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tv   CBS This Morning  CBS  January 30, 2016 5:00am-7:00am PST

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2016.we tolcome th "cbs oris m: ningsa ."turday e thssecret oner h se.rver e for tht firstime, the white e housmsconfirry hillant clion's cuunse eredls-maion ctain elclosyua g rdedrminfon.atio heon tun htn i carnlifoia. twfor o menn othe run as one descape teinmaur tnsim hself in,th fe huntor thet las two moves ut soh. it >> h ptingiray dt t athe bo f ttom oeth a.sein tsidehe peexonditi.wh sat i risingt a sucendan? w weshill ow youow h smitreang rv se aicesrein takg theil fm st fe bivaly st orm. > >>egwe bhiin trns moingh wit a alookt tos day'oeye weep op,ener ur yold wor 9 in0 ses.cond >> s thiis a job rvinteiew. do i wan't o nt t tjust yellou wh yat woutoant ar he. wai o nt t ytellhaou wt iil wl do dn anan i wout y to hdole m un accoe!tabl>> y'hillarsop tre sect heeadach ts gese worad ahef othe iowa . vote e->> 22 s mail tfromvahe prite se
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f beenound toin contare sect oc>> dtsumen not mdarke . sent ri se ous. igtell cencettommiadee he don ththat, ouey wavld hene beed fir prand lyobab ecpros. uted o >>f ne oeth free eeescapsm froor ouange cnty j hailasen giv ms hielf up. >> ar we ree pgssinwa forndrd a rewe ain comafg te rthem. r>> fou msiner in china have beenes rcufted aeier brang tpped r foay36 ds. ak>> te a latook th.iset prty g.amazin hi>> t dsltifficuyingar cgop shi auis c asing o bitncf coofern f e thtcoas of cefran. f >>naascitingto phoen taky b ma ecrs ry.over t >> iis a ieself. ur>> sfs i upn i iihawa. ouwipete of th week? tomos g ilinsea nrly beateny b a temonsver was a the waves i ow kn n asjaws. ll>> a atth. >> on14-m-othld bosnowr.arde ithisoas sln.
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>> lnebro lost the halend! ss mi tedhe !dunkom thetpson gs it back and oc knayked aw and the crowds i ab lysoluteg lovinit! o >> tn "cbsmohis g.rnin">> theub repnslica a hadat debe lastnight. lddonamp truki s tppedhe de.bate w itikas le a seleinfdso epide ou witht erkram. j it dustidn'two rk! no, ac,tuallyd donalptrums i dacrossd own andhe heln a eventto pe com wteith the event. bewho otter tel craeb ttenhaur o ow fell as whoregi dodomng bbs an d te,rrorha tn a guy wanho r ay awm fron megyy.kell lc we tome tohe ekweend, ev we a gotat greho s fwor you today, idinclung alo csert athefi mlmgakin aig bas splht athe bo
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inhe fhoest urs"el tls the ystorth of eat gretesma stll boa as coart guued resc .ever elwe tul yo the storyeh bind the lm fi g ando onoa brd t he. boat>> on a llag isnd yellde wli,lle wi thget ischef'sry ston i "the sh di." es>> jalse min ishe ter own of e threyonew itrk cyue vennds a hisis musc haar ened himhe t sp reect of artists of bruce stspringd een andaryan andms a n greeday. w wetaill olk tim h about his qu re sest toewave nk yor and he wi ll p ierformsan our ayturd io sessn. ou p r so daye befor thea iow escaucusry hillaon clint is in ge damatr conveol or new atinformabion touthe private ma e-veil serr she used as cr seofetary . statee th dstateenepartmtse relead a w ne o batchf theai e-minls sayg that 22 ofm theon ctain top se cretinioformatutn, by the n wereotel labed cielassifnd whe th weyeerse .nt ow >> n theon csytrover is il
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e thhi wsete hou. n ju aju glianna holdman as the.latest>> te repors r: thi fis theirst ttimetahe stetm deparsent i ac dgknowleating thia mater l un foold on c-mon's e sailerver t wasop secret. tone ofighe hhestel levs of siclasonficati sosi sentive thate thai e-mls w'terenn eve llpartiacly in iudedtn las t'nighles rease. tthe iimingso als nsseitive.ju dst twoefays bore the iowa uscauces and theon certrovsy ic qumakly tsde i wayk bac toon th mpe ca aignl.trai hi>> t as is job rvinteiew. n'i dontt waju to elst toul y at wh w youtoant ar he. nti wa t to yellouha wt iil wl a dond i want yhoou to e ld m coacbluntadoe for !ing it or>> repter:la hilliry cnton av oided theon csytrover over here- camails inmpaignerg yestnday i biowauthe tep rnsublicae wer qu ic tklyo cepoun. tdonaldwerump tileted hlary in cliston aaj mator nliona se curityskri n,otre pntsideial ma .terial rs othecc a husedfer oyi plang byhe owr n set of lerus. >> saihe shad tt sheas h that iv pre-ate mailer sver for her ow nvn conceniee.
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omberf my staff onhe t llinteceigenmi comadttee he don , that wtheyoulde havbeen fired d anabprobly pterosecud. ep >> rorter: tclopn'intos crdemoatic rival didn't lay on.he th said ellfoow.e thstatear deptmentse said ven e- hamail cm in fron'clinto s e privatile-maou accnt areng beiup tgradedpo to secret. >> inlt consun atio twithhe te inenlligomce cnimue ty w are ngmakis thiup egrad andel bieve 's ithe tru pdent rnsespoitibily g thindoto . >> te repor br:clut sinton' ai campgn ishi pusng backin say gth ove mse i erovficlassi,cation ru amn uck, theul rest of bu aurecr aticghinfi atingnd gu ar oe inne case, the els-mai pe apo ared tlvinvo ietinformaon fr ubom a plished news keinton pt ate priva e-mail erserv h aterew nk yor .homesh tae mains insheer neven str o re ceivedss cladifiema infor tion honerri p vatemae-il account. bu pot sll sewio questutns abo eher-m hailsaveen tak a to,ll wi mtheorot vseree sing her as
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in an ivinterewit wh nbcwsne, to clinlin be teves vheotersil wl plookheast t ntcoy.rovers >> t i jus't don i seet as hianythang twit ll,y in anway, causeny aot vero t-- aot ver wi oth aninpen md tveo hany a nsconcer. r >>teeporamr: cispaign g sayinth tey wan theai e-mbels to le re sasedheo t public can judge the e'stats de.cision t inathe l bestatch of-m eails th ee stattm deparent thwiheld 18ss meetages breween pntsidema obaan d thenre sectary inclton. s theythaid idey dn'tta conin cl siasedfima inforndtion al wil ev lyentual be asreleed. gtwashinthon, ank you. a iowot verst cas the first moay.ll hiinary cl vton islyirtual ed tih witnt vermo senatorer bnie t-fronerrunn dd onalptrum is a fe rcw pegeentant poisad ahef o s texatosenaedr t gajor hrrett tashe ltates on e th tracee o the white.hous mgoodngorni . r >>teeporoor: grnd moing. c aigampan full ofol palitic rp sus riseincont ues,toel wl, su serprim frohe tes latt
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arhilliny clston'va pri teile-ma rv seoer t dd onalumtrp'stt uerlyun edprecdenteis dectoion p ski fithe denal bate rehe,a iow vo maters, ny ofho wm whoem rnai un dedecived ha to m uakep their smind in an aphtmosere of nu geine tivola.lity t >> hisway, we mead our po int. r >>teeporftr: aerki sgppin the lfinael tedevisri pmee tim de bbateeeforhe ta iow ucca,uses lddonamp tru made aar re ssadmi -ion h-eoe d ksn'tnow the ombottne li. >> ioo tk anc chae ande w did me sog.thini t don'knhaow wet th end ltresu. he i arde w uwentwhp but ateverth sue reilt is did theig rht th ing.>> ep rteor tr:pprump aearspy hap at hech whiht mige hav tbeenhe id llea ang alo. c >> iruz is sndecon place.he t.nigh alactui'ly, adm gl w itasn' e therusbecae i s,gues heot g mm pueled. wow. ep>> rr:ortepi deshete tte spped up rusc,tinyz cru etsxpec nd caesidat f toaced har es qus.tion b>> iveeliet thaon anye who eswish tove ser asre pntside sneedo t dstemonrate the
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re di actlysknd a for theup sport avand her youec rords or rep rter:liepub wcansho we nre oge stahu tyrsdaht nigll ahi et th bstiggeer genalct eleion em thhoe, wld couea def ntnaatiolmo toinn. il >> hlilary cs nton isq difiualiroed feim bng the at stes. >> sheil wlev n geret wnithien t le mi ts ofhihe whote use.>> mbnoveer. r >>teeporlir: c intonos n lo iowa.on ye ke to viy?ctorwi g nninbackng youer vothos w ap tpearaken by beerni srsande. he>> toc demcrati neeomin has to go to-te-toitoe whev whoerhe ty t pup ure the onhe ter othid se toand e mak a case, not a om pre,is a bute casbo autha w t a weoire g tngo .do>> or rep ater:nd ersands, cu tlrrennny ruecing nknd a neck c withonlint inls poler he so tughto meobiliz the us enth yiasticotoung versnd a pi tylecally iass relucble caus go -ers. >> ll we with lose cisaucusf i vo the ter tturnou is- -im sple
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m soquy re yest to tou inheex nt threes day is beg, ,borrow ap kidnha, do wteverav you he to do ,kingdnappi i, tshateg illal nhere i iowa? r >>teeporr: iowa'sep rnublica rn goveorol tesd us y hterdaye pe exctsr nea voterec rord rn tufoout hr botes parti on aymondht nig evenug thoh snow d anvy heads win are icpredted.e th,lesson -fhardought ai campotgns, ver any,xietnd a meexcitent geenerat realot ver tu rnout. r >> o arjor gnrett i desesmoin, th u.ank yo bs cs new paloliticto direcr jo hn drsickealon tkedh wit na doruld t ompidn froray f an in ieterv "w on tfaceathe n"ion. et>> l a meousk ybo aut the ravetens. me soer vetgrans houps save aid at th u yoused theet vseran as a rt pa of a picolit alt,stun that u yoreweu , yo -know ->> av i h sen'ttheen at.i n'haveent set. thawe e wer - so- theye wer so happy last t.nigh adwe h tndremeous nrsumbe of ve stts ay.wh
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>>ue i gss w youereen off bdedy x fonoand et b t inheeb date and you cctoncoheed ter vetanhis tngas anafthter-t.ough i >> t canlel you the vaneter gr ttspliuping $6llmiion. at th istt prey odgo. 2 >>2 orzaganis.tion dewounrrd wa iiorsts noth on e wht?no l>> idooketh at end woued iowarrr stiituaon. w i sasome sestori i thinkn o cbs, lelitts pawl untiinwe ft d ou hewhet nr orhaot tuft st f is re cay.full wai alyso doo lker vy cularefly as ex to epens w and thatshing ar ose c atingownd hy the caallohete tonir d iik leo t nseeice low er numbsn ier tfms o expense.os thmbe nu wersere pretty high. si>> predential plxsol psitic tops the ag tendaroomorinw morngn o "face na the tion."se oe morehnf joke dicr erersonckdisoersn' in ietervthw wial donumd trpnd a ma rcoio rub willls aoe b a
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>>fivewm snosobiler died in al avonanche y fridaou stheast ofpr incegegeor. l severa mpeopleay be tedrapp un hed t snow ck pand a theno silwmobect aivityul coved hagg triheered t chavalan e. an an air cflada wight oo ed forcke to maer an em gency inlandstg lagh nit. fl the ight b foundromuv vancoer ew to nosark ltin cabss preeur anand lafded sely in rotonto. en oxyg masks d weredeploye si inde the bican. te af pr a droblemedevelop with the splane'-c airononditiing emsyst. o nonef the 710as ps sengerwere re injud. wthey lere faterlown oner oth fl toights vevancour. > >>f one o tthehree maintes who es pecafrd om a snouther li caiafornum maximur secity onpris isk bacin behd barss thi g.morninsh s eriff'esdeputi say gduon tu hrneddsimse in. stheyheay ter othays m stille bin if calaorni orde heaord f
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atarm ta san b anaesusinsn o fr ndiday ate arrescd bang duo bjail lreakweast enekd. >>duong cctontaed a cnivilia on rethe st oetsfan sta ana and ms hielf?>> or rep tter:ayhey s ondu is a ng loe timd frien of himnd a reentee d th sauto ahopnd asked s hi wwifeho works there to nt cow act laemenforcent. >> id he sa that he want to turn mshielfn io s mye wifle cald the co . ps>> or rep lter: aughayfrid, duongan d tie und aer nayiot g .away hethe otrwo tti are ssill esputive beliemi they ght beli cl vehie. >> ll we winu contioe t use all laavaisoble re turcesotu capre ad the onditiwoal tsc e wapeesho are ndoutstaing. or>> repheter: t trio mavay he d hahelp from varaghi whogh taut
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p ofdiroviheng t maintesh wit ol toors f plnganni,ik l geeoogl tmaps shathow the jlai rooftop. bsfor "cmo this g:rninur sat day"tr ben osacy, lle ange s. a al federge jud in ndportla,eg orson, haer ord med theain oleaderthf erm aedup occation of aio nat wnaleildlife refug tobe d hel inus ctodydi penng l.triath dge jue says b sheveelieats tham
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otheral federpe prorty ifre fe from ame treatnt an pldt and saiou y dnoo nteed oyto br youat wer or taketh oer ticorreciove actns t andheat wers waab drink bleuthe t stateol tds itemflint s ployee the ll fog.owin r in aadio ieintervw,ov gernor s rickadnyder ddresse theue iss teof stars worke gngetti co olers. he >> t dy weretoing i ast par of rtheior nmalpe ongrati oc pr tedureseo mak t surehey re wend respooing tse tho ti noces. >> it does lookbad,ug thoh, tathat steor wkersot gat wer rebefo therentsides?
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n, agaiwa it tis not tedeo th ad le is sue.>> or rep wter:ske aednt fli re ntsideats why the ththoug ab out the mae-il. >> t las when?>> or rep jter:uaanry. >> ua janry?a ayeargo? 'sthatd. sa ,veryy ver sad.>> or rep wter:wihat t ll itake fo ur yo to gareinru t isten th at ste? ow>> w.i haveo n .idea re i ally h naveo idea. >> or rep tter: hatbad? >>ea yh.>> or reporter: fcb " s this in mornurg: satadday," riana , diazinflt, igmichan. >> e > th au.s. bnd arazilre rk wointog ev dopel a vneacci and rotheec toghnolies totr conol th pre seadf othe motosquine-bor ka zi virus andou fnd inzi bral d an20 o nthernsatio andt mos inth e latin acameri and bbcari.eans azbr iilets so tt hos the ol gaympic thmes is summer. w weavill heuc morh mebo autth eng loomia zik virus tthrea
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> >>e peacs talk ogotffo t a st inart ge.neva a itd greeto meetit wh. u.n fi of wcialtihile sllti insisng w itould not gonee.tiatdi in mvidual oembersef thn syriaop onpositid talke with a special er membe of th envoy. >> om> a wasan wnd fou gltuiy in it brfoain oir jninghe ter tror p.grou iherells aenze pizyit wh . more>> or rep ster:ilhaquolle terd h mi fahely s was tgakiner h 1- -oyearonld sor f a hayolidn i tu eyrk e andnded up in a -c sod allemiislaec stat in sy ria.e thr-26-yeaoldim claed i t wasl al deaccintal.t budi accor ang toic pole st t,atemen slehaquil se iclf-rad balizedyie vwing ex istremrit matethal on e te inetrne , sh nwasveot nai and e shabhad lysolute clearin nstentioe beforg.leavin es imager recovroed fmer h phone ow shaqs shpouille olsing hding a ndgun aer seval have sdhoweer h ye
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sh e sten o aut i whats that e messag hto ouriner sayg the fo g.llowin t >> i nwasevery m itintenon to te enria syr but she toldti brish cepoli l theove ar ffaiwas >> d it idn' twanto be inyr s ia t bu o allef th mener we keli. is thce pla is .hell is thce pla is llhe. ep>> rr:orte thisce plaas w qq raare whequ sha silleaid she wa pts ke in aou hse wotith he rme n. uishaqollle td tecounrorter rismof rsficen wheas she wd picke up on er het rurn tota briftin aer re thnte monhs i araqqhe s ma d nagetoet g a ty urkelfa ha ami lero fem thki tur shbo. rder t>> i holdoim tp sto the car. ,0 9000 snsyriahi wch is $50, gr ab my --ry eveanthing d i n,rara n.n, ra r>>orepr:te she will be nt
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is in state reca.> >>wscbs neea has lrned that a ag chicceo poliic offhaer crged wi thri murdeng a blackge teenar as may k that hisri talmo be ved t ouheof t tyci. asit w also rleevead that of jaficer son van dy'skeh das thcam otat nki worng that night. ea as doln reynds poreharts, tt be has peen hapning l an ot ich o.icag r >>orepte tr:reheas wom sngethi inmissomg frse the doaashbrd de vif os ol fatacepoliot shoings incho.icagth sere wa no d.sounal most all chicagoad squs car vhaveideo and audioec rorders t inhe bodash aard,nly anasis ofpo ailice mcentenanog lsy b the it webse dna infohi ccago di yse analicis, whh was not eddisput byic pole aloffici s, d founic mphroonesta sshedn i gl xeove bos, briattees redemov an den ant dnasedamag on rppue.osjo rserro h cann appenyat ae. tim
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's tl pibt,pleodee belilyrate ngtryi tocu cir tmventhe sy.stem ep>> rr:orteth in hoe sgotin of la mquandcdonal01 in 24 nonef o vethe fi cerruis ts oncehe sne co re ardedudion wheff oicer so janan ve dykt shocd mdonal6 1 s.time nlesca cantedeonceats th on any vegidan y12% oef thec rrsorde tneedo be fixedut bti intenonal ru destwiction mll beeth wit pr redsiman or ensusps.sionde an ,angelo oef thic pole un bion,melagis ang enequipmt, t not he. cops e >> somofse thong this have en be in aidisrepr for aon lg atimeond t n cowome down onhe t vi indidualra ope otorsf th e hi vecle anday sha tthe tvey ha ne doet somohing t i it,nk thi, a is bit ararbitry. >> dohe tff osicerl feey theare ingettgat brehedow dnhe tir s?neck t >> ielis bdievehe t dy'ton wa o nt tbe the next viral devio. r >>teeporher: tir eurxpose is ou abt t io
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bnewody casamers aar pt of a t pilom prograifthat, essucc, sfuldcoulea sprod t the e wholforce. deanolreynds,cb " s thisrn moating: s" urday,o.chicag me tish to ouow yof some thein mornadg's hefrlines unom aro d e thglobe.he "tn bosto sglobe"aysed f eral or authhaities ve tldismaned a t violenetstreg ganha tt cr re muitsrsembem froh hig olschod s anowfollhes tes arr t 5 ofop6 pen le oayfrid.ey th p werefart on ant eiserpre at thll aegedly soldru dgs and rr caouied mt fiversurdeth in e st boreon asia unghe macantes d eskniv and ch.ains>> n> "thek ew yor rtimes"tsepor okfaceboll is puheing tg plu on pe o-rson-t gpersonesun sal on oits tw main sites. nsunliceuned gal ses haveom bece la popuner onlice sin pntreside a obamunannoxeced ecutive ti ac clns toowlamp dthn on epr .acticee thycompan t says bheanpp alies tsto in maieb facooke sitnd a s itns iamtagrho ptori shang icservnde a r oelyn 1 bonilli s userepto rpoort gsstinut abo n > >> thent itierna bonalesusins me
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wer isng helpihe tas et africana ftion oen kya toak me a at stementut abo itsal illeg y ivor trade. arleondori dicapo andon eltn joh ands other plano ten attd what is al cled an tianin-poachge fir er whore ivity wh aee stralt vue of 0 27iomilllln doisars ctexpeo ed turbe bnedn i esprotf ts ontthe hu of ha im est ated,03000an elephts areil kealed each yr r for thei sk tus. >> oo a gdo way tuse itcelebry. > >> davidie bow left aed hundr ll miolion dolars t hisif wnde a tw dro chilen. is he w bhed toe atcremed. e bowiislost he battlo tan ccer tw so week ago. ashe wea 69 yrs old. as he wou geners and gave 2 nmillio to hiser psonal st assianant dno ath merliilon tos
5:22 am
eck l your wocalereath.>> ng> comi, up newev rioelatns in thebs cs newnv igaestitionf o thend wouedri waror pjeroct icwhexh posedis lavhpe sgndiny bth ite charyor far pties and nv coonentis.>> te> lar,ng goire wheo n one hason g efobe.reno tot inac spute, b deepo int the h.eartsc tsientisry are ting toll dri thall eay whr tough our pl'sanetru
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inmornatg: sy.urda" yo knu heow tic basba n rgaiofme arica isu if yoarwork hd, yoand yu dopaour rt, yo ldu shoule be abt to geah d ead anhestay aad. sobut y manlifamiones dee't fkel liir thear hrkd wos pay off. 'sthathe not t a waycameri s isseuppo od to.perate wa i o nt to go tfobat emr thry evegl sindae y. ge cot inrimes ..sing. t gel equafopay mer won... t custthe coal of hearth ce iland chred ca so e peopl cantuac gallyadet ahe. arhilliny cln,to h shehaas wt t itako es tthget onings de.
5:24 am
> cupoming rn, a buink g truc a on nseew jeryig hhwayls rol to pward aofolice anficer isd h hi vecle. e thr officehas to tryo tsc eape dathe oungeroks sme and amfles. > >> and r,lateer supiostit ant pethe sur bowl.wh omy se teamsnk thiri weang wh eitl wilng bri them luck. ilwe wl beht rig .backyo
5:25 am
inmornatg: sy.urda" ne u.s. wws and rorldt epor is rngeveali its bestis lt of th e jobs in 2016. number five i psanhysici si
5:26 am
er numb four lepeopt wan lgoodookingth tee a tonrt onthodowiist ll b nevere t ousiof buness. yo are upr surisedt it wasn' ernumb e?on t >> mheseouove arnd andhi ts is e tharye h inh ealt scareo all of h thosecaealth sre job moved o uphever tec tsh jobs thi .year t dentishenear t top leaast yr. i so at's hseor ra.cebu int a m oorne in the sense of mpcoetthition llat reays i a wh teole cafgory o jobsin movg fo rward.
5:27 am
t well,j.ogechnoly.60 % tech.nologyl alseof thot sor ofs job that re tlate toheal digit rlwod. y>> if aou'rear pentoo lkingt a ndthis aan you wot t help steer ur yo childnt io ad goog payin b, joar what e oneth of es thing arwe lened? e,scienct? righ>> ce scien and .math teyou ha --at eou yr brliocco. youe havdo to ou yrh mat me hondwork a comes tghhroury evesi obngle jn ithe top0 2s i ie sclance-reted.yo tu can' be acun oconpatial ap therthist wi aoutac bunkgrod in st statiics and mpcos.uteru yo d'ton havtoe e b raocket
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5:29 am
wabackowrd tpoard clice oarsn id fronay, lie poffce o ticerriedto e mov his car to eescap butt i ll fied withke smond a head ho t ouget ats t theruckle rold ac trossighe h ahwayndfe sufdre no mir riinjues. re >> pbetty unlelievab. ofthe rfice ctouldn' gethe tar c rin gea fast enougho s he said, t letme jus run.wh wat iavould hee don too. >> es the bont opti iso t run. t heng ongoi csbs new st inven igatioof the wounded iowarrecr projptt promed a qu onesti inda thursy t'nighs bl repuican de.bate t >> justoday, a wounded warriorga oronnizatine desigod tp hel un woteded vendrans air the mi faslies ig comin undere fir aifor rensing ts of msillion of ar dolluts, bnd spelming aost lf ha oft than ol travend a ho tels ainnd dndners ay luxur sh lavife g takin o caref vseteran is a hu gess ithue in ent coury to he lp so manyho w have sanerved dcr saedificmu so ch.if er you wide presulent wo d youli posece thety chari ni orgas zationaythat s tarhey e g helpinvets?>> co of
5:30 am
n caonbe dhee at t, state local d anrafedel tolevel th do rse fitut dye of th next es profident u thed nite states f isix the mess in the de ntpartmete of ve ransiraffas. a >> rnothereespons to our iginvest cation,harity ganavi ator,na natiolat evaluor haof cesriti put thend woued wa iorr prjero octnts i watch li st. rchiphaeid e s thtelast nd fi.ings r >>teeporher: t onnati'st mos inpromveent nsterari chasty i ci faring csmtici from manore th 40 fr ormeoyemplabees hoout tw i en spords mane th 800 monilli do s llarit'sse raidhe t past six ar yes. a we mskedowark ens, a frorme ctdirefor o extax-empt ga oronnizatihes at to irs t vi reew the wounded worarri pr t'ojecx s tamedocunts. wwhatouas yigr bgestce conrnn ire gadinhe tse rmfos? ha>> tt ild couten't hell t er numb ofpl peoe that were si assted. ugi thohtt tha wasly tru us unual. t ifhe oizrgannatios iin askg r foey monnd and speing nemoy, orpurpytedlnd speing moneyo t si
5:31 am
to know. or>> repter:nd wouedri waror ecprojyst saf 80% ohe t mironey s ispent ongr proams for nsvetera's, thatse becauhe ty in eclude sommo protional emit s,di esrect rponseer advtising and pishipndng a pomag pose costs an td take ohatut and the s figurelookor mee likwhat ar chity wastchdog ainre sayg 65% to 60% goo tel hpme s.mberth ayey s theun fouding c blde cl inedud t inhe rvse.icesur yoon respse? 'd>> i c beusurioo tno koww h ki asngeo pple forey mon eesquat t tosshe ancista oefed wound ravetens. r >>teeporter: svenr gnabehas en ceo in2014.he ai was pd ,0$50000 andan my eeemployds tol us tyheho tught tit wash.oo muc enhe defisded har salyo t our rf nok olfiafliatet las l.apri
5:32 am
h tent1%of f otheat donions at the com innd a a im rngunnin a niorgaonzatit tha isel h pinghu dsndre ofus thoands of wa iorrrs. ep >> r lorter:arast ye, pww gave$1 g50,000orant t a group that s defendhigherpe snding on er ovexhead, eecutivla saries, an d fisund-ra cing eznardayzi shes t more money the ar ch ritysaise the more it can en sp d onravetens. f>> i youry onlix fnatios i dispenheng tt mos ongr pro ams at th is fngeeliut b not ce ney ssarilgodoing od.yo u canun r l aot of pamrogr ac titivindes a spend a o lotf mo ney. ep>> rr:orte c buttyhari hdwatcanog diel koboreffs say grthe isoup ti sitngn o 824 io milllln dourar splus and not gh enou spent on ravetens. >> wo it beuld pf helful i the hu ondredsiof millns of dolrsla we eire bngnt speo tp hel ra vetenns i thert sho erterm, inth , e yeartoo,r rathethan beinghe
5:33 am
ep >> r forter:r:ors "cb this g:morninda saturm y," i'chip ireidn inwashgton.>> > thend wouedor warrict proje s halystrong rteejecerd seval ofth mse clai in our report. eothe c hasot nnd respoed to mu teiniervw. > >>in comg up,he t next pr enesid tt ofnihe ustted at es co d ul nhave aew ridend a we hoknow w will build tt nexairfo tades ilmico ung t'rst, i ts timek o checyo alur locth weaer. up nextca, medils new in our"m ngorniun rods." in udclginla pys tthaak te peeopl ndbehihe tce sne of aohlcsolic on ans.ymou
5:34 am
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5:36 am
d anirhis sht. w howifar oull ye tak the alral-new riv4 hybd? yo tot'ta. le ps gocelas. t it lakes awoot of rk...unto rs thisibussne.bu ret i lallyitove . i' onm m the ovel alngday lo... d antisomeme js, idoust n'tt eawathe shy i .ould so d inkrioo b sto tt geeth trnuioitthn iatis'm m.sing bo ost lecomputte nonritinkal dri ha26s en essittial v aminsd anlsminera, udincllcing cad ium annvitami upd to strport sneong bosan rad 10 gprms of oteinelto hinp maustain mcle. wi all th a tagreat ste. doi pln't n an oinslowwng doan mey tin. soo
5:37 am
. > >>tiit is me forng"morni ."rounds cbsef chied morical cderesponnt ndr. jok lapoo andbs cs new ri contdrbutor ol. hly phpsilli. rlthe wothd healrg oatanizion esconvenrg a emeeeency mnting o ay mond tore addss theik zair vus reoutbak. thhealia officn ls waryas man as ll 4 miopion pe tle inhe asmericaco iuld bednfecte by the endf o arthe ye. s thisstory it whaon every ies lk taouing abt. er >> vy much .soth veere ha beene morthan 30 se ca zs ofikair vusn ithe un sitedbutates t t nocorantcted he anre he d all ine peopl who av treled roabered ead. iit'soun srith ame mca inany iecountrces and amntral erica in and the eacaribbn. bithe tig queswion is coll it me uto thestnited ?atesd an ther answe is pyrobabl
5:38 am
soal locra tionsmiss.n here lo in for ,stance we saw some adang an hid cenckus vire her in fl anorida d in texas. d anse theer w semall akoutbres. re the wasoneon dxp't eect to se ege larr ous,tbreak a therere tu ac aally fewreasons. numberone, mostf o uthed nite estatesncxperiees a real er wint. tomosqui'tes dond ten toe lik tw eto fe of snow. usit's jt not theirfe prerred en nmviroent.d an tsohat helps tnto coerol thpo onpulatira and r e otheonreas t ishat even when it is warmer,e in thd unite es stat, we use af lot o r- aiioconditndning ans scree in th owe sat i unlikee somof the iecountre s wher swe are aeeing degreat al of thens awer is we pyrobabl wi sll seeome rehe,ut b fu hopenolly t a lot. a>>thnyg inecspicifng beine do, n, jo p tontrevehi ts fmro re spgadinw? no >> yes.ho ntlly mea ioned ffew o emth.ey th g arengetti rid ofce plas thwhere e mitosquoesed bre and rain b tzilarhey ein tryg to ai dren thmp swas andsi ung
5:39 am
rohave pe tectivngclothi. e i agrewith holly. po he ske tony antho ifauc whos i oheadef thnf itiecousse diseas fo nir the sah and id itil w lpr obably come here but the tc ouome of aes widpread tboureakli ke inilbraz,ro pbably ke unlily. he >> ty y sat don'thgo to ese s area yifeou'rgn pre oantr what ou if ydy alrea went e?ther>> b it'ssaetter hafe tn sorry. cd the c isei berng vy clear isayingu f yotredavel tone o ofth ree areas wheik zsa i re spading and ioms predaninant d ha you ptve symoms,ym sompts in e cludr feveoiand jnnt pai andra rsh andssedne ofr you eyes wi wothin t weeks ofet r, urningu yo gshouldndo in a y seeour do ctor.bu e t th totherhing isha tt ab %out 80 p ofeople whoac contrtth eik za virus t,don'n i fact,ge syt any msmpto. if you arere pgnant and'v youe edtravella someprece whe t here is zt ika, isemakes gnse toet in ur to yo droctond a get an youll wi s takeound andak m seure er ev iything ws finee ith thbabyan d, ifnot,he tany c taket nex st eps. >> 1 thete2 s aps oficlcohol
5:40 am
tlcounopess pehle wit their dr pinkingsroblem help .them m forany ofs u thehi flowsploeliswship era mysty. i >>'m johnnd a'm i an ho alcolic. or>> rephater: ttit greeng by ll bin, wilso the f oounderf ho alconolics anymous isal centr to ry eve aa e play "bill wnd a dr. bob" s tell theto sry of wilsonnd a dr . bob sm ith.>> a you gin'tupiving on me, ? bill ep >> r uorter:ynlikelng meeti be eetwthn woe twe betheen t sp oringf 3519. >> ec and bseau oft whahe ty ta bolked aut in akron, ohio, asthat w b the oirthf aa. >> te repor sr: dr. tevenmabirdn wh eso writer und the menam ne el samu shamth is e ayplhtwrig. e thh birtof aa,s why ithat rtimpoantn ifor you? t >> iis theos mtce suclssfu -tlongtrerm eneatm t of co alcsholi. or>> rephyter: wu do yothink ithats?
5:41 am
e essencof aach whiil blnd a bob ov discwhered, tich isy he onlin thatg th can keep a drunk so anher drunk. ep >> r forter:shor tam,heto sry isonpersal. n>> i myie patnts and iny m ndfries and iny m own feli,e i'v tseeneshe dtitrucndon a'v ie tseenhe g.healin id use aanc pris iplein my tipracndce a one day, said, y,he y doavou he a prm?oblean -d tond- a i said, w well,hy tdon' yout jus stop. >> or rep yter:yoou, lfurse? >> me. i'and eeve b rn inerecovry fo 26ye ars. theea rson that ie havbeen de cadi ttedo this pyla is ebecaus tishis y mvi serce to the aollcohic coitmmuny. >> i'm a drr!inke ep>> r aorter:ega ban when bill on wils f, away hromome and de e speratto stay sober,ed ask a l locaorpast for a list of kedrin wrs whoisould lten to hisor sty ander undstand his st .ruggle
5:42 am
. bob h.smit>> ze boo t ishe .glueto eld m thtogeer. w >>thhat eseuy gs dierscoved, wh isich angmazi in 1935 isha ttal licohossm i a deaisse with alphysic andch psyalologic and ir spelitual aementsndo had t be d treate tin allrehree anas. or>> rep bter:sut it' aje subct barelyer coved ined mical ol schos. t >> tha firstnight, i get te plasred!a ic medteal cenrpo snsored the ay plur's c rrentun h anda eld mi sesnar a a tineachgoo tl to lp he stdemy tifyhe prm.ogra i >>abt's youtanou c't do it seyourndlf a a howre y gouoing to ask for helpm froom seone el ser o sngomethi else outside yo ?urself y>> areouli wil jng tooin us?>> or rep ater:ollcohisism edcall aea disse ofla isotion be e causreyou't jushe treit wh yourlebott. at thha's wist thla py owshs. hoit s jwsustow h farow dn thesegu erys wnde a then howy thecl baimbed tck outr.ogethe >>gm stias iuc sh a huge ob prlem.17 on millica ameriuln adtse hav an ol alcoh useis drordeut b manydo
5:43 am
e theris aa stigm ando seo pple feelasdhame and don'tet gel hp n'and do ht getroelp fmir the ofamilyier ais is ,huge huge m.proble >> greatstory, jon. >> the orhisty, too, h ofow it l alettargased wy ver stintereing. yothank . u both a gevoyae to thto botm of e th bsearingsac b tkheig bstge ec pi te ofhe easrth' crustr eve fo und. ea ahd, e""timin magazr e'seveco dinclung --ff jencrey coerluding onhe t orhistriic dgllinpe otiraon.yo wu'reinatchbsg "cs thimo srning:y.aturda"onkcclgeudin tr onhe st hi doricinrillerg opn.atio yo reu'ch wat"cing hibs t s rn mo sing:daatury."onlcudclr ingeheon t orhistriic dg llinatoperion. u' yoatre wg chin t"cbshis mog:rninur sat"day.ucudonclr ingeheon t hi icstorri dinllatg oper you'in watch tg "cbshhe tri histoc g klugheon tto hisdrric ngilli er opn.atio u' yoatre w"cching s bs thi mo g:rninur satday."egth on ste hiicorri dinllg op yo reu'at winch"cg tbss hi inmornatg: sy.urda"rgth on ste hi doricinrillg iooperatn.yo atu're w"cching hibs ts rn moating: s"urday.n ohithe icstorll drig in
5:44 am
you >> th> tee waher iresve or two mi les epde. butha tt ship isri dgllin into th tte boom,bt ongaini sesampl of ds mu and rksoc forci sfienti c al an.ysis n>> i 1961,en scististll dried aho le io nttheae ocoon flfr of li carnfo cia'sstoa. eythop hoed t bakrehr toughhe t h' eartts crus and reach the bmantleeneath but they . failed ow>> n s otherstcientis are
5:45 am
o-twhmontxp eneditioan oce rn retuy s toda swithesamplo t ck unlo someth of e earth's ep deest klffrey einoi jns us. oo >> gind morng. ou >> y knowen scicere scas . me>> re scaes m too. ut>> b, keli, itoe d'tsn seem a liked gooa ide toll dri into e th ocoreef thea rth. at whes com out?wh at ahere tndy fi ing? er >> hhee is t. thing nkwe thi if you dllrit thap dee u yoepop thth earnd ae w will su ddenlyatdefle. e wherrethey a i goings the nt machle whi is %85f otheth ear t sogehe lararst ptth of e earthwe know n aothingbout. y ifetou go int a deepug enoh rt pae of th w oceanherehe t t trushiis toun engh, youan c tu ac sallyofort et g ad hea t stariland drln dow into an f area oeathe rthre whe you get is pramtine shaples tt haven't se igen lhtce sinhe tes earlit odaysef thar sol system. he >> tary stted this in 6119 andgo
5:46 am
at wh haedppen?>> y theathad tackre bwnakdos. so fngundied dri . up>> l weost tein?rest e>> w lost uy was gsn ir silvere pssure s suitor hnrougnecks ori dll bo itcompetion. ha>> we ove hadamther sples of e th crustrebefo. swhat i endiffert? >>ha we aven'tyctuall gnotte o down tthe ma.ntle h wegoave cltten ose. whand heat ty haven gotte to on th stis fir peexonditith, is rs fid t rounimthis te was about 30 2,et0 fen dow w ihichadsn't b e becaus cif youanet g 1.6 milesdo u'wn, yothre in e mantle. t sovehey han gottelo csern tha b ever aeforeeand alrhedy ty t.brough e thst largeie pce ofst crual ma alteri t soehey ar lornge mor t abouruthe tst as well. t >> whaeare win hopgo tin fd in this? h >>ere is a ce ouplof atfascining .things t firs, of allcseismite senncecistentisow kn y whenou getel bow a n certaivelel, sngomethiha tt
5:47 am
w it'shereic seism waves speed . up y ifrnou leaor me about those cseismi waves you canea lorrn meou abrtt eakehqua ys andou can alsoay mbein fxtd ereme life rm fo ds thateep wndo. >> ll reay? w sorehat ahe t lifeor f tmshey k? thin>> av you he life forms on earth th atve survi inme extre vi enenronmndts ad locke in se dertoc r.kshe t're, issi posble youl wil nd fi o formsef lif d that ieepn th he eart that live on mneetha li and ving onne metha is ala pce forra ext trierrestalat creeses. >>ac fane two d hwhat appensnecks?xt? y >> theothave g hten aalf a owmile dnen and ed to get to a le mi and61. m ailesnd fleeha tt couldpe hapn by 2020. >> ahere tnyre ait excing icpredtionha w ttheyht mig ?find a >>, gain htheope is,ir ff st o
5:48 am
e thar sol steysm in itsli eartes as thte is maharial t httasn' th w is aay w thatilliv ge us e a sens wof whene go out tohe t on mo anden tight aroundat surn d an wwhenoe gut oo tthemo on, th arese ehe tin kd ofrg o anisms ou we clold be okingfor. i >>'t can imaginehe tri dllit b e ontohas have. om >> shoe of tllse driar bits e en brokse becauet you g d towno e brittlalmaterit thasclogt i an brd you eak a tool,e wo gto ac wae hardndre a buy a new one wh but ouen y a'real hf ail me in theoc ean,s it'ar hder to get a il drl bi t. wi>> we lll telou y why the nv de ercobrons,t wha ttheynkhi of
5:49 am
thwire ingendiikts lase ro tedlnhazeanuts cod coa, dethe oulicists ta ne oflautel s takeakpanco es tola whwe neve lel. ma ake dny aayca panayke dh witnu a tellad- spreap the hpy! si'ved mokea lotd an lquit aot, t buupended re nowhe. usnow i .e this cothe niq derm ch,patc uwithexnique edtend re telease gychnolo, he evlps pre ent thurge s tollmoke a day. ti wantmehis ti myto be t las.time atth's i whyos choe nideco crmq. elenamyo is teur s eth'tfirsne life of dense. ilbut dangy eatidr and cinkingkean mawe it ak. cotry e lgat henamelealth.
5:50 am
s togttrenenhen amelurfoes timte betr. lg coamate enltel heah. st , rongery health.enamel so "tng: s hat'"life ng soha: "tlit's "fe : songt'"thafes li" fe" th lat's ife. u yoyodiet. ciu exerse. an yd iftiou seell nlpd he riloweoung yoor blgad sur... hi...t js isarandice. on althg wian diet cid exerse, rd jawoiance ourks ar cnd thelock l toloower bugod s iartsn adul th wi2 type esdiabet. w it borkslpy heuring yo body rto getsoid of thme of gae suoer it d nsn'teed ro thinugh urn.atio c thisp an helloyou wersublood r gaa1and c. aland ithoughtt's nowe for lightossor in lowerolg systooic blsud presre,ja e rdianchecould h lp wit.both ja iarde ncn cae causrisesious efde s fectudincldeing athydrion.
5:51 am
fa orint ht lig,headed w orupeak taon sg.ndin siother ecde effts are l genitat yeasfeinct,ions ar urint y tracfeinnsctio, ch geanris in u, nation dn kibley proems,an ead incrd sed baescholl.tero n doe ot takncjardiayoe if e u ariaon dlysis orse have kverey idneleprobms. op stin takrdg jae ianc and ycalldoour rctor aightway ouif ye havtosymp omsanf rg allectic reaion. tosympayms mlu incrade swsh, ngelli, diand ulfficrety bngathi s orowwalling. ki ta jnganardiitce w h aonsulfeaylurin or nsuli ma usy caw e lod bloor.suga ytellr ouordoctbo aalut e l thcimedis netayou ke ifand ou yav hane ydimel candcoioit.ns so k talouto yctr door, d anr fotades,il si viiat ffwe o wered aomenst myauery beatty trement. mwhateiade th r mskindiore raant? ?!what wait! donlys ove ha1/4 tumoisngriziam cre. thsmoo dewiny sk. do yove, daur beily auty
5:52 am
b is etk knocooon wd ha >> ttnd sous go.od ke ta arfe. >> c you san'tpellst superition ou withort spts. fromsu lch coa les mesiltr sange hasnack >> an i c tyoell eu thra gsst a ti tagers s tdiumaste . best >> o t eyhock'shy bus pyola ff d.bear k >> iopnow pele from my tohomeavwn hete b terdsbear. >> oa cchndes ale ath wtesill do an ngythi fortl a litte bi of go odmo .jo nt so eer theen dverro bncosho w no and unce wthis teekwihey ll twear wheirhite jysersen i su boper 0.wl 5 t'>> iaps snpedve or theea hdf o yt pemaon g!nnin r >>r:eporte w after earing iorangeirn the cgrushin t losso thewk seahas in 1420!>> nk thau. yo ep>> rr:ortero the b hncosope wh the jeite wrseysill cehang rtheik luc andhe t stats a oren r theiside. brthe s onco are0-4 inhe t big ga heme wnri weang or.ange
5:53 am
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5:54 am
we, the e,venu if youk looat ait as rccile, theen vue di s videgsthin up. mb nu,er oneou y have ait ltle pl tace inirhat ccleha tts i go sing tosay it'oi gng to the pe hoople w are lvinvoheed, t om pr toters,duhe prothcers, e tsagenr, ou fr iends. ne onli.y whthcan't iney fd thepl peoe wo uld who are paterpetringth is? >> maulti,telyy the could.i isaythe all t time, ch te nologytpouaces theaw l er evngy sile ck in 0720,he ts cap otn wha ti etckcos suld beold for,he tsepr n ices otop,he ty wereif lted an rd the feasonorif ltingm the s wase becauis leg tlators houghtth ouat y would m haveore mp coioetitn ifhe tre were no . caps r so, foplexame,f iokyou lo at bi ortor rbitz oce pri lineor f an ai tirline ycketouoo lcrk aoss pthe tond a sayl i'l takehi ts hione, ts one,t' is tat wasahe ide of lifting the . capsw
5:55 am
g liftinthe w caps,ndho wou up hebeing lped?no rpe cow the nss umer ihurt. d aneathe rorson f thats i ca beuse of notechlogy. b >>ut itnd sous like the at gtorney ieneralpis steppng u th for ume cons aer in big way. >> bigy.wa >> t whahe is doing?>> what he isay sings i this. ai he sbed, numr e,on look. th e x,bo which ist wha tehey ar ll sathoueynd, thll are iegal. w sogoe are ging toteo af r . them so u,yo the sllegi,atures let'sgo get ami crinal pey.nalt w then whate lareoongki at is e th tufure.wh arat we eoi gng tveo ha is wear g e goinavto hcae ps. oudo ynk thiyo when u esare prtiden byou'll ae paids much yoas if au wereal man-me...? s this i tone ofobhe js erwheye the havayto p youe th.same t buarthere ane so mply exames e wheroethat dsnap't hpen.i' inm goo g to dhieverytanng i c to su make ryre eve woman ryin eveet job gs paid methe sa...
5:56 am
i'arm hilltoy clinn d anovi appr me thisgeessa. we balcome "cck to s bs thimo srning:daatury."
5:57 am
>> v'maitina .nairco uminghip tlfs har houa pre pr re feach soriean dgo crghaers ns fa. ey thl willa pyn ian sgo die next ar ye c butldou deecid m tooveo t anlos sgele telar. > >>owe g t onheea rloa bto t gethe tl reary stoeh bd inthe newov mie "finest urhos. >> ut the fures iea strming along i hes ndsuancem filti fesval andsh ouow y howat therical as relees. >> onlywo t daysem refain bore owthe iacu causesnd ala hilry in clton isac fingew nst queions e crwas seety aratof ste.a newup gro of els-mai was re edleas byhe tta steep denartmtwh saich hays tt 22 ofhe tm co n ntaitopec sret ate stepe denartmt ssay tseho e- wemails otre ned label as siclashefied wn they were sent. he >> ts newdcoul not comet a a wo merse ti forla hil try dwo ays
5:58 am
anwhat ce wxp eect on ndmoay? il phumip bp ise herit w ah pr w.evie c whatan wexp eect to halfthafter is? n >> ioothe r pmeeoplat debing th wi a oneernoth andem dc ocrati aside o lotwaf syingpl peo te oon nde caatidre o theother.un alikel normact ele wionrehe th somekeing lis thiin comg this p lateeeopl n mayot hearbo aut it. ofa lot e peopl hwillabear out is the in th room onon mdaynd a a oflot pl peoine say tg ahis is li y abilitforil hlilary c nton heover t longm ternd a i think ul cofed aferct hes chanc in a cl raose ce. >> j can iust say i'm so glad af ister th longwl crae we ar ll finagy goino trt stag votinn o thsomeing?>> 'r youghe rit. >> youmay. >>'s letk looats thial pivot me mont rehe. sbernie handersasd sai heas h in to wow ia and namew hpshire if as he h a cechan, coecrrt? sa>> he t,id tha yes. no i'm et surt tha issa necesrilytr ue but hein defitely- -s it' i moretampornt fimor ho tin wn i waioha thin arllcly toin n.>> he tta sorkes f hillary in es
5:59 am
itms seery hillaee ndso t winio wa and pblrobay won't win new ha e mpshirebecaus bnier sersande ve lixts neor do.wa io and npsew ham ahirehire wtest fates torhe draemoctic y.partth sat idv ageanta fousorer bnie er sanddos who tees betitr wh e whit.voters ki thinni bereae r nllyeeds to winwaio, in rtpa b,ecause down e th,road he is goingha to ve o lessf a shotng winnita stes at the havs lesdense white tipopulaon. w >>d e heararhim elierg jokin he isnc engouragie peoplo t ki vdnapsoterec rziogniheng tre nmayot beha tt biger aft voter tu t.rnou is the age a bigto facr for ? that y >>eah.i hithink s ppsuort,s he ha a slot ofrtuppom froer young vo ndters aer younger votnds te tu rnut oes lsnd apo suprort fm lepeop h who'tavenon d tehis be ndfore as caucuesprocn s ca be nfcoinusang did ulfficd t anyo u ve ha t to gohere a whilean i op pe ale are wrguingith one an rothe and aot a l of rnseaso h toopave pele miunfa wliarith pr the beocess thee corr of you stspoipp suort. >> en i havee't bn to .iowarn bedeie sanhirs i tnk has a
6:00 am
>>hatyo do hiu tnk will haen? ll wire the be ckbalash from um tr dp notgecidinbe to aar p t t ofashe lbat dete? i >>'t donif know e wan cr answeth at y mangsthinoi gng on. s ad andpl peoe sintartg toot ve it 'sto hard te isolane out o in thg. in i th hk itad aiv positeec efft im of h forng keepihe t er convonsatiut abo t him his ek we.i ththink tee deba n wasotoo gd fo crr ted uzhi wchs i hisn mai et compriition w.ght noso hi i tnk thatt ibl probay was lp her ful foothim n to bere the i but k don't tnowhate wwill er evy reall know covenclusily. >> are iowand a h newhiampsre g gointato sort tle c tarhe blrepu icand?fiel ou>> ye hav tohi tnk .so ghrit?ve i'ed learnr betterythan t to ke mact prediurions dings thi ti elecleon cyct' but is hard formi huke eeckab toov merd forwa d anmsay i'e viabl ifhe tony d'tdo in well waio. d i woulinimaghee tld fie will ea clr to some teexnt. d >>feo you el the iowa cseaucus nebeeifit ther m partyore?is ha it orrder fr eithey?part
6:01 am
be are tter at doing srgrasootsy tu trnout thingsephan rnsublica ar e. ini thowk ia andew nhi hampsre e ar craftre to anpublic s inte trms ofs here it more aestak e for thicrepubldans ant didn' pl ap ty tohe dtiemocrac side so i wethink d shoulsee more inhappenheg on tli repubcane sid tover shertho term. >> nt as ahony desi f,inallyom seme mo. ntum in >> fally. ha >> t,nk you p.philli > >>the nextre psident may a getri n de ieth newir ace forne o an eid boilng wl be mgakin it. t weookou y forn alu excsive hi behend tne sceoos lk ae t th esproc ps ofasurchthing e pr idestien ale.plan w notheir ace for hasrd awaed e th firsttr con oactf the og prrachm whil willu incde yi bung andyi modifng a 747 ai ftrcra. e thencurrt a firorcene oan beg se inrvice 9119 wheneo gw.rge h. sh buas w prenesidt. > >>arthere e newsi tenons in th oue snath chi seas thi g.mornin a. u.s warshipd sailese clo to asm allic artifialsl iandim claed by incha,ut b also claimed by
6:02 am
one pseasdit whin 12ti naucal mi lesf othe ndisla.ey tho had nhi chinese seps wer in ghsit. >> m> this,'orningpes oonratiy b u. the ak wingp u in auv je enilntdete fionitacily inte dexas espitei fleng the co y untrlast month tovo aid et me wingitish h ponrobati ceoffir.he ff was oy iciall ibookedn ft. rt woh on skey ao t tporansrt himo tis h 13 20 dnkru denvirionng cvict. dgthe jude coul rule onha tt qu rextest neh. mont h coucinwas edvolv in a wreck atthef l ftrou ppleo edead. th l'e nfsha csrgerl wil playin d san tiego chisgomin onseas. gecharanrs flls wi a be tbleo watch them tea dg urinthe6 201 se wasonhilehe t teamks talh witof
6:03 am
t ifcahey rn't aeach deal, the gecharavrs hige s anedn emagreento ty plan ios les angel 01 by 29 andha sre aum stadi th wiere heth tms ra. > >>ora maj tupseth at e raaust tlianopennis en. na seream willis wastu synned b rb cufer oma gerndny a ends her un enbeatea strt k athe to meurnant. rb cuaser wyi plang i hner first l finain a major.wi msllia wasin tryg toie t st effi'sgrafpe on eraec rord of 22nd grala sngm sitiles a wastrn exinaord arytcmah. i >>rd heaer ssaena eythverying isnow icing on herak c teoe tak tawayrehe pessur but yavou he mato inegi s stillo much pr reessu. >> an you cow see hra gsciou she wa hes at tf end o theh.matc a -fhardt oughlebattwe beten es the two.>> ch> mi aaelndnd ieicat apchman nare towhe proudwn oers of thisac bliak fset uds a oneth of e po obpe miles dgurin frs'anci
6:04 am
nn wibiing sd wa ,08200t a a k blac re ca wasd soln i 11in mutes te afrei recving bidsro fm 19 trcoun ies.>> w ironde if ist'ik lehe t e mostvexpensiia ft ever ?sold up nexth eac ntwi per,ark ci utty, fah,ills uph wit nor sk iers and swbnoeroardsnd a now yw holl oood isscn the tene ofhe an sundce ivfestal. w weowill sh you someth of e be ndst ideepenient
6:05 am
s rn moating: s"urday. y ifeeou nvid adce r fo byouresusin s,le oogalzs m ha byourack. ouusr trneted oftwork or att neyss haidprovuied ge dancto er ov,0 10000 op peusle jket li. you si vigat leoolzm y.toda thele hegal oulp y c can oountn. lzlega loom. hegaliselp here. yo reu'ac unp aking?lready , yeah mhelpe sfindmuome gs. su re. ee(b p) ..hey. o.k. th ey'o.ll d
6:06 am
t eshe brtt paki of wa un' p so er, whe oudo yt wanrtto sta ? thi isink th is apr gettyplood ace. fo is inlgers cu your p si phnce tail s trtedgakin te os-fo bilex,'s heic notg in da realreiffe nce h inoiis jomnt c.fort elas wl hasgheineteled lsvef o je ab hctilumtiia ions n jint usys7 da, yo oiur jomnt c cforte an b your d' kiscs dirtomfo. te os-fo bilex.
6:07 am
>> nd> 32ua ann lndsuanceil fm st feraival w tps upwomorro in . utah pe leopon crgveone the ski so ren rt towtrto disibute some he of tne best epw indendent esfeatur. ericvidas, mganaginto edir is wi th .us
6:08 am
et>> nflix andzo amand playe a robig ndle a tbouiddinge som of th gese bi udstios? y >> theghbrougst baon of meyo t cesundan thisarye. last yheear, ty't werened invit to p the aartynd this yeary the re weth at ye part andna sgged a lo ft of bilmse eforduand ring the ivfestal. oneov mie """manhe csteschbyter the a. se" wtheytoant a be bigla pyer at su bndanceutet n wflixants to t ge oto thez rsca. h >>sow doeha it chenge te? gam>> nk i thiot a lth of eseov mieswi e ll fme om the n willot be inan my rstheateus but jt be on nex.tfli i >> ds thatleesirabou if y're adi arectort'nd iurs yo film? >>ll sma movie goingp uga ainst mmthe suer ocbltekbusrs, ift' is b
6:09 am
es movito tend wantbe to on as ma eeny scr ns aspolessib. aw we s nixetfle tak ea"bst of nona "tiont lasr yea and that dn di't get anysc oar mi noonnatis.i kthin not being on,0 200 reschuens tsrt i ceshanc aet th ird "bth of the tinaon" ne xtflied trio tid b $20 monilli afor ittnd los thatid bec bause reits dictord wantebe to on sc2,000 reens. w >>ishat this movie t?abou hi >> tths was e bgeigst sryto ou t pey aid617.5il m flionor it an rd aecordl at alfilm fe alstivd s anled on al rea life or sty. s i waheat tmi preere ofhi ts mo vie.i thsaw i'ing erve nev seen fo bere. dia stanvang o ftion for the ilm re befot i n.begaen wh ited endry eve wbodyas up on f theirroeet the ugh thed cr iits tny he bwhich black wh sich isngomethie i'v never en se at sucendanef borer o any fe istivalen've be .to
6:10 am
and etm righ rappealowight n weith th stoscar uff. >> f one o youril fms o outf sun toshortsncp dase ig sin street ic whh is fromec dir jtorohn rn candey ae gavushe til fm e. "onc">> is this g areomat cofing ge a vi moe. it'ssweet. a taboy srts aoc rkd ban to woo his frgirl.ienda glot ofreat '8 i0sns thi from muthe isicn this.ea grigt orinalsi muc. adthey hwo the t boysro f m the t filmlahat pyed theta guir and edplaygs sonm fro theov mie af arterwds. s iaws thiil fmt a0 9:0a.m. andt goa wild sgtandin ovation.00 9:yo a.m. owu kn g youot th someouing y can brag about. >> u tells about "ft.ligh" hi>> t msovie ison chricle and ma ironetn mes etsociy. bulow adgetbout aee str t ma rc cianumstces gi ma.cian ithise s the movie wherthe di orrects goe tfrom thiso aig b rhsupemoero aviend rdsemin me
6:11 am
ot anloher wud btgeie movt a an sundce and went from that to as "jurwosic "rld. th and rgey emee and go on to sdirect tome ofgehe bigst vi moesal of l . time >> ail fmle cald ss"swi armman man"? ei >> wmordest vie. wacast-abey vi forit. mhe atran sanded onn asl iand d anndbefries a d cead torpsehatwa shes .ashoreir wee d movitathat srts offit whem thin ridg daniel'sps coree lik t a jeskiue and fledda by niel'sat flulencefl ceatulen . f it'stiascinam ng fil aabout wh man lso fal ine lov with his n owioisolatn and m inanyer oth de was, it's a st-uraight wpeird e!movi he >> warn i he wd theyere makingmo a vie ojof a liurnast of who
6:12 am
s >> thi ois one sf two otoresn ri chs stine' th is a nae.rrativbe rellcca hala perys h and she is sa sen itional fn thisd ilm anso mber and sad look a tthis wo homan w yhas,w,ou kno bipolaran d hasom ssue isndes a bkac in th e 0s'7y nobodai pttd a ention ha to tt kindf o f.stuf tshe istorying a getadhe in wothe rld ofis telev aionnd she gekeeps kntting docked aown nd elyou feor fer h and just a nt faasticer pceforman from be rehacca ll. >> en documtaryn oorthe fmer di in we. er>> ou y'veev neeer bisn thse clo pto aicolitcaal s bndaleefor d an theyol flowny anthone wei rwh isen he un rningor for may andha tlfway ahrough sexting an scthdal akat breous t.yo tu geid insee thpa camign and u yotoget seeha wppt haensn whe aca sndalak bresut oit whin a ca gnmpai.ho hew do tley hand ?it u' yoehre bosind clrsed doond a yo u're in hisme apartnt with
6:13 am
haagic c iractersn thi film. re you eeally f hl forernd a you secan wehatis this ng putti her ro thug ah andnthony ,weiner at on ent poi -- >> ur i'm sprisedy thet didn' say stopinrollg. >> theil fakmmersk aimed h why yoare etu l mting feilms? thi p >> u tnexthey callt i a idsuiceon missi forou yngoa cst gu nard me in a s bmalloat arch igingthnto eee tthf o a mo ounstrors stom tes rcueoz dens oforsails. he "tes fint urhos" is now a mo tvie bull we wil tel t youhe ro y o store when waccome r:nounces thin portios of "cb orthis mspning" d onsore by ta toyo . legot's ce plas! ja drmes e ovs hi hrav4dybri in heto t fn rozeerwild.ness tht e scen jof histterky a ractedhu a wngryfpolacndk behi him. to sviur ve,he o had t fremainesearls. he ld wouwi hunt thm. the d anpaexndhe t tirtoerriry. 'd he fa orm bond thwi aol wmef nacad ac..lia. .b ..e ecommoden ther d anthnurse yoeir ung. s jame ileftarn se ch ofhi xts neen adv.ture
6:14 am
yo toleta. pt's golaces. ywhencoour akld m wes youish... .. c.youtaould sy... n ...ialbed y.l da.. .y..eeou ne d thr ne afw therrelu expmassx. th wee po fr tol eeerbett. jei'm berry hell ton sec d.d anjei'm berry hell trd thi. i' kem liig a br beaheand 'sy mli cttleub. isthtl lity e guonis np.-sto 'shelw as aynghaouing wit isth hie frnds. yo gu'veo ot trebe prepa sd toit athe tdg e ye ofseour ndat a bey readetto g up. e'ther "s no cdeep souchngitti." nidefi ntelyooot gr d foacmy bk. ithise s th ipartll rean'y do tli rke hightere. rb(dooell) twhat'shat? cka paage! it s's aerwiffje wett. lmit afeost liels t'ke ivis mo ngit.self isthki is f nd ofun. th omat c fesro fm my? loor! eww th s is ide cepchouit sngti. ry[jerl belii i] epdeou c schtiit!ng tt gee ing tht righitnutrn iochea is day ta impor nt,bu kit drin eng anfuntire izll s e tinutrirional dnk e can blea chalnge. ewtry n boostmp coact ut nritirional d
6:15 am
in t halfe he sizerof oth ut nonritiral o bo st accomp ft iswiilled th 10 ms graot of prein, pl 26us am vitd ins anlsmineranc i cluding aalciumamnd vit,in d tolp heet you gut the nrition y eou ned. y tr b newoostco tmpac nu iotritdrnal toink day. s thibehas ifen medoracts f o yhey,'rouine go dg toeao grt.
6:16 am
> >>rewe a g all toingivo l eto budie at weotre nng goie hom ouwithlt al ofhe tse >> ha tt isey cas n,sherma -a hnest."ours whe tasngalki about bernie we whber o sixad decgoes a led a ew cr ofou fr c oastargu odsmenffca
6:17 am
edey sav 32 msariner from de o ath wh cweretaugh i an leterrib m.stor at>> or rep ter: e >> w tneedito h it rdha. y >>h,ea aslway a way.>> or rep iter:s t waaor nte'easrso la helsciou itpl s ait 0- 50 foot10on,000-til or tanke f in halanden sthe t crew of the s shipincramblg forhe tir this is oe halff ndpeleton?>> towhe b iosectn. ep >> r 6orter:s 4 yearand a melifeti m ofieemorers aft that tt biruer febyar day, oneou snd s stayit whme forr cstoa ar gumedsmen rl gujow wadho me it he to t bship's mowiles away om fr the >> ou i cld hearho tsear cgo s tanklirumbong t this daynd a g doin.this , boom, boomboom. sa i ohid, by, ban', dou t yosinkno w! r >>teeporigr: ereht cmew n, in
6:18 am
ghthoutbe to n itheow but b e to sa. ve i >>mb cliped u onoa brd and went up th ae was manas psed out adde. ep>> rr:ortee no ontmade i out oft thati secon alive?>> no . r >>r:eporteis h b festriend tt baled to getn ohe trn ste ve seralht nigsfo bere. h>>e's sngendiut o out to die. >> he toa c gstrduaou say yav he to gout o. ey th i dooous y hav teoe com ba inck . r >>teeporher: te htai'm n le i a1962 wndhahat ppened on the ro fes ciou iseass nowov a mie ristar cnghrise pinas bbweer. e thas m ssivetorm tore out the bo cat'spaomssnd aye plad havoc twithadhe r aiondha sedtter the as glnds wildshie k andednockut oth e engine, e.twic he>> t einng edied! g>> it!ot i i >>'t ain i gott.>>
6:19 am
ep>> rr:ortere the n wasohe lp. no upback.ju oust fr men, none orve the age of 25 .24in ibcredthly, aney maged tod finth een pondlet stern and 33 n,me de atsperoe tap esce theri cppled in sinkg ship. e- onneby-oe, thai slorsmb clied a ginyratadg lder down t tohe li fe .boat theoa cssteeav sedll a butne o wh llo feth into eae s an nedrowd. nd>> a atthkn, i ow, has erboth fed allour ofho tse guys t thatheyos lt one. ep>> rr:ortee berni awas mi erniston's s? ea>> yh. ep>> rr:ortein def lite atlite it faomh frbo avet tha night? >>e h says . that ep>> rr:orteme 36 ran cmmed r undethe -f36oot atbo,lt bui r fo just willutitho a ascomps,be webr
6:20 am
on>> d y'touiv ge up hope on me now!we wgeill t roth ugh. ny>> awhone woill see thism fil oowill lhak at ttt boand a say . no kn you eyow, thnk thi they 'tcouldn dato th. dtheythid at. ep>> rr:ortee i'v obeen tnhat atbo. >> h. yea>> or rep iter: t issmall! 's itel unbblieva te to ahinkll of se thopl peodee ma it on th ere. w >>yohen ntu wa to ,live ylou'l find a y.wa>> or rep ster:hio t ts ishe mo fa us?boat>> is this he t . boat>> or rep wter:sie vi ttedhe re edstor50 36n0 o caped dod cod is tht pasbeoctor. ntvolu leers dikeickid rer edrais$2 0025,0 to save theol bt prand veeserhe t le.gend oudo yr evenk thi'r youooe lking t ou thee sam wwindo those four ew cr mene? wer ale l th. time ep>> rr:orteh wit the. u.sst coa gubaard eand l tdingheay whe t e'moviprs ieemre dkeocd myonda in hwoollyndod a andy fi ratzgeld, thet lasf o 'swebber
6:21 am
etcarp and his tmaraderkin w as fl jhing austs btrigh as the racames. t>>ishis it exccie ex btingut qnot auitesxc einitghe tht nig enwe wnt o the boat. ep>> rr:ortein durfig g,lmin gefitz araldnd gieuthris vited e themovi set to . go>> hae's ig b arst. ep>> rr:orte m andet the toacrs, udincling pine,ey casle affck and ericni baster. hein t vimoe,ut ghrie isd playe by e bon p.apri chpis alne c yledou aiv le wwireikho les toe jok ouarnd. ywereheou tiv leir weth at e st n?atio i >> still am. >> te repor cr:ghattin withim h w thisuteek ofside o his home eoutsid of boston,ut ghriead h a k quicbacomeorck fse thoho w th oinknlyly holwoodte wri rs d coul dreamp u a dramae lik is th. >>hi tiss a movie thats i e mak r thateescu ando t get methose n inas w tifantasc. w it jas ustt.grea or>> repndter: ath to isy,da cthe goastuard callst ihe t gr
6:22 am
el i bveie it is, ep>> rteorr: "the fesin tho urs" os wh leacegy isow n ti.meless r fo "iscbs thng morni: rdsatuaray," mk rtalbe, in acmasss.husett me>> 36 n in a 36-foot boat. ve i logu what ,s said y whenou nt wali to ve,l you'lin fd a way. i >>sn't it true howea rlitys i of moten reer inttieshang tn ct fiion? es>> y. > >> ucomenep xt,he t .dishun mlikeanyea lding efchod, t d dn dieg't dupree in adi foo efa bmily tuthatid d sn'ttop m.hi i heers heo t showth us arere e atmany phsn ooftop c theookingme ga. re you'in watch tg "cbs his in mornurg: sat"day. w noit's upor fiv fe os scarin g cludinllthe am mckay, hey!he u joinsse at th e.tabl ng colaratu otions pn the agaward tu sa. rday
6:23 am
h thataso tee flea rlly ceni. y >>eah.>> 's lete takt abouthis vimoe. it'sd bille as a .comedyho w could it be comedic? 's it s veryerious . issues >> weay alwins kfd oal cledt i a ed trom y.e therised com eicntleme tso it. s>> it' aboutro gnkup thi and ybeverhaody s one idea. thesk hougin mt arkenecan gover do wn. i>>t wasca sreo t r tealizehat al hel of tsepl peohoe w are th maiaematic lns andrseade andin includlg al of us. a i ambe memr too ande w all co lympleted misse. this e ther twashis senseha tt am aericld couo d no onwrg. lyi real think kindf o thent cether of iee mov is why did swe mis ?this w whatroas wng with ourar popul co alnsensure cultuha tt we all mi ssedthis? >> youch pitedou yrselfhi for tsmo vie.y? wh i>>t's j sustimply id reahe t bo tok andhest ory.
6:24 am
hojust tughte i'v not read an lythingikse thih withe t ar chrsacte are so bo's a eutthveryingha tt is hag eninnow.we l aregivinn iy ver sgetran or aligines timig rht now. is thk booll rearoy bughtll a of wad it s inivformate. w >> iasn'tsot per fnalor you to o? i>>d. di i had a closeat reliveho w lost r thei dhousethuring lle coapse. d i ha ach bun o ffriends w ho helost tir bsjo.i knew i at wassi hou ngbubble. ew i knhe tre weres issueh wit the nkbas. ethern' wasth enoug sioverght bu
6:25 am
ups afa rr asyeallet gting to asdd wn bor and rdaisen i
6:26 am
heid dn'te comro fm ay familf o ie food hs butnee tur hdis io passn into ar careey b ro eninlling anc frehar culiny st initute. r afteofyears s awardpehe oned s hiownla pce i nnew rkyo. t whenhees rt tauranwas st deyeroind agi trac deacci nt,he ur retned tois hon lndg isla ot ro ts ashe onipengcu exe tive chef ofth souso edin in ntmoauk. h >>ean ldedn o the l lapdonast mth he opened a se rcondurestaalant erso he in new .york ef chd, todco welome t "the di sh." t >> vhanksery chmu. >> ha wot dve we hae her this mo g?rnin >> y,todave we ha somere sead se sallcasopnd a going withea s s beanand mehomade red mrdusta esauc weak me and stpaa. h weave gleridddel ywlo wax s beansmand . ults
6:27 am
ck chien fat. >> nd sous nice. >>e lik everyoo gd llaong is ndju ouice sheld bki coo ng,with gh rit? avwe heoa rsted oracnas squh wi reth geny chillee pur and rewatercst. my fitavorore fes dserts i secheee cakh witer bluebries and rk daco cho. late l >> dooksioelicus!>> is what our indrk? b >>rdouleva uebo.>> t let'soualk ab ytrou oubackgrnd. u yo ahavee degre inus bsines ma menagehint wsch i far from food. yo did niu i ttiallyhink you wa o nted t bdo thesusines end ofal l of isth? g >>ooing t e,colleg like s o oumany yking ds,'t i don i thinkkn xaew ehactly wt id wante to do .so s it wafkind o mom pngushi med an,saying why d yon'tou do th someating th istt prey ti prac scal,hiomettng thal you'l bl be aoe t use no matterha wt du in ystryo ou g.into d anasit w i whilen was i slchooat th i said, c in'ouldet se lfmysein wakg up unkn, you ow,
6:28 am
st di wrictngeari s arthi and tie. i sort staed okcoing. s i waheat tve uniy rsitof o buffale and wwouldhr towse thedi panner rties.on ine thg led toer anoth and i sa , idwait. ini thmk i'tt preody go at isth. y >>dou sair youst fir real job awas at craree irfa?>> yes. anyes d no.i alwas yreadxe an ecutive chef rat aanestaurt ing lon island wand itnas whe i decided to try om to coe int tamanhatn,he t a meccdor foo c oapitalthf e d worland ito went alg frempnch na culitiry ins ctute aareerffair e wheri wasmn alui andd jumpe atth epp otyortuniai and sd, hey, ykitt chi, i could ber you ghey s o week ilater p got ahone rocall fm them andy thesaid we ul woked li to offer aweio positnas in a l ecook. ishow ?that >> icc a aeptednd kindf o fast rw foard. he>> wnou y latook he t genres
6:29 am
sere is onyma. d howid youtl sete on what you di d? >> we did a o lot fcrudosn whe i wast a ttkiy. we wera e aithty s t that,poin soy manus s hi abarstnd iee sdme like norew yk ci rtylleay acembred raw af seood. n butodob wyasbo elangratih wit th at vasa chi co ncept. w >>ioe mentnedor befe your rs fistt rentaura d wasoyestred in or a hblridee accihnt wit a an cre. >> right. d>> how rid you fecoverrom th at? ha >> tat was tough .time k thanssgoodney nobod o fromur af sthuf was rt or reinjud.we justd kin of keptin truckg g. alonu yofrknow, erom the, i opened up a taco ria and hamad an azing rt oppoy unito to gto mo antauknd en opa up an f stasticodeafo out e.ther
6:30 am
ki taheng wn yalou wk in. rei'm sure you aot pival in gn desil ing alof ?that re>> 's allme. no,'m i not aner intior de ersign. >> ou are yve involnd i every ?aspect>> lu abso,tely we are. upa co yle ofoear ag w whene en opaed up rentstaura, we h aadst nvrong enisio onha wthe t re ntstauraan, we w tted it loook .like w wethork wiat gre dneesig wrsho tgeteshe btut o ofus. ha >> ws t ithe foueel y ?wantes alpecihely t o newneou yt jus aopened monthago. w >>nee oped a monthgo ae on th swestiden o0 8th and daamsterm.we e areedxcithe and t ig neodhborho hasembraced us wh isich en tremdous. gwe are foingors thid kin of ca csualhic. kdo youatnow whn? i meawe to want so be dymebolk to wa heinto tur restad ant anknow th reey aoi g tng ao have fa cntastiig nitht wh ,us toee flsp becial, dut weon't wantt i to be toose rious. e>> we lik that d i hanisyou thh, dise w
6:31 am
ou if ye hav a remmcoonendati, ?that i >> t' ouhilariy.s gu t david. i latike th. ah>> sarol mtenho ws i orbe may il stl isn o thed foo k.networ f itel like she ttaugh me a lot sior posinbly a iospiratetn to g in into cul ary. d,>> tod touhank y. t >> yhankou. >> i> hereoks a loe at thwe ather.>> > up xtne, our satdaury iosessn. w ne ryorkrockese jes malin le ceesbrat his'scityat grek roc ro'n' isll h itorybon aut ev hieryteng h .does ilwe w tlalk toim hut abo list th
6:32 am
msalbure he edleashi tars heus, 'll prmerfo in our rdsatuonay ciocess n.u' yoatre wg chin t"cbshis mo g:rninur sat"day. eit'stoasy e lov lyouratax ive hawhen tlot lax ves ur yoy bod.back ironly malax dr hy, atess easesoand ftens loto unbatck n,urally so av you hace peine of m d tafrom sfirt to nish. ve lola your .xativemi larax.
6:33 am
st jutc swiomh fr de e nturepast eato sd -bonurdente ad sihelsve sea. ld hongs strohaer tn eth ad lepaing alste y.l da.. th without .e ooze elfeec se.ur be ou yelrsf.
6:34 am
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6:35 am
scene for dedecas.he or has wroked acss genresnd a tr atd acteatthe ntentio ofoc rk ll'n' roya ro lty. w >>t e sadown with hims thi ek we toal tkut abo hisee carr andow hhe tig bpp ale has pa im hctedifis ld e anc.musi >>es jseal minta srtedxp englorith une p wkorld of nhman'attas r lowe seastbeide hforese wa en ev a teerenag. u yo aweredylreayi plauing g tarat t that?poin y >>eah.hi adylreaak ten a ce ouplof ss leonsnd a ledearn teden nugt d anpe zep linngsos. ce on p the unk,cameea lrnhr t eech ordsnd a c youryan wr youown ng sos. r >>r:eporteid the k q fromsueenkn edew imm wiatelye hat h.wanted>> t firstnime ota sge t washe le tawnt sho at ps 3.19i dressad you hdededp u ase genum smons andi
6:36 am
se>> houholdwew old re u?yo . 12 >> ian made io audit.n call u setp a seshowca.i mputyir fstin sgleut ohe wn iwa .s 14 ar heatt ckta on aab lelal cled ge damad ndgood awa it sle cald "gods i ."dead r >>teeporn r: i the'90s he in joheed tnf itiluenal glam punk band denegetira.on acyou etuallypnded uni openg r fothe moretes? h.>> yea w thatas onef o dthesream i , meanmibecoring fdlen wyith th em. ep>> rr:ortein malnc lauhed his lo soee carr in00 21 whithe t ne firt a of lfsetr-desonucti ucproded byan bri amads. it cranics eld flowus mnsicia took ,note idinclurung bce ngsprin stee lwho jaterdoine liman ison hg sonbr " oken di rao." i washi tinnkg ahebout t seuniver r fo whatt' isth wor >> st he ju seemso t ryeall love si
6:37 am
other atsrtis and ufstf, so it ki was and of salurre thing. >> or rep wter:lke taed with li ma n ininberl, one ofee thr lo eawer idst ses bare h now wnco-os.hi rss fiten advtureia ngara has gbeen soingince .1997 u yoedwantop to en a acple. why? ec >> bheause woun i tr i'm inlookorg f a aypreplach wit a ea grtla pyic pole or aat gre ju x.kebo>> or repheter: t e lowertas side t isn'asy gritt as itd use to be it but 's stillhe t heartf o ss jee n'malis c.musi bad baby bad s >> thiorneighbashood hng chaeda blotouut y're still here. >>ea yh. .is ther is wh fe myy amilcame a fromgrnd my heandfathir and s afatherhend tyot g off aoa bt he re. pistill oeceshef t yir nework an nd myorew yndk a wet wan to ep kesp that oiirit gndng a take it
6:38 am
>> r ove ptheast fewth mons, je e sslimas n haasrelewoed t bu almsal .bums re hem froyonew efrk bthore e r wa is thein sgle"s onhe d't lo e ve m"now. i m metaby by at ar a bew somhere inhi o o yb mae it wen tooar f i now hmiss er e
6:39 am
n'e dovet lono me w i owknha we d so many nsight do twnhe river es drsed likeac eher oth's msdrea we were kngiddiwe sno h, ohe s't done love m now e sht don' mlovew e no whatou y d kon'tnow ke li yaiou soud y would you d'tonw kno we yo o u to ig tonsht i too long i n gotreowhego to prk pic in dog myes bt d iidha wt c iould rebe fsh to thegh neiooborhd s onhe d'tov le meow n e sh't donov lowe me n sh
6:40 am
e sht don' mlovew e no y ou't don love me li keou yd sai you would ou i clde lov you if c iould h, o youon d't love heme wn you say all i got itos lt h ngangi on a cross al l i gotnd all a wa i ndnt a all i got s is'the done love m now d sheovon't lowe me n e shtdon'e love m now sh n'e dovet low me no >> ry eve gbodyp,et u u getd p an
6:41 am
at thig's rht. d sheon'te lov me now e sht don' mlovew e no sh eon d'te lov meow n sh
6:42 am
s 'the don love me now sh e d lon'tmeove now je sse gon't y, awawi we llav he more esfrom ja se in !momentu' yochre watbsing "c this rn moating: sy"urda ceannouns r: thin portiocbof " s m this" orningresponsolud by b e o.buffal u yovelor youet ps likeil famy soth feed ikem llye fami with ue bl.
6:43 am
is thte is ercfida. cf tea iderotis nin an iojectn. ait'sl pilrefor inlapsg ms hthatheas ter pow to r cutseelap hs inalf. im e aginatwh c youldouo d wi ewth feler rs.apse te ercfidy a mae causouseris esidetsffec, ch sual as iclergct rea,ions wpml, ihichras a rare bin ctinfeion uthatlysualds leade to ath evor sdiere lisabity, deand secrea ys inwhour eit bl ceood lls. mothe omst csimon ffde eects flare ngushi s andchtoma pr msoble. ytelldoour actorbout anw y loe whitd bloo ccells,ount ctinfensio, y anr othecamedicol ionditns, or yo if pru are ntegna laor p bn toe ecomnapregnt, reor are beeastfding or n plareto beeastfd. le moarn bore aheut tt mos es pribcriled pl r fopsrelamsing th in ,e us t atdeecfiomra.c. ta o lk t dyourr octotabou id tecfera, keand taer anoth look r atngelapsi ms. e e trad aisboll aut inseizpog opitrtuny.
6:44 am
so iwaf i gonna je to rseyd ank checshout otsyertucc'ellipos lirtfoo, what' ts itu?o yo i orm 'ota sc mtish asonos whsee asrets aad mofe to sikne lmee rt hea . !papa u' yoo re nofson mine! porhaerps it' s timeeito s dze theay. don'jut ost seetuppor,nity izseite !(a e)pplaus hknowouow yn eartithe tlewo... s rld'stbe mom? sbyrttag in deachitay w h aecperflatly baugnced m.. of. ve i'hi got tm!s. to on be o topurf yo g nat!ed i th sankscho mu.yo edu neal a bancoced yffeecaou inn drrok thutugho d theay. go irod gl. f\mcca cfeofrees bsmw a oothd.blen fo tar a thste nat'sooot tro stbung, vet neakr we. so c youoran sav s everyip inknowu g yomaare rctriasuh e.prem mm monoy's nat a hpkin.oney
6:45 am
as prisom,ed wvee hae mor si muw c no jfromesse n.malith sis i h,"oen shea." i'm ake bronis artt an
6:46 am
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6:47 am
he s'snf idatuate twithheou snds ig sin n whe it alloe gsow dn onhe tor cner sa die vw s it' palacen iim te fo her s enawe canak me it theogetr ohhe sena we an cak mte ilo ane n whe i wteno tsee her dni dino't katw wh to say o anig nhte com on over j tocaamai bay n whet ill aoe gsow dn
6:48 am
da sa aeand bulutifld wor i im'm teor f saheen c weane mak itet togher h onashee anwe ce makloit ane ohen shea anwe ce makogit tr ethe ohen sheea w m canitake ne alo itstay wh us,es jse malin. wweill beig bac u' yochre wat"cing s bs thimo g:rninda satury"! thwire ingendiikts lase ro tedlnhazeanuts cod coa,
6:49 am
s takeakpanco es tola whwe neve lel. ma ake dny aayca panayke dh witnu a tellad- spreap the hpy! ja net? h coug cif youanea hr me.n' do tt evenbohink aut it. to i inok mucm ex dr fomy gmphleh.y coug ..yeah w.butouhat ab?t mike wit oorkscon his o.ugh to h!coug w it oorkss n hitocough o. mux cineiedm relweves d t andry hs coug2 for 1s.hour s let'isend th. el(cphl e onrings) e wheryoare u? twellquhe sir arelsacre bink tt the aic. mom? uryo d wadalon't cexl an interm..ator. n calli caac you b?k, mom heay sits p'snaersol isthe. tim..
6:50 am
yo llu cae at thworstit .me it w'st hau if w yout anavto s eft fipeeen rc ment orore c onurar insance, u yo tswitchico geo. 's ityo what u .do e wheryoare u? erit's v ty loudhere. u are yo atakingzu clmba ass? elenamyo is teur s eth'tfirsne lide of fense. ilbut dangy eatidr and cinkingmaan t ke iweak. cotry e lgat henamelealth. it ni repleeashes wsk spotth wial naturum calci s togttrenenhen amelurfoes timte betr. lg coamate enltel heah.
6:51 am
et i'm g rtingeady to get wn do > >>moton rrow o"cs bs thi mo g"rnin myer int wviewith co
6:52 am
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