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tv   Channel 2 News This Morning  CBS  January 28, 2016 6:00am-7:00am PST

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hw theyprelp e omotg stayint fir afte50. th esore sttoies urp yos new t righ 6now atm.:00 a-da 20-16. go niod morm ng. i'ueandi gvara. ks thanta for syorting ayur d hawith c 2nnels newthis rn moing. t' let s star qwith aoouick lk at fothe strecame with ogteorolist arjeff mtinez. riby frnday mo wing. ainter or sth m watcfois up sir the erra d an wa hightcind waouh for r ks thanef niis morcrng in beime . at.. tt an ay ornea for nevada lyassembo man whcuwas acsed of sad-u-i cys hishalient s beenea clofred c thergha. es arrichrrd caasillo wte arresd infe rybruan wheesdeputie say h fo was eeund sln ping ir his cahi be dnd thes river'f seat othe ve ahicle,rynd cara ing leconceaond weaph , whic ahe hadrm pe. it forye y,sterdatt his atoorney ld l channedg2 a juw e three out thch s arget againslocarrilse becau ac the ocuracye f thd blootested
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de uninr the ncflueoue, cld not c beedonfirm . ivand un oersitydaf nevae polic inare igvestanating armedbb roanery sad as cult onampus st yey.erdaco actording er an al ot sentut tu to s..dents.ha it edppen 3aroundar-40 nees the wt m stadiug parkingegara. spthe sureects aib descred as ittwo whn e meinwearskg mas and je tans.y heweasre l ot seenn norgrth vitrinia sadeet heing fawaycarom mpus. kif youannow ngythica that n i helpganvesti ctorsu-all n-r po t lice a407-8-4 -13. a alsor.t u-n-ni.. uitversy of s ficial dheld arill dayesterhey, to relp p fpareor mi siemlar ergencies. ms alarin soundg th ere univ tsityd este iall ofts em ncergeery alstt whira frnge udom alaible arms onca o mpus tonelectricti noonficatifas via ..cebook. xt tesa mesmages, endils, a on iv un cersityrsompute. . cmdrameric j/uesrsniveity ofva neicda polpae demertnt: "we want
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a workt nd tha'rtheytte geing methose wssages ihethert's th herough tharing nse sire, co smputer, creensteemail xt e messagtetwitcer fa. book..we t wanttohem ee s a t we'reesting nd it as b thi iis how g wouldetin ioformat nn if id eedeto getin ioformatann for en emergcy. epolicegencouraon everyoge to lto inva my nethda or s e e-s- sylogin fstemnior uy versit oyempltoees su make here tir on phmbe nus er iilon f te ifhey o want te receivletext arts. s let'incheck h wit olmeteort ogis mjeffz artinefor fi a okrst loth at ate weher.od gong morni! , jeff cmostlytoloudy widay hth aigh of r 60 inineno. wl ds wil hiand a d gh winh watcoufor r va wlleys,0-here 4wi60mph nds poare bssibleayy fridaf n.ternooou look het for avy si noerra s ww this ,eekend andva holley s. wers o time toucheck rot our adways
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cand we same tongomethi we ul col d ale agrethon so at we n' weregit drags ng thioron f heanotler coup." yearsye dastere y th pfirectroteion di ctstriro apppaved myingore 4thanho47-td usanardolls to lesettui the e d th crenounity cotecil vod to aherove tem settlent as .. wellwi. and isll d cmisslaims g seekinreindiosct cnots. re himayor y llarevschi te sayshe tenext sthp for oe cityf renoan oed washy, countre is fins coioolidateen betwn o the tw ie part as once. gainhi scllary rhieve,yoeno ma "r:i k thinwewe o t it toizhe citens erto offes the bsat and fest ib possvile sert ce thawe can id prove." fithe ncre agey ies saopthey he ovto mare forwoud withyit worrng unabout ngderlyis issuein thest pa. fr heom arcbery to agan b babasethll, se 2016wienior nter me gae s arngcomi s up tohow usth rat youareally vee ner to foold.... r gold soky sisivn is lhee in to studiwi
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od gong morni ky. an lodi hel! 20 the io16 senerr wint games ck kiofing wf this weekendith ov ler 300enocal sgeiors a 50 d an pbetterpaarticin ting i ts evenve all ownr to. i thisg s a biordeal f thesese aniors thleteokwho lord forwa t toi-he sem gannualveames ery er wint s andummer. fo bob thrse- " bis hasa ecome opvery p eular lventarast ye we ha 0 d 30lepeopig supned an id weedncreasum our smer upgames 0 to 30. peoplepeople asstart aking tboutfehe difrent tsevenin well ce advan, whenth gey areo oing tbe, to sc theduleacheir v aationsround it ." foysrse saye that s s, thiis a et compasive se ton forheat hletesbu gat the e mes aredcenterou ar and fun tnds hingstayet prenty fridly. he of ten 16 ev ots onemof the st po ispular eb picklall... ina combofation to badmin and nn teouis. ar pnd 150e eoplare si p gned uthfor veat ent in g cludina.lind..
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hegame tvey ha k. itoueeps y g! younnd" "a s youo?ing to" "y sies, i hng. wea ave h buncof snice teniorsnghat si too." shlle'ng be sie ing thalnationan atheme t thg openin ll she'ng be sie ing thalnation em anthe at thg openinniceremoeswh e ich areethis w. kend r now,ategistrision se clod but u yostcan veill git bob asenior se arvicesl caleeto ser if th e y are anpoopen ss ts. hinumber t isn here ocryour seen, 5 6 6 7 4 0 2 ucgood l ak tohell trs senio ipparticg atinhein t! games 6 6 5 7 4 0 2
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il stoml to chae on c nnnel 2ews isthni . moambun y nd t-- lheear deofth ilat m gitia iroupegn or- on - sohas orme wadds of vice to sanyoneoltill honed up the fewildliug refe'e. wl ll telyou t abouchhis oangearf heext, nt. "y e ou'rhiwatchang c 2nnels new mthisngornih withnjoot pr,te gandi auevaraetnd mloeorogist je mffneartis z'oipinpnt 2fo !"recast
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ve de tlopingrnhis moheing, t fbisa erys sevical vehveles ha left oc the fcupied rederalinefuge rn bures, o fgon...ederalau iethoritt s seheup ctsckpoin tarounddlhe wilntife ceer and igtook eplht peo ce intoustody he as t ty lefta.he areve fith of erem wase releed. ch don hampion las theonatest thane st. doff pk rig scpt: re three moup occ oiersf a rafedeldl wi rlifee efugin orege on havrrbeen k's notownown hmo many re ma rensin i wide.sdednea ay, day af miter a litierleadon ammdy bun seand ofven ol his f wlowersere st arreeyed- th a facedal federju r dge foizseg ine thfurege. thafter ine heardyg, bun's to atearney ratd a stfrement om clhis uientg rgininremaing cu ocs piereato lve. "t oso thmae reg ininheat tre i fuge, loouve yt . leakus te is thht figm fro, hereseplea an stwnd do." dgthe juide consnders bud y an fohis erllowfls a rightanisk d or d dere tthemino rema in cu y stoda until ar2nd heing onid freyay. thar were restedes
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poand ilicecenterpted n them orean ohigon waghy. y' bundbrs r otheasryan wsh .aot..hend tia milit'ssp okn esmaea55-yldr- ooy lavfi m nicukiwas . lledhe "tndse ilsividuach have osento ea thrd ten anmiinti tdateheam therica y at thes profesto ." love ot prrsestoe havpioccuheed tma r lheuonnatiilal we dlifgerefu in rn bures, osigon nunce jad ary 2nto os oppdee felaral olnd ps.iciema n ny iarthe anea wndt buy's gr loup to. eavee "i'v rbeeneadyr foo them te leav ffor,or ra seves"l weekal feders agentse rt upbload ndocks ath have e fu re sgeurd.rounde amdon ch, pionnecbs ws. y bunds and hierfollows are ar chthged wion a felnsy offee ofon "cy spiracmpto iede rsofficem ...frorgdischaing oftheir dficialthuties h rouge th fuse ofinorce, titimidaon,
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ks than jeff.ok loouing ar nnd thenoation w... ig michican offayials st tha r wates samplentin fli are in"trendg be btter,"t ut thaooit's t soon e to giv-athe goo head tre s sidentumto reskie drinngun erfiltated wer. fi ofarcials yie studthng wheer ci the pty's aipesngre bei co re watedenith ooughlif a ningof sp phos hateeeto ke p thlead om frki leang. ouit cosld ce t the stat il 55-mollion do lars toare-ct paand re 1ir thesa5-thou nd gedamarvd seneice li rs thatun atfrom wnser mai h to aomesusnd besinses.en nmvirol entaciand rivil ghts ou gravps hlee fided feral la awsuits cgainstd ity anstate cioffiseals toeking al have l
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esto rtsiden. so reme ara outbeged e causthey e arl stilivrecewaing ter bi lls. yo man r kare/fweaverlintmi anchigav: "i hlde toer govnor sn hayder tint flsit redents ou sh hld not pave to way forater idthey d a notrend asi not ung." e thsthaate sts diteribuard nely th187-ndousaes casdr of nginki te wad r anlynearth 30-ndousa st tekiing ts. pr and ffison o iicialshen soutrn rncalifoia are st inveg igatinthhow ree pr s isonerntwho weng missit las we enek werco't disd vereinmissg un urtil hor s after theipeesca. orauths itiesay atmanddaory y d anchnight aeckse t thorange ty coun c men's jentralilail faed eato rev wl theyssere miing. ci offiw als noheknow tes inmates jucaped erst aft-m a 5 a -c head. ount..spbut deecite chks at thsu were tpposedo ha ftppen at,er thaen the mwe
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, hie.i'm kr ghyou mi ht knoworer wllk we -- alespeciyoly if bu're al asebal nahey bea asfley wga an ornist od at dadger stfoium arr nely 30 ar yes! d but diowyou kn l she iivesn we balcome isck. thng morni in ne moh.y watcnf.. stad ord an rv haceard reveived or one bi n llios dollarinna dointions 5. 201 'sthatth more oan any.sther u. ll coegesco, acg rdinheto t cicounr l fotoaid ca edu. tion omthis cures da ing rdreco year of po 40 3 int iobillisn raed by icamernian ursves itieotin tal. githe shfts haow te t thonnati's al westthiele colcoges uentinto ra att dct aopispronortiate sh ofare la 20e top ai fundr ssinglschooac tecounr d fo28
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cworknuontin es osuthe boper wl iustadr m fo mnexton bth'sig . game 's herek a looi'at levius stadm ojustdeutsi f sanisrancco. u yosecan rke wousers paing int acansirnd ahebrus as toddlo hgos,maash anrks d other em emblhes to t. fieldf-the n-l is ni turheng tra san fncisco -e 49omrs hade stinium heto t e plac wthathoill hest t ue leagig's bpogest sg rtint.even e thlicaroanna ps therdeand nver on brtacos heke tld fieru febary ntseve dh tomieterhone wl wilbef- n-pil chamon. n you cawatch th e at gamheright onre... ch 2.annel eaand sp okingbaf footthll... e w neetyork jves haee agrd topa - y 324 ndthousars dolla to se cttle a alassn ctiot lawsui d file tby thecheam's deeerlears ov ager wes. w 52 somenthaid erey wpaent id r foacprcetians wod rk t offhe el fid d anedforcpa to r y foth oweir ken maan up ird hae. car
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nd huanred osd cl 6e tous thoand dos llar. each e thenteam dd ieclthe baimsut id saag it treedtto seo le tav thoid pee exannse d di iostractitn of ln.igatio me tich to t eck ouadour roways rwithn -j irethe mora f-m tffic cc no atsidenin or s cidentto rt repoof. all ig our hanhways d e surfacs streettrare inavelg atp to. speeds ng comion up nn chaewel 2 ns thismo g.rnin.. r u-n-aloffici as heldn ncemergeily drstl hewill tllse dri ps helprerepa
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iv unerf sity o pnevadaolice rn wadeed stustnts yeerdan y of a roarmed inbbery ki a parng ra gan ge ouscampli. poayce sth ney nowureed yofi help g ndin e tho twspsutsec. d antythe cino of re t andeeruck s meadowavfire hhee reacd anag t.reemennd.. ea ing y lenght balegal ottlefiver vire serces he in t n area.o ow renalofficis t hope ohe twoatrganizn ion ca ir repaiv the dtwide beemeen th. isand thnd weekee , th-trenoahoe ni seesor gam o kicksy ff . kss sis on i tinheo studie to givus re a pf view oenthe evts andw hoelthey hotp promine stayg af fit . ter 50stthese toories p yo ewur nt s righ 4now atm.:30 a-da tohuy is ty,rsdaua jan8,ry 2 20-16.
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fthanksrtor stayoing ayur dth winn cha nel 2isews thmo g.rnin stlet's thart wick a quiat look rethe fo wcastmeith ogteorolist arjeff mtinez. daby friiny morning. a wter m storiswatch r up fosithe erra a and inhigh wh d watcr for ou ksthanf. jefis thng morniim in crate be... an ne attora y for nevada mb assewhlyman aco was ofcused i d-u-issays ht clienenhas becl reeaofd he tes charg. ch ricaard wrrilloesas arrted in ua febrn ry wheesdeputie say h fo was eeund sln ping ir his ca ndbehiri the dsever's that of e ve ahicle,rynd caring a ea concapled wewhon, heich had a itperm for. er yestisday, hor atttoney ldan cha nel 2 thjudge ourew e t thar chaiges agrrnst caecillo bause e thraaccuthcy of d e blootestus deed to e terminr whetheashe w r undeflthe in cuence,ould cnot beedonfirm. an d siunivernety of olvada pice veare inatstiganing armed ro y bbersaand as cult onampus ye y.sterda
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nt stude is...ppt haened nd arou0 3-4 tneart he wesad stm iupagarking rage. e thtssuspec d areibescred as tw ito whwee men maaring d sks an tjeans.rehey wese last en on no rgrth vitrinia sheeet g adinay awca from mpus. ou if yan know ngythit thacan nvhelp igaesti ctorsn-all u-r li po7-ce at 408-4 -13. al t so ar.u-n-ve.. unirsity aloffici as held drillst yey,erdahe to palp prere forsi emmilar sarmsinoundg e thsiunivertety tesofd all itser emalgency stert sy wems...hich e rangudfrom alaible arms on mp cao us tonelectric fi notis cationfavia okcebo... xt tege messamas, eil os, andn iv un cersityrsompute. . cmdrameric jvees/uniy rsitof da nevae policmedepart"wnt: e e wante veryonw to knothe st syrkems woha and t'rt theye in gette g thosagmesshees wther's itgh throuri heaheng ts, siren utcompcrer semeens, xtail te e messagr twitte okfacebo w... weemant the to sea
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i how gewould rmt infon atioif i tneededino get ioformatann for geemerncy.po eliceouncraryge eve lone toogin neto my r vada os-the e-s n logi fsystemveor unirsity pl ems oyeeakto m te sureheir on phmbe nus er iilon f te ifhey wa o nt te receivletext arts. t' lek s checitin wh olmeteort ogis mjeffz artinefor a lofirst t ok awethe ather.go niod morffng, je! st moudly cloy y toda hwith aigh 6 ofen0 in rdso. win will va s,lley 4 whereh 0-60mpwinds e aribpossfrle by iday rnafteoooon. lfok out y r heav
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an thf.ks jef eean agretment bheween tof city ndreno aru the teackee mdowsfi tere prodiction wstrictas y finallceannounr d afterethe noci ncty couadil meie thr vote st ye uerday.hender tem settlent,bo idth sl es wilhedrop tirai clinms agast oneot ..her. hsavings undredofou ths sandolof dn lars ilegal esfe. e thtitwo enavties he been lv invon ed iuilawsndts a thnce eyen thded coeir idnsol fatedire de ntpartmein back 2012. e sincwsthe laaruit stheted, t ty coun t chosehoo withld thewo omrker ciopensaty n moneowed, tso now phey'llalay it . l back y kitt, jung cwashoey ount iscommonsi"ler: s awsuitwerefl ndying aer countmsclaie wer . flying hcooler peadsilrevaed. an amd we come to sngethi we co l uld alonagree at so th we we drren't tagging fhis onor an otupher coeale yrs." eryestthday ree fite pron ctiodi ctstriro apppaved myingore
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hettle t suit. e and thitreno cciy cound l vote to a trovetlhe setasement ll wed ... aniswill dlamiss cims in seekreg indiosct crets. no himayor scllary e hiev tsayshe xt nefo step cir the rety of no wa and oushoe cs nty, ifire olconsioidateen betwtwn the o s partiegaonce ain. hi y llare,schievma reno i yor: " k thinwewe oto it c theenitizs o to tffert he besfeand sastpo sssible tervice chat wean e.provid" e thfincre agey ies saopthey he ovto mare forwoud withyit worrngab deout un irlyinginssues the past. a alsotyt cil haldayestery... un combcil meteers vo 2d 4 to to ac aceptio donatorn of me than11 us6- tholland dofoars e r thrg viiniawa lake alter quity t.projecth y.e monech.. whion was datedby oc a lonal ctotrac wr...ill al r low fo mless foneye rom thci cty's iapitalmemproventpr m ograe to b fusedheor t ecprojhit, ws ch igndesio ed tin tcreaserihe clavity of iarginla atke's w wer. it uill besed to lp hean cle l theanake e d th ndsurrouviing ent.ronmen fr heom arcbery to an bag
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argames nge comi s up tohow us outhat yy reallveare ner to ..old.ldfor go. isky sisson in live tu the sdio th wioo a l tk ativhe actities! mgoodngorni eldi hlo! th se 2016wienior amnter ges ck kif ing ofeethis witkend wh er ovoc 300 lenal s aiorsge 50 d an pbetterciartingpati in ev llents ato over wn. s this idea big tal forhese ni seleor atho tes whorlook fward he to tan semi- gnual eamesvery nt wi ser rsb fothe- "asis hom bece a p very eopular lventyeast ar we ha ped 300 igople sd neup we and as incre sed ourummer me gao s up top300 pepele. ople st kiart as ang tboutifhe dntfere wevents aell in, dvancewhenth gey areo oing tbe, to du schehele tacir vioatnsd arounit ."fo ysrse sat thahiyes, ts is aco e mpetiv fseasonor the etathlutes b g the aamesre er centroed afuund thn and ingsst ttay prendy friely.
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ispular eb picklall...a atcombinofion mi badd ton ante arnnis. 50ound 1eo pple are si ugnedr p fovethat ent cl ing udin..linda.nd lipaa- "i atrticipvee in ery t gamevehey haee. it kps you " young!ou"and yto sing o?" "y sies, i hng. wea ave h buncof ennice shaiors tngt si." too ll she'ng be sie ing thalnationan t them aenthe oping niceremoches whihi are ts d.weeken r now,tregisn atioseis clod but u yoilcan st bl giveseob at nior ic serv ces atoall f see ithere an are sy openhipots. mbs nuer reis theur on yon, scree6 6 5 7 4 0 2 lgoodtouck he all trs senio icpartinipatheg in t! gamesve lie in th, studiosoky sisn, ch 2 annel news. ucominghap on c nnnel 2isews thmo
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hia scgholhore wlist cngmphan io ce fas s hihetougstco itmpet..ion. sthis wtoryill apullurt yort heain-strgs st --ick ar ndou'l, welll te m youore r aftebrthe eak. "y
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lc webaome tick. tme for..ake 2. ie stor ts we ahinkthre wor aco sek.nd loo afirst,sc high hool inwrestlamg ch ipionfes undeated m noteore aferr answe ing thcallto an make other tlwresiser's w th comerue. n deve/wschukor:restle "hent wa med a, atchwaand i o nted tta itngle w" h him. n devekoschu u waseandefwited th a a 27 rnd 0d ecoril-- unt he 027 andd recornt-- ue il htook a onhondy wlerand ov the enweekowd. h -land21- a r yea d oltlwres werspith l ecias needwa antedch matd , ankoschu wasqu toick ee agr. ke : lleyn "whegeyou a t orsty tlike ahis, fnd ayoine maung n li evke d sen can atep upnd tl wresane our lady howyond, u ow kn i, he'sa n for letuss."
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