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tv   Channel 2 Morning News  CBS  February 5, 2016 4:30am-5:00am PST

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it's friday, february 5th, 2016. this is the "cbs morning news." breaking overnight. police close in on a real-life bonnie and clyde. the missouri couple is accused in a cross-country crime spree. one-on-o closed the doors to their reno campus for good. these stories top your news right now at 4:30 a-m. today is friday, february 5, 20-16. good morning, i'm john potter. and i'm andi guevara. thanks for starting your day with channel 2 news this morning. let's start with a quick look at the forecast with meteorologist jeff martinez. mostly cloudy skies for your friday, with highs in the mid to upper 40s and light winds. it's going to be a beautiful weekend, with partly suny skies and highs in the low 50s, warming up into the low 60s by the middle of next week, with no storms
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thanks jeff. in crime beat... the nevada highway patrol is investigating a fatal hit and run in capital yesterday. carson city sheriff's office deputies responded to reports of a hit and run just before 8 o'clock, near brown street and edmonds drive... where they learned the suspect vehicle was a yellow ford pickup. shortly after, deputies found that pickup at a gas station on college parkway near research way. as officers approached... the suspect rammed the police s-u-v with his car and sped off eastbound on college parkway. after passing airport road, the suspect lost control and crashed onto carson airport property. the driver -- described as a hispanic man -- was ejected from the truck as it rolled - and killed. investigators say the ford was reported stolen about 4 o-clock yesterday afternoon -- in the same area as the initial hit and run. college parkway, from airport road to nye lane was
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and reno police are looking for a suspect after a robbery this week. the man entered a convenience store at around 3-30 monday and got three money orders before leaving in a vehicle. he is about 6 feet tall... with a camouflage jacket, dark pants and a black hat. if you know who he is, call police at 3-3-4 21-88. and reno police also looking for this man, who is a person of interest in a shooting outside the 1-up bar in downtown reno on january 3rd. he's a white or hispanic man in his 20s... 5 foot 8 to five foot 10, with an average build. if you know who he is, please call or text secret witness at 3-2-2- 4900 let's check in with meteorologist jeff martinez for
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weather. good morning, jeff! mostly cloudy skies for your friday, with highs in the mid to upper 40s and light winds. it's going to be a beautiful weekend, with partly suny skies and highs in the low 50s, warming up into the low 60s by the middle of next week, with no
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thanks jeff. turning to school watch... the public schools overcrowding and repair needs committee met last night...over what taxes they'll ask you to raise this november. the committee's raise 781-million dollars over ten years to build new schools and repair old ones. they're proposing increases in
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of sales and property taxes. 425 if it's a sales tax increase only... the rate would go from 7-point-7-2-5 percent in washoe county... to 8- point-2-6-5 percent. that would cost the average citizen another 7 dollars and 26 cents a month. if it's a combination of sales and property taxes... sales tax would go up point-4-2-5 percent... another 5-71 per month... and property taxes would go up 5-point-5 cents for every dollar of assessed value, adding between 1- 35... and 8 dollars per month to your bill. they decided to delay a vote until their next meeting. they have until april 2nd to write up the ballot question. and marinello beauty school closed all 56 locations in the country yesterday...includi ng the campus in reno. the nationwide closure comes after the u.s. department of education pulled funding for the schools this week, accusing
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for students based on fabricated high school diplomas, charging students for excessive overtime and other misrepresentation s. more than 100 students may not be graduating on time... and as many as a dozen instructors are now out of work. the school's spokesperson released this statement to channel 2 news... saying quote "we have compelling evidence that we think would have satisfied the department's concerns and we asked repeatedly for two months to be able to respond.... "...but the department waited until we were past the point of no return financially to allow us any opportunity to respond to its unfounded allegations." end quote. the nevada state board of cosmetology is assessing students individually to see whether they can transfer or apply for their licenses. school officials say they are working with other schools to arrange partnerships to help students continue their education. coming up on channel 2 news this
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super bowl 50 is only 2 days away and we have a first hand look into the headlining act...and how theyre preparing for the big show. "you're watching channel 2 news this morning with john potter, andi guevara and meteorologist jeff martinez's pinpoint 2
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the super bowl halftime show is always one of the biggest pop culture events of the year. coldplay is this year's headline act... and jamie yuccas attended their press conference ahead of the big show. nats coldplay walks out onto stage the british band coldplay was confident and funny at their super bowl 50 halftime news conference sot: chris martin "we don't do press conferences
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if we aren't that good." frontman chris martin has been practicing this week. nats chris martin/james corden sing this is carpool karaoke on the late late show with james cordon. nats more singing at the nfl shop, we caught up with fans who are very excited about the entertainment. mos sot lori sprinkle "i think a lot of people don't even watch the game so much as it's about the commercials and the halftime show. the band said beyone will perform but wouldn't confirm any other surprise guests. lady gaga will sing the national anthem. mos sot amy stencil jamie: "what do you think she's going to wear?" amy: "who knows? she is always just a surprise of what she's gonna wear." and while everyone knows coldplay's music, no one seems to know the other band members. mos sot addy dharma jamie: "what do you know about john, will and guy?" addy: "i don't know who those are." sot jamie
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does it drive you crazy that chris gets all the attention? and along those lines, chris, can i have a hug?" nat laughter a little stunned, but not shy, martin did in fact give this very excited reporter a hug as he walked out. jamie yuccas, cbs news, san francisco. coldplay said they will play all their number ones and then work out how to fill the other ten minutes. when asked what team they want to win, martin said he will be rooting for the "denver panthers." and many folks will be heading to sports books to throw down a little...or a lot...of money on the game... ky sisson is live in the studio with some of the wagers and some wisdom for the big day! good morning ky! happy friday! the superbowl is the day non-
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the prop bets can be pretty fun... like will the first player to score a touchdown have an odd or even jersey number? or will the team that scores first win the game? with so many different options, from parlay cards to prop bets, the superbowl is unlike any other day for sports betting. steve mikkelson- "we have over 200 props. basically every play throughout the game has action on it. it is unbelievable." so who will you be making the game a little more interesting on? we reached out to our facebook friends ky addlibs social media sports bookie steve has some advice... steve mikkelson- "you're gonna
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sports bookie steve has some advice... steve mikkelson- "you're gonna be watching the game. what do you wanna cheer for? that's what you should wager on! to back it up. and believe me it makes it a lot more interesting when you have a wager on it." great wager wisdom on who you want to root for. head to our facebook page, we'll be talking about who you will be rooting for this sunday all throughout the show. live in the
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this morning... meteorologist jeff martinez will
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welcome back. in campaign 2016... presidential hopefuls are making a weekend push to win over voters... ahead of tuesday's new hampshire primary. hillary clinton and bernie sanders faced off in their fifth debate... their first one-on-one contest... attacking each other's progressive values. "if we're going to get into labels, i don't think it was particularly progressive to vote against the brady bill five times. i don't think it was progressive to give gun-makers immunity." "in my view it is undermining american democracy and it is allowing congress to represent wealthy campaign contributors." clinton is trailing the vermont senator in new hampshire.
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their gloves off to win in the granite state. after his third-place finish in iowa... marco rubio is now trailing donald trump in new hampshire... putting the florida senator ahead of ted cruz. "channel 2 news continues with meteorologist jeff martinez's pinpoint 2 forecast, broadcast certified by the american meteorological society!" mostly cloudy skies for your friday, with highs in the mid to upper 40s and light winds. it's going to be a beautiful weekend, with partly suny skies and highs in the low 50s, warming up into the low 60s by the middle of next week, with no
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thanks jeff. looking around the world now... a united nations panel has ruled that wikileaks founder julian assange has been unfairly detained in britain while seeking to avoid extradition to sweden he faced extradition to answer allegations of sexual misconduct. it's not clear if the findings of the five members of the u-n group... to be officially announced in geneva today... will lead to a change in assange's legal status. assange has been holed up inside the ecuadorean embassy in london for more than three years, and as of now he still faces arrest if he steps outside.
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florida governor rick scott declared a health emergency in a fifth florida county yesterday over the zika virus. florida now has 12 cases. in all, more than 51 people in 12 states and the district of columbia developed the virus... suspected of causing serious birth defects. governor scott says conditions in the sunshine state make it especially prone to the virus... gov. rick scott: "we're a state that has the mosquitoes that are similar to the mosquitoes that carry this so it is better to get ahead of this." he asked the centers for disease control and prevention to rush 1,000 zika testing kits to his state. florida plans to buy 4,000 more. and a california state official has outlined a plan to cap the massive los angeles-area gas leak by the end of next week. an adviser to the california governor told residents of porter ranch yesterday that the final phase to cap the ruptured well should start monday. officials say it will take up to
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seal the well that began leaking in october. the blowout uprooted thousands of residents and spewed more than 2 million tons of climate-changing methane. residents have complained of headaches, nausea, nosebleeds and other symptoms... thought health officials say there shouldn't be long-term health problems. coming up next on channel 2 news this morning... you might have tickets to the superbowl...but have you checked to see if the tickets are real? what authorities are saying about counterfeit football
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welcome back. this morning in money watch...president obama is calling for a new ten- dollar-per-barrel tax on oil. the tax would be paid by oil companies and would be used for clean transportation investments. the fee would only be applied to imported oil...crude oil pumped in the u-s would not be taxed. but many say that is unlikely to get through a republican- controlled congress. the u-s imported seven-point-four million barrels of oil per-day in november...
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barrels-per-day at the end of 2005. federal authorities are on the hunt for counterfeiters selling fake n-f-l merchandise. homeland security officials gathered in san francisco to talk about the problem. they gave tips, telling fans that real tickets have a san francisco hologram and a logo with special ink that fades when heat is applied... and reappears when it cools. agents say they have seized 440- thousand items over the course of the last year -- ranging from jersey's to fake super bowl rings...they say these items can fund criminal activities and terrorism. it's jobs day on wall street! investors will be watching as the labor department releases the january employment report. they expect the unemployment rate will hold steady at 5 percent. in december... cbs news reported the federal reserve felt
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page on the great recession. forecasters are expecting the economy to slowly improve this year....but people are still pessimistic about how the u.s. economy will fare. a strong report could calm concerns that another recession is looming. it's a big payday for a company that a aused apple of stealing its patents. a jury has ordered apple to pay 626-million dollars to the company "vir-netx." the ruling is based on a legal fight that started over three years ago. in 2012, virnetx accused apple of violating four of its patents with its apps... like i-message and facetime. the jury found apple guilty and ordered the company to pay 368-million dollars. apple appealed the case and won on a technicality. the case was retried... and now the jury says apple owes the
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morning... "this is channel 2 news,
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coverage you can count on" a bizarre series of events in carson city left one suspect dead last night... after he allegedly stole a truck, hit a pedestrian and a police car... and then crashed into carson airport property. and hundreds of local students... and dozens of teachers... are reeling after marinello schools of beauty closed the doors to their reno campus. and many people may be firing up the grill for super bowl sunday... but others are making a trip to the sports book. ky sisson is live in the studio...
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how to win big during the big
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