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tv   Channel 2 News This Morning  CBS  January 26, 2016 5:00am-6:00am PST

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ar st ytingy our dahawith cnnel 2ne s ws thig.mornin le art's st at with l quickook at rethe foitcast worh metet ologis arjeff mtinez. go ueod torsday mo ning te you, wll wiar see p mtly tosuostly nny ie skdas to hy witheaighs nr 50e thinmountaths for ene weekd eawith hrrvy sieowa sn andva slley phowerse,ossiblg makintr oavele ver th dpassesltifficu eethis whakend. reve a g! at day an thf.ks jef rn tutoing me crit. bea.. raseveenl agrecies a nowrn tu cing toearime agveral aenciesre nowin atvestig oing anfficerin edvolvin shoot ng lastightth efat le t ondeman ad. h itneappeoud ar-3nd 50 onmc ancarrle bou bvardenetwel neid anidsmithrr ge neaoomeadowd itmall. eg all brean as no li poe ee werdiresponng to rt repo cs of ashar cra. en wher officons got the, scene ftheyouannd a mg actin caerratilly. s atinome poict, polthe say e tu siesation tecalad. br tim ayoadwd:, rp "he teencounfired ofrscet . no
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sh fs werethired. at vi indithdual, e at malt subjecis ce deased."li poldce woucon't m nfirr whethe orhe not tan m a wasr rmed oen evg makins.threat o noneotf the ivher dr ters orhe fitwo ofnvcers id olvewere rt huth on e.e scen t.. andhose of two aficers ore nown paidad mitinistraeave lve. th spe olarks ppaice dentrtme is noadw lething vee iniostigatn, h withomelp fre washocounty tidepu aes tnd rhefieno re pa dentrtme. ey thsk are aaning wyonereith moin ioformatt n abouapwhat hpened al to c ol themetr secrss witne -2at 3-2-4900. d an ccarsondeity esputi have re arwosted te morlepeop in ec connittion wtah a fatil shoongrl eaisier th. month ea20-ydar-old eaniel lse is ar chthged wiso accesmury to rder d anerrobbndy... aar 19-ye-old en kelaan bchck is wiarged th raconspicyto t commie a crimceand acy ssor elto a fony. ve fier othpl peovee han bee ar irestedecn connonti wthith e oo sh oting-yf 18olear-and grt tk
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nu ja18ary . th..r aftecepoli say e thg younsemen t t ouobto rwa s tkinunof 3 oofces vee inatstig sion istill -g on..oingth. and one cars city if sher mf saysreore are sts ar lepossib. chlet's weck inith me ogteorolffist jene martiz for rs a fi at lookwet the ather.go niod morffng, je! t good muesday torning wo you,e eewill sy partlosto msutly nny s skiewitoday hsth hig50 near o in ren fand 45. or s tlakeahoewi htth lig. winds wa nicearmingen trs d heady our waigwith hhs el travth over sse paifes dficult
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la sostr indupory suprters th gan ered i ccarsonity dayestero y... t afilelo balt tiinitiainve askteg vof rs itheyre agthe wi n theesew rat and ifeesedmposla on soomr custers.e thtenew ratu strucasre w no anfounced r r solaercustoms mlast. onth ne oppogunts arrae the hteike feand rewer emimbursouents wld t pur solaiecompanofs out si bu. nessolso sorar w skersayth stey're ngartiit a pettoion re erconsidse thoew nes rat. eethey nhod 55-td usanatsignuresby e jun tto putsuhe meare on vethe noalmber y.sterda p.. theot-u-c vo ed tho eald a hebring f8truary h tolo t ok ag keepintethe ras the me sa s for colarrsustome who leinstalr d theis systembefore w the nengmeteries rul. d anfewildliia offic als sayn
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sisponr ble foiva masse fishe- di a offe t ryrepatch oiservr. . mathe den-mae lak alies tlonghe mb hu roldt, ivertcstre 2hing2-mi twles beveeen londlock a nn wicaemuc. bfish weganngashial up thong e or sh oe inerctoban... d incontunued thtil see rer rvoifr doze inr.ecembeia officls say e thcut lprideis gole n algathats wao able trifloushth in e al shtelow wankr, thaous to fr s yearugof droht. ch olris "ggaden almse bloo have a thatonffect s fish's giller wh te it aakese way thy abilit he of t t gillsrbo abson oxygeinth tee war." won-dow own't knan how my fishwe lere kill d untiy earlngspriwh enth aney cck cheop the pnsulatio. n it'swnot knohe how tn goldeal e gaingot pto rye. atch..but al heysy saco it veuld ha come
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's itoo not t t earlyt o starin thboking a wut thendeekee . ther sirtra auns fo'sdationst biggend fu iraiserngs comie to thgg nu bet andterewmasm rs froar heound tco west wiast e ll binar sps ks thi. fridayky n sissothis in wse neroom d withaietn ls obrthe ahew ha ev ent. m good jorninganohn did an. st hot ed aggthe nuspet in arks, e th hbrewenaha evedt rais over 4, $3ll000 dor ars foerthe siraar ndts foulaation yea getis thre-- thebe will 10 over 0 endiffert t crafs beeryofor u to -u try-ednlimitht i migal add--l do bynated re the bwries inincludocg, a loral favheite, tgr baeat brsin g g-m youn e "thisilvent wl sa evtisfy erery beui conesr orev erery bek. geeau becy se the veare adg rtisin00over 1 fe deifeerent bwers, hover i itthink be will m a lote ore. w inare br-8ging 6rs bee w andere ewone brd ery anisthere a quitefe
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nethe moedy raisew at br haha lp hends fu s thea ierrart da founartions att educion og prorrams f c kids,ceonrts for e thrlelded y anl locaart it in. ativesorevent rsganizewa mant to eke thebovent autar itisttinteracroon fngm havith mae brews stere theralto tk ouabeit thafr crs t beerto the vartist willageivhich goues y ach tanceopo sh l for aocalndrt ata tlko tithe aremsts th. selveser roic b "oks- oit'shine to ng t t gogao a anllery ad lookt in paantings ad lookint prts, d antipain angs,land garss we,an e d seouwhat yas like ape utrson byo when abu are le to lk tae to th aartist iboutt itis h a mucerstrongct conneion." br a ew hahs is thiayfridth at e nu asgget csoino redort, opors en 7 atr pm ode8pm g pendinchon whi ck tiouet y. buyhe ouad to itr webs.ce ktvnom, 'v weupe set k a linyofor u er the yto getckour tiets. i livenen the , wsroomsoky sisn, ne chanwsl 2 ne.
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il st cl toonome el channew 2 ns th misngorni. .. psomederesil ntiaatcandides met a in iowanfor otheter deba last gh ni pt...intirepara ton forheg bistday juee two wks away. gowe've apt a wrom up, c. ing up ou "ywa're ngtchinn cha nel 2ews th oris m wningjoith othn pr,te an uedi g avaraetnd mroeostlogi
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r afteg beinl legar foerov aye e ar, thhenortrnev nada ju mariana e scenlois bg.omin.. gh toni, t at 5gewe're g ttinanin lside aook atng growi tyfacilid ... aninshowu g yohow lc weckome bas . let' ltake aook s atwsome neg makinneheadlis nd arouat the nghion rit now. tfirst,sihe prel dentia ca atndidrees ag makinbitheir g orpush fvo iowa . ters..less a thanbe week foreta the ste's us cauces. y hillartoclinutn toered hpe ex driencethuring n is towhall i instowa laht nigwh ...ile ri beval anrnie sxpders elainedhi ocs 'demsoratic t'cialis be lal.on ep the rn ublica dside -onald um trrip descd bed tes cruz a'a gunasty s y'...aoncruz ctinuesto blarust talmp's vues. fo rer moth on tois stury, n ne i -bto chi-s trns mofoing inllowg ou shr aow7 t a-m. o twtian-an bortiostactivis - wh
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lainto parnned pooenth ad --re fanow ccingl riminas charge lvthemsees. s a texad gran hjurydoanded wn di inntctmeays mondst again david endaleid s andanrrdra mer itt fo ge alletadly inmper ag withgo mevernecntal rord. pa the e ir wer sbehindy ecretl rd recoeoed vidges alledly sh g owind plannehoparentodpl emtroyees o ying t fselletal uetissro for pfit. fand, oederalesfficch and sools w intoashing. n, d.c st are osill cl fedoray tods ...a rt pahes of tth nor ieastyis trng d to fig oute rom thd weeken zablizaird. tsrport tha riexped encesathouofnds ay dels an ncd catiellaons - are st liruggo ng trnretua to alnorm ig flchht se.edul re foercastwas are ngtchi a emsystt thabrcould ing heanotr g bim storbythere tkehe weend. th ldat cou a bring bnotherig st
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ucominghap on c nnnel 2isews th rn iabrbbn weno: "a mtherstidweci wty hitinith dratking wer rr wohyies. wat the wertr t eatmenr managehois in t te wabrr. im bbian wew in ne yo thrk. at i storyngs comi up" me ogteorolffist jene martiz will yhavenpour pi foint 2t orecaste afbrr the eak.
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e lcomback. e welcomback. hethe ohad of nvio's entironmealpr tiotecncon agealy is cling a for alcriminti inves..gation. r afteerthe opf ator or a watetr t eatment planorin ntheast f ohiotoailed y notifputhe blic tthaty hey mankbe driing ng dawaerous ter. st the isory y verr similato the prwater ioblemst,n flinmi . chiganwebrian orbb repts.
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ate stlle wid holenscreing n briaepwebb rorts. th
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atthe stlle wid holinscreeng cl atinics le the ey mentar . school wohio'sreater tatmentpl seant esrvut abond 81-hured ho mes. ha "c nnnel 2ntews cowiinues th me orteisologfft jeti mars nez'pi oinp fnt 2t,orecasca broadstce iertif td byrihe amecan te meogorol sicaltyocie !" go tod muesday torning wo you,e eewill sy partltlto mosnny suy s skiewitoday hsth hig50 near o in ren fand 45laor s. ahke toewi vyth heaa sierrndsnow all vahoey s pwerse,ossiblg makinav trveel oe r th dpassesltifficu
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pp hahdy birtdaay to rlene sw inger. wthatcoish ommes fr, kellyjoe,ni
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bihappy trthdayano brnadon kai. nshe turto 12 day. at thh wisfrcomes , om momdad, , tony scam,a amanthe and thre thst of bae fam m.nd seur in yoth birreday quests k to-n-t-v f to bed eatureon r. ai c youchan rearo us thugh ma e-guil, reillar may , or b g leavinica vol emaiuron o rt bi lhdayine. hand we eave ang xcitintoprize gi ayveaw. today we a have oncoup a for free do nuzen dorots fugm dohboys ts donu. goits orod foc any lation. al be c tler 22tho win ose nu dots il stoml to chae on c nnnel 2ews mthisngorni... tostill on come el channs 2 new m thisngorni... caa alsuol strsnl llowbaedo int p a 13 moint 1coile memmitnt for is thod blo whound. ge'vehaot tt
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yo knu heow tic basba n rgaiofme arica isu if yoarwork hd, yoand yu dopaour rt, yo ldu shoule be abt to geah d ead anhestay aad. sobut y manlifamiones dee't fkel liir thear hrkd wos pay off. 'sthathe not t a waycameri s isseuppo od to.perate wa i o nt to go tfobat emr thry evegl sindae y. ge cot inrimes ..sing. t gel equafopay mer won... t custthe coal of hearth ce iland chred ca so e peopl cantuac gallyadet ahe. arhilliny cln,to h shehaas wt t itako es tthget onings de.
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balcome meck. ti t for2.ake .. ie storhis we t wnk are aorth ndsecok. looa badog's omthroak bre turnsin erto hre big bshak as e inunknownigly fishes a -m halfhoaratn. j on 1anuaryud6th, le ivinthe oo bl tdhoundupurned th at e ti stare ng linheof tmo elknt mhalfhoarat an inmalaba. di lu, vineooa blnddhouve, lis ar nendby aft aerer her ownt s le t her ouieto relseve here lf, shde tocided th join . e racethe g dod trottewialong rthrsunne r foenthe 1tiret-3-poine- onmiles. co she wmpetedhoit hut a oumanr le ..ash.d . anshfinin ed ise venth place! owher ..ner.s ho inot a ru . nner..'tdidn eowven knut abo ce her itlebrg y doa until friend ca alledilnd fheled . r inlu nedivi p wasntreseited wh a sh finieder's m hal forerac shcompliment. e sh wthenhoent tme andook a
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hoand ouw ab--t thisu if yoin thhak you otve a lie of frnds f onk.aceboo't.. donto feel o l.specia , yeahinaccord ng to aew y. studt .. mosm of thedon't re ikally le you! s chanceu are yolyprobabav he acmore ffrebook thiends ouan yn cap keep u. with..we isll, th - studyis- publhed by yathe rocil soofety open sc e iencho-- shaws t at ongevera on - ouly f tr of fhoseooacebk ndfriee s aridconseder part of upyour sliport choque. trese a wpeopleouho we ld br by yousideri duesng timis of crthis. e st aludy ssothays ere avage on pers c could jountabust out 13 apeoplee s closs.friend durobin ronbar funm the tyiversi orof oxfncd cothluded atal sthoughl ociaornetwp ks hel ke you wiep up outh yr qu
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ney ssaril yexpandmbour nuer seof clods frienhips. mi coneng up chxt on l annews2 neis thng morni... i t'know i ts onlyayuesdt , bu e theretis somighin' bdo goin wn w this. eekend s itwitarts reth a benw and ds wi ahth a hkya i'm n, sisso de tas ile arxtne. rs ca cony ittidepu hese av st arrewoed te mor ipeoplen co onnnectia with shfatal ooting ie earl mr this..onthin. brging su the cospect upunt se to ven.we
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la igst njuht. t st wha acaused cr car tuash sitoation at escale toinio vlence? d ancosolar s mpaniekiare asng mmthe cotounity help fthem nighte ew rathikes. 'r theynge hopi b a newallot urmease eswill roltore sr ar use
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ssbusine. brand a-ew h b ha isheack. tsp narksisugget ng hosti thest 21l annua alfestivlp to he m raiseoroney fe thtsar. isky sisson th in e ne rowso om toutell y a aboutrt wohyty charige's bigst fu isndraeser. thiee stors top nyourghews riatt now a- 5:30 m.da touey is t, sdayarjanuy 26, 20-16. mgood, orninghni'm jor. potte i' and gm andirauevaan. thks for ti starr ng youthday wiel chann 2 hinews trns moing. le art's st at with l quickook at e thstforecame with ogteorolist je arff mz.tine go sdod tueniay moryong to e u, wwi eell sy partltlto mosy y sunnst inrong worter sts m moveintoth tae mounfoins e r thd weeken th wivy heaa sierrndsnow a svalley phowerse,ossiblg makinav trr el ovessthe pafies difcult w this. eekend ghave a dreatay! th ksanf. jef g turninmeto cri.. beat. lemultipie agencs are st inveg igatinican offer lv invooted shosting la night efthat lmat one n . dead it
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idsmithrvege driei and nl ro nead... doar meaalwood ree policthsay niey itially onrespdeepd to rf orts oa car as crh. o whens fficerd arriveon scene, th ouey f mnd ainan actg caerratilly. omat st,e poine police say th at situcaion eslated.ti brm oarpdway, d: "he co end unterersoffice. not ex y actlg knowine all ths,detail weshots edre fir. thatin aldividu m, thatbjale suect is asdeceed."po wlicet ouldn'm confirr whethe ma the arn was omed...ngr makith ne ootf the ivher dr ters orhetw ceo offinvrs id olveurwere ht in nc the i..ident.ho and tse two ce offirers aow n blaeing pced on dmpaid aatinistravive lee as olprotoc. arthe spolks pdeice ntpartme is lenow thading ste inven,igatio hwithfrelp asom we houncotyde esputi t andenhe rreo fipa dentrtme. cepolisk are ayoing anh ne wit nfmore ionormati t aboutheci in tdentnto coemact th or cr seneet wit3-ss at 492-2-00.
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retwo moe peopleehave bn st arren ed iecconnittion wh a ta fatil shoocang in itrson cy rl eaisier th. month ea20-ydar-old eaniel lse is ch wiarged esth acco sory tmurder bband ro aery...9-nd 1-oyearld bkeenans lack igecharthd wi raconspicocy to cmmit a arimendce actossory on a fely, c inioonnect tn withothe shoing 1 of-o8-yearntld grans watki ar nek a parn back oy januarth 11ce. polihe say tt y setoout wa rob oftkins ce 3 ouns of ri ma fjuana.heive otler peop have a beend rrestee and thin igvestn atiogois on-heing. t rs cay on citf sheriforsays me starree s aribpossle. s let'k checitin wh te meogorolffist jene martiz for t' leecs ch wk inith te meogorolffist jene martiz for a lofirst thok at hee weatr.go niod morffng, je!
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s willtlee parosy to mnntly suy s skiewitoday hsth hig50 near enin rd o an s45 for t. lakeahoewi eath hievy sowrra sn andll vaweey shosirs posakble, ming av trr el ovessthe pafies difcultis thnd weeke a. have d greatay!
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an thf.ks jefgr a soup ofndolar iustry ex gaperts itheredonn carsy citst to ble aallot tiinitiaasve to rsk voteer whethth eeey agrne with s w rateand t feesubhe putlic s ilitie co iommispon im ssed on olarom w e netrrate s wuctureas no and uncet for nengmetericu s stomeronlast mth. neoppoarnts thgue tee ra hike fe and imwer reemburs wentsouldpu lat sor ancompouies t of si bu. nessolso sndar iy ustr rk wonoers and uncel they'lbe
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re tnsider rhe newthates. eyed neou 55-th ssandigs natureby o june te put the measuron theno bvembert.allo st yey.erda p.. theot-u-c vedun ouanim hsly toheold a onaring ua febr try 8th ao lookt df granngatheriso in lar ercustomves who'll instaed s systemtoprior ew the n ri meteesng rul . it t's notlyoo earar to stt ngthinki t abouteehe w. kendthe er sirtra adas foun btion'siggest nd fu iraiserngs comie to th et nuggre and brswmaste from ar heound tco west llast wi be in ar sps ks thi. friday s kyisisson e in thomnewsro th wiai detthls on he brewaha ev t.en m good jorninganohn did an. erthe sis ra arttifoundaon and e thetnuggwo have lorked cselyto th host ale annuha brew ha
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endiffert t craf-abeers-lldo bynated re the b twries.his al has thlowed ere sirtra as da foun ttioniso ra 3e over4,000 do lallars r st yealpand he fund artheir uct edn atiomsprogra for , kidstsconcerhe for tly elderan l d locaitart in. atives puthe poenlar evs t makethemth ulankf r forrieno's char d t...anngdrinkitu...culre. ic ers- brooker "th he is auge inbreweng sc re inrieno noght a is is chgreat fanceor lepeopgo to p fore eopleeto s hewhat tre diffe ancesetre bween e ths tastheof tan beer d talkwi heth twe brehers tvemsels." ew bris haha y reallabout startier intonactim fronghavi ewthe brs mastertothere talk ab thout afeir crs t beerto the vartist willage ghich yivesou ach tanceopo sh l for aocalndrt a o talk ttithe aremsts thesselv. caa loril favo, tet grean basi ewbrg inancompily, w al beewt br ohahaidn fray. 'vtheyene beat donthing ene evt si snce it otarted yver 20earsag o.m to "young-hii do tt nk thathe gowhole f al oewa brtoer is t makerlhis wottd a belaer pceon ae pintmet a tiie and srra ts arnd foun ationgis doiin that
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bra hahhiis tays fride at thgg nuinet casrto resoor, dos t open aor7pm d 8pmngependi on h whicckti yetuyou b. he o ad tweour e bsitomktvn.c, sewe've e t up afoink u r yo tothere ou get yetr ticks. i livenen the omwsro s, kyisson, ne chanwsl 2 ne. co p ming unnon chaewel 2 ns this ng comi c up on 2hannels newthis g.mornin.. br weian "wbb: t hacathe idndesat doare wiinheth tinir fal few ys daor befioe the cuwa causes.i'
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heve tt lates ucomingp." -plus w-whye ashotycounoo schl ridistotct varers ine bekeg asd to si cona der ihiken ta ..xes.afright thter eae brk. "y e ou'rhiwatchang c 2nnels new mthisngornih wit pjohnteotr, gandiraueva m androeteostlogi ffjear mnetipiz's ntnpoi 2re focast!"
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tu g rninchto stcool wah... cwashoevoounty reters a being toasked de consi1-r 78iomilln do llars in r highetotaxes mo fund re ucconstrndtion aat renovorions f s.schoolau shy,n careli pubhoc scols cr over aowding rndr epaineeds mm coteitove: "owercr idings a ob prhelem. ten maintn ance iour sc arhools se alsongomethi at thac's lndking aeh far ee we n bd toene spboding aut 20 mi n llioardollyes a o ar tmake wsurethe get die builngs tost lalo as teng insf ad oy as thewe esre dd igne" for. tto getonhe mheey tedy ne... e thicpubloo schvels owdrcroing paand reeeir nmids comanttee wts i toasncrelee sad s antyproper xe tas. ifal the s res taxitises, could he be the hign st ithe ..state. 8-up to rs dollath a mon permi faly. ri
5:32 am
atso equ0-e to 1s dollara nt moh miper faly. cothe e mmittehesays ty're ngtryifi to alnd a betance bween er highes sal p andy roperttaxes. bl a puriic heal ng wilombe cing o upuan febrh ry 12tr to heawhat the ica publng hearibe will g cominup br on fe2tuary 1 hh towhear atth une comms ity ha ato sayboutan led a fttershrom wantoe couy sc ishool dtotrict h higschoolpr painciasls hnt studes es protthting. tte leoter nifies pr paincihals tmet soth of ode foho scstols muia immedhutely st do wn t studen astoresennd vding in machthes... sat arengelliod protucts nou previapsly edprov t byadhe nevrta depa omentf ri age.cultur" th rte depaf ment oltagricuure sa pys thehaolicy is beenn ac plr e fohamore tarn a ye and alf ha. now..atand thex they pect sctohools c be inncompliae atis th. point a:catrinre "we a l stillookingat nd treins show og thatrdne thi llof as kiderare ov oweight r sobese,eao it r clly iscaritil at thnt we coo inue te enforcthe ss me wagesgie are o ving tkidsar
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beysing ph aically" ere letto als ssayschools ulco sd be tubjectjoo mar fi althorsh pete says fi e nes arthnot ioe prinrity. e thmemeantiso... tume sdentst avores h se beenwnhut do. st sudentsy ay thet weren'e awar heof tdl deandines ati penales ge for thtting ineir orventy in ..lined . ane they'vhad toim elabinate thout 1-ousand ll dowoars prth ofs roductfromth veeir in..ntory.ey thti're anticipaheng te y'll b fclosedutor abo w twoeeks. il st cl toonome el channs 2 new l stilomto c ce onelhann n 2s ew th mis..orning. me ogteorolffist jeti marwinez llha r ve yountpinpoior 2 ft ecasaf e ter thk.brea
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e ther lis nowaness thee one wk re befoow the iusa caucanes... d po owlls shra democlats hilrycl aninton ied bernrs sanderu
5:35 am
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