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tv   Channel 2 News 5PM  CBS  January 27, 2016 5:00pm-5:30pm PST

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oke sme e th pfirewaut up s si viroble ac vss the--alley a takek loot at ion our ou cl. dcam re fitefighayrs sy thegemanad to tkeeplahe fcomes nentai td tohe , shedh whicdewas yestrobud - t ne no our was hest. invrstigatoar ine look wg into ahethern pl exioostrn geigd ree threfi. c inearime bt...sp olarks pe ice ar faskingoryo r ur you fhelpngindien two m aythey sd robbeena convience st gore att unpoinaslate lt ni bbe rohaery edppenth at e cc "mn arra" mart87at 1t easgreg ..streetnd. arough midnistt lani olght. py ice san two me d enterestthe weore maaring sks inand poguted a hen at trk clean ded mmandedoney. re heur are sceveliens photoofth mee two n. spone sus ect wainwearrkg da hi cloth ng witeda hoodsw ireathshblt and atack leher . vest th r e othearwas werking da blue ot clithing wblh a beack aniep, ca t whiteshennis anoes d a n.handgusu both lspectse eft thst wiore unth an sedisclod ntamou cofh.asth bo w menlaere n st seeg headin hb sout ooundegn grt streeonfo
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ife ou havfoany easeor call se text cret tn wiess. un and tyiversiva of neicda pole e ariginvestanating armed bb rod ery ant assaulpuon actording er an al ot sentut tuto ss.dentha.. it ppenedou ar0 nd 3-4ne war theest ad straium gage. e thtssuspec d areibescred as tw ito whwee men maaring d sks anan jey s. theaswere l ot seenn h nortinvirgtria sadeet heing roaway fusm camp. eslp invrstigato call r u-n-cepoli78 at . 4-4013 thtoday ive untyersiva of neda ld hell a driep to prfoare r ge emerncies. ar alndms souing th ere univessity tl ted alof its geemeralncy stert sy wems...hichra frnge aomud aibleonlarms uscampel to onectric fi notis cationcevia fa. book..xt tege messama and e oil andn er univomsity crspute. ercmdr. esic jamrs/univeity of pnevadadeolice ntpartme: "we wa rynt eve kone toe now th emsystrks wo t andt ha'rtheye ge g ttine thosesmessager wheth tit'sghhroung heariir the sens,
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meitage twter bo faceweok... th want seem to e we a st're te aing ithind b ts is wohow i t uld geatinformifion ied negeed to rmt infofoation r an ncemergey. epolicegencouraon every le toog m intoday nevae or ths e-s-lo stgin sy uem foritniversy oyempltoees e mak tsureheirph nuone imber fs onifile y the wa tntreo e ceiv atexts.lert er"now hkee's mier algir's fst lo t ok anpthe pintoior 2 fecast" a arvery wsdm thurl ay wilmarkth d e en rof the iespiten our pwintry, atterneras a sies of ng stros stormn begiayfrid. , fridayosan atmicpherer riv er patt un sets vp withweery t co nsnditioe in thinmountas and s highlenow ,velshe and treou shenld be ynough dtoamics l spilntover ivao the s.lley inhigh wilds wusl cae somesh g adowin. though fa coldrontin y sundangbringish snow owers he to ty valle. floorste urmperatades stefaily roll fm 60 the ays fride to th40s sa
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yn evel n mountstorthea un commntity cel er willobe csed se for moveral ecnths bf ause oa da oungerrus stalcturue iss with e th. roof ulpael nn soinjouss iv lafe ter in talkitg to cciy offiouals abt th ure close. - paul -xawhat es ctly iwrong wi rth theoof? as it b nicallyo eeds tbe ac replnded, lathon. ole po has en bese cloabd for weout a ek, te afggr sawaing s ti noinced oo the rf. s turn sout -- tome ofruhe tssese ar. brokeno it's sses riouthat asit hbe to bi stad lizerebefo it b canpae re. ired sp inlashg rtthe nopohwest s ol ipua polar e placo to grefor wino ss mmer-- pe eslycialhi tmes tiye of ar t whendohe outooor prels a osclaned. td now,erhe oth pindoorisool o als--empty and th boe kickreards ati sitn nglist orage.e th iroofo s toerdangfoous r an tyone io goe.nsid dy an b "we telievehereat was wer inseep fg inthrom p e tothand en i also pt is a sool.heo, tre washu amiditystnd moitture geing in omfr p thearool asea, l. wel so,
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bas sayrothe neof is 0 arly 4ye d ars olpland reg acinilit wl co s st a amuchths 500-ousand ar dollnds -- a b won'tshe finiedun pttil ondredslef peopd usethis ol poer, ev--y day di inclung orsenio s wht like ie becausofth rme waesr t wateattemperure into wn. th karey "we'to down nd one ioor po haol tr t ouzecitianns c use ro thutugho y theanear d 'rtheysae diedppointt thamore ol poe s aravnot blailar e fo r thei" use. bajoyce l in wilyebe 98 olars d xt ne. monthd she harybeen ting in to fold a posu that hiteder s needthfor yeree --ars il unt ntshe wee to th mevelynount er cents thiinmorng. y peggwa"it as likesp life iritwe ont outr f he swhenhe saw s thatatign thou she cn'ldt go t tooohe patl thha we jud sttt goo en steexcioud abt." illuck wy, shee as ablto go sw ngimmith at rte not hwespool g toeret hrc t yce "iarfelt m. velousi justfe e lt likt i goifmy le back ai ag n." s basse ays th cpool'srelosu esstressee the nmod for reua aqnttic ce ters ingehe bigst
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lisoted refources gsr thin wilike slemming ssons. thandy "a is is hhugeo it tr ou ra prog tmming, to swimuseam e, he to tsc high wihool sasm seon. y so'ses, itor a maj" dent. ba s ss sayimthe swooming pl isth ae onlyferea af- cted -so the o reste f thdibuilstng is ill en ope to th. publicweplans rere alinady ce plare to e placthe in roofheg on te entirngbuildi. t buokthe brssen truddes aan wrother aninkle cd moreost.ns coontructi b couldn egin ia co eeuple wveks. co tringtohe sryli pave, elul nso cn,nnha telwo . news m in woney. atch..dethe feral se re krve is aeeping key re intee st ratanunchwhged ile ngpledgios to clmoely r nitove detslopmene in thalglob omecond y anncfinarkial ts in iic polsty ematt ene thd feys sa enococ migr howthas owsledin s icerat edisat res om fror recwsd lode in . cember e thgechan is intats snttemesi edgnal f theoued ce ld b pr edeparsl to utow fraure te ke hi rs ift ecenetmark ulturbceennd alo gl baakwessne do ot nba a. te
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cat abiannasps diryensa is al oul abe t thenpatit's pe excerienll.we'w showhyou at wthatbeill ke linsu in n eyvall.c....g omint up a 305:." an : gela m"youemay rr embey cind erbech h andreer df am ongstarti r hefoown anod p htry.oaer gl s waovto mtoe inui a bg ldinbyja y.nuarl wel wheree e arin mothe ofnth ua jancory. umingp giwe'll ave youar look ndound a oushow yro the pshgress e's ma . de bu rst fi at...riutho itiesn eg ore on havedarrest l ther eade a ofup gropr of rsoteste holed i upwin a feldliug ref we...hat h heo as ttosay se tho s whotill re tfuseavo lefte, aheer t ea brk. ou "ywa're ngtchi cnnhael 2ne . ws.. kwithenristin remgton, nd laonmi , llerkeand milg a'ser
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lo g okin taroundiohe natawn... l emenforcfient ofs cialstarreed t eigh, peopleinincludesg prott ad leoner amm, bundya after ne onarly mg th-lonffstando at a ld wi rlifee efugrein ogon.e onteprotesder... iientifd asla fivoy m.nicuas.. wle kilend wh irgunfoke brt e oungduri a fitrafopc std tieheto trd oeal.ot moher deornstratl s stilinsideth gee refuhe say ty will nt co tinuermhe auped occation- bu at thisonfternoon amm bundy ll can ed o tthemano stwnd do. rafeded l anl locacioffiheals lda cnewsreonfetonce today say cthist annoincontue. gr reeg bg/tzinspfbi l eciat:agenth diese inalviduves han chosetoth enreat i andatntimide the am a eric ptheyssrofelo to ve.
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em thselves." folaw ent rcemenceoffiavrs he es hetablisadd roblocks ndarou p theeterimiger rowht n an ad theynlre oy ngallowi erproperty owndes insi. ch miffigan o sicialst ay tha r wates samplentin fli are re "tg ndin,"betterha but tt it's so too gion to gve thed o-aheatore ntside rs todresume inkingfi unedlterer wat. alofficists are wudyinghetherth 'se city a pipeseire bng co re watedenith ooughlif a ning of ho phasptotes ee ke p thlead lfromineachg. ouit cosld ce t the stat55 ll midoion s llarecto ranoat d pa reheir t t 15-anhousged damad rv seicnee li rs thatm un fro tewainr maoms to hesan sid buesness. vi enenronmantal vid cighl rits gr houpsfiave feled l dera ws lagauits a cinsty itd anatste fi ofs cialinseek hg toalave l le ipad pepes rd.laceo at ncost r toenesidts. so reme a ogeutracad bethuse eyar ste reill inceivteg war bi lls.yo man r kare/fweaverlint
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sn hayder tt t flinderesints nshoulde ot havayto p w forater th idey d n aotrend a u not."sing stthe haate sts diteribuard nely 7- 18thndousaes casdr of nginki r wateneand 3arlyou0-thndsa g testin. kits d an oprisoniafficn ls irnsouthe rncalifo iia areganvestiowting h prthree s isonerntwho weng missist lawe week diren't edscovermi unssing urtil hor s aftetheir peesca. th aus oritiendsay madaatory y niand chght t ecks aanthe orge tycoun mentr's cenl al jaifailed ev to reyeal thmi were ssing. ci offiw als noheknow tes inmat pe escastd juer aftm a 5 ahe ntad-cout ... buitdespece chks w thatppere suo osed tha ftppen at er than the mewe reren't mported uissingntil hl rougouy 16 hftrs aheer ty elrappowed de n th'sjailf. roojo annathu. tieac.. bng duo... hoand eissnan riyere ati sn ll o ruthe idd conseder a armedndda s.ngerou tlateafhis n ternooanthe orge
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cohety s sriffpuaid detiesha rrve ad estele5 peopay who m a haved ssisteirin thee, escap ve howeprr the s isonerinrema at la e.rg keand mi w algerveill hak a loo y atfoour strecang, comi up next. we thijia: fre gop neontrunr istc dihehing tde last efbate bore g-the uco-p ca. uses..iji'm weia
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yo knu heow tic basba n rgaiofme arica isu if yoarwork hd, yoand yu dopaour rt, yo ldu shoule be abt to geah d ead anhestay aad. sobut y manlifamiones dee't fkel liir thear hrkd wos pay off. 'sthathe not t a waycameri s isseuppo od to.perate wa i o nt to go tfobat emr thry evegl sindae y. ge cot inrimes ..sing. t gel equafopay mer won... t custthe coal of hearth ce iland chred ca so e peopl cantuac gallyadet ahe. arhilliny cln,to h shehaas wt t itako es tthget onings de.
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we balcome . ck..lddona trumpdi etdn't g w his say -o he'sip skhuping tnirsday s ght're anpublice debatowin ia. jweijias iang iesin dne mois er whmee soer voty s sa'rtheye sa dintppoied. ld donaru takmp tdees pri in llcag inmshia elf shwaoningt ts ou.aider..ownd nll he' be insittt g ouheof tt lasgop te debae beforwathe iose caucus. ld donamp tru/ enpresidantial c: didateet "lav 'em hr e thei adebatend selet's the how wiey do irth the ti ratrngs." rump isinefustog pa atrticip te inoxhe fs new tedebaau bechese two netrk ctrejeised hem dtoand pull n megyy kell mas aerod. ator cr ted ruuz - tlomp's civsest ralin p the -ollsd mockethe bu masiness hn whentee tweed a tlinkmoo a pynty mthon. ovie ra"bve r sir robinwaan ay." o! "n" so otme vweers ke tal id tos n de esmoin t saywehey redi oisapp wntedtrith s ump' ci de. sionijwe jiaia/cngbs /dnewsoies m ines,owa: "w mehat dossage hi you tt nk ise inds toanowens whdi a candate dedecists laut mine todr
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juti mar/insonteowa vor: t "thatthis gehiing els feings ahurtorre mrte impoanant them thng gettiar to he his e.messag" umtrpup t t ouita twpoter ll ngaski s hisrtuppoifers he ou shttld a--end pe 56 t rcen onrespd dengsayish he gouldo ro thwiugh heth tat debe. heon toc demc rati -sidela hilry toclin pn isngushik bacheon t ti nohaon tiet bernrs sande will be er toughrp on coamorate erica.hi clllary inton/ idpresalentida candite: "i gi'll tve yout he besenevidceas wh to lay my po n to gafter wa trll s teet isghhe touest an pl b. it's tecausehe icrepuble ans arisadverting ag t ains sme."rsandet lefthe mp ca taign wrailsdedneoray mning foa r atprivete mewiing reth pntsideob atama w the hhite. ouseiaweij chjiang 2 annel news. ha "c nnnel 2ntews cowiinues th ie chorf metet ologislgmike aer's pi oinp fnt 2ecorroast, badcast iecertif td bymehe arican te meogorolocical siety!" wa verytharm ayursdma will rk d the en rof the iespiten our pwintry, atterneras a sofies
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ayfridtm, an aicospher riverpa n tterp sets uerwith vy co wet nsnditioe in thinmountas d annohigh slsw levean , erd thoue shenld be oughdy tnamicsl o spilntover io the ll vaigeys. hs h wind cwillauseso dome shahowing t cugh. aold t fronthmoves through gie reontu saorrday mhining wulch shod t dropw he sno blevelsakelow le ta lehoe avel,rlnd neahey to tva lolley for. co irlder a i movesayn sundbr singingownow shtoers theva lolley femors. ttuperares di steal ly falhefrom t 60sid frthay to s e 40rdsatuay and e thnd30s suouay thrsdgh tueay.m le cht's oeck inron the thads wi r oufitrafrtc repoiser chaon i deanaln the 96ice nt poi 5 fi traferc centh . watcr out foso rime debhes in td roa80at ian
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rwotheouise thhagh we ve no ci acordents en incidts to po reo rt sjogreat thb out ere eaand pltise con dnue torive a arvery wsdm thurilay wrkl math d e enheof tte respir in ou wi atntry pastern, ie a serofs ro strmng ston s begi. friday id fr aay, anertmospheric riv tt patsern seth up wi very we itt condn ions iunthe motains ghand hile snow velsan , e d therldshouen be ough mi dynaspcs to erill ovth into e va hlleys.ndigh wills wise causo hame s tdowing ahough. cold fr veont mougs throreh the gion aysaturdng morni h whic dshouldthrop owe snle bvelsakelow le e taholevel, neand o arly tllthe vaorey flo. ld co mer airn oves isundaybr ngingiw snoowshtoers the ey valls. floorra tempes ture lysteadifr fall 6om the0s
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e thsu30s tndayghhroutu m esday. wa veryurarm thilsday wl marke th tend ofeshe r ipiten our wi pntryrnatte s, as aoferies sstrongbetorms idgin fray. , fridayosan atm rphericiver n patterp sets uerwith vy ndwet co iitionsmon the s untaind annohigh slsw leve, thand ouere shenld be oughdy tnamicsl o spilntover ie o thva hlleys.ndigh wi cs willause hotal,e leveea and n trly tohe aysaturd t and0she 3y sunda ro thtuugh m esday. chlet's oeck ine n ths roadwith
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n dean iicthe aloie 96 pnt 5 fi traferc cent. tc wafoh out dr someinebris the a roadant i80 ted prear ot isherwoue the gh w nhaveo deacci ints orenncido ts trtreposo at greut job ore the and ea plonse ce tinurito dafve sely. m i'sochaiann de t and yhatsour fitraf c on she wa coey ountemelenryta sc ihoolans ch tgingayhe ws it'te ngachi i andt's rk wofoing udr st. entskyi'm ss sithon, toat ss ry i ucomingp. : angelae "beforenyou op thedo aors topa food tntry iheres a oflot k wor hthato as tbe . donethnow inat cecdy bs her ha il a buheding s l has aot of ti pain tngdoo ll. i'av hhee r st
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th arere o e twatdemocr vicnsisiofo lar regualting wetl stre .ysone saok it's taay to ke nsmilliobi from sg bank d an tthenthell haem w dt -- plan br teak up bhe biganks, thclose x e taholooples, an ked mam the payr thei sfair.hare wthenexe can eapand hcalth re llto a, d ane providsauniverlll coucege edn.atiowi y ll the mlikenoe? . wihell tgiy be pn to lay tbyeshe ruli' if idm present? yo ttu beeler bt.ieve i
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in lookr g 2 ouitcommuny... ar janu my is anoonth kwn for tiresoluons.r fodyone lano in rery januark ma ts morea han luresotion, inbut d stea ta stepowards ac reerhing hof goal ng helpi the itcommund y antistar ong herwnfo anod ptry. w ast e firsedreportfa last llci chndy be ser wasn till ithe ni plangeng sta. an chgela s gillinghaot a cnce totc ca wh upheith y r todae and se th oge pr sress mhe'sade. ge anchla sinilllyog: "y u ma me re mmberory stomy frew a fmo anthshego we re wodintruced toyou dy cin bheecd r anher dr
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watoday ons not tly atoime seeto waday t s no aonlye timto see r hebunew ngildit , bu salsoee e wherpaher n ssiosefor g rvin me cooms fr. y cinderbecht': "i es soxciting eeto sr youonvisie come.aliv" a onvisich whis goendbeyody cinhe f.rselan : gelag goino to datwhevouer y n caelto ht p ou dyourteaughr?ci s ndy' rdad:."ight nd ciday's med can dow sfromanta toclara p helt.pains he'been r heerfosten parnct sie e shwas y fiveldears o. "dad:s she'pea sul,r ga'l shel a doinnythr g foodanyby." htheytoope is fininh pa btingy id fray. nn kesaeth : vagege"we lot a t co acshmplin ed it eighs.hour" ke h nnetetis g ptingtoaid p hel ou ht.une dendrstae s th orolef odthe fo py antrwhand iat'st's ke ligo to gr huny. etkennvah sa"ige: a t's t grea g, thinha i've od myerwn svices soin cartyn cive. hain a dner ev ayeryd." nd cipay's n ssiothfor ode fo rypantht lig es uproach om. il whe e thesproc fs ofngindi the ri spght asot wif a dltficu, one 's it c allg ominthtogeower n. ci bendy : cherik"i le the lo , cationisthere o a lotf need
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lt ofncow ihoome g usindown stthe ."reet cilindy dkes toe escribthe il bus ding a wopenbrith ightco . lorstyplensp of foace r cl s othefoand od. nd cichy be"rer: wightwehen ca n me idothe ndor aoc unlked e th wdoore osaids,h ye i andt wa ms onaylk dt thaotwe g ourke ys." laangeo : "sy cinderbechac licomp hshediser falt go of vi montng ibuo a ngildi in nu ja hary,exer nalt goto is ve hara a gpend o iningrcn mah, d anhein tur fute e shs hopeto daone pay exntnd iiso thm rooas ll weve. co tringtohe sry, an sgelalichilchng, l annetwo ne ws." ou if yli wold heke to dylp cin is she nt curreeply accooting fd ondonatiiss and o alsinlookg r fofra reatiderndor are ferez. u yofican lnd atoink oo the fd nt paebry's witsite wh her t contacatinform kion at-t-v-nt docom. in er'm: "in erin.bree'l..wel yshowhaou w rt ity ealls taketoop cen abiannas
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