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tv   Channel 2 News This Morning  CBS  January 29, 2016 6:00am-7:00am PST

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alficisas now r y afte st inveinigathag, it ens be te deedrmint thae thernowas im crd e an htheystave d oppe chsearfoing y r ansu. spects an ned busidess leanors in rthernne gvadad athereeifor thalr annuok loe at theclocal onomy st in dictions20 16. e th cyearlynconferesee focus on e ththhealne of 'svada stindu..riesd . anriprio ftiesorgr mowthfooving pr henters pad aivosite ouontlook er northdan neva's reprogciss... ozting d nens ofew ne busindsses ani a sigficant emimprov oent inreur aa's tireputat on. bugrthey aee e' therl s stilofa lot work to done.mi heke: "trere ang thiees we nd to a do asni commuty to ba llsicad y builon our fr intuastrucmere to et the s, needus not jest of tutla , bal hel of t g otheromreat cpanies n thaty ot onlmiare coerng he, arbut hee re n rightow." eathe spt kers anfthe coerence rgalso uroed imps vementin ucour edn atioemsystas... l wel ak as mrking wodeforce pmveloent io a pr. rity..p to hellepeopet g
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noand re h mayor sillaryvechie a willa ttend s mayor'design ngchalle me next. onth..where sh ge willdbet feeomack frex inperts de city gnsi andan pl. ning e schieviswill ddecuss ias on ho evw to dheelop tce citi-nter d inowowntn reno. lothe tst siwe betheen twn doastown cndinos aow the blingst adium. ib posselle dev iopmentdeas e includhourban ausing,d rts anlt cundure, a v musicueens. r mayohiscevs e "it'such a l specia. parcelt we wane to mak re suwe that it do ht rig. wewa mant to urke se t that ican ly realit benefow downtn." th pe cityedurchasro the pperty fo inr 6-pomit-6 iolln s dollarin 2008. w, noon it's uely vald atmi 2-dollion sllars.till, sc sahieve itys revg alizinthe ci erticentpo is a ssitivetep,th both aesaletic alynd om econ. ically fjust arsew hougo a, anou etreachorvent fes homels ut yoowh in dn ntow wrenorappedup ga, and wave aouy thofsands di t fferen bitems,reut the is ot
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hati a lasmpng ionact the le homeulss pop kation.ony siss e is liv nin them,ewsroo .. kyt .whaheis tel homyoess uth un cot? go modngorni g cordinntto eveiz organers th nte amoume of hoouless yn th iou mmr coisunity ng growihe and t 4 18-2ldyear oes homels apdemogr ohic isften ep misredresentoc. so lal n- noitproflds "buien our cter"an add "nevh a youtweempot rmenpr toject"upeamed no to lyt on agiveseway es sntialsuch as a foodthnd clobuing-- t the en evn t is aaloffici o countf lehomeouss y tth forhe medeparthont of anusing n d urba pmdeveloent.da bzvid boitien, cy co emuncilmsober: "of much the g fundine that we receivas aco y mmunitomare frer fedal esservicre and aiv derroed fm erdiffcaent iolculatedns bas on unthe cot." th e ho ymelessououth ct nt wenon foenr twouty-furr hosts yey erda d anedhelpks fole likrtrobe . kisawas he iea24 yldrs o ha and ts sayst hat no ionlys hean thhakful tect he rd ievea new kebland t anasbreakf tt, buthat th coe unmmn ity ca mbecomeore ar
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onpulatiha and t ct hee an ba f part ocothe fount e r thtu fu. re rt robea, kisawes homelits- "ke maees me fl l smalbibut 'mg, iju pst one" erson. ev the s ent waerin a vy st giratetic locathon at e west et streza plant dowerown whe ru stnggglith youno are kwn to ng haso out. he did tatir stregy rk wo? h.oh yea ok i sp me withiteredrlh eaier is thni mor sng andd he saithatth tey gothehe higntst cou in e th teventseahree ystr hiory d anedexceheed tl ir goaof onend hu ored todrne huned and ee fiftn. ngcoverito the svery, lie in thud st sio, ky cisson,elhann 2 . news l stilomto cone nn cha nel 2ews th misorngni. .. y ifonou dav't hane pliss thwe d.ekenon.. dry't wore ! we'vgo u t yorecove od witheeur wy klli f st ogsthindo to xt, ne. 'r"youtce wahi cngnnha nel 2ews fit'sdariniy t ghd anmetio t
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ng cooeress d rsn'teegulatll wat. stree .. swallt treelaregungtes r's ad iggeonecthomy dsat sen ewmost nlt wea th toophe t 1%. d anelit's hlad in pce abyru corolpt paliticte sysm wawhere eell strst bankan lld biesionairle buy e.ctions ammy cispaign d funde by ve otwr ano a d mhalfonilli cosmall buntriontis. op pe wlew ho knocayou tn'le l veplthe inayelg fid by ak tmoing mre oneyomfrl walrestet. i'rnm be siersande ,d anpri apthove esis mgesa.
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d annsit turon out ts ight ia ty preton busy e'e. herins eree br an withoo lk. -- w ---bre--ha ha ----ho t w abousor?me beel you'lfindmo hare tn af100 crewt broms fr d 20reiffeicnt mrero besweri allin p one alacee t ontimes thi ek wefoend e r th a21stl nnuabrewha fu ha isndra ser forierra ts ar c. itraelebs tetht e arof
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cae lotil ar tsts...exhey pect p1500e eopl ll's ath at gge nurtet staing at on 7 toright. . ...... he"and tedy callpp it puy !!love!!!!..oh !! donnyo !!..whfocan rgetat thit hit? gb sprinedoarddo monny osstnd to m.ardot ..buhe ev did alenturoly gw up. -- --- easy ad i wme....oehere dtos it se p wherdo t youmeell dr to heaw tne li?" 'land hen l be ihireno ts enweek..d...s he'orperf amingt e thersilvac leg.ay...t 8 ni toght. an td ifdihat mdn'tyoove u for le vae'ntiny.s da.c.... oheckut nothe leteab. s... -- --abnote--les---th rois ghaup tfot's edcusss it' le tathnts h rougc musiapthery to a betoble fo perikmr le h idingnnts aual ni ofght an rom. ce..onin hf or o ntvales ine' wthisndeeke. 's itth at lae at tntishtonig at 7. th wiew a fng thi ts 2 dohiuswe d eken berin creenelhann 2ne ws. ..and.e thersoare atme greys plaon ge staun aroe d th tareahis ek weo.end toud..incle ing thar dinny of aane frhek..tle mirac erworkan....ped godsll. an
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yofor uru on ote websi at omktvn.c. . ng comi c up on 2hannels newthis g.mornin.. ormeteisologfft jear mnetiwiz ll yhavenpour pi foint 2asorect thafter k.e brea omwelc. e back orthis mthning, b-e f- si istill
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lonth-ngcu oc opationdef a feldral wilife fu ren ge ionoreg. as ot negoniatiins cont, uethe cyagenea relnesed a o w videye daster sy...nghowi t theicraffst t op tha tled toeshe arrts of am ndmon busey and ofveral his fo s llowery.tuesdade record from a ane,irplanid the vo eo alsow shshs the ngootith dea of la fivoy anicum,sm spokeoran f y'bundlis mi itia.tinvesrsgato y sacufinis m wandbehi w theheel wh e en h aspedway du tringrahe t sffictop. naafter lyrrowid avoa ing blroad..ock.ic finotum g outwi isth h u handsp.he re then d acheisin ht, pocke er whe e thsaf-b-i unys a g was r thn 's whegoan oree n stat pe trooedr open fire."a e s thclvideo shearly ows its walea reckioss actn that ltresuthed in coe uenseqncesth 'vat youene see hertoday" ub in patlic sttsemenhi by s la erwy, ndbuy urhas thged ste re p inc ublienstatemy ts bhis
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ksthan jeff. in turnamg to cn paig..2016. t in ahe obsenceumf trp, nd caesidat t tried ao take more vi ci il tone nn last gight's-o-p . debate o atntne poid ... te wcruzent af e ter thtomoderasars... ying erthey wnge tryiit to ba id candntates itao atg ckinone he
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at th l thefoast stur queions b haveraeen, "eand, placse attk mted.areaco, placse attk leris, ptaase at. ck tedjeb, apleasetettack "ld...e et mjustsa ..y this. wa .llace:is.. it at a debe,si . uz: ..nowell, a , no. debateac ituallylis a pouecy iss, but wi i ayll s g this.f osh, iyou ys gune ask oe mor qmeann uestioma i ty havee o leavagthe ste. e thidcandlaates cn shed oissues i liketimmigraanon... d overff dis erenceon lhieadersp and el liectabimety. soe of th atcandidthes on e.e stag.. in know ig thist s a horacebe trtween anump uzd cr in wa ioal... re tly hadyeheir es onne shw hampteire vot rs las ..night. e thuscaucrees thepl take ace ju htst eigaf days e ter thones iow chkasish, buhr and ce istivehal alt spenifsigntiicant me er th he...fooping a r secondpl fiace bnishdoehind nald wtrump,llho sti s has aolid n lead illthe pos.
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la vo gtilel lobancfinaial etmarkuls coowd slgr proess to twardenhe c btrals ank'2 enpercflt inn atioettarg . al for oul of y l whothove e all br day tseakfasng beive serd at namcdo- lds e we havoosome gd f news. or youth fe fastaiood chann pls to iexpand ats dll bayakrestfa nu mecl to ine ude thdlmcgride ea brsakfast -ndwich tistartung in lalsa okhoma. stthe te a comesanfter my om custmpers co tlainede hat th id mcgrs dle wag missinhefrom t da all eay brt kfasthmenu. e te ilst wstl la t tworeo the hs monte beforldmcdoandes decis t when eo willd xpanmethe nu na ontiwide ce faaybook mok be loining toki taubng on ler andyft. te a palint app pcationshubliedye y sterdas revealcithe soalme gidia y ant mainget idto re ar shheing. tis idea an ioexpansacn of fs ebook'event fe e.atur f thereeatuld woup hel s usere sharclvehifies or nd a btravelo uddy t eget tee pa ynt haso et tbe edapprovhi but twss nees comwe eks
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rsrtnewihip beth u ar tollow er us bs tocaook rors fm fa 'scebookng messe. er app o time toucheck r t ouwaroadys r withth-j in ree mo t f-mrafficce . nter.. mo atoristinssist 3 reno,b 95 sat g theonolden h ramp.ndigh wivi adhrsory t woughe ashovalleyon nd 580 a 3 oldhi95, figh prole esvehiclxt use etira cauon. mi coonng up el channew 2 niss th in morng... co ngmip uhaon c 2nnels newisth mo ffcity o aicialstire meeh ng wit s expertigin despln and -anning toss discu f ideasor new pmdeveloowents d wntown.e'll sh owha you wfut the f ture oreno
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n cat counon" lathe wtestr intem storldshou g brin oplenty af windw nd snointh tae making drivg ov per theffass dithicult iswe mekend.loeteoro jgisteff ma ezrtinfo is inllowatg thst aorm...l nd wil ytellt ou wha u yoexcan ctpeer hine theva . lley.. sin ourattorm wchve corage. liand pondce fou c a manedollaps a atla reno atundrom
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sh gun ndot wouce. polihe say ty st haill lve fewn eads ithe .. casear. and ase ngkior fou yr help. an nud the f mber osshomeleth you o inreur a ga isngrowi... er yestcaday lon-l noitprofs wo o rked tt counhithe ddenpo tipula..on .y . k isissons li n ve inethe omwsrote to s ll uab e out thalnationat initiive tohe ylp thendoung atu desti iten mmour co tunity.tohese sopries tyo s ur newnoright :3w at 60 a-m. istoday y, fridary janua 29th,-1 206. m good. orningdii'm anra gueva. fthanksrtor stayoing ayur dwi hath c 2nnelth news ismo g.rnin et to gse a clo ar lookt thatst storm sy..em. sletsd en oitr ve jtoeff rtmaezinn ie thatwenther ceer o withrmur stoch water covage.ff je? a swinterartorm ws ning iorup f erthe siilra untsa 10am . turdaysh wiowers n ll turw to snoby aysundng mornia with chfew ines nd aroupo town , ssibleg alonwith er coldra tempes.ture
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tu torning b olno parice che searr ing foa t suspechoin a sonoting h fourtre stt et lasnight. fi of scersheay tspy red ondeto ash fiots cared n ll ithe -b1400 olockurf fotrth seet ndarou5. 6-1ut.. bn whethey vearri vd, them ictiha td lefthe e.scen tl shorr.y afteol.. preice edceiv rt repo as thatm victiwith a ho gunsunt wod d hasecollapd at a dr launupomat, tr the soneet s wellueaven. e th wvictimenas takno to rewn, nwithifon lree-thinateng ju in. ries cepolihe say tnore is ct suspe de riscioptatn ti this me. an but ityone wrmh infon atioou ab st thisg hootinskis ao ed t eccall stnret wiess at 2- 3-2-4900. hand we uave anonpdate an d allegey robber-rat u-nwe that edreportrd yesteay. aa textenlert stut to sdents dn wey esda tsaid hwo menad nd demaoned mroey fvim the ctimne war theadest strkium paing ga raange, end thd fleenthe sce.of s ficialy now saafter ve ininstigathag, it s beende
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crd e an htheyavste peopd chsearfoing y r anecsuspts. an sid bueaness l idershen nortrnne atvada gfohered r r theiannual a looklot the oncal ecomy st yey.erdan .. iiodirect ns. 2016 arthe yefely cone rencsefocus on e ththhealne of 'svadain ridustanes... rid prioties forow grinth movarg teesen hrsadit a posive k outloothon norvaern neda'spr ..ogressti. ciozng dofens new si buesness a andni signtfica im prt ovemen ain ourrea's pu retitabuon. eyt thee agrth stere's loill a ort of wk tobe mire: "thehi are t nngs weeed asto do om a c tmunityo ca basiillly buurd on ofr intuastrucmere to heet t ed ne js, not tust of besla ,utl alheof t g otheromreat cpanies n thaty ot onlmiare coe,ng her buhet are htre rig now." sp the aeakerscot the cenferen rgalso uroed imps vementin ed our n ucatioemsyst w... asell inas makfog workverce det lopmen a typriori h... toopelp pele get ai tr ininge n ththareas d at neepl emoyees. noand re milayor hchlary sievewi enll attyod a masir's degnch e alleng mnext..onthe . where
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s perty in cit adesignndpl . anning evschille wiss discu o ideasn w hoelto dev cop thentiti-ceerin ow downtnon re. lothe tst siwe beten thewn do ctownosasinhe and t g bowliniustadm. lepossibop develdement iasin urclude usban horting, as and ur cult me, andicus venues. scmayor e hievs "it' asuchec sppaial . rcelanwe w mt toake hasure t dt we ro itweight. nt wake to math sure t at ican re enally bowefit dn.ntow" tythe cias purchheed tpe prorty 6- for 6 point-n millio s 200 i now,ont's ally vued at ll 2-midoion lltiars. sll, sc sahieve itys revinalize g th ntciticea er is tipositeve sp, bo esth aicthetndally a iceconomally. st juew a frs houan ago, ou chtrea f eventelor homess ut yoowh in dn ntow wrenorapped, upveand gay awasathounds ofdi t fferen bitems,reut the is an reother hesaon t w eventill ve hati a lasacng imphet on tho pmelessioopulaty n. konsiss
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..kyt .whaheis tel homs esutyoh co unt? m good aorningndi. l locaofnon-pruiits "bld our " centerevand "nutada yoh we empoprrment toject"upeamed ot to ngi only y ve awaiaessentlsch suod as folo and c- thing-but enthe evn t is acioffioual cnt om of hyoeless outh inreur aa fo der the ntpartmeus of hoing urand deban envelopmt. da the leta col actedist th event se is uund to fusd hoaning d pp su portives rogrammefor holess h yout8-ages 124. vi daied bobzy n, citco lmuncir:embeuc "so mheh of t nd fuating thce we re aive as un commarity ome fral federrv se aicesrend aed deriv from endifferult calc bationsn ased o co the unt." e thweevent tnt forfowenty-urur hoers yestd day ans wain ary vera stlotegic acationwet the st etstreza plant dowown. niorgarezer me tdithr anzeyssa t thatnthey wat to geas f high ot a counosas pe siblto reensuur accanacy e d th ithiss wh stere ggrulithng youno are kwn g to methdize tan yr- "ifalou're l inhangt g outodownwewn, ll
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ten andthhen isere cu no exse t for noetto ghe t bmbest nuerpo ."ssible thand raeir stndtegy edworkok. i sp me withh eredit ie earl mr this aorningnd she t saideyhat th thgot ese hight t counin the ts even y threestear hid ory an edexceed g their ooal ofne nd hu ored tounne h adred nd n.fifteeco ngverito the svery, lie in thud st sio, ky cisson, 2hannelws ne. mi coonng up nn cha nel 2s ewisth te aft r eighigstrartht quaers of indeclins.g salebi.. bare is in gettchg a mud -needeermakeov. we ow'll show you hl matteis ngbringie barbithup to mee tis, next. 'r"youhie watcnnng cha nel 2s ew is thni moritng whnh jote potr,an uedi g avaraetnd mloeorostgije arff mz'tinenps pi 2ointfo streca!"
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se oocond lk. t- firss - timevemay ha ge chanutd... be barbihas an chliged itttle wtih the mes. r inyeecent hears, tc iconitt malsel dolre have edmain on e ths.shelve t in faciebarbes salno have w de eclined sightghtrait te quarrs. comazzocwe: "we rire heat ng thama ugny thot ht tha wbarbieas out t ofouch." at thic typ ballye-londedhair, yeblue-e wd dollreith unc alisti op prtiors.on. .. gistietng a itrealecy chtek. matntl recelyin edtroducw 23 nes dollwith ff dit ereninskon t aesaind hr lo cors. an std jurd yeste. ay..e threnew dy boes typrv: cu ty.... all.and . petiterl gigl: "im sead cau wl e algot ooto lkek liot, we gpi to ockur s barbieoothat l uk likes." mbarbieagay be beless.o ut the
6:29 am
ri all owght, ns here'insomethg veyou hae to seieto bel. ve..o tw op perele a a alivel nd welafter ca a asr cr lh thatotooks nhing t shorasof catc.trophich iseck th. out..k a trucun plerged ovdg the e ae of wa freepay oversass in o n dieg dayesterndy... ast buro int esflamn wherait cshed to onth anoewer freoway bel.
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.. just ho rush ur gotun . derway t yes,plwo peo ie weren the uc trwhk heen tid accent ha ..ppenedd . an awereble to b climwiout t thouseany s riouin esjurie ! thinburnucg trt k se e thagfolinde arouig the hhway f on. ire ..ewbut cr as wereble xtto eh inguisamthe flores befe th eaey sprd. il stoml to chae on c 2nnels new is thni mor. ng.. temeogorolt isffjear mtiwinez llha ouve ynpr pi 2ointec forast te afe r thk.brea we e lcom. backth vee inatstiginion heto tja
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mumaxisem ricuty on prised has le to ths arrestof l at peast 5eople. th e alatestwarrest ngs an elishte
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