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tv   The Late Show With Stephen Colbert  CBS  January 27, 2016 11:35pm-12:37am PST

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>> ph steolen c!bertca ptio sningorponsy ed bcbs ee ( ch ars ande pplaus) >> sphteen! n!stephe ep st hen!te >> s: phenksthanve, e.rybody omwelco e t"te he latitshow whep stlbhen coert." >> septhen! hestepn! ep st hen! >>te sphen: toh,t'has nice.( acheersland appuse )y! he in feelgt. i el feinggfeelin thmuks so ch, thu,k yo thankou y i,ne hre,do wnhe tthre, kanou yu, yolk fosov
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kthanu. yo hey! y, he a howreou y? k thanryyou ve much, weome t "otethe lawi show thep stlbhen coert." epi'm stlbhen coert. land ieovou y. ee ( chndrs ala appuse ) y asouw- kno-he tre's a o lotf ve loth in ome roig tonht. l afot oe lov in theoo rm. ykeepouran hkiesa hndy. ou as y i know,my take s job aate la h nightryost veio serusly.i ocomeerut hhae and ,ve fun a,ha-h i butie bels ve it'my t duty oo look eut forveryng sisole pery n in menaudice. rewhich meminds ly-- car, he'st noforight u.r yo ug ( lahter )mp dund him ah finis myour..f.a yit's dourream.rn ve won, goe ith thvinylnc feing. rwood aots, end yound up ngspendias just re much inplac g it. aprincetabakuour, yh r nintwifeis ec a dr.eive cu acerse hor befele the sders aa ersorcess. t trus me. thand s ere' nsomei ews oneed tar
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toecght, bause dayestertoy, aiemic scntists te updathd somecaing helled t sd doomckay clo.'s itbo a symoclic clk thatge djts aevusted arery ye tore hoflect e w clostyhumani is tost dengroyiel itshf, wit ig midnreht repg sentinthe ypapocalse. s it ihe t only clock morete ngrrifyith than te onehat ke waous y upry eveng morni.( htlauger ) ye and y,sterdath at tie na onals presatclub, ciomic ssentistre edvealhu that manityst t ands ae threteminu s toig midnht.ah ye, yh.ea a >>e:udienc !>> ph steaten: th is an pr apatoprie rnsespoe. ithatugs toh. ofa lot re us weg hopinwe'dga hoin an dur forghoomsli t s saving.timee th twholehing,et s itac bk a little ( ndeers ala appuse )>> se jon: t thecl ock back! s >>:tephense becau threemi nnutes,d.ot goore thnue minltes oey lesav you ghenouto time b yrushour hteet
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bpantsefore the wdeorlns.w, nond the ee of thisworld sc esary, y. i but anjust wemt to rind yb everthody heat tms dooday k cloct is jusd baseenon tssion eebetwopn cd we dan alltho someing to ceredusi tend ons anovhelp me octhe cl nk backyeext ar. ryso evereone heo tt,nigh odeverybhey in t, roombo everydy h atoi me, ywantou to trnu to e thonpers ntoext yanou, d iwa ount ydo to this. ni wa yt touo ge at shoft oth is. rn tu to theso pernex n yt toou d an tgive ahem hug. ljon, det'sho tisng 's about love. ar she a mt.omen eahug cher th h's it, ugit. outhu g itt, ou yeah. ee ( ch ars anduspplae )el fe? that>> i jon: hefeel te. lov i feel thee. lovwo w. at thut's wecause 'rey onle her tthogeer hi on tnes plat for the blink ofan e.yean atd th b wasuleautif y, whatou just d now that we'vead me anti in hmate,umanon cn.nectioev ween if a don'tthffect eom dolosday ci ck, mocan ve the"l shate orow" logy cneck o
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( ndeers app ae laus) omthe dolosday catck is three tminuteogh midnit or the logy cowck ns standattw teo minuids to mt.nigh w sothhen ome do csday hlockitson nue mimite to , dnightckmy clo tomoves o "orgy,"'clockt and i fis theocreak-psealyp. i tune yn nextear.e seoshow clete we g.bu wt even aithoutgyn or, we a tt pre sy goodhowfo r youni rst-- t,firsta i'll aclk to tors chripine. ee ( chndrs ala appuse )w! wo ! yeahye ah! . yeah ts inch .of on >> jyb: everyod velohs csri pine. s >>: tepheni gotta shaay, tt fwas mytirs reaction,. toohe rs stae in thvinew moe "thene firsst houch," whiik i'd le to in th 1k, areo 1:30 tmo12:30 ndayto y frida.on cbs( acheersland appuse )th
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ac bli'k," joll be y ined bthe t greadaactor bniellerooks. ch ( aeersndpl apause ) t isn'thatce ni? j >>son: thhe's et! bes s >>: tephenaias i shed, s'sin ge "orane is thlanew bck."sh e's in thead browayu msical he "t colorur pple." i next s think dhe's aoing t projecinwith pk and the belun maou l en i'lwnsit doco with ialumb siuniverdety stuahnt jonr, reide o wh rruns aanestaur ht from is e collegoodorm 'tey donre take atserv,ionses lypecialer if thsoe's a ck one th.door( seapplau )d, anly final'l, wevel ha a maperforbynce ly brookdn-base bartistaauer. nehe pio nered areew gen ofmu llsic cacted reich ndmi, s meli stilha rve aonaccomy in s home'el trectro-ap. nd( bayi plang )
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ofison bat atetand sn.y huma say hi, eboverydy. ey thab're sout tothpring e t jazzutrap, be beforo,they don te more:hing re deloe ans arprbeing foduced or rsthe fimet ti35 in , years teither dhat orwnoc broly final d fixeuxthe flit capacor. t >>, onightn stepheeswelcom r actochris fr bdwroa "ay'scothe lorpu ,"rpleie danoolle brks. r dormoomef ch jonah reider. d an au mlsicape marforbynce erbaau.fe
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ma hun. w and noimit's t"te for ehe lat itshow weph stlbhen coert"!ch ( ndeers aus applae )>> en stephk : thanryyou ve . muchth u,ank yoie ladges and mentlen. te >> sphen!ep sthen!st ephen!st ephen! te >> s ophen:t'h, tha 'sthat n erat's viy k ondf you. rs( chee a anduspplae ) k thanyou so much. k youounow, y give e mtoou m,ch w i tillry to do aw shor fo youto night wyorth of theou dblean cht. ethey, lsk me a you aue q.stionve ha you guyse hofard thisy, gube rniean sders?ch ( ndeers aus applae ) ve the sermont r natomaand n who s brusheirhis hah witlla baoon n isheow aboad in a th iowand mpnew hae.shir t
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arsnd thiel flow.bu tt a loe of pople n areowas , kingsince he semes ouseris, l "wil sbernie bandersy e read on onday e?" , wellhawe ssell e. nowe k nw he'snaot gonad be rey th for gue inaullral lacause eest wenk, satorsa adnders edmitts he'never ne oword or wn atu td from dhat, ithrew lye onss poonible cioclusern: bnie ssander n couldot get aat de to prom. i soen challu ged yoeto makbe prnie'searom dre ms comtrue ho by ppitoshoprsng youtoelf inis thph prom d oto anngtweetiit h withathe shtag er "bprnie-saompol."an gud you e ys camh througwith resome gmiat sub, ssionswhicho wh has-- d towchhehi tng? y doavou hee th c?ards ksthany vermu s is liz levin, one's oe ofurr pucoders. y sa itz, sn. dow is ths i owz, h are you? ehow arou y? 'm >> ioo gd! s >>: tephenenyou'r. gooday okis, liz f one omy
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wh atre a youdu procing rightno w? wt >> tli twight zone.">> en steph't: donl tel peoplewh isat it se becauy the won'tug lar.h late 'swhat thenextng thi? oudo y need ae mgetinit wh me us beca've youeee b tn onowhe sh re befo . hpeopleenave se it. hawe've sdomeee mtingse herat dethe ecsk b yauseoou dt n'ehavti meme to eth wit meng durith e soday c you oome huteer andme ig>> rht. te>> s: phen dwhato i needo t wknow ihat n teedoo dt nexth wi you?e >> w lhave a sot oftuff tota yolk to au bbout,utor me sipreshtng rigwe now a have ph>> steonen: t?ight y >>es. s >>entephgh: riwt nos it' .5:20 ? here>> so,or ny,mall io wuld lie to anyou ld tel youe w h taveo e leavin, like,f hal ano h,ur but weol absyutel trullthfuyha le troub.>> ph steuen: yoal normly lieto me. so is0 6:3a. lie ha >> tbst's ayolutel the tutrh. s >>phteen's: that notng goito as be eauy bechese tho sw take tta livele onr a hour andit 's 20 5: right now. at whpe hapfns i d we mon'tkeath egh flit. e wheraree w go? w
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d.c.te >> sohphen: ,h, yeas that' a iplace t didn'hi tnk i wouldwa ont t gok bac to but i wtoant do whns happewe if d mon'take fthet?ligh>> re we'oi gngo te makhe tfl ight. h we.ave to>> en stephum: hore. mvi ob iously, hveave nerus mased ht flig y withou.>> no, e.we hav>> ph ste: enwe have missedfl ights? y >>es. ph>> stet en: buwe're goiong t himake t sone. in a world wheerea tcupsan dce d an mysonke eatea mt, if wse mis thegh flihat, wtpe hapns? w >>e'llri dve. te>> s: phenlwe'l driveo t inwash,gton thbe will fun. i >>t will be fun. ph>> stenoen: swyay highw. cayou kn stic ad?roun>> yeah, sure. s >>: tephenigall i've gotr you twitter sisubmisghons riert he. i he avlizri pntut owi ttter for e mevery. dayit 's au hge timea sver.d dio you g to prom? d>> iido g tom. pro ?with>> a niceeb baslal pwhlayer o is ye a ldar o frer darthtmou.i no cant rbeememsr hie. nam>> ph steinen: m, proe h wentto a collguege y took youo t ra progoem it ds not soundd. goo>>
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ne mioy's bndfrie's fd.rienhe i and had never met eachot her so it w sasort ofe lik a archit y --ti >> sll a c gollegeuyk too you pro t >>shat waoo gd. te >> s gphen: goodorodfo you. asif i w yourad d w i gouldo, ou "yno cant doha tt.">> itul codt nohaven beee mor pe indendent.>> ph steaen: relly? >>ep dglressiny it,nnocen e " first pberniealrompos" weha ove-- d well sti haveim te for ? this the firstrn "be piealromposis" fr om er@pipinrobbs. 's it herl actuaro pm ptuicreth wi bems toine havg ati good me e. thercl tearly,hthe nig isou yng, and oso isne of anom @ryacast e' thers bernyon and daldtr at'sic
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right. us beca te it'she inentert thereha ed to b one ofni berane sd awerste he's a wrfondeul preictu fmro ri chs b.,ni berede sanrsh wit il godz la. a look ht theeight dreiffence. il godzoula shld note hav wornel hes.di d you h weareels tom pro wogirets fla gr howl tal are you? 'm >> i 6'2"it who n hlseen. o >>t sn:ephe'2 6". at whou's ycur t o fffor guys? >> it getows l eerveryr. yea( htlauger ) au( applse ) ch ( aeersppnd ae laus) te >> salphen: htl arke, mco rubio atis th pt.oin>> yeah. s >>: tephenhere's one fromor @wetldviolows shbeing rniewi t th lefshark. knyou t'ow ifts le, shark us becae'e ther ws noeray bnieco t uld geppthe su tort of hegh rik.t shar
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sis i ts @matvecreatire, heer's bnie th wie berni "fromenweekatd be "rnies.ju lst atoittle to lateone befrfit haom tert univsalal car andi fy,nalls thiwis st,ee are al cp.lose-u na fi@slly litumbonngstghe mit myav foritero pm palos, this is ie bernh wit f mehirom ghch sool. yeah. kn you ow? why>> reallyte cu. >>ph steeen: mro fm high r-72-yeaold man. g the firlsm rohigh school are utdartmo h. i do. s >>: tephen'vliz, ie eednjoyr outime togheetr. ea>> y hh, weeav to get moving. ph>> ste den: weavo hoe t get ng movi . wow, that-- t--hat weep denartmten ev putin this thei tngmi ofe th. show o, >> ne wn' didt.. no>> stheeplln: ai rtgho s we're
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we're togoing dome sothing omawes e. ph>> steen: weho snguldi. st hone ily, dot have fimeor the f rest otheho sw?ou sho ld i desthe r toff i oro g tome coml?rciash would te dohe rsteth of esh ow?( rschee a anduspplae ) t >> yhank.ou>> ph steen:an thks, liz. llizn,eviry ( ndeers ala app)use re we aoi not gngo tak met tha e. plan( erlaught )he here's t tnghi,er if bniees dondn't lam a proe, dat heul cotid soll d t whateshe rt of us do and eatis hai pn bseecau iebern has a nh igice. cream w it casearsted a aol so projectom fr benn of bery& jer's fame. i s guesd ben anbrjerry okep. u i blameoa coc ono. nbe cdreate aed limit editione iccreamus jtor f beerni er sandlls, caed "'sbernieye
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which toee s msound like aof st porn. promo reyou a sout beaiful. avyou hene awakedet somhingt thaha ds beenead in me forea yrs. iee fl like a cyshrumanthem isoo blnsming i oidef z me,ou tche, m butnl oy ifyo u want to. ap perhshi tsti emoonallyir storing janae bz alblum wil iput usn the m.ove b iveelie the top 1% haveee bn in gettg 90%et of g itingt on. of c, oursethe bigue qstion is lawhat fvors ier bnie yearning for? s >>o the idea of bniere'sar yesning i that it's nt essemiially ntco chohilate cpe ic bcream,ut allhe th cips ve hae gon up totheop t. at thre's whehe all t money is.
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nve gotr ews foben. inea r,lity that1% gerenallyes doven't ha a lotof ctehocola in it. rs( chee and alappuse ) of , rs cou ie,-- don't-- i don't t makehe world. :>> jon hey! te >> s: phen'ti don t makeherl wo d. ti jusib descre it! reyou' t inhe top 1%ow n,. jon on >> j:ea yh,m i' gettin' it. c of tourse,blhe pros em ithisli detrcious aeat isti violaon he of tl- weln knoweaice-cr m-l- equaawtime l. y,legallas ben hve to gi equalur ch tn timetho all re othe nd ca bidatesngy makivo a flarfo or eachemf th. av we hiee bernrn's yeaing.wh t y noel"caramna fiori?" " or omartinar'malom?" m orckike hu "abee'seglife b inson at ciofectn." ug ( la )hter au( applse ) ( hecers ) m orilaybe h "lary'serwhatevfl
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m s--ureel d.icious li decious. rei'm suub the pwolic gould forbe onn carsbi's "amncen cruh," bu jeb dosh's " vublelaanil," andch chris 'sristieky "bloc" road. ht( lauger ) pl ( apause ) ayor mbe--. ch ( ndeers aus applae ) aor how dbout auselicioof pint ld dona's trump a "makecameri ne grap"again.ic whrah is g ipeamce cre but forso anme strge reason isti sll ht brig oe.rangwe be'll ht rigk bac cwithhrispi ne.l alt righybeverody, t ifdohis geesn't tt yourtaoes ',ppin
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na annk thiu s yo needph a dd touro yown o t.axes w sooue bringht ic dr. m haelmalittton p helaiexpl an tonna cothe lemptyxi ndbehi r herd.efun , soreyou'ti gething tfus rend cabeyouse onur s isala qungifyien dep,dent thand esat makli you e giblethfor d e chilcrtax .edit ah c...i tan seehat. odgoex. encellt... i' 'mm, id goonow. ..d .goo now.odgooo...ggod...od!
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e leas16a 20co lin ln mkx99for $3on a mth aonly lt yourlnincole dear. ouif yld couou see yh,r coug 'sitt jusuga coh. d you'hosee tew ofyon u h cougdaall y an d ouso wveld ee ryon.else w neturobi 1ssin2 urho li de fversast, rfpoweouul celgh rthief asat lts t upelo tw hve.ours w neturobi 1ssinur2 ho h itcause er's neva just cough. wiother ressleer carri s makefa smiliesathare d a. t nobit-mole! chswitnd now aou get fsr line thwito up ix ss gig. each d anhano s.ring
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th arere o e twatdemocr vicnsisiofo lar regualting wetl stre .ysone saok it's taay to ke nsmilliobi from sg bank d an tthenthell haem w dt -- plan br teak up bhe biganks, thclose x e taholooples,
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wthenexe can eapand hcalth re llto a, d ane providsauniverlll coucege edn.atiowi y ll the mlikenoe? . wihell tgiy be pn to lay tbyeshe ruli' if idm present? yo ttu beeler bt.ieve i m i'rnbeanie s dersd anpri apthove esis msage. ba ( yind plang ) ch ( aeersppnd ae laus) ph>> stelcen: weckome ba,ev y.erybod stmy gueht tonigkn is foown r g playinn captait.james kirk. ow he n i stars fn "thetines ho" urs,trthe toue sf ry othe tegreamast s bllreoat iscuenth ase coart guhid's y.stor i>> lsten up!i put theea s behind us. --justt juslet itus phs u angloun
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stheortm's ngeasi up,s. boyso wejustk loo forhe t ltsigh thand ore shoe t giduuse in,ev ifen we hvea togoo s far asth pentoi. eso b .it e we'vjust got to findla nd. it's been one heck of aon lg y, daht rig, feasll? ah ye. urit sase yon't veu gip uop he on me e's aoo gdoa bt. llshe' gets uh tree. te>> s:phenea plse omwelce ri chsin pe. ch ( aeersppnd ae laus) i >> peromis t'shere more aioctn inhe tfi lm- than- thanh tat. ph>> ste oen:reh, the s isomu ech mor onacti. s >> iowear t you.
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eing toase my way intohi ts,t bu notto get st traighto the ec proj it, butnt is azi amanglm fi . o >>nkh, tha you.>> ph stei en: dlove it. t >> yhankoou su mch. s >>enteph: is-t'- it' msenag naainst orture f hisfe llowma n, anv aguerage y doising hb joethat h knows wl.el>> tl exacy t.righ ph>> steaten: thle peop don't thinke hcan aomccplish.>> is this ue a trry thk tooac ple in95 12, and fouroa cstiest wenut o that t nighinhe t -->> off ofha chatm, ac masss.husett ff>> o ofam chathss, mattachuses (he cer(. e w haveo sme fans.du aring n'eor oaster,ne of thers wo ht thatit the cntounry i alo nge, tim -f70oot waves, oo 36-ft,t boaen woodo leyosthe tirss compa. ctheyedrackr thei shwindield. it was idfrig eyed sav2 3me fn of a tofour-selry stenk ta theey'rha lid spt in ey tha sved allse tho men. emput th onoa a bt twahat spp suoosed t onlyrr cay 1 h2numabe ndings a b troughtlhem al thewa ty backo shored an teyhnl oyst loan one m. ( plap )ause. ea>> yh,xa elyct r.ight s >>: tephen sas you,aid true y. stor>>
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te >> sanphen: gud the y youpl heay-- tou guy y play,e werbb, tis tha his name. >>e yah, ,bernieni bere webber. s >>enteph a: he'suy gwh o--he t's jus anrd oinarygu dyoing s hiob j. >>h. yea>> en stephed: calldo to anex intraordhary haat's wot i lveb aout thisvi mo te isihat love my super hero movies, bu it this ns aot hesuper ro. s this ia h-sumanizedro he. >> yh.eai think what appd ealeto me mtos soabout lmeoneikee berniis 's hegu a relar joe. he cslock ine lik a oflot usdo h, ande goends as doe hisjo b. eni happ to gond a play -b make, elievemput p akeuon myfa ce andle smi oioccasy nallandtr dy too my. thing erand the e ar amenwond menac heross te globt thaer ev dyay inclock and putei thr lesiv on lthe.ine at th is whaty' the bve ceenleald to th is whyat the feeosl mtco blmfortae dngoi. iit's, h tink, ar piv aileges ante enr rtaineto putos thiee stors feto li t ando ibringtto pe ople's atittenon that this--pe dople do,oh t,isei bng leself dss andigoing rndht ago
12:00 am
insomethtg thape hapns, and it ldshou beor gald.ifie a(e pplaus) ( cheers ) te >> sinphen: the movie, did knyou heow wn you t tookheob j outhat y j wouldust b weet theen imtire te? >>ea yh. te >> s bphen:ecauseth s ere'a le coup of esscen y whereinou're co the arast guiod stat n. y >> eah.te >> sanphen: od then ther t than phat,e eoplstare juth rowings bucketerof watou at y ethe ntiretime,ht rig?>> i'm anul awfi scrpt readerat th way. ug( la )hter ph>> steyoen: u just treadhe nlines, otthe stagei dre?ctions>> oo it tk me40 mis nutedto reath e st.cripi esgus 'tit wona tke talltha olong to shot. enand th it'se lik-->> iet g to kiss thegi rl aot l. 's thater anothh ting. in i th ak it'sre gat date movie us becaere the thise ov a lyel s is ia truery sto. .>> yes te >> shephen: was eedngag but not m yarriedn et whe wheent tou toea s. i >>'m not sure if t-hat- thaty mae bhe tti ficizonal-ed - >> it sayats the end ohf te e moviththat otey g miearrd on tethe dae in th a movies stetad. a it'stl liteng thi.
12:01 am
hadate tt we said.>> huh... te>> s: phenso iwo juldust gowi veth einryth tg inheie mov is .true o >> s-->> b no,tut iis . er tha e's elovry stong goi on,ev ugen tho yheou'r gtteing d slappe baround wy theaves e' thers a loveto shary tt s happennbetwee - you- >> the bauelotiful veor sty,di t fferenhfrom crsaracte iay pled borefere, bnie i asve --ry he wears hsi hhiereto s i ink ofa lot o us gout inis th world and we we aar lot ofar pmor toctrote oesurselvesom frng getti h.urt s >>teanphen: vd he'sery mbhu tle,oo. >>ni ber e isann opeoo bk, awi yede-edea id.list he wandots to e wll,e' hs asw aeet mn -- c>> ian t'thinka of ta capin ofa p shi lessik leap ctainir kkan th this g.uybe cacause kptainildrk wou haveju eest bn b aanging ngree alienon f theofront that -mehow->> ow someh m akingitpe hapn. s >>entephn': i dokt thin at thoi's go ng ttmake i t intohe l finaasbroadchit of ts show. he by t way. st i jut wanto be cularef.>> kirk -- ha >> wtld wouk kir havene do inth itat s?uation >>'s he an edincrible ftiunconal
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st lhen,ook in this filhem "t ne fihost heur," t are isov lelyst twory beaeen nd man a aan wom. in i th rk what-eally- itid d, at whll reappy adeale toe m is e thermeis sog thintabous thi hafilm tart hkensk bac t aon era m of filgomake a itfe lt lik aeud sttuio picm re frothe ss 50 .el it ft like garyr coopeli falngin e lov withor disay d. s >>: tephenuygood g, fubeautil,l gir man nsagait re natu . ea>> yndh, aa it's ha man ttlo hives s, job loves hisa flymi, towants ig do r bht byoth the men on his ship - and->> giante manchicalha s.rk>> nt gia mhaeclnica shark. ht( lauger ) te >> si'phen: tm jusg tryin to ev get y erybodmeto cohe to t e.moviju stev y.erybod >> yeah. s >>: tephenistow doisappntingwh doen he es the y thingnou o c thelkatwah wit him. >>e' hins gett dg thatiump lngd ani'm inthhaking wt's enhapping? s >>:tephenie unbelvable. u >>vanbelieble.>> en stephly: realri surpsed me.d anil stlom r aanticsat the meti me. >>ol absutely,h. yea s >>teonphen: the of gse thin re intetosting ou find utt abo isyou you werine kd of ait ltle
12:03 am
u yo were not mr. homandsuee bley hees wwen you re ahi c.ld p >>ubertyas wt, no i'm sure--er thoue y go.>> ph ste fen: weoundhi ts. asit w e notasy toin fd. ug( la )hter ap ( seplau ) notas ey. ti don' knowho w yourci publist w ishoa hs-- okay, that's me. is thme is .th sis i fr s highchool. ht( lauger ) i think c weavould he beenfr iends. a >>elbsoluty woue wavld heen befr s.iend>> ph stei en: pwilloint min is ioc fus, y,ours it's liker t tyingoin fd ai pecturf o bigoo ft. yi tro ng t afind urpictofe ou y. w >>shere i ldwao. te >> s:phen yeah. w >> ihere s theblack and white ld wa o? >>ep sts hen: iite tru your fansre al cal pedineni tsts nu. h >> iaveea hrds thiay mnd ideebe the tthru, yes,n i.deed>> en steph o: somef your fansmi noght t mindn beigca lled cu"por."pine ug( la )hter
12:04 am
i >>ats thng goima to iket intoth ew? sho ph>> steaten: thng's goi to imaketot in theho sw. itn was ohithe tng here, ial relyte wano d t isayt. i >>t sndouedan fsttaic. ea gr dterelivy. s >>entephri: chovs, ltoely see you. an thu k yobefor ering he. t >>ouhank y m souch. t >> sn:ephe chris pine,ev oderyby. f"thet inesurhos"s i inth rseatehi tids iwaf i gonna je to rseyd ank checshout otsyertucc'ellipos lirtfoo, what'o s it t you? 'or ia m tiscotassh mon os whase asets mre ade sof ltonee ikmert hea . papa! u'yoo re nofson mine! porhaerps it' s time stoheeize t day. don'jut eest sor opptytuni, izseite ! us(applae) ja drmes e ovs hiv4rari hybd tinto fhen rozeerwild.ness e thofscent er his jraky attcted ng a huolry wfpacndk behi him. to sviur ve,he t hadmao reeain frless.
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m.hey to i how'sint gog? i today agot up11round :30, enand then i wort sn.keling d anit iazs am ing,e thiswater so-- st bes. phonees bt ornetw ks.ha clf theost. y makex our tarnretu go r furtheveand sath on e sa gamsung ralaxy gmend pri. un d limitetetalk, dxt andata j is$4ust nt5 a moh. ra st tightwialk .reless we l caleloursthves e nwgreeruood nner s.opthe aten wader ps.dler hithe ifke laie tr.l club fo t'r us iabs not ruout fanning .ster ait's bbout eingt oureheog tr.ethe e thg feelinhais derd to .scribe u yo pcantutut po ints.word t buonwe dav't h.e to fo ier frs ndcowho me thtoge terreo acfoh err bett. we w bresua orperi sttaliing beght er wiewth farer cndbs aor calies.
12:07 am
yo knu heow tic basba n rgaiofme arica isu if yoarwork hd, yoand yu dopaour rt, yo ldu shoule be abt to geah d ead anhestay aad. sobut y manlifamiones dee't fkel liir thear hrkd wos pay off.
12:08 am
wa i o nt to go tfobat emr thry evegl sindae y. ge cot inrimes ..sing. t gel equafopay mer won... t custthe coal of hearth ce iland chred ca so e peopl cantuac gallyadet ahe. arhilliny cln,to h shehaas wt t itako es tthget onings de. m i'y hillartoclinin and pr apthove sais mesge. ( pbandnglayi ) ee( chndrs aus applae ) ph>> stelcen: webaome ck,er evybody. exmy nest gu tt shot ao fames ystae te "onor iangee s thnew k,blacd " ane'now shkis maerng hoa brebdway dn ut i c"the olorle purp." si ,ster you got. to g irl y touoo good for atthn. maco me on, girl.
12:09 am
u got to say. y tou got so yay,ou need tosa y, you ttbeer s yay,ou ohtugtay sao n ch ( aeersppnd ala)use te>> s: phensepleaco wel meni da belles.rook >> hi, y.'all>> stephen: i cannd uanerstd syougayin hi. u youa actlly went to iljud.liar y >> ies, did. s >>enteph: you went to li juilwiard th jon. ee( chndrs ala app)use trigh there. d anuna bch hoof tse guys over e.ther
12:10 am
itisn't t niceeo hav a friend on show? on >> js,: yend iede! >>en steph h: youtave i ucintrod te me lo a not oficepe leop likes. thido h youanave ory st oiesno jn,an oy dirtimn h. >>ir dt? w it ouldn'say dt,ir but jon wawould lk arou tndalhe hnls ith e tecafe riathwiis h handheld opian -->> yeaou mn face p.iano we call ite faco. pian >> allth ,e timeg vibin. outhe p wasblrobay thest coole dudeat sl.choo w heas.>> te sphdoen: h youanave y iestors on delanile? goyou yt an rtdi?yo gou atny dirt on delanile? on>> j: oh, no dirt. a it'sll gnilisteng.>> ph steen: only p twoerfect people iann manhattht righe the is thod ce o jfazzsi i'th seen is before. , okayso 'swhat nh ew wityou be besides oning a hit tv owsh andit h bwaroady play? w ho do you?feel f >> ileeaz aming. m i' ijustn afll o ethes rscolo,th gee oran andh te pe,urpl and biangry wrds,hich is red, youow kn ,. te>> sphen: oyou'ref ne othev
12:11 am
thbe must fun. >> thanks.i' lym real excited.>> te sphten: lek me as you t abouol"the cpor purle," us becaree you'l payingof sia, thea prt oahprin wfrey pslaypl >> y , norepressu.>> ph steen: none.>> no pressure.>> ph stehaen: dve youone this for oprah? ehas sh usbecae'e shs thedu profcer oth is. y >>es.>> ph stewhen: tat'stha like?wh of o?prah >> tengrrifyi. odmy bliy was ke tshi w thehole time. ut i bt i jusused ever nyerve i thatad hdo to t i. thshe's there wia gyle, and ansteadm . ph>> ste:enwa alyths wiga yle andt sn.edma 'r theye ass e ey'r mheruscle. ey th enforce. u yo got intvieryewed b, her too. .>> yes>> ph stewhen: tat washat like?>> o als tfyerriing.>> en steph: buthe sea's rllyve loghly, ri t? i>> she s. s >>: tephen tone ofhe fewop peetle i m t whereakhe te onem thre they'el a lovony pers andme you heet tanm jd sheusoat gl z m froe th.inside he >> s, doesh. yea>> he stepasn: i w heale adfter me i t her.>> y dideeou fl thee hgalinro fm her?i did,to o. i did,to o.
12:12 am
s i wanejust rvous abuto not abbeing fle toorm a senentnce ion frt ofr. he wi lasike, "u"h... just son i oawef wheho sas w. bu itli feel ke it ntwe wl.elit @'s theout aandbout into the -- n >>ow, your d'das ani mister. o,>> n my misother the ni mister.>> ph stereen: lyal ?es >> y . s >>: tephen oh, it thoughyour wa dad s a mniister. dn i diw't kno. that >> mya dd's a deacon. s >>:tephenou yr d'sad a beak kodooe n.ur yo t momouells yr dadat wh to doin when theur chch? >>ot n r beally,utah ye, i s. guesi don'tno kw.( erlaught ). te >> swaphen: ins growng up ia phereacr family, wd oulatthso irt of centroduo you tpe ngrformi ? iis, lhuke, crch like a sinteppgst rone fot? tha>> i defelinitynk thi. th auey t mghtuce so mh from g singinwand ho ptontrese elmysd f anofall this s.tuff but it'so s palaroulel, y know.yo veu ha anie auddnce an you ve ha a creongongati. veyou ha the mstini, er iwhos so lmuchike the dreictor. thand cehoirs that' like ethse en.mblean usd the rehers aus the hersat thou hand t a progorram the aplybill.
12:13 am
ur yo any,alog ytever'shingff di erent tbuthes u.hers >>he tyay s -- >> the ushers are ushers. t >>tahey syhe t same. te >> shophen: diw oud yr mi faeely flbo aut teeayst?if e you'r from--owyou kn, ifu' yomre fro ay familof ami r nisteand deacon, how did athaismbout youoi dng teeayst? h,>> yeama mam wasn f't ieelingto to a mucht all. rsthe ficet sne i hoad t beto whps, yich doun'idett g tose e.s i wa stoples the f sirstcene b andefore gngetti eth jasob i w li mke,teom, llinghe ar allbout and d washe iks le, "no, no, ." no iand d tol h herucow mh w ildou be m.aking e and shkewas li, "yethah, i inkyo lu shoutad tke tha job."( seapplau ) ph>> steuen: yoen recdtly di hithis tng.yo uc a--tually youed tweethi tsou t. >> yes.> ep> st ahen:s nd thiis a ct piure of you jusutt abo tork wo out.d anyou tnheot wre-- ha>> tnk, youthank you! ph>> steen: youro wte an ti arrcle fo "gurlamo" minagazeab foutngeelid goout aboy eloursd f an byour aodynd itgo t a hugees repons.
12:14 am
i >> did this rfo lfmyse,re tally,ow sho see.lf-lov sit wasngomethi n i hadeverdo tne wasake of mfyhi s art at gym. s and oitdid, an i did not zereali that i winas givgpe onrmissi to thndousas ofpl e,us-sizwo big gmen too to gy the tm and takeheir shirts ecoff btause ica be ame thing. si wang getti allf ohe tse ur pict es. ap( )plauseye s. ph>> steaven: bra, brava! , well" "e thrcolopl purse" i nowru gnnin on ree gieat danlle brksoo,ev oderyby. eldanithle, yoank mu so fuchorin beg h.ere t >>shank for vihang me. te>> s: phen sit's auch
12:15 am
ap ( seplau ) lei fiaxd my tlies onh ne witoch&r bl$9k for .99. n naa na? ok lomy at ' lilonphe. nhuh?a.a na n [a ncnnouerle] fi o state nliner fo$9.99. fe isderal e. frelo hrb.cckom. re esal cheyee, ses pleain. introducg ltnew meary mozzella asticksnat mcdos.ld' de ma10 with l 0% rea.cheesese hrvedot. p di i'emy n zestramarinade oulici
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e ther bhas towae a rry cethe etntimer, dedivi14 by 3. thsomemeing sosothing g.methin.. [ epbehiing, w]rring eagrest caaral sad! an d nowe thmenar youe prictool s showlepeopy policonopti selto hthp fit dgeir buet. t istrhat a sueto ry?!yeah op pellle reaavy do se raan aveovge of 50er $ 0wh heen tity sw ch.i meanouabyot ntu it nti inve sed the,tory n'and isatt thwh llat reaery matts?
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( pbandnglayi ) ee( chndrs ala app)use s >>: tephene welcomback,er gu next aest isde stutnt alu conimbia uy versitruwho nens oof y news ork'thottes aurests,rantch whihi is rms do .room sepleaco weljome, renah .ider pl ( apause )>> ph stealen: li
12:18 am
unualst ory.>> d. indee>> en steph : let jmeust recap iter h aend see if'v ieot g itl ali rt.ghar ae you t suan at co.lumbia at wh y areou studying?>> lo sociogy andec iconom s.>> ph ste aen: hndldow oa of ma huen ar? you >> mi'21 . s >>: tephen21 years o.ld >>. yeah>> ph steanen: hd youave are ntstaura cedallit ph.>> in .deed>> en stephed: call, pith andyo nu ru o itut of your dorm room.>> yeah.>> en stephy.: oka th and - is is-this is yrouor ouat's yr k.itchenri ght thr 's youhekitc n. andyo u pucrod ye, kouw-no-ou y ucproddie shesik lehi tsor fur youe gsts. sthis i ctarro slicesai agnst elfenn, ppeepnrcor andon lem tahashg dang. o hash tgoo fod.w hohidoes ts start? i>> so't don bi'vecoeen g okin afor long . time n as an ebljoyae,im ziprozonzatictal a . i and k-thin- idi d it a lotmo
12:19 am
, planwhichas wu, yo know-- s >>:tephen no more salgsberst r eak foyou. as>> i wng cookiot a l and lymostri shaeang mitls wyh m nd fries and ros.ommate th and erey w,e like "youho suldle tht oeoer p spleupign fo r this." thand eyid d. m i aadennl oine sign-uph seet,an d -- r >>ight nower, there a--t' is over001,e0 pleop are on your g waitin list totea dinner in ur yom dor rm.oo >> osd thare e--ho tse are,0 100pa ofrties o fur. s >>te:phen wt!ha he so tre are1, 000 rseeiorvatns g.waitin>> yeah. s >>entephat: to e y inroudo rmroom. w >>s,hich i like ar,if lot oar yeos of ding this. la ( )ughter. te>> s: phens,it i it .is dwhatoes theho scolhi tnk ofth is? t >>avhey heen be les tshan d.please ug( la )hter te >> syophen: tu know ahere'smo tvie inshiut abo thebe re yllious soungnttude chef, d anthe.a r. who is colludingwi th thees prident ttro y to y shutou down. >> , yeahi h.ope d i'nbe dow toe mak it.>> ph stethen: ouat wld be es awom e.
12:20 am
prs ident'wifean wts a rvresen atiourat your restaant it and saves the resurtaant. i >>t'sny fun, ca'olumbis cioffiagal me azinmehit upo t e writrtan a icletabou it, and athenfter esexpr ssingofome th e my imsent aentsoubthe t eruniv asityhend tti relaiponsh ,ey thli're ,ke "llwe' hol tdhe e articl aforle litt bit."( ) te>> s: phendei unndrsta youbr toughet som.hing dwhat ho wee?av>> iou wavld heve lo fdo or tyou cotme, bu the stli isso long ico 'tuldnin good cscon--ience 'l >> ilme co, i'llo ebdo cel -ritiesle- whi yeou'r ar prep tn't lest me op you.>> te i wanrd to bouing yom se veleftorsec bause--( erlaught )th haat's wut yo. get a( uspplae )>> ph stei'en: e ll takwhat ica n get. i'll twhake at i can get. i fhave atolight make.>> i know,nd a since--th so is he is t firsto c.urse ph>> steen:ka oy. ry ve l.ight c dotielebri eesver, like, try ulto pl sintrogs t get, like, a rvreseation?ke liet you gll a ca from ansi as sstanceg,ayin "i have kelly nripa o the way to you." >> no.>>
12:21 am
>> i wish. wthat bould.e fun at thld woual be re f.un idid a-u popnp i.a l t.hat ie regg c wattsame. to ph>> stethen: aat's cool t. guesth at looksil fo. s>> it' a filo drtesse fdille th wiey honha tt'sus infed wthi black tffrule.>> ep sthen:ha wt! >> and what you'reo gingit at ewi t th iis a ttlilebe sort i fmaderom pear ntaecr. te >> sphen: pearr nectarb so i ju got a c.omilat whu do yoo want terdo aft you tegradua a, openur restarant o insometh g? r>> i'd leallyoike t dome solithing nke ope up aue venor ye-- ah, sey.riouslan nd thea wit.u yoan c't dig in just yet. te>> s: phen ni'mot digging in.i' lpm he iing,'m n>> ieedto put some zlimeest .on top e becausyouw kno i'm predepar. s >>: tepheni know,'v youe got y to,goou've t to. i >>dt woul be re cally oolto uopen ap sperace whrte a and afoodnd music could all ,easeas plee.
12:22 am
o >>h,ea yh,e dtefinily. nyou'reeaot vtingery ntleay. ug ( la.hter )>> en steph:ka s, i would recndommeou y opena rurestaant. ug ( lahter )yo otu're nse suppoed to yll ate th custo.mersho n.ld o ( cs heer) that is fan.tastic >> i'm sola gand thk you.>> ph steiten: 's dioelicus.un edexpect. >> thasnk( seapplau ).>> en steph d: now,deo stuntsev hoer s aw upaynd s,i "e hav been witomh s fedsrien partying in a partirculaay w. dwoul you makes uo smegthino t rieat ght now?" la ( erught ).>> il i wayl s that i have aec sp mialeinnu compg u for april 20.bu out, y know. ee( chndrs ala app).use >> ph stegoen: kod lucin gett ges a rvaer.tion>> , but no. -- it'sno you k aw,ll stsor of le peop comeh tugroh. ofa lot ot nt stsuden as well,ac .tuallyso
12:23 am
t havebehis aex nus upon all erdifftyent s peofpl peoome fr yonew rk.>> ph stellen: we, it'sfa cotiratula sons onnuch a inamazng, u wusualay tori bng tpeopleerogeth . t >>nkhau yosou s >>enteph: jo lnahyovel tome ouet y. >> reallyni oce tt mee you. ph>> steecen: chh k jonaonout ag instra@pm itychn. jo h naidre, ereverodyby! i' phm a photograer. coand a vansert.tionis wh anich me as thatre pictu can thbe wor atin encire spe es. 'itlos a est of rnspoiby.ilit
12:24 am
bee causowi kn i'lym onin goetg to g s oneathot this. 'if ilum oncky, ote shil wl nobe eugh. refor ..wards.thfor ice servd es antiprotec mons ofhiembers p... fothr joe neur..y. rrcathy ame icerrean exp ssprieemrer rdwa cs goldard. thall we hard..ork. ti thme in ice serve... co itmmunlly coege... teit matrs. it w'se,hy w u atitnivers py ofixhoen, yocount evur relrkant wo co and exllege ceperien c asdire ttsyooward reur dege. n leart more ax.phoeniedu. rehego we . , ah manwhvio inthted guese ys?he , y clayooit's ce l if wrorde d somey?eliver it'mes ti y foruyou g ms to akee tht righ. call 'rwevie hading nogior, pizza es frkeh-ba d in omyvewn on. .okay
12:25 am
>> en steph t: hereonight ciannoun dng hislbebut aum"d a"ouble-th with eme pr oierefth "e songesday on." ea plelse w, comeerbaauh wit elleiki47. in yeah side oooh o oh
12:26 am
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12:27 am
gecan i het a eall yl h, helyeah le met ea hscr you amree comcl ean hlet heu ear yoamscre .m i'intalkcag ulsh rg inth atg thin marounde. m lete hear youcr seam lete m yheareaou scrm w andyohen iu'reyon hurdoo an d erevcoybody n unt'cream 'm ing talkias clih runger evhiytng ro aund me w youyoear d ur hoongrulit thath inoug are.nd m ik lroe heples we o ay nsgame th eydo dann uders btandut i do no w. eveborykdy loogo i a t oflot s hitta t i'mtorying th flip hoese 's maand otke a lfi of sgure i ak tace it b tk tohed, hooba idinbr tgetho bae yby everody w gohat's od , vaitch bown,tialremo, i lengwoodwe, t fexaslenxi ll stig ridin ywithdaa ony est leeame hyor scu ream ou yh wisa a hitthuwould hle t hmer eayoscu ream nd ahe wu'n yoren iuryo hood d anybeverunody cocrt'n eam i ki'm talasng cruh ngliev hierytng ro aund me s idtill rwiing a th yy daeson le ht mer eau yorescam
12:28 am
lemet ea hyor reu scam nd an wheyoreu'yo in hurdoo d anerevodybcoy unn t'eacrm i t'malngkih casngruli er evngythi d arounme ee( chndrs ala app)use s>>entephau: ba ner'sumew alb,"d e-oubls a" imaout 18rch !
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