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tv   Channel 2 News This Morning  CBS  February 1, 2016 5:00am-6:00am PST

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ksthan y'sterdam s stor scausedome kthanksy. dayestersty's caorm omused se se prrious foblemsveor drirsye y.sterdaal thong wiou numerdes accints ug thro thoutalhe v..ley. uneastborsd inte0 tate 8at theli ca sforniaintate ls e waedclos th for horee yeurs dastery, dueto aca 25-ler piup. te af-dr retiirecrang t tffico
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ne lares wene opeoud ar- nd 330 st yey.erdasp we tooke ew a fdr s iverthout . ere.ofwho d fere t some pips to mreventore ac s cidentheon tcyse ids roa. "n mot tooopany pe dle arengrivio toutfast b l stil valwaysfeery deivnse when m i'indrivg." us "j at be, lertrtbe ale make re su a, lookifround on you d'tel fert comfo bable oeingreut the bedon't he out tre." c ple ce beareful t ondshe roa t andexake e tra tmto he get w'rre youg e goin an thf.ks jef ou of c prse...belease ef carul he on tds roa t andtrake exa tme wto getouhere yin're gog bi anshop migogue holh scho on a tw do hourelay. ilchurchtyl counl schooctdistriis tw on a do-hours elay awell. as clllses wi a begin-mt 10 ara pykemid lar/ junioorsenih hig a is also onou two-hy.r delae acchhigh swiool tall srt two
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e d thd goddar ischoolksn sparll wibe also tw on a o-hour y,delacl with seass inbeginng at m. 9 a- an cad you tn keepf rack othe at we..her.evwher aer youre... withou cr freeelhannea 2 wppther a. yo geu can e t thr.rada.. stforecad ... ans watcheand rn wan ings ilmthe paur of yoha annd... cad you omn custizite he to w lre youusive. jcht sear -t "k" -v-nhein tgl gooaye pl or pl apste e.or enand whinever watter weher co tomes th norneern avadahend tsi , erraerremembay to st with ch 2 annel n news or.the ai..on online, eb facanook itd twter fo orr sth m watcuicontinng gecovera. d anpain cam16ign 20 fithe vorst ttes in6 he 201 id presecent eliltion wasl be ct t tonighin iowa. th tee laomst bloesberg-ds moine gi reolster pdol has runald tmp swith alelight h ad wit28 t,percen t andrued c3 z at 2rc per ent foo-the g- ip racen io wa .ll hiinary cladton lee s th atdemocre ic sid 4withrc5 peent
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en perch t. witshpolls a owing gh ti, t racendthe ca midatesade cltheir arosing ntgumes to rs voterd yesterlay. mal ie hals hatethe lam st froindes moes, io wa. s--nat nghopida to dmpend onalp'trums mo ntme. um..setexas tenator d mcruzhiade l s finatopitch io otwa vsuers . nday.. e ife veryonrihere bnengs ni r othe tpeoplecao the ucuses to nmorrowweight, wi will e n th uc ca tusesw,omorroll we wi win mithe no, nation wand wen ill with nee geelral econtin imbnoveer 2016du n ring ainevent c siouxity,tr puump bshedk achi-- tmes tila cbelingdiruz esshond t an ce dee ptivsefor g ndinthout is flier... r a voteatviol yion. tou seehis?of alficien docum stationent to rs vote t, thenvehey ha f gradeor er diffinent thgs. fo s recastn here ireiowa a g callinowfor snpa in ofrts the at stgie betonning ..night hi.wch d coul ahavepan imn ct otevor rn tuout. vo eeluntorrs fh botbernie
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ocknd ke donrsoond ae mads callla ntte ie o t theanwo ctedidades mair the g closinntargumeges: "to, ther e we'rtogoing e creatnoan ecomy orthat works f o all, f usnot tjust phe 1nterce.""i l wild stanndup aht fig for u yoy everofday s thiaicampgn, whand e en w wwin, ianill std upr foevyou daery y." toclinstn lodu iowa hringer idpresalentin bid i2008. li pol ticatsanalyshi say ts timeou ar fnd theseormer y cretarof e statkiis worheng on r bi likality. s she'd focuseona lot her la reiptionshwis thpl peoe wi olth phols s twing rightaces oton bdeh siths...ghe fir t fowa io c coulddoome o wn tthe wi mare. hrliecball wss ne desmo , ines. iowa io otwa vllers wi t beginuso cauc ev at sloen o'cigck tonht l stile to comnnon chaewel 2 ns th
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st yes erday'stcaorm aused lot t ofleroub yesayterdt , no ju ust for fs, butthor souern focali arnialls well...we' tell hoyou ouw war errmei nboghrs awereecff..ted.r aftebrthe eak. th rle woald heanth orgn izatiois meg etiny todaisto d tcusshe v zika.hirus..y ow manlepeopey thhi tnkou this wtbreakill af ..fectl ..we'lllteu yoafr tee theabrk. 'r"youtce wa chingelhannew 2 ns isthni mor wngjoith othn pter, g andi auevaraeond metstrologi mjeffarnetipiz's npntoi 2
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we balcome t'ck. le as takek looat ne some inws maklig headnes nd arouor the wigld rowht n. fi orst,lsfficiath with d e worl ohealthatrganizetion me in discs ways
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mi coonng up el channs 2 newthis inmorng... te meogoroljeist mffneartillz wi vehaou ypir oinp 2nt fecort asaf
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e welcomback. th upe co.le.. wawho ntsasgrd s-febeef th oeat d esn'tooat tch muth of r th she caap-str pede collegsttuden mpwho sitsly wanan orgic caand loodl pruce. th ree pa..nts.y who matnoha hve ahyealtt, budge bu ilt st sl makethure eirilch edren hathyealt. yo spu inusire to doytevere hing
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weomlc. e back e thtosame st rm that broughsomu w ch sno ato theusrea caedob prn lems ifocali arnia. s well in e somesplacin, ral felat a f rate oh an incouan hr. heavy po downurs onnot auly csed ca lod lizedifloobung, sot al is rathed ooner cs.cernre wcentirildfefes lllt his sidere baic... whulh coigd trgered ds mus lideanbrd delois fws. in ie san dthgo, m e stort brough al raong ndin aer powwiful ndst gus. ta hugellree feo ontfour .. carsin. killa g dr iivere nsid of one v theleehics. ee trsos all felomon hes, ca g usinr powegeouta ts inhe ea arer, wh oe atoine pmont, reth 40an 1us-thopoand inpel los anangeles did san reego we left
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"c elhannew 2 nnts cos inuewith or metet ologis mjeffneartiz's pi 2npointas forecadt, brocast rt cebyified me the arican olmeteor sogical!"ociety st the storm syt em thaghbrout us ow snnd on su may hasutoved o of e th. areal we wilsee ly partud cloiey skcos and ld mp teeseraturhi with tghs inhe to low 0s mid 3a with breezy wind 5m 10-2kiph, mafeng it veel en . colder olookorut foa icy rds nd arou r then,egioch with ain nt cop rols ualfor tl ofhe inmountas. passey we drthings r out fostthe ree of thweek wi thgh hihes in tha 40s. reve a gatnd
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y dr othingsorut f r theest ofth we weekghith hihes in t. 40s
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ad we hpl a coue thof birysda toverkehe weeppnd. hay 13th hdbirtryay to onan antacci. ur yoto mom, shmmy, araley, bnsonan hd zachu ope yohave awo l nderfuday. an y d happaybirthdy sherrsc shmidt.s he tur71. is thco wish ommes fr v andi,ana, aizzy. nd robnd seur in yoda birthesy requts -t to ko -v-n ttube feaonred ai cr. youchan rearo us thugh il e-mala, regu, r maily or b inleavvog a emiconail ourrt biinhday l e. d ane we havzian amazeng pri to gi tveawayoday. we tw have eto tickths for e oa brhodway s bw, theook of on morm. owthe shbe will at held the r pionee fcenterheor tpe ngrformi arts.op niening tght is, uesday ryfebruand 9th aho the sw will
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th. c be22aller n to withose s!ticket l stile to comhaon c 2nnel news is thng morni... il stoml to chae on c nnnel 2ews
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th roe asteouid, th hght toave aforcedosll dinaurs into nc exti, tions looke to havmissedon t-e...a threx wius serio
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mll youteore afbrr the eak. lsecondook. a it'skn well-ctown fa that sadinon'urs doelt do wl on pe slipfary sur eces...thven e jumovie prassicshark towedhat. h whichyis w w yout ouldn'think
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at skuling wohad be tlat popur. -mbut 55 fillionk acebooviews becan't . wrong x t-redetocided is try h teeny hlittle iand attice skaanng, d th o e videtthas goe en hugli onne. o wh tknew w-rex'sere so hlaticet? d anl for alg you dongsleddins fahe out tanre... ky wenow er tha e are ylot ofthou... e b johnaseargre de sledogma krathonoficked f yey sterdainmi are besegreath is nge loest ra n ce ilothe 48wer te stands, a behas icomec coni ttoheno horthsre. s musherthand doeir omgs ce from
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r toheun tll changengirs coue, h whic qis afiualif er othe fa imousroditag d dodisledng iraceasn althka. rae ma ithons ar 3oundil80 mones lndg, a the stmid diacance re isou ar mnd 120iles. n jasoeacampavu tr feledrom rtalbenaa cao da tinrun thece rais for h t firstime. m "ithean s ere'a not e whollot of s dograled inces ow the ler nd 48 aa canadso youal wways tannao ry t tget tohe st be, racesceand rast again the p bestaneople ted dog toams seeho u w yoh matcup." tmanyeae ms havsa1-thou2-nd to ou th osandtrf oaining..n them. t bur whethee they'rt a firs ti tomer r theorace ea a sd sonebe eaargretse v, eranthe incombn atioheof tovir lr e fo ei thgsr do t and pheiranencht vefor ade nturhais wgst brinth
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mi coneng up chxt on l annews2 neis thng morni... er drivugs foheht tnt elemes ye y sterdameand soer wen't lu whcky...veat drid rs tolus, tohe alp youn void antaccide this mo ..rning.thafter k.e brea ng cooeress d rsn'teegulatll wat. stree .. swallt treelaregungtes r's ad iggeonecthomy dsat sen ewmost nlt wea th toophe t 1%. d anelit's hlad in pce abyru corolpt paliticte sysm wawhere eell strst bankan lld biesionairle buy e.ctions ammy cispaign d funde by ve otwr ano a d mhalfonilli cosmall buntriontis. op pe wlew ho knocayou tn'le l veplthe inayelg fid by ak tmoing mre oneyomfrl walrestet.
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gecovera c yououan cnt on" wi a tonter sr rm ovewethe d ekenve cortred noevhern nthada wi ! snowadit mr e focoicy ionditns heon tds roaus, canuing usmero ci acs dentroand load csus reye st aerday.nts a wirmer sto in warning remahrs up tt oughou eathe arme... teisorologt jeff in marts ez ihein ter weathce erntta to ooke a lhak at wt we excan tpect..oday. poand rerter s kyisisson e liv- at - e to givs driver aa lookt what nd consitiol wilikbe l ye onour rnmog inutcommn e... iamour te -st tcorm warah covege. d the piasidentl earace rn ches aanimportt mi onlest te...iohe natfin's rst ca iucusesstn the ofate ow ia.'l wevel hare a pf view othe
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wing tor in oversvote. th stese s orieurtop yo news t righatnow a- 4:30 aym. tod is nd mobray, fe, uary 16.20-1 od gong mornian. i'm vadi guera. ksthanta for syorting ur daywi nnth chaewel 2 ns thismo rning. ne no omm was ialune - rtl nohernne asvada wit hit wnih a pushing ow sn o storme ver thenweekd... os cldoing dswn roath over e passan ind causnsg dozer of ca deaccithnts utroughoen ro, arsp -ksn eve. elko et to gse a clookr loth at e icy c roadononditiiss thni morng... ky so sisivn is l- e at - rsbut fit... chlet's weck inith me ogteoroljeist arff mtotinez se e e if wpecan ex mct anyore ow sne in th. areaje ff? e thsystorm hastem tght brout us sn oowsun ayndas h o movedut of e thwearea. se will e cpartlyy louds skieldand cote urmperath es witinhighs thew lo 3to midh 0s witzya bree nd wimp 10-25inh, makeeg it fl en evr. coldek loofoout r icy ro ouads ar rnd the wegion,ith
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rocontp ls ul for alof theun moastain pe ses. windry thgs fo out rer the f st owethe ek wi hsth hige in th h40s.a ave
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th efanks ade ro vs werey ery iclastni aght...onnd conditis are li o kely tusbe j bt ass ad thi g.mornin l ky is live ateyongl mc and ancarrte to whll us atmm cocauters ctn expe when in headtog out kday.y? th y.anks kye
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st yey.erdaon althg wiou numerdes accints hothroug vut the..alley.ea unstboind teterstaat 80 the li caiaforn l states ine waclosedr fohothree sturs ye derday,ue 2to ar 5-capi . leup te af-dr retiirecrang t tffico chelp tlearoahe r..dwayth. bola wenes pere oarned 3ound- 30ye dastere y. we spok fto aew erdrivt s oue.thero . whreoffed me sos tipreto p mventore ac ntcideons tcyhese i. roads t "noty oo man apeoplevire dringto sto fa butst waill alerys vy ivdefense when dri'm g.ivin" us "j at bebelert, m alertake losure, unok aro yd ifonou d't c feelabomfortngle beihe out tre bedon't he out tre." rsof coulee... p case beareful ron thendoads aex take e tra tm g toreet whee you'rgoing th jankseff.e du cto theononditihes on t veroad o arnighto nd sehoral sc tols ina he areare don a telayrnhis moing. ilchurchtyl counl schooctdistri n is ohoa two-ayur delas. clses ll wiin beg a at 10-mra
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opd bishue manogls are ao on ao- twelhour day. eystory countonand lyl schoo ctdistris ar te on ar wo houde dounlas coooty schril distct o ise n a onelhour daye acchhigh swiool tall srt two ur hor,s latea- at 9 thm and e dd goscard n hool i wsparksill b also te on awo-hlaour dey, lawith cegsses b ainningm.t 9 a- an cad you tn keepf rack othe he weaterr...whouever y. are.. owithreur fnee chanatl 2 weher p. apu yogecan e t th..radar. ca foreanst... hed watcs and rn wan ings ilmthe paur of yond had ... ancayou stn cuitomize to y wheree.ou livse just arch-t "k" -v-nhein te googlr play oap orple ste. an whd erenevin wr teatwer heme coors to nnethern ndvada a thesi , errambremeo er t wstayith ch neannel 2 thws on ..e on fne, onk acebooitand twter orfor sth m watcincontuing racovege. in and pa cam20ign 16th rse fitet vohes in t 2016 id presecent eliltion wasl be ct t iow tethe laomst bloesberg-ds moinere
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g leadino-the g- ip racen iowaat pe 28 t,rcenru ted c3 z at 2rc peent.ll hiclary n intothleads e cr demo saticwiide peth 45 rcent ow in iera... bndnie sas ers ha42 rc peent.wi lsth polwi sho tng aacight re,e thatcandide es madtheir in closmeg argu vnts tooters st ye merday.haarlie asll h thela ftestderom ess moinio, wa. s--nat nghopida to dmpend onalp'trums me mo. ntum..setexas r natoted uz crhi made l s finah pitcto wa ios voter..sunday. if yoevererne hgse brinot nine her tpeoplecao the tucusesw omorrogh niwit, we tll winheca esucusro tomorwiw, we ll winth nae nomiantion, ild we wl win th rae genetil elecn on imbnoveer 2016 aduringt n evenuxin sio city,tr puump edshac b--k s thitime li laberung cshz dianonest d ce dee ptivsefor g ndinthout is ie flr... vo a viter ioolatoun. y t seehis? alofficien docum stationent tovo thters, y en thehave e gradfffor ditherent ings.
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g llinsnfor n ow is partheof t atste inbeginnghg tonihit ...wch d coul ahavepan imn ct or vote rn tuout.vo lursntee b forbeoth rnie nd saaners lld hiclary n intooc kn dked onndoors aca made lls la ntte ie o tht.nigh.. taswohe tdi cantedades mair the os claring ntgumes: et "toge'her, wngre goiea to crte noan ecot my thafoworks l r alof us t , no tjust phe 1nterce." il"i wanl st ad upignd forht fyo eru evy y dahiof tmps ca, aign d an wwhenn,e wiil i wanl std up r foevyou daery y." cl lointon owst iria dung heres pralidenti i bid08n 20. po l liticaysanalayts sti this me ndarouor the fcrmer seofetary st wate is oorkingn her li tykabili. e' shses focut d a loon herla reiptionsh ps witheople th wils polwi shoigng tacht reson h bots.sidee ..tht fighfor io ouwa comld cwne doth to e re wirl. maalie hs l cb dnewsesmo , ineswaio.
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t tonigh-mat 7 p. co p ming unnon chaewel 2 niss th inmorng... e anmeenrg mcyngeetil wilbe ld hesc to die uss thirzika vus akoutbre m...howreany mo cases th e ey'rctexped ing anhewhat t mfuturefoay be u-r the s...we te'll oull yer aft b theakre. a and anhit n d ruesleav m onean ad de i andtinvesrsgatorc seahing r foeranswwes...te'll oull y howyo n u ca..helper.aft b the. reak 'r"youtce wa chingelhannew 2 ns mthisngornih withnjote potr,an gdivaue ara mndeoetlorogistje tiff marpinez's oinpnt 2
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yo knu heow tic basba n rgaiofme arica isu if yoarwork hd, yoand yu dopaour rt, yo ldu shoule be abt to geah d ead anhestay aad. sobut y manlifamiones dee't fkel liir thear hrkd wos pay off. 'sthathe not t a waycameri s isseuppo od to.perate wa i o nt to go tfobat emr thry evegl sindae y.
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t gel equafopay mer won... t custthe coal of hearth ce iland chred ca so e peopl cantuac gallyadet ahe. arhilliny cln,to h shehaas wt t itako es tthget onings de.
5:34 am
lai'm mndonr.ille ua febrhery is seart diase en awarntess moinh and ht tonig's e ask th, doctortawe're g lkinou ab tt ways yo keeparour het y.healthge qt youriouest rnsdyeali..nes lc . weckome ba. rn tu ting tomehe cri.. beat. et secrss witnefe is ofring atw uso- tholland doarar rewr d fofo inn rmatio din ay eadlanhit d n ru tovereehe w. kendit pe hapeaned sarly ayturd rn moating c ther ornepoof skane an thd fourt, streeea just st of we enlls avue. alofficiths say ste pedea rian, 55 -o- yeare,ld maleg was lallyos crousing frerth stn et whehe st was ruckve by a hicle av trateling h a higf rate o sp wieed heth tig headlf.hts of pe the indestraro was pd nounce ad dee on thscene. ve the ishicle ib descra ed as we nehtr, ligor colfued, ll- pisized ruckup tck. wi d tnessee say thfltruck heed tsc weene bostd un fonrtouh st reet.
5:35 am
cocan t ntac wsecret aitnesst 2- 32dr49-hunteed or r xt youtip to 8. 47-411 e and thlasouth oeke tahe policde ntpartmeel has rmoeased re atinformouion aboot a sh atingt mo a thtel t at lefmaone adn de. inthe ntcidepe hapjuned st rebefo-m 8 pur satatday theve bedgrly lohee on tbl 3400-ock l ofhoake taeve ofercers wate dispn ched ore ofports f shotsanired, d d founea40-yder-old rinnis wght orjunith on nde groude outsi of the om ros. d he diemia few afnutes ter ri art ving aspthe hoital. fi ofsacials hty wrig and a ma feomle conpaniea, 45-yr-old ke hindra gerorso wlee aly gedlli de mveringnaarijuath to e l mote. room rs ghioaio sustsined a icgnifant, t but nolife- th inreaten ig thnoe are ct suspesc densriptioab availle. a ifhanyone ins any ioformatn,ca sll theakouth le e tahopolicepa dentrtme at
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st toill e comnnon chaewel 2 ns th oris mngni... or metet ologisarjeff mwitinez ll y havenpour pi foint 2t orecaste
5:37 am
sa the tome sharm tght brout somu w ch snoheto ta arecaused ob pr ilemslin caiafornwe as ll. s inplome raaces, l in felat ara f te oh an incanr. houvy hea wn dos pouronnot auly csed ca lod lizedifloobung, sot alra
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re wcentirildfefes lllt his side . bare..h whiccotruld reigged ds mus lidedeand lobris fws. an in s, diegostthe brorm ought al inong raow and pwierful ndgu sts. ge a hufe tree o ll onturfoca kirs... a lling erdrivid inse e onheof tic vehles. s tree falsoonell om hes, ca g usinr powegeouta ts inhe , areae wherneat ont poire, mo 1 thanus40-thoand inpopel los an geanles n d sao dieg lwereeft in d theark. el"channs 2 newincontwiues thme olteort ogis mjeffneartiz's oi pinpornt 2 f becast,stroadcace iertif td bymehe an rica olmeteor sogicaltyocie !" th m e storemsystt that broughus n snow o hsundayedas movf out oe thwearea. se will e rt paudly clos y skieldand cote urmperatites wghh hihes in tlo mw to wid 30sbrith a eezy wind ph10-25mng, makiel it fe even co lolder. fok out ror icyoadsar
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lscontror up fo tall ofhe tamounsein pasdrs. we gsy thin r out fostthe ree of thweek th wi i highs40n the avs. he a ea grayt mond.
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