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tv   The Late Show With Stephen Colbert  CBS  January 26, 2016 11:40pm-12:42am PST

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en stephe : onof tefini nlyot "mend ali juo downy bhe too schlar yd.i g sayood lkuc to all the atcandid thth is ee hom stretch. e we'vgrgot a oweat shou for yni toreght he in e thedul snlivath r.eatemy st first gueto is anny- dmy emng-winni l actorncaure ebu fishrne. ea a r bllyig. guyu g cludina"the m" trix,,of se cour go i'm oing toimffer h a red apilllund a b.e pilld anteno math r whicheone htakes,nje'll e boy it,seecau e they'rkiboth sttles.( htlaug )er f thene rom thicamerusan meum of ra natuorl histl y, i'lwnsit do r.with dha micovel nacek.he e 's herk to talthabout eir urtanosala, the dirgest nosaurer evnd fou.
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ee ( chndrs ala appuse ) y butou whan what theyay s-- otit's n the size. it's howou yis dplay it. w thenave'll hpee a marfornce bye thakband lete stre dive.( acheersland app)use >> jon: mceagnifint. 'rtheyine dongg a so offei thmir upcoumng albde "si pony."ic whmih remends . r nevet le myournyain po findt ouyoabout e ur sidpony. ht( lauger ) p( bandnglayi ) hoh,ey!i lhaove tt sound. that is thek tin ling joyf o jonba e tist sandtayma hun. y sa hi,bo everydy!th aey areutbo to make thep jumto rs jazzebupace, ret befo they, domoone hire tng:sc tsientisth at ive un oersityf hatokyo wnve groun a fnictionghu r man ea bon the aack of rat. fobut beoure y, says"that'
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yhearou! t >>, onightn stepheeswelcom en laurshce fiburne. pa legiontolost dr.ha micelva nocek. a plus mcausil perrmfoancey b la skeeetrivt de. infeaturbag jon antiste d stayhu itd now e 's tim"tfor hee latsh h ow witn stephet"colber! ee ( chndrs ala appuse )
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l- trai off.'s that n veryice, jon. k thanveyou ucry mh. ee( ch arsnd app)lause >> en steph s: as ie'aid, wrewe wereta blking,efore you can t feelrghe ene ty inheom ro.u yoeecan fhel t wave pofropulate innrest i e thisnlectio rngisihi bendou yec, b wausee are only da six yys awaom frth evo nting i whiowa, michane is thiss the eelast w wk cbsill lete may s au "cn cus" othe air. ht( lauger ) us ( erught ) a i'm c.hildan nd lastn ight iindes moes, mothe dedicrats thd someing we ly rareny see a--morem theon a nweekight.d an witasmen't sog borinba was an towl. hal fand inf ront oavthe eeragwo iorking s,waniany theeach
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t esiden uof thestnited ates bshoulde,re aally,nyne o ofth em. i >>hi like clllary ainton,nd i ecrespart hilltoy clinn. i >>io obv rusly sespectenatornd saeaers grtly.>> on i'm ho ored tblbe ae toof cfer mycyandidath in e an compecy of s cretaryonlint andse snator.anders il>> hlantry clia on is veryod gon. perso inmartal o'm aley is veryde uycent g. te >> swophen: w. ht( lauger ) aget g room,uys. ug ( lahter )th rey arey eallngtryit to geev stery la i vote,ngncludiea thch'sd anerthey wheen't ton only es rubeing lythless nice. authe odience vf iowaoterso whhewere tasre to tok the ughqu esontin's, did ut show p. esbut thnde frieksly fol did. i >> y thinkinou've edtroduc at logrof proatams th h could elpt a loeoof pple. stmy que, ion isisrealllticay,ho e w do whofund tgrse proams? oo >> gd.>> ik i'd lnoe to k iw whatuess inyou thldk shoust be mopo imtortant v youngoters y.and wh
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eseat qution. m >>ecadam s, retaryrebefosk i a q myn,uestioe i havka quicmm condent, ais that i that was ke a luerwarm pfoson u r yobeforee thzibenghang hearis.wa i altched oul 11 hevrs, ery osecondanf it, ad cameomway fr athatg gunpoho suprter ofur yos.( acheersland appuse ) nk>> tha you. yothank u.>> en stephid: he dua eventllyt ge qto hisn,uestio w whichas,"s taecrentry cliy on, whdsdo bir lysuddenr appeatievery me youe arnear?"( erlaught )( seapplau )no hew, tng thi t aboutllown has heis t nre'slio confd ct, anyou redon't eaally lthrn ne thbut i itink re's gat. us beca ie itces nie to se themou get bt fromthehind eir um podis. r ity eallnihumathzes em. uli woved lotr to my toakemy sselfhueem man.yo iru, s. u' yoaire rousing y.r hand yo did au haveio questn? , >> yesn.stephe ani'm . e.m.tedfrom cidar raps.
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e.rvic so alli wilo ng t qtakeiouest nsom frr youenaudice? ph>> steaten: th g's areatqu onestim fro ayou,e tru.hero k thanyou. 's itho an tonor we ansurr yo tiqueson. d an nmakesto mi iake, am sw ang erinesa qu rtion nightow. d anti wanve eheryone re toow kni that hehave tio visdn anle ipadershke to tath fur er esqus.tionye ar be d?ha is tatt whou ye? havye s, you.>> hi, stn ephe-- es>> ys, it'er vyar hod tal tk with ard bea thatzz fuy. i uerndd.stanyo hau ve a qn?uestio eror p yhapsuro arbe hdas a onquesti? m i'lia netfbsx suercribm fro thdulu. oudo yh tkin mrtainal o'mleyas w aaskednyr unfai queiostns?
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? it>> en stephan: thu k yo pat's a qerfectnuestio i and y lovedou, angh rit now it wanto wl crans iidure yord bea and ve li i init lke a tremblingli ttle .birdi r dobeememrhe t unfair onquesti that was requested by s chriom cuo ofar mtinma o'lley. a >>s youow kne , theris a 15% i rule nloa ft o ethesa cesucus, yso ifou don'tve ha 15% of the escaucusat in th roosom, the men w andavomen hoe to go t adi enfferant c.didate f so idoyou n'tav he that, andyo four sllower now he avoto gme so wherethelse, eoe peplt tha t supporhayou, wst i your gg su testionm?o the >>t sheep tn: ihinkt thaes qus tion iway outf o l.inech ris cuomo why not jus atsk ed marrin o'malley,r "afte youdi ie, can haveou yr0 1ed-spebi ke."th uank yo for your qutieson.ul wo ydiou mnd mthouing thewo "rdsnktha you" asou y sit .down u yo'a maigm, rht over trehe.>>
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m a ptiart-me.e c.o., -t full imem,mo encurrtly svierngin ni afghastan. s >>entephan: thfok you r your e.servicwh at'sou yr qstueion? yo>> do au haveli cp ofry hilla to clin yn thatikou'd le an di au mencetoember y helpou setup ? ph>> stethen: sat i the stgreateio questnve er akesd. asif i wki mang alo cne army of il phheosopi rs, dwoul use you as b myeaselin.a d.n. ilthis h claryp,li we have all bseeneerni srsande'sp innairatioicl amerad, a ve han'te. wla st nt,ighnn ce madur se ar hillsay t,w i too?to o. hi>> i thank tt'sre gat. k i thin fthat'souabul i lod it. pl( apause ) >>st tephen:hat is tough. i thatsug to fh,orcing her tosm thile hrougher oonpp aent's.d i but ththink reyea wllyent too hefar wn they m hadeerch wathe ten
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pullve oror f itinspec.on >> i'mo srr cy,c irin' cat doth at . ha>> we ve a.s ambr sadoatsk ri.>> e we ar theon ly hehelp ty . have t >> i thinkgrhat's eat.i ththink abat's fulous.lo i .ved itap ( )plause>> ph stethen: s at istthe be ew reviic a mayhael bha film s ess, yhe, tng you lwiady thth nge basre the. >> h,ello stephen. a i'm esprofalsionie audncepl frant esom dne mois. s >>entephan: thu k yoyofor ur icserve. ha>> tounk y.i doa hve a qiouestn. i bhtroug my ownfo otage. y,jimm y canolou r?l thathe arre's mo'tin eymallin tak gf ofckhis jallet, ro hing upis ee sls,ve l andniooseisng h. tie wowhy duld heato th?>> e' herats wh soputimes igblic fesurwi ll st jupo sanntlyeous goas cual,al li rschee a anduspplae )it es makem th see more rabelatleor
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ti somemes eyth'll e-ven-y' thell en evl rolup a seleevke li ts,hi m oraybe put tirhet foo up a insi pohation tto n one wouldrm notaally snd d then.( rscheepp and a)lause ju olst rl upis h sleeves. ee( ch ars ande pplaus)is th- is- it- lets- its let the ceaudien-- know letshe t ceaudien t knowhathe ty're just na ordilkry foea, rdy to get to , workwho nhaveot sppkied leg day. m thenhaybe t jey'llustta ke a ndbeer a crack it open -and- mmm! ithats stdomeic. ug ( lahter ) s. yesi igr, rht te.her okyou loyo like au have ti queson? es >> y.i 'tdidn l watchghast niwnt's toha
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ab thout ogat dat th ran ama ?rathon>> en steph t: yes, ahat'snsu ist'e thasti affecotng a l ofpe 'sopleeb facedook fess thimo g.rnin me let touell y what hppa.enedit a'sru tery ba alablma, a ndoodhou named vi ludi lne wasutet oa on pee k, breat but it got ouof theya ndrd a a ranf halthmarandon a shfinithed ru's a teor sty. 's it ary sto of hope. ait's storyha tt reminds me ofe th time iri t ged too to the angym d endedp uin makg ast mindake ang winni best inbr ateed thees wsttminoger d .show( rscheepp and ae laus) e yes, wimhave teor f one lastqu el talcaafri anrimecan nt gen lemahein tk bacheof t om ro. >> h!ey ch ( aeersppnd ae laus)>> ph steen!
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an thok yu. . mrercolb'mt, i anor actm fro yw hollood,a cliiaforn. s >>: tephenyothank yu forour e.servic>> y thankou. i'm werondy ing, monquesti is,at whu do yolahave pornned f thest reth of we shoht tonig? ph>> steaten: th's an edincriblest queion.yo nu're azi amang onpers. ll i wi y tellout wha ite innd todo .i ndinte r to behtig backi wth enlaurce aickndrou, eervy.ybod ee( chndrs app ae laus) mothe oure ye mov e thmooure yat swe eedegr m'siootenns tsehnecogoly epkeyos fru h esthwiry evee. mov hitnias umique apcrocs sule thatntcofrain esagranc. tifricreon bthaks pse ca..ules.
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et whyoher mu'rengeeti a .. .gbbraa ing ..bite. .o..her g adinfoout r nithe ght. mo setion pnse,ctrotetoion keepyomou ngvi. grdeee w, it lon'touet yn. dow th bat's aulig i th'sk thatyr old cus.18 ou00 pofnds at do whthever ie heck want. ta heke twa long ?y, huh th u ank yos.cyru as le20e a in16 l mcolnorkc f89 $2on a mthon t ly a lyour dincolnealer. wiother lereriss carkeers ma esfamili d shareata. no mot t-!bile it sw ach now fnd getneour lis wi p th uixto ss gigchea. an sd nonghari.
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wh hen youloave a t olof f,lowers ouyou she ld takomthem sewhere. eytht wan tto seeherl wougd thro eh youryes ouor yr acstomh. ssoemhow that the wllerfas,th cke duts boa ,e thansheep d sw meatersomade frsh aleep l edi neon is rde ca a and inwitty m stagran.captio r fos.rewardr ..fothrve seanices ecd prots tionbeof mem..rship. fothr joe neur..y.
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yours dream,evolve thand wi comttmiuped srtpo, th hrey tive.
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nd( bayi plang ) ch ( aeersppnd ae laus)>> stn:epheha tt song-- jon,at thg, sont ias w soot h it ok loiked lhee t tinhgus jt d ejectet you ourof youat se. u yodncoul'tee kp yourds han one thia p tno athef end o that . song>> t jon:zhe jaz doesha tto tu yo simometes. omwelc beack. irmy fuest gs st inya tod- an -wemmynginni n actortaow srringin k- "blac oish"c.n ab>> sound likeey mon tleroubnd a
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sp -end- l thestatens jea, -omail,rderig hph-toea snrkeot bos tenni. shoes wwhen iwias gro ang upll youed neased wck bla lea ptherantsd ana dimen iat's yov med to la.. y >>ou movedo t. l ba.seecau ofth aat hitnd hi>> t ns isot taboue! m s >>entephea: plelse wcomela ceurenhb fis!urne ch ( ndeers aus applae )>> en stephha: tnit's ce. >>es y! >>te siphen: l tikeowhe b toe thud aeienc ofct respee befor we getrt staed.>> er rev fencehor tenc audiee,n. ma>> en stephve: you'o. got t i noticed ghtoni mt soany lepeop t inhe audierence we ry,eall ic physallyct attraive pleeop,di nod you tice that? t >>erhey we,ge gorouse. peopl te >> s:phenll reayif beautul, weand ll sn,poke too.>> indeed. >>te s: phentucongraonlatis on ck"bla."-ish ha>> tyonk su,ir. >> senteph w: whenle wil get i to an justnt mome.>>
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en steph: but'v youeot gn aam g azinorhistny i holodlywo. syouedtart y--ou were in ly"apocapse now"-- >>4. 1 s >>enteph14: ar yes old. >>ea yh.>> en stephyo: did veu ha toli ge ton et ivithe moece bauseu yopl aayeder soldi. l >> iiedut bh t deyidn't ev belie me. nethey kww ho old ias w buth tey injust khd of tought, "oh, yeah,'s he they. gu" te>> shophen: ngw lot did i ke take to ma theo mvie? >> twors yea.>> ph steen: so youen wer't 1 evenn 8 wheasit wr. ove >>o, n when i ctame out, itu 7 rned 1theea yr it came out,'7 9. ph>> steoen: se you'v beenrk wo ming insovie andv tce sin reyou we 14rs yea. older th le's aot of talkbo aut rsdiveinity ly hol rwoodight now. y >>eah, sreu. >>do you think it'sgottenet br teor worse. t'>> is genotte b.tter s >>: tephenotit's gten .better>> it's gotten better. s wehatill otve a l of work to b dosut it'te gotnte betr. ph>> steaten: whou do y think ofhe tar oscnt coy,roverst fac apeopleren'tti getngat nomined? s >> it'aer vyy, ver cplomicated thing.d anon pers ially,ju st't can owait t see how chris rock le handss it a the host ofth eos
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toap ( )plause te >> snophen: w, theho sw is ed callbl "h.ack-is" >> "blk-ac"ish.>> s: tephenanyou cxp einlaat th t titleo me? tishere afe difrencen ing bei kblac and being bh?lackis at th a'sel lev ofe nuanc i'm noten tirely sure of. th>> as hie wte man in thistu si sation, -teve- i >>e'm thte whi man inlm aost er evtuy sin.atio n>> ier evyua sit.tion( htlauger )( auapplse ). te >> syephen: t s, whaki talab ivout dtyersi,ea i rt lize iise thapot cgllin the kettle e.whit>> s it',like'r you te inhepo onsiti ofth auy.oritso on i d'tno kw. you e.tell m s >>:tephen i am in aio positnof ut a?hority>> autbsolely. s >>entephus: became i' ttsi aingt thises dk. >> indeed! s >>entephll: wee', hers the in th g. kei li the show. 'ti donh tink'm ick bla. t is aherenc chae i'm baclkish? d >>itefinely. te>> s:phen rlleay! >>in defy.itel alookout yrd. banlo t ok ayour band. ep>> sthen: ralely? am i gngetti a-- >> yourd ban makesou y blshacki.(
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>>en stephan: thouk y, th,k you jon. n'i didtea r--lize ii ddn'tre e alizyou cou gldet aon ctact k. blac>> t!ruly onep, droab by. roone dp.>> ph steohen: , sure,e, surck bae in th day.>> k bacin theay d,ne oro dp.>> ph stearen: wre gn.a hinrdg.w, no youl pay-- you py-la- this s isinurpris tgo me. us becaewe 'r e--'rwee ntessey iallmethe sae. ag>> ys.e ph>> stet en: buyou play agr atandfher. >> i play a.grandp s >>: tephen yhow doelou fe ou abt pinlayg aan grr.dfathe>> l iovet. i>> ph steen:ll reay? >>ye ah. te>> sdophen: hes heoave t be a sexynd grapa orhi sometng liketh at? n >>o,n, listest li ien, am not35 . mand i'ot nng goiy to trtoet pratend th5. i'm 3i soam 50-inmetharg ye.s oldi' ham ppy! ei lov beinghi ts age! i mean -- d >> o youerremembr youan grr?dfathe>> yes, io! d ph>> sted en: anoare yndu ki d ofoing your gfarand otherris th is aot tlyal newgr dfanr?athe>> 'm no, i doing wevhat ier'mdo nding, a i'mr b ainging ollfmy years of erixpendence a the
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at the wer r oldethan me,e becausi ysalwag hun out with rolde .catsso us i'm jtin bring kg, younow, if my l me andy stuff. inand beg lu50-pss makee man grigdpa elible.i mean, ild couav he dcgrann.hildre>> en steph s: i amure. y ifnou kow habow breies a made. ou>> yw kno wha'mt iin sayg? la ( erught ). s >>: tephenuri'm s ie--'m re su i--su'm wre it tas inherd ca s. >> i am dngiggire whe im at a inte mrms ofy age. m i'ngtryi to age as efgracullyas psso, ibleandt spiep ingnto -this - y >>eou'rli pulngt i veoff ry well. >> theyay s 5re0s a thege a ofeg elsoance, us i'm jt tngryi to ben ale entga man.m i' just tg.ryin s >>phtei en: nowas t preefoedz yr mga elence toe b rso pai spehad. la ( erught )so e, ys,er vy nice. very. nice knyou whow at i like, te-wic- uyou'vewosed ter tms they would ve lobe to t ableo get awayit what th i can't.>> l tel me, tell me.
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beuse i htaven' em mbracedy bl.ackishyo tu sayhe, cat,ni unirocally u yosaid, cat and digt. i>> dig that. te >> sphen: do,addy-an c i digth at. >>a do,ddy- n ootnlyha t-t-n whe doyou it,ou y b wille soo col, at th youll wi be saitrfrght om the fgerid. ch ( aeersppnd ae laus) s >>enteph n: i teedo learn some. more n ieedo t lrnea seom more fromyo u.u yostcan arick aoundtt lile t? bi 'l we rl betighk bacwi th a tt liorle me blshackiro fm
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ch ( aeersnd auspplae ) ca afn't tfordt o letbhear urnge tt inayhe w? y trumnexir, 24h th now ele #1 sraling bornd feq freauent h.rtburn co get pmpleteiorotectthn wi n theeaew lder f inenrequart hen.tbur at th'sm nexiul levetiprotecon. he e re ah m, inwho d vitee thes?guys
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' ittis orme f g youtouys e makth ghe rillt ca. we ha're diving nogiorza piz, fr baesh-inked my o ayok. ' its linot deitvery, 'sordigino. i thisces a owll tm er fro one ofe thoscamajor .rriersra st tightwialk urelesseses thme sato cell hewers ty do. webut b don't uild morn aintaithem. caso we r n offethyou ge samereat, winationerde covfoage r hehalf t cost! ou ..t here. .. h.andere... heand re. , wellrenot he. wthate ould bweird. rlthe wos d needmore htstraigk. tal hobest p bnes.neest .tworksha clf theost. t geuna samslag ga xy s6ri or br ng youonown phe. un d limitetetalk, dxt and atais t jusa $45 month.
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acheersland appuse ) te>> s: phen yi want boukache vere e nryight for myre pshow -u warm p. 'sthatt whaedi ne . >>,yeah man. s >>entephne: i aed littlebi e t morof thela bisckh. tt a li lle oesshef t i .ink so n caki as you sngomethi about f your namily.ame >> >>t sephen:sh fie,burnt' thas o kindf a unuanuslly nameam ne. at th's not ac mtuallyyl reana me. l my rea inaments ka.rowitz s >>entephly: real? y >>heeah, tlly cafi me eshburnca be luse ioike tur bn shfi. te >> ssophen: a it's ck ni?name buyou irn fsh. >>'v youela peyed th dozens re befo . s >>: tephen wi know ihat it s. >> theoz dens. ph>> steveen: i' o heardf it. no i kt w whathats i. i >>tht's at. t buiswith fh. s this inc"laureshe's fi "burns!( acheersland appuse )u yotoready so burn h,me fisep
12:07 am
>> s:tephen pl,ease's let doit . lesure, ot's dt. i h >>isey fowh, ht 's i tfeelo beth rte path of rme menoaid oneli kes? h >> othmama, fat's a ishrn bu! s >>: tephensthat i cold. af>> bet bish, i net youever id lah.-a-fis>> ph stei en: can try?ok ay. elhey, yrclow peouh, y know e wherpei rch? y onmoour m! ur>> bomn, cshma, fi! >> stethphen: is iso thun is f. y >>noou katw whsa they ty abousm utall mo?h bass l smals peni!bass >> f one tish,iswo fedh, rh, fis fburnish!>> te senphhe: cy,mslagu, ses wh ?at o no dne'sn'iggi. you>> s that'finot a n,sh burth cat's aamlam sl!
12:08 am
! ohy, heer groupre, you'ug so ly hethat wren you'e on thmenu, op perdle ohier cndps aps chi! ha>> wmet tiit is ? fit'sbuish 'crn o!lock>> en stephw,: woal we relysa idom se telerribs thingto thfish ere,a lceuren. edo youeever fadl b aboutha tt? >> no, no, senteph usbecaeth e ey'vitgot coming. 'vtheyote g it micong. >> hestephan: tnkor you fr you icserv e.y >> mea plsure. la "bshck-irs" aine weds sday at30 9:ab on c.
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ge chard up. esby dign. e adtrise a all boutizseoping unport ity. isom 'togoing te ak thisopunporty ito to gscoff .ript soi if a wanno go teyjers an ecd cht k ousyshotcc tulierels 'foport lio, 'whatits yo to u? i orm 'ota sc mtish ason e whostsassere ae madof ne stoik le eame h.rt pa pa! yo nu'ren o soe!of min orer phat'ps imes ti s toheeize t day. dot n'eejust sor opptytuni, see iz
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( laband pying ) ch ( aeersland appuse ) ph>> stelcen: we bomecka. you know, ido own't knab ouout ygu tys, bu i ltoove do thete inrnetec bheause tre aore s g manyreat tyohings n u canlear outth ere, somp shee of t best reones a theseng this cdalle h lifeacks. ey thcl're levere ittltcshoruts aion dasly thaks tn t ca ysaveoua ofton e. tim r foaninsthece, are'sve clerwa cay you an turnf bag och ineetos owto a bhel of c.etosl al rhtig. t it'shatim ve's conannient ked maus yo l feelu ike yoerregisted forwe
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( )ughter t or ahis isn alctua one fromsa avvvy trel hackerju ozstin r le e. h>>ers e'toa way su make reth r at you abagserre nev lost.yo o u go t, targetyoand y u bua te starolr pist. w sou'hen yo creheincking , youll tehe the clack-in 'mdy, "i ar declfiing a inrearm g. my ba"ey th't donif know av you he an-4 ak's7 thatly legalas purched re and stgiera ed or rstartepi stol. snit doete't matr. h it's tandlede he samway.>> en steph y: yes,beou'll able l toyoocate , ur bagenand wht. aus.a. h ols you pff thelanefo r a cavity sareich, r pe,omis w theycaill looute yr s.ack( erlaught ) au( applse )bu tde -spite- 'rtheye veryor though.ey ther're vyh tghorou.ue bl gloves. spbut del ite alevthe clser tip icand tr tks outthhere, eere ar a still elot ofy verydaleprobms ou witht sol, utionslunti now.
12:14 am
t firsdoup, w youboorry aut c yourngar bein stoleusbecae it n' does at havensn expearive alm? an not ymore. en wh yeverk ou parmpit, sily setur yon car oi fre. if now ne someo t trieseao stlur yoth car, caey'll ontch fire thand ube ame'lancres siwin ll as act a a carlarm. .life.. ie>> audacnce: hked! te >> spphen: retty bee you iving drzyen cra by th all e e nois nfrom aearby trcons suctionite? u waithentil te y leavfor nithe t,gh tfihen tnishhe dibuilrsng youelf! .life.. ie>> audacnce: hked! ht( lauger )>> en steph: deesperat for somecu bddlingut aliclerg c toats? ahere'se hfulpl-- tip mbeayu' yoreot nnl alirgic to cc ra.oons ljustie inou yr yard, rub ali izttle p yza onour ne,ck andwa it forou y nrew bste pal tosh
12:15 am
>>!acked ph>> stesien: lotong cusdy ofyo s ur kiddu yringdiour e?vorcsi remply dasss up an a wom, me becoir theny nanwi, and n heback tpe resyoct of e,ur wifsa ellly fid.fe li... ud >> a hience:acked! te>> s: phene someonrespill d ne wiyo on wur newarhite cpet? o go t kyour, itchengrab aif kn se, andemtab th. 'ltheyr l nevel spiln,agai and blthe wiood erll covat up th gh unsinetly wi. stain .life.. ud >> a hience:acked!la ( erught ) ph>> stenten: wahi to oude y r anmariju fa farmlirom po ce pthelicoers?st ju i plant tt inhahe speof w thenoords "alrm f"arm. .life.. a >>ncudiekee: hacd! s >>entephin: looka g for way toge oft out r a badioelatp?nshi lowalk sd wly anntsilently io eathe hh... t don'tehesita, th wat'sthhat ed olwoyou veuld ha .fe.. a >>eeudienced: hack! s >>: tepheninhostlag a htte nig
12:16 am
mmcoalerci? breakut jst repeahpa catctohrase end s yourntegme. e."lif..">> ie aud hnce:d!acke>> ph steween: be'll ht rigba itck wleh paloantogist kedr. miek novac. c israwforh shts kei lir youe styl h itooked st jutl a litt e bi w (windo,breaksal car unarm sods) 't donth open ceat oollar dr c epibacomeck tsstarht rige her lu shcky ot.
12:17 am
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12:18 am
m i' cveryusuriot i th this is ce 2016 mhevyu.alib d anlsit sel? for sits tartweat ttwnty-veo fi. what? oh . wow me i h an witisall thol technogy.
12:19 am
ou if ydo're eving hierythtng rig ndbut fiha it arderdend hartor y, get bou yno're ont ale. ouwhile ler peop worknglorser houow for leser wag, al amostewll nom ince go thes to p e to1%. n my plae -- maktrwall seet s bankthand are ultrich thpay faeir hair sf re os,taxe idprovvie liagng wes wofor g rkinlepeop, en esure pqualoray fen wom. m i' sbernie.anders ap i e prov mthis essagee becausertogeth, anwe ce makpo a calitilul revotion d antecreaec an yonomd ancrdemothacy orat works f all noand stt ju p thefuowerw.l fe ee ( ch ars ande pplaus) ph>> stelcen: weckome ba, er evy.ybod
12:20 am
hnosaurwhunter s o workhere n ink ew yor aat thenmerica um musena of l turay.histor erhe's h ie toduntrotoce us the satitanoe ur, theslargnot disaurev ouer weasemeelco m dr.elicha cenovak. rs( cheepp and a)lause te >> sfiphen: rst of all,th u ank yoeifor bng he.erd andhow di you get a jobik lepa toleonstlogijo, a b that every yesix-ar-old w?ants( ) it>> a l btlefit o l.uckme so guy redetir. s >>entephea: ry?ll>> t athe ummuse. s >>: tephenwhis it o you kwno in peoaly?ntolog o, >> n not ralely.i hado t cpeomte for theob j. ouand, y b know,reut the are f verysew job t inhisie fld.'s itcu diffi flt toind a job,pe es aciallyob j like the ic amereuan musm of nuratalhi y,stor w so ias very luck tyo a get job there. a( lapp)use
12:21 am
ph steiten: on's te ofhe lsjewene of rkw yo ?city >>'s itn a inceredibl e.plac te >> stephen: ll me a tboutheti urtanosa . gilet's omve sope pele a sense t ofehe siz of thisn aalimet l's see, j yohn, pou can tutathp- u- okay. he so t tre'she headve or t.herean hed tren the's theod by that goesun arod.bu vet e in thisswh noere near th zee si i oft, rhtig?>> no, yeah,t' isbo aut four s time bthat oigrre mo, al actu ly. s >>entephus: beca ae thectual no titaousaur wtld no fit inside th atis theer. t >> iul wod nt.o s >>: tephenhalet's hove a st of what it d woul llookikeit if wasin walkg down by.roadwa th watldoue b the zesith of e notita.saurno rew, whe wasit unfod?>> inar a,gentin ao llyne place in a patagonian ,desert sthouf o buenosre ais. s >>enteph i: thisw s hoyou un fo ad outboutt. ifr a oiendfur yos sent you this ur picte. m >>y cogulleake, mar nur,le a topaleont logist, museumoki we o upne inmornhg, ceckedy m
12:22 am
.e-mailhe se just ent mhi tsto d i ,saidow "w." right away, we kwne atthwa it sab d.founan idd i sa, "elwl,e wta got get othat,r we gaottet gom sngethi t ofathat the m."useum>> en steph m: whatheakes tta ti snosaur?pecial e>> wll,an tit aosaursre lyprobab theig bgest land im anthals eat w knowf, oh tat er ev velid. i mn,ea trehey' sma,ller lyprobab b, thanlueha w blesutis ns.a bluewh calean igwenh i aunrod80 or 100 tons. bu itt' bseingpe susndned iwa these aingsalre wking on nd la . ph>> steden: i' like toee sth guose ys. fight ( htlauger )an end wh you find a peil ofne bos like .this >> yethah, ais was big s >>: tephendohow y kounow pyou'renguttit ito ergeth ec corr tly?ug ( lahter )w ho do youowkn yeou'r j notustki fnd o dog,in like, le wggosith abones,innd gog,un," kdin ofok los like that?"
12:23 am
s there'nost innructio ml.anua 'd >> ito like sayat th i'tsn ago od qn,uestioit but is. >> stephen:t oh, i is?>> im sometees som mtaishakes ve adbeen me.>> en stephat: wh's a famous e mistaklepeope hav made?>> oh,l, wel a oturus meum, we d hahe twr ong ulskl on adi fnosaur yor.ears weal reized that -- i >>sis th the bronta srue reyou' tngalkiut abo. >> he t broauntoser. s >>entephen: whas i w a kid,e thon br storaue wasik lehe tti urtanosa . enand th itsa didppeare and they id sah ter ne'so chsu thing as a tobronr?saue om>> see ar cailming the neam isva aglid anain hed tsre'om se mearguoint gacng bndk a t haso do withhe t eyd th say, oh, no,br saontoisuer a validme na. mebut na bs gocka dan fthor andlo a t of lepeope gtes obssed nwithheames wouther ysh ould ie spec s. ait's fmaorl term in tonaxomy, miin nang tnghihas tet ther are
12:24 am
anspthe erlitt sanyim te theyse mee so thing tknew, sheyeay wha nve aew sps.ecie eand th lrsumpe who buildei thrca rebyers in br agingll those s nameback together. s>>enteph a: so are you li sp otterr alu ?mper ug( la.hter )>> pe de.nd pe de tnds onhetu sin.atio s >>n:tephe ibe lieveo yreu' edcall a weraffl. doesthisng thi heav a nam yeet? >> iast h ana me. nta scieamific n ie, butan c't outell y i whatt is -- w>>hyot n?>> ca beuset' is partf on aun hepublisd mant uscrip wthatas tesubmitd to a urjonal,nd a you nn caot publish a nmeant ut'il is is publwihed th aap per with a ridescn ptioeand th iusllntratio he of tsp enecim. >>te s: phencayou n wpehisr ? it>> g nolion w't tel tlhem what it is.i' stll juct a if i leik it ort. noyo u n'caayt s anngythi? goi'm in sg toay it's aenll. it's clal n.alle>> cno.lue s >> st ephen:close? >> nolu ce.>> ph steen: no ceslu? ug ( lahter ) wow.>> n' cat dot. i>> en steph: code of silence
12:25 am
l >> i'lben i big tubrole. s>>entephcr: inleedib . i >>be'll in big tre.oubl te>> s:phennc iblredie. wecan ctexpe w ge'reoing tofi ndn ahiyt bngiggern that tha outth ere?is it ts?hi ehave wea rched the litim? oucan yhe do t mathnd a sayno l craw.around>> no we kw shiometng is bigger thanh th someing older. >> stheepn:he t daddy. >> we stjuen havnd't fout. ier thobe prsably ith someingbi oggerut t,herend a trehe's a t loofo cetmpn-itioy- m urdinosaig's bger thano yur sa dino ur. s >>enteph, : yeahs there' a tlot of ihathen toc rk erlockom rohe, turre se .is eare w everin go bg to aebleo tcl toneheseys gu.>> no.>> ph steen:re a you ?sure>> no.( htlauger ) ph>> stef en: iwe cldou, doyo hiu t wnkeu shold? el>> wl, it weould bnd ki of stintereing to see.( erlaught ).te >> s:phen w iteould b a oc bltekbus r. ldit wou be a buslockbter.>> ul it cod ben a ininterestg riexpe omente r th oend afll inhumankd.i m -ean- it>> eher wy,a pyrettin
12:26 am
g. p >>yrett ierntngesti. 's thatha wcit ssence i allou abt. but it's tloechnoygicall ssimpoo ible ttdo that righow n. s >>:tephenes prently.>> r py.esentl s >>phteenay: ok,we thll, at'sco timforng. ,well dctooran, thu k yosomu chfo eir bng i >>myt's ea pl.sure s >>entephea: pl tsureo meetyo u. dr ch. minoael k,vaceie ladds an legentmen! tithe urtanosaw is noplon dis ay aat then mericasemu oumf tunal rasthi ory.'l wel htbe rig back. 'site, why w at rs univeofity en phoix, t counelyour rwoevant rk d ane collegenexperice as re ctsdid towaregyour dree. ar le an morenit h""betki by ss be heth, i yoar inu callg... t bucai t n'come r homeowight n ... me t andoyhe bars aye .. . niall ght
12:27 am
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12:31 am
yo if ntu waoo a gdbye n it'st ot wha ti wantyo sa y ooou t sk myioalutatns thand threw waem ay s o ocallouff ygsr dogi omve s aeonel cal k ithnow s ere'thsomewring gonwi tth lheitims w t e goedturnun aroutd, b weco spuld tin i of call df yourogs wwhat'se ith thwall? we if ro're stweng, w cantin ion e cwordinan beg it el h lo
12:32 am
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12:33 am
oh ooo ooooh ee( chndrs ala app)use s >>entephei: thw r nem,albu"s poide iny,"t s ouon uafebr9!ry 1
12:34 am
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12:35 am
p it uthfor e,e on o thenly s jameencord!( ee chndrs ala app use)>> es jamw : hoyoare u?ni sece to e yoank mu souch.oh e, good!vening we and tolcome "t e he latholate sw"!an thsok you much!an th cks forouoming t. pe i hoe you'vgrhad a da yothank mu nddies aem gentl aen, were 5 just 1 adaysfrway nom whe"t mime"inagazsee choos itsnu ansoal perhen of tr. yeaoh de, inr.ed, si deoh, thcause anere's e onlinpoll e whererreadvos can tte forheirpi d ck, anencurrletly g adininth inat onl ie pollcrs demoaticpe hornful bedeie sanrs. .yeah tnow, ihis is bronic, iecause'mno
12:36 am
n en bee.onlinese elr himse'f, hved ha t to goo br a liary. th but gois is bing toale a re fthrillnior bercae beheuse lyactualbe rememn rs whetimeme cath onto e.e scen "t not agime" me,azintu acimal te. m but i'sesurpri pd thateople so get te inveshed in tn persoofth be year iecause e don'tven " likematime" .gazine n' i dot. moi'm f re oswa "newuyeek" g.i' kim i adn't re.t bu hbernieeaas rbelly en on n fire iesthe prs. acin fs t, he' agottenf lot o nt atter ion foeta meheing hadth wiok outspiven actppist/raer erkille. mik a look pt thisf hoto o.them t look a.thatbe oornie lliks so omttle cparedto r kille.mikeit l looksllike kie er mikdcoular wee berniabin a bn.y bjorho e w argoyou sing top tand utoad
12:37 am
y likeeeou nbod a seoster at? ilbut whnist bery e maeabe ldingin nl the olline pold, dona trumps hahigiven ios opinhon on w he ks thinho sd uledbe namn persoofe thyear.he s thinkulit shohid be ts guy. p trumcabasirelly da"td e"imma tgazine ho makesoim pern of th are ye. a inh, speecid he sasu "i asme 'rtheyide consmeering th, but ey t can'do it.en evde if i e servthit, 'tey can i dot.d ans that ihealso tht thoug esprocu s yoldshouwh have enti vo tng fororrump fde presint. 't"i can. do iten ev d if hes eservecait, i n't i dot." ee( chndrs ala appeus )bu bt --ruut ttamp is lking t abouhethis t a wayh higschool t girlboalks aunut r fningorom pr. queen kdo youatnow whn? i mea ik "lone, i dn 't eveeccare bauseth nere isi'o way .ll win , i meanmei assure they' erconsidmeing t , busnit doe'tev teen
12:38 am
whg'e thinids stup."t bukelet's kiep talutng abo it a lot. k i thinp'trumtts geliing a ttle nfovercot idenntreceugly thohbe e causashe henn't evn gottee thblrepu nicanioominatn yet he and ea's alre dy madttan aackad ll on hiinary clhoton, w he'st nouneven r aningstgain. is thal is re: >> lu inc fding. .b.icioffials. i t don'hyknow ws it'funny.>> am jthes: rat's a.eal ad 's thatap a che shot.'s hepu just g ttinceher fa over . fireyo mau can onke any le seemike a pe bad f rson ipeyou suerimposei th or facernver busting uff. t don'evbeli?e us h.watc mi( s nionhilaug)ng ri
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