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tv   Channel 2 News 630PM  CBS  January 26, 2016 6:30pm-7:00pm PST

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wnown hheres e waoupronnced ad dell. gaayop sfis of acersre ai trtoned p storea th- at - tisomeusmes deing fadly. orcede alt. g"ilop eyf thfe're g elin atthre aenedstgainio serus lybodiur inj dy or oeathr ri sedious bonjly iorury th dea a toernothso perhen, tn e th ofr ficefimay ilre unt tt hare th iatons no lr geerth" e. th cie inapdent hped ne bin ausy pa ortf dutown, usring rh-hour fitrafndc -- api keehong tse lepeope safa was riprioty. de alt. g"llop settingneomeo run ndarouh witifa knhee, wther ey thth're enreattoing ur inje sethem olvesatr thretoening in sjurey omebod, else'vwet e go g tohaet tait cont wned.ote've gin stveorigaty s sae thceoffirs no had o wayowf knthing e sp sustect's mate ofenind, mtal ba ckndgroupo or lessib de.rug us th but aey areinskg any wi s tnessee to comarforwd to ithelp winh the igvestation. t. delo gale p "w twantowo knwh asat wng goibe on tforehe ceoffiamrs ctoe inta conitct wh m. hiwa we o nt t wknowt haashe wgo thing rofough bes re thicrash oc d.curewa we bent to to able ec piine thoggs t" ether. ll gas op saywethere ewre a f
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t wereedreat r andd.eleasebu ayt he ss s it ilepossib there s wafia h ftr cavoinedlvn ie th h crasefthat lsct the ene. ou if ye havinany ioformatn thaty maaphave hbepened r fore o r afteacthe cintde- -call se itcret wt ness a00322-49. ve coriring ceame bvet li, paul on nelsne, channel two ws. ks than crso in atime beht tonig... e thmedepartpant of ndrole a at prob aion isfosking r help g findincoa man tenvicd of y batterubwith salstantiy bodilha rm. e thmedepartpant of ndrole a ioprobat sn saysn tevescvelao rewas arndsted avi con ictedn ri aptel afcer polind respoed to a ngstabbi h where ae used knife utto c v thes ictim'ndface a imstab he in thn.abdome as he wnc senteo ed tatprobion an lkd wawaed a ay from si tranaltionvi liilng fac nity inr.ovembesg a t. listtpierrotm/deparofent spublic "afety:s he doehave a im cr hinal iistoryvinvolthng oer ol vicrent aimes as wells in lvvosuing ncbstause abnte meal al hessth ianues e'd so hs ns coediderge dan arouso nd sif e thicpublse does wee him askth y at theaccontt law rcenfot emenreand hportis eawhersobouts we that can
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sc velaixo is stw foot 69o... 1 ds pounbl with s ue eyerkand da hair. h heatas a t atoo ofn dragoon ghhis riart foreyom. if owu kn hewhere c is...e all thvefugiti enapprehnision u84t at 6-2644. an pd renoarolice ase tkinghebl pu hic forndelp fimaing a n o wheris a p ison oft nteresinbu esrglarirt in norehwest no tovert he pasyear. a take.. look.e policsay ct deteavives htie idenfiedch minnael hepe as a f rson o stintere. he e 's fiv0.foot 1 p.. 185ounds wi wnth broan hair n d broweyes. yo anitne wfoh inn rmatioedis ask l to cal prenoe olicat 3- 4 3--4214. n you caalalso cetl secrss witne ti -4p to 81.-7 4-1 ialsoe n crimonbeat t. p n-h-r troopeokwas boo ed int cwashoejaounty cil andharged wi athar dui edaly friiny nearda depoftment li pubc fe safity conatrms ther officch -here- s
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. arrest atheytelso ll us rt wiasanen hpl been n aced o mi adtinistraieve dutiss and er coopunating s til hira art.ignmenll he wiso be al ua eval tted byiche offe ofof pralession onrespy siblit ito seeilf he wl da. we ll stie havr anothe ocouplef f days ot dry bucloudy it condcrions ae oss thonregi fo be rre thef idge ohighpr bessuredoreaks awn andllows a d wet ansiaggrestove so rm tme cogh throu t overkehe weempnd. teeseraturwi m ll war mto theid-50s dn weanesday d will b climheinto t 6 lowy 0s b
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atecipitwiion ikll larely stt.e thfriday t evenhais sp ping ua to be temoderagt strenmoh atrisphe c r rive wevent,ghith hiw sno levelsan , od mostcof the mputer ls modeto seem a be inntgreeme ld coirer amo does o ve intthe re drgion, soppingvenow leo ls tlo be tw lake sahoedaatury and ss po aibly wll thethay to e ey vall b floorayy sund. da tooey washy count mm coerissiontes vo ad toa ccept tt sentlemela over bwsuitsetween tythe cino of reru and tckeeme s adow pfirectrotediion ctstriov irer frve se. icesth tye cire of ndno a t theruckeeme fiadows tere proction st di hrictave ibeenvenvold inla swsuits einceg ndintheir co atnsolidired fpae de irtmentn . 2012 y todadithe ctstriro appved ngpayie mor 4thanho47-td usan ardoll ss toe ettlsuthe . it nothe reco city l unci vwillote wonerhethap to e provthe lesett tmentroomor tw atheir
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in w money. atch.."ttoday he be chamour" anntsnced i c- .. e-o.hawhich eds helm the ni orga fzatione or morthan ade . cade..e will bngretiri. le enn stevcas beheme t o c-e-of ch the inamber d 2002.g urinhis me ting leadirg the oioanizatn he ed helprg to meree the no and csparkserhamb cs ofe ommercto tcreateanhe orgn izatioin its encurrrmt fo. todayl he wilma reasin on -e the cil-o unt his cc sur essoenhas be.. named. and t willsihen asste in th sitrantion. ca a inr-sharicg serv'se thatpo inpular r bigge..citiess . ha menow cono to re. yo llu'd finhothe f me o'sreno rs ficat "zip crs" onatampus theiv un oersityvaf neda. th arese rse cat thacayou ntn refo hr an..our.ay a dev... en a ..week m. asasuch ou yd nee em th. mbmepaers dy 15rsollaea a yr r foipa "z".cardhi.. wnlch uocks e th..doord . an ythenusou jt y pathfor oue amf nt o ytimeoune stripheomewre.
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te exciffd to on er arnalteative de moan of trtasporertion hr e for oultfacuffy, sta, and enstud."ts - but-rvthe seisice n opeto ianyonecon the y.mmunit.. notst ju to enstudndts a. staff styou juto need l be at 1east8 ar yed.s olit.. wclh a ean ye u and yot can geemyour mhibersp on ..line h. just kead tom tvn.cor fo. a link in raowshader chartl schoocefad fo a lorced chisure ts mo canth be fuse ofalinancisu ises. to but heday, te washocounty dschoolt istricd boarof us tr vtees totedtho let ole scho ofinish sut ther emesteuntil 3 june0th. ch rieeng awmashwen rosely, 1nior7 ud st "ent: nit'seaot really sy p to wra'sup. itme my hofe. i elfe sai . and t can ge, a goodme ulaningfti educareon the."in c thesemooming , nthsrninteal rsauditoim este ate thbudgetwi e ll b t tighe for th..schoolon.with ly th
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afand stulf cosed lo p theiray r fostthe laou cofple hs montei in thrar contcts. t bucop ming uruin febary,in ra pshadowo lans tonpetiti forch a rearter tonewal p keee th ho scpeol o n. dsfielgr of areen lpe hegring ow ne a duw in hstryinere th norern ne . vadawe ta'll ouke yid inse the
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oudo ynk thiyo when u esare prtiden byou'll ae paids much yoas if au wereal man-me...? s this i tone ofobhe js erwheye the havayto p youe th.same t buarthere ane so mply exames e wheroethat dsnap't hpen.i' inm goo g to dhieverytanng i c to su make ryre eve woman ryin eveet job gs paid methe sa... n e meewho arg doinobthat j. i'arm hilltoy clinn
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ca medijul mari nana isnlot oy l legaorin nn ther's ewalso ntr indususy for . sp diesensaripe are ondning a so ar fe growieacilits. to and t nigh berinakreen tes us siinhade tdut in..stry.. sin a ytory'loul e selyonn o2. pe---o tning dheoor---- lc we nome tos evada'newestin rydusted...marical m. ijuana ersilv t a ig br fhte.uturig so brheht ty ve haar to wede shas? ..reallydo.they . ch riarsed:"thes lightare li y terallhtbrighaer tn the n. su" ri cuchard isrt igrs an areicultuex hepert. s makese ure thplants wh get y at thenebeed to rv had esteinut abor fouhsmontti me. ri d:chart whae we'rinlookg at iheretes laus aug mt toidse r ptembeatand whtu in nare wowould ppuld hathen in ."e fall wevenhehen ot's ne herhe'ske aneping en ye o. themri d char:"natss thi 4is ae -lin ni mofotor atr he l andight
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jthat'se ust thnnbegiofing thegh hise tech hcurityere. in ert :"no donlyeyo the havto mp coitly wndh hu oredsatf ste ciand rtyegioulat.tns..his re entiti operas on ivideo d. tapey . a hoursda .sy... eo thatmenforcemsnt tea th fro oe cityksf sparoo can lk in it on ny a teyime th" want. tplusrehey'in makeag gre t usof f thisbaormer h nk casertransfat stion. e:shan ithise s thl finaucprodt fe saauty vo lt s ithisers whe we ho'll veld einrythadg rer y fo sptrantoort d thensispearies." e ther eare 40esmployean here d onevery hee of ts m hassa paion fo ir thisy.ndustr hn joto sut tn iseohe cho...w has n a so awithe rartigenec rddisoer. heone s saybehas enhe blpednny ca. abisjo anhn: wyoneayho snns caabis s haedno malicinli quaesti is on wr ig. and l wouldike to ll cha pengetoeople me do so chresear c andtoome ir the ownop nsinio." hi in tfas ci.tlity..nahe canbi is wn grori...d..ed..nd..a oc prd.esse al and thong wiss proceg inbuds
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chsearex on titracilng os tocu int paho witheut th. hig at thha's west thble taarets e. th 'veycle reeaa d t lo hofdluresto t getfahis r. thand reey all stisc con oiousf te doubrs. jo i hn: k thine thbit gges sc miptonceision t tharewe a in o itfonly e r thy.mone t...andhe se s cond ivethat ee ryonhiin ts inbusea ss is st."onerjo e hn:wa are p groueoof pple tr tyingcro eahate cannge d r offeinsomethrag natustl inead w ofcohat frmes omha a py.rmac" si slver ttatengradion is e of e tht firstoon go ilinen rt no nherna.evadth weyenrot theiugh thnar fil he nsalth iiopecthins...t s rnafteoon. ri cove sng theritory en n bree an ch2 nel . news moand to nrrow..ight w..erinill ltake aatook d thearispensies at thl wilelbe sheling tou pot yw sag.growinig...tonht. dshundreop of peeile reclpved hefr com the rity of"peno's ctroje ho ssmelene coneact" r rliey.toda is thua annvol lur nteet even ov pr tidesomhe hs eles fwithree se esrvich sucedas m cicalare,
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esrvicus, hoining atformion, d an qeventyuali of slifeceervikes lirc rery fr shou vis ahoet was h ubeenlonemp syeed 2ince009. ilhe fhiled rts cath, wiox a b c ofioheerlos.a f af o br anead.jends, aac a : eshour't"i donho know w eachy da. goessti juto have it play by . earaysome ds s it, goodsome ys da b itsad" a one sid..notee ..onivin fe am anericld chifaren elll bheow t ve polirty n ne iu.the s. n ina-evadt -thaernumbon is e in fo . urths is ieithe yghthofear ecprojmet ho clessctonne. mi l ke wil ahavek loor at you re foexcast nt.... bu rst fi'st iter nev e toolyarto ab talk e out thd,weeken we ha reve a pf view olaa popur art d an fbeerdrunaihaser g ppenin
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th arere o e twatdemocr vicnsisiofo lar regualting wetl stre .ysone saok it's taay to ke nsmilliobi from sg bank d an tthenthell haem w dt -- plan br teak up bhe biganks, thclose x e taholooples, an ked mam the payr thei sfair.hare wthenexe can eapand hcalth re llto a, d ane providsauniverlll coucege edn.atiowi y ll the mlikenoe? .
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thrasiers arttifoundaon's es biggndt fuerrais is ng comie to th anuggetndew brs masterrofrom ae und thwest . fridayky n sissoe has ths detailon is thr' yeaews bra. hah th wir ove0 10erdiffafent crt be foers u r yoryto tli--und mite s timeghi mid-t ad- 21the uast ann hl brewenaha evt is ie the stsrra arat foundions he unlped frad sevehel of t irca loinl art esitativ. is rainerg ov00 34,ll0 dolaars st , yearpothe evpular haent e s th in dr..kingtu.culre. erokic broths- "isere ug a he g brewininscene o rennoright s is ieaa grcet chan for le peop f to goplor peotoe seeat whif the desferencet are bween tathe st oese f th abeeralnd tk th wi b thersrewems thes.elve" t evenzeorganit rs wane to makew brab haha tiout arst ra intection om frin have g thmabrews sterth tere toabalk eiout tht r crafbe toers rt the allist viage wh veich gia s you tchanceopo sh
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re befo the dg riige of hsuh presakre bres nddown as allowana wet d gr ag sessiveo torm thrcome tough heover tnd weekeer. tempatureswi m ll war mto theid-50sdn weanesday d will b climheinto t0s low 6 by , friday twhenirhe fe st wavofec prioipitat ln willstikely art.
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ti we savll hote anupher cole of me cogh throuth over ene mom ls seeinto be ee agrmentco irlder amo does o ve intthe ne avada snd dangoieta stere a se gt tonio to..ght.l i'lhavea
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"n erow hore's spirts dector ga t rretbodearitrn wneh chanl 2 tsspor." b theylveat unow and nol the wf pa enck mas's bl ketbals team ilo tooking o knock tff theop am tee in thinmounta s o diegisstate wn in to for a on natimaal tv attchup ..lawlor..anlld daolas c iodnys
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rryea gavaett neloda is oking r for theist3rd htraig t winhis inevent g buonit we 't basan ey ataske s th wpackmeelcos in un mo wtainest eapresfason tevorisa egn diato st le tor awlotsevence . nter acin fnct sivae neoida jthned e mo inunta wt es 2in2 01e thlfwo pa s ck iag0-5 nsaie t th te az. cs.. f ashior tars ye d san siegotateis 6 14-alover bl...ftut aer a y shakofout fe cone rencduscheleth avey hmee cove alimo in inunta st wey plaarand 0 e 7-siand t al atone heop tnd sta..ings. r theiinleadorg scs er iesfrhman re jeemmy h asley is hes agaver13ing nt poigas a . me.. va ne odaurf cos se ingcomi off d anioemotllnaary chd gectviy orag t ainstain sivte rnlal uv on rdsatuigay ns ht athooey lk ca thrry omat mm entuintoto tsnighio act thks wee a medilaavaitybili p theack sc did usse mwhat sakesiean dgo sostate go. ne "oar they ele so whel coacd,th avey hgre ateat thleteshey ar te harde o scort againsgreat th leng p, theyhalay ndrd a bo rethund . e ballavthey he t grea stalenttho all e os onreaskes mam theicdifftoult
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lohey ndng ale aththtic eycr thash are boands, eyd th are ofone b thedeest ivfensame tes in n then atiollso ath of ose athingsy nd theveare ryhl ato etic ss that ir theibread an ttd buer." t so ie will bwothe aclf pd k an tethe azigcs ton oht tipff a lelitt later an thma nor sl...oret f 8pman cd of wouselle wie havhi ghghlionts t aight. t 11from orlawlla dallos cobadny o ck t you. yo tu want ao talkombout dinance t inhe porool, fth the 4 time th eais sd son antininth me herre cavaer, neerda diva kryst hpalmerkeas pictad mount in wesdi tver ofk he wee. honorsth one carsna city dtiveatominede thte3-merir sprdng boa in ne wvada'sr in ovesesan jo state
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6nearlynt0- poie s shsewas cond 1in ther.- metepa ndlmer aac the ptuk reo rn t on actisa this ayturdh wita ub douale-dnsl agai wt unlvyoming linegas vas. e thorbighrens ain seeotg anher y gug goinheto t s jutahhaazz igve sguned ard ic ereek gr an toda 10-y raconte ct. threjazz ang looki lifor a acttle b dkcourtepth te afpor t inargurad nulo,et ff su aeredcu conn ssioduringmo lnday's doss toitetro w andas's hegi averaucn a tor h unde27
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mi heke is h re witnaa fiecl chk t ofthhe weaerwe ll stie havr anothe ocouplef o daysbuf dry dyt clou ndcoioit ansthcross ree gion re befoid the rf ge ohigh supresreak bre as downownd alls th t e firsf wave oitprecipation an
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agetse littlerless cbutain, t i lyrealt wan to yshowomou shietng. n kare o.: , 1dy2, reago, :t -v l-o -e
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>[ i allves lo is ov le 1]! ow :t oo h.h oo .. [c[h nowlig] 3]> fore t thstsat te. he in tha next r,lf hou you'chll wate peopl y trweto ansr e thos14 mict critstal queions t of lheirives. in jor us fo an"who wo ts t mbe aaiillionre." [c erheans apd aupl]se ra[dtimamuc c]si ihello,'m s chriisharron. lc wetoome s thehow. guyou eays rdy to ti conplnue g ayin ho "wts wanbe to il a mailionre"? s [cheeranpld ap]ause sa i ony "ce"tinuau becse avwe hree a inturnntg contesta, wh rio is bhenging r co itmpetirive spit d anmiher tedwesharn crm ba
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