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tv   Channel 2 News 5PM  CBS  January 26, 2016 5:00pm-5:30pm PST

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t'suspece s statinof mtad, menl ck bagrndoupo or ssruible dg thbut reey a aansking y wisetnesoms to care forwd tohe h lp witvethe inatstigion. aldet. ge lop "w twanto knowwh asat wng goibe on tforeheof rsficee cam cintoctontah wit whim.nte wakn to haow w wt heasgo thing h rougrebefos thih cras oc cue red. wo want te be abltopi inece thoggs tr.ethe" ll gaayop sers three weew a f peother ioplee n thh crasthatwe atre tre red andd.elease he but it says ss is poheible tre a was cafifth lvr invothed in e cr atash thth left e.e scen ouif ye havfoany inn rmatiothat vemay hane happered befo or af e ter thntaccideca -- ll se itcret wssne2- at 3249. 00 on nelsne, channel two ws. an thauks alim in crate beig tonht... th rte depaf ment o aparolendob prisation in askr g fohelpfi g ndincoa man d nvicteofba rm. th rte depa omentrof pale and ioprobatysn save stescn velao rewas ar astedonnd c ivictedn l aprir - afte rpoliceedespond s to aintabbwhg - heere, ty say,he a used toknife he cut t ct abthe n.domehe
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waand walked a ay fromtr tiansiivonal lciing fan lity ino mbve. ersg ist. lera pi/drottenepartmt of spublicy:afet d "heveoes ha a im crisinal htory lv invooting viher t olenescrim elas w il asngnvolvian substce e abusalmentlt heasuh isndes a h sonse's coediderro dangendus a i soe f thicpubls doehisee m we k as tthaty heaccontw t laen emforcanent pod rert his eawhersobouts we that canre anspond std arre him." sc velaixo is stw foot 69o... 1po . unds.. bwitheylue es andla veissco f sixo.oot tw.. 169po . unds..luwith b ae eyesndrk da hair. ahe haso tattoraof a dgon on ghhis riart foreyom. if u know hewhere c is...thall gie futivepr aponehensiat unit 64 684-24. reand olno pedice nehe your lp infindn g a mais- who so a pern ntof iinerest ar burglies in hw nortnoest reth over e pastye ar. ta ooke a l pk...e olicsay de ivtecte es havfiidentiedmi hechael a nn as opersonf te inrest. 's hefo five ..ot 10. 185 ..pounds b. with hrownanair d n browaneyes. ityone wh rminfoisation t askedo call olreno p 3ice at21- 3-4 -44.
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4 3-2-2re9-hundexd or turt yo to tip 4 8-4-7-11. so alim in cr te beat..onight. an p n-h-r troopeokwas boo ed int oe washy countndjail aed chargwi uith a dly eary fridag.mornin da nevatm depar pent ofublic sa cfetyrmonfi os thatfficer stchrir opheenwirtanct -- piuredhe ware -- f-s of adutytit the me aof the trrest.sohey all telus enwirtanee has bedn plac on ad raministuttive dd ies anisop cog eratinhiuntil s ra arenignme t. he will balsoev d aluate oby theofffice siprofesesonal rliponsibty to se he iflle wiac be pled on pa unveid lea 3 forys0 da. er"now hs e'kemilg a fer'sirstlo t ok apithe 2npointec forast" s weavtill hhee anotler coup of o daysbuf dry dyt clound co aitionss crosrethe gion be hefore t o ridgef high su presrere bdoaks awn andllows we a agt and vegressi t stormo co hrme toughov heer tke weempnd. teeseraturll wim warheto t0s mid-5 dawednesd y anwillcl toimb inow the l b 60sy
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ip precn itatio lwilly ikelstart. idthe frntay evesh is g apinup a to be temoderagt strenh sp atmoriheric enver evh t, wit hi w gh snolevels mo, and f st ocothe mputermo eedels se m to beein agrmentwi t th thae.picturwo that uld su resilt in angnific, t raines lypeciale in thinmountas thbelow ese passwe. the ekend lgets aleittle erss c, tainbut er coldoe air d is movee nto th , regionopdrngpino slew lsve to w belo tlakeatahoe sanurday d ib poss tly all the wayo the s weavtill hhee anotler coup of ys dadr of t y bucloudynd co aitionsthcross one regi re befo r thef idge ohighpr bessuredoreaks awn ands llowth t e firs owaveecf prioipitatn wi ikll larely st ft. theriday ev sent is uhapinge p to ba temoderagt strensph atmoheric ri evver itent, w sh highnow alespecithly in tae mounins w belossthe pae es. thd weeken a getse littlerless c, tainbut ld co der airveoes moth into e on regipi, dropw ng snolsleve to labelow ahke tatoe sanurday d ss pollibly aay the we to th
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mthanksike. y todashthe waouoe cbonty ard ofmm coerissiond s voteccto aa ept mesettlevent owsr laetuits bweenth oe city af renocknd truee owmeadres fite pron ctioridistct er ovse fire . rvices cithe f ty ondreno a t theeeruck ow mead ps fireiorotectn ridistavct hene beol invinved ws lainuits since endr g theico atnsolide ed firdemepartn nt i 12 20. da toe y thridistppct ad rove pa myingthore 47an 4us-thoand do s llaretto sthtle ite su. th noe rey citcicounlll wie vot he on wo ther tovappre the le settntmeom tw orroatir the m inatoney w. ch.."ttoday he be chamour" ann inced- ts ce-o... h whicbehas then at oe helmf orthe tiganiza mon foranore th a ..decadell. wire be . tiring st len s evenmebeca-e the c-o of e thr chambe00in 22. hduringimis te e, h thelpedo thmerge ae renorknd spas ch oamberserf commo ce ttecreath gae ortinizaiton in ens currt rm fo. todayhe l wil oremainhen as t c-e-oun
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lland with isen assint tnshe traition. if e you'vinlived ig a by. cit.. itor vis..ed onee'. thergos a od cechane you'vofheard ar "zipc". a it'sr- membecabased inr-sharg ic servhae... tnot has tw comeo re no. ar a iannetbennint jo ns usowli m ve froivthe un oersityf cnevadas ampu awithat look howit .. works. ari?th whis is u'ere yod ll finthe zifirst s pcarenin r ro...ight on gi virstnia nreettoext the de peanstrirp overeass he. e th iideames-- s mberuscan e e thes wcarsthhen eeey nd ..themr . foitas lastle an ur hoan... eyd th't done havtorr wot y abou..gas.ur ins..ance. f or ainding t place io keept. thjoe: "juis is rest a gat way ev to rioolut pnizel ersonamo . bility wpeoplewnho os- car- th ayey p t forl hem almethe ti. th iis carons ly w yoursu hen yoy pa."for ithe owre's hrk it wou s-- yoget a mb me aershipart zipc f foreniftell
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ca you hen sc tduleunhe amot of ytimed.ou neeth.. whes er it'an ..hourda. a r y... oenev w yen--l ou'lyouse urzi rdp-cato... oc unle k ngdurir youduschewiled . ndow c it aosts $bout a7.50urn ho... a or 7boutll0 dofoars dar a y... d an ithatdenclue s th ocostf s gainand ncsuranie. uitversy fi ofs cial- say- ait'sat gre rtoppoy unitstfor tsuden to av leeie thrsr caho at . me..but l stil ahaves cces twhenedhey ne "talie: nif youa eed icar,f yo tu want ao take t dayuprip e to lak itahoe,waf you dont to hosome s gpping, to overl he hil acto sntrameano or sis francco, e theropis an itportuneny to rt hithe vefocle dar a ay, for fewda ys..." se the isrvice op also en to an n yone icothe itmmun ny...otst juud to stndents aff sta. yo stu jud neeatto be 1 least8 ye s ard.ol w..itclh a n ea ivdrreing fcordheor tt lastwo ar yes. d ann you caurget yors membehip ..onlinest. jud ktvcom fo lir a nk. ngcoveri s the ltoryriive, aanna nn be cett,elhannew 2 ns. in er e:i'mbrrin ..een.ll.we' ke ta i youe nsidinthe rydust of ingrowdig memacal anrijua in
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it er's nevar too etaly to lkab thout ene weekhad, we vea w previeopof a prtular a and er beun faidrhaser enppcoing ming up. fi but trst...ixoday sla clevendli poffce os icer fwere firedor ei th ir rolefan a tal sh ngootiho... nyw maer othres we soalis dplciedinr , aftethe ea brk. 'r "youhie watchang c 2nnel ne . ws.. kwithstriemen r, ington la onnd mleilndr, ae mikr'alges nppi tointwoor fasec" t! yo knu heow tic basba n rgaiofme arica isu if yoarwork hd, yoand yu dopaour rt, yo ldu shoule be abt to geah d ead anhestay aad. sobut y manlifamiones dee't fkel liir thear hrkd wos pay off. 'sthathe not t a waycameri s isseuppo od to.perate wa i o nt to go tfobat emr thry evegl sindae y. ge cot inrimes ..sing. t gel equafopay mer won... t custthe coal of hearth ce iland chred ca so e peopl cantuac gallyadet ahe.
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f beenanired, otd six herssp su bended, oecauser f theiro tles inothe shoating dehs of artwo unopmed peftle aer a -s high cpeedhan se i. 2012 ofthe fficers37ired 1 a shotst mo tiruthy l sselmaand a liss ll wi. iams oonlyf ne oofthe rsficeed fac cr im cinaleshargan -- wd heas qu acd itteayin m. th lie pohice cndef ali pubc sa dfetytoirecnor and uncethe sc dineipliay tod . th ayey s o six othererffics facesu onspensiins rangomg frys 21 da 3 to. 0 days ve semeral hod s antmaparent le comp pxes ina,acificli caiafornve, hade been emedun biinhabetable ofcause ly rapid od ercling idiffses. ta lke the, homesjust w a fefrmiles fom sanisrancco e arte ineter tg ondghe e te ofhe fsclif m andhaost lrve adyea lo hest tacir bdskyarer to n osiobl oamedorn stroms f nm elio. ci pa cficaofity alficives ha cl de aaredte staem of ncergey haand skve aesed rtsiden of re thare apt tmenlecomptoxes ac ev. uate
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aymondth, wire 20 ntsideins beg to o ld te.leav inlookarg toundldhe wor... ir pan'sntresideed visit pope s franci vat the taticanoday. anthe iradian letrer is o ying tke maou his corntry me vi afsible reter a uccent nlearal deat . jonglhan viiotti re s.port me the beeting potween ncpe frais an and irprian idesenant hass anrouhgai bethn wi a ...end thed mov to p thes ope'instudy the va n ticae wheranrouhvei gahe tca theaolic la der iapersg.n ru 40the ut-minsce dionussike kicd ofrof a eu tpeanroour uhani s hope pwilln ositios iran aa fo efrts. vathe n tica tsaysn ehraldshouay plor a majin role in fightg rr teorism. an rouh hi saysntis counory is w th fee sandst at moslestab in e thonregi. he ts wanen to cad deofdes omdipl daticncistae twithhe stwer oventits coiaroversl eanuclogr prram. an iren recagtly treedmio lit tisanconie relf.
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detwo s cade athate popmehas t awithn iairanesn prt.iden fpopeisrancd tolanrouhi he es"hop p for aeace," tndhe hifor m. thjonaigan vtiliotnn chael 2 . news d anlgmike al er wil lhave aook ne. t but.firsit.. wssh len thaa ek we b to gothefore e iowa ca esucus f therurontg nnin nd caesidat f areinocus og inn e the the lest fr
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eathe brk. rntutoing am cigpa20n ..16. enpresidantial cs didateonbo idth sthes of ote ball are stbarn iorming wowa ase are d justayays awm frostthe art of s.oces as e marlixphall e nlains,ow is th te time fhey'reg ocusintheir tc pi gh toutet o v theote. wi usth jdat six goys to e beforth wae iocu caus see - thtwo in leadidg candreates ain focusg on ro one gpaup in icrtular -an evl gelicaiachristns. rr jelwy fajrell . - anan evl gelicaerpreachea and hd of y libertsiunivernnty - aedounc ehe'ssindoronng dtrald ump. elfalwhil t nted aplthe edge
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y jerrelfalwprl jr./t,esidenli unberty tyiversin : "imy n,opiniod donalp trums livea li f fe onglovi h andngelpi rsotheje as tasus iughte n th t greaancommt.dmen" bnot toone outdtee - md cruzet pwithhereacn rs i mioway ondate g llin hthemthe's one olyne o whstcan ruop tsemp. edn. t / cruzes pralidentida candite: v"our talues,eohe judti-chrisan esvalut thad builicamerrea, a de unulr assa wt. and ae need es prt ideno wh dwillthefend e ticons atutionefnd douend r lu va ces."haruz -ps a 12ointle ngad amo, whitelievangecal st chrin ians iiowa - d an ihe'svin a l rtuawitie thum trthp for ale over. l lead"b bernie! bernie!" ernie! he on tra democdetic sien - sator rn beanie s'sdersul popist agmesse ha lps heimed hn gaintmomen um i seiowa. nin. berere sands/mo de pcraticderesil ntia idcandate: e "w wwillerin h ie in- owa if e thr voteouturn ht is" igh. ll hiclary sainton ysas she h the enexperiwice to d n - ans she' adalreivy survubed replican at hilliry c/ nton idpresalentidi can: date"t thhey alrow tl ofsthis atuff me i andti'm stall sg.ndin " in clhoton a lds ownarrd leaover nd sainers a. iowli marlle hach
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hilate ttes afn rnoodonald s trump'gncampaihe said be will ip sk tpingexhe nblt repuicanba deoste hbyted ew fox ns in triowa. s ump haizcriticed foxne iws forngncludir ancho n megyaskelly at a debe mo toderar. mu for e ch morheon te racfor io the cuwa cau sses...netay tud r fo"cthe nibs eves"ng new with sc llott peupey... at next . six an bld repureican piasidentl atcandidfoe and lormer fridago jvernorh eb buswas in henortevrn ndaada tospy. he oke s toerupportlks in et o abouthe le roa nevads playhoin cg osin xtthe nede presint. b je"ybush: pou allhulay a ge iroleisn thll as weus, becae te af cr iowaewomes nhi hampsre, h soutnacaroli n anda,evad the ur fote sta ws thatfiill dene who bwills e comeenpresidhet of tun sited" tates. r aftellthe ra ty athe asnorthe nternmuevada hiseum ts rn afteoon sh bud saiashe wve tra tlingo modes aines oheadwaf io's escaucus. i thisfis his sifth vitot rt no nherna.evad an
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. ws..bsand "c.. news"he. on tai nlr... od ine anebon facook tw and for c20paign 16 gecoveragh throube novemr ofth yea el"channs 2 newuecontins with f chieormeteisologt amike'slgerpo pin2 int re fobrcast, asoadcrtt cebyified e thanamericeo metgirolocal so " ciety! s weavtill hhee anotler coup of o daysbuf dry out cldy it condcrions as osrethe gionfo bere theri hdge ofesigh prresure baks wn doll and aweows a t and ag vegressi t storm to comehrougher ovee the wtekend. urmperates arwill whem to t0s mid-5 we y dnesdalland wi i climbnto e ths low 60daby frihey, we n thfi verst waec of prioipitatn will ke lirtly stafr. the veiday ent s is uhapinge p to braa modete ngstretmth aicospher riverev itent, w sh highlenow vels d , anf most ompthe couter lsmodeto seem a be inntgreemewi hath turt pictt e. thawould re n sult iicsignifraant in, es lypeciale in thinmountas
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bee w thespasswe. the ekend a getse littlerless cbutain, t co irlder amo does ntve ie o th on regipi, dropw ng snolsleve to labelow ahke tatoe sanurday d ss pollibly aay the we to th eyvallor flo by nd suay. tiwe se ll havr anothe ocouplef o daysbuf dry dyt clou itcond aionsthcross one regi re befoid the rf ge ohigh es pr bsuredoreaks awn andllows a d wet ansiaggresrmve sto to co oume thrgher ovee the w. kendertempatures arwill whem to t-5 mid0swe y dnesdalland wiim cltob in l the bow 60sy , fridayhewhen t w firstave of ipprecioitat ln willstikely art. e th efridays vent iinshapg up b todee a motrrate sength at rimospher c rive wevent,ith s highvenow lels, moand thst of ute comper ls modeto seem a be inmegreent t withcthat pihaure. tult wod re n sult ignsianific, t rain
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lo bepaw the . sses we the geekend itts a lletle ss rt ceutain, br coldeesair do mo o ve intgithe reopon, drpingsn evow ltoels ow bele lake tahosa aturdayosnd py sible all thy wa vto theflalley oor by . sunday s let'incheck e on thwiroads thwe ll stie havr anothe ocouplef o daysbuf dry dyt clound co aitionsthcross gie reon tbeforegehe ridhi of ghsu presakre bre as downownd alls a anwet grd ag sessiveo torm t tcomeghhrour ovewethe ekend. mp teureratl es wilo warm tthe d- miwe50s y dnesdalland wi inclimb lto the bow 60sy id frenay, whir the fe st wavofec prioipitat ln willy idthe frntay eveap is shing up b todee a mo srategttrenh at hemospveric rit,r even with gh hiw snolsleve d , anf most ocothe ermput moeedels se m to beein agrmentwi t th thae.picturwo that uld lt resugn in sit ifican, rain ci espen ally iunthe mos tain
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lgets aleittle tass cert in, buld co der airveoes moo intthe gi reopon, drnoping slsw leve to w beloahlake turoe satd day an lypossibhe all t t waye o th fvalleyy loor b. sunday t' lek s checthin on s e roadwith tr our reaffic cporterhaison an dee in the alicoi96 pnt 5tr ceaffic nter. o look sut forghome lifit trafc ge intt ig ontom 80 fro b395.ut rw othethise e ere arillucky no de acciornts id inc tentspoo rertcu enrrsotly jo good t b outhere d an cpleasenuontirie to dve fe saly. chi'm n aisonddean at' thayos ur fitrafc th for the eigh a year,0 bout 9lo secal e rvicidproviners tevid 'srenoel homtoess e thes vent nt ce.oer..inffererg evngythi cfromeslothha to tsircu'l. wel he farrofom the tlks onhece reeniving ind, com. g up
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tewied up nth thetougget ce atlebrnoe rera's vib ant artnd be berwiretung cul hre. weave th arere o e twatdemocr vicnsisiofo lar regualting wetl stre .ysone saok it's taay to ke nsmilliobi from sg bank d an tthenthell haem w dt -- plan br teak up bhe biganks, thclose x e taholooples, an ked mam the payr thei sfair.hare wthenexe can eapand hcalth re llto a, d ane providsauniverlll coucege edn.atiowi y ll the mlikenoe? . wihell tgiy be pn to lay tbyeshe ruli' if idm present?
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t's notlyoo earar to stt ngthinki t abouteehe w. kendthe rasiers arttifoundaigon's bgest rafund iiserngs comie to th et nuggre and brswmaste from ar heound tco west wiast e ll binsp tarksidhis fray. is ky shason e s ths detailonth eais ybrr's ahew ha. o with0 ver 10endifferaft crt s beeryofor tu tounry--telimid me timis i adght d-- th 21e astuannbrl ahew ht a even heis ta sierrouarts fndationsgg bifuest isndra her andas he flpedseund l veraheof tir ca loarl itt inesativ. is raoving 4,er 3do000 s llarlastye e ar, thr populahaevent s the fo tiundahaon tl nkfurefor no's ch ri.. art.anddr ..inkingtu.culre. beric "rooks-isthere e a hug inbrewe g scenenin rt o a is is t greacechan for op pegole to p forpleo se toee twhatfehe difesrenc a breenetwe ta the ostese f th abeeralnd tk wiheth twe brehers tvemsels." ev gaent or wnizers mant toake h brewouaha abstt artite inn ractio hfromg avinthe br erewmasters th te tooualk abt crtheir eraft be ts torthe aist ag villice whs h givechyou a ance hoto sr p fol locaanart lkd tato a the trtistsvehemsels. berics-rook's "ithi one tng to t
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in pas tingokand loin at prts, paand s,intingla and ge,ss war e and seouwhat ye likas ars pe won buthearn you lee ab to ta thlk to ste artiut aboit it mis arouch stonnger cn.nectio" tall ofzehe boona is doted by anlocal ond regiwral breies cl in auding, f locale,avorit the bagreat ewsin brmping coany. y
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es thlke foous it.l 'lha tve gecoveraan you c countn" o sjohntoutf n: i wthise er sy ea.e....vee ryond wouloibe dngit ." on yet anly a hf dful oiecompans e ar ireallyd nvestein methe l dicaanmarijusta indury. d anghtoni'lt we yl takeou de insiro one gatw toat is s night'l channe2 news orbig st:3y at 50 di merical maisjuana nl not oy ga leorl in nnethern ..vada .it's n alsondew iy ustr. for usod gong eveniha and tr nks foin jo iing usdo'm lanern mill. i' and tem krisngn remi..ton...sp diesensaripe are ondning a so e ar fgrowitacilndies. aht tonig reerin besen taksi us int de tha
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in to a soury yse'll one oly2.n
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