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tv   Channel 2 News 11PM  CBS  January 26, 2016 11:00pm-11:40pm PST

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rn tutoing c themeriea bnot w... lwe areg earninbomore a autn ceoffilvr invooted shoing in no reni last thght - t at lefone n ma. deadin igvests atorsesay rgio va al- radolemoras s washot sh y ortlr afteoc5 o'cltek-- afr ihe wasd nvolvearin a csh cra aron mcculran boevard. ap it hbepened smtween geithrid e drivneand d,il roae on thrt no oh sideowf meadllood ma. s theyicay offtrers toied ff dithuse ate situ aion --fterey th a foundo-lvarads,moralear wimed kth anife. t. delo galhep "we n thceoffirsri ar sved onthcene, e ey wermet evwith siteral w wnessese ho werdi lyrectin or ctdirenvly id olvein c the, rashthand peose oplewe erre vncy cod ernethfor eir fe sandty aec dirofted rsfice to is thiv indl.idua" llgaayop se s thceoffiavrs ge ra alvadoor-mesalba veranl commds e --llventuainy ustag a r seon thim,d hat halelitt to no cteffeop. gallth says ece suspt th uren tonned o twoerffics, inadvanc og inn itheme n clospr y.oximits that'ffwhen oicers s on fceneedirth at spe suect.
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atimmedi aely --k nd tootohim wnreno h wherewae ons prncoued . deadopgalls sayof aficersre ne traitod to srep a th- at -me sos timedeusing fadlyceor. ncand siine the hcidentd appene usin a b oy part, f townridung ourush-htrr keepith e ospe soplewaafe s a io prrity. t. delo galetp "l stingneomeo runar wounda ith e,knifth wheer ey thth're enreattoing ur inje em thesselvth or enreattoing ju inomre sy ebodweelse, t 've go et to gt thaaicont wned.ote've gto te pronoct, lyt on p thee eopl wewho irre dy ectllvinvoited wh crthe bash,e'ut wo ve gtopr t oteclepeopha tart ine s thiar ea."ve inorstigatass are nyking a sewitnesoms to crwe fo iard.f yo veu ha i anytinformaon on ts evenma that hy haved appene re befote or afinr the --cident s callwiecret s tnes22at 3-4900. e thrtdepaf ment o aparolend ob prisation g askinlpfor he in findn g a mateconvicd of y batterubwith salstantiy bodil . harme thmedepartpant of arolend ioprobat sn saysveteven o lascwa sts arre ced andedonvict in ap afril - poter rliceedespondto bb a sta- ing e,whersa they y, u heknsed a cife tout the ct viacim's ftoe and hi stab m inth mee abdon.
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edd walkfr away om aan tralsitiong livintyfacili in mbnoveer. ce poliel say vasasco hle a viont alcriminry histos and ico ednsiderro dangeus. sihe is tx foot16wo... 9 po . unds..luwith bese ey and rk dar. hais he haooa tatt of a dr n agon oghhis riart forem. if u yo wknow hhere. e is..hecall tfu agitivensppreheition un at 4- 682644. h"nows ere'lgmike a fer'sirst a lookpit the 2npointec forast" swelltie havr anothe ocouplef ys day of droubut cldyco nsnditios acrosrethe gionbe hefore t e ridgh of higsupresrere baks a downllnd aa ows d wet an ag vegressi t stormmeo coou thrgher ov w thendeekeer. tempatures w willtoarm m theid-50s dn weanesday cd willntlimb io e ths low 60daby frin y, whethe fi verst waec of prioipitatn willke lirtly stafr. the veiday ent s is uhapinge p to bdea morate ng streosth atm rphericiverev itent, whih sghw novelelsan , od mostcof the mputerde moeels s bm togre in aeementwi t th thae.picturwo that uld su
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es iciallymon the inuntas w belopathe thsses. ene weekd ts getl a lit ce less, ertainbut ld co der airmooes ntve io the gi reopon, drnoping svew leo ls t w belo tlake sahoey aturdaand ss pollibly aay the we to th eyvallor flond by suay. llwe stian have coother f uple o o daysy f drclbut oudy er temp waturesrmill wae to th 50 mid-ess wednd day an cwilllimbin lto the0sow 6fr by whiday, en ls leve an , std moe of thercomputmo eedels se m to b aineegrntmeco alderoeir d is movee nto th on regipi, dropw ng sno tlevelso labelow oeke tahur satanday d po lyssib t all the wayo the va lolley fsuor by nday. an the.ks mikon new tt ight a . 11.. th t e moun sroseatki pstrol hoeda ngtrainier earli.. today. al thong wipl multicie ageneswh ulich contd potebeially in edvolvan in nc avalacuhe rese n missio min theosount re backco aruntry ea. es thnie orgas zationfotrain r av e alanchs dangern on aalannuba
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e'snow wadve hs thi, winterthe te e ams arenheightthing r ei ef rtfos. an ryay canadt was as today'tr aainingnsnd joiw us nolive t insrhe newoom.wh heat's tse purpoes of the seexercis?la indon tt's socuhe resers n' docot betime vicmsms theelves. da toe y th crescueorrews wked ertogethra and p wcticede ith thpr quoper e..ipmentheso tn y ca ke math sure fuey're ailly trned a ifann avaldoche cces our. ce"bru" hicks em for ncerges y crewin thesi .aerra..hevalancy safethas be enon m theirinds. ucbrcke hiais-captakn n. le ho taree fiet-"we glo a prongedsn m owstorouof a cysple da, the an avalngche das er goe, way upwe ve habe to dy rea." be and ofcause no the sw itcond wions he'vehiad ts wi , nter pmoree eoplare eltravining acto bk trcouny s.area handrewghennial- avanchfo errecastro- mt. yse-"asou addre moe peoplheinto tnt elemes, anthe chofces in havang ac ntcideup go ." h whichyis wid accent arprepssednea is iccritteal sp r forefirst rssponde.. e "onc gtheysiet on f te oan
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, doingr whetheeait's shircng awithro pbebe or a oaconr a o recc, uniteaor sngrchih wita un ro dd ofeaog tatm thoo's lking thfor rse peon."so , todayrefire cskws, i tr paanols ard sendch acu rese s teamsi temuladid a ersastua sittion thand che teesniqut iwokeuld ta p to hel lsave aife. be "pro t linesu hat yoinsee the gr backthound, asat's b aicallys wa you a lk up pohill, ll fu hopetrlly tyingveo recor me so abodyhend ttrn our eranciev wsearch ihichs an ec elictron bn eaco mthatanore d fmore aolkseare w iringe n th ba ouck c tntryifhat y theare ed buriwe then op can hefullyfi ndwh them reen we'hi searcng." tr ngaini ts likeelhese hp the re tscue beamsade re ay ifn av e alanchstri bkes...ut thebi t ggese messaghocrews pe to de iliver,s foe r thzecitins vwho'rengenturith into e nt potealial avzoanche nes.ou "yo got thehave t g rightear, av trh el witona beacov, a shel a and anprobe yod everoune y wtravelouith she ld havmethe sath
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alsurvivu if yoaror a ps tner i htcaug a in anvanclaise oi gngto th be ope peoule ywi're th." fo ir moretinformaon on an avalfeche sau ty, yosican vit erthe silara avacence 'snterbs we oite orebur w ksitem tvn.cod anonclick lu the binenewslks on butt. e tht mounkirose sl patrowillbe ng holdith anovaer alanchetr wainingouith gir reonal onresp tdersw omorroooafternn. ri cove sng the ltoryinive the wsneomrory, canadan caynnhael o twnews in turntog ey mon.. watchda. toy he "tmb chaaner" d nounceits c-e- hio... w bch has teen athe ohelmthf nie orga fzationor . tiringle enn stevcas beheme t o c-e-of th ame ch 2ber inur002. ds ing hiti hme, hetoelped t mergehere ndno as sparkrschambe of mm coo erce t tcreatehe ni orga izationcun its forrent rm y. toda w hemaill reasin on -e the c-o l untisuhis soccesamr is ned... an sitrantion. e and thoewashnt coud y boarof sicommisvooners dated toy toce acetpt a st tlemensuof lawits n betweetythe cino of re and uc trmekee fiadows tere proction
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e thf city ondreno a t theruckeeme fiadows tere prodiction ctstriha eeve bvon in ilvedwsn lauitssi dince enirng theli consodated d fireepenartm 2t in012. da toe y thridistppct ad rove ngpayie mor 4thanho47-td usando s llaretto sthtle sue it. th noe rey citcicounlll wie vot w onerhetho tovappre e thse mettleomnt trooratw he tir etmeing. ngcomi- up-nvan igaestition tinto choseerontrov psiallanned re pahontidod vhaeos lms cuedinat n in ameindictbunt... t not ss necefoarily grr the p oud you' . expectwe
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sends. okloouing arhend tio natw.n no..te afkir sparming crinal st invensigatioos acre s thun cototry iner whethed plann pa odrentholl was ilyegalli selngor abtated feuel tisstw... o an orti- abcttion atsivis n areow g beinedindictte by a grxas and . jurysa erndra mndritt aid dav ed dali nen areeiow bccng aused re of bthaking whe law heen ty le alusgedly aked flie caforniaiv dricers' ls ensepoand sed as ye buf rs ol fetas.partie dalden tsays uheircondertever eschniquwe here te samthas oer
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unint codersbyred ns cotititualonol schliars ke el cornivl un'sersityel michado rf. do hirf: "td s coulset a ng das erouenprecedcht and ill rcunde ioverganvestibytions malegitirnte joualists." fethe clonye hargamof tngperi ago mevernntalre ccordesarrien a p oaltyf asma 20ny as i yearsonn pris. de fefiral ofincials uk milwaeeve hate arresn d a maaythey s was ni planasng a mtis shooreng the. 23 ol-year- hd samyh amzewas ar arestedonfter cg fessinto fbien agt ts tha phe had tlannedo d killofozens e peoplat a ni masolec temp. eh hamzd statee that hwould t shoo30up to e people becaushepe ho wd it souldothow que od "nobply can h ay wits"muslim. si evx clpoeland fflice oicers ha n ve bee afired, ond sixs ther sp sud,endese becauei of thr ro inles ho the sdeoting f aths o twmeo unaropd peleer aft a gh hied-spe i chase. n 2012 of the fiircers f sed 137t hots a
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ly o onee f thrsoffice faced im cr cinaleshargan -- wd heas itacquinted . mayth lie pohice cndef ali pubc ipdisc tline. oday th ayey s o six others fficerface sp suonensings rafring 2omda1 ys 3 to. 0 days lo g okinndarouor the wld... piran'sntresideed visit pope cifranhes at tan vatic.. today. y countrmore bl visiafe tee r thntrecele nucarde al .th -meir 40diinute siscusonck ki aed offop eurn eatour pr eshaident anssou r hhaniopes ll wios pn itio airany s a ke aypl iermin leddas epet ace ef e cavatiysn sara tehoun shld ay plaj a molor r fe inhtigg inte i uhan hsaysouis c intryw s noth fee sandst at moslestab in rethe . gionhe t wantsd o ens decadeof omdipl daticncistathe wi the owestitver nts corsroveial cl nuogear prm.ran iralyrecentre aglied to thmit oge prram in geexchanan for sn ctioefreli. is thth is rse fimet tine in arlytw cao des de athate popmehas t
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st toill e comhaon c 2nnelew ns at te 11 - nsnsio h areigh in wa ioer, whnde caesidat are prg eparine for thf kickofof thepr enesid ntialatominpring s.ocesyo amur cn paig c2016agovere, micong up. mi l ke wil lhave a yook atour fo arecasthefter t.. break.. fi but horst - caw a lol grow ancomppey ho ds toeleaiver hlingpo twers mhroughaledicin anmariju sa. aryto yl ou'lonly onsee ch l anneex2, nt. s "thihais c 2nnels new1,at 1 henort nrnadevs a'mbnu oerne stnewsca a, with brianna, ennett onlandle milpor, ss rtthwi etgarrbot dear mrn andike
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we balcome w ck. no ahere's storyyo 2.annel .. methe madical a rijuanryindust rois g hwingere in rt noevhern n aada...gond we t a fi g.growin atakek- loois- thw grocifality pain sisrks os almadt rey to ha
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pa cometnies g itingthnto e ne ndwest ifoustry e r the.stat. er th40e are lo emp ayeesert silvst adate trheing. taly are l io passbonate aheut tli heangpo f wers oiscannab. th and oey notocnly prbuess ds thhere, wey arengorkiot on her od pr tucts. oo..oflike c afeesnd ib edanles end ev pctroduats thca lin dea ver oflot n paierkillwi t thouhithe ssgh ateociathd wi ri maa.juanth tey saylihey be weve inhat o.they d t.. butalhey reeyize th il stvel hapt thhn: i e ink tht biggesmi ptsconceision t tha iwe aren it nl ofoy e r tse icondats thry eveinone s thi ssbusinest is a ."onerjo arhn:we gre a poup ofeople ngtryicr to haeate ce ngand fe ofmer sonathing l turaeainstd t of whafrcomes omha a py.rmac" si slver ttatengradion is e ofth rse fiowt gril facs itieo to g li onn ne ihenortevrn nada.ey thth went through naeir fil ihealthionspectn this ooafternn. nn "cha nel 2ntews cowiinues th f chieolmeteormiogist erke alg'spi 2npointas forecadt, brocast rt ced ifieheby tri amen came olteoralogicie socty!" tiwe se ll havr anothe ocouplef o daysy f drclbut oudy
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tforeheri hdge ofprigh reessus break wn do a anda llows d wet an siaggresrmve stome to coou thrgh er ovee the wtekend. urmperatesll wito warm id the m-50swe y dnesdalland wi cl toimb inow the ly 60s bfr , iday twhensthe firof wave itprecipwiation elll likt.y starth aye frid en
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ramodetrte satength rimosphec r rivet,evenhi with w gh sno levels d , an omostcof the mputerde mom ls seeinto be me agreent hawith turt pictt e. thawould lt resugn in sit ificanrain, ci espen ally iunthe motains be e low th. passesth eke wetsend getl a lite lessrt ceutain, br coldeesair do ve moth into gie redron, opping evsnow l bels toakelow lhoe tae sa ayturdos and palsibly l the tway tolehe valr y flooby s we htillotave anupher cole of o daysbuf dry dyt clound co aitionsthcross gie reon re befoid the rf ge ohigh supresrere bwnaks doll and aows a d wet ansiaggresrmve sto to me cogh throur ovewethe ekend.te atmperilures w tl warmo the mi s d-50eswednanday lld wimb cli
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mo, and f st ocothe mputerde mom ls seeinto be me agreent t withpihat e.cturwo that uld re n sult iicsignifinant ra, ciespe iallymon the s untainss pollibly aay the we to thva lolley for by su nday. s we htillanave r othelecoup of f days ot dry bucloudy nd consitioos acre s thonregi re befoid the rhige of ghes pr bsureakrewns dond all aows we a agt and vegressi t stormo t come ohroughe ver thenweekd. er tempesaturl wilo warm tthe s mid-50eswednanday d will im cltob in l the0sow 6 by fr whiday, fen the wirstofave pr atecipitllion wiel likary stt. e thidfray ev
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ra modeente strmogth atc spheri evriver itent, w sh highnow ve lels, stand moe of thercomputmo eedels s bm to ae inntgreemeth wipi that tcture.wohat uld lt resusi in icgnifinant ra, ci espe iallye n thinmountas be e low th. passesekthe weend tsge l atlitlee erss cbutain, t co irlder amo does o ve intthe re drgion, soppinglenow tvelso lo bekew laoe tahda satury and po assibly wll thethay to e ey vall b floorayy sund.
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te afe r thk breail- whnye ma es prtiidenanal ctedidae s ar stbarnngormia iowrein ptiparaon t ofpche uinomg ca ..ucuse . onhetook te timtovi nosit nrtherntoevada day. wh ebat jh bus shad ton ay iel afko, thter k.e brea oudo ynk thiyo when u esare prtiden byou'll ae paids much yoas if au wereal man-me...? s this i tone ofobhe js erwheye the havayto p youe th.same
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e wheroethat dsnap't hpen.i' inm goo g to d deverytanng i c to su make ryre eve woman ryin eveet job gs paid methe sa... n e meewho arg doinobthat j. i'arm hilltoy clinn d anovi appr me thisgeessa. a wee ll havs.goal w,and no's therert a smaayer wav to sthe for em. twith. he u.stabank smart svirt sangogs pr,ram wh sen you$5ave n 00 ion,e year yo etu'll gtr an exa $50. , plus gyou'll pet a 1ntercenu boo s up t$50 on et all n gas g andryrocerc pushase ouwith y br u.s.deank rdbit ca. anu.s. bhek -- t o powerssf poible. tu torning ig campa16n 20... pr tiesidendial cans dateonbo esth side of th aballotre
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ayst days awth from t e starof e thenpresid ntialatomining oc e marlixphall e nlains,ow is e thtimere they'in focusr g thei tc pi gh toutet oot the ve. uswith jdat six goys to e before thauiowa c- cuses o the twad lecaing atndid fes areg ocusinon g oneupropa in arrticul -ev caangelistl chrijeians. rry lw fajrell e. - anicvangelalpr aeacherd nd heaerof libty eruniv -sitync annous ed he'en indorsnag doruld tmp. fa l lweledhintth at ede plge st lak wee twhen vrumpedisit the ho sc"iol. on myonpinina, dold p trums livefea lilo of avingndhe g lpinheotrs as s jesu itaughtn theae grt ancommt.dment " noe to bonoutde d - te mcruzitet weah prs cherin wa ioda monlly tething e'em hs e th oonlyhone w s cantrtop ump. idprestienanal ctedida"o alur v tues,udhe jhreo-canistilu vat es thaambuild aerica,rede unr ulassandt. ane we ed a es prt idenwiwho efll dthend e ticonsontuti d andouefend r va ."lues ascruz hpo a 12-adint le among ewhite,icvangelhral canistis inio
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l virtuathtie wi f trumpor theov leerall ad. "b e!erni ber bnie!e!erni" on d theraemocsitic sde -orenatbe srniersandeop's pt ulisme hassage eds helpai him gn ummomentwa in io. mo de pcraticntreside ial nd cae idat"w we wille in hera in iowif- th r e voteouturn ht is" igh.but il whnde sacoers uentin ss toay w he aantsol revn utioll- hiary in clhaton eds tise hero lf t es prt idena.obames pralidentida candite el"i b wievedle shou, buildon e threproge'ss wadve mnde, a go rt fu" her. in clhoton a lds ownarrd leaover nd sainers a. iowli marlle ha, necbs news, rkw yo. me e anwhilicrepublan enpresidantial c adidatendrm foloer f gridar overnoshjeb bu nwas inn orther tnevadaoday. kehe spopp to su iorterskon el t aboulethe road nevaya pls in ngchoosiex the nest prident. shjeb bu a: "youlall phuy a ge n role is this a, wellusbecae r afte ciowaewomes nhi hampsre, h soutnacaroliev and nheada, t s fourthtates l at wil wdefineho
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untaed ss.te" r afterathe atlly the rt noteheasevrn nmuada tseumhis rnaftebuoon aish s wd heastr inavel dg tooies mahnes ofead io cwa'sseaucuhis. t hs isis h fiftsivitot th norneern . vada co ngmi- up-thlfe wok pacmen lwerengooki a forrd thi st htraig t winhtonig. co ennfereace lsader egn dio e statinwas ow tann hid ghghlits
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i(vo)u f yo thave2ype di esabet, mayou wy knowithat e 's lik tode walh itghhi... loand oow blr.d suga vijanuaga (sitinlipt a) ison aice-dilly patl th, al thong wit dieexand seercilp, hewes looor blgad sur. vijanus a workouwhen yoor bld issugar high d anrkwoles wssn he byour loodr sugaowis lca, beituse works nhby enganci yr ou'sbody o wnilaby itowto lloer bugod sar. usplan jiauvby, ts is elf, i notkelio ly te caushtweign gai or b low slood(hugar ceypoglymia). ja shnuvia otould ned be us in enpatiitts wpeh tyia 1 dbetes or be diaketic idtoac.osis llter youordoctyo if veu hahi a y storanof pticreatis.
11:25 pm
ic why h maevbe sanere add le toatdeh. st inop takvig janud a an calluryoto docghr ri it awayf hayou evve spaere nin iyo tour s amachwhrea maich y be repancisatit. ytelldoour rctorwaight a y and tstopjaaking a nuviif h youave a angilleracc re ttioncahat useselsw olinge f th, face,lips ngtoorue, oa thrr t, octaffes byourhireatr ng o escaush rasivor hes. ki pdneyemroblmes sostimere inquiralg di ysis ha eeve bpon re.rted so eome pmaple vey deselop vereinjoint pa. ycallctour dof or i thisenhapps. us g invijanu aa withlf suuronylr ea on insuli ma usy caw e lod bloor.suga toceredu r the yisk,doour mctoray esprcra ibe r lowe odoseef thlf suuronylr ea oliinsun. dyourr octodomay od blost tefos bendre ain durg tr eneatm ct to yheckkiour s.dney ouif ye haveykidnbl proaems lo dower bse maye crpres.ibed desiec effayts mlu incppde uer irrespy atorintract iofectn, ufstr fy oy runn, nose sorerothanat, add he.ache hefor owlp lg erin byour loodgasur
11:26 pm
sp orts" th pe wolfmeack asns bl ketbalte lam was fookingrdor a 3 htstraigon win tanight, d itul wo bd be a wig oneith co cenferenr leadedisan ego st tate insehe houla...dals y colodnusjoins iv now le withth ioat actn. gayea t rretiaat medbi availlty th k is weeguthe aiys sn d a wi anover s s diegooutate we ld ba at stemwient tn inhe erconf..enced . anghtonit's co
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11:30 pm
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11:32 pm
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11:33 pm
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11:34 pm
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11:35 pm
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11:36 pm
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11:37 pm
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11:38 pm
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