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tv   Channel 2 News This Morning  CBS  January 27, 2016 5:00am-6:00am PST

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omwsrosh to s ow unehow a w cuulrricheum is kilping ds tthere.tohese sopries t your ignews r aht now at 5:00-m. da toedy is w, nesdayy januar27, -1 206. od gong mornijo, i'm tehn potr. t' let s star awithck quiat look th cae foreh st witolmeteort ogis t byy hursdaidand frh ay witpa ifsses dltficu w alleekend wilong, alth vshley howers.ave od a gosd wedneay! ks than jeff. isnew thng morni... ma a won n is ialcriticti condion mthisngornite... afinr rollg
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wndownto reno. crthe h asenhappeaed ne r th te intirsecf on otokeysndne a 4th re stuset jfot be1 re 1lastgh nit. noreol pteice thll us dre iver llro hed vericeh oler vefea e ncan tod inct elel ricas line e.therno.. kg ckinpoout inwer th fe areaboor an ut ahour. ms reoka to d ther riveto no re. wn..e wherisshe in alcriticti condion. li po 4ce saytrth sweeet f st oke wystoneseas clor d fow a fe ur both ennes opk ed bac ro up aa-und 2 m. e they'riginvestg,atinth wheer s drugohor alce ol wer lv invothed in shat cra. ksthanef jf. c inearime be't... wrnre leaing bomore a out the ifficervenvold sh oootingcan mc mrranonday thnight t at lefn one madead. 38 ol-year-rgd selvio aarado- s moraleotwas shaf just 5 ter aftwa he vos in ilvedn a crcar thash apat hd pene ee betwhrn smitriidge d avendne d il roa non the sorthofide me d adowoomall. rwhenlieno poce andfi terefigh ors gotscn the ene, stheylvay aadaro-ramos les wa
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e knif tto hishroat.of sficersy ay the agaveo-lvarad le moraals verbma com..nds. then us eder a tasm on hiitwith ltle o to n. effect spolicee ay hthen ed turno on twrsofficeth, and e fi ofircers f aedt remea para pdicsviroded d aid anlvtook amoarado-torales re whnown, were henoas prounced de liad. po bce sayseecau this edhappenbu in a t sy parn of tow rduringurush-hoff traic... ke g epinpeafople sa e was pr . iority aldet. g"llop ngettine someo run waroundknith a heife, wther e they'renthreat iing tonjure lvthemsethes or inreateng toju inebre somseody el'v, wet e go to t getnthat cod.aine" veinigstoratars nge aski anywi s tnessee to comd.forwar if u yonyknow aabthing atout wh en happcaed... rell sectnt wiess -2 at 390-2-40. d anpathe dentrtmero of pandle a ob prn atiokiis loo ang for man he on t, looseteconvicd of er battthy wist sub bantialodily rm ha. ev stasen vel aco wasterresd d an ic conv ated in. pril..heafter a used t knifet o cuvithe ctim's ndface aab to st i hime n th n.abdome
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lkand way ed awafrom aan tralsitiong livintyfacili in mb noveer. scvelaa o has t violenalcrimin st hianory ond is cd sidereng daerous. s he ifosix woot t9 ... 16 ds pounth... wiey blue es and h darkair. as he hto a tat ao ofgo dran on rihis foght irearm.knf you ow hewhere c is...isall th ..number4-. 6-8-26-44. t' lek s chech in wit olmeteorjeogist arff mz tinefor t a first look aatthe weher. orgood m, ning! jeff st moudly cloway and odrmer tay igwith hthhs in 50e mid d s anev wiening vyth hea snow ib posskile, maveng tra tl overhe es passcu diffi wlt allndeekeng lo v, withshalley s.owere havgo a neod wed! sday an
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wa the oushoe carnty bod ofmm coerissiond s votedayestery cc to aseept a ntttleme, of tslawsuien betwean reno d the e truckes meadow pfirectroteion ridist, ct foverseire esrvic. th e ey'vn been iuilawscets sin ngendi c theirdaonsolireted fi rtdepament20 in 12. di the ctstrive approngd payi tmore44han ou7-th dsandrsolla etto sthtle ite su. rethe itno cuny cowicil otll ve on ro app tvingethe sentlemt y todaheat teeir m. ting thefanks jf.rn tu sing tol chooh.watc.. shrain cadowrthacher sfaool ced cl thosure this monau becse of ne moesy issu. stbut ye terday,oohe schd l boar ru of tvostees lted toet shrain fadowouinish t the stsementer ue il jun30th. ch ngeerima n shawlyroweni, se7 or 1st
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rato w. p upy it's mi home. feel . safecaand i a n get good, gfmeanincaul edu ttion."here he in tin comntg moauhs, ditorssa buy the ildget wigl be tht for e tholschoit...wh only7- sathou50nd- ar0 dolls. rsteacheta and souff cveld en lo hese t pirayhe for t last up comole of inthsein thr ra contcts. ne but thxt monsh, rain padowlansto io petitr n foara chter ne retowal p keesctheir hoolop en. le almmon vemley el sentarychool ei is becng rzeognihed by twa oushoe chonty sctrol disict asbe a chacon sr ool fotheir ci so eal andalmotionrn leaing m prograirin thees class. ky isissonhes in tdi stutho wire mois on thho, and scw the hool etis s atingta new sndard h in botmmour coanunity ndd arou cothe y.untrgo niod johle almmon vemley el sentarychool is f one oscseven ihool'se n thst dio rict tenbe giv this be waacon a hrd fory ow theare te ngachi-e kids-alssentifely--lisk ills--ho
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th wisi adveretty. wh bher ite ri duh ng matorclass sh engli, in prl cipa lerinysane sa they b haverkeen wording haas the pt tw s o yearlyto fulle impmentso acialmond e ltionalg earninin oto allr f theis.classe l erinthane- " mere isore tofe lin thainsitt dg in aanesk d g doinemacadalics bl day,utu yoo need tholearn w to alactue ly havshfriendthips wi op pendle aow hge to g t alonwithot ifhers. av you he a di mesagreeh nt wite,someon then hoouw do ywi work seth thodi ensagremts." ci prinnepal lath says hat sheas esseen ldes inciofnts ly buling d anlidiscipctnary a wionsith st her budents oecausef thispr ogram. inso durpig a tyclcal thass atfo incuses ci on sondal aem l otionanglearnien, studts areke as dd tossiscure diffentct pir ures omsprobleiv and ge th ineir opn ions o wthemhile ma reg ininreulspectfe . whili s wae,therrd i heant studes say t "thapeis my ivrspectr e" o"ike lit whayo, u saidthbut i ink is th" arten yeik old mmaey thos ai explenns ess wtiallyt hathe og pr tram isg.eachin.. y mikeasthomha- "wvet i'ea lrned t isyohat ldu shouy realltry to
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oe shous so yel can h ip themf ey thel're fed ing saryor ang." wnextateek ta the ste of ed n,ucatiois the dwitrict e ll b ng givise a preiontat tn onheef ivfectofeness pr this toogram th bo a localiond natnal ed s.ucator d theicistrt says lathey p in onmemplethnting is prraogllm in ae washocounty s schooll by falof tarhis ye. ri cove sng theivtory lhee in tst , udioisky shason, cnnel 2ne ws. st cill to come on 2hannel news th niis morng... e thanst idofforn oneged ly b n nevadabuammon ..ndy.ed end in nf gulaire htst nigd ... anleft onn e ma. dead dethe s,tailin comg . up --plusal donumd trp is otboyc ttingroomorg-w's o-p de
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e "you'rhiwatchang c nnnel 2ews m thisngornih wit pjohnr,otte we e lcom. backt'letas lke aook at
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lc weckome bas . let' ltake aook s atwsome neg makinneheadlis nd arouat the nghion riw.t no t, firs f thebeeud dotween naldum trfop and wsx nete heaetd up yag aain...isfter hio decisn to t skipwohe net grk'soppr tiesidenal de ebatrrtomoow. um trysp sa i he'll hnsteadost an t evena in iowseto rai f moneyor dewounted verans. x fo snewsumays trtip is sll omwelc pe tociarti.bpate..ut tsayswohey acn't aceptny rr teatoriznsio towardspl emoyees. mo for thre on ryis sto i, tunen to -s c-bs thiinmornllg fog owin shour t ow am.7 a- le the ofaders me an arp,d grou
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gerefur neas,burngo oren ieearlisr th, monthnoare w inpo clicedyusto. am bumon anndy ved seotral hers we esre arrstted yeaferday ter a af trstfic haop td t endein nf guire. stat leaer one pwason uns woded an- and haother eds di. an ild, a m mwaukeefaan is cing ouseriars chr ges fongplotti ama otss sho aing atic masonmp tele. - 23ldyear-omo samy hahamed mzehst ccands af used ollillegay siposseshing macs ne guna and le si. nceritauthors ie rc intethepted , e plotafter dhamzehediscuss p his wlansith de feforal in. rmants mi coonng up el channs 2 newthis mi coonng up el channew 2 niss thmo g.rnin.. nea caw shr-inarseg rve ic'sthatpo inpular r bigge..cities. has no tw come. o renotewe'll ll youal oul abcot it, p.ming u me ogteorolffist jene martiz will yhavepiour 2npointas forect
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lo 2 oking mmour conounity bee chame-r's c- wo...ho's a beenhet the helm torre f more an thad a reting. st len beevens ccame i-e-on 2002. du isring h h time,ede help to e mergnothe re s ands park am chf bers ocecommerea to crte at wh t it isheoday. ay'll st on c asnt-e-o u sil hisoruccess'sme nandd... ath will p en helin tr the onansiti. d anr-a cainsharicg serv'se that la popuigr in btiger cis es...i nonnw ru ring fno's zirstrsipca n areow la avai tble at che unrampus ca you tn rentarhese cans for . hour....a day.en or evk. a wee ar zipcbe memayrs pdo 15-s llara ar yeor fzi a "d"pcarwh... ich un s lockdothe thor. yen pouay thfor nte amoume of ti you want r tothent r.e ca e:natali a "wet re juslyreal teexciffd to oaler an ivternate o modespf tranonortatifo here r r ouy,facult, staffand st."udentse
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stnot juud to stndents aff sta. yo nu just beed toeae at lst 18 ar ye..s old.a with clean iv drcoing re trd fort he lastwo ye ars.yo n u cayoget emur mrsbep hion ..linest. jud heato n-k-t-v-codot-a m for link. ly mosty cloudrmand waayer tod h withn ighs id the mian50s d gh lindt wiwas. we ngrm this up t byy hursdaidand frh ay witgh hihes in t 6 lowa 0s. strong swinteriltorm wvel mo heinto ta sierr afridaynofterond ang evenin hwith seavynow ib possmale, tkingovravel er the espasscu diffi wlt alleekend ng lo v, withshalley howers.ave od a gone wed! sday u yot can ge myourrsembehip on ..linest. juto head v- k-t-t-n-docom lifor a nk. s highhein t0s low 6ro. a stng es passcu diffilllt ake weendng lo v, withy alleershowe s. havgo
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u yot can geemyour mp bershi ca you t n ge myourhiembersp li onjune... d st heato v- k-t-con-dot-a m for link. gh lis.t windrm we was thingup ib posskile, marang tovvel er the ss paifes d aficultkell weend , longalwith vowley shavers. he od a gosd wedneay! toversehe pasics diffl ult al d weekenwilong, leth valy ow
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ha 59ppy thth bir sday tocottma thrlin. h at wisfrcomes omyo e ur wifi christunann, hter,d ansix. n send i byourdairthesy requts k to t-t-v-neao be fontured se yond in irur by thdatsreques -tto k t-v-neao be fontured ouair. yea can rthch us h rouge- , mailr regulaormail, by le a aving aivoicemurl on o hd birte.ay lin we and an have in excitizg pre to an avd we hxce an epriting toize gi tveawayweoday. a have co orupon fe a fredodozen nuts om frgh douonboys duts.s itorgood f l anyioocatn. al be c22ler wi to e n thos
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tostill on come el channs 2 new st toill e comnnon chaewel 2 ns orthis m. ning.. ho e w onenteol's sano pio pe ncrformasie in lde hisocal ..mallrn. tuimed ho inta alnationti sensathon. toat sry's
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camediril maisjuana om a bloing bu sssinest... la, nightweow shed e you thatcultiv tion...--onightit d's thearispense.y angl an de insiat look oc the lal ma riscjuana ene-- e welcomtiback. tme for2.ake s oriehiwe t wnk areorth a lsecondook. t-firsmi- a hchiganhoigh scolst pludent thaying o e pianinside la the mansing noll is w anon
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hsarareadley tcordeddehis vio 8- of 1ldyear oel monnt west ri on fd day anosthen p tted ito okfacebo a. haven. liste.. pi ayano pling bit haskeeen lishd and aredhu ondredssaf thounds of s. timean thd get .wis....ysest sa he s habenever maen foruglly taht to how .. play.t doesn'readsi mu dc, and hoesn'tpiave a ano hom ay he seas he ln rned oan ec elictronar keybofrd and omwa vtchingonideos be youtu. westsa s ys he'ttnow geening plf ty o fe oforrs fpi free ssano leons ev and e en fre. pianosst wehe says ve has en been ac cont ated byor recbed lal in s los.angele d an..folks.yo if au'rech atocolr,e love g we'veot thebe
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ne f ws odathe yoy for t u righ . here pr you dobably non'ta eed as reeaon to olt chockeate ca. bu out if y y do...inou're luck. ca bedause toiny is, . altion ctehocolada cake y. it ma bey not fi an ofcially izrecognided holbuay, y t todaisle ceedbratch by e ocolatloversro ac css the. ountry uin the-s, atchocolpre was y imariledconsum a aser bevunage thtil 30e 18's 0' or 4ess. cak l -- ats east awe heknow ty m todatl-- mosy did no t t exisheback tn. fi the xerst boked ca w mixasea cr ated bypa comleny cald ffo-du s and tons ine he lat19 20's. to tday...t he mosr populacake mein as rica iatchocol. e cake ucoming op nextnen chanwsl 2 ne
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e onwaoeshou cy ntemeltaenry ischoolg s beinco re fgnized ior howt is hi teacdeng stuhonts bw toe thsome cing wellould a be a mlittle..ore of i.kind.m ky , sissontothat snery is xt. in raowshadmu comhanity cerrtho scedol facsu a clo. re..but er yestthday ste diotrict ved on wh thether use campul shoayd sten op. e
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oulipower d nes anlmleft aost th600 wiweout por. h we'llave th ste laten oe therdriv and m whate ay hav tcausedrahe csh. wene have ilw detat s abouthe r-officeedinvolvin shootndg moay thnight t at lefn one ma. dead ipolicee d'd th..victim. and to whld us uy theyeised thr ap weons. d anmmlealon vemley el ientarys in leadwag the r y...fosocial otand emleional iarningn he nortadrn nevsia. ky s sson i ve lith in roe newsshom to ow us a how cunew umrricullp is heing hekids tesre. thiee storp s to n yourghews riatt now a- 5:30 m. y todaedis w, nesdayy januar27, 20 -16. go niod morm ng, i'otjohn pter. t' let s star qwith aoouick lk ate thstforecame with ogteorolist ff jene marti z. cmostlyanloudy erd warm today igwith hthhs in d e mian50s d g evenineawith hw vy sno ib posskile, marang tovvel er the espassfi difllcult and weeke ng loth, wi vshalley howers.ave a edgood w! nesday
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mw this..orning. n a womacris in citicalononditith niis mor. ng..r afteg rollin ca her pr intoinower leaes nr wn do rtowneno. cr the ppash haeaened nr the rsinteonectike of neysto 4 andth etstret jusrebefola 11 st t.nigh no ree policllteth us dre iver ro edller heh vleicve oa r ncfee toand inri electlical nes e. therck.. knoouing wet por in ar the aea forn bout a. hourms re ta tookrihe dtover re . nown..shwhere n e is icr citicaltiondion. spolice say 4thwetreet st of ys ke wtone casseloa d for w feho burs...neoth laens opedk bac a upd rounm.2 a- 'r theyvee inatstigheing, wtherdr augs orollcohe werin ivolvedatn thsh cra. ks than b l we'reinearng a morehebout ter officve invold
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gh niatt tht lefmaone adn de. -y 38olear-rgd selvio ao-arad lemoras s wa jshotafust 5 ter p- am... hfters e walvinvoed in ca a asr crath thne happed ee betwhrn smitriidge dve andil neon road or the ne th sidofad memaowood . llwh enen rlio poce and ghfirefitersn got oenthe sce, s theyaray alvraado-mos les wa eactingalrraticanly, d put a e knif tto hishroat. of fiaycers sga they arve alvado- s morale cverbals.ommandn .. theed user a tasm on hiitwith ltle o to ncteffepo. li hce saye thentu n rned ofitwo ofancers, e d th ce offiedrs firm. at hi paremsa csramedide provid d aian okd toar alvraado-moles to wnrenoer, whase he wun pronoced ad dece. poliec say bhiause ts ha enppa ed in sybuar p tt ofown du usring r th-hour..raffic. ke peeping sopleafa e was io pr. rityde alt. g"llop ngettine someo runou aritnd wknh a heife, wther 'r theyree thinateng to ju inmsre theorelves te threaning urto injboe somelsdy ee,ve we' t gotoet gha tcot aintned." iginvestarators nge aski any tn witoesses fo come irward.f kn you thow anyouing abatt whha ..ppened s. callwiecret s tnesat
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e and thmedepartf nt oleparo andpr n obatiois g lookinmafor a hen on t, loose icconvofted ry batte with su ntbstaboial ardily h m. en stevco velasrr was aanested d co d nvicteilin aprte... afr heus nied a kcufe to vit the ctim'sce fao and timstab he in thab n.dome w heteas seno nced tatprobion lkand wawaed aomy fr a titransiivonal lciing fan lity i mbnoveer. la ves sco haola vicrent iminal y histor cand isdeonsired ng daerous. i hex s siwofoot t9 ... 16po . unds..luwith b ae eyesnd h darke air. ha has ootatt of a odragonrin his foght m.rear y ifnoou ke w wher..he is. call is thr. numbe-4.. 6-8. -26-44 t' lek s chech in wit or metet ologisarjeff mfotinez r rs a fi at looke t thheweatr. m good, orningjeff! st moudly cloway and trmerodayth wihs higth in 50e mid s and gh lis.t windrm we wang this upby da thursfry and itiday wh inhighs ow the la 60s. strong er wint w stormveill moth into e si raerri fteday afanrnoon d g evenineawith hw vy snopo , ssiblengmakive traovl terhess
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thng, wiy valleershowavs. he a edgood w! nesday
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inturn sg towachool raowshadrt chaooer schd l face e closuronthis mecth b oausef mo suney ises. ye but y,sterdach the sarool bod t ofs rusteetovoted letra adinshinow ft ish outhe ersemest unte il jun30th. ee chring awmashwen rosely, 1nior7 t:studen n "it'sllot reay easyto up wrap m. it's. y homei feelfe sai . and t can ge, a goodme ulaningfti educareon the." t inomhe cmoing , nthstoaudirs
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sadgthe bul et wilhtbe tig fore tholscho.w..ith only sa7-thou0 nd- 50s.dollarac tendhers a c staffveould en t loseayheir phe for tt las lecoupnt of mothhs in eir ra contcts.t bu mnext, onthadrainshnsow pla p ton etitiochfor a arter l renewap to keesctheir hoolen op. vlemmony alleenelemchtary sool b iseceing rzeogni td byhe oewashy count dschoolt istricasa sbeaconfochool r r thei al socimo and ealtionrn leaing pr m ograirin thees class. ky isissonhes in to studiwith o moreisn thd , ane how thschool et is s nting andew staard in th bo c ourtyommuniro and aund e thy.countr orgood mohning jn.le almmon vemley el sentarychool neis ose of hoven scn ol's ithe di tstrictivo be ghien ts onbeacrd awaow for har they e ac teidhing kens--ess--tiallylifesk ills--w hopeto reserct othdes and al th wier advwhsity. itether be ri duh ng matorclass sh engli, in prercipal anin lyse sa they ha eeve binn work tg hardt he pas ye two fars tompully intleme
5:27 am
in oto allr f theis.classe l erinthane- " mere istoore li hafe tttn siining k a desand acdoing icademl s alutday, b you t needn o lear ahow toy ctuallha enve frihidsitps wleh peop and w ho ato getitlong wrsh othe. ifyo au haveag disenreemt with onsomen e, the yhow dok ou wor t withishose dntagremes." ciprinlapal s ne sayhethat s hasen ses lesntincides ofbu ngllyi d andplisciy inar s actionerwith hnt studes ca so g durincaa typiasl clats thfo incuses ci on soal andem l otionalengarniud, st aentsreke astod cu disfess difrent urpictr es omsprobleiv and ge r theinsopinioem on thle whima rereining ecsp. tfule whili erwas theae, i hturd ss dentsay "t mhat ispey pers octive"r "ili t ke whaidyou sat , buini thk is th" ye ten mar old tikeys homa pl exssains elyentialth what e ra progeam is t..ching. thmikey "womas- vehat i'rn leaed hais tsht you eaould rtrlly y tot pulfyourseso into elmeone se's s shoe cso youelan hemp th if ey
5:28 am
i them'rf theyine feelorg sad gr any." eenext whek at t o statef ateduc tion,trhe disllict wi be ng givise a pren ntatioon theef enfectiv tess ofprhis m ogratobo alth loc n andnaatiol oreducathes. ttr disysict sa lathey p in onmemplethnting is raprogllm in ae washocounty s schooll by falhiof tars ye. ri cove sng theivtory lhee in t , studioisky s cson, 2hannelws ne. le almmon vemley el sentarychool is ng beini recog tzed byhe shwaoeou chonty scisol dt tricas s istietewng a nnd staard
5:29 am
ou if ydo're eving hierythtng rig ndbut fiha it arderdend hartor y, get bou yno're ont ale. ouwhile ler peop worknglorser houow for leser wag, al amostewll nom ince go thes to p e to1%. n my plae -- maktrwall seet s bankthand are ultrich thpay faeir hair sf re os,taxe idprovvie liagng wes wofor g rkinlepeop, en esure pqualoray fen wom. m i' sbernie.anders ap i e prov mthis essagee becausertogeth, anwe ce makpo a calitilul revotion d antecreaec an yonomd ancrdemothacy orat works f all
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in turnurg to oni commu..ty now. mo the seunt roat ski pterol amed w
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avreanche rascue tg ininhein tck bary count. rathey t ain forhevalancan dgers er evary yet , bu twithunhe amot w of snoe we'vthhad teis winr, te the e ams arenheighteiing thr s.effortbr e ucs-hickptcaaiakn n. le ho taree fi g-"we pet angroloed orsnowst cm of adaouple e ys, thav e alanch gdangerwaoes , y upweha o ve tdybe rea." cfire, rewspaski s troland chsear r ande escus teamsi d mulatea diersast t andhe ch teesniquy thed woultouse asavee. lifl ..alakto mree suey th'ry e fulld traineif an an avalesche do. occur an e d thl medicaanmarijua du ins stry ig.growin w.. ande a got anfirsthokd lo at how iwellgrt's g.owin gthisfarow icilityksn spar is mo aldyst reaha to t.rvess it'on he of aulandfco of s mpanie g gettinurinto oes newt st indury. th e ere armp40 eesloyelv at sierst adate tr.aing...ll io passbonate a hut theealing rs powenn of caanabis. nd theyoton roly p bcessheuds, ty're wo g rkinthon oarer mij uanauc prod..ts too c. like aoffeesnd
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