big thgs in e ta mount,in wes d san siegotate. ll daolas casodny wal out tking th wi p theisack thno afteron andun fo nd out,s evada'ridingpr hettycoigh imingtonto owmorrni s ght'mega. "i s t waouso latd them i rr embe ea stnglihe tal banl lod inokg upan wad i zzs di wy it saso udlond a c ildout n'ketaff o ke li w id anteuci st tk inhe tmud. i ihought a was tbouto ss mi it
11:25 pm
in." fd.j.r ennethand ste reth of e ne wvadapaolf reck aki looo ng tri hede tom mtuenfrm omsa ayturd 6's635-in wve orir l va lv unin... t fac omoste f thguyssa eyy the havveneser tenhe s teamidconf tencehihis gh. t "mostldefinee y. liki said inearly ea the ynor and w wepe exwict to y n everbabasketll igame nt isneot oe timhiwe tnk howe skeuld t ep ie closeewe fl kelish we wouldvein eamry ge." y "monself cncfided e anthe s teamenconfidexce is y tremel ighigh r hht. weo ave twwins, g wyominlvand un w nownte wa to aget onk. strea" no"you ke w thidconfeeence kps tt geliing a orttle mmoe and re ch ea o game.lybvious a to ben hl at teticlieam v ke unlhelps ou nfr coceiden." n soupext t forolhe wckf pa ghrihet arelat orwlve es nt ce tnterwihey t ll hosegsan dio st heate. ts aztece are th sopresearin favondte ay theare in7-0 fe conanrence dad neva hasve neenr beatin them ai mountn st wey. plai so d aske wthemould
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in"i defeletly bo ieve sthis bewould ug a hn e wi, for uspe es kciallyngnowi g howd ootheyar mee i tany heulcobed t aop25 m teat righ" now. sp "elleciamiy coffng oti beang lvunan so r otheinone s thi ngbuildi s, 8-9k uhowingulp wod h befouge ."r usa towin owmorrht nig n fora evad llwils amoo tvem he-3to 5 in tamounesin wayt pl. cdallas colodny 2hannels. sport t all se ato tipcat 8 beituse wi tell be selevispd on e. nu ba ottlee f thst2-bems tea in nbthe dna diro't po ve tucbe mh cof aenhallorge f w theorarris ni towight anth son antn io ithe ho e.usst 1tr qwa, iorr br upy 2 st heepcun rry twithtehe soeal gass co- t-to as cor t fowrthe roap afound r e thuplay te...sadph hte 5-sals non the. ighte:scorri warors le 1-ad 17 == ================================ == ================================ ================================== == ================================ : time7 19-2 em itd : 2n wqtr,orarris up
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