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tv   Channel 2 News This Morning  CBS  January 28, 2016 5:00am-6:00am PST

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er yestisday, hne attory toldan cha nel 2 thjudge t rew outhe gecharais agrrnst caecillo bausee thcyaccurae of thteblood st t usedteo dee rminr whethehe was thunder uee inflounce, cld notbe fi con. rmed un and tyiversiva of neicda pole ar ste inveg igatinrman aedro anbbery uld assa ct ons ampu cord aing tot n alerutsent o s tonttudet s... iedhappen 3aroundar-40 nees the wt st m adiuinparkgeg gara. e thtssuspeces are d acribeds o twe whitwemen maaring d sks an s. jeanwe they t re lasn seen o vinorth srginiat treeinheadg ay awca from mpus. ou if yan know tythingn hat ca nvhelp itoestigal rs cal pou-n-r t lice a4 7-8-3.40-1 so aln- at u-nir... uy versitof s ficial dheld arill ye y,sterdalp to hepa preorre fsi r milancemergeies. ms alarin soundg e thsiunivertety tesofd all its er emalgency stert sy wems...hich ngrae udfrom alaible arms on tcampustro eleconicno titificaa ons viokfacebo...
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un cersityrsompute. . cmdrameric jvees/uniofrsity va neicda polrte depa"wment: e e wante veryonnoto kw the emsystrks woha and t'rt theye in gette g thosesmessager wheth it ou's thrrigh hea sng theirens,mp co suternscreeai, eml text ag messtee twitr boface. ok..t we wano them tsee 'r a weine testndg it as b thiisho ulw i wot d germinfoifation i ed needge to fot inn rmatiofor an em ery.genc li poncce e eouragee veryonto logto inva my nethda or s e e-s-lo stgin sy uem foritniversy eeemployaks to m te sureheir on phmbe nus er iilon f te ifhey wa o nt tivrecexte tert ales. t' lek s chech in wit or metet ologisarjeff mz tinefor a lofirst thok at e at weher. orgood mjening, ff! cmostlytoloudy widay hth aigh inof 60 w reno.ilinds wl in tcrease aonightr s ounextwi snter mtormntoves iaro the ea teafoorn ln.k oor out foheavy
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ks than jeff. eean agr bmentenetweit the cy ofno rehe and tee truckws meado p fireiorotectstn di wrictasna finolly and uncer aftenothe re ty cinc coue il madvotheir teye y.sterda t undertlhe setement, s bothilides w tl dropheircl gaaims aneinst ohe otvir...sadrng huneds of sathouofnds rs dollaga in lel fe es. e thtitwo enavties he beenin edvolvla in awsuitsnd un colaterc.eims...ncver sie theyen eided tholr cons fidatedire pa de brtment 2ack e nce tht lawsuid,starte theco hounty cwise to tthholdhe cworkeratompensneion mo, y owed so ny'ow the ill paybat all ck. ki ngtty jush, waouoe cnty co simmis: onerit"lawsus were
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ng flyier. cool p headsedrevail. we and to came hi sometng we d coulagall sree on wo thate t weren'ngdraggis thioron fot ancoher yupleears." eryestthday ree fite pron ctio st di arictvepproyid paorng me th 47an 4us-thodoand s llarto le settui the sndt. a r theeno ty ciil counc t votedovo appre th tte sentlemell as wed ... an iswill dlamiss cekims seing re inditsct cos m. renoayorll hihiary scyseve saex the nt st orep fit the ceny of ro and shwaoey, countre is fico atnsolidtwion betheen o e tw ie part as oncegain. ar hillevy schio e, ren "mayor:i wethink t owe iheto tiz citens ff to o ber thed est ansafest lepossibvi serhace t ct weanov" th ae fires genciethsay opey he to e movd forwart withoungworryiab deout un irlyinginssues the past. a also ht cityyeall dastery... un combcil meteers vo 2d 4 to to ptacceon a dofation th more an6- 11an thousard dollths for e in virge ia lakr watequality pr oject.e whi d wasedonat lby aaloc cacontr wtor...ill
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ty ciap's c iitalvempromentpr m ograe to b fusedheor t pr t,ojec i whichgns desied to cr inheease tty clarirg of viiniala wke'sitater. be will used tohe lelp chean te lakthand e ndsurrouviing ent.ronmen fr heom arcbery to an bag ba basee ll, then2016 sntior wier argames mie cop ng uw to shous outhat yy reallveare ner to ..old.gofor sld. kyisisson li thve in ioe studa with look t atcthe aieivits! od goor mngniy. kdi an! helloth se 2016wienior amnter ges g kickinisoff thnd weeke with 00over 3 s local aeniorsge 50 an erd bettci parti ipatingn aeventsr ll ovetown. ithisg s a biordeal f these or senile athwhtes fo lookorward sto thenuemi-anesal gam everynt wi ser andummer. bo rsb foise- "thec has bome a opvery pveular et nt las wyeare d haop300 penele sigd upan ncd we iedreasum our smer ga upmes 0 to 30. peoplepeoplear stngt aski t aboutfehe difrenten evl ts weldvin a, ancewhen ey th g areo oing tbe, to
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." itrs fo te saysyehat his, ts is amp coseetive fasonheor t hl at betesheut tes gam arece anteredfuround thn and ingsst ttay prey frlyiend. he of ten 16 ev otsf ne ostthe mo lapopuicr is pl.klebal.. mb a coioinat bn ofn admitoand . tennisar ndou 1pl50 peosie are p gned u thfor veat elunt incdingnd lia... nd lia-rt "i pae icipatryin eveme gay the. haveeeit koups y g! youn y" "andg ou sintoo?" i "yes, . singavwe hnce a buh ofce nirs seniosi that oong t." e' shsill be thnging one natial aanthemopt the g eninmocereniesic whe h ar wthis. eekend rnow,tregisisation d closebut u yoilcan st bl giveseob at nior rv se aicesto call f see ithere an are sy open. potsnuhis mber he is tyore on eeur scrn, 5 6 4 7 0 6 2 l good auck to sll theeniorsrt painicipatheg in t! gamesve
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ne chanwsl 2 ne. st cill to come on 2hannel news is thng morni... do tnaldsnrump iki't bacn ng dowen whme it coons to tight's do tnaldmpru't isnki bacowng dn wh iencot s meonto t'sight te debaur. yopa camveign corageis next. "y waou're ctching 2hannel news th oris m wninghnith jote potr, gandi auevaraetnd mloeorogist arjeff mtiz'nenps pi 2ointfo streca!"
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ar heound tio natghn rit drst,tronald ilump stl serefutts to aniend toght's ve senth bagop den te i..iowaan.amid in ongo wg feudstith ho, fox ws ne. eainste d - thblrepuican id pres fentialnnrontru ernt cotoinues te promo hisfu isndraorer fer vet--ans ta kiceng plaak at drere univsity at e the sxactmeame ti. tr s ump'f chiel rivacrted asuz h edproposwo the tpa take a rt in on -oe-onatne deb se thisy aturda
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refor mois on th, storyn tune i -bto cs -s thig morninllfoowing r ouowsht aa-7 m. th ere lead a of an grmed iroups injoindeg feofral alficis in eg or- on -skin athing stose ill pyoccua ing l federafewildlifu re- ge - gtoo . home n ammoy bund tmadetahe sntteme ghthouatt his to wrneysdedneay ol -- f hlowingtiis inirtal couap anpearce. y bundd anrasevehel oterrs we starreueed t dsdayg urina enviolaft trstfic - op -hiin wch onpee onrs k wasd.illeer oth efpeacrrul aavests howe folled e,sincst as otill prher teotesrs ve han beeweallo ld to. eave asand, nrva obseayes a d of re ncmembray.e todahe..on t 30th an arnivershey of ten challger sa di. ster6 in 198 s-- thepaceut shpltle ex oodedthver e nt atlaanic oce t, lesso han twmi afnutes tater ..keoff.inkillg veall semen crewonmbers rd boa. sa naal will tso pay tributeo e thofcrews o apolld 1 anthe acspe e shuttliacolumb.
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g.mornin.. me olteort ogisffjear mnetiwiz ll yhavenpour pi 2ointec forast te afbrr the eak. ha "c nnnel 2coews uentins with ha
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nn"chaewel 2 nins contthues wi olmeteorjeogist arff mtiz'nes pi ntnpoior 2 ft,ecasad brocast rt ced ifie aby then merica erwintrm sto i movese nto tharea te afoornk n. loor out foheavy ssierraisnow thnd weeke , and
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bihappy y rthda hito kate erb. e shedturnst 53 lada satury. w thatmeish cooms fryt claon. bihappy trthdayveo our ry own cdallas! olodnyth isat wmeh co as fromr ll youie frhends t re aatthe stion. n send iiryour brethday quests k to t-t-v-neao be fontured air.u yoaccan re th usghhroul, e-mai la regu, r maily or binleavg a ic voonemail ir our blithday ne. hand we eave ang xcitintoprize aw giveayay todav. we he a on coup f for azeree donun dotsfr ouom d dghboysonuts. goits orod foc any lation. lebe calo r 22 toswin the nu dots il
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st th hi a hoghscreol wngstlimp chaion fa hices ugs tohest mp coioetitthn...tois silry wl ll puur at yo-s heartgstrin st --arick , oundl we'l ytellou
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, hie.i'm kr ghyou mi ht knoworer wllk we -- alespeciyoly if bu're al asebal nahey bea asfley wga an ornist
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d but diowyou kn l she iivesn co seoond lk. t, firsh a higschool inwrestlpig chams on ifeundeated m noteore aferr answe ing thcall m toanake other wr erestlh 's wisrucome t scven /whukostre "ler:he awanted, matchwaand i tntedo le tanghi with m." ve dekon schund was ud efeatewith aa 27ecnd 0 r uord --e ntil hok weend. d howlan1 -- a 2ldyear o tlwresiter wech spneial eds edwantat a manch, kod schu was ic qu ak to. greeke : lleyn "whegeyou stt a ory li s,ke thi f and aunine yog man li enke devte can sndp up a wr ouestle hr andy, owlandyou , known he's itufor a ssle."
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so alan a lcocer ta-cap ains nd i ow knr n folehis shaderkiip slls, w soanhen owdy h clandame oklotoing pe comscte, nhukoever : hukoth"he inrew oo a gd mo sve,"o chuk. saids "he waro st'sng. hegh a tou." kidsc 'shukoch coas sayushe js t ha tua nareral t specanfor y wr erestlnd-- a a hisnsctiove pro er thate ths it'r neveg wrontodo r the tight. hing f asukor sch ho...yse sa thema watch wis a n.n-wi d anouhow ab..t this. .."taps" s thetrong naaditiolly
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he of trm u-s aceed for as --s a welltas milierry fun cals --anal bso nowd e heary evert nighinwe y,bb citso pumpets "layingtapsbr beuce snson"tays haps"as a sp l eciaifsignceicanth in e tamili. ry..inmeane g thofend da d y anpathe g ssinifof le. si mus c haiaa specifl signicance lin his wife asenell. bn sos wapl a aying t trumpe tlikewhhis en hhe wifn bensoserved t in ahe u-srirmy duldng wor waro, twhe his turn- fut, e wife , jane idancedu-n the . s- o e thretwo weed marri8 for 6 s. yearor.. befdie she edf oa- n l-s, i. 20-14 w iteras sevthal montes afr, bbensonlaegan p "ying" tapsas suthe ntn wen dowebin w. b city : bensonbe"just hefore sd passe heaway sd prayeurthat oil famy ul wo sd beintrong ti chrisan et ndhics aot patrihaism. wt
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in ma ttainevhe r aerencend letop penole kouw abtht it. asis is s much a rinerevceeno tasher toit is e praistohonor our flag."be s nson i malso aofember "b u ugle aacross".merica. a onbensso is albe a memr of s "bugle aacross".merica. a p grouolthat vs unteerlato py "t t aps" atamiliunry ferals. co uming op nextnen channel 2 ws s "thihais c 2nnelew ns, ra cove cge yountan cou on"
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yo knu heow tic basba n rgaiofme arica isu if yoarwork hd, yoand yu dopaour rt, yo ldu shoule be abt to geah d ead anhestay aad. sobut y manlifamiones dee't fkel liir thear hrkd wos pay off.
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wa i o nt to go tfobat emr thry evegl sindae y. ge cot inrimes ..sing. t gel equafopay mer won... t custthe coal of hearth ce iland chred ca so e peopl cantuac gallyadet ahe. arhilliny cln,to h shehaas wt t itako es tthget onings de.
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ar romed y bber pin aarking ge garamp on calius. poce say n theyd ow nee hyourfielp nding e tho twtssuspec. d antythe cino of reru and tckeeme fiadows avre hace rehed an reagem eent...a nding y lenght ga lelel battfi over vire serces he in t n area.o ow renalofficis ho tpe thergwo oioanizatn n capa re dir thee ivideebetw. n them an wd this, eekendnothe re-tahoese amnior gkses kic k off .y si s sson i sin theo tudiivto ge us vi a prethew of tse even and eyhow thpr help stomote aying tefit afthr 50. orese stp ies toyo ewur nghs riatt now a- 5:30 tday isy,hursdaua jan8,ry 2 6. 20-1 od goni mori'ng. gm andi. uevara fthanksrtor stauring yo dayth wiel channs 2 newthismo rning. s let'wistart uith a qoock lk ate thstforecame with ogteorolist wi tonter sesrm mov intaro the eaby y fridag.morninte a winr si noerra s ww this ,eekend andva slleyrshowe .
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ste inveinigat ag anrmed ivand untyersine of olvada pice ar vee ininstigatrmg an aedro anbbery uld assaamt on cpus er g cordinalto an seert utnt oto nt stude..s. ient happedou ar-4nd 3ar0 nees the wt m stadiug parkin. garage suthe tsspeces are d acribeds o twmewhite inn wears g maskand je heans. t ly wereenast se on rt norgh vitrinia sadeet heing f awaycarom . mpus y ifnoou khiw anytt ng thacan i helpganvestialtors cn-l u-r po t lice a407-8-4 -13. aalson-t u-nir... uy versitof s ficial dheld arill dayestery, elto hepp prr are fosimilar er emiegencs. salarmsg oundine thsiunivertety tesofd all its er emalgency stert sy wems...hich e rangudfrom alaible arms on uscampec to eltronicno titificaa ons viokfacebo... estext m esages, amails,nd on iv untyersipu comters. dr cmic. eram jesrs/univeity ofva neolda pdeice ntpartme: "we e wante veryonw to knothe
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in gettosg thsse meheages wther hrit's tghou h tearingenhe sirs,co smputer, creensteemail xt ag messtee twitbor faceweok... nt wato them w see aese're tting a ithind b tows is hld i wou getin ioformat nn if id eedeetto g atinformr ion forgan emeency. ce polira encouryge eve lone toogin neto my r vada os-the e-s gi lostn sy femorrs univeity oy empltoees msuake here tir on phmbe nus er iilon f te ifhey twantceo reteive lext arts. t' lek s chech in wit or metet ologisarjeff mfotinez r a lofirst thok at hee weatr. orgood m, ning! jeff ly mosty cloudwitoday hth aigh of in 60 w reno.ilinds wl ey vallres, whemp 40-60ndh wis ssare poy ible bfridayaf n.ternooou look r t foy heav er sinora s ww this ,eekend andva holley swers.
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gr an a beement tetweenithe cy ofre tno andckhe trudoee meawsre fict protediion ctstri wasfi annally d nouncethafter noe re c city mouncilthade voeir te st ye uerday.hender tem settlent, th boes siddr will irop theai clinms agast oneot ..her. hsavings undredofth ndousa ds of iollarsn legal fe es. o the twesentitie havbeen edinvolvws in landuits aco rcuntes.laimr ...evethsince eyen thded coeir idnsol fatedire pa dentrtmek bac01in silae the stwsuit tarted,he tycounse choth to wihehold trk wopeer comn nsatioowmoney ed, tso nowllhey' i paybat all ck. jukitty shng, waouoe cnty is comm: sionerit"lawsus were ngflyiou and caintercle ms wer yi flolng. codser heail prevaed. weand to came hi sometng we d coulreall ago e on s wthate n' weregit drags ng thion foran coother eauple yrs." " dastere y th pfirectroteion di ctstriro apppaved myingore th 47an 4us-thodoand s llarto lesettui the s tt. ando he ren c city vouncilo oted tovappre e thmesettlent as .. wellwi. and mill disimss clas inseekreg inditsct cos. reno yo maarr hillevy schi te sayshe
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text sthp for oe cityf reno wa and oushoe c inty,res fi olconsioidatn n betweeo the tw ie partces onin aga. hi y llarevschio e, ren "mayor:i wethink t owe i cto thes itizento t offert he besfeand sastss poerible s tvicewehat canpr e.ovid" th ae fires gencieeysay th hope ov to mrwe fowiard wothout rrying ou abrlt undessying i tues inhepa st. a from trchery bo beanagse bathball, 16e 20io senerr wint s gameare mi cotong up us show yo that u al rerely a t never..o old.for ld gois. ky s lson isinive theud sth io wit aa lookt the ac titivigoes! orod m kningy.di an! helloth 16e 20r senio gwinterames ki ofcking wf thisndeekeh witer ov l 300 socal aeniorsge 50 beand artter ptiticipang in ev aentsr ll ovetown. is thbi is a fg dealseor the or senile athwhtes fo lookorward to se the uami-anns l gameevery wi ndnter ar. summebo rsb fothe- " bis hase ecoma ry
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ped 300 igople s aned upnd we cr ind easemmour sueser gam up to30 le0 people. peop a startg skin thabout ere diffenent evl ts wel a incedvan t, whene hey argoing e, to bhe to sc tduleheir onvacatinds arou" it. saforse t ys thahiyes, ts is aco e mpetiv fseasonor the etathlutes b g the aamesre er centuned aroand fun gsd thin st ttay prendy friely. 1of thets6 evenf one omothe st la popu pr isebicklall...a atcombin bion oftoadmid n an is tenn. ar 50ound 1e peoplgnare sied up th for veat elunt incding nd lia... nd lipaa- "i iprticinate ve eryga y me the. haveeeit kps you g!younnd" "ain you s" g too?"y sies, i hng. webuave a nch ofce nirs seniosi that ."ng too ll she'ng be sie ing thalnation aanthemopt the ening re ce wmoniesrehich a this enweekd. r now,tregisn atioseis clod but u yoilcan st bl giveseob at nior se arvicesto call f see ithere
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reis theur on yon, scree 4 6 5 7 6 0 2 ucgood lllk to aen the siors rt paaticip ting ineshe gam! live sin the ktudio,siy sson, an ch2 nel news. ng comion up nn cha 2els newthis bu rst fi tt...y he cito of renisno tw down oo justndne ir oopu wiblic spomming ol. we te'll oull y.a why..t nd wha ci the doty is ouing ab. t it.. t righr afteeathe brk. 'r"youtce wa chingelhannew 2 ns th oris m wningh itjoothn pter,
5:29 am
e thf city os reno iwnnow do to st jund one ibloor pummic swiing . poolelthe evouyn mornt ntheast un commntity celoer citsed s pool to due et safasy ofs cialthsay ie roofs too leunstab m aftere ultipls trussebr lee probnom was d tice twhenheof ro t beganp.o drooci replang e thne0-arly 4ldyear-o roof co could s st as much a500- ndthousala dol. rs.. wand iton't in be funished setil emptber. the oreste f thngbuildiil is stl en opth to ble puic. an plres wedy alreae in thworks to ce replaui the bg'ldintis enreof
5:30 am
ddwill amo even e re timstand coto p the. roject "andyiewe belreve theat was wer g seepinm in frop the toenand thal isso it l. a poohe so, tre was di humi mty ande oisturg gettinin t froml he poo, areaelas wl. so,i thatink thd 's kin cof theombo " of it.nd huf reds o upeople pse theool il da ay...asnd b ts sayshat st tressesd he nee mto addore ua aqcetic s nterenin ure closane mee s thhwnortest ol poth is lye onoo indolr po ft leto in wn. me and madical anrijua sp diesensariop are pp ping uinrt noevhern n aada...nd the we ne ist one ss inalun vley. alit's clennd kaana...ned owrsth e ere arinfollowg th h roug nwith aofumber tysecurisu meathres hoat wase co ndunty a s the rtate. equire t nos only iacthis fility d staffeecwith surity ar gu.ids..wit's thred wias camer t soerhat ev tythingkehat tas e placs here iugcahtme on cara. tithe pareents ate escord h througocthe press. : krisenpatirets ale cald in one
5:31 am
anaccomp aied bynt patie taconsulo nt s atheyerre nev e alonhenear tct produ." tso fars hiisil a 4-mliondo nvllar it.estmenhe but ty say re moit securety is bt ter noonly fo emr th f andiror thepa ..tientsfo. but e r th ig nehohbor oodllverann. kaesa goth firough spnal ins ectionr late w thisd eek antoplans n opeinea ferly rybrua . l stile to comnnon chaewel 2 ns isthni mor. ng.. temeolorisogjet mfftiarwinez ll ve har yountpinpoiec 2 forast
5:32 am
lc webaome ck. ve de tlopingrnhis mo ting,bihe fsa erys sevical vehveles ha left e thedoccupial federe refugin oburns, fedalth aus oritie cset upinheckpots nd arouil the we dlifercent and ok toht eige peoplusinto ctody he as t ty lefta.he areve fiem of thre were . leaseddo pin chamason h l theonatest st the . andoff scpkg : ript
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