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tv   Channel 2 News 11PM  CBS  January 28, 2016 11:00pm-11:35pm PST

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sued to a pport o path tti cip.zenshiu so you.did yo. no you. id so d m you ,arco."io erwa vot us haveonntil mtoday ck baan a c adidatet the ca . ucusesbocraig cswell,bsws nene, chanwsl 2 ne. t inenhe absf ce op,trum nd ca tidateso ried t mtake aore vi ci wl toneeiith thr te coun. rparts o atntne poiwe cruz ernt aft the de mo -ratorsng- sayiwe they retr o ying tanbait ctedidatos inat g tackinanone r.otheuz cr: ichris, n wouldatote th tthatashe l qt fournsuestio ha n,ve bee, "randplease tattackrced. maaso, plecke attate isd. chrse, pleaac attd.k te p jeb,e tedme."let ju ayst s.. this.wa .llace:is.. it at a debe, sir. ..cruz: , . well. no, notea deba al actua ly is ipolicybussue, t ll i wihi say th,s. gosu if yo a guys msk oneanore meio questn i hamay o ve tthleave e.e stag dd in atoition al illeg immin,gratioan the cs didatealso heclas dd overncifferees on ad leersh eip thme of ide candn ates othe st e agwi-- knos ng thiotis a h b raceenetwemp truru and c
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sh hampteire voigrs tonht... th veat einnt take g placjust gh eidat erys aftau the cincuses iowa. ch kasish, bu c ande hristivehal alt spenifsigntiicant reme the op -- hfoing ser a lacond pce sh finiin behnad dold twhrump, o il stl halis a so id leadn the po lls. t back a, home mrenoilayor hlarysc ishieve di attenayng a mor'ssi dellgn chaexenge nntt moh -- shwhere ge willdbet feeomack frpe ex crts insiity degn and ni planng. e schieviswill ddecuss ias on dhow toopevel c theiticr enteindo wnwntoo ren rmthe fo-cer r-tta bus stion il sttwl has dio buil bngs...utmo eest agrpr, the copertyan usema a . keoverlothe tst sien betwe do the townwnos casinhe and t wl boading st ium. ss poevible dmeelopdent ias ud incln e urbainhousrtg, as and e,cultursi or munuc vees. ma scyor "ihieve cht's su aec sprcial pa wel. wetoant e mak hasure t dt we ro itweight. nt wake to math sure caat it n al
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cie tyas purchheed tpe prorty 6-for t-poin6 n millioll do 2ars in008. n it'sueow valnld at oy ll2-million dotiars. sll, e schiev rsaysalevitthizing e ti ci icentersis a potetive sp --th boet aesthlyical and ec omonalic. ly to new innight b icno pole e archsearr ing foa su t spec sin ainhoot fg onh ourtst . reetof alficiy s satait s irtede n th -b1400 olockurf fotrth seet ar 6oundto-15 ..night.he but wn rrthey athived, ime vict had ft le s the. cene sh tlorafy r tespredion tngo the d allegengshootili... poce iv receored rept ts thaima victth wish a gunndot wou had secollaphid at tuns laatdrom - t uptrhe soneet ls welnu avee. e thimvictak was treen to , nown n with lonifate-threening ri injues. th nere iseco susprit descn ptio t atmehis ti. bu net anyoin with atformision toasked se call wcretssitne at 32 . 2-4900 g lookinco2 our y l locaprnon-haofits n ve beeon a io missaln for 4 most 2hours
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s sourceomto hs elesinyouth do wnwntoo. ren eevolunt crs arengapturi the er numbop of peerle expiniencg sshomeleitness wanh the nualho ssmeleth yount poiti-in- meun cot. an ametda ke chledgusjoins live es at wett streza plare whe the haevent mos one r re houto go. da amando, how s es thiouhelp ythli utving oe on thetstres? li a f st oonquesti ss on aurvey rn eau s yoeea slagping b, c warmg,lothinyt or anlshing ee ma you iy needref you'es e causinthe ioformatn co d llectengis goihe to lpor zaganis tionorform m e re cesouryos for nuth inkeeed lith e lelittl giretwe mli earer ni toght. ye 2- sar-oldisophia dl bunp ed u he in tnk blagiets hven toer at e thcount. moher , therea20-yd r-olsara bagariouy brheght gr toxtet erafo ndod ath clo bing,seecau 'vtheyene beug stringlg fromho nemelessss. gsaraayarib-y, 20olear-d le homehess mot wr: "itd as kinof atscary , firste becausyou r nevelyrealt wan ito askyof u ne heed tp. hel" w non sevehsmontng alohe in r psecondcyregnana with oybaby b t onayhe wri, gantbay was to ergive hre childrmn a peenant
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sshomeler: motheli "a wttlehitepi fcket hencesoouse. e mewher e wher ctheye ould blasafe pying bin thed ackyarowand gr as a mi fawaly, i ulnt a fl sfamily ko they inow,t juswantem th to afeelmet ho." g housinotand reher s sourceis o whatizrganmeer -direanth tzer- s wantthfor peose iopleedn ne. reme tdith hanzer,s omelesyouth t counniorgaitzer: "mu's so chss leen exp tsiveovo pride on some he withngousi and ilstabthity t an io is tkeep ithemiln jand a ktheep n em ol al pof ourprublic msogra." op peetle b tweengehe a 1s of8 to24 rs yea a oldilre f olingut e thestiquesonesnair. am "oanda: thne of tie quesons on sthaty urve 'was,e wheryodid u p slee nlast?'ight a andu s yo se can e,al severe peoplwnput doca lointions ow downt."n renoth ce datactolleiled w ul bed seto s wardg fundinmsprogra in oe washy. count d davin,bobziey cit lmcounci "ember:h so mucheof tfu thnding e at wivrecee as a itcommunfry are erom fedal ic serv aes andivre derm ed fro er difflcent cansulatio basn ed o cothe " unt. ylast tear,ouhe curnt sd veye44 ut yopoh reg rtinomas hesels and he66 tvi preyeous ar. ga y riba tsaysouhe c bntenefits
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s streete becaus oit notnly giveems thou res arcesabvailleno utw, bal it ivso ghees tpem hofo e r threfutu. gsaraayarib-y, 20olear-d ho ssmelehe motthr: "s ere'a ea grrst pe uonndt er thad,scarreta edttern. perso" gh ri t now.sshomele youth b haveuneen co tted inhest laur 23 ho es, the wventill u wrapghp toniidt at mnight. veco tringtohe samry, daan tckeedhl ,geanchl nene2 ws. mi co- ng up b-the f-s i ha le re nasedew o videof thatst ffandone turood sh otoutn an onoregdl wilreife . fugethe
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al a smp l grouteof proissters incont tuingndhe staeroff ov a l federa pnaturee reservin onoreght tonig. ilmeanwh fe, theas-b-i hle reewased n o videoe f thlydead ti shoot ng tha tled toeshe arrt ev of sileral menitia m andll kiheed tup groke's sposman. da lenielng nottis ham hathe de s tail lfromngos a. eles
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ll wid leapathe nel. t"forovhe lneed o'vs wel e al , lostthfor mie fa wliesn e cast saill leve, mat's ke er ama iccothe y untr cthatures nc cancer od e analfor l. prthe enesidedt plinged his na fiatl st te ofnihe uddon aress nito ie tiatvea gontrnmee -wid tpushreo cuce can cr...riompang t ite o thrteffoth in 0se 19-6 ento smad a tn tooohe mhen. tvi rece pntside s has paid helans s tooueek tht bote priva andpu esblic resourcfi to ght . cancere thispanel ec exptoted t meer fofithe tirst mome on nday. ha "c 2nnels newuecontins with f chietemeorogolt iskemilg a'ser np pintoior 2 f becast,stroadcart ced ifieheby tca amerin te meogorol sicaltyocie !" it l wil blikelye veryal chg lenging gettin tacrosshe inmounta ws this. eekendanmo atc spheristriver llorm wi hit re the rigion fthday witi potenal raheavy sin andabnow ove 50 8,d 0', aninhigh whads tt co guuld o st t0 over 6 tmph inhell vavaey. rlleyl ainfalwillry vadi depenhong on e w closyou
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e st sidivreceing icsignify antl tmoree han thst easiern owde. sns levelwill n begiroto didp frigay nntht io tu sa, rdayinfall ag tobout00 6,sa0' by mturdaynioranng, d f then falling tarthero the ll vaorey floats by lrde satuay. mithe tithng of owe snel lev s dropllis sti u a bitinncerta, a sotsmount thahtwe mig gethe thre in eye vallua is eqlly un n certai th, but tae mounouins shetld g gn sit ificanndrain asn then ow h throug. sundayamtotal inounts th ese highatt elevhoions sbeuld as men ured i afeetpos opsed toch ind es, ande g pendin ton theofiming theco irlder ake, laoe tah g couldeta r foot o bmoree eforalit is l id saon and dhee. th higwinds lswill aino comb me toavake trel ro ac pss theveasses ghry tou rd satuo ay int, sundaya and ta mouninin wstter rnorm waing s ha pbeend ostengstarti late w itkeill lie ly bvery
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tamounisins thnd weeke. an mo atc spheristriver llorm wi hite th fregionwiriday enth pottial raheavy sin andovnow abe 0' 8,50hi, and dsgh win that ul co td gust 6o overin0 mph the ey valley. vallal rainfl willva rype deonnding c how yloseou areto ou the m, ntainshewith t west si eide recigving sntnificaly t moree han thn eastersnside. ow ls levebe will togin p drofridayni toght in aysaturdin, fallg to about6, y 000' baysaturdng morni, and en thng fallier farthe to thll valoey fbyors sa late . turday mithe ting osnf the elow lev s dropllis sti u a bitinncerta, so ts amounwe that g mightethe n re ivathe s lley iy equall rt unceain bu , mot the s untain gshouldet icsignifinant rahe and town sn ug throndh sutoay. outal amnts in hi the elghest nsevatiod shoulbe edmeasuret in feop as d posetoin anches, d
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acolderkeir, laoe tahld cou get oa foot br moreitefore al is l asaidonnd dhee. twi high s nd awillmblso co mine toavake trel tacrosssehe pas ts veryoughsa iturdayndnto sud ay, ana mo wuntainr intem storg warninha ps beend ostetistare ng latfr s iday alta resu. it l willylikeve be ryal chg lenging gettin tacrosshemo s untaineethis w. kendan heatmospveric rim r storitwill he th fregionwiriday otth palenti y heav arainnond sovw abe 8, , 500'hiand ingh whads tt co guuld o st t 6overh 0 mphein t ll vavaey. rlleyalainflll wi ry vade inpend hg onloow couse y are he to tai mountwins, heth t west de siei rec svingcaignifintly hamore tean the n ster. sidesnow ve leills wgil be dn tofrrop idayni inght tosa ayturdin, fallbog to aut b6,000'rdy satuoray m, ningand th lien falthng faro er tthe va
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sh sld getcaignifin nt raiand aysaturdsu into annday, d a ta mouninin wstter rnorm waing be has osen pstted lartingate fr aidaysus a relt. an thikks me. r afteeathe brfek - dense et secrasary rth cae er mada et prnity sig aficantemnnouncent t atenhe pn rd regamaing y ternitfoleave r ta milierry pelsonnst. the ory, r afteeathe brk. yo knu heow tic basba n rgaiofme arica isu if yoarwork hd, yoand yu dopaour rt, yo ldu shoule be abt to geah d ead anhestay aad.
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lo aroking toundathe nw.ion no. e thstinven igatioheinto til jaatbreak e orang, county rncalifoaria's locgest l--k-up- le has hed to tes arrf ts oatle peast 5 ople. y todar-44-yeaold -- ch a teather at one pris -- wa e s thstlatebe to es arrted." s it ievbelihaed tvat raghi di lyrecttr conedibutth to e peescath of ree the in s mateprand edovidti crical pl ngannils toot thad aideinei tharr prepn atiothfor eir pe esca." st inves igatorokare lotoing in he whetghr ravaghi brouolt tos to ja the o il tinaid sc the eape... thbut o ey devbelie e shidproved s item asuchogs goaple ms inpr ioeparatthn for pee esca. aiese clms. ntthe pes agon ig settina m unifordastanherd womn it ces erto mateanity lve. wh and itile oo's g fd newsor twoan
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dy bepoisapnginti a for ir thd.: ir"the fnist iivtiate i'll tl oudaine tolvy invovies prodinga cmoretiompe stiveartandr d foma itternd y anrnpateleity ave ssacro j our foint. orcey,toda i etam s 1tingek2 wes of ll fuidy-paer mat lnity aeaves e thdastancrrd athoss ine jot rc fooue, dg blin bthisitenefom free six wheks wenn i tered fi ofce."x- sieaweek lasve wvi preously lo alortted frs mothee in tharmy r and aiforce.t bus motherg servin nin theavy ll wihe see tveir leafr drop om ee 18 w12ks to . rt cad er sai nhe dide ot takthe ci deigsion lbuhtly, adt it h to be made. he na said envy womre who a rr cuy entlntpregna s wouldtill ce re18ive o weeksrnf mateity e. leavr as fotamiliadry ds, ercarts sayl he wilask th aus oritiereto incase rn pateavity lefre toom 10 14 days. th s e texaknboy-- town ashefl afteuenza s en-- i ibacke n th sunitedtates. coethan riuch arisved thng morniat
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rntenaatiorpl ai--ort rs hou r aftemeuniforcad mexin mi imn gratio eagentstescore d th en tem froxia meitco cy im iomigratntn deteceion . nter iscouch d wanteipfor skutping oon ro his p obations fficerand go ming towiexico mth hisother. g henaained witionotde noriety wh e-en hat- he t af ge o w16--asgi teven arn yeobs prn atio ain w- d-asi crath thle kilurd fope . oplepr utosecarors rke wotoing get h'coucses caed movm fro ju niveoule c. rt..thbut e ar hewaing las debeyed e causco wauch t s noe.ther thcould ere raidovs be mtoing velas argas? g trettusell ab reout t centtsepor s ther ilvean acd blulk co hd betoead so heutrn
11:24 pm
ow "nhe, 'srepo sdirts rector th arere o e twatdemocr vicnsisiofo lar regualting wetl stre .ysone saok it's taay to ke nsmilliobi from sg bank d an tthenthell haem w dt -- plan br teak up bhe biganks, thclose x e taholooples, an ked mam the payr thei sfair.hare wthenexe can eapand hcalth re llto a,
11:25 pm
y ll the mlikenoe? . wihell tgiy be pn to lay tbyeshe ruli' if idm present? yo ttu beeler bt.ieve i
11:26 pm
ow "nre, hepo's sdirts orrectga t rretbodearwirn, hath c 2nnelor sp" ts hewell t'tre wonre be a cord th fours xgamepeski sugorpipe ldr fo dreno'sisavid t nigh hwiseouad a rofgh go gs thinpe in aspen. comitting wh a udingedldp shoue er wisni fithshed 8fr to s ancekevin ro d llanedwho tifo wise r most w ever tins inamhat xgvees ent. h souts tahoe' bmaddieowman co impetessun ski e perpip owtomorr. night th s e kingwerein hop eg tond a2- e gam iskidorn new anles to t,nighd heah coacgegeor karl s wasiout orck fs thi's abke bbitt dn dila't py. rcdemaouus c hsins6 ad 2tspoinan rd 10ndebour s fokithe ngs itbut n' wasout enpegh, nslicawi 4-n 11..105. he si just agned y one8-ear 4. io millarn dollwi deal th the , raystebut afasr 6-seons in a, tampr forme sreed jtar,ake e mcgebehas deen trad toco floradofior outcoelder rey di
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